Best Ziplock Bags for Sous Vide Cooking

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1. Cookers Reusable Practical Storage Cooking

Cookers Reusable Practical Storage Cooking

The size of the automatic vacuum sealing machine is small and lightweight, and it does not take up a lot of kitchen space. The vacuum bags help you save space in the fridge and are easy to store. It can be carried with you and the food can be kept fresh at any time. The portable vacuum machine is an excellent travel companion. Everything you need for Sous Vide Cooking is included. The Vacuum Hand Pump is a portable home vacuum device that can be used to keep food fresh for longer and save money. It can be used for a wide range of foods, including meats, fish and sea-foods, cheese, pasta, pastry, snacks and biscuits. For use with specially designed bags. Marinating can be done in a matter of minutes by placing food inside the vacuum bag and then vacuum seal it, the vacuum process opens the pores in the meat which allows the marinade to penetrate more quickly, allowing you to achieve amazing results in a fraction of the time. If the air valve is damaged, the food should be stored in a vacuum bag. If there is a problem with the product, please contact them, they will give you a free replacement or a full refund. If there is a problem with the product, please contact them, they will give you a free replacement or a full refund.

Brand: Hajing

👤I am not a good reviewer. I will not waste my time on mediocre products that I have tried many times. There is a The product would have received no stars. The box says to read the instructions before using, but the items didn't have instructions. It's self explanatory right? How hard could it be? I soon learned. The pump did not work. There is no big deal. I will push the air out in a different way. I thought it would be fine. The chicken dinner went well. I wanted to make a mashed potato recipe. I load up my bag with all my ingredients and I am so excited to try it out as I smell the cream and butter in the bath. I check the water after it is done and it is clear. Good sign! I picked up the bag and the potatoes were bad. The vacuum seal hole that held the water from the bath to the floor had not worked the night before. Water can enter through it, so air can't come out? Doesn't make sense. I sealed everything and put it in a place. These products are a scam. Do not waste your time. I was looking forward to those delicious potatoes, but I threw everything away when I saw the chaos.

👤The product does not work yet. Very disappointed.

👤This isn't it. The bags were difficult to seal the first time, but once I got them there, they worked well. They wouldn't hold a seal second time around. I wanted them for Sous. They did not hold up to it. I bought a vacuum cleaner. It should have been done in the first place.

👤The air "valve" on every bag in my box was a solid piece, could not vacuum any of the bags down with either of my hand pumps, but that's not an option.

👤The bags work well when using a vacuum pump. The manual hand pump is a disaster. The air in the bag won't be evacuated because you can pump all day. The valve appears to be closed. The valve works just fine when using an electrical vacuum. Go figure. I like the bags so I will keep them. I might be able to figure out why the pump doesn't work. There is a Jim is a man.

2. 20pack Reusable Storage Sealing Cooking

20pack Reusable Storage Sealing Cooking

This kit contains 15 of the Sandwich size, 10 of the Quart size, and 10 of the Gallon size. There are small/medium/large sizes, with 1 hand pump and 4 seals. The bags are ideal for storing food. The bag kit is made from food grade plastic which is safe for cooking at higher temperatures. You can use all the items many times. You just put your food items in the bag, attach the pump to the air valve and store. Writing down the food and expiry dates will help you store it correctly. It is easy to clean with dish soap and warm water, then store it in a clean and dry place. This bag can be used for many things, not only for food storage, but also for precious items like camera, books and so on. The vaccum bags keep your food fresh for 5 times longer than other traditional storage methods. Any issues can be resolved online. They will give you a full refund or replacement for 30 days.

Brand: Repinsta

👤I love the efficiency of these bags. The clear covering over the air valve was not mentioned by any of the reviewers or sellers. I thought that I was dumb or just couldn't understand why the air was not being pumped out. D'oh! The pump needed to have contact with the bag so a hole could be opened. I ruined the first bag by punching a hole in it and then removing all the air, but now I need to put a piece of tape over the hole. There is an incredulously stupid face here. I pulled out a bag and put my herbs in it. Zip closed the bag, put the pump over the air valve, pumped out all of the air, and put the covering back on. Hope this review helps someone else.

👤ZipLock made vacuum bags that could be used multiple times. I went on an Amazon hunt for a similar thing. These are what I found. The vacuum is held very well by them. I can open them, remove the cheese, put it back in and vacuum seal it. The food is fresh for a long time. There is a It gets 3 stars because of the ease of use. It is difficult to seal the bag. It takes a lot of effort to open the valve and use the vacuum device. This is not for people with arthritic hands.

👤It seemed interesting to have bags that were reuseable. These bags are heavy duty and well sealed. I can see that bags shouldn't be used again. They are not sanitary even if you clean them well. These are still good bags. I thought my bags were malfunctioning. Nope. It's difficult to get the air out. Just need to learn how. Put a device over the hole. They are well sealed for the right reasons. The plunger should be pulled up sharply several times. It is harder to start than others. It takes a small amount of air every time. It worked well for me.

👤I do not cook Sous Vide. I like the vacuum seal feature. I can vacuum seal half of anavocado and it is still good two days later. I didn't use all of the ground beef that I opened. I sealed it and it hasn't turned brown. It is helping me keep fresh food fresh longer.

👤I recently got really into coffee and somewhere along the line I couldn't pass up any coffee I found that sounded even remotely interesting, so I bought around 3 months of coffee, assuming 2 cups a day. My review is not very good. The quality of the VACUUM SEAL is what these are for. Some of my coffee was going to go rancid because I didn't have it all at the time of purchase. The expert is 'coffee afficionado'. He says that coffee tastes the same regardless of whether you have the right gear. My freezer is shared and we already do plenty of cooking so there is no room for a vacuum sealed container. I found these sous vide bags after looking around. I purchase them in a rush to have something to vacuum seal my coffee beans in and when they arrive I immediately divvy up my coffee into small amounts, even for the larger bag sizes. So, tl;dr: The small bags are the right size for me. I wish they offered more of them with this or another set of small bags. There is a The vacuum seal works well. The seal on my coffee is as tight as it was when I made it. The beans taste great and do not retain any water. There is a The convenience of having a small pump over a large press makes this my preferred method. I might look for a hand vacuum that fits the valves. It was a good purchase. Will buy more bags.

3. Anova Culinary ANVS01 US00 Precision Storage

Anova Culinary ANVS01 US00 Precision Storage

Reusable vacuum bags are safe for freezing, microwave, or cooking at higher temperatures. 5 PCS cooking clips can be clop when cooking. The vacuum food storage bags are easy to clean and store in a dry place. This is a good set of bags. The deal should be sealed. The best way to ensure no air enters your bag during a sous vide cook is to vacuum seal it. The ability to store food for later makes preparing your meals easy. What to cook with. The perfect level of doneness for nearly any food is achieved through sous-vide cooking. Chicken, fish, vegetables, eggs, beef, lamb, pork, and more are all ideal candidates for sous vide circulation. The texture and taste of the food is second to none, because of the ability to lock in flavor and moisture during the cooking process. The power at the push of a button. The Anova Precision Vacuum Sealer accessory is the perfect companion to their best selling line of Anova Precision Cookers, making it easy to achieve restaurant-quality cooking results at home with the push of a button. The Anova vacuum sealer is easy to use and reliable. 10 free Anova pre-cut vacuum sealer bags are included in the price. It's easy to use, simply put your food into an Anova pre-cut or rolled vacuum bag, season as you please, insert the end of the bag into the Anova Precision Vacuum Sealer, then remove the air and seal the bag with the press of a single button. The separate air pulse and seal functions are included. The Customer Promise was designed in San Francisco, CA. Anova has thousands of sous vide recipes for free in the Anova App, created for cooks of every skill level by award-winning chefs and home cooks alike. Over 60 million units have been sold to date and half a million #Anovafoodnerds have been sold worldwide. Try it and you can get a money-back. Plastic is the material type.

Brand: Anova Culinary

👤We have had a FoodSaver vacuum Sealer for more than a decade and it is still going strong. I jumped at the chance to review this model. If you're familiar with vacuums, this one works the same as every other one you've used and has three preset buttons that make it easy to operate. I used the bags to seal up pork ribs, beef brisket, and other items. Everything worked as expected. I cut my own bags from a roll I bought at Cabelas a long time ago and it worked just fine. I won't belabor the points that other reviewers have described. It seems to work well for items in plastic bags. It seems lightweight but well built and capable of getting the job done. It did the same job as my old FoodSaver. The functions it performs are pretty simple when you think about it. Most vacuum sealers will do that. There is a I would do my research to find out which model was the cheapest and which model was the best quality if I were in the market for a vacuum. I would spend money to get the best bags I could. It is the bag that determines if your food will be good after 6 months in the freezer.

👤When shopping for a vacuum Sealer, I had two major factors in mind. The first thing was size. I used it for sous vide cooking and didn't need all the bells and whistles. The thing is small and easy to put in a drawer. Take out, suck, and put away. There is a Reliability was the second factor. I was unsure of some of the lesser known brands on Amazon and I wanted to make sure they were dealt with quickly. It started acting funny after 3 weeks of using the Anova vacuum sealer. The vacuum would pulse and seal. The vacuum and seal function only works on vacuum and vacuum. It wouldn't stop on its own. There is a The customer support was great. I received a return slip from Rikka after she asked for some information. I put it back in the box and a new one arrived at my doorstep in about 4 days. Works well. There is a I will be ordering products from Anova again if it holds up, because they stand by their product and make sure they take care of their customers.

👤I have had a vacuum cleaner for many years. My man bought me new styles that came out, but they used up a lot of the prescription bags. Those rolls of bags aren't cheap. ToOK forever to seal and cool down. There is a I like making my own bags. If you want, you can make a bag small enough to seal your coins. I have put up a lot of meat. I can make my own sausage, smoke my own meats, and even make my own jerky. There is a The little guy is doing his job. It's a lot better than the first one I got. There is no counter space to take up. I wrapped it with foil and plastic. It's been used a lot. There is a It has the guillotine too. You don't crush things that don't need a lot of suction. Love it!

4. Wevac Weston Commercial Puncture Prevention

Wevac Weston Commercial Puncture Prevention

If you have not received a hair band, you can return it. If you are completely dissatisfied with your purchase, they will replace it or give you a full refund. Feel free to contact them if you have a problem. 8x12 pre-cut quart bags with embossed channels are heavy duty and prevent condensation. 3-6 times longer food shelf life, lock freshness, flavor and nutrition inside are some of the benefits of increased storage time. Work with all vac heat sealers, such as Food Saver, Seal a meal, Nesco, Weston, Cabela's, Ziploc etc. It's perfect for food storage, freeze dried meal, sous vide, gardening, tea leaves, documents and electronics. They stand behind their products and have a no questions return policy.

Brand: Wevac

👤I had about 50 lbs of salmon to cook. I didn't want to freeze all of the salmon with freezer bags. I had a food saver that I hadn't used in 19 years. I wanted a pack of 40 bags, but Walmart might have them in stock. These were a small amount and a good price to take a chance and allow me to avoid freezing the salmon in inferior zip bags. The timing was important. I needed the bags within 48 hours of the salmon being cut. There is a The time was perfect. The bags were ordered late Saturday/ early Sunday. The bags were in perfect shape because of the generous packaging. It was time to check out the biggest questions. Will the food saver work? 2. Will the bags work with it? There is a The salmon was on ice. The old food saver worked perfectly with the bags. I checked to see the beautifully sealed salmon fillets after I had sealed about 24 bags of salmon. Will order again from Wevac.

👤Precut bags were convenient for me. I have a problem with these bags being not brand name and I have to hold them in a certain way to get them to work. I have to try and get it to create a vacuum before the machine seals the bag.

👤Most of the bags don't have a seal. I have used 80% of them with a leak. The food is no longer vacuum sealed and it is freezer burned. This is with food without sharp edges like ground beef, chicken breast, sauces, etc. I wouldn't recommend them to anyone.

👤These bags are great for packing meat. It's the perfect size for pork chops, rib eye steaks, coffee grounds and cheese. There is a The bags are of good quality. Thin enough to tear open when needed, but thick enough for sous vide cooking. The bags come pre-sealed and have a tear away notch on the end, so you won't have to go hunting for scissors in the kitchen. There is a The bag failed on me because of an improper seal. There is a For the quantity and quality. I am very happy with this purchase. I would recommend it!

👤I packed ribs with these bags. They are the same as the food saver bags I have used before. I packed 6 bags of ribs and put them in the fridge. I would like to do meal prep on weekends. You will not regret buying it.

👤Sometimes I read comments and think what the commenters are doing wrong, I can't believe that a simple product will fail that way. I was wrong to not believe the comments. The comments you see about bags not maintaining their vacuum are correct. I sealed a can inside a bag and it lost its vacuum after 8 hours. I'm not sure if it's the factory edge seal or the bad material, it looks good, but I don't know if they keep a vacuum once sealed. Don't buy the comments because they are not good. I sealed the factory closed sides and the bags hold a vacuum, so it looks like the seals are messed up. I recommend not to buy them.

5. Electric Rechargeable Machine Reusable Double Layer

Electric Rechargeable Machine Reusable Double Layer

If there is a problem with the product, please contact them, they will give you a free replacement or a full refund. The PCS Food Vacuum Sealer Set can be used at home or in a restaurant. You will get an electric vacuum pump, 10 large vacuum seal bags, 10 small vacuum bags, 2sealing clips, and 1 replacement air valves. Keep the food fresh and longer. The bags keep food fresh by blocking oxygen andMoisture. It helps foods fresh up to 5X longer by creating an airtight barrier. Saving space and not wasting food is important. The portable mini vacuum Sealer has a compact design and is easy to use. The anti-sap room can be disassembled to clean it. Food safe andBPA free material. The bags are food safe. It's much better than normal bags. Food can be kept fresh and long in vacuum storage. When operating, the nozzle must be aligned with the blue valve on the bag, and to press down very hard so that there is no gap between the nozzle and the valve before it begins to suck the air out of the bag. They will take full responsibility for their products if you have any questions. Enjoy your shopping time!

Brand: Xiaosiqiao

👤Can't believe how much this has saved me. You can open the package and seal it. It saves freezer burn on meats and anything you put in the freezer. A real money saver.

6. Inkbird Commercial Microwave Freezer Sealers

Inkbird Commercial Microwave Freezer Sealers

Heavy Duty and Puncture Prevention is designed with Food Grade PA+PE Material, 4mil Front Panel and 4milTextured or Embossed Back Panel for maximum freshness. 4 packs with 2 popular sizes and a length of 100 feet. You can create your own length of bag with vacuum Sealer Rolls. Less food wasted and more money saved. Most of the size hands can use the rolls. The double-layer 7.8 mil vacuum sealed bag has 3 mil in smooth side design which increases the amount of air that can be sucked in. It's perfect for leftovers. Seal a Meal Vacuum Sealer Freezer bags Rolls are made of heavy duty and contribute to puncture prevention. The temperature is from -4F to 212F and can be frozen, washed, boiled, and dishwasher safe. The Seal Food Saver Rolls are compatible with all types of vacuum Sealers. Food Storage Rolls can be used for storing dried goods, but also for storing freezer bags for fruits, vegetables, pork, chicken, beef, Steak,Ribs,Cereals,Snacks,Lunch, Dinner,Sandwiches and so on. Dust, mold, and insects can be kept out of valuables such as collectibles, documents, silver and electronics.

Brand: Inkbird

👤There is a What is the difference between FoodSaver and InkBird bags? I think they work the same, but IB bags feel a bit thinner than FS, and each has a different grid pattern. There are two types of plastic on the bag/roll, one smooth and one rough, which helps the machine suck the air out of it. Always place the grid side down inside the machine. Both brands have a smooth and shiny top side. There is a IB has a smooth surface on the outside and a rough grid on the inside, whereas FS has a rough grid on both inside and out. There is a IB has a grid that has wavy lines, similar to continual S, and FS has a grid that is repetitive. The grid is slightly thicker. I have tried both for freezing fish, fruit, and dry pantry food. I am still new to it, but so far I am not seeing a big difference. I have noticed that sometimes it holds well, but other times air trickles back into the bags. When possible, I may open and reseal dry food items. Both brands are damaged too easily if the ones that don't seal well long term aren't. This could happen with dry foods that are pressed tightly during the seal, which could cause tiny punctures to the plastic walls. I prefer thicker plastic and this prevents the ability to reseal bags. There is a So bottom line? Is it possible that I would buy these again? I would say yes, because there aren't any other thicker alternatives. It works the same as the name brand. I prefer the thicker bags for short term foods in the pantry or fridge. Hope this helps! It's a good thing. Muse.

👤What do you dislike the most? The material is easy to use with the Inkbird vaccum Sealer. You can reuse the bags and cut your desired length. Been doing that for chickens. I've already burned through the bags that came with the sealer, so it seems like I'm going to get a lot of bags out of this.

👤I needed more bags for my vacuum and thought I'd try these for less. These rolls are of great quality. The rolls have 2 different width and custom size options. Will probably order another set for my parents house.

👤These rolls are a good size and are great for food preservation.

👤The price point was better than what the bags were costing us. Quality is good. A lot of bags will be needed to make jerky. Great purchase. It was worth it.

👤Some had to be re-do many times to get all the air out.

👤I have used it a few times and it seems good.

👤Very strong. It works on my vacuum.

7. Electric Reusable Storage Cookers Rechargeable

Electric Reusable Storage Cookers Rechargeable

We stand behind their products and have a no questions return policy. The PCS Food Vacuum Sealer Set can be used at home or in a restaurant. You will get an electric vacuum pump, 10 vacuum seal bags, 10 vacuum bags, 10 small storage bags, 5 cooking clips, and a bag for reuse. 10 new air valves. The portable mini electric vacuum sealer is one touch switch button, easy to use and fast, only need 10 seconds to vacuum air. The water can be vacuumed from the bag. The vacuum pump is good for food storage. Savesealer food vacuum kit 30 PCS 3 Sizes reinforced double zip vacuum bags help keep foods fresh up to 5X longer. Slow down foods and keep them fresh. Saving space and not wasting food is important. The bags are made of plastic. Food safe and free of the harmful chemical brominatedominatedominatedominatedominatedominatedominatedominatedominatedominatedominatedominatedominatedominatedominatedominatedominatedominatedominatedominatedominatedominatedominated The bags are food safe. It's much better than normal bags. Zip lock bags can be used for meats, vegetables, fruits, cereals, nuts, and sandwich, vacuum storage can keep food fresh and long. Reusable vacuum bags are safe for freezing, microwave, or cooking at higher temperatures. 5 PCS cooking clips can be clop when cooking. The vacuum food storage bags are easy to clean and store in a dry place. This is a good set of bags.

Brand: Kosbon

👤I wondered how disparate the reviews were. It was a big time. There are not many in the middle. People think they are useless. I thought there had to be a reason. I decided to try them and see how it went. I can always come back. There is a They work well. If you follow the directions. The corner of the bag has a line that says not to fill beyond it. They are not playin. If you fill beyond that, you mess up the space. There is a They give you little slides to help seal the bag. They are there for a reason. Use them. I thought I had sealed it, but it wasn't. I double checked it again. There is still nothing. I used the slide after that. I didn't seal it as well as I thought. It worked well. I have gone crazy. I haven't even touched my freezer, I've used 98% of the bags included. I ordered more bags and thought I should write a review. There is a Since I'm buying more bags, I would purchase again. I'll update if they don't maintain their seal. Anything that emits a gas doesn't do well. Don't put bananas in one. I had fresh green beans that had been washed and cleaned. It works great on cheese, butter, and other things. It's not good with things with water.

👤It is easy to use. I use it for everything I put in the freezer. When I use a few leaves, I vacuum quickly and easily.

👤I'm very happy with my decision to purchase this one, it's better than the other ones on the market. My husband catches a lot of fish so I used a little device to seal the fish in the freezer instead of filling it with water. Since there is no ice block to melt, the thaw time is cut down. It's powerful and lightweight. It's easy to clean and charge. It comes with a lot of bags. I should be fine for a while. Highly recommended!

👤This is a review for the vacuum bags that were purchased in August 2020. One year after purchase. The rating was lowered from 4 to 3 stars. I accidentally put pressure on the cable that connects to the pump when I was using the vacuum pump with it. The cable housing inside the pump was broken because of the slight pressure. I could have avoided this damage if I had taken the cable out before use. I believe that the pump should be stronger. I can't offer a long-term view because I only had the product for a few days. There is a The product arrived on time. The pump was charged using the provided cable. I tested the system by putting a small bag and a loaf of bread in it. It was easy to place the pump over the air-valve and remove the air in a few seconds. Two days after the seal, the result is shown in the attached photos. I am satisfied that the product is working as expected, because the pump was able to create enough vacuum to almost flatten the bread, and the air-valve held the seal well for two days. There are many bags and spare air-valves in the set. I expect to use the storage of different foods in the coming years. There is a There are a few points that detract from my satisfaction. 1. The set does not include a power accessory. You will need to connect to an existing port on your computer or mobile phone to charge. 2. The charging port is located in the body of the pump. The charging cable is supplied with the set. 3. The instruction sheet has a lot of errors. This does not affect the product's function, but it leads me to question the quality control used by the supplier.

8. Vacuum Zipper Bags Food Reusable

Vacuum Zipper Bags Food Reusable

The food safe material is heavy duty and has a textured back panel for freshness. The first easy-to-use, eco-friendly, reuseable sous vide bags kit and freezer bags are made of 100% nylon. Unlike other bags, SousBear bags contain no latex. Use SousBear bags with confidence. CONVENIENCE: Say good-bye to the hassle of a large unit vacuum sealer and the imperfect ziplock water displacement method. It's easy to use vacuum food bags, they're suitable for all immersion circulators. Store in Bud has reinforced double zip vacuum food bags that extend food life by 5x and eliminate freezer burn. Less wasted food and money is what it means. This kit contains 20 of quart size bags.

Brand: Sousbear

👤I was surprised that the bags and pump worked well. They do. I've used the assortment several times. The bags are made of strong material. The only reason I didn't give the product 5 stars was the difficulty in cleaning. I have to scrub the bags to get them clean, and work hard to get the stuff out of the bottom corners, because the bags are textured.

👤Don't waste your time or money on these things. If you are looking for a vacuum tight seal, this product won't give it to you. When it gets a good seal it releases air back into the bag so it is a constant battle. The seal comes off after they are washed. I am very disappointed in the product. I would try to return the product, but the returns say they can't be returned if the product isn't used. I used 3 of them until I got frustrated after washing them and seeing the seal come off and tossing them in the trash, but they will probably take decades to break down at the dump.

👤If it only fills up half of the bag or nothing more than a thick steak, it works. The bag opening is about an inch smaller than it is. I would like the first two valves to fail and allow the water to leak in slowly, then the valve would peel off completely. If one bag fails, try another.

👤This kit is amazing. I used unreliable zip loc bags until I got these. I am very happy. I am a new user but everything else is great. There are clips to keep the ingredients in place. I love this!

👤The bags worked well and could be used again. The issue for me is keeping the vacuum valve out of the water. I bought a plastic bag sealer and it may be easier to use.

👤The kit makes it easy to vacuum seal your items. Put your items in one of the different bag sizes, zip it closed with the included zip lock tool, remove the air with the included vacuum pump, and drop it in the water. The bags can be washed and reuse. Will order this item again.

👤I used the first bag to cook lamb chops. Three fat loin chops fit into a smaller bag. It was perfect.

👤Don't buy this product. The bags I used did not keep their seal. I followed the instructions and the lid was clean. There is a I am throwing everything away and trying a different solution.

👤The seals on the bags seem to be tape, but they do the trick. I had to open up the pump and oil the diaphragm, it was dry and not enough to open the valve. It works after that.

👤user, pas d'instruction pour la charge, qui ont qui ont qui ont qui ont qui ont qui ont qui ont qui ont qui ont qui ont qui ont qui ont qui ont qui ont qui on

9. Sous Vide Reusable Bags Temperatures

Sous Vide Reusable Bags Temperatures

Food Storage Rolls can be used for storing dried goods, but also for storing freezer bags for fruits, vegetables, pork, chicken, beef, Steak,Ribs,Cereals,Snacks,Lunch, Dinner,Sandwiches and so on. Dust, mold, and insects can be kept out of valuables such as collectibles, documents, silver and electronics. Savour Sous vei cooking bags are constructed in the USA and give you the confidence that lets your cooking style shine from first bite to last. Fast. And simple. Their technology is easy to use. There is no VACUUM SEALER required. Their bags can be used with any cooker, as well as any container. There are only 5 simple steps. There is a safe and lethal proof. Their cooking bags are FDA compliant. No lips required. Their bags are puncture-resistant and will not leak even in the freezer. The Savour Sous Vide cooking bags have many functions. Their system creates the perfect sous vide partner for recipes with main course meats, side dish vegetables, desserts, and cocktail mixes. Their bags can be used for many things. It's possible. The cooking bags are dishwasher safe. Their combo pack includes 8 gallon size sous vide cooking bags and 10 quart size sous vide cooking bags.

Brand: Savour Sous Vide

👤The water displacement method is difficult to use. My wife is excited about Sous Vide because of the convenience of these bags. I have used the Savour bags for several meals and have not had any issues. Place your food in a sealed container. Submerging the bag is easy with the straw on the port. When the air is out, replace the straw with the cap and start cooking. No fuss. I will buy again.

👤I am new to cooking and experimenting with different products. The Savour bags are easy to use and are reuseable. I had a problem with the little cap and ripped the bag when I pulled it off. I asked if there was a trick to it. A quick response was received from Susan, co-owner. She was very helpful. She sent me replacements for the bags I had ruined. Who does that? Savour does. The second attempt worked better, but I didn't seal the zip lock and the water flooded the bag. I cooked the roast under the broiler after removing it. Susan offered to call me and walk me through the seal, as well as providing several hints to get a better seal. I have never bought an item from a company that was willing to help. This shows the professionalism of Savour. I know the problems have been caused by my lack of skill, as I am not very good at learning new gadgets. Savour and their bags are excellent. If you have a problem, don't hesitate to contact these wonderful people as they are willing to help. I would prefer to give them 10 stars. I will only use their wonderful products now.

👤The material and seal robustness of the Savour Sous Vide bag appeared less substantial than readily available bags. Vent design seemed incompatible and inadequate. There is a The greatest regret is not the belief in the purported promotional claim/description as "Reusable,...Leak Proof, NO CLIPS NEEDED." The venison roast that these Savour Sous Vide bags were purchased to cook is a delicacy that is absent fat/marbling (inherently lean) and laden with connective tissue which offers unparalleled precision and an ability to impart fat and additional flavor. There is a The greatest regret is trusting the Savour Sous Vide bags to function as reported, the inability to replace the lost venison roast until the next hunting season, and not being able to assign the product zero stars. I'm going to buy a vacuum bag and a vacuum cleaner. A positive/secure locking seal and a undefeatable check valve should be incorporated into this product.

👤The bags worked great for me. I used a soy/citrusMarinated chicken thighs. I liked that I could seal the bags before dunking them, and that the vent system got the air out. I was worried about how it would work with the bag. It was very easy. The chicken was good.

👤I have tried many types of bags and these ones worked well for me. It's easy. It was great that there was no need for a vacuum Sealer. The sauce did not leak and was a plus. Highly recommended!

10. ZEROLISM Reusable Sealing Cookers Preservation

ZEROLISM Reusable Sealing Cookers Preservation

Food Safe Material is designed for maximum air removal and freshness. 50 Pack Sous Vide bags are guaranteed to be included. 10PCS is a set of 10PCS, which is 11x11x15, 10PCS is a set of 10PCS, which is 10PCS, and 15PCS is a set of 15PCS. If you're not happy with the quality of the sous vide bags, please contact them for a free replacement or full refund. Non-Toxic bags. The bags are made of food safe material. They can be used in a freezer or sous vide cooking. Zip lock food organization bags can be used for meats, vegetables, fruits, cereals, nut snacks and sandwich, and vacuum storage can keep foods fresh and long. It takes just a few seconds to vacuum the bag, seal it with white clips, and then start cooking or food storage. The vacuum food storage bags are easy to clean and can be stored in a dry place before being used again. The vacuum bags have double zip construction and strong seal. Air removal can be maximized by blocking oxygen and moisture with the air valve tenology. Your food should be in good condition.

Brand: Zerolism

👤Large bags are ideal for packing clothing for camping trips. The bags were ideal size. The bags are clean but I prefer single use.

👤Vegetables and fruits can be preserved in a vacuum state in the fridge or on the counter with these vacuum bags. A simple hand pump seals the bags.

👤The Waring Food Saver uses these. I have purchased them multiple times for myself and others. It is possible to be washed/reusable.

👤The bags are very easy to use and can be used with a vacuum machine.

👤They love how they come in multiple sizes. I get more value for my money if I vacuum seal my food.

👤The bags are well made. It's a better value than the original.

👤Couldn't get them to work. I was immediately refunded by the Shipper.

👤The disposable bags are great.

11. Reusable Sous Vide Bags Free

Reusable Sous Vide Bags Free

The poly-nylon blend eliminates freezer burn and dehydration, providing an air-tight fit. It's great for sous-vide cooking and keeping steaks juicy and tender. Food shelf-life can be increased by 3 to 5 times. The sous vide cooking bags are made of PE/PA food grade material and can be used up to 10 times. It's safe to cook in the microwave and freezer. Strong zipper and sealed air valve. Their vacuum bags have strong seal. Air removal can be maximized by blocking oxygen and moisture with the air valve tenology. Keep your food fresh. The food vacuum storage bag can be used for solid and semi-solid food storage and can be used to keep food fresh for up to five times. There are 3 different sizes of food saver bags, each with 6 pieces of each size. If you cook in the water bath, do not submerge the air valve in it. After use, you just need to turn them inside out, scrub them on a mild dish soap or warm water, then rinse and wipe them to dry.

Brand: Whx

👤I thought the sous vide bags would work with my Foodsaver V 4840, so I bought them. It doesn't work. I had to return it.

👤The best part is that they are reuseable. I have washed them many times and let them dry out. I don't know how many times I can do this, but they seem very durable. After a number of washing, the vacuum seal is fine.

👤These bags seem to work. One had trouble getting his hands out of his mouth. I learned to late. cruciferous vegetables can give off gases and the bags will lose their suctions and food. I have heard that one should cook the veg before putting it in bags.

👤In February, I used these to separate meat and vegetables. It seems to be holding up. The only problem I have is how hard it is to get them started, like breaking the seal so the vacuum pump can get the air out. I would like to know if there is a trick to that. The air leaves with no other issues. Make sure that the zipper is completely sealed and that there is nothing in it. It will lose air if there is a gap or piece of something in it.

👤I had to get the extra refill pack because I liked these vacuum bags so much that I bought them for my entire family. I put a small napkin in each bag to keep them from getting mold, after I wash them in the top rack of the dishwasher. It's great for buying meat in bulk. It cuts down on the prep time. Definitely recommend.

👤I had to order more of these bags. It's great for storing in the freezer or fridge. I have a pump from the first batches and these are the same bags. I got more. I haven't opened them completely to see if there's a pump with them, but I know I adore these bags.

👤It worked very well. I put jars in large bags and seal them. It's cheaper than using a food saver. Different size bags and jars. There is no need for standard and wide mouth accessories.

👤I ordered these because they have different sizes, but they are a lot of money. It took 20 minutes to seal the bags. It's so frustrating! I had a few good saver brand bags that came with the little unit I bought that worked perfect so I had to order those. 20 dollars out the window!


What is the best product for ziplock bags for sous vide cooking?

Ziplock bags for sous vide cooking products from Hajing. In this article about ziplock bags for sous vide cooking you can see why people choose the product. Repinsta and Anova Culinary are also good brands to look for when you are finding ziplock bags for sous vide cooking.

What are the best brands for ziplock bags for sous vide cooking?

Hajing, Repinsta and Anova Culinary are some of the best brands that chosen by people for ziplock bags for sous vide cooking. Find the detail in this article. Wevac, Xiaosiqiao and Inkbird are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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