Best Youtube Cooking Video Equipment

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1. ULANZI Pro Smartphone Filmmaking Video Grapher

ULANZI Pro Smartphone Filmmaking Video Grapher

The small and Compact Camcorder. If you want to use the camcorder first time, you should format the card before using it. The tripod connection is not included and the hole is standard. Best seller on Amazon is the Ulanzi NEW Version U Rig Pro with 3 Cold Shoe Mounts. The U Rig Pro has 3 standard Shoe Mounts and 2 Universal 1/4"-20 threads. A great tool for filmmakers. Filming on the GO with your phone is great design. Take steady shots and get a smooth video. It is a must have for professional video makers to have a professional video rig with a tripod thread at the bottom. It's compatible with the iPhone 12 and 12 Plus. The Pro iPhone 12 Pro Max is a mini version. Most phones have a case from 2in to 3.5in wide. The Spring Clip is also used to screw your phone. It's the safest rig for your phone.

Brand: Ulanzi

👤This adds a lot of functions to your phone. I am able to add a mic and light. There are enough mounting points to add everything you need. It has a mount for a tripod at the bottom, so you can use it to get a steady shot. If you do vlogs on your own, it's great. It's lightweight, but not flimsy. It is easy to get your phone out of the rig. The slide mechanism on your phone will not slip. I think they made it that way so it could accommodate larger phones. I was using a phone. You should use a Gimbal if you want steady handheld shots. If you are standing still without a tripod, the two handles help steady your shot. If you want to make your cell phone videos more professional, this is a good place to start.

👤I use my phone's camera to shoot a lot of video, like many others, I have a goofy DSLR. It doesn't have the glass, but it doesn't matter for most shoots. The Ulanzi thing is a lot more efficient than holding a mic and lights. It's made of plastic. It's not likely to survive a six-foot drop. You can buy two for $20 and still save money over the expensive that is advertised on Facebook. My Takstar mic slid right in the top bracket after being screwed into my Bogen tripods. The rubber bushings hold your phone in place. I can't mount my phone with a case on it because it's designed to hold only my slim phone. If you like to keep your phone clean, that could present a problem. This thing is amazing. It's still new, two months in, seven full-day location shoots.

👤The product does not have an I Phone 6 plus. The phone is loose and easy to open. It is a poor design and could be fixed with little effort. I read the reviews and they said it would work with my phone and a case. If your phone is in a case, move it to another product. I was very disappointed in Ulanzi. 0 stars is more fitting for this.

👤It is difficult to see from the photos, but I have mounted this on a shoulder support that goes over one shoulder and the lower arm rests on your belly area, which makes for outstanding stability. It can be purchased on Amazon. The shoulder support was very hard and uncomfortable, so I attached a faux sheepskin cover to help with the comfort issue. This rig allows for amazing stability when I am shooting live or still shots. This has better stability and is easier to control than any of the other gimbals that I have used. The shoulder support allows me to not have to use the grip handles all of the time because I can hold onto the lower portion of the shoulder support that is closer to my body and it gives me just as much control as if I am holding the grip handles. It is not necessary for me to have my arms held up so high for long periods of time. I have an phone in the picture but am using a phone for shooting. I wanted to use the galaxy for the photo review, but I couldn't do it at the same time as I was using it for the photos posted here. I will be mounting a tripod head between the phone mount and the shoulder support to give me total flexibility. I have a portable external battery backup that I can throw in my gear backpack, which will charge my note 9 approximately 10 times without a refill, so I will be able to shoot all day at outdoor concerts, events and festivals. I recommend the mount for anyone that is looking for an easy way to add stability to their photo/video needs, because this setup suits my needs perfectly.

2. Pivo Pod Silver Auto Tracking Interactive

Pivo Pod Silver Auto Tracking Interactive

The new name is Same Pio. Pivo Pod Silver is now Pivo Pod Active. Either name may be displayed in packaging. It is an artificial intelligence. Pivo's features will make your creation process easier. Enjoy the freedom to move without restrictions if you bring Pivo's Auto Tracking to your favorite apps. It's compatible with a lot of things, including teams, teams Active lifestyle. Pivo Pod Silver is a great partner for physical activities. It's possible to create on the go with extendable stabilizer feet and a standard 14” camera stand. Pair the Pivo accessories with other things.

Brand: Pivo

👤Doesn't work well. I bought it for my horse. Not consistent. Doesn't track well in small arenas. If you are jumping a course, forget about getting stuck on one area. Right away, it stops tracking. The money was wasted.

👤I've been taking online dance classes and posting videos to my social media accounts. I had to film over and over because I would move out of frame more often than not. I got the Pivo Pod Silver in hopes that it would follow me as I moved around. I chose the Silver because it can move at a higher speed than the regular Pod, and I thought I would need that for my turns and movements across the floor. There is a The Pivo Pod SIlver was easy to set up, just download the app and connect to your phone via bluetooth. Slow, Normal, Fast and Frenzy are the speeds it has. I chose Fast and filmed a short dance video, exported it to my photo gallery, and uploaded it to my IG stories. People commented on how cool the camerawork was in my video. There is a Pivo Silver can be used to track you during a video call. There is a separate app for that. You can send a link to people to join the call. They don't have to use the Pivo Meet app. It works the same as a regular video call, except that you can move around the room freely and Pivo will follow you. It worked well with a single caller, but crashed when I tried to use multiple callers. That's not the main reason I got the Pivo. I'm not worried about it. There is a I'm very happy with the Pivo Pod Silver. It is tracking me when I shoot a dance video and keeping me in frame, which is exactly what I wanted. It's like having a virtual cameraman. I haven't tried it for my art time lapse videos where I have to deal with moving across the page with my paint brush, so I'm hoping it will help me with that. Multi-stream, Magic Edge and Many Me are some of the fun features I haven't tried yet. I might try those further down the line. I think I'll be using it a lot.

👤This is for when I ride my horses. I like the features and the picture is clear. I don't like that it keeps me in the frame even when I never leave. The Pivo looks at a wall. The arena I ride in is less than the Pivo. I feel this should be changed. You should be able to use the app even if the Pivo is off. I think the only way to figure it out is to play with it more, the Pivo website isn't that helpful when it comes to function for all the settings. The remote is in a different position to how you use it.

👤I got this because I take video when we are doing agility. It is not working out yet. The agility arena has equipment. It looses track. I try to set my box, but it won't track. If a person walks by another person with a dog, then start searching for them. I might have to return it.

3. Adjustable Overhead Compatible Recording Streaming

Adjustable Overhead Compatible Recording Streaming

The complete product can be obtained quickly with simple assembly. The tension point on the folding arm can be adjusted during use. Universal Fit viozon 3 in 1 Tablet&cellphone desktop stand includes two holders, which is applicable to 3.5-13" cellphone and tablets, suitable for online meeting, video recording, daily use and other scenes. There are different combinations that can be freely exchanged. It is possible to place the devices and ring light where you want to meet your needs. The height and angle are variable. The holder can be adjusted to the most comfortable position. The height range is 0-35". The folding arm can be extended to a maximum length of 14.6". It helps to fix the posture and reduce the pressure on the neck, shoulder and back. The tension point on the folding arm can be adjusted during use. High quality and fashionable. Stable use can be ensured by the round iron base. The arm's shaft is made of high-quality aluminum alloy and has an improved second-generation hinge mechanism. The surface has been metal-oxidized. The ring light. The ring light has a power supply. The color temperature can be adjusted. Cool/Nature/Warm is the third stage of color tempuratures. You can change the brightness for each temperature.

Brand: Viozon

👤It was easy to assemble and seems sturdy. When I tried to shoot a video with the phone positioned on the long arm above my project, gravity took over and there was no way to keep the arm in the correct position. It works for other things, but not overhead shots.

👤I was looking for a stand to film and live stream my videos. The stands I found were over $100. I bought this stand because I wanted the one I really want, but it wasn't in my budget. I don't think I'll switch to the more expensive brands. I needed a stand like this. It is heavy duty and holds my electronics with ease. Please make sure that everything is tightened up. I have seen some reviews that it doesn't hold up, but if you tighten everything down it will.

👤Everyone was saying the arm wouldn't stay up with the phone in overhead position, so I was hesitant about purchasing this. It doesn't move if you tighten the arm nuts. It's good for my live streams.

👤The stand is sturdy and has soft diffuse light from the light ring. Does not feel in danger of tipping. There is a The phone is tight. The top jointed arm could be improved by connecting to the central post with a threaded cap. The Allen wrench nut is inside the cap. It is difficult to loosen or tighten the connection between the arm and the cap when the post is screwed down. I leave the cap partially screwed down, but this causes it to wobble a bit on the post. The phone and ipads would be great if they had a way to pull the clamps apart when being held. The ring light is a plug in that plugs into a computer or charging brick. It would have been nice if the system could act as a charging station. It's worth it for anyone who is a full time teleworker.

👤If you had a better range of motion, this would be a great product. Overall very strong. It didn't work for what I needed.

👤Works well. You need to tighten the joints occasionally to keep them from turning down.

👤It's very sturdy and portable, but I wish it had options to put 2 phones instead of just the iPad and iPhone.

4. UBeesize Ringlight YouTube Photography Compatible

UBeesize Ringlight YouTube Photography Compatible

Dimmable Ring Light has 3 color lighting modes: Warm Light, Cool White, and Day Light. There are 33 options in total, and each mode has 11 levels of brightness. Belsize Ring Light will meet all of your needs. It is the perfect lighting to take away the shadows. Belsize New Tripod Adopts Quick-Flip Locks and Weighted Tripod Base for Increased Stability. It won't tip over. "To 51" It can be adjusted to match your needs and last you for a long time. You can easily adjust the phone holder to find one angle you want. The phone holder can be extended up to 3. 6 It is compatible with almost all phones. Most devices that support usb port work with usb powered ones. There are four buttons on the cords that can be used to power on/off, switch the lighting mode, and adjust the levels.

Brand: Ubeesize

👤I am loving this ring light. I use this to take pictures of myself and my children. There is a remote that allows you to control your phone. It is compatible with both the iPad and the phone. It doesn't matter what phone I use, I love it! I like the way my photos come out because I can choose the lighting I want. I am getting two of my girlfriends for Christmas, one does makeup for a living and the other does hair, and both have told me they are very excited to have ring light. This is the best one, it has everything, including the easy locking tripod, which can be used as a selfie stick. I am in love with this product and I can not say enough great things about it.

👤This review has been waiting for a long time. I bought a ring light from another seller on Amazon and it cost twice as much. It was ugly. I bought this ring light for half the price after I returned it. The ring light is great quality and the lighting is amazing. I have an iPhone 8 Plus and it fits. I have a phone that has a pop sockets on it. I have to place my phone in a certain way. That is not a big issue for me. I am so happy I bought it. I've been using it to record makeup videos on the internet. Great purchase!

👤There are different light colors in the photos. This is by far the best product I have bought off Amazon in a long time. I love it so much that I recommend it to everyone who comments on my photos or videos. This one does it's job very well. My phone has not popped out of the stand, although we will see how it holds up to my S10+, it grips your phone incredibly secure. There is a The light is bright. I like the different settings of the brightness and color, as they give me options no matter what time of day I am shooting. The perfect size is also what it is. There is a The quality of my photos and videos has improved greatly. I plan to purchase a second one in the near future and have already recommended it to several friends. It's a good thing, but it can tip easily if you lightly bumped it, so it's only downsides. It can be difficult to get the light to sit exactly where you want it, but other than that, it is fantastic!

👤This ring light is wonderful. It is durable for someone who just started a channel and doesn't have any money yet. It has 3 different light settings and it could go as high as 54 degrees. I would recommend this product to my friends and family.

👤I was going to return the product because the phone Mount didn't hold my phone. After removing my case, it dropped immediately. The instructions are not very clear or detailed, so you have to wing it. I noticed that the piece that connects the phone holder to the mount loosens and tightens when I looked at it over. Everything was perfect when I tightened it. The pop sockets are still on and my phone holds up perfectly. I would have returned this item or thought I needed to buy a tripod for my phone or camera, but as of right now I'm good to go! The lighting is very bright. I've only made a couple of test videos and haven't had time to set up my actual filming area. I will update the review if I have any issues. Hope the picture and video helps people who have a hard time getting their phone to stay in the phone holder.

5. Inkeltech Ring Light 3000K 6000K Temperature

Inkeltech Ring Light 3000K 6000K Temperature

Not included in the notice is theusb wall accessory. It is not bright enough for each light, so the power adapter needs to be more than 5V/2A. There are 3*usb led light panel with cable, 3*universal Gimbal, 3* Tripod Stand, and 3*4 color filters. It's perfect for your video, studio, interview, vlog, photography lighting. You can email them when you have questions. Inkeltech Ring Lights are controlled via the IR remote controller or a knob on the stand. You can adjust the color temperature from 3000 K to 6000 K without using filters. Cold white light or warm light can be used to hide and change skin tones. Their Ring Light has a design that has 480 LEDs and a design that has a SMD design. Take selfies with their IR remote and wireless selfie controller. The Inkeltech Ring Lights can be changed from up to 2.5 metres away with their IR remote. You can choose between 7 modes of lighting from the IR remote, including Night Light Mode, Warm Light Mode, Cold Light Mode, and others. You will find the best light to suit your style with all these modes. Each Inkeltech Ring Light has a rotating phone holder and a retractable tripod that helps you capture different levels of brightness and angles of lighting. The phone holder is suitable for most phones. The range of the light stand is 50 to 190 cm. The bag has a total weight of 4.5 lbs and is portable for outdoor shooting. The Inkeltech Ring Light can be used indoors and outdoors with batteries. When the batteries are fully charged, the indicator light on the back of the stand goes off. When the batteries run out, the indicator will flash red. When the batteries are about to run out, the indicator will flash. Plug your Ring Light into an indoor outlet. Inside of your package, you will receive: a Tripod, a Ring Light Body, and a Travel Bag. If you have a question, please contact them. They are happy to help and would appreciate that a lot.

Brand: Inkeltech

👤I think the ring light is for people who want to make up and do other things, but I use it for extra light for pictures. I like taking pictures of our baby weekly and monthly, but the lights in our house are not as bright as I want them to be, which causes the pictures to not come out as good. I wanted to buy more professional lighting sources to help with her pictures. I took example lighting photos for you all in my review since I like to also take pictures of my pup. There is a The ring light has a warm and cool effect. It can be warm or cool. As dim as you want. I put the ring light in my living room to see how bright it would be, and it looked like midday in our living room when it was pitch black outside. It was nice to see that the light didn't feel like it was getting hot when I was setting it up. I was getting hot. I didn't want my baby or dog to be exposed to hot lights. My next project is her milk bath photos. I can't wait to use it.

👤My guests could take selfies on the backdrop we used, because I ordered this for the party. My thoughts are summarized here. The light will change the quality of a picture, make face timing easier, or make a video tick toc. I have used it to provide additional lighting in dark places in my home, such as my home gym or bedroom, while doing my makeup. I haven't tried the remotes because my apple watch has a camera control, but that option is available. There is a The pros are 1. It was easy to setup and take down. 2. It is easy to carry a bag with handles because everything fits in it. It's great for me because I don't like many parts and I end up losing them, so the light mode change doesn't require any additional parts. 4. The light is life changing. There are many options on lighting and brightness. 5. The height can be adjusted, I mean really, really high. It can go from small to large in a matter of seconds. Like all the way to the ceiling. 6. The quality of the material is great and the product is sturdy. Cons 1. The case on my phone does not fit the phone holder well. I end up losing when I try to put it on the holder. I have to take my phone out of the case, and it's not easy to do, but it's something I have to do. Another wrestling match. My phone case is thicker on the sides and I am currently looking for a slimmer case to see if it helps. The phone holder does not stay put. I can't get it to stay because it falls off easily. I can't figure out how to make it stay on there without worrying about my phone and the possibility of falling, which makes me have a panic attack. This product is a good one to purchase. Good quality, fast shipping, and easy to use.

6. UBeesize Continuous Photography Adjustable Low Angle

UBeesize Continuous Photography Adjustable Low Angle

Inside of your package, you will receive: a Tripod, a Ring Light Body, and a Travel Bag. If you have a question, please contact them. They are happy to help and would appreciate that a lot. The video lighting kit has a small panel light with a ball head that can be adjusted to meet different shooting angle requirements. The up and down buttons can easily be used. A tripod with 2 color filters (red, orange, white, blue) is used for shooting video with aLED desktop lighting, which can meet a variety of photography requirements and visual effects. It's ideal for product photography. The retractable tripod can be used in hand and has a working height from 23.62" to 57.68" It's called the perfect camera for video conferencing, recording, and game streaming. It can be connected to the lighting panel to provide position lighting. The light is powered by theusb- powered light. The task light can be powered by all theusb ports, which can provide continuous lighting for your subject in different situations. You can plug it into a computer. It is recommended to use a wall plug. The studio lighting kit will help you get the best results when recording a video. Basic photography lighting kit is used for video shooting.

Brand: Ubeesize

👤I am pretty sure I saw a good rating on this product when I bought it. Don't look now, it may have been updated. The light against the background objects that have been manipulated to make the light panel look larger is shown in the ad. I have used a SonyNex cam for interviews and it has been a light weight option. You will see a 3 decibel improvement in the lighting when lighting a subject. That is not much. It is likely that you will cook under the heat of the light if you lighting a subject with 2 to 3 feet max. It can be used for back lighting and shadow elimination. It was too weak for any serious work. You get two lights for $29. The deceptive nature of the marketing images is what caused my low review. .

👤It's bright and effective for zoom calls in low light rooms. If you're just starting out your career as a YouTuber and don't want to spend all of your money on a light that's stupid expensive, then you're in the right place. This light set up is recommended by me.

👤The best option is the UBeesize light. The package is simple and safe, thanks to UBeesize and Amazon, who delivered the product in a few hours. The metal and plastic Tripods are very stable. The product is the same size as I saw in Amazon and can be adjusted, the Tripods are long and you can connect different devices, the cables are long as well, I don't understand why some people are complaining. The lights can be turned in any direction, up or down, 30 or 90 is amazing. You can change the colors of the lights in your car if you want, but you will notice the difference in the light and the shade of it. Only 1 first and both after. I would recommend this to anyone who is using it to take pictures, put on makeup, or create content. There is a I think it's important to keep in mind that we all want the best but sometimes demanding too much is not cool. Have a great day, blessings to you all.

👤It is the best way to describe it. You get the childrens play set version of what you expect. The photos do not match what you get. They don't light up the way I expected them to. They would have to be close to you to see how they look on the product pics. They don't come with a box to plug into, just theusb cord, which is annoying. My phone is bigger than the light.

👤I was looking for a broken light box when I found these. The brand never fails me. I thought they would be dim. They could light up the room on their own. I like that they are small. It's easy to store when I move back and forth from school. It is not one big light. It will have light from both sides. I haven't done a shoot with them. I think they will be fine. It is a little brighter than daylight. I will take it. Can play with the screens. I had a big 85w bulb, but I think both of them are comparable in wattage.

7. Camcorder Vlogging Rotatable Microphone Batteries

Camcorder Vlogging Rotatable Microphone Batteries

The camera is FHD. This video camera supports 30 frames per second. The video resolution is 24M. The image resolution is 3000x4000 and it has a built-in fill light, anti-shaking, face detection, smile capture,Self-timer,Webcam function,Pause function,Beauty function, internal and external microphone and more. The speaker has a record sound video. Output and so on. Webcam function The video camera can be used as a webcam to provide excellent quality video streaming on social media such as Facebook,Twitch,YouTube,Twitter, etc. The HD camcorder can be connected to the TV to share your video with family and friends. You can connect the video recorder camera to the computer via a cable and use it to record and share your video on social media. The video camera supports the pause function, it's a good choice for Vlogging. You can keep recording in the same file. You can either pause or restart the video by pressing the photo button. The built-in and external microphone increase clarity and reduce sound distortion. The microphone enhances sound recording volume. It supports remote control and camera tripod, but not the tripod. A full-charged battery can be used for 90-150 minutes. In this case, you can record long enough videos as you please, and no need to worry about battery drain. The camera supports both memory cards, but please format the memory card before using it. You can easily share your memories and quality service. The video camera is easy to use. They will give you a solution within 24 hours if you have any problems. You can easily share your memories and quality service. The video camera is easy to use. They will give you a solution within 24 hours if you have any problems.

Brand: Actinow

👤My boyfriend is a personal trainer and I bought this camera for him. The mic made it possible to hear him clearly. The sound is professional and crisp. The video is clear. His whole look was improved by the clearer images and sound. I had to get an additional card to save the videos.

👤This is a nice camera. My son has a channel on a popular video website and I bought this for him. The microphone on the camera is much better than the one he was using before. The audio is clear. It's easy to get the video off this device and into your computer. It's easy to use. A teenager could use it.

👤This camera is terrible. It is not as good as a flip phone from 2004. I would love to give zero stars. I bought it for my son to use on his channel, but our smart phones are far superior to this camera's quality. The color is off. The sound quality is terrible. My Christmas gift to my son was a failure. I saw good reviews on this camera, but it doesn't deserve a star.

👤I was excited to get my first camcorder and I thought it would be great, but I was wrong. The picture quality on the flip phone was bad. I thought the video was lighting, but it was very blurry. The battery life is next. Since it came with two batteries, I charged it over night to make sure it was fully charged. I took notice of everything after my first use. The batteries didn't last long before they went orange. I think that this is the reason why they give you two batteries. I was looking forward to using it next month, as my mother was going to Vegas for her birthday. I have to return the camcorder and the memory card that came with it. I will stick with my cellphone.

👤It's amazing how far along the camcorders were. The VCR tape was taken from the huge camcorder that I had. I felt like a kid when I got this. You don't have to hold your eye up to see it. This is amazing. You record the video as you watch it and the microphone captures the voices so well. I feel like a pro with this. There is no time to charge it. I'm very excited about this. Great sounding videos. I'm ordering another one for someone.

👤I regret buying it. Two of the cameras I bought fail to record. I have tried different types of memory cards and they have not worked out. Two cameras fail to function properly. I am using a 10 year old point and shoot camera. Don't waste your money. Go Canon.

👤You get what you pay for. The quality is not very good. The batteries last about 20 minutes. The lighting is terrible. The better videos created by my Google pixel allow for a bigger view. I was very unhappy with the purchase. I hoped I could use it for my vlogging, but it's not possible. The high star ratings are not accurate.

8. 10 Extendable UBeesize Ringlight Compatible

10 Extendable UBeesize Ringlight Compatible

There are 3 light colors and 10 levels of brightness in the 10" ring light. If there is a perfect setting, you can choose any option. The stable tripod can be extended from 16 to 50 inches, and the legs can be extended up to 30 inches. The 3-way pan head with a convenient handle allows for tilt and swivel motion. It's easy to target the ring light to your subject at any angle, perfect for live streaming, video calling, flat lay, taking selfies or more. The ring light is large enough that you can place your cellphone in the ring to make the most of it. You don't need to touch your cellphone to start the video or selfies with the wireless remote. The ring light stand set has a 3-year replacement service from UBeesize.

Brand: Ubeesize

👤Since I'm new to this, I didn't want to spend a lot of money on a ring light. I came across this company. I got a good price and a quality product. The light has three different tones and 10 levels of brightness. All of the tones and brightness levels make photos and videos look better. The tripod is light and sturdy. I needed a lightweight tripod for the light because my camera tripod and other accessories weigh me down. The built-in level on the tripod is a nice added feature. It was a pleasant surprise when I took it out of the box because I had no idea it was on the tripod. There is a The phone clip holds my phone in perfect condition. It's one less thing one has to buy if you need it, and I appreciate the fact that it is included in case your phone doesn't fit in the standard one. There is a The cord is long. The controls on the cord allow you to change the intensity of the light. I wish the buttons were next to each other instead of being in the middle of the tone switch. I will get used to it. There is a It has a carrying case for the tripod and ring light.

👤The Ring light arrived in good condition and was packaged well. I love this ring. It is sturdy. It is great for makeup and pictures. I love the stand and it came with a bag to put the ring light away.

👤The product was great at first. I heard a noise, looked over to the wall, and saw sparks coming from the wall outlet where the light was plugged up, so I pulled it out of the wall. There was a black smoke coming from the wall outlet. The cord was very hot. It could have caught my apartment on fire if I hadn't been sitting there. There is a I have lived in this apartment for 10 years and have never had a problem with any outlet. This is a product problem, not an outlet problem. I was looking forward to using this to make myself look better on the virtual meeting platform we are having to use right now because of COVID-19.

👤Absolutely love it. I can't believe how easy it is to set up this product. I tried it. The tripod is sturdy and lightweight, which is exactly what I was looking for. The built-in level on the tripod is a nice added feature. It was a pleasant surprise when I took it out of the box because I had no idea it was on the tripod. I recommend.

👤The kit is great for the price. There is a I think it will be perfect when I travel and shoot. It had two great travel bags for the gear. It has a 10 inch light and cord. The other is more rugged. It has a strap that is attached to both ends. It's perfect for throwing on your way out the door. There is a The tripod only took a few moments to open and adjust, and it only took a few minutes to attach the light and phone. The lights give me options. They are bright and clear, but not as bright as the dimmer would have you believe. I don't think I have much use for them. It's nice to have options. There is a The controller has a nice touch. They saved me a trip and gas when I bought my own at a 99 cent store. You can find it in your devices if you turn it on. You're done. There was no app to fiddle with. There is a The flexible phone holder is great, but it is large to place in the middle of the light without bending it in crazy directions. If I'm not paying attention, it likes to guest star in my projects. There is a This leads to my only problem. There is a picture of all the pieces in the kit in the product description. My kit did not come with piece number 5. I think it's the piece that anchors the phone to the light without the arm in the way. It would have made life a little easier. There is a But honestly? I don't care much. The kit is an amazing price and has an amazing warranty. I'm not angry at it. I'm in love.

9. Conference Lighting 3200k 6500K Broadcasting Streaming

Conference Lighting 3200k 6500K Broadcasting Streaming

The package includes a panel light with a cable, two mini tripods, two extension rods, two white filters, two yellow filters, two blue filters, and two red filters. The temperature is adjusted to 3000k-6500k and the brightness is adjusted to 48LED/usb power supply. The maximum width of this is 1.35 inch. Be suitable. Video conference lighting. Live Streaming, self broadcasting, and remote working are some of the things that can be done. The color temperature and brightness can be adjusted to match the natural light of the sun for a free choice. Portable lighting is easy to carry, light in weight, and can meet your light needs anytime, anywhere.

Brand: Selfila

👤The ring light is on. It's bright. The cables are cheap and thin, but that doesn't matter for something I run behind my desktop monitors. The mount is terrible. It can crack a monitor if it's large enough to cover the screen. It extends past the edge of the monitor. Definitely coming back this one.

👤I am very happy with this product. I don't recall ever having a need for additional lighting when on video calls, but after I started my new job, I knew I needed to invest in one! We use different colors on the teams. I like the white light option and the dimming option. Lighter tones can be adjusted to match warmer tones. I only attach it to my laptop during meetings. If left on, I could imagine damage. I was worried about glare because I wear glasses. I found that you can place everything to your liking that can be avoided. The price is reasonable, and I think it is great.

👤It looks weird because it reflects into your glasses. The remote cover was not secure. It looks like it might work. I secured my laptop.

👤The photo shows the difference between warm and low light in a fully lit room. I think it's a big change. My boss commented on how nice I looked when I used it for the first time. I'm pretty sure it was the light since I had no makeup on and she has never said anything nice about me before. It's bright in a dark room. I had to turn it down several times. I didn't see a big difference in the levels of light. I'm happy that there are two options. I don't have to do anything to get switch. The cord is thin but it has plenty of length if you want to use a different source. The monitor screen is damaged by the tight Clamp. It seems like a good quality. My setting is always max brightness, rather than the last used setting. Will buy a strip to keep the remote from flopping around.

👤The metal clip that held the light up was big enough to fit on almost any place. The overhead shelf makes it difficult to clip the monitor on. The light works great when I clip it onto the shelf. The ball joint allows the light to be pointed at any angle, and I like that the light can be dimmed. I am happy with the light.

👤I like it for the price. The clip can be used to clip on any laptop. You have to sit down. My viewers think I look pretty. In the new times of Zoom, lighting is important.

👤I'm not sure what the fail rate is for these lights. But I have a bad light. I didn't turn it on when I put the bar in, because I pushed on a button to turn it on. It took about 10 minutes to play with it. This is not supposed to be that hard. Will have to return it. I hope those that do turn on have a long life. This one had nothing to say.

10. Camcorder Vlogging Recorder Kicteck Batteries

Camcorder Vlogging Recorder Kicteck Batteries

It's possible that selfie mode is possible. A wireless remote control allows you to take a picture from a distance. It's perfect for taking selfies, group photos, filming, vlogging and steady tripod shots. The video camera max supports 15 frames per second. 24M(6000x4500) is the resolution of the video. A built-in fill light is included with the 3.0 inch screen. Anti-shaking, Face Capture, Beauty Function, Self-timer, Webcam function, Pause function, TV Output and so on. Webcam video camera The camera has a function. If you connect the computer with a cable, you can use the PC cam mode. Before you use the PCCAM function, please download the software "AMCAP", and then use the video interface to video chat with your friends. The pause function is supported by the camcorder. You can continue the recording in the same file. You can download the video to your computer through a cable and then use a editing tool to make it look better on your social media. The NP-FV5 batteries are the rechargeable batteries for the digital camera. For 60-90 minutes, one full-charged battery can be used. In this case, you can record long enough videos as you please and no need to worry about battery drain. The digital camera supports 4 to 128 gigabytes of memory, but you should format the card before using it. The portable camcorder is small and lightweight. The package does not include a tripod or a light, but the camcorder can support them.

Brand: Kicteck

👤This is a great device that can take videos, still pictures, and voice recordings. You can get an inexpensive SD card with whatever storage capacity you want. In my video, I show you how to use the video camera to make movies, then transfer them to a Windows computer, and make recordings in.AVI format. I show you how to make a video and share it with your friends and family. I show you how to stream your videos from the live Internet to a smart TV. This is a great all around camera at an excellent price point. It's great for everyone, but also perfect for someone who wants to learn how to make movies on their computer.

👤I was surprised by the quality of the camera. I bought this for my niece. I was expecting a poor quality product. I got a decent camera with a lot of accessories. We need to get expectations right. This is not for people who make movies. The camera is $60. It's pretty decent for the price. There is a The image quality is good. The image is colorful during the day. It does a good job at night. You should use a light along with it if you want to get the images you want. There is a The camera is in your hand. It has buttons for all the functions. The camera is strong. It was great to see that the camera comes with a lot of accessories. The only thing you need to buy is a card. I recommend this camera for people who are starting to learn how to shoot video. It is a great gift for kids.

👤My class can start making movies more easily if I buy this. We've been using our iPad, but it's hard to hold and keep it steady. I bought this so that we can set up the camera without having a shaky picture. There are zoom functions and the buttons are labeled so it is easy to use. I got a cheap 64 gigabyte card for $11, but you will need an sd card for it. It comes with two batteries, so you can use them on the go. The batteries have to be in the camera to be charged. It has the charging cord and plug conversion. This will be a great addition to our classroom. It has a flash and a photo mode. This camera is easy to use. The batteries are already charged. This is simple for them to use in special ed.

👤I was impressed with the size of the device when it arrived. The device comes with a carrying case and a power supply. It's a great addition to take amazing pictures. It's a great camera for those people in your family. The sound and picture are both excellent. This camera is great for beginners because it is easy to use. If you're looking for a great video camera for a great price, I'm sure you'll like it.

11. Adjustable Obeamiu Lighting Collection Photography

Adjustable Obeamiu Lighting Collection Photography

Portable lighting is easy to carry, light in weight, and can meet your light needs anytime, anywhere. There are multiple color and brightness levels. Full color will make your photos more colorful. 70pcs led beads are used in the light panel. It is possible to provide a more realistic light source for your shooting with the use of index lamp beads. You can easily change the color temperature between 5400K and 5800K dimmable to meet your needs. Easy to set perfect lighting. Press the button on the cable to switch modes and adjust the brightness. The brightness adjustment was accurate. Control of the accurate color temperature is convenient. The 4 color filters are used for different light colors effects. Color filters need to be used with the white diffuser. Please put the white diffuser in the other color filter. The Obeamiu tripod has a weighted tripod base and quick-flip locks that make it stable and won't tip over. It can be adjusted to any length between 27.17'' and 48.39'' and is made of high-quality aluminum. The extension pole materia is not easy to break. It is portable and lightweight for storing and carrying. The upgraded video light is suitable for photography. The three led video lights can be the same height. It can be used for lighting control of photography and video in a variety of ways. Not included in the notice is theusb wall accessory. It is not bright enough for each light, so the power adapter needs to be more than 5V/2A. There are 3*usb led light panel with cable, 3*universal Gimbal, 3* Tripod Stand, and 3*4 color filters. It's perfect for your video, studio, interview, vlog, photography lighting. You can email them when you have questions.

Brand: Obeamiu

👤I recently started taking photos of my kids. Our house has a lot of lights so no matter what time of day it is always shadows. I wanted a set like this, but I was worried about spending too much money on equipment that my children could break. I was happy with how sturdy the tripods were, but also that they were lightweight and plastic, which made them very well supported. I don't think I will use the color film options for photography, but they will be great for halloween and parties. I am very happy with this purchase and can see many uses for it. Even for a beginner, height and adjustments were very straigh forward.

👤I can't tell you how much I love these lights. The lighting in my house is terrible. Nothing works for my lamps when I try brighter lightbulbs. My room looked so bright after I plugged in the lights. My skin was very bright on the camera. You feel like a super star with all three of them. Highly recommended! I took a quick photo of my mini photoshoot to show you how bright it is.

👤I need these to set up a lighting system in my office. They come with everything needed to get up and running. I like that they are light, easy to place, and come with color gels, which is nice. The cons are now on the table. The stands only go up to about 4 feet, so they are useless for placing desks behind monitors. You will have to place them on the desk or a raised stand. The stands are narrow so they are likely to tip over if you accidentally hit the lights. They don't come with power supplies or a powered hub of some type, so they don't have to plug into your PC or use a powered hub. I had to scrounge the house for some spare phone power supplies and purchase a power strip with theusb ports because all of them are occupied. The gels are nice to have, but cast extremely colorful light, so I use the yellow and blue as rim lighting. I would prefer some pastels that are not too bright for slight colors. They are not as bright as you might think. If you have a reasonable camera and lens, you can shoot video, but you will want to shoot wide open. The panels themselves are small, so they act like a point source light. If you want to enlarge the light surface area, you can buy a softbox, but it would reduce the brightness output of them. Not much of an issue for me, but it might be for someone who doesn't have a lens that lets in as much light. Something to think about. There is a The lights are good and reasonable. They could be great with a few changes to the stand design.

👤The lights are great for what I need. The light stands could be a little taller, but I can hold them on crates. I had to spend another $10 on an outlet for theusb. If they're powered by the internet, you should include the parts you need to plus them into an outlet. Most people will be using the lights to do that.


What is the best product for youtube cooking video equipment?

Youtube cooking video equipment products from Ulanzi. In this article about youtube cooking video equipment you can see why people choose the product. Pivo and Viozon are also good brands to look for when you are finding youtube cooking video equipment.

What are the best brands for youtube cooking video equipment?

Ulanzi, Pivo and Viozon are some of the best brands that chosen by people for youtube cooking video equipment. Find the detail in this article. Ubeesize, Inkeltech and Ubeesize are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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