Best Xl Black Nitrile Gloves Cooking

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1. Infi Touch Hypoallergenic Thickness Disposable Ambidextrous

Infi Touch Hypoallergenic Thickness Disposable Ambidextrous

The country of origin is Sierra Leone. Black nitrile for extreme comfort, non- sterile Durability, Powder-free, Hypoallergenic, Acrylic inner lining prevents skin from contacting nitrile. Maintaining Tactile Feel is achieved by maintaining Superior Strength, Puncture Resistant, and Ambidextrous gloves. The snug fit is made from protective lining and features a number of free and latex-free products. Great for cleaning around the house. Maintenance and Cleanup, Law Enforcement, Tattoo Industries, food and beverage use. The textured finger tips give great gripping strength for wet or dry applications. Smooth interior finish for easy donning, Extra protection, Better Puncture Resistance than latex or vinyl.

Brand: Infi-touch

👤The first time I bought these, they were great, but now they can't last more than a few minutes without breaking. Thinner nitrile gloves from big box stores work better. The latest batches seem to be junk. I will not be buying these again.

👤Very weak. I used to use a different brand. They were much more expensive, but they were also much better. I tore several of the gloves I was trying to put on because they were so weak. They will fail if you do a lot of other things, like painting.

👤Disappointed in the size... I wanted to wear these over white grilling gloves so I ordered a couple sizes too large. The chart for my hand is small. I wear black nitrile gloves. I wear several other brands of gloves, but these are tight and fit like medium gloves. It's useless for me. It's very hard to get out of the box as they stick together. I wouldn't buy again in any size.

👤I ordered a box of rubber gloves and they were said to be extra large. I found them to be more like Mediums and not the larger ones. They are too tight on my hands. I wondered if there was something wrong with this "run" of gloves, for example, the manufacturer put Medium gloves in the box marked XL and instead of fixing the labeling, they just sold them off to the secondary market cheap. Otherwise, they're good gloves.

👤They were too small for my husband. They fit me well. They are strong.

👤The gloves work as expected, but I feel they are a little small. I usually get the Large, but I bought the smaller one.

👤I get the ones at local stores.

👤These protect my hands. It was very thick and very flexible. It's probably good for prostrate exams as well.

2. Venom Chemical Resistant Disposable Nitrile X Large

Venom Chemical Resistant Disposable Nitrile X Large

The Classic nitrile gloves are ideal for all areas of food service. Mediumduty tasks have better protection from disposable nitrile gloves. It was made from nitrile rubber powder. It's great for painting, cleaning, and automotive work. It is fully textured for a better grip. No glove is resistant to all chemicals.

Brand: Venom

👤I don't know how these carry the Venom name. The gloves are stuck together in clumps because they are tightly packed. You will not break them pulling them out. They seem thinner than the Venom gloves one gets at Lowe's. There is a I will be looking for an alternative after this box.

👤The price is reasonable, but the glove leaves an ink colored mess on the fingers, which is difficult to remove. Will not be buying again.

👤I have skin conditions that make it difficult for me to do basic household cleaning in the home and out. I needed protection when I make purchases from garden centers, auto part store, and other places. These gloves do their job. I've tested them in a lot of different ways, including cleaning up the top of corroded auto batteries, cleaning with bleach, oils, and gloves, and keeping my hands safe. They are thick. I was protected from splinters while gathering up brush. They don't breakdown in bleach. They have a tight fit but can be loosened with your body heat. I will be buying these again. May Amazon keep these in stock, you have a loyal buyer here.

👤These gloves are the best I've found so far. I work with lacquer thinner. They are too tight for my large hands. I would like to see the manufacturer make these in a larger size or in 2XL.

👤These gloves are very durable and cheaper than most brands I've used so far. We use around 4 packs of gloves a month. I always look for cheaper and stronger things. I used to buy gloves. They are $30 a pack compared to Venom's $19.99.

👤These fit a Large+ hand size and provide plenty of dexterity. They are tear resistant and sturdy enough to deal with breaking down a chicken, preparing a Brisket, and cleaning the grills you cook them on. I'm not sure if they are made for that, but I have been using them for that and they work well.

👤I love these gloves, fit great, not too tight, caught myself hoping not to ruin them so I could reuse, did a brake job 2 times, wiped off and reuse... I did not tear any. I have to say these gloves are very good. Kind of in a class by themselves. Going to buy something. I put them in my pocket, went to the washer and dryer, and they came out. I had no issues with the lg/xl., I read other reviews about fitting me. I used my fat hands in BRAKE FLUID, gasoline and no discoloration... Maybe I got a great box. I hide the cheapies for my wife and son.

👤I work on motorcycles. I use chemicals like brake cleaner, throttle body cleaner, and even non-petro based industrial soaps when I restore them. The gloves hold the soaps. They don't use any of the petro based chemical cleaners that are used in shops and garages across the globe. There is a The gloves are thicker than most nitrile gloves so it's easier to pick up small parts, and they're also a nice texture so it's not hard to replace them.

3. Industrial Gloves Medium Tattoo Beauty Studio Auto Maintenance Household Daily

Industrial Gloves Medium Tattoo Beauty Studio Auto Maintenance Household Daily

Dirt is hidden in the nitrile gloves, which improves the service quality for tattoo parlors, beauty salon, hair & nail studio, auto repair, car maintenance. Excellent contraceptive resistance. The new slim formula provides comfort and strength in puncture resistance. It is flexible and convenient. SafeHealth gloves have elasticity that makes them soft and comfortable, and reduces muscle fatigue from long-term wear. High pollutant sensitivity. A smooth finish with textured fingertips makes it easier to grip. Both men and women will find a stretchy and comfy fit. There are different sizes available in extra-large. LATEX-FREE & POWDER-FREE. Their gloves are the best choice for those with sensitive skin.

Brand: Safe Health

👤I can't find anything I dislike about them. They haveva long cuff, which I prefer. They fit perfectly, they are not thick or thin. Sometimes a medium is perfect but most of the time it is too big for me. Sometimes I get a small that is too small, but these are small and they fit perfectly. These will be my new go to as long as they stay in stock and the size stays consistent. There is a If they came in a bright shade of green, they would be even better.

👤I clean houses and businesses using cloves. They didn't last long. Very thin. There are a lot of break throughs. It might be possible to work for less rigorous work.

👤These are junk. They put them on. I put them in a sealed jar after taking them out of the box. I would have returned them if I still had the box. Don't waste your money.

👤I like to try different brands of gloves. I liked this brand more than any other brand. If your finger goes numb, I highly recommend these for tattoo artist, as this is the reason I constantly change brands of disposable gloves.

👤Works well for pool and yard work. I've torn gloves in the past, but have not done it this time.

👤I bought these for my brothers because they are always working on vehicles. It seemed to hold up well enough and fit as expected. I would have liked them to be more durable.

👤I've tried a lot of gloves. They work until they don't. I have to do a lot of cleaning or have long nails to rip them.

👤I've ordered these twice and they are great, the only gloves I have purchased were half of them that didn't split.

4. Medical Textured Disposable Non Sterile ABNPF46100 BX

Medical Textured Disposable Non Sterile ABNPF46100 BX

It can be made in the USA or imported. AMMEX Medical Black nitrile gloves are made from 4 mil thick nitrile and have a fully textured grip. 5 inches from the tip of the finger to the glove cuff. Medical-grade nitrile gloves offer a wide range of dexterity and sensitivity for daily tasks. The gloves look professional while concealing dirt. They are a great fit for a lot of work. Those who are allergic to natural rubber latex can use latex-free disposable gloves. They are available in a variety of sizes. A wide range of latex, vinyl and nitrile gloves in a variety of colors and sizes are available from AMMEX.

Brand: Ammex

👤I usually buy a different brand, but these are on subscribe and save. I thought I would try them. I was very disappointed. The gloves were jammed in the box in a way that made it hard to pull one or two out. There was a constant mess of gloves. I will let it go and this was frustrating. The gloves were flawed. The gloves in the box were not usable unless you wanted to use them. I wouldn't know until I was in the middle of a mess that required gloves and put one on in a hurry to find the holes in it. It was like a box of chocolates.

👤The 1 and 2 reviews should be read. The first quarter of the gloves out of the box were fine, but the rest of the box was hard to get from without having to pull out a large group of them. The purpose of paying for sanitized, sterile gloves is lost because of this handling. It was like they had been melted in high heat. In trying to pull them apart, you end up dropping and wasting a lot which defeats the purpose of sanitary gloves. There were a lot of gloves that could not be used that were stuck together. I bought 2 boxes of these and both had the same issues, which was a waste of money and effort. I will return to the Venom brand. They always deliver, with all of their gloves being usable, easily disposable from the box, maintaining their sterile integrity, and more durable, making them safer in medical applications, and they more than make up for the added cost by having no waste in their product and being of a fine quality. This brand leaks when it's used to protect your hands during house cleaning. Don't waste your money on this brand.

👤The gloves have a smell. The smell doesn't go away when you wear gloves all day. Despite several washings, smell stays on hands. There is a A customer reported that it was a problem with the large size he ordered.

👤When I needed more, I bought a second box of these. The newer box has a shimmery powder on it. They smell like gun powder and it's hard to get the smell off your hands if you wear these. I won't buy this brand again.

👤I have a problem with the consistency of these. I buy gloves that are large. Love them. Never an issue. Those get 5 stars. There is a I accidentally ordered L size. I did it on my last order. The problem is here. They stink terribly of plastic and have some sort of weird gold sparkle/shimmer situation in them, for some reason, I accidentally ordered a L size. I use these in the kitchen to clean or touch raw meat. I don't want the large size on my food. I don't like having them on my hands because they stink of plastic and I don't wash my hands often. I will not buy these for myself. Don't recommend size large. I'm not sure if other sizes have this problem. I don't have an issue with the size.

5. Black Vinyl Disposable Gloves Large

Black Vinyl Disposable Gloves Large

These gloves are ambidextrous and black, ideal to keep you safe and sanitary. They are available in many sizes, from Extra Small to XX Large. There are condoms. These disposable rubber gloves are thick and stretchy, so they don't rip or tear easily. As you work, they offer great grip. Premium surgical gloves. These exam gloves are medical grade and are perfect for professional medical office settings, or have them on hand to go in first aid kits. The best cooking utensils. These gloves are perfect for food service and home kitchens. The multi purpose gloves are great for a lot of things. LaTEX free gloves. These gloves are perfect for people with latex allergies. They are also free of parasites. Only for single use. Ready to go. These are packed in 50 boxes and are perfect for your car, gym bag, hand bag, diaper bag, or travel use. In blue, pink, and clear colors are also available in bulk supply.

Brand: Fifthpulse

👤I'm so sorry. These gloves were cheap and useless. I thought they were going to be like the ones I've bought before at Sally's Beauty supply. The gloves couldn't be put on because they were stuck together. I couldn't get my fingers into the ones I pulled apart. They ripped quickly. I'm aware they are disposable, but the quality is terrible. I put a lot of money into products for my cleaning business. I had to leave a review in order to get 1 star. julie ennett was the one who got the trophy.

👤Don't get these if you work on machines. There was no grip on the glove. It is easy to break from the most minor injury. Not very tough. I spent my money on these.

👤I need gloves when staining and using other chemicals in my woodworking business. These gloves are the worst I have ever used. After applying gloves, my hands were stained. If you're using them for something that should not make contact with skin, they are potentially very dangerous. No protection, no stretch, no uneasiness.

👤The use of this glove is worse than the reasons it got one star. I use these gloves to clean, cook, and handle greasy auto parts. I tried to use them for everything. The gloves break when you pull them on even if you are gentle with them. They don't stick to your skin and want to fall off. The gloves don't have anything to keep food out of between the glove and hand, so food gets in between the glove and hand if you're handling dirty food. They break when doing any kind of work with them. They are cheap, that is the good thing about them. I feel like I got less than I paid for.

👤The gloves are so flimsy that there isn't a job for them outside of sitting quietly with your hands laid in your lap. There is a I didn't use these where there was a risk of exposure to blood-borne pathogens. These should be removed from sale or at the very least have the medical jargon removed from the description as they are unsafe to use in a clinical environment. They are half a micron thick, cheap and tightly packed. Avoid at all costs.

👤Gloves are not described. They are useless to me because they were stated latex free. This is the first non positive review I have left.

👤I will definitely be buying more when I run out. There is a I have a hard time finding a glove that fits my hand. I can have a full range of movement without the gloves on. These are durable enough to use while I am working with harsh chemicals, and have the proper size for my hand. I like to wear these when I prepare meals that can be messy or raw. If you don't get the right size, you will end up with tears and blisters on your hands, and they are meant to be tight-fitting, but you want to keep that strong bond. If you are sweaty, I suggest getting a bigger size so you have more room to fit inside the gloves and prevent any damages. I usually wear xs but went with a small. The gloves fit tight to your hand and allow you to make a more precise "touching" movement that feels natural as if the gloves were not even being worn. I hope the review helped you. If so, please hit the helpful button. Thanks and cheers!

6. Nitrile Disposable Gloves Working Industrial

Nitrile Disposable Gloves Working Industrial

When procedures get messy, holding on to equipment can be difficult, so these food safe gloves come with textured fingertips. It's ideal for almost any occasion including basic lab work, hair coloring, tattooing, food preparation, painting, cleaning, pet care, home improvement, arts, and crafts. Good quality. Get gloves that are disposable and designed to keep your hands protected. They have enhanced strength and tear resistance. There are 100 in every box. They contain no glass fibers and are able to protect your breathing health. They are non-toxic and suitable for sensitive skin. If you have any questions or problems, e-mail them and they will reply as soon as possible.

Brand: Kexle

👤I use them when I cook with meat. They're great for seasoning chicken, ribs, steak, etc and I can just take them off and move on without washing my hands.

👤I am an EMT and these are very durable. I love them! I usually have a small in general hospital gloves, but they fit well.

👤I've ordered these gloves before. I have a food trailer and gloves that are hard to find. The gloves are very stretchy and not the thickest on the market. They work perfectly for food service use and don't break the bank or take months to arrive. These are my new gloves and I will use them.

👤The gloves are fairly thin and average quality. The blend seems to be a nitrile one as these are very stretchy. Good for touchy applications, but not heavy duty where a puncture would destroy this glove. The packaging is not good. The bundle was put into a plastic bag and inserted into a box. Not folded for the style of removal. These are not a good deal at 26 cents per glove.

👤I use these for woodworking because other sources have dried up. They are decent quality and a bit pricey.

👤I like the black gloves. A preference is all. These are on the thin side. They fit and serve their purpose. I use them for preparing foods that I don't want to cross-Contamination, such as chicken or shellfish.

7. Dura Gold Nitrile Disposable Gloves Medium

Dura Gold Nitrile Disposable Gloves Medium

A box of 100 Dura-Gold Duratection gloves. 6 mil nitrile gloves that resist punctures, cuts, snags, and abrasions for maximum protection, and they offer incredible stretch with no tearing or pinching. To find your correct glove size, use their glove sizing chart image. A fully enhanced textured grip and comfortable, snug-fitting ambidextrous gloves give an improved grip on wet, dry, and oily surfaces. These gloves have bare hand sensitivity so you can use them with touch sensitive devices. Premium quality gloves made with synthetic nitrile elastomers are latex-free, powder-free and chemical- resistant. Those who are allergic to natural rubber can use latex-free nitrile gloves. The black glove hides dirt, grease, and grime. There are different sizes of gloves available. Their safety protection gloves are used in the most common environments. The gloves are safe for food handling, food service, home, automotive, mechanical, industrial, workshop, chemicals, tattoo artists, salon and spa professionals, travel, schools, indoors and outdoors. The Dura-Gold Brand is a division of a trusted worldwide company that has been in business for over 45 years.

Brand: Dura-gold

👤I like the 6mil thickness on gloves for everything from working on construction projects to cooking. I have bought 6mil nitrile gloves before and they feel more robust. The way the gloves are packed is ridiculous. The gloves were shoved in the box in a way that only the top of the box could be destroyed to remove them. I had to separate the gloves after peeling back the top of the box. I won't be buying Dura-Gold brand gloves again. The price was reasonable. The frustration of trying to separate gloves isn't worth the savings.

👤I considered this brand an alternative since Gloveworks was being price charged. I like the brand of glove tears that this one has. The box arrived damaged.

👤I can recommend them because they are a well-made glove and they are very close to my favorite brand. I need to use gloves that are 6 mils or thicker in my work, anything less and they tend to rip fairly easily when handling small parts like bolts, screws, and springs while trying to be dexterous. Light auto work can be done with them. The X-large was ordered based on the chart. I usually wear a large fabric glove, these feel a bit tight, if a medium fabric glove wearer like a little play in the glove, they could wear these. You will not fit in these if you wear an XL. They don't flop around because of this, having to stop and pull the glove tight onto your fingers is a no-go when handling small parts. If they were powdered, you could slip them off if you pulled the fingers on the glove. If the other brand was more expensive, I would buy again.

👤I need to wear gloves all day long to give me good grip and not have a lot of excess at the fingertips. These fit my small hands perfectly and I and I can make it through a whole day and sometimes reuse the next day they are so strong that I still have good grip.

👤I bought these to get a better value. I had been using a more expensive brand of gloves. These XX large are baggy and make it difficult to work with. The 8 mil gloves last longer. Light work is fine for them. I will try a smaller size if I buy them again.

👤I use these gloves for mechanical work because they are 6 mil thick and hold up well. The best price I was able to find was on Amazon, and they fit nicely and were tight. I will purchase more when necessary.

👤I was looking for gloves that wouldn't tear immediately, but that were disposable. I needed something that was durable and could be used for a long time, but Home Depot's gloves were too expensive and only lasted for 2 or 3 uses. The extra large size fits like an extra large, they are true to size and possibly run a little bit large, so I liked that. As advertised, they are durable. $16 for disposable gloves might be a bit steep. They are great. They can last for more than one job, one pair for the whole day, and I use them everyday at work. So. I will keep buying these gloves because they save me money.

8. 100 Disposable Gloves Large Black

100 Disposable Gloves Large Black

The Fingertip is textured in a Gray Black color. High-quality materials. Better puncture resistance and better abrasion resistance. The Finger tips are textured. The glove has a fine texture to give it maximum gripping power for wet and dry objects. Wear and remove clothes quickly. The cuff is rolled for easy opening. A pack that is easy to access keeps gloves clean and organized. It's ideal for almost any application including basic lab work, hair coloring, tattooing, food preparation, painting, cleaning, pet care, home improvement, hobbies, arts, and crafts. Strong, high-quality material offers incredible stretch, no tearing, or pinching.

Brand: Akgk

👤I wasn't thinking I would get anything high quality, but these are thin and easy to rip, and I have rings, so they wouldn't rip as easily if I didn't wear my rings. I work at a bank and money is filthy and I don't like getting all over my clothes because our gloves are latex and have powder on the inside. I ordered my own and these are fine. I wear them for 8 hours a day, unless I use the restroom, eat or remove them, and they last me all day if I do so. My gloves are black and opaque. It's weird because of the light. I was worried that they wouldn't be. The wrist is loose but not too loose. I bought a medium because I didn't want it to be too tight or loose.

👤These gloves are not good. I bought this package because it was a little cheaper, but it was a waste. Don't spend the money on gloves. They are thin, don't stretch, and brittle when they get oils or grease on them. The box makes a point of saying that tattoos aren't sterile. That should be bold in the description. Don't bother with this one, learn from my mistake.

👤These are the lightest material ever, they have to be vinyl. I bought 3 boxes that are useless.

👤My wife is not happy with this order. The gloves have poor material and water in them. She needs gloves for her work so we are keeping the gloves.

👤They were a choice item. They are thinner than a standard 4 mil glove. A standard thickness is 4 mil. I have ordered a large one and have 3 different brands. These are more narrow than the others. I received an opened box, who knows what it is. Disappointed to say the least.

👤The gloves are almost perfect. I use them for yard and mechanical work because of the smell. I wouldn't use them for cooking, next time I'm staying away from blended gloves full nitrile is the way to go.

👤Absolutely trash. I can see my skin color through them. The picture suggests that it is elastic. It was a bad fit. There is a These aren't even close to the cheaper end of the price range.

👤These gloves are very thin. I use them to prepare raw chicken and other meats. The box has non-medical stamped all over it, but they should just stamp it as non-useable. Don't buy these gloves.

9. Microflex MK 296 XL MidKnight Nitrile Yellow

Microflex MK 296 XL MidKnight Nitrile Yellow

No glove is resistant to all chemicals. The palm thickness is 4.7 mil.

Brand: Microflex

👤I assumed that these would be just as good as the purple gloves I use, so I got them. There is a These gloves are the same thickness as the SU-690 gloves, but are not as durable. If you sneeze or fart too loudly, these will shred to smithereens. I was very disappointed in these. I can usually get a full days work out of the SU-690, whereas with these midknight jobs they'll rip almost as soon as you put them on.

👤These are not Venom Steel 6 mil. Even though they are selling for twice as much, nitrile gloves. The size is very skimpy and the L is similar to any other maker's L. Zero confidence in them doing any kind of work. Very high price for poor quality. These are not even close.

👤These fit my hands well. They don't tear under normal use and are comfortable to wear and hold up. They hold up for an hour or two when I clean hardware items. I use them when working in the garden, but it is harder on the gloves. Pull weeds or plant bulbs in the garden. The gloves were not intended to be used for gardening. I don't mind using additional pairs of gloves for my outside work because they are more comfortable. There is a I have ordered multiple boxes of gloves over the past couple of years because they are better than anything I have tried before. I keep a box in the house, the car and the garage. It was very handy to have it.

👤The box has been opened and tried to close by taping one end shut and then hiding the damage with an opaque bag. One end of the box has been opened, and the tear off opening on the top has been 1/3 of the length of the strip. They have a no return policy because they can ship a fraudulent item at an inflated price and not be held responsible or expected to make good.

👤I keep a box on hand. The price was good. I pay retail. The gloves are free of latex. Good gripping. It's great for cleaning or doing small repairs around the garage. The box was a little dirty, but it was a good buy.

👤The normal Raven gloves are sold out or 40 bucks a box right now. These things are very thin and easy to use. I could use one pair of ravens for the entire day. I'm lucky these don't get ripped.

👤We both love them. He has never had an issue with them and will use them for medical reasons. I like to use them when I'm coloring my hair, scrubbing the toilet, or doing other things. He is allergic to latex and most gloves don't fit my hands since they're wide, but I have long fingers so women's gloves rarely work for anything I need to do.

👤Gloves for most things. I tried them all and then came back to these. None of the gloves are super stars. It is easier to get on or off of these if you don't want to dirty them.

10. AMMEX BX346100 BX Nitrile Gloves Disposable

AMMEX BX346100 BX Nitrile Gloves Disposable

We will have an updated look for all of their products. As they sell through their inventory, you may see previous packaging or a mix of new and old. They both have the same high-quality gloves. The X3 Industrial Gloves are made from nitrile. They measure from the tip of the finger to the cuff. The Industrial-Grade nitrile gloves offer a level of comfort that is1-65561-65561-65561-65561-6556. These gloves look professional while concealing dirt. In industries from janitorial to auto detailing, it's popular. nitrile gloves are latex-free. Gloves made of X3 nitrile, vinyl, latex, and poly industrial are reliable for light-duty applications.

Brand: X3

👤The gloves are of good quality. I have to give it one star because half of them were melted together and useless. I had to throw it away. I don't know what happened in the packaging and shipping process.

👤I work in a factory that makes carburetors. We are given a pair of work gloves to keep our hands safe from large metal splinters, but more often than not the smaller splinters will get through our work gloves which is why I needed some nitrile gloves to layer under them. These gloves are not up to the task, a good pair of nitrile gloves can last me about a day on the job, I am lucky to get these to last a second before they burst open, and I know for a fact they won't. I went through 5 pairs of gloves today, I think I'm going to have to layer 3 pairs just to make them last until lunch. Don't bother with them, they are waste of time and money.

👤If you are buying these for use with POLY RESINS or OXY, look away. These gloves are dangerous, they swell up with the contact of the resin and will rip with movement, my hands have been in constant contact with the material after going through an entire box of these. They are not durable and will be a risk to your health if you have skin contact with them.

👤I like to use these gloves while cooking. They are great, but every other glove had a split through them. Brand new out of the box was never damaged. I will not buy his one again.

👤I need gloves to do food styling. I'm a wannabe chef, so use them cooking as well. These gloves are amazing. They fit my large hands well, and give a great grip, even if I'm holding a pan or a camera. I've used dozens of different types of gloves, and I really love them. I've used gloves that were too baggy, that broke to easily, and that stank, and these are the ones that eclipse all of the others I've used. The price is amazing. There is a The black color helps as I sometimes have my hands in the camera image where I want them to not be seen. If you are carving or serving with gloves... Don't show fluids on your gloves. Love them! There is a Cook and shoot! I bought the product after reading the review. My true thoughts.

👤These are used for handling raw meat. They work well, seem strong, and haven't had any tears. There is no indication on the packaging that these are for food handling. I purchased because the description on Amazon states so. There was no statement on the box.

👤The gloves fit like a glove. I have used different brands from different stores. These are comfortable and durable. I use these for cleaning jobs around the house. These gloves are very protective. I am confident in handling animal waste. There is a They don't smell bad. The size is right for my hands. If you have long fingers or larger palms, go for a bigger size. The product is more expensive than the other brands, but I think it is worth it. It is recommended.

11. Black Hawk Disposable Nitrile Industrial

Black Hawk Disposable Nitrile Industrial

5 mils, latex free, powder free, full palm textured Black Hawk Gloves are heavy-duty nitrile gloves with full palm texturing for better grip, measuring 9 inches from fingertip to glove cuff. The FDA has guidelines for direct food contact. Food Handling & Processing, Barbecue, automotive Maintenance, Emergency First Responders, Tattoo Parlors, Salons, and many other industrial uses are popular. The manufacturing plants comply with international standards.

Brand: Pentagon Safety Equipment

👤These gloves are the best I've had in a long time. The arm is a bit longer and they fit snug. They are strong enough to be used outside as well as inside the house. Excited about the product! Will help with the cracked fingers.

👤These gloves are very strong. They don't make my hands clammy when I use them. When holding small items, they improve my grip. The doctors glove is durable enough to be used with more heavy duty tasks. Will purchase more when I run out.

👤I don't usually write reviews. I've bought many nitrile gloves. They break down and rip. I worked on my truck and apartment with gloves, but they still didn't rip. I reuse my money a day later because I'm tight on it. I hope the prices don't go up. Thanks for the great item. I will return.

👤Gloves are very good. It is thick and does not tear easily. They didn't tear once. It's also used for food prep. I was a little tight on my hands. I think that was because they were damp.

👤These are made in Thailand. If you're looking for an American made product, skip it. Compared to other gloves, nothing special. Product was sent in a bag. Returned.

👤These gloves are horrible. They tear up when they put them on. I can't use them. There is garbage.

👤I've tried many gloves and this is one of the best I've tried. They are very comfortable.


What is the best product for xl black nitrile gloves cooking?

Xl black nitrile gloves cooking products from Infi-touch. In this article about xl black nitrile gloves cooking you can see why people choose the product. Venom and Safe Health are also good brands to look for when you are finding xl black nitrile gloves cooking.

What are the best brands for xl black nitrile gloves cooking?

Infi-touch, Venom and Safe Health are some of the best brands that chosen by people for xl black nitrile gloves cooking. Find the detail in this article. Ammex, Fifthpulse and Kexle are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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