Best Soft Eggs Microwave Cooking Tools

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1. Farberware Accessories Aluminum Nonstick Covered

Farberware Accessories Aluminum Nonstick Covered

Premium non-STICK eggs. Heavy-duty aluminum construction makes it easy to cook eggs. There is an Egg Poacher and aLID included. A double-riveted handle provides a confident grip on the egg poacher. Non-stick inside and out makes it easy to release food and clean up. It is safe to cook in the oven and dishwasher. The 8-inch egg maker is dishwasher safe. Egg Poachers are other birdwatching items. The Farberware collection includes cookware sets, saucepots, griddles and other items.

Brand: Farberware

👤Why not cups that are non-stick? I have been cooking eggs for nearly 50 years, usually with bacon, but I'm not a professional egg cook. I had to remove the eggs from the plastic cups because they were stuck to them. The egg whites next to the cup were rubbery. We're still raw. I had to remove the egg whites from the cups. They didn't get clean when they were put in the dishwasher. I will return it for a full refund.

👤It's plastic was turned away for a second and melted completely. I was disappointed!

👤It seems solid and well made, except for the plastic cups. The cups will melt if you boil the water. It's shallow so you can't put a lot of water in for safety. Plastic is more resistant to fire than aluminum cups. It seems to take longer to cook the eggs. teflon is coating the inside of the skillet and the cup holder. The cups are not included. Eggs stick to them without spray oil on them. This poacher works well for 5 min. If you are careful and patient, you will be successful in your attempt to steal. A different design with metal cups is what I would recommend. I would only buy this one again if the money was tight.

👤Eggs are very watery. Not cooked until the end. Pam does not like plastic cups because they do not come out. It seemed like it could be improved upon to make eggs in a pan with water. The pan is not an improvement. Will stick to my method.

👤The pan has a lid, four plastic cups to hold eggs, and a tray insert to hold the plastic cups. It's sturdy enough and has been used multiple times, so no one would mistake it for a $100 pan. The eggs turn out fine, though probably not as evenly cooked through as in my electric two-egg poacher. Large and extra-large eggs can be accommodated in the cups. There are a few things to be aware of. There is a You will need to lift the lid and release steam and pressure to check the eggs. There is a * The handle on the lid gets hot, so you'll need to use a pot holder or equivalent to lift it off to check your eggs. There is a * The pan doesn't come with instructions. The only assembly is to attach the handle to the lid, which is not rocket science but also not completely intuitive. There is a There are no instructions for how much water to add or how long to cook to get eggs to a certain doneness. You have to figure it out by trial and error. There is a I've found that presoaking the cups before running them through the dishwasher results in clean cups. There is a This is an inexpensive way to easily cook four eggs at a time.

👤I was looking for an early a.m. egg poacher after reading many negative comments about this pan. I wanted to make some delicious egg dishes for lunch. The pan has been great, and with a little butter spray my eggs are great. I said that this was a $13 pan and that it was Better Built, but I am wrong. It works great if you use it a couple of times a week. My method is to let the water boil, send over on the counter, put the egg rack with be filled cups in the pan, and after 5 minutes on a hard boil I turn my stove down to low and set the timer for 6 minutes. I highly recommend this item because you can't beat the price of other pan like 30 40 and $50.

2. Sistema BPA Free Cooker Microwave Container

Sistema BPA Free Cooker Microwave Container

The perfect microwave container for cooking rice, polenta, and more, as well as storing leftovers. 2.6L Rice Cooker has a pressure chamber plate to make sure rice stays moist and fluffy. The steam release vent in the lid of the Microwave Round container is for splatter-free cooking. The easy-lift tabs on the lids make transporting from microwave to table simple. The fridge and freezer-safe is designed and made in New Zealand.

Brand: Sistema

👤I love this cooker. I have had it for many years, but never used it for rice. I used my Aroma for rice. I fell in love with this rice cooker after trying it for the first time. It is much easier to clean, and there is no waste, compared to the Aroma. I use this rice cooker to make one cup at a time and it will turn into 3 cups, which is plenty. Set it and forget it. I got one for my mom because I loved it so much. She loves using it. It is very strong. I love it!

👤I wanted a microwave rice cooker so I bought this. If you are looking for a way to cook rice in less time, this probably isn't for you. I wanted to save time, but I also wanted to use my stove and pots. Take a look at the packaging of your favorite rice to see how long it will take to cook it in the microwave. I used Basmati Brown Jasmine rice. Between stove and microwave there is only five minutes to spare. I like this cooker because it did cook the rice nicely, which is all I wanted to do. It was easy to clean up. I haven't checked out the website with tips and recipes. I used the amount of water and the amount of rice on the package to cook my brown rice. I followed the cooker's instructions for placing the inner and outer lid. I didn't brown the rice first because I don't want to use the stove when I don't have enough space to cook rice. The cooking time for the rice was 25 minutes. I think I will have to add an additional five minutes of cooking time because of my elevation. My suggestion is to learn the ins and outs of microwaving rice in your oven before you actually need it. Make small adjustments to the package instructions of your specific rice.

👤I was supposed to get a small bowl and a spoon with the steamer, but I didn't get it.

👤I am very happy with Sisteema but this product really shocked me. It is easy to clean. I have to cook multiple pans because the rice just slides out when ready. I cooked orzo in the bowl and it came out great. A second bowl is included.

👤I made rice for the first time. I followed the microwave directions on some Goya boxes and it was so perfect, the flavors were more intense or something. I have never made rice that is always mushy. It was too cooked and too mushy. But not anymore.

👤I threw the bowls in the garbage. There are no instructions for cooking oatmeal in a small bowl. I mixed oatmeal with water. I was not able to find easily acceptable instructions. I was in a hurry. I had to clean the microwave twice. I read an article about how many people consume enough micro plastic in a week to swallow a credit card. I will cook my oatmeal on the stove in the morning. I can cook my oatmeal with a variety of seeds, including coconut, coconut seed, chia, and coconut oil, as long as I don't deviate from the norm. No more making a new wheel. I am back on track.

3. Chef Buddy 82 Y3496 Microwave Essentials

Chef Buddy 82 Y3496 Microwave Essentials

Every time, they are perfect. The egg maker can deliver light, fluffy eggs in under a minute. Adding sausage, bacon, ham, cheese, vegetables, or seasoning to your eggs will make them even more delicious. It is quick, convenient and safe. This convenient cookware makes a breakfast sandwich in less than a minute, with the ability to make an egg in under a minute. The cooker is made of plastic. It is easy to clean and store if you put it on the top shelf of your dish washer. The egg maker is light and easy to store. There is a product details. The construction is made of 5 Polypropylene Plastic. The dimensions are 6.625” x 4.625” x 2.5”

Brand: Chef Buddy

👤The Chef Buddy Microwave Egg Maker was given a 5-star review, but it came with no instructions. The product is very simple to use and does what it says it will do - cook an egg very quickly. A single sheet of instructions would go a long way.

👤It was amazing when I used it. It doesn't come with instructions, but I used what other customers said in their review. There is a The way I cooked my eggs was to coat the inner white side with butter. 2 eggs are microwaved with the yolk scrambled. Enjoy and season to taste. The taste was perfect, a slight yolk in the middle, but that's how I like it cooked. There is a The egg didn't stick to the plastic because of the clean up.

👤I was skeptical because it didn't have any directions. I found some tips that helped when I read the reviews of the product. Here are a few. The container has cooking spray. 2. Wrap a rubberband around the container to keep it closed. 3. If you don't have a perfect yolk, whisk your egg before cooking. 4. I added a small amount of water. 5. For a perfect omelette, add cheese, peppers, etc. 6. You can try different cooking times. It took 1.30 min to cook my microwave.

👤They work well. If you break the yolks, you can scramble the egg with a fork. 55 seconds is all it takes to nuke an egg. For 2 and 3 large eggs, there are 10 and 25 seconds. I make egg muffins with nuked eggs, Canadian bacon, pepper jack cheese, and English muffin. I bought my first two microwave dishes. I am buying two more to back up the two I bought in 2015. If you don't scramble the egg with a fork or break the yellow yolks, it will blow up in your microwave. I have found a way to make Nuking taste better for me.

👤I put a piece of cheese on top of the egg and microwave it for 20 seconds. I got a breakfast sandwich in less time than it took me to write this review, because I put that bad boy on an english muffin. It's easy to clean up. People can't get over the fact that I bought a second for work.

👤My dad made me the perfect Egg Muffin sandwich when he introduced this device to me. There is a I had a few trials to figure out how to cook the eggs in the microwave without exploding, which happened to me. If there's yolks in there, an extra 15 seconds is what I want. I do them in intervals, so that they don't explode and make a mess, because it works well for me. There is a What are I putting in there? There is a If you poke the eggs with a fork, they will look flat in the microwave. There is a Half the time, for one egg. There is a 3oz of egg whites, salt and pepper is what I do. It came out perfect. My husband enjoys it if I stir up the 2 full eggs, but it's not appealing to him. I like to see the white, so I make sure not to mix it up with my kids. It's fine if I sprinkle salt and pepper on the top. I loved this thing so much that I ordered another.

4. Nordic Ware Easy Breakfast Microwaveable

Nordic Ware Easy Breakfast Microwaveable

The size is 3.75-inch. There is a bundle of Omelet Pan and Egg Poacher. Breakfast can be made in minutes. It is recommended that you wash your hands with a hand wash.

Brand: Nordic Ware

👤If you follow the instructions and cook the eggs slowly, you will get perfect omelets and poached eggs. I cook them at 30% power.

👤If you enjoy eggs for breakfast and want to save time, these microwave egg cooker are great. The lower part of the cooker should be sprayed with no stick cooking spray. You will need to experiment with microwave times. Add a couple drops of water and pierce the egg yoke with the egg poacher. It takes 44 seconds for perfect poached eggs in my microwave. An omelet takes 2.5 minutes. It was quick and easy. You need to use cooking spray to clean up.

👤I love these two! I accidentally melted one of the poachers when I was in college. Couldn't find them for a long time. I found them again on Amazon. This is quicker than the old fashion way. Or making an omelette. Every time, a perfect egg with easy clean up.

👤The hard yolks of a poached egg should be smooth. The power setting and cook times were tried. You have to have good whites to get soft yolks. I like the opposite. The whites and yolks were cooked. Not happening with this item. The omelet maker is next. If you use cooking spray, you get two open face eggs, but they are not really an omelet. Adding beaten eggs and topping a dessert size paper plate with spray would be better. For 45 to 60 seconds, microwave. Put cheese in half. 15 more seconds and done.

👤Eggs were pipped all over the microwave until it wouldn't stay closed. The egg poacher was handwashed and used a few times a week.

👤I saw them on social media and wanted to try them. I eat a lot of eggs. I don't like boiling and frying. What a difference. It is easy to use and clean. I am not using butter or oil. The double cups look like breakfast sandwiches. The omelette can be used to add veggies or cheese. I added chopped ham and it was perfect. I make egg salad after cooking eggs. Egg shells can't be boiled and tried to peel. I love these! I have the perfect eggs in less than 2 minutes. They are Egg-cellant!

👤I use these to make breakfast in my work kitchen when I have an early shift. The omelette unit is great for quick scrambled eggs. The unit is great if you listen for 30 seconds. Adding a bit of water before cracking the eggs into the cup will help minimize the popping. Taking out breakfast sandwiches is more fun than it is.

👤If you like a hard boiled egg, then cut your time down on egg-poaching.

5. Premium Flexible Silicone Standard Spatula

Premium Flexible Silicone Standard Spatula

The best service will be provided by them. They will not be satisfied until all of their customers are happy. They offer refunds or returns. Cozilife is a choice to live a cozy life. The DI ORO Chef Series Standard Turner Spatula is designed to fit your needs. The premium flipper is made with a heavy-duty core made of 304 steel and 600F heat- resistant food grade silicone. Their comfort handle and thumb grip allow cooks of all levels to flip burgers, eggs, and other foods with ease, while giving you peace of mind that you won't melt your spatula. The spatula blade is thin and flexible to easily slide under all types of food, making it easy to perform essential tasks in the kitchen. Whether you are a beginner, novice, or seasoned pro, your family and friends will be impressed as you cook the meals you enjoy sharing with your loved ones. Throw out your cheap spatulas and treat yourself to the best utensils on the market. Your coated cookware deserves the same treatment as your investment. The Chef Series Standard Turner is non-scratch, non-shatter, and is certified by the LFGB. You can be sure that your cookware will be protected and that it will compliment the Standard Turner for years to come. They designed a turner spatula that is dishwasher safe, easy to clean, and designed to prevent the build-up of food and grime, so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor. You can spend more time with your family and less time cleaning the kitchen. Their obsession with creating great products and wonderful experiences to inspire their customers to reach new heights in the kitchen doesn't end there. They will always lend an ear to their U.S. based customer support team to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your DI ORO purchases.

Brand: Di Oro Living

👤The one star is due to the split at the corner and the lack of response from the manufacturer when we inquired about their forever warranty below FOREVER WARRANTY. Our promise is to provide a superior experience for everyone who owns DI ORO products. Our warranty lasts forever, so you can enjoy your purchase with full confidence. If it isn't something you plan to back up, don't advertise it, and reply to your customers when they ask about it. I don't usually post. I had to let others know.

👤Absolutely disappointed in the quality of the product. The rubber edge broke away after I used the spatula 4 times. Customer support has not heard anything from them yet. The rubber is peeling away from the metal after a replacement spatula was provided. Stay away from this product.

👤I liked this spatula at first. The basic old-school flippers have disappeared so one must look for the newer ones. There is a The last spatula I used had a problem with the egg white sticking to the edge of the spatula, which can cause significant problems when trying to work your food in the frying pan. It works great with this spatula, it doesn't stick to the surface. It's very slick. I thought about buying one for everyone at work. I began to notice a strange flavor in my omelettes. I thought it could be that the diced peppers and onions I had frozen in the freezer had gotten frost burned, but then I continued to notice the odd taste. I wondered if the eggs were old, or if the butter in the pan was sitting out too long. The butter wouldn't taste bad on bread. I thought I could taste the spatula when I tasted it. I thought I was imagining it. The weird taste was there but even stronger after my wife bought some silicone egg poachers. I've looked up this issue and others have reported the same issue with cooking utensils. It is described as a "soapy taste". It tastes weird to me. I've gone back to some of my older spatulas that don't work as well, but also don't impart this weird taste. If I can get a weird taste from the cooking utensil, it freaks me out. Anyone else?

👤Between my old apartment and the one I recently moved into, my old spatula disappeared. It had been in rough shape for a while and needed to be replaced. I decided to go with the Chef Series FLEX after looking at a lot of what Amazon had to offer. The kitchen gods must have been smiling at me because I have wound up with one of my favorite kitchen utensils. It is very strong and has a tip that makes it perfect for many things. You'll use a spatula for more than flipping pancakes and eggs. After several months of almost daily use, there is no sign of the ragged, rough tip we all hate on our spatulas. A real winner! I have been using this spatula for a long time and it has been very useful. The spatula looks the same as it did when it arrived from Amazon. It's awesome!

6. LaCuisine KTMW18 Piece Microwave Cookware

LaCuisine KTMW18 Piece Microwave Cookware

Quality first, service most. The standard warranty on cookware sets is365 days. If you have any problems, don't hesitate to contact their online customer service which will respond to you immediately. convenience cooking has never looked so good. A 48oz casserole, four 14oz covered bowls, and four 8oz covered bowl are included in the LaCuisine 18PC Microwave Cookware Set. There are lid for refrigerator storage. It's easy to clean up after a meal in the microwave and dishwasher. The microwave is safe. Up to 140C.

Brand: La Cuisine

👤After a few uses, these containers stain with food. The plastic is scratched easily. It's nearly impossible to wash the plastic off of it's oily coating with a hand in the kitchen sink. The oil doesn't come away even with very hot water and special grease-cutting dish soap. They never feel clean enough after you wash and rinse them with paper towels. Very annoying. I'm throwing them out because they seem disgusting. If you don't wash your dishes by hand or aren't using the dishwasher for travel, you may be OK. Tomatoes, curry and other foods will stain these.

👤I put the chicken in the sauce and put the side in the rwo places. I have used it before without any problems, but the bar b que sauce stained the microwave dish. The entire set was thrown out.

👤I should have believed the negative reviews. This is flimsy plastic. The quality is not even close to Nordic Ware. I'm returning something.

👤You're going to use them only to reheat, so love the sizes. They stain from spaghetti sauce or red things which I don't like. We add bleach to the water. When you put a spoon in, you have to scraper the bottom so now they're scratching up inside the bottom with the first or second use, so be aware! Don't pay too much for them. I have to excuse my punctuation because of the voice text.

👤You will need to purchase microwave cookware when you own a microwave oven. It is time to buy a new microwave oven when the paint on the bottom is peeling. If you don't clean and dry your microwave oven after every use, it will peel and get under the paint. Liquids and other debris can accumulate on the bottom of your microwave. The price I paid was reasonable. I'll get a lot of use out of this. I may purchase more like this set in the future.

👤It is all the way to the top when they say 8 oz, 16 oz. There was no 'breathing' room. If you expect them to hold 1 cup or 2 cups, it's not going to happen. They seem sturdy other than that. I haven't cooked them yet because I received them today. I wouldn't recommend cooking with the lids on.

👤The product contains chemicals that are known to cause cancer and birth defects in California. This statement is on the box and would have been nice to know before I bought it.

👤I had high hopes for this product, it looked like the type of bowls I had for years. The bowls are easy to stain when I cook red food. The lids don't fit tight enough to seal in flavor. They could not be used for freezer storage. A good lesson was learned when they threw them away.

7. Progressive PS 77Y Low Calorie Breakfasts Dishwasher

Progressive PS 77Y Low Calorie Breakfasts Dishwasher

The Progressive Microwave Egg Poacher makes it easy to cook perfectly poached eggs. Excellent quality. The round shape is great for making breakfast sandwiches. CONVENIENCE: The non-stick surface makes cleaning easy. 4 EGG CAPACITY: The microwave egg poacher can hold up to 4 eggs. The dishwasher is safe and free of BPA. It is dishwasher safe.

Brand: Progressive International

👤I've never been able to make eggs in a pot of water. It took up a lot of space and was messy to use. You have to try variations on time to get them just right because each microwave is a little different. It's perfect for 2 eggs for me. The egg is dropped into the water because you put water in the yellow part. Who knew? I found a video on the internet. I use a pin to poke a hole in the egg and put it in the microwave. Don't dump the water if you want to avoid breaking the egg and losing most of your egg. Don't tip it back and drain it again. I put them on a paper towel to get the last of the water. This is a small device. It is small and simple. Great purchase!

👤It's easy to use, and wipes off quickly, so I don't have to wash it. I don't have a dishwasher, so I don't know how it would affect the plastic, but it cleans itself in seconds with warm, soapy water. I couldn't fix the omelet cooker I bought because it popped apart after a few uses. This one is better. There is a My omelet recipe takes about 1 1/2 minutes to make, mixing 2 eggs and a little water, pouring in one side and close. While in the microwave, cook 30 more seconds. Dump your pile of chopped veggies, ham, cheese, etc. Pop the lid open again. Cook another 30 seconds. After a little nudging with a spatula, the whole thing slides out onto a plate. I'm not much of a cook, but this is simple, fast, and tasty, and a real chef could improve on my version.

👤This thing is great. Within a few minutes, I have a 125 calories egg white omelette that takes up half my plate, because I can pour 230 grams of egg whites, dice up mushrooms, tomatoes, and a little cheese, and microwave it.

👤The directions said to cook 4 eggs in the microwave at two minutes each time, but I couldn't do it. The first three times the eggs were cooked. Eggs were completely liquid for the fourth time. I was done with trying additional times at 50% power and increased cook time. I was able to watch a Utube video on egg-poaching without a special device. I would have liked to have done that first. This was a waste of money for me. I have 16 eggs that have been cooked to be hard-boiled.

👤It is nice to get something simple which works, since we often buy things that are disappointing or not as described. If you follow the directions, put a little water into each of the holders, then put in your egg, put a little water over the eggs, then poke the egg yolk, put on the cover and microwave for 20 seconds per egg. In these crazy days, when everything else doesn't work or things around us seem to be breaking on a daily basis, I find the idea that I could simply make a couple of perfect poached eggs to be silly.

8. Nordic Ware Microwave Egg Boiler

Nordic Ware Microwave Egg Boiler

The dishwasher is safe and free of harmful chemicals. Egg boiler for hard- or soft-boiled eggs. Up to 4 eggs can be upright on the interior shelf. Melamine free plastic and aluminum insert. The cooking surface is L. W: 5.25 in. H: 5.25 in.

Brand: Nordic Ware

👤I gave the older Nordic ware to my grand daughter for her dorm room. The top part of the egg was snug on the bottom. I think it was made in the USA. I ordered a new one for myself and it showed the Nordic ware packaging I wanted because it was made in the USA. It said it was made in Taiwan when it arrived. I called Noric ware customer service because I thought it was a knock-off. The box had the number on it. I was told that they were being made in Taiwan. It had no Nordic ware logo on it, and it seemed like it was of a lesser quality. Even though it looked the same, it was different for me. The top of the egg wasn't as snug as the previous one. It was so loose that I couldn't pick it up by the top of the egg. There is a I told customer service that I thought it was faulty. She said it should fit perfectly, but wouldn't snap into place. I wanted to see if my concern was justified. It took me longer to cook my hard boiled eggs when I used it. They were almost complete, but not quite. I had to be more careful when taking it out of the microwave and putting it on the counter to remove the lid. I could run cold water over the eggs. The first try went well. There is a The second time I used it, my concerns were answered. The hard boiled stage I wanted was achieved by cooking the eggs one minute longer. I put it in the microwave for about 5 minutes and then took it out. The top fell off as I sat on the counter and the water gushed onto the counter top. I would have been burned if it tipped away from me. The water was absorbed by the pot holders on my hands, instead of getting to my hands. I returned the product for a refund because I was afraid it could happen. One of the new ones I am ordering says you can twist the top to lock it onto the bottom as it has grooves in the aluminum edge. I used to have protection on the old model of the Nordic Ware product that I gave to my grand daughter. The Nordic Ware has a higher price. I will post on the new one again to let you know how it compares to my original Nordic Ware.

👤Day1: 2 eggs - boiled perfectly Day2: Attempt 4 eggs - 11 minutes blasted at 4th min Attempt 2 4 eggs in 11 minutes. Water was filled at room temperature in all of the above instances. There is a It was the second time that I thought something was wrong with eggs. Returning this one.

👤Not what it used to be. What used to be a wonderful product has been reinvented. It may even be dangerous if used. I had one of these years ago, but it broke in a kitchen accident. In the last year, I tried a new brand. The top of the unit was locked. Even with the right water level, microwave cooking time and temp, an egg exploded and interior parts of that product came apart! I ordered the "Nordic Ware Microwave Egg Boiler, 4 Capacity, White" again because I was so pleased with it in the past. I washed it out and let it dry so I could use it again. Since a previous reviewer had mentioned that the top on her new Nordic Ware Egg Boiler was loose, I thought I had better test this new one before adding water and eggs. The top is loose and not locked in. It is barely resting on the unit. The Nordic Ware Microwave Egg Boiler is useless as the pressure from boiling water will blow the top off its base. My money was wasted. I can't recommend this product to others.

9. Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker

What is included? The Ninja Foodi Grill has a grill grate. The Crisper Basket is 6 inches in diameter. A cooking pot, a cookbook and a cleaning brush. The breakfast sandwich maker cooks your sandwich in just 5 minutes. It's perfect for a quick meal on the go. The dual breakfast sandwich maker is great for kids, extra guests, or if you're hungry. The complimentary breakfast maker recipe book puts plenty of fun and delicious meals right at your fingertips, whether you are looking for low-cholesterol or high-fat meals. These are great for the Paleo and Keto diet. Perfect gift for Christmas, birthdays, father's day, mother's day, graduation, back to school and more. The breakfast maker is dishwasher safe and easy to clean up. Quick and easy recipes are included.

Brand: Hamilton Beach

👤It works as advertised. I didn't like how the egg was cooked. I just put the egg on the bun. I opened the top of the machine and added the top bun after I let the egg cook for a while. There is a The machine made a mess of the cheese. I added my cheese. The machine was done cooking the sandwich. The sandwich was perfect for me. Everything else worked as advertised. I needed to change the way I work in order to fit my needs. My preferences are completely different from yours. They could be the same. There is a Hope my review helped. They stated in the manual that they had four stars.

👤Egg sandwiches are easy to cook. After reading reviews of people who gave it a low rating, I think it is user error. The handles say 'hot'. Once the cooking is done, use an oven to open the handle. The egg isn't cooking the whole way through. Don't overload the yolk with things. That's your problem. Wait for it to cool down before cleaning. The egg should be gone by now. For the people who complained about the order of the meat and cheese not being like a Mcdonald's Egg McMuffin...flip your bread order. It's simple. Attached photo... Woah. Reviewers are so dumb these days. Use your brain.

👤I have made a breakfast sandwich every day since receiving this, and I love it! My kids have been opting for a healthy breakfast sandwich over their usual choice of sugar-laden cereals so that is a huge plus. It's much better to have pre-made frozen ones than it is to have them in the microwave. You can control the ingredients like a whole grain English muffin, turkey sausage or ham, egg whites, or a low fat cheese. It takes 5 minutes to make a breakfast sandwich from start to finish and the clean up is easy, usually an easy wipe down. No lie, easy. There is a After thinking about what to do with a lot of mashed potatoes, I decided to use some of them in a breakfast sandwich maker. I can say that they turned out beautifully and were much better uniformed than those made on the stove. This appliance can be used in a variety of ways in the kitchen. I have been very pleased with its performance.

👤We spent a morning experimenting. Here's what we found. English muffins are the best bread to use. If the machine was already used, the crossiants will still be very hot. Allow 5 minutes of cooling time before making another batches. One of the batches used scrambled eggs. Allow the eggs to cook for 2 minutes. The egg was allowed to cook for 3 minutes before adding tops. The cooking time was 4 minutes. The bread was sliced in half. Allowed eggs to cook first then add tops. Perfectly hot sandwiches. Sausages and ham were used. We put the sausages in the microwave to thaw them. They were links that were cut in half to make 4 halves. The ham was folded in half. The cheese was sliced and used. The corners of the cheese stick out a tiny bit, but stay on the machine and there is no leaking on to the counter. We matched all the breads, meats, and cheeses. The kids helped out with the experiment and only a few failed with cooking times. English muffins are the easiest bread to bake. Don't allow egg to cook before adding the tops; just throw it all in. The crossiants had scrambled egg, ham, and Swiss. It was delicious! The sourdough slices are very nice. Also did a sliced sourdough, thin slice of mozzarella, thin slice of tomato, and some basil, but left the egg dividers open. It was a nice snack. It would be better with bacon. It's a word. It is easy to clean up. Put the cups in a bowl of hot soapy water and rinse them. I used a warm wash cloth to wipe away the crumbs and melted cheese from the machine, it came right off.

10. Sistema Microwave Collection Breakfast Bowl

Sistema Microwave Collection Breakfast Bowl

100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Customer satisfaction is their number one goal. Please don't hesitate to contact them if you have any questions or comments so that they can make sure that your Cook with Color experience adds just the right color and taste. The breakfast bowl is designed to cook oatmeal in the microwave. The plastic bowl is used for serving and microwave cookware. The steam release vent on the lid allows for splatter-free heating. 100% virgin plastic.

Brand: Sistema

👤This is the third time I've tried to find a microwaveable bowl for oatmeal. The rubber seals on the other two were broken over time and they were glass oven mitts. The Sistema is very cool to the touch and can be microwaved. The seal is staying put, but I am not sure if that is because it is better made or not. I recall reading some reviews about oatmeal boiling over. It works for me if I microwave my oatmeal for three minutes. I heat for two minutes. Wait a couple of minutes and microwave for another minute. If you heat water in a pot for too long over a burner on your stove, it will boil over, so it makes no sense to complain. Why wouldn't you return the pot? If there is enough liquid, enough heat, and enough time, things will boil over. Don't see that as the product's fault; get upset at physics. If you aren't eating Bob's Red Mill Thick Rolled Oats, you are missing out. This is not an endorsement, this is a fan talking.

👤The bowl is useful for cooking an egg. I put butter inside and add an egg. The egg is the perfect size for an english muffin because of the shape of the bowl. The bowl is good with oatmeal, but you have to keep an eye on it. You would think the special lid with a small vent in the middle would stop oatmeal from escaping, but you would be wrong. The oatmeal can still boil up and get to the vent, and then it will spit all over the inside of your microwave. When oatmeal gets close to the vent, you have to pause it. There is a The bowl and lid are easy to clean. Nothing sticks to it. You can either throw it in the dishwasher or hand wash it.

👤I ended up throwing this piece of junk away because I was so frustrated with using this bowl. Sistema products will never be bought again. 40 grams of regular oats are used to overflow. The product page has a description. "Simply heat the contents in the microwave and then eat from the bowl." The microwave bowl has a steam release vent for boiling-free heating and easy-lift tabs. " Nope. 40 grams of oats overflow every time. Not free or simple. There is a There is a second update. Look at the picture. If you put room temperature water and oats over 40 grams, it will still overflow. I put 60 grams of oats on top of my total calories as I increase them. A glass bowl is better than this piece of junk. There is an update. I put 40 grams of oats in the water cooler. I had to remove the steam vent to clean the oatmeal that overflowed after 30 seconds of cooking. I wrote a review after cleaning up oatmeal. I have used regular room temperature water to cook my oats and they don't overflow in my microwave. The bowl is very comfortable to clean, as the oats do not stick to the bowl after drying. I knocked a star off. The instructions don't say to use room temperature water. Some people only have access to a water cooler at work, and most people won't be putting in cold water there. They will put the hot water side in the microwave and cook it more quickly. If you do this, you will have to wash oatmeal off the sides of the bowl. Make sure to use cold water. Pull on the vent lid a bit and it will come off. It seems that the tab could break if you pull it off too much. I am satisfied with the product, but it seems a bit expensive for what you get, so I knocked another star off for the value. It would be worth the money if it was leak proof. I purchased this thinking it would prevent overflow of oatmeal since you designed it to cook oatmeal as described on the bowl. Nope. The oatmeal overflowed through the steam vent. The instructions state to open the steam vent. No better than your average bowl. I imagined a lot smaller. $7.29 is a waste.

11. Knork Ware Eco Plant Based Utensil

Knork Ware Eco Plant Based Utensil

The dishwasher is safe and free of BPA. It is dishwasher safe. Composts are made from plant based bamboo and sugar case starch. Certified testing over 450+ commercial dishwasher washes is required for dishwasher safe. With one hand, you can easily cut through food with the Knork design. Make the switch from single-use plastic that is harmful to the environment. It's one fifth of the greenhouse gases. It's safe. The materials are tested to the strictest standards. Palate free as well as fda regulation compliant.

Brand: Knork

👤Does not survive in the dishwasher. If you stick the fork or spoon in a hot meal it will melt. They were thrown out because they were not worth the return. Back to searching.

👤We only use plastic or wooden utensils because my husband can't tolerate the sounds of clinking silverware. I bought these to replace some plastic utensils that don't seem to be made anymore. These are made from bamboo and look plastic, but I love that! The forks are sharp. The sides of the forks have been commented on by guests. I had been afraid that they were serrated, which is why I hadn't bought them sooner, but they actually look like normal forks, except that they can cut! We had one fork break when my daughter tried to use it to smash a banana that was not quite ripe enough, which we usually do with a fork, but these cannot hold up to that kind of pressure. They should not be put in hot liquids, which makes them unsuitable for soup. The spoons are perfect. I love the colors. I would like it if the set came with actual knives. Overall, I love these and would buy them again.

👤These are eco friendly. I like the design and colors. The quality of the disposable plastic forks is better than the spoons. I was washing it for the first time and it snapped. I would not want them to be eco friendly if I knew they would not last forever.

👤I was so excited to get these but I am very disappointed. The tong broke the first time we used it, as my 9yr old daughter was eating cut up honeydew melon. Very dangerous. The picture is attached to a piece of paper.

👤I don't like the taste of metal. I tried to find an alternative and gave these a try. I have been using them for all my meals for a month now and I love them. I was hesitant to buy them because I thought the cutting edge on the forks might cut the sides of my mouth, but that hasn't been an issue. They've been through the dishwasher multiple times without any problems, and I haven't had a break yet. I will be happy if I get a year out of them.

👤In the first shipment, there was one broken fork, but no serious damage to the shipping container, so that should have told me that this item is not durable. The forks were replaced by Amazon with a free replacement. They can melt while eating hot food or even while eating a salad. The spoons seem to be sturdy. I don't know why a more permanent utensil is shoddy, since my high-quality compostable forks do not break, have mild heat resistance, and are durable.

👤The fork points bent almost immediately when I used them to hold a piece of chicken that had been rested for a few minutes. I will give them that.

👤The weight bought for use in the RV was a pleasure to use. If you want to make noise while driving, buy regular steel utensils instead of cheap plastic that you buy in a package and dispose of. These are a better choice than leaving a carbon footprint. They come in large areas. I gave this as a demo run so you can decide if you want to buy the larger pack.


What is the best product for soft eggs microwave cooking tools?

Soft eggs microwave cooking tools products from Farberware. In this article about soft eggs microwave cooking tools you can see why people choose the product. Sistema and Chef Buddy are also good brands to look for when you are finding soft eggs microwave cooking tools.

What are the best brands for soft eggs microwave cooking tools?

Farberware, Sistema and Chef Buddy are some of the best brands that chosen by people for soft eggs microwave cooking tools. Find the detail in this article. Nordic Ware, Di Oro Living and La Cuisine are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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