Best Small Portable Cooking Eye

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1. Countertop Adjustable Temperature Compatible Cookwares

Countertop Adjustable Temperature Compatible Cookwares

Aobosi provides aWorry-Free After-Sales Service that includes a 30-day free use experience. There is a 1 year warranty from the date of purchase. If you need assistance, please contact them via Amazon message. 1500W and easy to control - the Cusinmax Hot Plate can cook a variety of foods such as warm sauces, scrambled eggs, grilled cheese, soup, pasta, vegetables and so much more. You can use it to keep food warm. The Cusinmax Hot Plate is ideal for office use, camping, parties, boats, RVs, student accommodation, traveling or as an extra cooking utensil in your kitchen. You can use it in confined spaces because of its small and light size. All types of cookware and safe - Cuimax hot plate is compatible with pots and pans with a maximum size of 7.4 inches. Cusinmax hot plate can be used with any type of cookware in your home, such as aluminum pans, copper pans, cast lron frying pans and non-magneticstainless steel pans. Hot plate doesn't emit harmful radiation. The black steel body is easy to clean. When cool, wipe with a clean cloth. The unit stays in place if the feet are non-slip. The stylish indicator light is for safe use. Automatic safety shutoff function with temperature regulated by a thermostat, to avoid damage or injury. There is a 30-day hassle-free return policy offered by CuSIMAX. No other burner beats their quality and efficiency. Product Liability Insurance of the United States covers all CUSIMAX products. Refer to the instruction manual for more information. The machine will get hot because it has a higher calorific value. The heating light may cycle on and off.

Brand: Cusimax

👤When we were at the campsite, we bought this for our RV. It works on our stove. We love it. It gives us an electric option over propane, and it's possible for the generator as well.

👤The unit is large. It takes almost no time to heat up and cook. It came in original packing, but had a small scratch in front. You should seal the protective coating on the burners. It got hot to the touch, but mine is just warm like any burner would be. It's difficult to keep it from looking smudged because it's being scuplted. I don't like that it says it comes with skid proof feet, but they are hard plastic and it slides easily. I am unhappy with this item after less than a year. I don't care what I do, the STAINLESS always looks smeared. The whole unit can get very hot. The small burner makes a loud popping sound. It shuts off when not being used, and even if it is turned off. It gets warm enough to catch something on fire.

👤I am impressed so far. The water will be polluted. The heating elements are glowing red. This product is recommended by me.

👤I'm very happy with the purchase. It is easy to clean. It's convenient to cook hotpot. Highly recommended.

👤I have cooked on this hot plate for a few weeks and it works well. It works well for my needs, but is a little slow to heat up. I have cooked many different types of food. I have a separate deep fat fryer for that, so I haven't tried to fry stuff in oil. I don't know the actual temperature at different settings, but I can easily adjust the temperature on my own. Not sure if it would be good for frying in oil or doing candy, someone else may be able to chime in. Time will tell if it is durable.

👤We looked at dual-fuel ranges last year, but didn't make any decisions. When we were forced to buy a new burner because of the gas leaking problem, we found this one, which is great because it will cost me a lot to fix. It works well and has a good design. The electric burner is very easy to clean. I didn't dry up the fish well when I was trying to grill it. I dropped the fish onto the pan and it was messy and greasy. I took a picture of the burner. I used wipes and a paper towel to clean it up. The burner heating is pretty even and I like it when my water is boiling quickly. There is a I don't like that the burner doesn't have heat protections, you need to use it carefully. There is a We really like this electric burner. There aren't a lot of dual fuel ranges, but this one looks good.

👤The cast iron burners are portable and easy to clean. It's perfect for a small kitchen. The on/off temperature control knobs get very hot to touch when one or both burners are being used. The burners and plate surface get hot but the knobs are not made with heat resistant material.

2. IMUSA GAU 80305 Electric Single Burner

IMUSA GAU 80305 Electric Single Burner

The sous-vide circulator has1100 watt of heat circulation and can make meat tender and moist. It's easy to clean and air dry 304stainless steel. One cookbook recipe is a cooking reference and makes you feel like a pro chef. The single burner is small and portable. Can be used in the office. Features a temperature regulating device. The power indicator light is on. Space saving design. Can only be used in the USA under the 120V standard.

Brand: Imusa

👤I was surprised that this is sold as a burner. The burner stays off more than on when a temperature is reached. 2 hours to boil any amount of water will not get you to a rolling boil. The second you put food in the pan it will take another 40 minutes to cook.

👤It goes in and out.

👤The item works inside and outside the house. It works the same as a regular stove. I would buy it for someone.

👤It arrived quickly. I wanted to make soap. A steady source of heat was my greatest need. This was not the right product. There is a The heat can change too much to keep a steady temp. It is only designed to be used for heating soup or toasting a sandwich. I will keep it because it does what it is supposed to. The sellers fault is not that I picked the wrong product.

👤This is a very functional and efficient hot plate and how they make it escapes me. You can expect 3-4 thousand hours of use before it quits. If you just expect occasional use, this should last a life time, because we use one continuously on low for months to keep a greenhouse warm in the winter.

👤It could cook anything you want.

👤It is easy to use, inexpensive and always be careful, but I recommend it to anyone that wants direct heat to pots and pans for cooking and also crafts such as my use.

👤We used the burner and the oven for many meals during our kitchen remodeling. It worked out great.

👤There is water and hydro hook ups. We can use the extension cord to get into the tent if it rains or is cold, and we can do things like boil water or do a srir fry without any gases or smoke.

👤I wanted to make chapati. The burner won't get full red hot even if the knob is turned all the way to the full. When you need full heat, it fails.

👤The heating coil is high and must be careful that the simmering pot does not fall off.

👤I used it for my charcoals.

👤I bought 4 of them and all broke down in 3 months. Household use is not excessive. This product is garbage.

3. Cuisinart CB 60 Cast Iron Double Stainless

Cuisinart CB 60 Cast Iron Double Stainless

Techwood has an excellent fan-favorite 18-month promise and friendly customer service, their customer service will be online all the time to help you. US Product Liability Insurance protects Techwood products. The instruction manual has more information. 2 heavy-duty cast iron plates. The dimensions are 5.75 x 22.50 x 15.25 inches. The primary burner has 1300 watt power and the secondary burner has 500 watt power. There are two separate temperature controls. The indicator lights are ready and safe. The independent thermostats have on and ready indicator lights. Non-slip feet are used for cooking.

Brand: Cuisinart

👤After 3.5 months of using, broke down. After 3.5 months of using, the left side of the cooker completely stopped working, the right side is burning really low and slowly. The packacking says limited 3 year warranty. The return window is only open for a month since the day it was purchased. Is this stove broken? There is a I need an appropriate solution.

👤I bought this hotplate to use while my kitchen is being renovated. I used it 3 times and only one burner worked. I can return it to Amazon after 5 days.

👤This would be 4-5 stars if it weren't for the horrible customer service experience. I can't recommend buying this product, it only lasted a year, and the warranty process is ridiculous. 1st I was told that my order would be processed the next business day, but I was told that it had never been sent because it was on backorder, and that my order was put on hold by the warehouse. I asked for a supervisor who would expedite my order but I would need to call back in 3 days to get a Tracking #, if it actually shipped this time. I ordered a new cooktop from Amazon and it was delivered the next day. The price has gone down since I first bought it. I guess you could buy a new one every year if it stops working, just know that's a possibility before you buy. I may have just had very bad luck, but Amazon said they haven't heard of this before about bad warranty experiences. It's been over a year since we started using this, both burners stopped working. The red lights turn on as if it's heating up, but the burners are cold. The small burner works again after being unplugged, but it's only good for heating things up, not cooking. The burner that we used the most is dead. I called to get it replaced because of the 3-year warranty, but subsequent calls are giving different information on how long it will take to get a replacement. 2 weeks if it arrives soon. No good way to cook is not good for the elderly. I can get one-day Prime shipping if I buy a new one now. These things should last longer. I got this for my elderly parents and so far it's been great. We tried a portable cooktop, but it was too complicated for them. This is what they needed, it is easy to use and heats up quickly, which is what they use. They do all their cooking on this. Very happy with it. Hope it lasts. I did burn off a smell at first but didn't really smell anything.

👤Since only one burner is usable, I gave it 3 stars, but since we were in the process of a kitchen remodel, I needed a cooktop asap. If both burners had worked correctly, it would have been fine. The burner seemed to take too long to heat up. The green ready light failed after the first few uses. The burner is still warm, but not hot enough to be useful. It's disappointing to have only one burner in the space of two, and at the price of two, in our makeshift kitchen, but I didn't expect miracles at this price. This has been my experience with this cooktop, maybe I just happened to get a rare product.

4. Portable Electric Infrared Compatible Cookware

Portable Electric Infrared Compatible Cookware

The energy efficiency isFFICIENT. The NutriChef is a stove that is heated uniformly under 1500W of high power, which makes it more efficient than a traditional gas or electric stove. The pots and pans have a maximum size of 7.1 inches. It works with glass, copper and frying pans, Cast-iron and aluminum. Product Liability Insurance of the United States covers all CUSIMAX products. HEAT-UP IN SECONDS A hot plate burner can take minutes to heat up, whereas the IR burner takes a few seconds. 120V and 1200-Watts are used. Cook a variety of foods such as warm sauces, scrambled eggs, grilled cheese, soup, pasta, vegetables and so much more. When boiling water, cover your cookware with a lid. It's a consecration. The scale is small enough to be portable. It's ideal for dorm rooms, offices, camping, or even your RV. It's great for every day use or as an extra cooking appliance in a busy kitchen. There is no stovetop required. When cool, wipe with a damp cloth. It's safe and durable. Their cooktop works by far IR heating and has no radiation, and therefore it is harmless to the human body. When the indicator turns on and off, it's normal for the automatic safety shutoff function to work. The body is made of black steel. The ceramic cooktop is durable. There is a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Register with them and you'll get an 18-month warranty. Cusimax brand stands behind their products, and they have a goal of customer satisfaction. If you have any issues with your product, please contact them so that they can resolve them or replace it. Get yours now, risk-free.

Brand: Cusimax

👤My original post was up for 2 months. After my review disappeared from the reviews, I was asked to re-post it. The original review was not a good one. The burner stopped working after I bought it. When I contacted them about the 18 month warranty and free replacement, they asked me to leave a 5 star rating and send them a screen shot of the rating via email, instead of using Amazon's messaging system. They asked me to pay for shipping when I said I wouldn't send a screen shot. I would leave a 5 star rating if their service was good. They don't honor their warranty unless you leave a 5 star post service review, which is what they don't do.

👤I live with 3 other people. There is only one stove in our apartment. The kitchen can only hold 2 people. It helps me out during kitechen time. I've used it to cook soup before. Quickly heating up. The design is very small.

👤It's just like an electric stove. Does job like real stove. It doesn't come off easily if you leave it on the surface. The only way to heat up the burner is to put certain pots on the surface like Cooper brands.

👤I have used this a lot. There is a I use it to warm a small pot of water during dry winter weather. I leave it on for hours at a time with no issues. I used to have an electric burner that was very loud. The burner technology is very quiet and you can only hear the click of the relay. I wish I had purchased it a long time ago. There is a The top surface of the appliance gets hot to the touch so keep that in mind. There is a This uses 1200 watt so it won't trip a typical household fuse. There is a It's very capable of heating large pans or pots to boil, cook, and boil again. It's just as capable as a modern electric oven or stove. I like the separate on/off knob and the infinitely variable heat setting knob. The entire unit is sturdy.

👤This burner is easy to clean, looks attractive, and it did work when I first got it, even though it was never the fastest. Even though I've only used this burner a few times, it can barely keep liquid cool on the "max" setting. I've tried to contact the company several times, but they haven't replied. I wish I had spent more on a company that stood by their products.

👤I wasn't sure what to expect from a portable burner, but this one hit the mark for me. I needed to purchase a burner for my cabin that I could put away when I wasn't using it. I researched different types of burners and decided to use an IR. It suggested fast heat up, but not as restrictive as the type and size of pan used. If the pan is smaller than the burner, it only heats the bottom of the pan. The only place where the burner can heat up is under the pan. It is possible to use a table outside during the warm weather to not add heat or humidity to the small space. I am very happy with the burner. There is no way to hang the burner up and out of the way when not in use, but that won't stop me from buying another one.

5. Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Electric

Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Electric

We provide a 1 year manufacturer warranty with your purchase. If you have a problem with the cooktop, please contact them. Within 24 hours, they will solve your problem. There are 6 preset modes for the electric hot pot, and it has 10 power levels. The appointment function can be set by the modes. If you use appointment function, you can cook a healthy breakfast in the evening. Powerful motor let the temperature rise rapidly, reducing the heating time. A variety of delicious dishes can be cooked on one Easepot. Extra kitchen appliances can cost you money. If there is no operation for 1 minute, it will shut off automatically. The 30 inclined ergonomics sensor control panel is very intuitive to use. The glass panel with the integrated display reacts to touch. Kids safety lock works and keeps children safe and avoids accidents if you press + and + at the same time. When food is too hot, the overheating protection system will turn off the motor. Powerful fan at the bottom and vent holes on the rear side can quickly evaporate motor's heat. It helps cool down the motor. The cookwares are suitable for the bottom of the pot size. The portable electric cooktop is compatible with pots and pans that can be magnets. EASEPOT is wear resistant,scratch resistant,waterproof and good quality. It is easy to transport and store. The product warranty is for 2 years. If you have any questions, please contact them.

Brand: Easepot

👤I bought a few. When I opened the box, one of them was broken and Amazon gave me a refund. The other one worked for a week and then stopped. It kept getting hotter and hotter until I unplugged it. I threw it away. I own Isiler cooktops and so far they work very well. I own a nuwave pic gold that is specifically for deep frying and have had no issues with it.

👤It was very easy to use. There are many options like cook, fry, and so on. It doesn't take a lot of space on the table. You can wipe the whole thing down if there is a spill. It has a function to hold so you don't accidentally click a button if you don't mean to. It's like a basic stove.

👤The buttons don't make sense, but this item works well. They aren't in order of heat temperatures. Some show in watt and degree of Fahrenheit. The manual doesn't explain anything. I brought a pan to boil but it was hard to boil over. I was pressing other buttons when the timer shut off. It's hard to know what makes a high medium and low.

👤There are no instructions in English. It's too complicated to operate. It does get hot, but it's the only good thing about it. The timer is impossible to use because of the heat. I bought this as junk.

👤I bought this product to use with my hotpot. It works as described, but it has a bad smell. It smells like an air fryer. The only thing I have complaints about is the smell when using.

👤The product far exceeds our expectations and we would not hesitate to buy it again.

👤The middle is not predictable. It gets too hot so you turn it down. It gets too cool. Outside of the circle in the middle, things do not cook. It does a great job boiling water.

👤I have tried it a few times. It is very hot very quickly. It can be grilled. It's very convenient to carry out.

6. Waring Commercial WDB600 Heavy Duty Cast Iron

Waring Commercial WDB600 Heavy Duty Cast Iron

If you have any questions about their products or brand, please contact them. Refer to the user manual for more details. It takes a full 20 minutes to cool down. Before using, please check the manual. The double burner is easy to clean. The large plate has 1300 watt and the small plate has 500 watt. When the burner has reached set temperature, the indicator lights will alert you. The heavy-duty cast-iron burner plates heat up quickly and evenly. It is available with a one year limited warranty. The double burner has a 1300-Watt large plate for fast cooking and 500-Watt small plate for simmering and warming, and independent thermostat with power on and ready indicator lights to alert you when the burner has reached.

Brand: Waring

👤Disappointed. Slow to heat and not hot. Waring's professional heavy duty product is expected to have more.

👤I really wanted to like this product, and I opened the package to see the nice build quality. The burners take too long to heat up, and when they do heat up, they aren't hot enough. Even at the highest setting. I will have to return this and look for something else.

👤I bought 2 of these so I could have a back up plan. I warm oils and barley to 120 f. My back up lasted 2 weeks after the large burner stopped warming. It's not much for trying to buy quality.

👤The burner is heavy duty. I am a canner. I ran a fully loaded pressure canner on the large burner side for 3 days in a row. It held up well, it was slower to heat the canner than a traditional stove, but once it heated up it was wonderful! I used it with a skillet to cook and it was great. Definitely recommend!

👤Why didn't I read the reviews before buying this item? This is the most disappointing purchase I have ever made. I thought it would be better than the home versions. I was wrong. It takes 1/2 hour to get a small amount of water to boil. Are you serious? The burners get rusty with every use. WTH? I wish I had the packaging so I could return it quickly.

👤My only cooking surface is this workhorse and it gets a daily workout in my home. I have purchased 4 of these over the years and they have an average lifespan of 6 years. The press on/off switches prevent accidental turns on when cleaning or being left on after use. The plates work as expected.

👤I love this burner in general. The Waring I have bought over the years burn out over the years when used daily. This one was new and heated fast. When food spills on the surface, I only worry about cleaning it. One will need more than a sponge to clean it up if it gets too hard.

👤It is easy to use. It is easy to clean. It takes a long time to heat up. It took nearly an hour to boil a large pot of water on the larger burner. It doesn't get as hot as a range top burner. The smaller burner is good for keeping food warm. I use it with my pressure canner. It's not going to work for that. When I entertain a crowd, the extra cooktop will be fine. I will keep it.

7. Cuisinart CB 30 Cast Iron Single Stainless

Cuisinart CB 30 Cast Iron Single Stainless

Non-slip feet are used for cooking. A heavy-duty cast iron plate. 1300 watt large plate. The temperature control can be set from low to highest heat. The indicator lights are ready and on. "Coil-less" cooking surface is easy to clean. There is a limited one year product. The dimensions of the unit are 11. W x 2 and L x 11.

Brand: Cuisinart

👤This item is dangerous. Be careful and beware. Never leave unattended. I put a half full 6qt. on my first use of this appliance. The pan of water needs to be boiled. I walked away for a while. My grandson rang the ship's bell. Not what I wanted to hear. I went back to find the temp. The thermal switch is smoking. The base was burning hot, if I had not put it on a fire proof surface it could have been disastrous. It is possible that mine was faulty. Then again. I wouldn't recommend this product.

👤This burner is great for when you want to cook for a crowd or when you want to fry bacon outdoors in order to avoid having grease spattered all over your kitchen. There is a The time it takes to heat the burner is average. There is a I have found the temperature to be accurate with a numbered dial. There is a The highest setting on the dial is five. The burner does not change color at its highest setting so be careful. There is a When the burner is turned on, an indicator light shows you when it's ready, and when it's not. It is a good idea to use a short cord for an appliance like this because it would be easy for a dangerous accident to happen. There is a The flat top is easy to clean and spills won't leak into the device. I was surprised that this fifth burner was lightweight. There is a It is easy to put things in a kitchen cupboard.

👤It's a shame that they put their name on this product, it would make their long time customers feel like they're getting quality. You too are an Amazon customer. Shame on you both. It was bought to cook breakfast in the morning. The work was done until 10/11/2018. They want me to invest in shipping to fix the problem. Will use the money to buy one at Walmart.

👤It's very heavy and solid and looks good. I put it on my stove top, rather than hiding it in a cupboard. It has enough space between its legs to straddle over a large plate. I wanted to cook large pots of food. I already had a smaller iron-plate burner that worked well for smaller pots of food, but it didn't have the power that this 1,300- watt Cuisinart can produce. I tested it by heating a large pot full of cold water, on the highest setting of 5, on the control knob. It took 34 minutes to bring the water to a boil. Later. I cooked 10 quarts of beans in a steel pot. It took 55 minutes to bring it to a full boil. It was kept at a low boil by lowering it to 3 1/2. I paid an extra fee for a 4-year extended warranty that pays for shipping for repairs. If you don't have grounded electrical outlets, you'll need a 99-cent accessory from any hardware store.

8. OVENTE Countertop Adjustable Temperature BGC101B

OVENTE Countertop Adjustable Temperature BGC101B

Customer Service in the US lets you buy with confidence. The product will be free from defects in material and workmanship for one year from the original purchase date. This burner has a 6-inch hot plate and a durable heating tube, which make cooking stress-free. The metal housing is resistant to high temperatures and won't warp or bend after many years of use. Simply turn the control knob to the appropriate temperature setting for your food. Once your temperature has been reached, the indicator light will illuminate. It's perfect for studio apartments, offices, and RVs. You can bring it with you on vacation. It is easy to clean food drippings and splatters with a damp sponge or kitchen wipe. Customer Service in the US lets you buy with confidence. The product will be free from defects in material and workmanship for one year from the original purchase date.

Brand: Ovente

👤As a value, this product is great, but after you keep using the circles, you can see the red lines in the picture, so you should change the shape. I would like to replace this item with another brand.

👤I love it! I love it! I love it! If you get this stove top, you will use it daily. I know I do. I own a stove. I still use the stove top. Trying to take a picture.

👤It is a temporary cooking surface during the kitchen renovation. I burned a few things before I realized how different settings are. Anything over 3 is not needed for boiling. We have been using this product for about 3 weeks and the markings on the knobs have worn off making it a challenge to get the temperature right. We will use it until the kitchen is ready and then toss it.

👤There was an update on January 21. I apologize if I'm gushing, but this little stove is awesome. Really? It's really neat and I've been using it for at least 4 days a week. It's easy to gauge your cooking once you learn to use it, because the knobs have numbers on them. I've used cast iron. This works really well with a Dutch oven. I can't recommend this enough. My gas needed to be turned off for a month. I pulled out my old Crock Pot after purchasing this item, an insta pot. This was a life saver. I have no complaints about cooking on an electric stove, even though it is a bit different and you have to watch it. There is a The unit heats up really quickly, and the knobs do turn on and off based on the non descriptive settings. As the temp changes, the light turns on and off. There is a It feels cheap and flimsy, but it works well and is serving its purpose. There is a This was a great purchase during my emergency. I'm keeping a baby.

👤I have had it for 6 months and it's easy to misplace.

👤The products I bought were below. The Proctor Silex Electric Single Burner Cooktop has 1200 Watts of White and STAINLESS steel. ASIN #: B086BYH8LJ 2. The Ovente 1700W Double Hot Plate Electric Countertop Coil Stove 5.7 & 6 inch with dual 5 level temperature control and STAINLESS STEEL BASE is easy to clean. The Proctor Silex pros include: -Quickly heats and water is boiling, it's easy to clean, and the coils have a flat top. The power cord is short. I had to get an extension cable with enough capacity to carry the juice, as you can't use a regular extension cable or start a file. This is working as designed because it's a "power"LED that shows when it has power and not an "LED that comes on when you actually have the knob turned on" It's a poor design, but it's working. There is a The Ovente has two burners, but sometimes the pots and pans move, so you have to use one hand to hold the pot or pan. The top of the coil is not flat, and some parts are higher than others. The water did boil after a long time, but it appeared to "simmer" more than boil. The coil has less surface area to make contact. The power cord is a bit longer than the Proctor Silex. It's too short. I needed a 14 gauge power extension to use it under the vent. If you're not careful, you can easily burn yourself if the unit gets much hotter. I would buy the same thing again. I wouldn't buy the Ovente again. It doesn't seem to heat as well and takes a long time before water actually boiling, so I'll be returning it.

9. GIVENEU Cast Iron Adjustable Thermostats Stainless

GIVENEU Cast Iron Adjustable Thermostats Stainless

It is safe and efficient. The burner cycles on and off to maintain the desired temperature. It has a thermal fuse for overheating protection. Other advantages include flameless operation, no carbon monoxide, no radiation, and no stovetop required. It is safe and saves electricity. If you use your cookware to boil water, please cover it with a lid. The 1800W double burner is powerful. Their double burner has 1100W+700W burners and 6 levels of temperature control. You can make two kinds of food at the same time. You can meet your needs for all kinds of food. GIVENEU cast-iron electric double hot plate is compatible with all types of cookware, like ceramic pot, casserole, aluminum pan, teapot, steak plate and so on. It is easy to operate and turn on/off the burner. The burner will shut off the power when it reaches a certain temperature. It's safe for cooking. Excellent quality. This electric double burner is made of cast-iron heating element and is easy to clean. The anti-skid rubber feet prevent the electric burner from moving during cooking. It's ideal for office use, camping, parties, boats, RVs, student accommodation, traveling or home. GIVENEU offers a 30 days no-worry return guarantee and a 24 months replacement warranty. If you have a question about their product, just contact their customer service and they will be happy to help. Your purchase is safe.

Brand: Giveneu

👤The electric hot plate is well packaged and secured. The hot plate looks really nice when opened. It feels light and strong. The electric cord was enough for me. During the first run, the hot plate gets warm very quickly. The control knobs look nice. There was a bad smell coming from the plate. I tried a lot of different sizes of pots and pans and the stock pot heated up well. It is a nice looking hot plate that can be found in the market at a reasonable price. There is a Pros: high quality, lightweight,durable. The electrical cord could be longer and there could be a bad odor during the first run.

👤The hot plate is easy to use. It took about 15 minutes to reach maximum heat on the small plate, and it was able to boil water in seconds, which I used to make sugar syrup in 30 seconds. I was able to cook quickly with plenty of hot food. Would recommend.

👤The appliance is a great small one. The electric stove is perfect for camping, cooking outside or even at home, it's also great for holiday cooking. It goes to my favorites of the kitchen helpers. I would definitely recommend it.

👤My video reviews are in HD on my YT channel, skyforce95, and they show that the electric burner of this size heats up relatively quickly for an electric burner of this size. The power cable is 2.5 feet long, and when you first turn it on there is a strange odor as if the coating is burning off, and it would have been better if the light stayed on.

👤It takes a while to warm up. Warm it up 30 minutes before you need it.

👤I like the construction. Variable temperature control is available. The heating element is heavy. It will take a few minutes to fully heat up, but once it does it will cook with high intensity.

👤We had to try it out. My husband will use it in his trailer. I love my stove and took a little getting used to. It will be perfect for camping.

👤This burner set is very sleek and high quality, and I love it because I can use it for outside parties as well as back up when power goes out.

10. CUKOR Portable Electric Infrared Compatible

CUKOR Portable Electric Infrared Compatible

The pot has higher safety features. The double wall design ensures safety and health, as well as the stain-resistant glass cover. There are multiple functions. It can be used for slow cooking, stir-frying, and barbeque with a barbeque plate and rack. Comes with a 30-day return and 18-month free replacement policies. All of their products are certified by ETL. It can fit cookware as large as 7.1'' in diameter and as heavy as 22 lbs. The CUKOR burner can be used with any pan-shaped cookware made of aluminum, ceramic, or glass. Small size and light weight. It's a perfect backup solution to cover a big party because of the compact design, which consumes little space in your busy kitchen. The body is made of steel. It is an ideal choice in many places. Their vertical heating technology lets the core finish heating in a few seconds with a 120V/1800W power supply. The heat is distributed evenly through the radiation. When in use, please don't touch the burner body. It is safe and efficient. The burner cycles on and off to maintain the desired temperature. It has a thermal fuse for overheating protection. Other advantages include flameless operation, no carbon monoxide, no radiation, and no stovetop required. It is safe and saves electricity. If you use your cookware to boil water, please cover it with a lid.

Brand: Cukor

👤This was an upgrade and I love it. It is easy to set the amount of heat you want. It's easy to clean and wipe down. It has a large surface to hold a frying pan. I would buy again if it was possible to Update anything printed on this item. wipe off easily. I applied clear nail polish to try to save it.

👤I've been looking for a hot plate like this for a long time and have researched every single one on Amazon. This little guy, and when I say little, I mean you can take it in your suitcase and go across the country to a hotel and cook food in a partial kitchen or just NO kitchen and prepare wonderful meals in lieu of having to go out to dinner every night! It's a lifesaver when traveling. I understand that it is wonderful in your kitchen as a second stove top which we have not used it for, but I see possibly utilizing it at the holidays when we just don't have enough stove tops. It is easy to work, it is easy to clean, and it is very affordable for a five star product like this! I recommend this to everyone! The uses are endless. It makes life simpler. I just had a couple of questions and they were immediate in their response. The little guy is a keeper.

👤This stove is perfect for a kitchen renovation or hot pot at home. Great product. There is a Update after 30 days. The unit had an electrical problem. The manufacturer offered a replacement for me. Excellent customer service.

👤When I moved into a small granny-style studio without a kitchen, I bought this. I've made soups, stew, and stir fries on it with no problem, and I have not found the cooking limitations that other reviewers seem to have experienced. I smelled a burning plastic odor when I was boiling water two days ago. I cleaned it thoroughly to make sure it wasn't caused by something that had spilled on the plate, and it still smells when I turn it on. I will no longer be using it.

👤Yeah! The heat is put out. It was bought for one purpose, and that was to make coffee in the lunchroom. All glass Pyrex flameware percolator. To do this, a strictly temperature controlled heating device is needed. It will turn on and off at a specific time. I can't stand over the pot. A piping hot cup of joe is ready and waiting after fifteen minutes. I put my pot on the burner glass and turned it on to Max. The heating element starts to glow a few seconds after that. You can feel the heat coming from the burner. About a minute. There are bubbles at the base of the percolator stem. Impressive! The baby really puts out the heat. It seems that the water will be boiling in about 5 minutes. Wait! What just happened? Is it shut off? A little over a minute. And it turns back on? There is a The temperature is not controlled by the amount of current through the heating element, but by shutting the element on and off for a certain amount of time, based on the position of the control knob. 24 seconds on and 16 seconds off at Max. I timed it with a timer. The on/off time was reversed after ten minutes. There is a You have a stove. You put on a pot, turn the gas to max burner for 24 seconds, then shut it off for a few seconds, then return to max flame. It's less expensive to have a timing circuit that just turns on and off than it is to have a heating element and heavy duty current limiting circuitry. Maybe safety? I got my cheapo red coil burner from Salvation Army for $11 and it works just fine. Turn down the heat, coil glows dark red and bright orange. Turn up the gas, high flame. Leave it as it is. The instructions explicitly state that the device can't be turned off and on with an external timer. It probably wouldn't cause a problem if I turned it off. It turns on for a few seconds, then goes off for a long time. It would take a long time to warm a baby's bottle. There is a If you were frying bacon and eggs in a heavy cast iron skillet, this could work. I can't say that it doesn't work, but I can't say it doesn't work for my application. Setting up my gas stove on a timer like that in a thermostatically controlled gas furnace would be ideal, but complex and time-Consuming for all but the most scrutineers. I can't understand how this device can't work with a continuously variable heating element like a gas stove. It performs very well at 1100 Watts. A change in design could cost more, but I believe it would increase sales. I own an Instant Pot. This thing is a wonder. Still looking for hundreds of uses. I don't know how I lived without it. I would replace it immediately if it expired. It works, every time. It is easy to clean and last a long time. There is a I have seen a paradigm shift in the attitudes of the Government. The idea of products designed for people has been overshadowed by the bottom line. People last first. It is only for a limited time when something works well. A lot of reviews state that they bought the newest version to replace their old one that lasted 20 years, but only lasted 4 months. There is a The modern school of thought is for more cost-effective, greener, safer, and innovative new ideas. The 20 year old student who designed this probably never tried to cook with it. We should return to the dark ages of the 20th century, when cars were not seat belts and 4-barrel gas guzzling cars were plentiful. I like the idea of a freeway full of Electric Commuters. Old-school works better for some things. Walter O.

11. GAU 80306 Electric Double Burner 1500 Watts

GAU 80306 Electric Double Burner 1500 Watts

CUSIMAX offer a 30-day hassle-free return policy. Product Liability Insurance of the United States covers all CUSIMAX products. Refer to the instruction manual for more information. The machine will get hot because it has a higher calorific value. The heating light can be turned on and off. Can be used in the office. Features a temperature regulating device. The power indicator light is on. Stay cool with the sides and knob. Feet to prevent sliding. Space saving design.

Brand: Imusa

👤If you read this, you will save money if someone looks at this product in 2020. It stops working after a few months of use. You will have to deal with the auto shutting off of the stove when it reaches a certain temperature where they stop providing any more heat. You get tea when you boil water on this.

👤It worked well for about a week, but would turn off when it reached a certain temperature. When the coil reaches the correct temperature, it will switch off and stay off, instead of reverting back on when it cools too much. For boiling water, it's fine but not for anything with long fixed temperatures.

👤My wife and I lived with this as our only stove for a year, and I give it four stars. It was knocked off the counter, spilled on, and even kicked around a bit during a move. It was very durable. The burners on this are slightly tilted, which makes it easy for pots and pans to slide off. It was difficult to clean since I couldn't detach the coils. The temperatures were off and boiling. I wouldn't pick anything for long-term use in a small apartment. It's a good item to have for a quick soup warming up, as long as you don't mess it up.

👤Hornilla bastante funcional, empacada correctamente para evitar daos,trae un manual explicando funcionamientos basicos. Un "temperatura bajo y temperatura medio" Extra(temperatura alto),cuenta con 2 resistencias,las Cuales no estoy segura. Se descompuso tu estufa, pero lo buscas es una hornilla. sin duda ser una excelente opcin tanto para ahorrar en luz. Sin duda alguna la volveria a comprar!, no es lo mismo $400, $23, as, pero no comparar una estufa con una hornilla(la Cual)

👤When we bought this stove, we thought it would be good, but it doesn't even heat up the whole coil, and when one of the other shuts off, it just doesn't want to heat up at all. It's better to buy a cheap one and use it for a gas one.

👤I wish I didn't buy it. It was hard to clean, it was slow to heat up, and the knob position did not seem to have a relationship with the temperature, even though I had turned it off. I had to leave it on. It took a day to boil the water. A good half hour is what I'm talking about. This is not a good thing. You don't get what you pay for even though the price is low.

👤I bought this product twice, the first time it lasted about a year of daily use before one of the burners stopped working. I bought a replacement because I thought that was a decent life span. The second unit only lasted a week before both burners gave out. The return window had expired. I hope that the seller will respond to the review. I will add edits if necessary.

👤We need a hot plate to cook on while we do a kitchen remodel. The small and low power burners are difficult to turn on because you have to position them. They will slide off if they tilt. The burners are difficult to clean underneath as they are not removed. Only single serving pots are allowed. When the burner is at its temperature, the light will go off. If you think the burner is off, it could be dangerous. There is a It's usable if you don't use another appliance with this one on a power strip, and if you have low expectations. The breaker will be flipped.


What is the best product for small portable cooking eye?

Small portable cooking eye products from Cusimax. In this article about small portable cooking eye you can see why people choose the product. Imusa and Cuisinart are also good brands to look for when you are finding small portable cooking eye.

What are the best brands for small portable cooking eye?

Cusimax, Imusa and Cuisinart are some of the best brands that chosen by people for small portable cooking eye. Find the detail in this article. Cusimax, Easepot and Waring are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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