Best Small Cooking Jars with Lids

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1. Kitchen Projects Decoration Super Outlet

Kitchen Projects Decoration Super Outlet

It isdurable: You can freeze up to 1 year. Store for up to one year. The jars are shaped with a hinged lid. The front and back of the jar are perfect for applying labels. They are the perfect size for many items, such as bathroom bath salts, paper clips for the office desk, or glitter for arts and crafts school projects. Pairs well with wood and neutral colors for a rustic themed wedding or a birthday party decor. Adding sand to the jars will give them a more rustic vintage look. There are endless art and crafts possibilities with clear bottle capsule. Light up the outdoor evening by lighting tea candles in mason jars surrounded by floral arrangements and silk ribbons to match the desired color aesthetic. It's the perfect container to hold a message bottle, for samples, scrap-booking, wedding favors, wedding decorations, or to hold tiny trinkets. Clear jars make it easy to show homemade organic product samples to clients. It can be filled with herbs, spices, and sugars to make it easy to see seasonings when cooking and baking. The jars are 3 inches tall and hold 3oz. Each order comes with a package of jars. Carefully designed to save space but also keep the contents fresh for convenience.

Brand: Super Z Outlet

👤I wanted to keep the spices fresh. My bad that I didn't read the reviews. These are decorative. If you're looking for something that is air tight, this isn't it. I had a strong blend of spices that I sealed in a jar, but the smell was strong when I opened the pantry door. I took one and filled it, closed it and laid it on the sink, and the water slowly seeped out. Oh well... Where in the description did they mention air tight? My bad, not theirs.

👤The jars are small and nice to give as gifts, but I was looking for a bigger jar. If you are thinking about having the jar hold a liquid, it would not be my first choice because the seal is not water tight. If you want to store something for a long time, you should put the ingredients in a jar that is dry, but not water tight, because it will let air through the gasket seal.

👤The wires became dull during the first wash. One wash! It will likely be poor. There is no indication where this is made, and what is the seller hiding?

👤I ordered two packs of these. One of them came three to pack because of the broken one. I can't complain much about the price. I think I could have returned one pack. I am one short, but I needed these. There is a They go pretty good for the money, so don't be surprised by breakage.

👤Good quality. My 18 month old held them up several times while she colored on them using an oil based paint sharpie. I recommend the oil based sharpie if you plan to draw on these. After the marker was dry, I tried spraying modge podge over it. I would not do that. It does not scratch off easily. The purchase was great. As described. The packaging was great compared to the others. These arrived quicker. I don't know if they are air tight.

👤I got these for my friend to make her own scrubs. They are easy to clean. The metal part is cheap but I think it will do the job. I went to my local craft store and found jars that were much cheaper. I liked how these looked.

👤I used them to contain a small amount of bud for travel use and it worked great, but the fact that one came cracked through the top made it hard to use. I messaged the seller and sent pictures when I opened the package. That was a while ago. I would have rated this 5 stars if I had gotten a reply or replacement for it like I asked.

👤These are the perfect size for favors and I am using them for my sister's bridal shower. They snap and seal well. I've bought them one case after another because I'm happy with how they turned out. They arrive within the time frame of 2 days.

👤The glass is thick. Quality is good. It was expected that it was short and fat.

2. Yogurt Pudding Containers Wedding Favors

Yogurt Pudding Containers Wedding Favors

Ball Mason Jars: Ball has been around since the early 1900's and is the most recognized name in home canning, representing everything you could want in a Mason jar with old-school American-made sturdy glass, supporting USA jobs! 30 glass pudding Jars with 2.8” W 3.4” H come with food-safe, corrosive resistant lids, which meet certified safety standards. A great way to store pudding,milk,yogurt,cookies,ramekin,homemade jams,jelly, small dessert and more. Food grade and heavy duty glass is perfectly satisfying. Preservative and high temperature resistance are leak proof. It looks bright. You can keep your food fresh by using these yogurt jars. It is the same with storage tanks that you can put anything you want. jars are dishwasher and microwave safe and can be put into the oven and freezer too. It can be recycled. jars are dishwasher and microwave safe and can be put into the oven and freezer too. It can be recycled.

Brand: Brajttt

👤love it... It's perfect for my candle making.

👤I am very satisfied with the jars I bought for candle making. I've gotten a lot of questions about where I got these. I can't hold that against the producer because this product wasn't made for candle making and I was only able to see the sides of the jar. The product was well packaged and the glass was thick and durable. I recommend buying this product for what you need.

👤The jars were perfect for what I was looking for. Everything came in one piece.

👤I love these. The glass is strong and large. If you push em down hard enough, most of the corks will stay in place. Some people don't like to stay. I haven't had an issue with it. I use them for dried herbs, bath salts, and gifts. It's a great deal for the price, they're a great size and stinkin cute. I will buy these in the future.

👤I buy frequently. One box out of two always has jars smashed. It's frustrating that they take a while to arrive. They are pretty cool for those that aren't smashed. If you want to get a whole bunch of 30, make sure you ask for a refund of broken jars, because they are more often broken than not. No way to get a refund for smashed bottles without the whole package being returned. It was frustrating as hell.

👤The glass is heavier than I expected and the cork lid is thick and durable. There are rope twine and labels. The packaging is insulated to protect the glass, which is extra supported by being placed into cutouts and each piece is placed in individual slots that are snug and contained in foam! I want to need more and come back for these.

👤The wife wanted to make her own candles. Everything you need is in the box.

👤We use the jars to store tobacco. It is perfect for our needs. Jars are easy to open and close. They were pretty strong after falling from 3 feet. We have them on top of the other and in the row. They are very helpful. Very happy with the purchase.

👤I wanted to have a nice spicerack with all my spices in the same jars, so I bought two packs of 30. I was worried that the cork wouldn't fit well enough to block air, but it turns out they are perfect. The look is exactly what I wanted it to be.

👤The jars are cute. They were not packed well in the box and a couple broke it. This is very frustrating as they are expensive. They need to have packing material on top of the top layer to prevent this.

3. Canning Wedding Shower Favors Kitchen

Canning Wedding Shower Favors Kitchen

The jars are 3 inches tall and hold 3oz. Each order comes with a package of jars. Carefully designed to save space but also keep the contents fresh for convenience. 40 glass jars with 40 black lids are in a safty package. The glass jar is made of high quality glass and has a clear body that is FDA passed. A mason jar is ideal for wedding favors, honey,herbs,jam,shower favors, baby foods,candle making,candies,pie,DIY magnetic spice and so on. You can use the jars to make party lights. These jars are a unique and personal gift for your loved ones. A neat kitchen and home is what you should organize. jars come with regular silver lids to preserve food, so you can use them for storing, convenience is what they need in their daily life, small bottle large capacity! It is easy to clean dishware safe. It is easy to clean dishware safe.

Brand: Qappda

👤It's perfect for baby food. I ordered two sets. I wash and put the baby food back in the box because they come well packaged.

👤I bought these jars because they were advertised to be high quality and food safe. I used the dishwasher for the first time and it cracked. Adding cream and refrigeration can cause many more cracked, leaking, and shattered lids in the hands of young children. Completely unacceptable. These are not food safe, dishwasher safe, or refrigerator safe.

👤I bought these to store my spices and replace my jars. I can see them all on one level because they fit in a drawer. I was very impressed with the black sticker labels and white ink marker. The bonus was that the marker came off with a little wiping. The permanent metallic pen would work with the stickers. I did a quick test for anyone looking for that information. They are perfect for dry spices and aesthetically pleasing.

👤These were bought to be used as thank you gifts for my baby sprinkle. These are amazing for the price. They were well packaged. They are simplistic and easy to modify. The only thing I can say is that the sides of the glass aren't completely straight down, so the label I put on the side didn't lay perfectly straight. The glass is thick enough to keep it strong, but not so thick that it's cutting into the container space. The lid is sturdy and seals well. I will be buying more of these to make candles.

👤I love these jars. They are perfect, I purchased them for my herbal goods. They are easy to clean and there were no defects. I made bath salts and candles out of them. Will purchase again.

👤When my local store did not have 4oz Ball canning jars in stock, I was in a pinch to get 4oz Jelly jars. I've used the one piece lids before so I was comfortable ordering them. The packaging was very safe. The jars and lids are of good quality. They were easy to fill and process for my son's wedding.

👤I used to use 4 oz mason jars, but I wanted the ones with one-piece lid and smooth sides. The trick was done by these. They stack better than metal-lidded mason jars. All of my jars were intact. There is a film on them, most likely from the packaging process. I don't think I would trust them upside down and filled with liquid because the lids don't feel like they seal completely.

4. Ayesha Curry 46949 Enamel Twilight

Ayesha Curry 46949 Enamel Twilight

The bacon grease can is made to last. Big storage can for bacon grease. Cool control. The bacon grease can is not intended for stovetop or oven use. The full line of stylish and functional Ayesha cookware and bakeware is complemented by modern colors.

Brand: Ayesha Curry Kitchenware

👤I'm confused by the reviews that say it's too high. I can't imagine why it wouldn't last for a long time. We put bacon grease in it. My husband was using one of our dinner bowls to store grease. Some people said it does not hold a lot. You must be doing a lot of cooking. The video shows it holds 2.5 cups of liquid. It is very cute. It is large enough to hold a few weeks worth of grease, but small enough to not be the centerpiece on my counter. I have attached some pictures of it next to containers to give you an idea of how big it is.

👤It's almost exactly what I wanted and I don't blame the product for that. It would be perfect if it had a mesh inside to catch the stray bacon bits. We like it. It's heavy enough to hold bacon grease and be stable. The lid is not too tight or loose. It's useful, sits on the counter by my stove's top, and doesn't cause any trouble.

👤I used this immediately as I had some bacon grease waiting to cook it. I can see how it might be damaged if the carrier is rough with your box. Fortunately, I did not. The country blue-grey is true to what you see. I put a picture of it next to a bottle of oil for reference. The only thing missing is a strainer to separate the small bits of meat that get poured in with the grease. I will need a small hand-held strainer to help with this. It is cute and functional at the price point.

👤Cute little pot will be perfect. I didn't give it 5 stars because it arrived with chips. I was going to order a second one, but I think I will pass. It gets tiring to get bad quality control products.

👤I love the look of this, it's cute and matches our red appliances. There is a It doesn't take up a lot of space because it works well. I love it! There is a I don't ever use bacon grease for anything. I'm pretty sure he doesn't. It's keeping him from using one of my mugs to store grease, so it's a win win.

👤This thing is adorable. I was worried it would be too small. I was pleasantly surprised. It arrived undamaged. I bought the red one to match my kitchen theme. I think the size is perfect. It is about a cup and a half. The lettering is made of silver. There are silver metallic speckles on the red one, but I don't remember seeing them in the description. It wasn't something that bothered me, but it was unexpected. If you look at it closely, you can tell. I would choose not to have the speckles. I don't have a good enough picture to show. I still enjoy it. Instructions explain how to use a strainer for those who are complaining. Sometimes you can't have both. I do not strain my bacon grease. The bits are what I love the most. There is a I can't fix the pics that are uploading sideways. Sorry for that...

5. FRUITEAM Quilted Crystal Storage Butters

FRUITEAM Quilted Crystal Storage Butters

American made glassware has been made since 1905. The 4oz mason jar is great for storing beans, seed, drink, seasoning, jam, yogurt, honey and more. The glass revolution has a diamond pattern design and is easy to clean. Relax and do more with your family. There are extended features. Beside storing, the glass jar can be used for a lot of things. Protect Them. Keep jars dry as soon as possible after they are cleaned for longer use time. The canning jar lids offer the best seal quality, your food remains preserved just the way you created it. When canning, only the lid can be used. The canning jar lids offer the best seal quality, your food remains preserved just the way you created it. When canning, only the lid can be used.

Brand: Fruiteam

👤I thought they were made anywhere other than China. I was very disappointed to find that they were not.

👤I had an idea to use them for my drawer. They turned out great. I love them. I think the jars were overpriced because when I found them in the store they were only $8 for 12 jars, which was less than what I paid on Amazon. It came with little circle labels and a pen. I wouldn't buy it from Amazon again because of the price. I love them now that I have them.

👤The inner seal rusted as I sterilized them. They need to be removed from the market. I heard three jars crack while I was doing the last step to sterilize the jars. I am disgusted.

👤Quality control is a problem with this. The jars are well packed and nice to look at. I got 12 jars and 11 rings. I had to buy a set of 12 rings and lids to make my canning happen. There is a I didn't buy labels because they came with them. They do. The jars have a cut out for oval labels. See the pics. The cost of extra rings and labels is much more expensive than I thought. It was not the same as a convenient all in one box.

👤The jars come packaged perfectly so they don't get cracked or broken. They are the right size for storing seeds. I didn't expect them to have markers for labeling. If you double check the size, you'll find that the smaller jars are used for honey or jam, not large items like peaches.

👤I was excited about this order and I was not disappointed. These are the perfect size for my homemade bath salt that I'm making for loved ones this Christmas. I didn't know it had stickers and a chalk pen on top of the jars. That was a big plus. They were well packaged and did not break. I plan on ordering more asap.

👤These jars and lids are thinner and lighter than real name-brand canning jars, and not a single one formed a seal when I tried to close them in a hot water bath. If I read the Q&A more closely, I might have figured it out, but the product description made it sound possible. They would be good for something else, but I wouldn't buy them for food storage.

👤I was happy to find a jar of this size. The jars have issues. They can crack 2 if they have limited rapid heat/cold adaptability. The lid will rust 3. The edges of the liners are very sharp. There is a These will be done for me. They won't be given as a gift because of the sharp edges.

6. Ball Wide Mouth Mason Capacity

Ball Wide Mouth Mason Capacity

The one gallon glass jar with lid is perfect to use as a kimchi jar. 6 pack canning jars are perfect for canning, preserving, and fermenting fruits and veggies that can be canned and sealed for up to 18 months. There are markings for precise filling. Writing dates and identifying contents is done with a label line. The sturdy glass construction is made in America and USDA approved. Clear glass jars are easy to see and wide mouth canning jars are easy to fill and wash. A quality air-tight seal with each lid is ensured by the Almighty Seal. For a freeze capacity of up to 3 weeks, fill up until 12 ounces. Preserve can be stored up to 1 year. You can test with dull sounds for best seal. Make and serve drinks, desserts, salads, and overnight oats. Mason jar decor is a great way to make a unique gift. Paint flowers, candle jars, and other items to make them look better. Ball Mason Jars: Ball has been around since the early 1900's and is the most recognized name in home canning, representing everything you could want in a Mason jar with old-school American-made sturdy glass, supporting USA jobs!

Brand: Sewanta

👤This is a scam. These are 8oz and not worth the price. You can buy them for $1 and a dozen for 10 dollars at Target, Walmart, Whole Foods, etc. If I didn't take them out, I would return them all.

👤I bought these before I knew what was happening. The jars are over priced. I can buy 12 of the same jars for $12 elsewhere. $30 was paid here.

👤I like my new jars. I like the wide mouth and straight up and down design. There are no ridges at the top. My son didn't like the last jars I bought because he couldn't get his tongue out of the jar. It's a good thing. Thank you for the jar opener!

👤Everything I needed and wanted was there. They are expensive. I saw them at Walmart. The quality is good. I can't complain about that.

👤I decided to pay a steep price for a set of Ball jars to freeze soup. The curvy neck made the Ball jars crack in the freezer. The jars with straight shoulders sometimes fail, cracking under the pressure of the expanding liquid. The higher density of soup causes the liquid to expand sideways rather than up, cracking the glass, despite leaving space on top. The cost effective solution is probably Ziploc bags.

👤I bought them for freezing. I bought the blue jars a couple years ago and have been looking for freezer 16 oz jars. These are not expensive for me. If you buy canning jars more cheaply, they are the wrong jars. These jars are used to make big pot meals. They have a freezer on them. The description is off. If you want to freeze, buy these jars. They are great. Can you buy other jars for less? If you want, you can use these for canning. I think they are multi-purpose.

👤It's perfect for taking soup to work. The plastic ones don't leak when used with the metal ones.

👤The jars are easy to use. These are homemade jams that I make from local fruit. The last set I ordered came with 6 bubble wrapped jars instead of a cardboard box. The original cardboard box with its jar separating compartments is very useful for storage. It's much better than six jars. I would order again because prior orders have been in the case.

👤Thank you so much! Very well packed. There is a It's a good product to make good food. Valuable!

👤The description matches the one in the picture. Storage jars are very useful.

7. Premium Crystal Dishwasher Bacteria Resistant

Premium Crystal Dishwasher Bacteria Resistant

The bottle is covered with pearl cotton. The bottles should be protected in good condition. According to their buyers' reports of glass bottles leaking, they have made a lot of improvements, not only working with higher quality factories, but also adding 4 replaceable gasket seals. They will pay attention to the voices of buyers and try to improve the products. They hope that the OAMCEG Team will not let down everyone. There is a classic design. The design of the Soul mason jar is intended to be logo less, with transparent crystal glass, that promotes an elegant and simple design. Birthday gifts, wedding and event favors are ideal. The cotton fiber sealed lid keeps air out and freshness in. The cotton fiber seal is rigorously tested to hold up against extreme temperatures. It is excellent for hookahs. Enjoy your daily fruit juice or cocktail in their 16 ounce mason jar. Take your drinks to the next level and impress your dinner guests. The Soul mason jar is air-tight sealed and perfect for canning. canning your kitchen essentials has never been easier. 90 day return. They offer a 90 day money back guarantee. If you have any issues with their jar, please contact them and they will fix it within 12 hours.

Brand: Soul

👤My girlfriend and I are together. We found these mason jars while browsing for the essentials on Amazon. The jars were 16 ounces. It's been great to use in the morning when we make our organic juices and they are very easy to clean and rinse. If I'm late to work, I just put the jar lid in my bag and go. The lids are sealed tightly.

👤I got the 32 and 16 ounce jars. The jars were packed well and arrived as advertised. The measurements were accurate. They don't plaster their logo on the jar. Very simple and high quality. I didn't expect to get an amazing unboxing from my mason jar. I wonder if this is the 'Apple' of mason jar companies. Time will tell.

👤My wife and I like to drink from the jars. The jar is large to carry a good amount of juice, and the design doesn't have any logos. I make juice every morning and put it in a jar for when I exercise. The mason jars are durable. There were no breaks or scratches when I dropped it. These are the best mason jars I've ever purchased.

👤Our morning smoothie is made with 16 oz and 32 oz mason jars. My girlfriend and I are together. We found these mason jars while browsing for the essentials on Amazon. We decided to buy one of the mason jars 16oz and the other of the mason jars 32oz. They are easy to clean when we make our smoothies. If I'm late for work, I put the jars in my bag and just put the lid on them. The mason jars 16 oz and mason jars 32 oz have sealed tightly, and they're one piece which I really appreciate.

👤It's fine as a jar. I would just use the regular Ball jars for canning. I ruined a bunch of batches using this jar because I don't think it's good for canning. I don't have the original packaging and it seems like a hassle to return it. I only recommend it if you plan to use it as storage.

👤I bought the jars to use while camping. I used them for the first time on my first trip and so far it's been great. The mason jars were easy to clean and great for storing food and water. The mason jars were sealed tightly and never came loose, even though the terrain was a bit bumpy at times. I was happy with my purchase and would buy more mason jars in the future.

👤She had just moved into a new apartment and was about to celebrate her birthday. I was thinking of some things that would be useful for her. I was recommended to buy her jars. The design of the Soul mason jars is minimal yet elegant. I bought a jar for 16 ounces. She loved them! I made sure to put some treats in the jars.

👤I've been looking for jars to hold oats, jam, tomato paste, and other items. The mason jars from the 32 -z Soul are perfect for this. Simple, easy to store, and easy to clean.

8. OAMCEG 4 Piece Airtight Preserving Perfect

OAMCEG 4 Piece Airtight Preserving Perfect

Their moonshine pour spout lid 2 pack is dishwasher safe and comes boxed so it is insured to survive the shipping process intact and ready to pour. The best pouring spout on the market today is a mason jar. A rubber gasket is included in the set of 4 wire top glass jars to ensure a leak proof seal. Glass is a better choice for storage than plastic. Glass doesn't oxidize, retain smells, or make food smell bad. The mason jars are made from the highest quality glass and have superior resistance to breakage. The jar has a unique design that is perfect for every home and business. Use the container to serve coffee, tea, cocktails or create art, place fairy lights in it and turn it into a light fixture, or store and showcase any ingredient for a unique decoration. Each set of 4 hinged glass jars includes 8 chalkboard labels, a plastic scoop, 4 replacement gasket seals and a chalk marker. You will never have to play the guessing game if you have each jar labeled with its contents. The bottle is covered with pearl cotton. The bottles should be protected in good condition. According to their buyers' reports of glass bottles leaking, they have made a lot of improvements, not only working with higher quality factories, but also adding 4 replaceable gasket seals. They will pay attention to the voices of buyers and try to improve the products. They hope that the OAMCEG Team will not let down everyone.

Brand: Oamceg

👤The statement says "leakproof rubber gasket", but I used these jars for canning. They leak. The flimsy gromits that hold the lid in place look cheap and I am worried about the possibility of my vegetables being contaminated by oxygen.

👤It was packed well and arrived in tact. These jars have labels and a marker in them. They are not air tight, so I knocked off a star. You can test this by partially filling with water, locking the lid and turning it upside down. It's still a good deal if you don't need air tight.

👤What do you want these for? To seal out the air and put food in it. There is a I've never seen a product like this before. chrome is thin and non-existent in places so they are guaranteed to rust. The seals are very thin, low quality, and do not work well. The lid moves around easily when it's "clamped" down. The lids do not seal well even when they are perfectly centered. I put water in these, made sure the lids were centered, and when I tilt them out, the water flow out was about 50% of the rate of a pitcher. I tried covering the top with plastic. On top of that. Same deal. I'm sure these are great if you want to store a child's marbles. If you want to store food or use these for other purposes, forget it!

👤The food was being stored in theses and they fell into it. A piece of glass embedded in my couch caused a cut on my finger. When I reached for something, I cut my finger and realized it was from the jar I was eating from. Imagine if I cut my throat by mixing it with the breakfast food. A piece of glass was floating in my boiling water last year and I had pasta in another jar. The quality at the rim is terrible. The glass is slowly chipping away and you can hear it when I open them.

👤I was looking for jars. Excellent quality and affordable. The service after the sale was perfect. They responded quickly to a small issue. I am very satisfied with the entire transaction. I assure you that you will be making the right decision if you purchase this product. A+.

👤The price and size were perfect. I just needed 1 for sourdough starter, but these were less expensive. The clips are perfect, the glass is good, and they are cute. I will order again when I need more.

👤I was struggling with my pantry storage because ants kept getting in my sugar and oatmeal, but no more after I got these!

👤I'm very impressed with these. I don't know if they're leak-proof, but I use the rest of them for dry stuff, and my chilli oil well is held by them. It seems to work well. Feels strong. It's easy to clean. All the parts are easy to remove and reassemble. I might buy more in the future.

9. Mason Pour Spouts Stainless Mouth

Mason Pour Spouts Stainless Mouth

It is easy to clean dishware safe. Their patented wide mouth mason jar pour lids are made in the USA. It is free of the harmful substance. Those cheap imports have no cracks, no crevices, and no guillotine. Ameripour mason jar pourer gives you a consistent pour every time. 304 STAINLESS STEEL is a high-quality construction. State health departments regulate food safety in restaurants. AmeriPour wide mouth mason jar pour spouts are perfect for customers who like whiskey and moonshine. You can use the mason jar pouring lid for almond milk. Cold brew coffee, homemade creamer, coconut milk, and even dish soap are other uses. Their moonshine pour spout lid 2 pack is dishwasher safe and comes boxed so it is insured to survive the shipping process intact and ready to pour. The best pouring spout on the market today is a mason jar.

Brand: Ameripour

👤I ordered two Mason Jar Pour Spouts. I was looking for something that would allow me to pour oil from a wide mouth jar. It seems like oil pour spouts are only for regular mouth jars, so you would think that would be easy. The wide mouth option is coming in the future according to the question and answer section of the product. That was a long time ago. I ordered it because I decided that it wasstainless wide. The spout works well with oil. The solution for pouring oil from a wide mouth jar takes some getting used to, but I'm pleased with it.

👤I wanted to buy a replacement lid for one of my jars, so I bought this product. I decided to purchase a set of regular and widemouth lids after I saw that they were made in the U.S.A. I read the reviews before buying. Some reviewers have said that the lids leak when pouring liquids. There is a I used the widemouth lid with a large. A jar. I put the rubber ring inside the lid. There was a lot of leaking when I tried to pour a drink. I screwed the lid back on after taking the ring out. There was still some leaking, but not as much as before. The leak was caused by the space between the lid and the jar being too small, so I put a rubber ring under the lid. There was no leak when I poured the liquid. I have no other complaints about the product. Even with a thick liquid such as egg nog, the pour was great, even with a flap to close the opening. I decided to keep the lids because I figured out how to prevent leaks, but the company may need to improve their product by making the lids a better fit with jars.

👤This product was very disappointing. The spout is not leaking at the edge. I've tried them on over a dozen different jars and they leak on them. Do not purchase, you're better off buying a plastic jog pour spout and using an old liquor bottle. These are junk.

👤I thought the price was a bit much for only two of them, but it's actually reasonable if they're as well-made as they appear to be. I'm not sure why you wouldn't get the model with it, but it's made in USA, no glue, and a little flapper that keeps it closed. The seal on a Bell jar is tight, it doesn't leak, and there's a small tube that allows air back in for a smooth pour.

👤I visited Pigeon Forge and bought several jars of moonshine. It was difficult to pour. The AmeriPour spouts make decanting easy. No more runs, drips, or errors. There is a Thanks, AmeriPour! Thank you for manufacturing in the USA.

👤The only thing I disliked about it was that it didn't work like I hopped. I close it manually after flipping it open. With that in mind, it still works well and so much cleaner. The liquid comes out at a slower pace. It's great for my homemade elderberry syrup.

10. Ball Regular 32 Ounces 2 Units Pack

Ball Regular 32 Ounces 2 Units Pack

It is guaranteed that the SATISFACTION will be positive. At the San Francisco Salt Company, they are confident that you will be completely satisfied with their products, which is why they stand behind every single item that they sell. They will make it right if you don't like your purchase. SQF Quality code, organic compliant facility, packaged in the U.S.A. There are regular mouth glass preserving jars. There are regular mouth lids. There are two regular mouth bands. It's ideal for sliced fruits and vegetables. The jars are free of the harmful substance. Reusable and dishwasher safe. New and improved. It helps to keep canned food sealed up.

Brand: Ball

👤Disgusting! There is rust on the lids after washing. The jars are solid, but the lids are not. So disappointing.

👤My sister confused me with my cup half full or empty, so I ended up buying 2X 32Oz mason jars because they were larger than the coffee mug she was referring to. I realized that my glass will always be half full even if it falls down.

👤These were perfect. They are being used for a project.

👤The product arrived quickly and was well packaged. I had a problem that was my fault. These weren't wide mouth jars. The jars are too big for the fermentation kit and I bought them to go with it. I can use them for other things, and everything about them is fine. I thought I would write the review to help others avoid the same mistake I made. Not all Mason Jars are created equal.

👤I wanted to make my own drink. What can I say? They are jars. They have liquid. They are the right size.

👤I used these for my chilies and they are amazing. It doesn't leak at all, it was carefully packed. I'm going to buy smaller sizes for sampling. 10/10 would be good.

👤The jars are good. I made my own homemade spaghetti sauce. I used some of the sauce but the recipe yielded 32 ounces and it only filled one jar. The lid comes in two parts. The inner part of the lid goes over the opening of the jar. Maybe that is how jars are made. That was a new experience for me. I will buy more when I need it.

👤The models are 32oz. I used mine for sourdough bread starter and it worked great. There is a The packaging by Amazon was not ideal and should be packed in their own boxes from the factory. mined arrived without any issues.

👤Preparar yogurt con granos de kéfir. Para almacenarlo, quiere los granos. Me encantan por el tamao. No estoy usando las reemplacé por una de plstico. I am una de toalla de yogurt, pero estoy pensando otro par.

👤Abrir sale con mucha presin.

👤Son del tamao. Y tienes empacadas.

👤Be careful! The fake jars I received were not from Mason. I'm having trouble with the return and refund.

11. Canning Pickles Kitchen Storage Caviar

Canning Pickles Kitchen Storage Caviar

These canning jars are sturdy enough for everyday home use. They are clear, so you can see what's in them. You can label these jars with extra chalk labels. They are a multi-purpose item for your home and kitchen. The high quality jars are made of the highest quality materials and are convenient. Large volume, hold 12oz,thick glass,lead free food safe glass jars. The mason jar has an elegant design and the transparent glass can clearly distinguish what is inside. The included lids are sealed to prevent leaks and make it easy to open and close. The jar comes with a time tested ceiling compound to make it perfect for preserving and canning. It's safe for the refrigerator and the freezer, it's easy to grab and clean. It's perfect for wedding favors,shower favors party favors or other homemade gifts. Try filling with bath salts, body butter, nuts, buttons, beads, and essential oils. Food safe grade glass and dishwasher safe. The glass jar is made of food grade safe material and is easy to clean. Food safe grade glass and dishwasher safe. The glass jar is made of food grade safe material and is easy to clean.

Brand: Qappda

👤It was great for my candle. Thank you, ScarlettLites.

👤The jars had a black lid and labels that were attractive to me. I filled all the jars with peppers and then moved them because most of the jars were leaking from the lid. Some of the lids would only turn a half a turn. I wouldn't recommend food storage.

👤The reviews on this product are mixed. I think that different vendors must fulfill this item. I bought this item for the purpose of storing homemade sauces, soups and vegetables in the freezer. Why does this jar break in the freezer when it is described as freezer safe? See the photo. This is the second one. Even though I had used the same method with other glass containers before, I thought it was my storage method that contributed to its fail. I will return to buying my usual glass containers because they are more expensive and not as cute. 1 star for being dishwasher safe and 1 star for being aesthetic.

👤Disappointed. They aren't water tight. I decided to use this type of jar for elderberry syrup. They leaked all over my trunk after I delivered them. It was a real embarrassment. I keep them for table decorations with flowers, marbles, and seashells. Don't use them for canning with liquids.

👤These are not wide mouth jars. I ordered these because I didn't want to spend a lot on jars. I didn't think about it when I took them out of the box. When I started my project this morning, I realized they are not wide mouth jars. The jar has a lid on it. A wide mouth ring is used for jars. They are definitely not wide mouth jars. I can use them for other things, but they are not wide mouth and are regular jars. They were packaged well and kept from breaking. I can't say if they are leak-proof yet since I am only using one. I don't know if these are rated for canning, so I wouldn't use them. I don't know what I will use them for, but they will be usable for me at some point. I would have returned them, but I didn't notice they weren't what I wanted. They seem to be decent quality, but they won't be easy to clean as I was expecting.

👤I don't need a separate lid like Ball, but I like these and think they are good. There is no information about how to properly seal these. I followed the same process as Ball, but hours after I took the jars out, I found I could tighten the lids even though they were tight to begin with. I hear something like air escaping with one jar. Is it a seal or not? Do I have to repeat? Should I have tried to tighten my hand? After the canning process, the Ball lid is always loose and you have to tighten it. I don't know if my food is safe because I used these jars. Someone else can comment on this.


What is the best product for small cooking jars with lids?

Small cooking jars with lids products from Super Z Outlet. In this article about small cooking jars with lids you can see why people choose the product. Brajttt and Qappda are also good brands to look for when you are finding small cooking jars with lids.

What are the best brands for small cooking jars with lids?

Super Z Outlet, Brajttt and Qappda are some of the best brands that chosen by people for small cooking jars with lids. Find the detail in this article. Ayesha Curry Kitchenware, Fruiteam and Sewanta are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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