Best Phone Stand for Recording Cooking Videos

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1. Viozon Extendable Adjustable Rechargeable Brightness

Viozon Extendable Adjustable Rechargeable Brightness

The live stand is all-in-one foldable. It's easy to carry around with it's portable size. Can be used as a floor stand and rear holder can be extended up to 89 cm. It has two phone holders. Easy plug-inusb charging, can charged by power supplier such as power bank, computer, and so on. After charging, the battery can work for up to 12 hours. The remote control makes it easier to take pictures. Side-EmittingLED light has multiple light boards, which provide bright but soft light. The buttons on the product and remote control have different temperature and brightness levels. The light is perfect for setting off your skin. Come with two phone holders. It's easy to switch between different angles. The joint of the front holder is bendable. It's perfect for indoor and outdoor live streaming on Youtube/Tiktok, video broadcast/recording, photography, self-timer beauty, makeup, take group photos, filming, online meeting, reading, etc. A great gift choice.

Brand: Viozon

👤I was a bit cautious at first. The wide base of the single holders makes them less sturdy than this one. I just got a heavy wide base phone holder, I don't use the secondary phone holder. I think people just don't read correctly. It's not as easy to get the parts in and out. You just need to make sure the downward pointed holder is pushed in correctly. It's worth it, but it would be better if it was less expensive. I received a gift card. I spent it.

👤Exactly what I needed. It's easy to setup. Easy instructions. It is easy to break down and store. It's perfect for using two phones. This stand is great for demonstration streaming. Excellent!

👤This exceeded my expectations. There is a It doesn't look cheap. Everything is contained within the base box. I like how you can adjust the temperature of the phone, the light and the arms, and even pivot it. It comes with a remote control. It's so cool!

👤I don't feel compelled to write reviews. I know I rely on them. This is a great product. It can be difficult to get product photography out on the fly without someone there to help. There is a The remote makes it easy to get a lot of content without having to use self-timer. Absolutely worth the purchase!

👤I got this product to start recording videos, but I didn't get it sooner. It is an amazing buy. Everything came with instructions and a remote. Will be back in a few months.

👤I am a business owner that wanted to get my tik tok videos perfect and this all in one machine got me right. I like the different light settings, how portable it is, and the small remote. It only took me 10 minutes to set it up. Definitely recommend!

👤Excellent quality and sturdy. It works very well. I would recommend and buy again.

👤Now sure why. I received yellow stains on my stuff. It is kind of weird.

2. Recording Gooseneck Overhead Rotation Streaming

Recording Gooseneck Overhead Rotation Streaming

It's easy to install and use a light. Most smart phones can fit in their overhead phone mount. The maximum height of the device can be adjusted. The coin-sized circle under the light should be tightened when connecting the light to the phone holder. The phone holder is made from a spherical shape and has a multi-directional adjustment to give you the best view. It's perfect for watching videos, viewing photos, reading and recording. The color temperature can be adjusted. The gooseneck cell phone holder has a variety of lighting options, which will give you different lighting options and outstanding shooting no matter what time of day it is. Compatibility and stability are wide. The light is easy to carry and fits most cameras. The phone is not easy to swing because of the strong gooseneck. The lazy brackets keep your hands free. Whether sitting, standing, laying down or exercising, use comfortably. If you have a question, please contact them at any time.

Brand: Jeccye

👤My grandsons loved them. They were a good price.

👤The box was damaged when I opened it. The bags looked like they had been opened before. The product was not usable because it was missing pieces. So disappointing.

👤I can't put it together because I'm missing several pieces. It would be great if I had all of the instructions.

👤Everything about this is cheap. I can't believe it was $30. It should have been less than that. My phone wouldn't work. Returning and looking for better!

👤It wants more help for her anxiety and attention deficit disorder.

👤Kids like to play with them.

3. SHAWE Phone Holder Gooseneck Mount

SHAWE Phone Holder Gooseneck Mount

The cell phone stand can be used with all cell phones. The universal lazy phone holder is compatible with 3.5 to 6.5 inch phones. The Pro Max X 8 7 6 Plus 5, the G7 V40 ThinQ V20 V30 K20 G4 G5 G6, and the S10e S10+ Note 9 are all included. The arm of the bed holder is different from ordinary ones. The flexible clip phone holder is made from a high-quality aluminum-magnesium alloy solid core and can be used for a long time. The lazy arm is made of high quality aluminum-magnesium alloy solid core and can bend in any direction to accommodate your view. Various using occasions The ThickeningAdjustableClamp base is perfect for using mobile phone to watch movies and enjoy music in the bedroom, bathroom, desk, kitchen, gym and office, free your hands. The holder will not scratch the furniture. Designed Stronger. The strong clip base is flexible enough to twist and bend. It is designed stronger if you bend it with your hands. The phone holder has a Claw Clamp that can be adjusted to the most comfortable viewing angle. 24 Hours Customer Service If you have a question about the stand, please email them. They have a replacement with 18 months of professional customer service.

Brand: Shawe

👤The husband approved! The product I have tried for holding cell phones is better. The clamps are weak and don't stay on. Not the case with this one! The grip is very sturdy because of the twisting function of the clamping mechanism. The arm that holds the phone is strong and flexible. If you have a pop sockets on your phone, you can't hold the right phone in the middle. My husband's phone worked like a charm when we grip it more towards the top. See the pic.

👤I bought this to support my phone as an overhead camera during the forced shut-in period as an inexpensive way to accomplish this. I have a microphone stand that works well. The snake arm holds the camera well. I have a holder for my car that fits the camera well, as well as the one I have for it. The desk anchor method above the desk makes it easy to adjust. I'm not sure how much I can twist down the anchor point without it breaking. It is working well so far, as my phone camera is pointing down on the desktop, and I have a whiteboard surface on. I have to adjust the arm every time I put the phone down, but it's a minor issue until I find a more professional solution.

👤I love this phone holder, it's useful when you don't want to hold up your phone in a facetime or zoom meeting. You can lay on your back or side if you want to not have to hold your phone. Good length, easy to use and move around in different positions, sturdy, just twist the plastic piece that's about the clamp to open and tighten it. It opens in a good way, so you don't have to worry about it being on something big. It has a head that makes it easy to position your phone.

👤I have a thin phone case that makes my phone too fat to work. The product is cheap and could be made better with a small amount of effort. I haven't found a better product for this. I wish it used a strong magnet for the phone holding spot. I can't recommend this product because I wasn't satisfied with it.

👤I used a tripod to prop my phone up. My cat would knock on the door when I started to talk on the phone or make a video. The problem was solved by this. It shakes a bit when trying to on it, but it's hanging there. It has a spot for the charging cord at the bottom and it seems like it will be very durable.

👤I bought them for myself and my husband. The husband clipped his to the bed so he could watch videos to fall asleep. I clipped mine to my desk so I could keep my phone charged. When I wanted to touch it to make a call or look at a text, it wiggled all over the place, which was not nice and sturdy as I had hoped. I sent it back. I'm pretty sure that your phone will be fine if you leave it in it and not touch it. If you want to use your phone while it's in the holder, you might want to keep looking.

4. Beyonday Recording Rechargebale Retractable Multifunction

Beyonday Recording Rechargebale Retractable Multifunction

The telescopic tube is 51 inches wide and can be adjusted to your liking. The mobile phone will not shake the brackets. The legs are flexible and easy to shoot at high angles. After the beyonday light lamp is fully charged, it can be used for up to 12 hours. The side fill lights make it easy to show off. There are three different colors for lights. You can control your phone while shooting or recording with theBluetooth remote control. It is suitable for both operating systems. The lighting mode can be precisely controlled. It's easy to use remote control. The range of the remote control is 10 meters. The mobile phone clip can be changed at will. You don't have to worry about the phone falling off because the grip is strong. Most mobile phones are compatible with the mobile phone brackets. The selfie lamp can be used for a wide range of purposes. The self timer lamp is portable and foldable. You can use it as a desk lamp, even though it's not live.

Brand: Beyonday

👤This is a great phone mount. Just get it. I have spent a lot of money on phone mounts that are failures. This one is great. It may 21st 2020: still going strong! I use this every day for recording my iPad drawings overhead, and I use it to chat with my friends while we play animal. crossing I am very careful with it, no bending, snapping, or anything else has happened.

👤The weight of the phone snapped the plastic brackets.

👤It's a bit Meh. This is just fine... I don't think it's worth the price. The base is always in the frame when doing top down shoots. There is a It is a little shaky. The phone in the stand bounces when the ceiling fan is on. I had to turn off the fan.

👤It's perfect for a trip. Unless you have an older phone, you can't use the overhead recording feature. When you bend the tripod for the overhead it doesn't have a locking feature so it falls face down with the weight of the phone. You cannot bend it. I would give it 5 stars, but I can't use it for that feature, so I give it 3 stars.

👤The flimsy base causes it to be in every video. You can get the base out of the video by not rotating. The plastic hinges are painted chrome, the remote works when it feels like it, and the lights are duller than the cabin light in my car. Just why? This is a terrible example of the idea. Don't waste your money.

👤The item broke in less than a week and I waited a long time to get it back, so I would not recommend it.

👤I didn't read the reviews about the holder collapsing when you put your phone in it. It doesn't hold it up.

👤I opened the box and found that the arm's hinge was plastic and broke. Get something else.

👤Excellent product, fast delivery. Very happy.

5. Overhead Articulating ChromLives Streaming Crafting

Overhead Articulating ChromLives Streaming Crafting

24 Hours Customer Service If you have a question about the stand, please email them. They have a replacement with 18 months of professional customer service. Overhead Phone Video Stand has a phone clip and ball head camera mount, as well as a live stream, baking, crafting and other devices with a threaded hole. The double-braced arms with suspension springs on each boom arm are more sturdy and durable without shaking or dropping, and the flexible scissor arms with screws allow you to adjust to any position and height to show image. The screw hole phone clip holder has a sponge mat and anti-slip rubber pad. The head ball has a rotation that gives you different angles. The ball head can be adjusted easily. There is a rubber pad to protect your desktop. The desk clamp can clip to any table up to 1.8” in thickness. What you get is a suspension scissor arm. A phone clip. Cell phone not included.

Brand: Chromlives

👤I used the stand to make cookies with the projector. It is a perfect size, easy to use and has a projector on it.

👤I am very dissatisfied with this product, so I hope the seller can reach out to me. When I put my phone on the stand, it leans over and doesn't stay in the position I put it in. I use this as a document camera for online teaching, and it is frustrating that the stand doesn't stay in the position I set it to, and just leans over as soon as I set it. I spent $30 on this product and I will have to replace it after a week because it feels like a waste of money. I would appreciate if the seller could contact me back to see if we can solve the problem with the product. The replacement arrived less than 24 hours later. I will update after using to see how it holds up. There is a This did not hold up. The ball does not hold its position no matter how tight you make it. I don't understand how I can go through all of these and not know where to go. I only use this for showing my desk and wall because I am a teacher. It shouldn't be making such problems.

👤I was afraid that it wouldn't work, but it did! It's perfect for taking pictures. It is easy to assemble. It comes with two attachables for phones, but I am not sure what else it has. It holds my phone with a case on perfect. The phone clip is attached to it and rotates around. This purchase was one of the best I've ever made. It was fine for my 1 inch table when the clamp went down.

👤Very nice! Holds projector firmly and adjusts to the right angle.

👤How to put it together. It is an amazing cost for people who are trying to get into videos. I can't adjust my height on this. I like how it won't fall over if I accidentally bumped it. It is great. I like it a lot. I wanted it to be overhead for my nail videos.

👤I used it to hold my phone and projector. It worked well with both of them. You can lower the arms and make it 888-282-0465 to put away. The holder is flexible. This item was what I was looking for. I use a projector to decorate cookies.

👤The product feels better than what you paid for. It's sturdy, and it doesn't feel rickety. I'm not sure how it'll hold heavier accessories, but my guess is that it will do fine. I don't use the phone clip for two reasons. The springs are hard to pull apart, which is a little annoying, but it's good for holding on to the phone. I use a different grip because it activated the side-squeeze feature on my phone. It's fine to use for most people. There is a The table is held on by a piece of furniture. I tested it on a table that only half of the surface touches the table and it still stays stable. I don't recommend this if you have heavier accessories, but holding a phone is fine. There is a The combination of the ball accessory and silver piece at the end of the arm allows you to get a full range of positions.

6. Adjustable Overhead Compatible Recording Streaming

Adjustable Overhead Compatible Recording Streaming

The complete product can be obtained quickly with simple assembly. The tension point on the folding arm can be adjusted during use. Universal Fit viozon 3 in 1 Tablet&cellphone desktop stand includes two holders, which is applicable to 3.5-13" cellphone and tablets, suitable for online meeting, video recording, daily use and other scenes. There are different combinations that can be freely exchanged. It is possible to place the devices and ring light where you want to meet your needs. The height and angle are variable. The holder can be adjusted to the most comfortable position. The height range is 0-35". The folding arm can be extended to a maximum length of 14.6". It helps to fix the posture and reduce the pressure on the neck, shoulder and back. The tension point on the folding arm can be adjusted during use. High quality and fashionable. Stable use can be ensured by the round iron base. The arm's shaft is made of high-quality aluminum alloy and has an improved second-generation hinge mechanism. The surface has been metal-oxidized. The ring light. The ring light has a power supply. The color temperature can be adjusted. Cool/Nature/Warm is the third stage of color tempuratures. You can change the brightness for each temperature.

Brand: Viozon

👤It was easy to assemble and seems sturdy. When I tried to shoot a video with the phone positioned on the long arm above my project, gravity took over and there was no way to keep the arm in the correct position. It works for other things, but not overhead shots.

👤I was looking for a stand to film and live stream my videos. The stands I found were over $100. I bought this stand because I wanted the one I really want, but it wasn't in my budget. I don't think I'll switch to the more expensive brands. I needed a stand like this. It is heavy duty and holds my electronics with ease. Please make sure that everything is tightened up. I have seen some reviews that it doesn't hold up, but if you tighten everything down it will.

👤Everyone was saying the arm wouldn't stay up with the phone in overhead position, so I was hesitant about purchasing this. It doesn't move if you tighten the arm nuts. It's good for my live streams.

👤The stand is sturdy and has soft diffuse light from the light ring. Does not feel in danger of tipping. There is a The phone is tight. The top jointed arm could be improved by connecting to the central post with a threaded cap. The Allen wrench nut is inside the cap. It is difficult to loosen or tighten the connection between the arm and the cap when the post is screwed down. I leave the cap partially screwed down, but this causes it to wobble a bit on the post. The phone and ipads would be great if they had a way to pull the clamps apart when being held. The ring light is a plug in that plugs into a computer or charging brick. It would have been nice if the system could act as a charging station. It's worth it for anyone who is a full time teleworker.

👤If you had a better range of motion, this would be a great product. Overall very strong. It didn't work for what I needed.

👤Works well. You need to tighten the joints occasionally to keep them from turning down.

👤It's very sturdy and portable, but I wish it had options to put 2 phones instead of just the iPad and iPhone.

7. Overhead Bluetooth Sketching Recording Streaming

Overhead Bluetooth Sketching Recording Streaming

It's easy to use 888-405-7720 No tools are required to install. It is easy to use, just view and work on the places with a flat surface without fear of the device tipping over, and it is designed to be assembled and disassembled simply by twisting each joint. Let them know if you have a problem with the product. If there is a quality issue with the product, they will do a full refund and replacement. The Overhead Video Stand has double-braced arms. Overhead Video Stand Phone holder can fit a wide screen phone. The Remote Shutter can record and take pictures. The thickness of the desk is 5.2 cm. The scissor arm stand is made out of all steel and is sturdy.

Brand: Acetaken

👤The first time the mount was set up, there was a plastic hold for the phone. The handle prevents the mount from facing you because of the position of where you tighten the mount to the desk. The mount arms are facing away from you. It's difficult to position the mount over the surface. I contacted Amazon support to see if a replacement could be found, but they couldn't reach the vendor. I missed the return window because this was a present purchased in December and not used until later in January.

👤For what I wanted it for, it works perfectly, I only had it for a week or two. The springs and joints hold my phone in the air. I haven't tried an iPad yet, but I'm certain it would support the weight. There is a lot of space in the jaws to attach to the table. Some reviews said the plastic clip would break within the first day of ownership, but mine is still intact. I use the included shutter fob for overhead shots and it is perfect for that application, as I have been using it for both photo and video. The only complaint so far is the shutter fob, which connects viaBluetooth, but does not allow me to use the keyboard on my phone until it is disconnected. It doesn't really matter as there is an on-off switch on it and it will come back on when you turn it back on.

👤The ball joint design only allows the phone clip to be positioned at a maximum of 45 degrees around the ball joint, and the connection to the rest of the arm at the other end of the ball joint piece is different from what I thought. I was hoping I could mount it on my side table and have it sit in front of me with a 90 degree angle at the head, but because there's no secondary horizontal movement, I would have to shift and look to my side to make up for the other 45 degrees that isn There is a I will make do for the time being, but I will have to choose a different product for my current seating arrangement. I'll probably bring in another surface to mount this, but that's not ideal for the long term. The pieces seem sturdy and well made and would be great for people who need a mount that's mostly up or down.

👤The angle at which you can pivot the head is limited. It wobbles when I try to use it to record my machines in progress that have a lot of motion, like my 3D printer and my Silhouette Cameo cutting machine, if it's attached to the same table they are sitting on. It's easy to make a mistake when filming overhead, but that's not a good thing. I like the claw head that is fast to use, and I can still see my phone's screen. The remote works well, but I can only use it on one phone at a time. I have to forget this device when I switch to another device. I'm happy. I added it to my video equipment collection and will have to use a floor tripod when trying to record my machines in action.

8. Overhead Camera Samsung Streaming Lessons

Overhead Camera Samsung Streaming Lessons

The phone video stand's double-braced arms add strength. The phone video stand can fit a wide screen phone. Action Camera Hero 7 6 5 4 3+ 3 2 1 session cameras fit overhead camera mount. Overhead Camera Mount can fit a phone with a case. You get 1x Suspension Arm, 1x Desk Clamp Clip, and 1x Cell phone and Gopro brackets.

Brand: Acetaken

👤I'm not going to just say how great this item is, I'm going to give a full review. Excellent value for money, but there are a few things to point out. It cannot hang upside down, the way it is built prevents that, and it can be easily fixed if you're handy with tools. Very strong. Doesn't cave under the weight of a phone or a camera, but you might have some problems with it. 3. Make sure you have enough room to hold this. I mounted it to a makeshift desk, which had about 1 inch of space under the lip. I had to carve a hole for the rest of it to fit in because the pad underneath the top part started sliding off. It only requires two inches, so make sure you have enough space. There is a This is my first mount, but it has everything you need. It scales vertically very well and is able to reach 2 feet horizontally. One of the best investments I've made.

👤It was broken when it arrived. The phone brace that adjusts and holds the phone was rendered useless by the broken end. I would usually use electrical or duct tape, but it is not a good idea. The broken piece controls the tension spring for the phone. The unit would be useful if not for that. Even if it makes it during shipping, it doesn't appear to be durable enough to last a long time. Finding an alternative.

👤It needs a few more things in order to use it better. The first time I used it, it was difficult to move the mount because of the lack of rotation for the "hand" where you fix the phone. I had a different holder mount for a tripod that allowed rotation vertically and horizontally, but I needed to buy another one in order to use it properly. The Liveda aluminum metal camera mount accessory costs more. Vastar Universal Tripod is a cell phone holder. There is no cover for protection in the claw that hols the surfaces of the table or desk. If you don't already have the necessary accessories, I would recommend you to buy the foldable phone mount holder, it has a rubber cover on the bottom, and it's compatible with 4-13 inch tablets. There is a The pictures I uploaded are with the correct ones.

👤I use this with my phone. I use it for overhead craft training. It is perfect for the price and my needs. If needed, I would purchase again.

👤It's disappointing that everything seems to work, except for the most important attachment point on the part that is on the table. The tube at the bottom of the arm assembly needs to be longer in order to be stable. It's too short and a loose fit. You have to tighten the bolts on the support, but it's not secure. If the parts fit to a better tolerance and the tube was longer, the problems would be solved.

9. Adjustable Gooseneck Cellphone Streaming Sketching

Adjustable Gooseneck Cellphone Streaming Sketching

Excellent quality is ensured by the high-quality solid aluminum alloy structure. Stable, there will be no rust and other problems, you can keep your phone at an angle. The parts are firmly connected. Stable and reliable support can be provided by the trapezoidal support base. The equipped mobile phone clip is compatible with most mobile phones. The mobile phone clip can be horizontal and vertical, and you can match it yourself. TheHeight can be adjusted freely. You don't need to hold your phone for a long time with this stand. It can be used for a lot of things. You can use it immediately after installation. It's very suitable for teaching book courses online with teachers, as well as detailed explanations of beauty items or shooting and video of still life.

Brand: Kavavo

👤The first time I used it, it fell apart. Even though it wasn't rocket, I figured it out even though I had one random piece that I still don't know where it is. The flimsy phone holder looks like it could be used for a variety of purposes. It barely holds a phone, I was trying to get my phone to stay in the holder, but it fell apart the first time I tried to use it. Wouldn't buy! The money should be saved.

👤The base was stable and the gooseneck was not flimsy, which would have kept it from sagging over time. You would have to pry open the phone holder to get it to open, but it wouldn't fall out once it's in. I had a lot of hope for it. There were a lot of exciting things I heard. There is a I wasn't able to see how it would hold up my phone because I didn't have the right accessory. I was unable to find the Contact Seller button in my orders section or the item menu to fix the issue. I tried to find it, but maybe I missed it.

👤It gets the job done. It's difficult to get my phone balanced. I would like it to be a bit higher quality.

👤I like the phone mount. It makes it easy to take time-lapse videos. It is seemingly sturdy. It is not as stable as I would like it to be. I would recommend it.

👤I ordered this a couple months back and have had a million things going on, so only just opened it and the piece that holds the phone is missing. The return window was closed after a month. It has been nearly five. I wish I'd opened it to see it was missing. It is useless now.

👤I was happy with the work that was done for what I wanted. The stretchable part of the phone holds it in any phone width. Bi found that the screw in the sideways position can loosen. It is so flexible. I have videoed from above and side. I had an extra piece and a missing piece, based on the picture directions. It works!

👤I think my phone is too heavy, but it doesn't do its job with my current phone, because it topples over. If you have a small phone it will work. It doesn't work well for me.

👤This product is perfect for what I needed. I wish the arm was taller. We'll design sturdy if that's the case.

👤The overhead phone mount is easy to use. It's perfect for overhead filming. The base legs can be moved to adjust the stability. The phone clip is very strong and keeps my phone locked in place even when I bend the neck. I don't mind that the base legs show in the pictures I take with this holder. I use it for overhead shots. It was a great purchase. Would definitely recommend. If my review was helpful, please let me know by clicking on theHelpful button.

10. Height Adjustable LISEN Aluminum Compatible

Height Adjustable LISEN Aluminum Compatible

The cell phone stand holder is in accordance with ergonomics. It helps to fix your posture and reduce neck and back strain by providing you a comfortable viewing angle. The angle can be adjusted between 5 and 85. When using while charging, there is a user-friendly design. The phone dock might fall over due to bent cable. The LISEN phone holder has a reserved charging hole design, which is great for cable management. The phone pad won't cover the subtitle when you watch the video. The cell phone stand for desk has a weighted base and an aluminum alloy rod. This stand holder is stable enough to hold all of the devices, such as the iPad Mini, the 13 Pro, the Pro, the Max, and the S. The most stable compatible device size is 4-10). The bottom of the cell phone stand is covered with anti-skid silicone, which will protect your device from scratches and slides. If the product arrives broken or gets broken within a year, please contact LISEN for a solution. Please contact them if you have a problem like that. They care about every customer. The phone stand, screw, hexagon screwdriver, and specification are included.

Brand: Lisen

👤I was going to buy a shorter stand for my phone that was more popular than this one. I was glad I found this one. You can adjust the stand in a variety of ways. It has a place at the bottom where I can put my headphones on. I would not have a problem with it if it left an awkward position for me because of the limit on adjustments. For me, that is minimal. I still think it's worth a purchase for my desk.

👤I needed a stand where I could comfortably use my phone and not worry about falling over, so I found this one with a lot of good reviews. This one is rock solid and easy to put together, it adjusts perfectly to any angle. The base of my phone is thick and heavy and it never falls over. I was very happy with the purchase and could not find any flaws.

👤This is a good value for the price. There is a The delivery was quick but the unit is not contained in an Amazon box. The product could have been emptied out if there was tape on the box flap. They are not the company that is having a problem with this being an Amazon delivery. I sent them to Amazon. There is a It was easy to assemble with only one screw. The parts that are mentioned in the ad are made of metal. The base of the pole is made of metal and hard to tell. The main part of the phone is made of plastic and has a loop in the back. I saw the one picture with the broken plastic connection. The moving parts would have been the part I chose to be metal. At the moment, there is no concern that this will fall apart. I like the wide base. I tried to tip it over and it was resistant. The ring in the back keeps the cord out of the way when plugged in. I like that the phone rests on a non-skid Silicone pad, which covers the whole surface. There are lots of things to prevent the phone from sliding. The feet on the base don't seem to be skid-proof. Oh well. I would like the telescope to be a little taller. I'm still looking at the full extension. However, as advertised, it is capable of looking at 1.4". There is no need to tighten the hinge on the phone because it works. Other owners have said that it doesn't hold. It appears to be a problem, so maybe it loosens over time. Let's hope not. I would buy this one again. There is a There were no issues in the update. It hasn't broken. I've been careful not to pick it up from the top or the base. The joint is strong and can be used for positioning. I like that the base has a lip and I've been using it to store small things securely.

11. Overhead Ajustable Cellphone Streaming Recording

Overhead Ajustable Cellphone Streaming Recording

It's better to use their overhead stand. It can be used in a variety of ways. Live streaming, online class, makeup, and videos are all applicable. The cellphone stand for tripod and desk has two modes, L mode with soft brightness, and H mode with high brightness. It provides extra light to different environments, which is what you need for make up, photograph, video shooting, reading and live streaming. The multi-purpose light kit has a flexible gooseneck that allows you to adjust the clip light easily and direct the light wherever you want. It can be used for video conference lighting. Video recording, remote working, online education, and zoom calls make work more effective with the mobile phone holder. The led desk lamp can be charged by any device that has ausb cable. You don't need to worry about the battery. The cell phone holder can be switched into horizontal and vertical. It's compatible with most of the phones that come with a phone case. It's easy to take the parts apart and store them in a small bag when you need to go out.

Brand: Polypower

👤I wanted to make a video for my business. The weight of the phone won't allow me to film overhead content on my desk with the iPhone 12 Pro Max. I think it defeats the purpose if I have to prop it up with something else. Definitely not satisfied.

👤The light that comes with this stand is bright but needs to be charged every couple of hours. A stand that records a person sitting in front of a desk is a great idea. I bought it to record overhead and it is not good for this purpose. I have to place the stand at the right angle or it will tip over when I try to adjust the camera angle. Not an overhead recording stand.

👤The stand falls when it is put in position to film overhead.

👤I used this for my stop motion video. I didn't use the light because it provided a glare. I like natural lighting. There are no instructions on how to put it together. I had to look at the photos on Amazon to figure it out.

👤Initially, I liked this product for filming. I have had it for a month and it won't charge or turn on. After the first time I used it, the battery life went down dramatically, and then it kept getting worse until it stopped working. I can't even return it because it's an absolute waste of money.

👤It works well, but it is difficult to use with my phone without the tripod in the shot.


What is the best product for phone stand for recording cooking videos?

Phone stand for recording cooking videos products from Viozon. In this article about phone stand for recording cooking videos you can see why people choose the product. Jeccye and Shawe are also good brands to look for when you are finding phone stand for recording cooking videos.

What are the best brands for phone stand for recording cooking videos?

Viozon, Jeccye and Shawe are some of the best brands that chosen by people for phone stand for recording cooking videos. Find the detail in this article. Beyonday, Chromlives and Acetaken are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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