Best Oggi Cooking Grease Container, 4 Quart, Stainless Steel

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1. Oggi Store Serve Bowl See Thru

Oggi Store Serve Bowl See Thru

Hand washing with a mild cleanser is recommended. There are multipleTASK. Food can be prepared, store, and served for every meal. The dishwasher, microwave and freezer are safe. Clear lids help keep your kitchen clean. Functions: A ribbed base for an effortless grip is used for portable and reuseable food storage. It's a shame: VARIETY: There are 4 sizes and 4 colors available.

Brand: Oggi

👤I think I have one of the original red Tupperware bowls. I have used it for a while, but it doesn't seem like I should cook with it anymore. I've been looking for a replacement for a while. The OGGI bowl appeared on my screen when I wasn't looking. My eyes opened and I started to read. I was told by magic that this was the bowl that would replace my Tupperware. Great size. The shape is easy to hold, right size to make rice and noodles in my microwave. The bowl had a nice selection of colors. I would highly recommend this bowl for cooking and mixing.

👤Oggi Mix, Store & Serve Bowl is the best bowl I have ever had. The lid is easy to clean.

👤This bowl was really disappointing. It looks good and the lid stays on tight, but my lid came with damage to the sides that looked like a manufacturing defect.

👤Exactly what I needed. This will be used to mix cake batter and raise dough. I wanted something large enough for dough to rise. I try to avoid plastic wrap for health reasons, but the cover means I don't have to. I will order another if I use this for a while.

👤The bowl is very heavy and secure when I put my Christmas corn in it for parties. My sister told me that she loved that bowl and where I got it.

👤I bought this bowl to cook old fashioned oatmeal in the microwave, nothing except a large bowl will prevent boil overs. This bowl is perfect for oatmeal and pasta, no more bowl overs and it is very easy and quick to clean. The tap bowl is easy to handle.

👤I bought a second one. Great value and seals tight. Definitely recommended.

👤This was fine. There wasn't anything that stood out to me. The plastic was very thin and felt like it would break if dropped. We went a different route.

2. Oggi Stainless Steel Roll Bread

Oggi Stainless Steel Roll Bread

Perfect for parties, it keeps your ice cool and clean at social gatherings, while looking sleek and stylish indoors or outdoors. The scoop holder and carry handle make it easy to move the ice bucket around. Keep your baked goods fresh and tidy with this sleek bread holder for kitchen counter, which fits multiple loaves of bread and other freshly baked foods. The consecration bake box has a STAINLESS kitchen style. The bread box looks great in a modern kitchen and will compliment the appliances. Premium quality. The Oggi bread keeper is made from durable steel and features a strong frosted plexiglass roll top lid and sturdy feet to protect countertops. The bread box is a good way to keep bread fresh for longer. It'sTILE: The bread box from Oggi can be used to keep all types of baked goods fresh and tidy. Oggi's bread boxes are large and can be used for medication storage.

Brand: Oggi

👤Everyone in the family likes a different type of bread. I didn't like the smell of plastic bread bags on my countertops. One full bag of cinnamon swirl bread, one full bag of Sara Lee arteseno, and one full bag of simply nature sprouted grain are in my breadbox. It all fits perfectly with no smushing. This box is so nice!

👤I have had a bread box for several months and have been very pleased with it. I cut the back of my hand on an uncrimped edge so I thought I'd better report it so you won't hurt yourself. The problem is the forward edge of the lid. I sliced myself instead of getting a slice of bread. I like the box too much to toss it, so my husband used a piece of irrigation tubing which he slit and slid on the sharp edge. There is no danger of injury and the tubing is not noticed.

👤Exactly what I was looking for. I decided to go with utility over aesthetic after reading many bread box reviews. The box is small and doesn't crush the bread due to the top roll. It looks sleek and keeps freshness. A breadbox was needed to keep unwanted animals away and consolidate storage after a mouse issue. Cleaned well and had no issues with rough edges. The package came almost open, which is annoying, but won't deduct stars since it had no effect on the product.

👤I thought I was seeing things, but then I looked at the reviews and realized it was probably a manufacturing issue. The item I sent the customer had a crooked handle. The door didn't close properly and was off center. I am very disappointed with Amazon. If a customer reports a faulty item, the best thing to do is to return it to Oggi and let them know.

👤I have had this beautiful, capacious, & wonderfully fortified glass bread box since November of last year. It's taller, wider, and deeper than most breadboxes I've seen, allowing for a variety in sandwich making. The frosted textured glass roll front adds an elegant touch, even on the sticky counter of a less then well regulated home- that sticky factor also accentuates the value of the pleasantly heavy wrap around STAINLESS steel construction, being less likely to rust. There is a If it wasn't also thoroughly mouse proof, all of this wouldn't impress me as much. The heavy glass roll front is easy to get into even sleepy AM hands. Since it slides down rather than up or over, no mice have been able to move the glass to get into the box. There is a I might be willing to share if mice weren't a hapless cause of many awful infections, such as the ones that cause the stomach-wrenching array of illnesses. I will not accept their assumption that they are in my home or my breadbox. There is a I have to find something to fit in a narrow bathroom drawer so I don't lose any soap. Why don't you let the mice eat all the bars of ivory, or at least let them have the expensive handmade soaps?

3. Oggi 7347 Jumbo Grease Stainless

Oggi 7347 Jumbo Grease Stainless

2pcs olive oil spouts, 1 pc Stainless Steel Funnels are included in the package. The bottle mouth should be fit for 0.66 in. Measure the bottle mouth before buying. The large cooking oil container is easy to use. Fine mesh strains particles to make sure used oil is reuse. A container with a tight fitting lid keeps oil fresh and clean. The strainer and container are made from robust steel. It looks great on the kitchen counter. It blends in with black and white appliances.

Brand: Oggi

👤The lid broke after one use of the container. I called Amazon and was told they don't have a way to get the lid. No answer after trying to call Oggi himself. I noticed the round 7 cup lids fit. I have had my pyrex set for over five years and I just bought a new lid. Hopefully this will help other people.

👤In the past few months, I've used the canister twice. The construction of the steel is strong and works well in my fridge. It is a bucket. It does what a bucket does. When straining out the mess from a big frying day, the filter helps a lot. There is a The lid is the issue I have with the product. I pulled it out of the fridge and found the lid cracked in two. When it goes into the can, it is always room temperature. The container's lid is not doing its job, even though it is sitting adequately with the crack. It is kind of an expensive bucket, so I'm disappointed. The manufacturer should be able to replace my lid.

👤I bought this because it was metal and had a strainer. The product has neither a hinged lid nor a pour spout, but it is pictured on the box. Keep looking if those two features are important to you. It fits my needs for me.

👤The product only holds 3.75 quarts, not the advertised 4 quarts. I used a new gallon of oil in my deep fryer and had one cup left. I am holding the deep fryer oil. The strainer removes everything but small pieces. There is a I would have been happy with this product if it held 4 quarts as it states in the item name.

👤I like the 4qt model so far. There is a It's about the size of a standard paint can and has a mesh strainer for catching the gunk in your oils. The strainer can be left in place with the lid attached if you want. The lid is made of plastic. There is a We'll see how it holds up. So far, so good.

👤Something very strange happened, so the rating was lowered from five stars to two stars. I washed it in the dishwasher for the tenth time, and when I flipped it right side up it started dripping liquid everywhere. What the hell? It looked like it came from a small hole in the bottom. It was not leaking from the main container. It looks like they made this container out of two pieces, and I'm pretty sure the bottom flat piece is glue on. They must have had a plug in the bottom hole. I'm not sure if I want to keep using this thing until I know what's going on. There is a My building joined NYC's cooking oil recycling program. The program diverts oil from the sewer system, and the oil can be used as animal feed or refined into biodiesel. I needed a way to store the used oil in the basement because it's a pain to bring it there. My favorite metal is scuplture. This can is the perfect size for my cabinets, and the built-in strainer keeps gunk out of the can. The strainer probably saves me from a stank because I remember reading that the smell of grease recycling is mostly from the bits of food that get mixed in with cooking oil and grease, rather than the grease/oil itself. There is a The strainer could be a lot more coarse, and it would probably catch more junk. I've found that smaller mesh sizes allow for flow while catching smaller stuff when I've tried it out.

4. Chihee Strainer Stainless Container Dust Proof

Chihee Strainer Stainless Container Dust Proof

The size is 16.8 x 3 cm and 6.6 x 1.18 inch. You can enjoy your dressings on the go without worrying about waste or leaking. The oil strainer pot helps them separate food from fat. Food grade SUS 304 is a high temperature resistant material. It is easy to hand clean the separate parts. It is important to keep hygiene and to keep dust out. The fully loaded capacity is 2L/68oz, which is equivalent to the capacity of 2 bottles of 1000ml edible oil, and the optimal capacity is 1.6L/54oz. Use oil, multi-purpose, one pot to meet the daily needs of the family. It can be directly heated and compatible with open flames, so it can be used to solve the problem of reuse of cooked oil. High quality and durable. The parts are made of 304stainless steel and have no rust, high temperature resistance, or wear resistance. The pot body is 2mm thick and has a long service life. The pot body is welded to the handle, making it difficult to break. The perfect design cooking oil container has a lid to stop dust from falling into the oil. An anti-slip coaster tray will prevent oil from spilling onto the counter top or range top if there is a mesh strainer on it. The small eagle mouth shaped pour spout design works well. It is comfortable to hold. Chihee has high quality products and services. They will reply to your email within 24 hours. They will try their best to help you until you are satisfied if you contact them as soon as possible.

Brand: Chihee

👤The capacity is large enough and the strainer filters really well. It is easy to clean the strainer. There were no drippings in the pot. If it happens, I suggest wiping it clean as it may get sticky and harder to clean later on. There is a Since I started using it, there have been no cons.

👤I was concerned about buying a unit. The strainer would be too coarse and would let too much particulate through, which would make the oil useless. The strainer would be too fine and you wouldn't be able to pour oil into the can without stopping and letting it drain them pouring more, etc. The unit works well, so my concerns were for nothing. You can pour a pot of grease directly into the oil and strain the smallest particles out of it, making it usable for longer.

👤The grease can is larger than I expected. It is about the size of a small coffee pot. I wasn't expecting the tray that it sits on, I guess I didn't look at the picture closely enough It looks like it should be easy to clean. The strainer will make the saved grease cleaner because it is large enough to pour the grease into it without it running down the side.

👤Liked it. The size is what it is. The tight lid makes it easy to catch drips. The edge of the strainer tab is not liked. I almost cut my finger on the metal. The lid roll has metal that shows through it. There is a black detail. I don't think this pot will last very long. There is a I worry about the strainer sharp edges in the house. There is a The price is excessive and will be returned.

👤All the little bits are strained out. My dad used to call it bacon "butter" because it was made from fried potatoes, okra, and even half and half for pie crust. A good container with a good handle. The lid doesn't click down on the back side and I don't know if the strainer part should be removed for storage or not. The strained handle was pushed down and the lid was tight. I'm happy now.

👤Get this! If you need a place to store pan grease, then look no further. It is well made, comes with a handy tray for drippings, and the handle is great for transporting so that it won't slip out of your hands. It is my blessing and I am very excited about it. This is the one! I am telling you something.

👤We upgraded the type of cooking oils we use and wanted to get some of the oil back. This seemed to be the best value for the money after studying and looking at the options. It is.

👤I don't fry a lot but when I do I don't want to waste the grease. bacon for beef Bourguignon... I never have a can for bacon grease. Last year I melted a plastic trash can and tried to hit a small can with it, so this year I decided to treat myself. I love it! It works perfectly and is well made. I can keep things in the fridge or on the counter. I use bacon grease in a pan of vegetables or potatoes a lot. I wasted all of that before.

5. Oggi 150 Ounce Stainless Airtight Canister

Oggi 150 Ounce Stainless Airtight Canister

It'sTILE: The bread box from Oggi can be used to keep all types of baked goods fresh and tidy. Oggi's bread boxes are large and can be used for medication storage. There is endurance and consecration. The jumbo 150oz containers made from durable steel will fit in both modern and traditional kitchens. There are two types of lungs: air traffic and see-thu lungs. The contents are kept fresh and dry due to the Silicone gasket and locking clamps. It'sTILE: These canisters are great for storing cookies, flour, tea, coffee, spices, and other kitchen items. The jumbo 150oz size makes it easy to store a lot of food. Premium materials. OGGI Kitchen Canisters are made from food grade STAINLESS steel and have a long- lasting silicone seal to protect your food. These metal containers are easy to care for, they only need to be clean between uses.

Brand: Oggi

👤I'm not happy with this. The ring seal inside the lid won't stay put, so I can't open and close it without it falling out. It doesn't seal right if I push it back into place. That's a real problem since I'm using this as a countertop compost collection bin. I had a similar one from another brand that I really liked, but it rusted after 10 years, and I have hated this one since I got it a month ago.

👤Take a photo and measure tape. The one on the left is not the same as the one on the right. There is a I bought the one on the right at Walmart. It is 8 inches high and has a pull up handle. The latter has better features and is taller. I hope they do that one day so I can buy it. The delivery service by Amazon was great, even though I was not happy with the purchase. The quality of the packaging and delivery was amazing. Thank you Amazon.

👤I bought this canister because I had previously owned Oggi products and I was expecting it to be decent. The first 3 issues were obvious to pull out of the box, and one that I found even worse was the poorly designed hinge. It looks like the ring was assembled with pliers because of the huge gap between the ends. The molten plastic doesn't set fully, so the lid is warped. Reeks are cheap. I thought the label was taped on, but it's not, it's fully adhered with a very sticky glue, and I found it left as much on the can as on the label. Terrible. There is a The one I found after the first ones was that this has many metal parts, and all of them are punched out without any finish, so the edges are very sharp, not cut-your- finger sharp, but uncomfortable to touch. The plastic on the lid was pushed out of the mold and not finished. The value of this product is very low even at the low cost. If you have the option, buy another one.

👤These containers have a gasket that makes the seal between the canister and the top. When the top is closed, the gasket doesn't stay in place. My use of this container requires that I open and close it at least half a dozen times a day or more, and at least a couple of times a day I have to re-seat the gasket so that the container will close properly. This design is not good. The container was not adequately tested before it was put on the market. Don't buy it!

👤I bought this to keep my husband's breakfast in mind. And I. I wouldn't have to borrow her tupperware because we always forget to give those back. The rubber on the top of the cannister keeps coming off even after I try to put it back in. I'm going to glue it. I shouldn't have to glue it because I'm not picky. It gets the job done.

6. Oggi Perforated 9 5 Inch Stainless Soft Grip

Oggi Perforated 9 5 Inch Stainless Soft Grip

These metal containers are easy to care for, they only need to be clean between uses. High quality steel. Fine holes allow for fast and efficient drainage. Soft grip handles are easy to handle. Hand washing with a mild cleanser is recommended.

Brand: Oggi

👤This was the size and shape I needed for a small saucepan and small serving. The handle is spot welded. There was nothing to hold the handle in place but the spot-weld, and the extreme leverage of the handle tore off the welds. The photos show how one side of the handle has broken off from metal fatigue at the weld point, and the other side is beginning to break off as well. The broken weld was either positioned over a hole or the welding created a hole right under the mounting point. The handle broke after a gentle motion to shake off water. There were tell-tale "ticks" as the weld weakened. There is a The holes in the colander are a manufacturing defect. The holes are the whole point, but they were punched through and left a rough edge. If you aren't careful, this will cut your fingers. Considering how difficult it is to clean something with hundreds of holes in it, having these tiny serrated lips around each one almost defeats the purpose of the tool, and adds a real risk of injury. One shouldn't expect to be careful around knives and sharp objects in a kitchen, but a colander should. There is a It took more than a year for the handle to break, but this was due to my having realized early on that the handle attachment was going to be the first point of failure. I can't return it, and wouldn't expect to get it back for a long time, but this product and its manufacturer are off my list for quality kitchen tools. The form factor design received one extra star, which is great, but useless.

👤I would love to review how this colander was the great weapon of Lord Oggi, or something like that. They changed the design for the customer, unless I got the only one. I would like to make a more serious review for that. I bought the 6.5 a while back and it was great. The handle began to break after 2.5 years. It came off after another 6 months, and still works great to let things drain in the sink, and no more handle to get in the way of storage! I thought it was time to get a new one. I ordered another 6.5 because I liked the previous one so much, even with a weak handle. When I received the new one, they reinforced the handle with a plate and multiple spot welds. The diameter of the model was reduced by 1/2 inch because they needed to get the material from another area. The prior model was 6" inside the rim, but it's now 6.5" from outside. This size is very convenient for 2 person serving. If the new handle holds up over time, I will definitely upgrade to 5 star.

👤It was in one piece and I loved it. The handle broke off after a year of near daily use, but it was still a good product. It might have given under the weight because we used it to strain large quantities of noodles and pasta. There is a It was great while it lasted. Hope there are more styles like this. The long handle is our go-to. We bought a 9.5 inch instead of the 10 inch because it was getting a little more expensive. Well... It's an 8 inch collander, not like the title says, but it is. No matter how you measure it, it's not 9.5 inch. We got the 10 inch instead of the returned one. Hope this one lasts longer than the last one.

7. Oggi Double Bucket Stainless Scoop

Oggi Double Bucket Stainless Scoop

The ice bucket has double wall technology to keep it frozen longer. The temperature is sealed in for maximum insulation. Clear 888-405-7720 Avoids ice that is contaminated. CONVENIENT AND HANDY includes a carry handle and large ice scoop to keep surfaces dry. It's easy to clean and care for, just wash with soap and water. The large coke ice bucket is 3.8 liters. It's large enough for any party. Perfect for parties, it keeps your ice cool and clean at social gatherings, while looking sleek and stylish indoors or outdoors. The scoop holder and carry handle make it easy to move the ice bucket around.

Brand: Oggi

👤It is what someone wants to sit on the bar. It's probably ok for occasional use, but day to day use is more problematic. Our reason for buying is that the ice machine in our fridge broke and the part that was needed is no longer available. The ice in the refrigerator is great. It's difficult to get to the ice in a hidden compartment. The ice bucket was projected to be used daily. There is a The ice bucket is not good for daily use. It is double walled for condensation but not insulated. The hinged lid is not good for cleaning. The glue on the "BPA Free" label does not come off. You are left with a sticky spot that still has a sticker on it. The glue should be removed when the label is peeled if it's intended for the consumer to remove it. The clear plastic lid will likely be damaged by using a cleaner.

👤After our first use, this fell apart. The part is not secured with glue because it snaps on the outside of the bucket. We are trying to glue the bottom of the bucket to the main body and then snap it back together with a band. The ice stayed in the bucket for a long time and the styling of the scoop is poor. It looks nice, but it's not a great product. I would return it. We threw the box away.

👤The item was in 2 separate pieces. I bought it due to so many reviews. I looked up the reviews for 1 and 2 stars and there were many that said the same thing. The plastic lid holds prints and water stains. I washed the entire bucket because I couldn't put my finger prints together in time. If I wanted to use my prints in a party it would look dirty and ugly. I might try to buy it in person.

👤We don't have an ice maker so I bought this for our party. It looks great and is no-slip. It's easy to fill. Everyone from children to elderly were using this with ease when we had 25 guests. The rubber on the lower part of the bucket helped me get a better hold of the bucket when it was full, because I have arthritis in my hands. There is a The OXO steel Ice tongs were bought to use with the scoop because it was a little flimsy. They fit in the scoop holder. There is a The ice bucket was out on the counter for about 6 hours before I emptied it at the end of the night. It is amazing.

👤I have owned this for a long time. The bad: a scoop to get ice. You don't have to sit it down if the lid stays on. The lid cracked almost immediately after I bought it, and I had to turn it on after I cleaned it. The scoop needs to be welded to fix it. It doesn't have a bottom drain that keeps the melted water out of the ice. There is a It did work for a while, but not well. Ice is melting sooner than expected.

8. Container Stainless Storage Strainer Suitable

Container Stainless Storage Strainer Suitable

Non-stick coating on both inside and outside make it easy to clean. It's easy to clean and it's dishwasher safe. After you clean the strainer, please dry it as soon as possible. 304Stainless Steal. The kitchen oil container and coaster tray are made of 304 Stainless Steal, which is non-stick and is more durable than other types of coating. The grease container has a fine filter that can make bacon grease, cooking oil, coconut oil, fat, and frying oil reuse and provide convenient storage. Also can be used for making tea and gravy. Perfect design. The cooking oil container has a lid, strainer, container and tray. The container with 2L capacity and easy-grip handle make it smooth pouring, the strainer can effectively filter fine particles, and the V-shaped pouring pot makes it drip-proof. Oil can't be splashed on the table if there is a non-slip tray. Large Capacity The maximum capacity of the grease container is 2L/68oz, and the optimal capacity is 1.8L/61oz. Can you meet your family's daily use of oil, storing other liquids, and filters? The size is 6 X 5.8inch. It is easy to clean the bacon grease strainer container with dish soap and soft fiber. After you clean the strainer, please dry the filter as soon as possible.

Brand: Fwiexa

👤I thought it was smaller. Like the color. It is easy to clean the screen. It's a grease can. There is a I could not pry the lid off the last one. It struck to the can. This one doesn't.

👤I am very pleased with my container. The slate blue color looks great on the countertop. The strainer works as expected. It's easy to move it around because it sits in the holder. There were no problems with shipping. It was well packed and there were no defects. I would buy again.

👤The container looks good next to the stove. It protects against heat of hot oil you pour into it and catches any drippings that occur if you pour oil from the container. I was pleased with this... The lid could fit better. Otherwise perfect.

👤It's easy to clean the screen with a good size. The blue is a beautiful color.

👤My mom received this gift for Christmas. This is the largest container we have ever seen. The structure of this container is built to handle the task of separating grease and meat bits from grease, and it holds a lot of grease.

👤I love this bacon grease keeper. The color is large enough to keep grease out of the air.

👤It looks like it was well made. There is some weight to it. I think it's worth the price. The color is not as bright as I was expecting. It is still attractive and could stand out in a crowd.

👤Will hold a lot of grease. This is a good item to have on hand if you use a lot for cooking.

👤The design is too large for my family. If you cook a lot of bacon or duck, it would be great.

9. Zulay Bacon Grease Container Strainer

Zulay Bacon Grease Container Strainer

The dishwasher safe and heat resistant is 5 x 5 x 5 inch. Store bacon grease with ease, it's the perfect accompaniment for your kitchen recipes. The Zulay Kitchen Grease Bacon Container makes it easy to store pure grease. The fine mesh filter helps keep out bits and pieces. It's perfect for storing bacon grease. The container is rust-resistant, lightweight and has a generous 1 liter capacity, which is why it is called the Timeless Classic Design. The curved handle keeps your hand safe from hot grease and the pouring lip makes pouring bacon grease easy. The strainer can be removed without closing the lid. bacon grease makes everything better, from cooking eggs to flipping pancakes. You can now enjoy bacon grease for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day. Use the delicious bacon grease instead of buying oil, sprays, or commercially packaged bacon grease to save money. If you want to prolong the life of your bacon grease, pour the melted bacon fat through the strainer, keep the fitted lid on your container, and store it in the refrigerator. It can be stored in your refrigerator or stove. It is possible to clean with soapy water or in the dishwasher. Zulay guarantees no hassle with their bacon grease container with strainer and they love it. Have faith that this product will last. They will make it right if you contact them. This product will live up to your expectations if you order now. If it does not, they have your back. Chances are you will not need to reach out.

Brand: Zulay Kitchen

👤I wanted to replace a worn grease can. This one works well for storing bacon grease, filters out the solid bits, and has a large capacity that is suitable for a family that likes a lot of bacon. It has been through the dishwasher before, and doesn't show any rust. The lid doesn't stay on the can, it rests on top. The can in a crowded fridge knocks the lid off. I don't want bacon on my other foods, so it's nice to have a bacon scented refrigerator. I don't want my bacon grease in the fridge. If the lid was tightly fitted on the can, this would be a 5 star product.

👤I was very happy with this when I got it. I picked up some bacon grease and realized that it had left a rusty ring on my white countertop, which I can't completely remove. There is a I decided to buy it because of the fact that it's made of a metal that doesn't rust, but I'm pretty sure that it's not. The lid doesn't fit in and it balances precariously. Unless you don't mind rust on your counter, don't buy this bacon grease container.

👤The manufacturing quality is one of the main reasons for getting above 1 star. The designer must have been sleeping in the sun with the "raw bacon" when he came up with the design of the lid. The lid falls off. The lid was designed to fit on top of the can. If you reach in the fridge, you'll be able to find the bacon grease. Stupid move! I would have sent it back if I hadn't torn up the packaging.

👤The strainer and lid fit well. It's very light. I'm happy I bought this one. I got it for saving bacon grease. If you want something to use with a deep fryer, I would recommend a larger one, but this is a perfect size for my purpose, and reminds me of what my mom used to do.

👤I liked it at first. I keep it on my counter, away from my stove, and wash the main part often. There is a I realized after the most recent wash that I had to wipe oil off my counter all the time. There is a hole in the bottom. There is a The description says it is rust resistant. It should be able to handle some heat being poured into it, so there is no excuse for this. Unless I find it somewhere on the page, there is no way to talk to the seller about having it replaced.

👤I replaced a strainer that fell out when you poured grease. The top doesn't fit this one. I don't like it at all. If I can't find another use for it, I'll probably throw it away.

👤The mesh allows grease to flow through nicely. The cup, screen and lid are sturdy and good quality.

👤You can wash or dispose of some of the mess that is generally messy to use and clean. Can be used as a gravy container.

10. Container Strainer Cooking Stainless Disposal

Container Strainer Cooking Stainless Disposal

We do value their customers and hope they enjoy their shopping experience. If there is a problem with their oil dispensers, please contact them via email and they will solve the problem asap. The grease container is made of steel. No Rust, High Temperature Resistance, Corrosion Resistance, Wear Resistance, and No Deformation were present. The service life is longer because the pot body is thick and difficult to break. Fry your bacon, then pour the excess fat into the oil strainer. Good for storing bacon oil, grease, fat, cooking oil, coconut oil, frying oil, hot oil, etc. Dust-proof lid to keep it clean, Anti-slip/ anti-scald handle, Curved spout for smooth pouring and drip-proof, Large capacity truly realizes storage function,removable mesh strainer which is fine enough to filter out old batter pieces from cooked items. It is easy to separate food pieces from cooking oil with the Fine mesh strainer. You can store juices, soups, and so on. Can help with the kitchen liquid storage needs. Non-stick coating on both inside and outside make it easy to clean. It's easy to clean and it's dishwasher safe. After you clean the strainer, please dry it as soon as possible.

Brand: Morden Ms

👤I wanted to get back into cooking Chinese food after buying a new electric wok. The problem with a lot of Chinese food is that it requires large amounts of cooking oil, which can be hard to reuse, if it can't be recycled after deep-frying in the wok. The container is the right size to catch, filter and store the oil in the refrigerator for a long time. If you're cooking multiple dishes, it's a good idea to strain the oil to make sure they're not contaminated with burnt traces of what you cooked earlier.

👤It works well for straining grease, but not great for storage. The lid is not tight on the can. It spills out when it moves around. The only option is to leave it on the counter. It will fly all over the place. Can't put it in the fridge. Grease will not last very long.

👤I don't like saving grease. I'm not sure if it's healthy. Saving grease or cooking oil can be messy. I'm willing to use the oil I fried potatoes or chicken in a second time, even though bacon grease is important in some recipes. I like the sturdiness of this little oil pitcher, and it's austere, but what I like most about it is that I can place a regular sized fine strainer over the top to keep grease out of my counter top. When you need to wash it, a little Dawn and hot water is the way to go. It's a short job. I would advise hand drying immediately. I'm happy I bought it.

👤This item reminds me of an old style coffee pot that was once used to sit on the stove. I remember my mother using something similar to this when she was cooking. She would put that oil in it. I believe that this product can help the environment by keeping people from pouring grease down the drain. It has its environmental impact usage.

👤It's not much to say other than works. It appears to be well built. The strainer is fine.

👤The product is exactly what it is described as. It is strong. It has a tray to sit on. The mesh screen is easy to clean. It is very appealing sitting on my counter.

👤It works the way it is described. It appears to be well built. It works very well. It has a good amount of oil.

👤I saved my bacon droppings for seasoning in the kitchen.

👤Your grandmother saved bacon fat because it was good for flavor. The fat recovery system is designed to make it easy to do. The strainer makes it easy to separate clean fat. It is large enough to hold a lot of fat. Everything you need to store bacon fat.

👤It is easy to clean and large enough for my use. Thanks!

11. Aulett Home Grease Container Strainer

Aulett Home Grease Container Strainer

Chihee has high quality products and services. They will reply to your email within 24 hours. They will try their best to help you until you are satisfied if you contact them as soon as possible. This bacon grease container is for handling bacon grease. The curved handle of the cooking oil container makes it less prone to getting hot. It's perfect for storing bacon grease and oil. Just like Mom did, add flavor. Fry your bacon and pour the excess fat into the oil strainer. Now you can add bacon flavor to your food. I like bacon! Simple design that works. The hidden strainer can be used to separate particles and help with pouring. The mesh screen and canister have a lid over them. The metal jar allows you to wash the fryer without throwing away the oil. The right size. The bacon grease can is good for 5 cups of fat from the pan. You can use this in your kitchen as a grease strainer and cooking oil filter. If you want to get your money back, enjoy cooking more. With a 30 day money back guarantee and a 1 year free replacement warranty, there is no need to worry. Add to cart now.

Brand: Aulett Home

👤I needed to collect bacon drippings from the used peanut oil in my other container, so I purchased this as a second grease container. I wanted a different brand for the bacon drippings. This unfortunate choice was made because of that. The lid and strainer are not fitted, so there is no effective interlock between them. I think we know how inertia and gravity will work out over time, because you are totally dependent on them. A sham lift lever is more likely to cause an accident than it is to facilitate the use of the container. I suggest that you look at the "MyLifeUNIT 1.7 Quart Oil Storage" ASIN: B01L1SD4BG. I have been using one of the alternative units for a year and it has worked very well.

👤I used this product all the time and I loved it. When I started to notice grease on my counter top, my love ended. I looked at my container and found a hole in the bottom. I keep it in the same spot on my counter and it's far from a heat source. I'm not sure if anyone else has this problem, but I'm worried about how this got a hole.

👤I have purchased 6 of them. I buy them for everyone I know. This is the best way to keep bacon grease. I keep it on the counter next to the stove, and I use the bacon grease to cook. Delish! Please cook your bacon in the oven or on the stove, not in the microwave. This bacon grease holder is for sale. The cost is great and it's easy to use. I washed the container, dried it, and dumped the grease in the trash because I didn't use it fast enough. You will want to wipe the outside regularly, but it seems normal with the counter. Get one! Give two! You will not be sorry.

👤You can't find anything that will be perfect. You want something that can help be better, this will work. My 85 year old father knows not to put grease down the drain, so he does it anyway. I wanted to get angry but realized I have to give a better option. This product is a good option to fix my problem, not my anger issues, but it does help with the grease not going down the drain.

👤I bought this in October. The kids have been making a mess for the last 2 months. I finally realized that there is a hole in the bottom of my grease keeper. I transferred the grease from the other one to the other one. If I can get the information on how to contact them, I'll be able to find out how good their warranty service is. I will update as I find out more.

👤My husband liked it and said it's rare. A good product would be a good gift for someone.

👤A quality item that has been useful in my kitchen. Two aspects of its construction are of particular value to me. It is easier to pour bacon grease into a container with a wider top than it is to pour it into a container with a rim. The wire 'filter' is designed to catch small debris and particles in the construction site. The mes screen is easy to wash. The design is superior, the construction is of a high quality, and it serves its designed function very well.


What is the best product for oggi cooking grease container, 4 quart, stainless steel?

Oggi cooking grease container, 4 quart, stainless steel products from Oggi. In this article about oggi cooking grease container, 4 quart, stainless steel you can see why people choose the product. Chihee and Fwiexa are also good brands to look for when you are finding oggi cooking grease container, 4 quart, stainless steel.

What are the best brands for oggi cooking grease container, 4 quart, stainless steel?

Oggi, Chihee and Fwiexa are some of the best brands that chosen by people for oggi cooking grease container, 4 quart, stainless steel. Find the detail in this article. Zulay Kitchen, Morden Ms and Aulett Home are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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