Best Mason Jar Lids for Cooking

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1. Mouth VERONES Wedding Favors Shower

Mouth VERONES Wedding Favors Shower

Store up to 1 year, freeze up to 3 weeks, and fresh preserve up to 1 year. The set includes a case of 6 Mason Jars and Silver Lids. High quality clothes. The set is designed for convenience. Each jar can be used for many different things. Use glass jars instead of disposable containers for your supplies because cans can affect the flavor and freshness of your supplies. The Verones mason jars have an elegant design. The jars have clear glass. You can use the wide mouth silver lids to store the jars. TILE & MULTIPURPOSE: The quilted mason jars are ideal for shower gifts. Make a Thoughtful Gift - fill with Preserves, Spices, Jams, candles, or Honey - decorate with string, Ribbons, or create one-of-a-Kind wedding Favors. Save your money and get a 100% guarantee for long life used. You can freeze up to 1 year. Store for up to one year. Save your money and get a 100% guarantee for long life used. You can freeze up to 1 year. Store for up to one year.

Brand: Verones

👤I drink tea and coffee in mason jars. The jar cracked when I poured water in it. I thought it was a mistake, but I just cracked another one. I've bought thinner walls in the past but I couldn't resist the urge to buy 6 at once. There is a I don't think they work well for other uses.

👤The jars look nice, but the lids don't fit, so you can't seal them. If you want to use them for canning or something like that, look elsewhere. These won't hold up.

👤You can with them once, but don't buy additional seals and lids and canning with them again. These are not standard wide mouth jars. Rip-offs are very expensive. I was not happy with all the Ball jars that were available through Amazon. You can get real wide mouth Ball jars at your local ACE Hardware store. You can get a 12-pack of beer at my local store for only $12, but you can also get some delivery or curbside pickup. Disappointing that vendors are taking advantage of the situation.

👤The pattern on the jar is pretty. I was not happy with the measurement. It overflowed when I poured 16 Oz of water. I could use a maximum of 12 Oz of liquid. It shouldn't be over 10 OZ to freeze liquids.

👤When I ordered these jars, I had a plan to make jam on the day I picked the blackberries. I got home from berry picking and opened the cute jars, they were all intact. I started preparing the jars for sterilization after cooking my berries for jam. I was shocked to learn that the lid will not tighten. If you try to tighten it, it pops off. The ring is useless. I had nothing else to put in my jam so I tried to use them. I have to use it all up before it goes bad. This is a joke. A canning jar that only looks like a canning jar is useless. Very angry!

👤These were packaged in a very strong foam to prevent any damage. The lids leak. I am very disappointed that Mason Jars would leak, I'm not sure why they would do that.

👤The company was great to work with and the original pack I got did not seal. I washed them after taking them out of the box. I used my food saver to seal them, but the lids were too large. The rings were not damaged. I threw the box they came in. I was with them. After I contacted the company, they sent me new rings and lids. They are perfect now. I have gotten many jars from them before and will continue to do so, they are a great company to work with.

👤I have been using these jars to come up with new ideas. Breakfast with fruit and salads for lunch. I used them to serve dessert with banana pudding and whipped cream. When I want to get rid of a large milk carton, I just pour the liquid into one of the jars and it will free up space in the fridge. They make great containers for food gifts.

2. Ball Wide Mouth Mason Capacity

Ball Wide Mouth Mason Capacity

The one gallon glass jar with lid is perfect to use as a kimchi jar. 6 pack canning jars are perfect for canning, preserving, and fermenting fruits and veggies that can be canned and sealed for up to 18 months. There are markings for precise filling. Writing dates and identifying contents is done with a label line. The sturdy glass construction is made in America and USDA approved. Clear glass jars are easy to see and wide mouth canning jars are easy to fill and wash. A quality air-tight seal with each lid is ensured by the Almighty Seal. For a freeze capacity of up to 3 weeks, fill up until 12 ounces. Preserve can be stored up to 1 year. You can test with dull sounds for best seal. Make and serve drinks, desserts, salads, and overnight oats. Mason jar decor is a great way to make a unique gift. Paint flowers, candle jars, and other items to make them look better. Ball Mason Jars: Ball has been around since the early 1900's and is the most recognized name in home canning, representing everything you could want in a Mason jar with old-school American-made sturdy glass, supporting USA jobs!

Brand: Sewanta

👤This is a scam. These are 8oz and not worth the price. You can buy them for $1 and a dozen for 10 dollars at Target, Walmart, Whole Foods, etc. If I didn't take them out, I would return them all.

👤I bought these before I knew what was happening. The jars are over priced. I can buy 12 of the same jars for $12 elsewhere. $30 was paid here.

👤I like my new jars. I like the wide mouth and straight up and down design. There are no ridges at the top. My son didn't like the last jars I bought because he couldn't get his tongue out of the jar. It's a good thing. Thank you for the jar opener!

👤Everything I needed and wanted was there. They are expensive. I saw them at Walmart. The quality is good. I can't complain about that.

👤I decided to pay a steep price for a set of Ball jars to freeze soup. The curvy neck made the Ball jars crack in the freezer. The jars with straight shoulders sometimes fail, cracking under the pressure of the expanding liquid. The higher density of soup causes the liquid to expand sideways rather than up, cracking the glass, despite leaving space on top. The cost effective solution is probably Ziploc bags.

👤I bought them for freezing. I bought the blue jars a couple years ago and have been looking for freezer 16 oz jars. These are not expensive for me. If you buy canning jars more cheaply, they are the wrong jars. These jars are used to make big pot meals. They have a freezer on them. The description is off. If you want to freeze, buy these jars. They are great. Can you buy other jars for less? If you want, you can use these for canning. I think they are multi-purpose.

👤It's perfect for taking soup to work. The plastic ones don't leak when used with the metal ones.

👤The jars are easy to use. These are homemade jams that I make from local fruit. The last set I ordered came with 6 bubble wrapped jars instead of a cardboard box. The original cardboard box with its jar separating compartments is very useful for storage. It's much better than six jars. I would order again because prior orders have been in the case.

👤Thank you so much! Very well packed. There is a It's a good product to make good food. Valuable!

👤The description matches the one in the picture. Storage jars are very useful.

3. Vtopmart Airtight Preserving Drinking Overnight

Vtopmart Airtight Preserving Drinking Overnight

90 day return. They offer a 90 day money back guarantee. If you have any issues with their jar, please contact them and they will fix it within 12 hours. The perfect size for canning is 16 ounces of glass mason jar. It's great for meal prepping and taking food on the go, such as salads, leftovers, overnight oats, chopped fruits and veggies. There are two kinds of airtight lid. The package includes 12 sets of lids and bands, which could meet your demands. The metal lids can be used many times. A screw-on lid with a Silicone liner will keep beverages fresh and prevent dry foods from going rancid. Regular mouth. The glass jar has a wide opening that makes it easy to scoop out items. The silver caps are very elegant. The wide mouth allows for easy accessibility to the bottom of the mason jar for easy and thorough cleaning by hand with a wet cloth. Multiple use. You can use the mason jars in many different ways. They are great for storing dry food such as sugar, beans, spice, oats, pasta, cookies, and candy. You can use these mason jars to make your own project. These canning jars are sturdy enough for everyday home use. They are clear, so you can see what's in them. You can label these jars with extra chalk labels. They are a multi-purpose item for your home and kitchen. These canning jars are sturdy enough for everyday home use. They are clear, so you can see what's in them. You can label these jars with extra chalk labels. They are a multi-purpose item for your home and kitchen.

Brand: Vtopmart

👤The jars arrived undamaged and with all the items noted when ordered. The good ended there. After cooking the BBQ sauce, the jars were filled to the top of the jar. I opened the pressure canner after 1.25 hours and found that the BBQ sauce was in the pressure canners water and caused the smell. It was a huge loss and all the work to process the sauce, because it ruined nearly one and a quarter gallons of BBQ sauce. Will need to make more sauce for the cookout. Did you not know these jars were imported? I've canned non-import jars of BBQ sauce for years. The failure was costly and won't be repeated.

👤These are perfect for this purpose and I bought them to make the extract. Each jar was wrapped in bubble wrap and placed in individual case dividers. The glass is thinner than I am used to, but they were fine and what I expected. I would buy a thicker jar if I were to preserve food.

👤These are used for overnight oats and prepared breakfasts. I have not used them for canning, but they work well as single-serving breakfast containers. You'll want a dish brush to reach in and scrub the inside, it's a bit of a pain.

👤You don't have to be a canner to use these awesome jar's. I like how Mason jar's are expanding on the various ways you can use them. They will be a must have in your kitchen. Regardless of how you use them, you will have complete confidence that they will perform perfectly. Amazon has the best collection's for multiple use's and I'm excited to collect all the top attachment's.

👤I spent my money on this product. The jars bulged after being in the pressure cooker. There are two sealed brands in the back. Most of the rings wouldn't thread correctly on the jars, which caused the pressure cooker to leak.

👤When did the Farmer's Market become hip? I bought a bunch of vegetables. Can I do that? These have about 12 cans of relish. I don't know what the extra lids are, but I will figure it out soon.

👤Each jar has two sets of lids. This is my first time using jars like this, but they are working out great. I don't know what the second set of lids is for.

👤It is difficult to get the rings to screw on jars. They don't fit well. There were more failures with this. I really liked the smooth surface jars for applying labels.

4. County Line Kitchen Leak Proof Innovative

County Line Kitchen Leak Proof Innovative

It's not compatible with regular size, so check the size of your jar before purchasing. The flip cap lid is easy to open and stay open when pouring into cups or drinking. The jar will never have a leak because of the tight seal on the gasket. The lid makes it easy to brew, store, and pour. Sturdy handle allows for easy handling and movement. Large spout on this jar makes it a great substitute for mugs and cups, allowing large amounts of your favorite drink. Large spout on this jar makes it a great substitute for mugs and cups, allowing large amounts of your favorite drink.

Brand: County Line Kitchen

👤I store distilled water in 1/2 gallon wide mouth mason jars after buying a water distiller a couple of months ago. The jars are great for storing the water, but the metal lids are a hassle to use, and are meant for canning. I would have to use 2 hands to pour the water out of the wide mouth jar. I knew I needed this when I saw the flip cap lid on Amazon. It has not disappointed. The jar is leak-proof with a Silicone seal and the lid screws on. The handle is strong enough to hold a full jar of water. Again, I am using large 1/2 gallon jars. I can pour it with one hand. The pour spout makes it easy to pour the amount I need. I think it looks nice. I like the blue with the gray, but I'm not sure if it comes in different colors. This is part of my water distilling arsenal. I think it was worth the cost since I will be using it every day. I would definitely recommend it.

👤I was hesitant to buy it. The weight of a half gallon mason jar filled to the brim with coffee could not be supported by a plastic lid and handle. The answer is that the thing is very sturdy and made of high grade plastic. I was surprised that it could handle so much weight without bending.

👤I love them so much! I use mason jars for my breast milk. When I put milk into freezer bags, I don't spill it. Definitely worth the money.

👤The other pour spout lid I bought had a major problem, it was nearly impossible to get off. The reviews for the county line lid were read by me. They seemed to have fixed the problem with their design. I thought the lid with the handle would kill my complaints of using 2 quart mason jars. I can't tell you if the standard lid is easy to get off. I can tell you that this was not true. The large sturdy handle gives a good grip for pouring and taking the lid off. I dropped a review after buying another one. The lid is awesome. I want one for lemonade and cold brew coffee.

👤I expected this to be a way to put a handle and pour spout onto a widemouth canning jar. It's perfect! The act of picking up a ball jar isn't that easy because of partial paralysis in a hand, and it's even more dangerous if I cook it in a microwave. This handle allows me to pick it up with one hand, even though I am partially paralyzed, and in a way that my fingers don't brush up against the jar. It appears that there are no metal parts in the hinging mechanism, which is an advantage of having one of these. If you plan to microwave a ball jar with this handle attachment, be aware that it adds enough height to the jar that I had trouble fitting it in a small microwave and, consequently, accidentally bumped the lid closed, which caused a messy "explosion" of the heated contents out. I'm looking forward to getting a few more of these. I'll use one to store maple syrup and another to store alternative milks I use. If you have limited hand mobility, it's difficult to manage the square cardboard containers that come in them. I'll put them in a jar with one of the lids.

5. Canning Pickles Kitchen Storage Caviar

Canning Pickles Kitchen Storage Caviar

These canning jars are sturdy enough for everyday home use. They are clear, so you can see what's in them. You can label these jars with extra chalk labels. They are a multi-purpose item for your home and kitchen. The high quality jars are made of the highest quality materials and are convenient. Large volume, hold 12oz,thick glass,lead free food safe glass jars. The mason jar has an elegant design and the transparent glass can clearly distinguish what is inside. The included lids are sealed to prevent leaks and make it easy to open and close. The jar comes with a time tested ceiling compound to make it perfect for preserving and canning. It's safe for the refrigerator and the freezer, it's easy to grab and clean. It's perfect for wedding favors,shower favors party favors or other homemade gifts. Try filling with bath salts, body butter, nuts, buttons, beads, and essential oils. Food safe grade glass and dishwasher safe. The glass jar is made of food grade safe material and is easy to clean. Food safe grade glass and dishwasher safe. The glass jar is made of food grade safe material and is easy to clean.

Brand: Qappda

👤It was great for my candle. Thank you, ScarlettLites.

👤The jars had a black lid and labels that were attractive to me. I filled all the jars with peppers and then moved them because most of the jars were leaking from the lid. Some of the lids would only turn a half a turn. I wouldn't recommend food storage.

👤The reviews on this product are mixed. I think that different vendors must fulfill this item. I bought this item for the purpose of storing homemade sauces, soups and vegetables in the freezer. Why does this jar break in the freezer when it is described as freezer safe? See the photo. This is the second one. Even though I had used the same method with other glass containers before, I thought it was my storage method that contributed to its fail. I will return to buying my usual glass containers because they are more expensive and not as cute. 1 star for being dishwasher safe and 1 star for being aesthetic.

👤Disappointed. They aren't water tight. I decided to use this type of jar for elderberry syrup. They leaked all over my trunk after I delivered them. It was a real embarrassment. I keep them for table decorations with flowers, marbles, and seashells. Don't use them for canning with liquids.

👤These are not wide mouth jars. I ordered these because I didn't want to spend a lot on jars. I didn't think about it when I took them out of the box. When I started my project this morning, I realized they are not wide mouth jars. The jar has a lid on it. A wide mouth ring is used for jars. They are definitely not wide mouth jars. I can use them for other things, but they are not wide mouth and are regular jars. They were packaged well and kept from breaking. I can't say if they are leak-proof yet since I am only using one. I don't know if these are rated for canning, so I wouldn't use them. I don't know what I will use them for, but they will be usable for me at some point. I would have returned them, but I didn't notice they weren't what I wanted. They seem to be decent quality, but they won't be easy to clean as I was expecting.

👤I don't need a separate lid like Ball, but I like these and think they are good. There is no information about how to properly seal these. I followed the same process as Ball, but hours after I took the jars out, I found I could tighten the lids even though they were tight to begin with. I hear something like air escaping with one jar. Is it a seal or not? Do I have to repeat? Should I have tried to tighten my hand? After the canning process, the Ball lid is always loose and you have to tighten it. I don't know if my food is safe because I used these jars. Someone else can comment on this.

6. Ball Mason Jar Lids Standard

Ball Mason Jar Lids Standard

Food-Grade Plastic andBPA free, dishwasher safe. These screw-on, one-piece plastic caps can be used to turn mason jars into practical storage containers for pantry, refrigerator or freezer, as well as dry storage items. The item model number is 11900. The package has a dimensions of 3.03" W x 3.03" H.

Brand: Ball

👤The states that are leak proof must not allow anyone to put liquid into jars. These are not leak proof. They were a waste of money. Ball sells white lids that don't leak as quickly, but they might be marginally better. If you have liquid in a jar with one of these lids, you should expect it to leak. This is a complete garbage product.

👤My clothes were covered in my juice. They leak. Unless you store craft supplies in them, don't purchase them.

👤The lids are not leakproof. If you accidentally tip something over in the fridge or freezer, it will cause a mess and the jar will leak, but there is no gasket in the lid so you'll be fine. I use mason jars to take my lunch to work, so do need a 100% leakproof cap, as the jars are in my lunchbag on the commute. iLids brand lids are the only ones that are leakproof and have a gasket that can be cleaned. Ball has had white storage lids on the market for years, but they are not as advertised.

👤I bought these because they are leak-proof, but they are not. I used them for my chia pudding and when I gave the jar a light shake to stir it up, every single jar splashed almond milk. Not happy.

👤I put the lid on a ball mason jar and held it upside down. It was leaked.

👤Love these tops. It is easy to open and leakproof. The wide mouth jars were leak proof but the regular mouth jars had a few leaks when I put them on their sides to test them. I still recommend them because they don't put jars on their sides. I like to put the lid on my jar of ice tea. I highly recommend the metal canning tops.

👤I need lids that are easy to take on and off with no shuffling to get them lined up and no screeching as you tighten them. However. They are not close to leakproof. Even a small amount of liquid will run down the side.

👤I follow a guy on social media who makes the most brightly colored homemade fruit drinks, and he puts them in big jars, with these lids on them. I've seen them around and tried to get them off, but we needed more food storage at home and we had jars with metal lids. We needed to get these. They are beautiful, but this sounds funny. They look great on jars. They fit. They feel great. It was easy to take off. No rust here! It's easy to clean, and a pleasure to have on hand. You can use mason jars to make many things.

👤The feel and look of the lids are very good, and they have not leaked once in the few months I've been using them. I found the exact same lids from the same brand at my local tire store, which was significantly cheaper, a week after I received them. I feel cheated.

7. WIDE Mouth Mason Lids Pack

WIDE Mouth Mason Lids Pack

Food safe grade glass and dishwasher safe. The glass jar is made of food grade safe material and is easy to clean. 16 wide mouth tongues are 3.38 in Outer Diameter Mouth Jars. There are 8 colors, Dark Blue, Red, Purple, Grey, Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow, add great fun to the family. Aozita caps fit any size Ball or Kerr glass mason jars. All the way to large 64oz wide mouth jars, fit small 4oz wide mouth jars. They are great gifts for friends who love canning jars. Grains, candies, fruits, pickles, salad, milk and smoothies are just some of the dry and liquid items that can be stored in theVersatile Leak-proof Storage. If you have an issue with their products, please contact them, they will find a solution for you within 24 hours. Food-Grade Plastic andBPA free, dishwasher safe.

Brand: Aozita

👤They're autoclavable, and work just as well as the regular white plastic lids, but they're funky and fun colored, which is something you either prefer or dislike. You may find that you prefer using these instead for quick categorical identification purposes, because they are just as functional and for organizational purposes. I'm just saying. There is a bonus that they didn't mention in the description. If you don't know already, the jars are not necessarily sealed completely when they fall over on their sides, so I bought more sets of seals for this type of plastic lid. Silicone seals on the inside of the lids come with their own issues, such as needing to make sure that you tighten down the lids more than you might expect since you're using less of the canning jars threads to hold them. I bought four of these units, each shipped and came in a plastic bag with all of the funky multi-colored lids, yet I was pleasantly surprised to discover that three of the four bags contained silicone seals that weren't even mentioned in the product description! Can you say "BONUS"? There is a The overall score I gave in this review was an award of 5 out of 5 stars, but on the sub- categories of "leak proof" and "easy to remove", I only gave four stars, which is not an indication of a rating to this particular manufacturer. If you like to color code things in your kitchen, I highly recommend these particular lids.

👤Purchase this review now and stop reading it. There is a I have purchased a variety of mason jar lids. These are the best lids I have ever seen. They have plastic rings that you can use to get a tighter seal, but I have never had a problem with leaking without using them. I like that there are different colors for sorting juices. They don't hold smell and wash easily. 10/10

👤I bought a set of jars to use for storing dehydrated ground beef and dehydrated veggies. The set comes with Silicone rings that can be inserted under the cap for a tighter seal. They are dishwasher safe and easy to clean. I ordered a second set because I liked these. The caps are not suitable for pressure canning or water bath canning. They are only used for storage.

👤I have been using the Big Ball Wide Mouth jars for many years. The tin lids have to be replaced because of rust. These are amazing. I don't think I'll ever have to replace a lid. They have an insert for the inside rim. Cold brew steeping is a must for our iced coffees at home. I hope this review helps you make a decision.

👤They don't fit my jars.

👤To screw on.

👤I used these to code the jars. I used to write the date on the lid, but with so much fresh milk, it's easier to keep track of which weekday the milk is from. I can see which jars to pull from first in the fridge. I accidentally used a lid without putting in the silicone ring that came with them. If the milk has sat for more than 24 hours, it will take a lot of shaking to get the cream to mix back into the milk. There was no leaking without the silicone ring. It was one less thing to clean. Haven't used the silicone rings since then and have had no problems with the milk leaking when we shake the bottles. Great. We have lots of milk and another cow pregnant so we will be ordering more soon.

8. Aozita Piece Colored Plastic Mason

Aozita Piece Colored Plastic Mason

Food-Grade Plastic andBPA free, dishwasher safe. The regular mouth lid is fit in the outer diameter of the mouth jar. Ball or Kerr branded regular mouth and wide mouth jars are good for you. It's bright and colorful and ideal for storing or freezing both with regular mouth and wide mouth glass preserving jars. It's ideal for the freezer and refrigerator as well as dry storage. They will do their best to find a solution for you within 24 hours if you have an issue with their products. Food-Grade Plastic andBPA free, dishwasher safe. Food-Grade Plastic andBPA free, dishwasher safe.

Brand: Aozita

👤I just bought my second set. The product is sound, but I'm not crazy about the colors. These are not for canning, but for general mason jar use, which means storing stuff, lunches and breakfasts, and putting a lid on your sweet tea because you just couldn't drink it all. There are 6 of each size in each set. I put a regular ball jar with water in it, put the lid on it, and put it in a plastic dish. The plastic was completely dry in the morning. soup was approved! I'm hoping Aozita will make different colors before I buy my third set.

👤Not close to leak proof. I wanted to use these for salad dressings. You can't shake the jar without your stuff getting all over the place. They don't go on smoothly. I ordered staineless steel covers to replace the ones I already have. It's too difficult to return them. Don't waste your money.

👤The product has no proof that it is free of the harmful substance. The product description is not correct.

👤I use mason jars for storing dry items. The plastic lids come in great colors and do not rust. I would buy more of them.

👤These don't seal. These will work if you know that your container will always be straight up, and that you can sit in the fridge or on the counter. Even if it's a thick liquid, expect your container to leak even if it's not tipped. Don't tighten the lid to keep it from leaking. They will break. Don't try to screw them on at a normal level of tightness. They will break like a crack in the lid. I use these for making kefir, so they work for it. I make sure the container doesn't tip and that I don't screw them all the way. The two large ones cracked all the way down the middle.

👤Plastic lids are more convenient than the metal ones for canning, and I use Mason jars for dry storage, freezing, and refrigerating. The lids work well for me. I've never seen them in bright colors, but the bonus is that they are in white. They go through the dishwasher and come out clean. They fit my jars nicely and add a pop of color to my pantry. I don't think they are 100% liquid-tight, so use caution if you're transporting things that might leak. The jar of freshly-made grape jelly is in a photo I attached. I bought 2 sets of these lids and will definitely buy them again in the future.

👤I rarely use the mason jars I got in the canning set for their intended purpose. They're usually used as water bottles since it's easy to measure how much water I'm drinking and they can go in the fridge and the dishwasher. They're great for storing leftovers, and you don't want to put them in a Tupperware container. I have had to throw out most of the metal lids and rings because they get rusty over time. They're necessary to make a hermetic seal when you boil the jars, so I'd rather save them for canning. I found this brand of plastic lids and decided to try them out. I'm happy to say that they work well. They're easy to put on, you just twist them on. I've tested them by flipping the jars upside down and shaking them vigorously, and not a single drop has leaked out, even though the instructions mention they might not be 100% leak proof. I think they're pretty darn airtight, even if you get unlucky with a lid that doesn't completely seal. I just wash them by hand with soap and hot water. I think these would be great for families with children. The different colored lids can be used for different things.

9. Ball Wide Mouth Gallon Bands

Ball Wide Mouth Gallon Bands

It is made in the USA. Ball Wide Mouth jar with lids and bands. Store up to 1 year, refrigerated up to 3 weeks. Glass/metal is the material. Glass/metal is the material.

Brand: Ball

👤Do not order them. They arrived by mail. Some of them have some damage when they arrived. They want all shipped back so that they can replace the broken ones. I didn't open the plastic even with photo proof. Their code is still on top. They ground shipped glass to me. Do not order them. They knew they would break with no intention of fixing it. Do not order them.

👤This product is great. When I received them, 5 out of 6 were broken and no way to save them. I picked up the box and it was broken because you could hear the glass moving. I was scared to open the package because it was so much glass. Very disappointed.

👤When I got these, I was excited because I knew what was coming, and when one jar broke, I was happy that 5 were in good condition. I guess that is passing. The packaging of the jars is not very good. The jars are in a flat all 6 next to each other in a 2x3 orientation. The mason jar box is sandwiched between the shipping box and the flat by folded up cardboard. Not good. There is a The jars are sturdy and well made. I have come to enjoy them. I got one as a gift and they have been great for storing large quantities of liquid like lemonade or chili oil, and I'm looking forward to making preserved lemons. If you can get your hands on them, they are worth it. There is a Unless you have large hands, it is easy to clean for a majority of people.

👤There was a broken nose that was replaced. The replacements look like they will break at the metalwork.

👤The jars were delivered today. The box was wrapped in bubble wrap. The jar was broken. I received a response from the seller in about 10 minutes after I sent an email. Excellent! They are going to give me a new jar. I am really impressed so far. That was very fast and the result I wanted. I didn't like the thought of having to pack up all those jars and return them. I will purchase from them again.

👤There was no packing material used with the shipment, which resulted in 2 jars being broken upon receipt.

👤It's perfect for storing honey. Local honey comes in plastic jugs. I move the plastic to glass for storage because I don't want it for a long time. These are perfect for the job. Ball is a glass manufacturer.

👤I use them to grow herbs and lettuces. You can get some net cups that fit wide mouth jars. I spray pain the jars with an opaque color to limit the light getting to the roots and nutrition, then I make a vertical stripe on the measuring side with painting tape. This will reduce the growth of algae. Light gray works well for me, it reflects light to keep the temperature down.

👤What is it about jars? I like them. I had never had 64 ounces. Setting on the counter is better in my kitchen.

10. Ball Regular 32 Ounces 2 Units Pack

Ball Regular 32 Ounces 2 Units Pack

It is guaranteed that the SATISFACTION will be positive. At the San Francisco Salt Company, they are confident that you will be completely satisfied with their products, which is why they stand behind every single item that they sell. They will make it right if you don't like your purchase. SQF Quality code, organic compliant facility, packaged in the U.S.A. There are regular mouth glass preserving jars. There are regular mouth lids. There are two regular mouth bands. It's ideal for sliced fruits and vegetables. The jars are free of the harmful substance. Reusable and dishwasher safe. New and improved. It helps to keep canned food sealed up.

Brand: Ball

👤Disgusting! There is rust on the lids after washing. The jars are solid, but the lids are not. So disappointing.

👤My sister confused me with my cup half full or empty, so I ended up buying 2X 32Oz mason jars because they were larger than the coffee mug she was referring to. I realized that my glass will always be half full even if it falls down.

👤These were perfect. They are being used for a project.

👤The product arrived quickly and was well packaged. I had a problem that was my fault. These weren't wide mouth jars. The jars are too big for the fermentation kit and I bought them to go with it. I can use them for other things, and everything about them is fine. I thought I would write the review to help others avoid the same mistake I made. Not all Mason Jars are created equal.

👤I wanted to make my own drink. What can I say? They are jars. They have liquid. They are the right size.

👤I used these for my chilies and they are amazing. It doesn't leak at all, it was carefully packed. I'm going to buy smaller sizes for sampling. 10/10 would be good.

👤The jars are good. I made my own homemade spaghetti sauce. I used some of the sauce but the recipe yielded 32 ounces and it only filled one jar. The lid comes in two parts. The inner part of the lid goes over the opening of the jar. Maybe that is how jars are made. That was a new experience for me. I will buy more when I need it.

👤The models are 32oz. I used mine for sourdough bread starter and it worked great. There is a The packaging by Amazon was not ideal and should be packed in their own boxes from the factory. mined arrived without any issues.

👤Preparar yogurt con granos de k√©fir. Para almacenarlo, quiere los granos. Me encantan por el tamao. No estoy usando las reemplac√© por una de plstico. I am una de toalla de yogurt, pero estoy pensando otro par.

👤Abrir sale con mucha presin.

👤Son del tamao. Y tienes empacadas.

👤Be careful! The fake jars I received were not from Mason. I'm having trouble with the return and refund.

11. Ball Mason Jar Lids Regular

Ball Mason Jar Lids Regular

The package has a dimensions of 3.03" W x 3.03" H. These plastic caps turn mason jars into storage containers for pantry, refrigerator or freezer. Use the leak-proof caps for opened items. Not for home canning.

Brand: Ball

👤The product name on this listing is Mason Jar Caps. The leak proof is wide. Are these regular mouth or wide mouth lids? The ones I received were not what I wanted. Your results may be different. The product name may be less ambiguous if the vendors and Amazon work together. Read and order carefully.

👤I use mason jars for everything except actual canning. They get rusty from use and cleaning. I toss them when I find rust, but it's annoying to buy replacement metal lids. Plastic replacement lids are a game-changer and I finally realized they were a thing.

👤The title says they're regular mouth lids, but at the end it says wide. Which is it? Apparently, it's wide. I bought the wrong set of wide lids and ordered these to replace them. It was useless and misleading.

👤They fit my jars well. The first thing I did was to fill the jar with water and shake it to make sure it wasn't leaking. I will keep it in my fridge as I'm not really taking stuff on the go, but it is false advertising as they do indeed leak.

👤I've tried a lot of plastic lids and they have leaked. These were more expensive than the non-ball lids. I'm so happy I got them. Even when jar is upside down, they don't leak. They are a great quality. They do what they say they do. Love them.

👤I wanted to store coffee in the fridge, but I didn't have an appropriate lid for the jars. I use Ball mason jars and these are perfect for them. They seem to be leak proof, at least for regular use, and they kept the "fridge flavor" out of my coffee. It was perfect for my use.

👤If you use your canning jars for various storage purposes, you will love these lids since they will not rust like the canning lids and you can wash them in the diswasher. They are not intended for actual canning, but I will say it anyway.

👤It can be the simple things. The lid has a lip on it. You might be wondering what that really means. How many times have you tried to open a jar? So you grab the nearest towel and try it out before you go fishing for something that you may have buried last year. When you think that the towel should be under the lid, your hand slips from it. There was pain in that moment. Are you feeling me? PAIN! The pain of your wrist. It slowly recovers from the unstable release. Sometimes pain can affect you. Well... The lip on the lid tells you where the towel is. It helps keep that towel from slipping. It can save your wrist. A healthy wrist is worth the price of admission. The grip is on the outside of the lid. This is where you want it to be when you remove the lid. It is labeled free of the harmful chemical. There is a plastic type 5 with two p's. It was manufactured in Malaysia and designed in the USA. Would buy again.


What is the best product for mason jar lids for cooking?

Mason jar lids for cooking products from Verones. In this article about mason jar lids for cooking you can see why people choose the product. Sewanta and Vtopmart are also good brands to look for when you are finding mason jar lids for cooking.

What are the best brands for mason jar lids for cooking?

Verones, Sewanta and Vtopmart are some of the best brands that chosen by people for mason jar lids for cooking. Find the detail in this article. County Line Kitchen, Qappda and Ball are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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