Best Cooking Wood Spoons for Nonstick Cookware

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1. Cooking Utensil Utensils Nonstick Cookware

Cooking Utensil Utensils Nonstick Cookware

It is easy to clean a dishwasher. The kitchen utensils set are dishwasher safe and are easy to store by hanging to your kitchen hooks or putting it into your kitchen drawers. Set of 10 PIECES is the perfect way to assemble your kitchen. There are 10 piece wooden spoons for cooking. 1 x wood ladle. 1 x Fried Spatula. The salad fork is 1 x. A serving spoon and a middle spoon. The spoon is 1 x. The Spaghetti server has an oil brush. A good assortment of practical sizes for the wood cooking utensils set are shaped perfectly for their own functions. These kitchen utensils are easy to clean and will last a long time. The water resistance of the wood is important. It is recommended to give them a quick rinse, wash with a soapy cloth, and then either hang dry or dry in an upright position. The hanging hole on the end of their kitchen utensils makes it easy to carry and store. The wooden cooking utensil set is made of natural teak wood, which is one of the strongest and most durable of all timbers with high organic oil. Their wood kitchen utensils are beautifully crafted and have a great hand hold. You can use your cookware without worry about it being damaged or scratched, thanks to the wooden kitchen utensils set. A great gift for cooks is a beautifully crafted wooden utensil set. It's perfect for loved ones that like to cook. This wood spoon set is a great tool for starting a kitchen. They back this up with a lifetime guarantee because they love and take pride in their wood utensils set. If there are ever any issues with this wooden utensil set, just contact them and they will make it right. If it does not, they have your back. The wooden spoon sets will live up to your expectations if you order now.

Brand: Wayome

👤This has a high rating. They are all different colors. There is a The photos make it seem like they are all dark brown, but some are brown, some are faded brown, and some are orangey. It is terrible. There is a The tongs look like they will break. There is a Don't get these if you have a sense of style and like pretty things. Get something better!

👤I used the tongs to pick up a piece of chicken and they broke. Frustrating.

👤The box was undamaged despite the broken packaging. There is no option to replace just the tongs.

👤These utensils are great. I didn't get the brush. I was most excited about that, but I don't know if it comes with it or not.

👤My spatula is not usable.

👤I can't get enough of these tools. I love it! I love it! It's great for home warming gifts.

👤I would buy the set again. It holds up to heat. It is easy to clean. Very versatile.

👤The rest of the pieces are a good fit for my hands. I use all my cast iron cookware.

2. Utensils Nonstick Cookware Handmade Painting

Utensils Nonstick Cookware Handmade Painting

The most durable wooden cooking utensils set are designed to not bend like plastic utensils, not melt like silicone kitchen tools, and not rust like other metallic utensils. The tools will look new in the future. Get a wooden spatula set so that you don't have to use melted or broken utensils again. The HEALTHY COOKING UTENSILS are made of 100% natural environmental teak wood. No smell! No toxic chemicals! Food is safe! It is easy to clean. Non-stick pan special kitchen utensils, the best material for cooking utensils, won't scratch or damage your favorite non-stick cookware. You can use these utensils for a lot of different things in your home and kitchen. Solid wood kitchen utensils are durable and meet all your cooking needs. An ideal Wooden Kitchen Utensil Set has all the essential cooking tools. Hanging holes for wall storage make it easy to store all your kitchen utensils. They are great gifts for new homeowners or newlyweds. It is easy to clean. Their organic cooking spoons are made from premium solid teak wood from Europe and will not harborbacteria or fungus. It is easy to clean the wooden cooking set by hand washing it with detergent. It's a good idea to wash your hand. It's easy to clean, mild detergent and moist. It was dry. You can use these utensils in your home and kitchen for a variety of uses, including high heat sauteing, baking, mixing, flipping, and of course serving your masterpieces. It's great for custom art projects for kids. LIFETIME SUPPORT is dedicated to making you happy. They are sure you will love this set. They will help you within 24 hours if you're not completely satisfied, and they'll arrange a return for a replacement or your money back in time. What are you waiting for? Join the Mondayou Family by adding to cart.

Brand: Aiuhi

👤I have a vacation rental property and it's hard to get people to use appropriate utensils. I understand that the utensils are not inviting. They are beautiful and people are using them for everything. They are holding up well. I like them so much that I am getting some for my home. It is practical, durable and beautiful.

👤The utensils are sturdy and good looking. I noticed a horrible smell when I unpackaged them, like my dog had urinated in an upholstery chair. I washed them by hand in hot water, but they still smelled. I plan on returning them if the smell doesn't go away, but I'm hoping they will air out. They are otherwise well-made, so sorry. There is a These were returned. I was not comfortable using these for food prep and serving because of the mold and rank smell. The company said that if they came bad that it would be damaged by shipment. The utensils were wrapped in plastic and the box was free of smell, but I don't know how. Again, this makes me uneasy and thus my return.

👤I was willing to put in some effort to finish them because they are exactly what I was looking for. I washed and dried the spoons because of the smell in the package. The rough spots were lightly sanded. The spoon was finished with mineral oil. The spoons add great serving capacity. There is a The spoon with holes is different from the rest of the set.

👤I have not had a chance to use them, but I am pretty disappointed by their appearance. The pale one of the five is very similar to bamboo. Another is grayish and dull. The rich dark color of Teakwood was one of the reasons I chose it. I expected it to be consistent. If I am to avoid getting a piece of metal, I need to clean the handle.

👤The price was great for the quality of what I received. They look like they will be very durable.

👤I wanted to like this set. They fit nicely in my hand, and looked beautiful out of the package. I cook a lot and rely on wooden utensils because I never use metal tools on my cast iron. My issues with these utensils are similar. The pierced spoon and the fork are difficult to clean. It is difficult to clean food stuck between the tines or in the holes because it is hard to get a brush to clean it. I don't use these two utensils anymore. The edges of the spatulas and spoon look like they are going to split after just two uses. I don't want my pots and pans to be scratched, so I don't use them anymore. I take good care of my tools. The utensils don't hold up because they didn't soak in liquids and weren't abused during the cooking process. It was pretty, but useless.

👤The tines broke off when I reached for the fork. Over time, they have become brittle. I was disappointed. I use this set a bit. These are not durable at all. They are hard to clean because you are afraid they will break. Look elsewhere if you want actual cooking utensils. Not recommended.

3. Kitchen Utensils Spatulas Non Stick Cookware

Kitchen Utensils Spatulas Non Stick Cookware

Zulay guarantees no hassle with a lifetime guarantee, they love and take pride in their kitchen utensils. If there are ever any issues with this product, please contact them and they will make it right. This product will live up to your expectations if you order now. If it does not, they have your back. Chances are, you won't need to reach out. An eco-friendly addition to your kitchen is this value set of 7 wooden cooking utensils set. The spaghetti server has a Slotted spatula and Fried spatula. A spoon. * Hanging loop for easy storage. Wood utensils are constructed from natural teak, the wooden spoons are finished with food grade, mineral oil to highlight the beautiful wood grain. It is safe to heat to 450 degrees F. Home chefs who follow the style of simplicity and fearless fun can use essential kitchen tools. A unique wooden cooking utensil is an incredibly versatile kitchen tool. SERVES FOR A WHILE. It's perfect for use with all cookware. The wooden spatula won't scratch your pans. The wooden spoons and spatulas are very useful. Hand washing each piece with warm water and mild soap will keep them in tip top shape. Canola oil can be used to preserve the shine. Their kitchen utensils are sturdy.

Brand: Aiuhi

👤The set in general looks good, but some pieces don't look right in the photo. Some are light and grainy, some are dark and look like a piece of furniture. The tongs are rough to the touch, while other pieces are smooth or have a coating on them. The holes for hanging are different shapes. They're ok for the price. Will probably not buy again.

👤I was hesitant to order this set as I had read that the pieces were not even and that the finish was not even. I love using them and didn't find this to be the case. The whisk is very durable and effective, even though it looks a little flimsy. I would definitely recommend them.

👤These are worth every penny. I love cooking with them. They wash up quickly.

👤The smell of these utensils is offensive and makes them useless. It must be the chemicals used to keep the wood safe. I put them outside for two days and then tried soaking them. The stink doesn't get the job done. I had to throw out the chemicals that were off gassing because they would probably end up in my food. The smell is not normal. I was disappointed at the money being wasted.

👤The set is handsome and sexy. I love the color and texture of these utensils and can serve my guests with them. They are doing well so far and I am strict about the use and cleaning rules. I have had them for two months and they have served at 2 holiday dinners. They have been asked where they can buy a set. I replaced my plastic kitchen utensils after reading an article about them causing cancer.

👤Very pleased with the set! They are well made and very attractive. I only had them for a short time. They still look brand new. This product is very good.

👤The varnish on the ladle left my soup with a petrol smell when I ladled it, and it was ruined when I used it to ladle hot soup.

👤These kitchen utensils are made of wood. When I first used the spatula to fry an egg, I thought it would be thick enough to properly flip it without breaking the yolk. I was correct. My son has used the tongs to cook. They work well, look good, and it feels good to not be using plastic.

👤Ihren beschdigung ist das schnell. Ich hatte die lffel. U are. Im Sommer ist das stabilen und wertigen. Bin ist das Zufrieden! Bei der ersten benutzung des lffls. hab den hersteller angeschrieben. Deshalb 2 sterne!

👤berall kleine feine Splitter ist angekommen.

👤It's a good thing to do something for the environment and cooking with wood is a good way to cook. I don't think the wood will last for a long time because it seems not to be the quality that I would expect.

👤Schnes Design is at the fest. Kann es, insgesamt.

4. Wooden Utensils ADLORYEA Nonstick Cookware

Wooden Utensils ADLORYEA Nonstick Cookware

We back this up with a lifetime guarantee, because they love and take pride in their Wooden Cooking Utensil Set. If there are ever any issues with this product, please contact them and they will make it right. This product will live up to your expectations if you order now. If it does not, they have your back. Chances are you will not need to reach out. UNIQUE & HEALTHY. The wooden spoons for cooking are hand crafted from high quality ECO-friendly Natural teak wood, Beautiful Grains and colors without a stain, and are unique due to the natural wood construction. The Wooden Cooking Utensils Set is very healthy and safe. It's easy to clean and it's eco-friendly. It's time to upgrade your wood utensils for cooking. Their wooden spoons for cooking are made from natural wood and finished without painting. They are very smooth with a good touch and won't scratch or damage your cookware. A wooden spatula set is a wonderful gift. You need all of it. One set. The essential kitchen tools include Wok Turner, Flat Spatula, soup ladle, serving spoon and pasta server. Hanging holes for wall storage make it easy to store all your kitchen utensils. To keep your wooden spoons for cooking at their best, you need to use and care for them. For maintaining per month, wipe with oil. Don't put these wooden spoons in the dishwasher, microwave, freezer or oven because of the abrasives and soaking in water. Store in a place that is well-ventilated. They are dedicated to making you happy. They are sure that you will love to have this wooden spoon for cooking. If you are not completely satisfied with their wooden utensils set, they will try their best to help you. What are you waiting for? Add to Cart and join the ADLORYEA Family.

Brand: Adloryea

👤I was going to get a wooden spoon from the USA when I searched for it. It was made in China, not in the USA. I don't want products from China. Fix your system.

👤I only tried this product because it was advertised. When they arrived, they were surprised. These are the best wooden utensils I have ever owned, they are very high quality, easy to clean and have a beautiful coloring. I plan to buy this brand again in the future.

👤I am a fan of wooden utensils. I was excited about how they looked. I feel uneasy about going forward with the brand because my spatula already cracked. There were no issues with any other pieces except the one I use most frequently.

👤They work well, they are beautiful. I wish they had one for stirring/mixing and not all for scooping, the love of the spoons, I just wish they had one for that. You still need a scoop for mixing. Great quality. They may stain if they sit in water or high acidity foods.

👤The wooden utensil set is lovely. The wood is beautiful. I rated them as a 4 instead of a 5 because I haven't used them yet. You need more time to use the product before you are asked to do a review.

👤I have had these for 10 months and they still look great. I wash them in the dishwasher. I've ever purchased a wooden set.

👤I hand wash these and they are great to cook with because they match the rest of my kitchen accessories.

👤I am very happy I bought this set. The utensil is smooth and has a beautiful finishing color. I prefer light ones over heavy ones. It is light and does the job. Wok Turner and Flat Spatula were the first things I tried. I can turn the pancakes. The flat spatula is very thin, so it is easier to use than the plastic one. I use the wok turner all the time and I love it. I have a heavy cast iron wok that can reach very high temperatures. I have to use two hands to lift it. I can scoop the food out of the wok without lifting it, because I have this wok turner. It is what I want. The utensil didn't turn brown because of the high temperature and it didn't scratch my wok. After washing and drying them, then oil them and let them outside for a day before you use them. I believe the care instruction will last a long time.

👤Disappointed. Trying for a cleaner lifestyle and not using harsh chemicals. I washed these as soon as I got them, as I was excited to use them. Warm water with soap. There was a strong smell of varnish or something. It was necessary to return the smells.

👤The ladle could be a bit bigger than I wanted. I bought this for the ladle, but found out that 2 of the other tools could also be used as a salad server, which is a bonus!

5. Wooden Spoons Cooking Utensils Set

Wooden Spoons Cooking Utensils Set

100% warranty. If their spatulas don't come in their best condition like in the photo or get broken after being used for 30 days, just let them know. They will send you new ones in no time. They appreciate all of your comments. They are used to develop and improve their handmade and heartcrafted products. Their bamboo kitchen utensils are easy to use and versatile. It's perfect for mixing and stirring when using bamboo spoons. The bamboo spatula set is great for flipping and tossing items during cooking, while the bamboo tongs are great for lifting or turning hot food. Bamboo is one of the strongest materials to use in a wooden kitchen utensils set. Bamboo cooking utensils are naturally better sealed and more resistant than regular wood utensils, which makes it easy to clean and maintain. A lot of plastic or metal utensils can damage your non-stick pots and pans beyond use. You don't have to worry about ruining teflon coating if you use wooden spoons for cooking. The edges of the utensils are smooth, so they won't scratch cookware. Their bamboo cooking set has a stylish kitchen utensil holder. The wooden utensils set is made from the highest quality bamboo. Their bamboo utensils look great on any kitchen counter. It takes up very little kitchen space because it is highly decorative. Their wooden cooking utensils set is a great gift for friends, family and any occasion, it comes with a nice box, which makes it an ideal gift for friends, family and any occasion. They added a bonus ebook with tips and tricks for the set.

Brand: Sunfloware

👤I was really excited to get these because they are cheap and sustainable, and I will not scratch up our non-stick pans. They seem durable when cooking with them. Didn't ruin the pan. It came with a cute little holder. There is a It is not as simple as dishwasher and air dry to maintain these kinds of products. It doesn't melt in the pan like rubber, and it won't scratch up pans like metal utensils do. Hand washing and trying is very worthwhile to me. There is a One utensil was damaged and split, the only issue I had was that. I am not sure how long they will last.

👤I knew these had to go back immediately. The spoons I got did not have a smooth finish like the ones I have purchased before. There were shards of bamboo coming from them. I was disappointed. Returned them.

👤The bamboo tongs are included. The container is stylish and the utensils are sturdy. A quick rinse with hot water and some scrubbing after cleaning helps keep my spatula clean. Even though there is a product on Amazon for that kind of thing, don't leave the utensils leaning against the pans or the heat will leave a mark on the wood that is impossible to get off.

👤I know. It's hard to get excited about wooden spoons, but I wanted to share a few things about them. If you're giving these as a gift, it would be easy to wrap them because they come in a nice box. The holder for the utensils seems sturdy and adequate. I've been using these for a couple of months now, and so far they clean easily and seem sturdy. Delivery was on time. No complaints at all. Would purchase again.

👤I got what I paid for. They are useful if you sand them down to avoid splinters, but not if you have a grease removal product. It's good for stirring and sautee in a regular pan. You have to hold the tongs from tip to tip because they are not close enough to hold anything less than 2.5 inches thick. The base split could not sit within 4 feet of my cooking area. Dollar store sells better products with more value than it is worth.

👤The set of utensils was decent. There are two hang ups. I have to force all the utensils in tight because the container is small. It could be slightly bigger. 2. The tongs are not very strong. They are made of wood and not metal. I've been using these utensils for a wide range of meals and they are holding up well.

👤I used to use plastic and Silicon for serving at parties, but I now use these all the time because I love them so much. I am very happy with this purchase. They are not easy to clean, but they are sturdy and will last me a long time. If you find my review helpful, please mark it. Thank you so much!

6. Utensils Nonstick Cookware Handmade Eco Friendly

Utensils Nonstick Cookware Handmade Eco Friendly

We are certain you will be delighted with their wood cooking spoon set, because it is thoughtfully developed and created to help you lead a happy, healthy and sustainable lifestyle. If you're not, contact them and they'll make it right for you. Their priority is your happiness. Lifelong quality is what it is. Woodenhouse kitchen utensils are made of 100% Natural Teak Wood. The tools are beautiful, sturdy, smooth, well designed and have a great finish. The spoon set won't crack, melt or smell. Utensils are made of natural material and can vary in shade. All in on set of 12 includes 6 cooking utensils that meet all your cooking needs. A wooden barREL with plenty of storage and drainage holes does not tip over. For a clean and practical cooking experience. Hanging hooks are used to hang this wooden art. Non-stick cookware with trace-free alternatives is a good choice for health reasons. It's also safe for your expensive pots and pans. These are heat resistant and sustainable. It's easy to clean and store. Hand wash in warm soapy water and store dry. To prolong its smooth feeling, keep pieces with a coating of mineral oil. Hang from the hooks or use the wooden container. A great gift and 100% LIFETIME SATISFACTION: This gift idea is perfect for showing your appreciation. The Woodenhouse tools will make you happy. If you are not completely satisfied, please contact them for a replacement.

Brand: Woodenhouse Lifelong Quality

👤The set looks too pretty to use. The wood is beautiful. And guess what? After several uses and hand washes, it is still beautiful. The tools fit in your hands and are easy to use. The set included a soup ladle and a spoon. I was a little hesitant to spend so much money on a set, but I am happy I did. After using the set for a week, I threw all my junk away. If you buy this set, you won't need another. I bought food grade oil to keep my set looking good. I think this is very well spent.

👤The utensils are beautiful with a variety of rich colors. I prefer the heirloom one, but the container is small and nice. The instructions encourage the use of a small amount of mineral oil on the utensils occasionally, and it does shine them up nicely as needed. I was going to get silicone utensils to use in my expensive ceramic coated pans, but after reading more about Silicone products for cooking, there's not much research yet to show whether they're safe or toxic. I read a review of a 600 degree safe silicone utensil that left coloring in people's food. It was very bad! Some of the chemical downfalls of plastic can be found in nylon utensils. Wood is a great option for expensive pans that you don't want to scratch. I was worried that the wood flipping spatulas wouldn't get under the food well enough to lift the food from the skillet, but they work great. They work well in this set because they have a nice angle to them and a thin edge. The spoon holder had a defect in it where the wood was rough, but I sanded that area and put olive oil on it to make it look new. I am very happy with this purchase.

👤I love these! They are easy to clean and look great on my counter.

👤I received this set and I love it. Everything seems to be in the perfect size. Cleaning instructions came with the product. I like the "Spoon Rest" that came with it. I like the fact that it has a holder. The set looks good on my counter.

👤These utensils are made of wood. They are the first ones I have had that are not normal utensils. The spatula is not narrow. You can't flip it with it being small. I make everything from omelettes to chicken curry with these. They look amazing. They are made by a small business and come with a thank you note. So nice! I decided not to use the hooks, but you can.

👤These are lovely. These wooden utensils are a reasonable price, and I have always wanted wooden utensils. They are made by a small business. This set was perfect for me because I try to support small and local businesses as much as possible. I have used most of them a few times and have not had any problems. They look the same as when I opened the box. Follow the cleaning instructions that come with them. The spoon rest is perfect on top of my stove, and I didn't use the hooks or utensil holder, but you certainly can. The nature of wood makes one spatula kind stand out from the rest. I like the natural look of it and it varies in shades and colors. I am very happy with this purchase.

7. KINFAYV Silicone Measuring Nonstick Resistant

KINFAYV Silicone Measuring Nonstick Resistant

The kitchen utensil set includes 21 tools that will satisfy all your cooking and baking needs. The set includes: Slotted spoon, soup ladle, Solid Turner, Kitchen tongs, Egg whisk, Basting brush, Pasta server, Round Spatula, Solid spoon, Solid Spatula, Spreader Spat. Their spatula set are made from the highest quality food grade Silicone, which is safe to use for any type of food, does not react with food or beverages, and is free of hazardous fumes. You don't worry about the health of your family. It will probably last longer than the other plastic utensils. The best gift for mom is this kitchen tools. Silicone cooking utensils are non-toxic and can be used in high temperature frying, even if they melt accidentally. It doesn't retain odors or colors when you use it to stir food. Kitchen utensils are non-toxic. This is not the same as cheap plastic. The wooden handle is anti-scalding. The utensil handle is made of solid wood, smooth and comfortable to the touch, it has great heat insulation, it prevents the heat transfer during the cooking process to protect your hands. It is designed for a comfortable grip. A utility hanging hole on each wooden handle is convenient for storing things. Worry-free after sales. Their kitchen utensil set with holder is under strict quality standards so you can use it with confidence. If you have a question about this cooking utensil set, please contact them and they will be happy to help.

Brand: Kinfayv

👤The spatulas have begun to break apart and are no longer usable. I got a year of use out of them, so I am giving this product three stars. I had a set of cooking utensils that I finally got sick of looking at, and they were not the same. Our cabinets are grey and we like how they look. They look better in person. The Silicon is thick and not soft. They also have some cute measuring spoons with cute labels but they aren't in either of the two sizes. It is easy to remember what the ml means because they were free. I like the fact that the thongs don't pop open when I put them in my container. I like how these look, but they are wood handles and cannot be put in the dishwasher. It's fine with me that you have to wash them after you use them.

👤They will stain, contrary to the description. The first time these 2 utensils were used, the red from the sauce remained. Very disappointed!

👤The utensils are not white. These are not for you if you want white utensils. They are grey. They are not eggshells or off white. They are 100% grey. Not grey at all. They are very nice quality, even though they are not white and do not match anything in my kitchen. The set of utensils were wrapped and sealed in plastic after being shipped in a box from Amazon. One review said there was a foul odor, but it was much less than that. The handles are made of wood and stained in a light color. The grey part of the utensils is made of soft, smooth silicone, which is not thin or flimsy. This is a nice set. Despite the wrong color. I plan to keep them. I need them, but I wish they were white. They're 5 star quality, but only get 4 because of the color.

👤The utensils are made from Silicon. It resists heat very well. I had no issues with the hot vegetables I tried. There is a The handle is made from wood. It looks nice, but it is in the middle of the handle. It is easy to hold. It is not slippery even with hands that are slippery. There is a The "pan holding handles" are very useful, but they are not sure what to call them. I was able to hold the pan and not feel anything. There is a The set is complete because of the large number of devices. These cooking utensils are recommended by me. This is the second set I ordered, I got the black first.

👤There are a lot of positive things about this set. I have had my previous utensils for a long time. I didn't know how flimsy my old ones were. They are so large. It's easy to clean. I only wash mine. I wouldn't put these in the dishwasher. The wooden handles are made of wood and are not expected to stand up to high temperature and water pressure. I wash them. They will last longer. The cup that comes with these is not very sanitary. I have a sturdy holder that I am continuing to use. These are so nice. Can not recommend enough.

8. Miusco Silicone Cooking Utensil Natural

Miusco Silicone Cooking Utensil Natural

The portable camping stove has been designed for easy movement and has five interlocking stove pipes. The stove is easy to transport. The set includes 1 spoon, 1 spoonula, 1 spatula, 1 Turner, and 1 Slotted spoon. The best quality material was carefully crafted with the highest standard Silicone and natural wood handle. Their utensils set is very practical and easy to grip because of the top-graded material. Silicone parts can be heat resistant up to 464 degree Fahrenheit. The non-stick utensils set will protect your cookware. Even without any special treatment, the wood can last up to 40 years. The rustic modern farmhouse kitchen deco style cooking utensils are made of natural wood and each handle has a unique pattern. Clean lines, rustic finishes, and rustic texture give it a timeless appeal. They are a great gift for anyone. The wood should not be exposed to hot or cold temperatures. Do not put them in the dishwasher.

Brand: Miusco

👤The products are pretty. But that is all. We work in the food industry. We tried to use them for home cooking. The wooden handle on the utensils ends loosened within the month making them unreliable to cook with. The wooden handles started to splinter around the month mark, and that's because they started to dry up. This was done under normal household cooking conditions and no use of industrial strength chemicals. I wouldn't recommend it. Attempted to reach out to the manufacturer, but never got a response.

👤Don't buy. I cannot get off the smell. I have washed them three times and they are starting to mold where the wood and silicone meet.

👤The spatulas are not sturdy and I love the concept but they are not sturdy. You can't mix anything with them. It's not hard. I would like for them to be a little more sturdy.

👤I waited two years to write my review. A small piece of the lip of the spatula fell out of it. I don't know what happened but it looks like a small piece has been cut off. I am not sure how this could have happened, I admit that my husband cooks sometimes. I still recommend this product.

👤I was unable to remove the scent from my dish washing detergent even though I tried. I tried everything to remove the smell. Everything. These were thrown in the trash.

👤The wood handles are not made with good quality control, and they are not pretty. Some of the pieces are okay, but others are not connected straight, and the wood is not finished properly. They look nice in my utensil croc, but I had to put paper in the bottom because they are short.

👤I ordered a set in black and it arrived in good shape. Several people got some that weren't put together well, but mine was in perfect shape. They are sturdy enough to scoop and won't scratch pans. The flat spatula is a joke as it's only big enough to hold one small cookie, but the rest of the set is great. The handles are wood, so you don't want to let them sit in liquid for a long period of time, but I have forgotten once or twice and they are not worse for wear. They tend to spot if you don't wash it. I have not had any problems with the dishwasher. These are very much recommended by me.

👤Great product. I was a little hesitant to order the set because I didn't know the company. I am happy I ordered their product. The nice solid wood handles, good quality silicone, and overall built quality were immediately noticed by the person who opened the box. It is worth the purchase price. I find myself reaching for these utensils when I cook, especially since I just purchased new cookware. I would recommend this set to friends and family.

👤I've been looking for a set like this for a while, and I'm happy to say they are perfect. I'm scared to put them in the dishwasher in case the join between wood and Silicone gives way, but hand washing is a breeze, and the spatula is a little thin, so you can't give it. For the most part, I give all parts 5 stars. They are holding up well, but can't say how long they will last. It was unfair to give less because of the chance that they might give up the ghost.

9. Cooking Utensils Kitchen Cookware Spatula

Cooking Utensils Kitchen Cookware Spatula

A great gift and 100% LIFETIME SATISFACTION: This gift idea is perfect for showing your appreciation. The Woodenhouse tools will make you happy. If you are not completely satisfied, please contact them for a replacement. The cooking spoons server set of 5 includes a serving spoon, spatula or turner, a spoon with a corner sraper, and a spatula. Modern design. The wooden spoons are eco friendly and are a great way to cook your favourite delicacies. Its long handles are great for serving. HEALTHY AND SAFE COOKING. The utensils set is essential to have and won't react with food or beverages. It's free of BPA. These beautiful utensils are made of mango wood that is water resistant and long lasting making them useful for food preparation, serving and gifts. It is completely heat resistant and will save your cookware from any kind of damage while cooking. It is easy to clean and they recommend hand washing. Don't use the dishwasher.

Brand: Folkulture

👤Don't buy them! I thought I would be getting better quality if I spent more money on wooden spoons. They looked great when they arrived. They looked good. The spoons are splintering after a week of minimal use. They were hand washed and never soaked in water, but still wore down as if they had been. Don't buy spoons that are the same quality as the cheap ones. I was so excited when I bought these and they looked great.

👤These are very cute. I would probably use them as decor because the wood splinters the next day and it wouldn't make nice for cooking.

👤Very cute! The white set looks great in my kitchen. The white coating on the handle gives it a bit of traction, so there is minimal to zero chance of utensils flying out of my hand in the kitchen. The cooking section of the utensils seem to stain easily. I have only used a few of these and already there is yellow color. They don't work well as serving utensils at the table because of how straight and awkward that looks on a plate. Otherwise, recommended for the look and feel. I like the corner spoon. On 10-21-19: The yellow discoloration may have been caused by ground turmeric, which stains everything. It looks worn, but not bad. My go-to set is this one. The slim round handle is easy to hold for small hands, it is lightweight, and the white coating on the pan has not cracked, faded, or been impacted by leaning on it. It is easy to clean. Some of the wood fibers are loosened on the cooking edges. Some people might prefer the cooking edges to be sealed or coated with lacquer to prevent the bit of fraying that may bother them. I don't have a lot of knowledge of these things. I would be more cautious about peeling or dislodging the coating from my food. I would rather eat bits of wood than a chemical. I change my rating to a 5 when I use these utensils at least 3 times a week.

👤These looked so trendy online. I needed to replace my wooden spoons. It has been good, but I didn't think the wood parts were finished in a way that prevented splintering. I've used oil and stuff to finish them at home. It isn't as nice a finish as other wooden spoons. They still work and look cute, but they can be hard to clean and look ragged.

👤I don't like the feel of wooden spoons. I have refused to use wooden spoons for a long time. I noticed that my pots and pans were being scratched by metal utensils and my plastic ones were not strong enough. There is a Silicone handles make me not have to touch wood. It was a perfect solution. There is a They're not. I've used the spoon with the edge once. The hand was washed. We realized there was something in this crack while washing. When we washed it by hand, it looked splintered as the finish came off immediately. I was so hopeful that I could find a solution, but I didn't. I'm trying to return them.

10. FAAY Spatula Durable Resistance Cookware

FAAY Spatula Durable Resistance Cookware

100% warranty. If their spoons don't come in their best condition like in the photo or get broken after being used for 30 days, just let them know. They will send you new ones in no time. They appreciate all of your comments. They are used to develop and improve their handmade and heartcrafted products. 100% carefree cooking experience. The FAAY Teak Compact Spatulas / Turners are made of golden brown teak. They are lightweight and handy. The 2.5 inch wide blade is suitable for small and medium pans. The curved spatulas are flatter and longer in order to hold more food and to get under food more easily. The curve of the blade is designed to get to the angle and protect cookware. 100% healthy and eco-friendly. The FAAY Teak Spatulas / Turners are from Thailand. It's well known that the Teaks are heat and moist resistant. The product color can be either dark or light golden brown. Coconut oil is finished. This is to make sure their customers are safe. Most of the wooden utensils are machinemade. Every piece of their products helps the local artisans maintain their craft skill and pass it down to the next generations. They need a little space to express their talent. Only you can give them that. It is easy to wash them with warm water and soft sponge. You should hang them to dry. Put their spatulas in the water for 5 minutes before washing them. Store them in a dry place when not used. When the products are exposed to oil and heat, their color becomes darker, but they are still usable. 100% warranty. If their spatulas don't come in their best condition like in the photo or get broken after being used for 30 days, just let them know. They will send you new ones in no time. They appreciate all of your comments. They are used to develop and improve their handmade and heartcrafted products.

Brand: Faay

👤I was looking for a spatula. This is thinner than most wood spatulas, but you can't flip it unless you like the first side of your egg well done. It wouldn't flip a potato cake until it was destroyed. It wouldn't flip a cooked piece of scrapple, just pushed it around the pan, without an assist with the other hand. It works well for scrambled eggs.

👤I was hesitant to order it when I first saw it. I was not looking for a kitchen tool like this, and thought it was nice to be practical. I was wrong. I use wooden and bamboo cooking utensils a lot. It's more practical than silicone. It's virtually indestructible. It doesn't scratch like metal utensils. There is a The design is genius. Someone who actually cooks must have designed it. More than a piece of art. It's easy to get in the corners of a skillet. It's easy to add flavor. I love it!

👤The item was rendered useless and unsanitary as a food turner because of the ding on the edge of the flat section. The item was shipped in an envelope. It would be worse if it was damaged in shipping. I have sent an email to Amazon asking for a refund, but they don't consider it non-returnable. If you want to take your chances, the wood was very nice and smooth, but it was not as smooth as it could have been because of the damaged area.

👤This is too expensive for the quality. It splintered after one hand wash. The quality was not what I expected. Bummer!

👤I love it! I guess it is light weight, because some people are saying it is cheap or low quality. I don't think I get that impression. It is a light weight wood and you need to be careful not to apply too much pressure because it could snap. I was looking for a thin pancake that could be flipped at the end and it was exactly what I was looking for. It is smooth, it looks beautiful and there is no weird smell. I keep my other spatulas as backups but this is the only one I need.

👤I wouldn't give any stars, but not an option. At first, it was great, but then it snapped at the handle.

👤I searched for a replacement spatula after my favorite broke. I needed a sharpe edge and it was hard to find until I saw these. The spatulas I bought are perfect. I like to cook and get excited when a tool works well. They fit well in my hands and are comfortable to cook with. I thought they might be a bit short, but not at all. You will never regret buying both. I waited to write this review because I wanted to use these spatulas. I don't put them in the dishwasher. I rinse and air dry them.

👤This is one of the most beautiful wooden kitchen tools I have ever seen, and you know how a lot of wood tools have burrs and/or splinters. Not this one! The feel of the handle is comfortable and lightweight, and it has the strength to get the best bits when cooking.

11. IOOLEEM Cooking Utensil Natural Utensils

IOOLEEM Cooking Utensil Natural Utensils

Their wooden cooking utensils set is a great gift for friends, family and any occasion, it comes with a nice box, which makes it an ideal gift for friends, family and any occasion. They added a bonus ebook with tips and tricks for the set. The 6-piece bamboo cooking utensil set from IOOLEEM is ideal for any kitchen lover, it has complete function from cooking to serving. The set includes a Turner Spatula, a Rounded Fork, a Single Hole Mixing spoon, a Slotted Spatula, and a Bamboo spoon. Each piece is about 12 inches in length. Few things make cooking more pleasurable than working with high quality tools. The results that a good tool can produce are unmistakable. Their selection of durable cooking utensils helps you make great food. The set introduces a rustic charm to any meal. IOOLEEM bamboo utensils are safer than other utensils. They are lightweight and durable, and won't impart or absorb flavours. Simply wash with soap and water and dry. These bamboo tools will add a beautiful look to your serving, but also offer years of use. LIFETIME WARRANTY - They give all IOOLEEM customers a lifetime warranty. If you have a change of mind about the utensil set, please feel free to contact them. You will either have 100% satisfaction or your money back.

Brand: Iooleem

👤I needed a set of wooden utensils to cook with. These were a decent price point. Reviews were good and I think they'd be good to use until I find better utensils that won't melt. I'd give these more stars, but one of the pieces already started chipping and splintering despite being washed carefully and using mineral oil after cleaning. We will see how long they last. Would I buy again? I might consider them disposable.

👤The packaging is simple and light, and I am looking forward to using it.

👤These wooden spoons were a nice addition to my collection. I think they are going to last a long time.

👤They are easy to clean. I have been using them daily as a cook. I was worried about how to wash but it seems ok to wash by hand. Wood was the go to before plastic and metal. As much as I can.

👤If you don't want your pots to get damaged, you should try Teflon pots, they work great if you use metal spoons. It's really good quality and I like the cutting board.

👤I sanded them all down because they were cheap. I had to remove splinters from my hand.

👤My husband was excited about these because we bought a bamboo cutting board which we love, but on the second use it split up the middle. It will probably be usable until it breaks in half.

👤These bamboo utensils are great for cooking. They are capable of beating, stirring, being dunked into boiling water and surviving the dishwasher without splitting. When I found these, I threw out all of my wooden utensils. They looked pretty in a pitcher on my counter, and were a bargain when I thought about how long I would use them.


What is the best product for cooking wood spoons for nonstick cookware?

Cooking wood spoons for nonstick cookware products from Wayome. In this article about cooking wood spoons for nonstick cookware you can see why people choose the product. Aiuhi and Aiuhi are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking wood spoons for nonstick cookware.

What are the best brands for cooking wood spoons for nonstick cookware?

Wayome, Aiuhi and Aiuhi are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking wood spoons for nonstick cookware. Find the detail in this article. Adloryea, Sunfloware and Woodenhouse Lifelong Quality are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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