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1. Cedar Grilling Planks 12 Pack

Cedar Grilling Planks 12 Pack

The whole stove is portable. Four legs are easy to store and carry, and you can easily remove the chimney pipe. Grilling instructions are perfect for gifts or home use.

Brand: Grill Gourmet

👤I used these for the first time. Most Southerners prefer their fish fried, and I don't like grilled/baked fish. I decided to cook some frozen tilapia fillets that we had on hand, and wanted them to be healthy. I had seen cedar grilling at restaurants and I could try it. The planks are very easy to use. You need to soak the planks in water. The planks can fit a couple of good sized fillets, or in my case, 3 or 4. While waiting on those two things, season your fish with your favorite fish seasoning, olive oil, and salt and pepper. After 30 minutes of soaking, your planks are ready. Next, you put on your grill and make it hot. One side of the grill should be charred black when the planks are placed on it. Put your fillets on the black side of the plank and cook them until done. There was no need for flipping. Enjoy your dinner! The cedar plank gives your fish a smokey flavor. The talapia fillets that I cooked were nothing special, but this method of cooking made for some delicious grilled fish. I can't wait to try it on some fresh-caught bass or crappie. If you are on a diet or are a body builder, this is a great way to meal prep. I highly recommend it.

👤Maybe the seller just stopped paying attention to the quality of the product, because they had so many positive reviews. Only 6 of the 12 planks in my pack were sanded. The other 6 were not nice. I could easily have a broken bone in my food. The seller contacted me after my original review and sent a replacement. The new set of boards was worse than the first one, with only 2 planks sanded on one side, and the others rough on both sides.

👤I'm really happy with the planks. I bought another brand and they were almost in cinders at the end of grilling. These are not like that. It's understandable that some blackness will occur, but it's either very little or nothing at all. I soak mine for a long time just to be sure. The salmon steaks covered in brown sugar, salt and other ingredients have been through the test, so they are quite heavy duty. The boards have never been a problem with fish coming off them. I add liquid smoke to the soak to add more smoky flavour, but have also done without, and they still give the food a nice smoky flavour. I haven't tried putting them in the freezer yet, but I like their tip about soaking them and putting them in the freezer. Great value as well.

👤If you like cedar plank fish such as salmon, then you're in luck. It is easy to soak in water for a few hours. Place plank on grill for a few minutes per side to char, place fish on plank, and grill over indirect heat until done. The flavor is amazing. Don't even think about saving for reuse because each plank is large enough for a couple good-sized fillets. They are inexpensive and should be thrown away.

2. CEDAR ALPHA Reusable Grilling Hardwood

CEDAR ALPHA Reusable Grilling Hardwood

There is a pack of 1 TrueFire Gourmet Cedar Wraps. The logs were shipped from the US. There are more value, cooking surfaces, and procedures done. The set of 2 grilling Planks has a thickness of just over 3 inches. Sand was applied to the Planks to make them smooth. It can be used for grilling or cusine cutting. The Plank should be soaked in water for 1-2 hours. No chemical or glue, 100% nature and safe. Grilling Planks and Cutting boards can be recycled.

Brand: Cedar Alpha

👤The garbage was advertised as Alaskan Red Cedar. There was no mention of made in china in the main description. After digging through the listing, you'll find that it doesn't mention "Alaskan Old Growth Red Cedar, Processed in China." They are going back.

👤I was tired of the high prices at the grocery store and decided to buy some plank on Amazon. I went for it because these were the most reasonable price I could find. I was happy I did. These are great. I recommend soaking them before use to make sure they don't ignite, but they are definitely worth the money. When they start smoking, they give off the perfect cedar smell. They are still a bit narrow, which is my only complaint. I have to cut the 1lb filets in half to make them fit. But! I'll be getting them again when I run out here.

👤I used a few of these planks to grill some salmon. I put the salmon on the grill after soaking them in water for 30 minutes, because they give the fish a smoked flavor that appeals to me more than just throwing the fish on the grill. If I need them again, I would buy them again, because the skin stays on the plank when you use the spatula to take off the salmon, and there are enough plank to last a long time, depending on how often you eat fish.

👤I thought these would be a good deal because my husband and I love grilling on cedar plank. We will try them, but they don't smell like cedar and two of them are cracked. Next time, will try somewhere else.

👤These are advertised as cedar, but they don't smell like cedar I'm used to. They may be a type of cedar, but it's not what I was expecting. The package just says "grilling plank" and makes no claim as to what they made of them. The brand is called Cedar Alpha. They are from China. The water becomes orange when soaked. They gave my fish a campfire flavor, but not a cedar flavor.

👤We use these for our bar/restaurant where we make cocktails in a "smoked" glass. The previous ones I bought were not as good as the ones I bought from this vendor. The appearance is thick and appealing. The logo looks professional. When lightly torched, the plank easily produces cedar smoke. Highly recommended.

👤I can't imagine grilling a full adult portion of salmon on one of these. They aren't planks. They could be used to re-shingle your birdhouse. Or something. If you want to know if they will fit your grilling needs, cut a piece of paper to the size you were given.

👤Pacific Coast Old Growth Cedar is advertised. The product I received was labeled as Chinese Fir. Not the same thing. The quality of the two species is different.

3. Wood Fire Grilling Co Planks

Wood Fire Grilling Co Planks

All of their grilling planks are manufactured and inspected in the US, which is a certified food safe facility. They guarantee that you won't find sawdust or debris in your food. These planks may contain splits, knotholes or other defects. They are still safe and will not affect the flavor. Wood Fire Grilling Company only uses the finest western cedar for grilling and it has the best quality flavor. You can fit up to 4 serving on each plank. If you need an extra-large plank for a whole salmon, please select one of their larger sizes. Pair a fresh Pacific salmon with any fish and seafood, vegetables, pizza, and more. Their plank is oven, smoking, and grill safe. You can discover new flavors. All of their grilling boards are non-toxic and all have been treated with chemicals or Additives. The cedar grilling planks are made in the USA. The competitors can't say the same thing.

Brand: Wood Fire Grilling Co.

👤This was my second order. The quality has gone downhill. The first batches had few knots and no holes. This time, every plank had knots, many of which were holes in the plank, meaning that the salmon were not protected from fire. The vendor was the main difference. I'll be looking for Outdoor Gourmet, although they no longer sell on Amazon.

👤I use these for grilling salmon. The more expensive ones found two to a package at the store, for far less cost. Quality is good. This is my third order in 5 years. Very happy. There is a The most important thing to do is to soak the planks. I put them in water for a couple of hours. If you don't, you'll end up with the planks on fire and your food burned black. Each plank holds two filets side by side. There is a A dusting of coarse sea salt and some olive oil is all that is needed. Grill to 450. Put the planked salmon in the middle of the grill and turn the two side burners to just above medium. The time is between 12 and 15 minutes. Keep an eye on it. Some might like it a bit pink in the middle, but Thicker cuts might take a bit more to cook. Enjoy!

👤This is not a typical review because I didn't use them for cooking orgrilling, I have a few leftover and will use them eventually. I was going to Home Depot or Lowes to get wood cut to size, but then the idea for the grilling plank popped into my head, because I couldn't find the right size craft wood. The size and detailed wood grain was what I was looking for. I applied vinyl lettering to make table number signs, stained the plank, and sealed the stain.

👤I don't want grillers to use Cedar plank when grilling fish, chicken and even meat. The flavor of Salmon is out of this world, and we have been using Cedar for 10 years. We used to buy plank packages at our grocery store for a lot of money. The purchase is a good deal. The size of the plank is perfect for filets.

👤I have re- purchased this product. I use the planks at my home in Yokohama on my gas grill. I always keep a good supply of these planks for Norwegian salmon steaks, which are available everywhere in Japan. I like to plank rough side up because it gives me more flavor.

👤There are a lot of options and prices for these planks, but they are really good. My box came almost perfect. There were some plank that had knot holes. The main point is that these are real cedars. The flavor was amazing. I put them over direct coals. They burn and smoke very well. I use a grill. I have never used plank on my Traeger. You need to burn them to get the smoke. Thanks for selling real western red cedar. Stay away from that cedar.

4. Jaccard Pre Soaked Planks Single Portion

Jaccard Pre Soaked Planks Single Portion

The cedar grilling planks are made in the USA. The competitors can't say the same thing. Pre-Soaked Grilling Planks. You don't need to soak your plank for up to 2 hours before using it on the grill. The time and mess of pre-soaking is eliminated by the Ready-2-Grill grilling planks. Premium Cedar Grilling Planks. The Cedar Plank provides moist, even heat across the cooking surface. The Grill Planks can be placed directly on a serving plate for an eye-catching presentation at home or a restaurant. Grilling accessory. Cedar Grilling Planks are great for grilling fish, beef, chicken, pork, veal, vegetables and more. A smooth grilling surface. Premium Western Red Cedar Grilling Planks come from certified forests. You can use any grill, including gas grill, ceramic grill, and charcoal grills.

Brand: Jaccard

👤The boards I bought worked great for mounting a staghorn fern. The wood has held up well so far. It was perfect for what I needed and arrived quickly. Thanks!

👤You have to get this wood to get the best salmon.

👤The planks are pre-soaked when purchased in the store. The one I bought was not in water. There is a box of wood. I use a bag from the pre-soaked product to soak them. I was not happy with the deception. They smoke salmon. They are not pre-soak packages.

👤The boards are very thin and burn quicker than other boards we have used.

👤This was my first time grilling on the plank. The cedar plank is large enough to hold a couple salmon fillets. They were easy to use. I was glad to try them out.

👤I soaked the plank in water for over two hours. I put the salmon on the grill for 10 minutes. I put out the fire by taking it off the grill. The bottom of the wood was ablaze. The salmon was delicious. Be careful!

👤The fish held up well on the grill.

👤The planks were ripped open. The plastic wrap around the planks should not have been opened before.

5. Pack Cedar Grilling Planks Chicken

Pack Cedar Grilling Planks Chicken

Grilling instructions are perfect for gifts or home use. The bundle provides the perfect amount of planks without breaking the bank. The cedar plank gift is a great gift for the grillers and BBQ'ers in your life. For at least 15 minutes, soak in hot tap water. It's much more convenient than waiting. It's perfect for family meals. Each plank can fit up to 4 serving. These planks are made in the USA. The manufacturing site is a Certified Food Grade Facility. They want the best for their customers, in both food quality and safety.

Brand: Wood Fire Grilling Co.

👤I had ordered a different brand. They were slightly larger. I feel they are a tad smaller for grilling salmon. The couple of inches do matter. There is a These were much thinner, splintered and had big holes in a few of the planks. This is not what I would have bought for. Next time, will go with a different brand. There is a After soaking for 24 hours, these caught fire while grilling salmon. That has never happened before.

👤I was excited to receive the planks, but when I opened the package, I found that I didn't get to smoke my salmon. There was no smell of cedar or smoke. I decided to try. So disappointed. I've cooked salmon on cedar plank before. This time it was not good. No cedar, no smoke. No more, it will not buy again.

👤The best salmon in the world. Rub salmon with seasonings. The plank has been soaked in water for 30 minutes. I have an electric grill. Put plank on grill, close top, and cook for 10 minutes. I have cooked chicken with vegetables. Everything is good. Plank can't be used more than once.

👤Shame on me for not reading the description more closely, but it was a little smaller than I was expecting. It turns out that the salmon cooks better if you cut it in half. The charcoal grill has a nice flavor and can be used more than once per plank.

👤I used them for the first time this week. I soaked them for more than an hour. I put my fish on the floor. There is a Tilapia. The small plank are covered by them. They caught fire. I put my fish on the grill grate and threw it in the snow bank. Don't buy them.

👤I have been using cedar plank for cooking. I usually get them at the grocery or Lowes. The quality of the food tastes different, not to mention how long it takes to cook. These are great for grilling food. I finally have a reliable resource. These are great gifts.

👤I used them according to instructions. I grilled a whole chicken on two pieces at a time and then switched them out every 15 minutes. I switched them out because I didn't want them to burn. The bird was delicious.

👤Work hard, and you will get salmon on them. One use on my gas grill was the only use that they didn't last. They may have needed to soak for a bit longer. I recommend them if that's the case.

6. Cedar LONG Grilling Planks PACK

Cedar LONG Grilling Planks PACK

It's great for cooking: chicken, beef, veal, and many more. Simple and easy. The 10 pack is a great value and can be used to impress family and friends. Meat, fish, and other food can be grilled. It was designed to allow more saturated water absorption. The long is 15" x 5.25" x 3/8" and is perfect for multiples or separate meat and veggies. Made in the USA from a high-quality Natural American Western Red Cedar.

Brand: Western Cedar Grilling

👤I need those planks for baking salmon. It makes the fish taste better. The fish is appetizing. The fish is not too moist and does not turn our dry. It's a perfect balance. There is a It is easy to clean them. I put them in the dishwasher. I can taste the same juicy goodness of the baked fish that I have used them multiple times. One tip. The fish's oil drips from the plank. I put an empty baking tray below the blanks to keep the dipping oil out of the oven.

👤My favorite food is plank grilled salmon. The Alaskan salmon filets fit perfectly. It is necessary to properly soaked prior to use. These are the best that I have found. One side is rough cut to increase the cedar smoke, which works well for me, but they don't flare up unless you set your flame to high. I got my money's worth, because the price is better than any other stores in my area. I will stock these again when I run low. Western Cedar cares about their customer and is driven to make sure they have the best experience. After I received my planks, I received an email that said to make things right if I encountered any problems. I was already happy. They seem to be good people.

👤The flavor and ease of cooking made me like them. The taste of Salmon was quite different. I thought the planks could be recycled. Wrong! They are very thin, and got burned on the bottom side. They can't be used again. That's my mistake. This was the first time I tried to cook with a plank. I soaked them for 6 hours, but they still burned. I might go to Lowes and buy a 1 x 6 cedar board after using this bunch of plank.

👤I cooked salmon on my grill last night. I soaked them in water for 2 hours. I preheated the grill for 15 minutes before putting the salmon on it. They produce a bit of smoke. You don't need to flip the fish half way though cooking with these. I will not make this mistake again. They keep the grill clean. The time needed to cook the food will likely increase with these. I bought a temperature probe to use to know when food is done. They have two half size boards for single use. I don't like using the bigger board. I should be able to get twice as many boards for the same price if I only sell the smaller ones. No luck so far.

👤These boards are great to use for fish on a barbecue. I wouldn't use a second time, so I can't comment on whether or not it is re-usable. Make sure the board is properly soaked, not under soaked or over soaked. If used correctly, one can let the bottom burn to allow the fish to smoke, but keep a water spray bottle on hand to use when the fire gets out of hand. Smoke is created by using the spray bottle. There is a One should keep an eye on the bbq. It is a fire cooking food.

7. Premium Grilling Thicker Moister Flavorful

Premium Grilling Thicker Moister Flavorful

Made in the USA from a high-quality Natural American Western Red Cedar. There areICKER cedar plans for increased value and superior quality. The cedar plank is a full 7/16" thick, making it great for repeated use and allowing for more of the smoke flavor you love. The cedar plank is 100% Western Red Cedar and free of harmful chemicals. The plank is kiln-dried so they absorb water better. The perfect grilling gift is a grill. The width of the plank is six inches, a half-inch wider than others. They hold a lot of food and are double as serving boards. The perfect gift for a loved one. The charred cedar wood can be messy. After you finish grilling, store your cedar grilling planks in their bag. A gift bag! Instructions and instructions are included. The cedar plank 5-pack comes with easy guidelines for successful cedar grilling and a delicious recipe to try. You'll be able to make great meals at 5-star restaurants.

Brand: Primal Grilling

👤The dimensions are 11 x 5 x 3. The boards are rigid and finished well. I prepared a 1 lbs piece of Salmon last night, I think it would be good for 1 to 1 1/2 lbs of fish. I used the Weber charcoal grill after soaking for two hours. I used the indirect method for this attempt. The board surface needs to be sterilized before I can contact the fish. I cooked it for 15 minutes after the grill was closed. I will use the indirect method again next time, and the coals will be closer to the board. The board could be used as a serving board. The fish was good. You would need to use two boards for larger cuts of fish. The top of the board is shown in the pictures after being cleaned. There is a I did not see the good instructions until after I cooked. An excellent product from a US company.

👤I received my order quickly and it arrived on Saturday. It was well packaged and as predicted. The planks were removed and inspected. I was very pleased with what I found. The real test came on Sun. The afternoon is over. The two planks were soaked for four hours. I cut the Skinless Salmon into 6 serving pieces. They were put into the fridge while the Big Green Egg was being prepared. temp. The plank is ready for about 3-4 minutes. They flipped them and put the Salmon in it's place. The lid was closed for 19 minutes. It was perfect. My wife and our guests were very excited. They loved how good it was. The smoke flavor was great. I've tried many different brands of cedar plank but never found one that matched these. Premium Planks definitely are. My family is very happy with your product. Thank you!

👤I am new to grilling and wanted to try it out. I decided to go in after doing some research. The lemon-ginger salmon tasted amazing, and I was very pleased with the whole experience. They fit in a casserole dish and I just weighed them down with a smaller dish. These are high quality planks that I was able to scrub down and will probably reuse multiple times; they didn't warp after I soaked, used, and washed them. The presentation from the grill to the table was outstanding. The fact that the company is small sealed the deal for future purchases from the company.

👤I've never cooked on wood. I'm glad I tried it. The indirect method of cooking takes a little longer, but I would advise people to use it. I tried the direct method and it didn't work. I moved it to the side to finish cooking. I used the recipe that came with the planks, and it was absolutely delicious. I have had the best salmon in decades.

👤This is something that I love. The product gives a wonderful taste to salmon and I'm sure will work well with chicken, meat and veg as well. You will not regret buying this item. It looks better in reality than it does on the internet, and comes in a lovely bag for storage. You can present the food on a fresh plank as an alternative to a plate after grilling. Very versatile. I took a photo. I used the recipe that came with the planks, but used pure organic maple syrup instead of honey. The plank was turned into a beautiful color by the combination of the maple syrup and salmon fat. Thanks for a great product.

8. TrueFire Gourmet TFWraps8 8 8 Pack 8 Inch

TrueFire Gourmet TFWraps8 8 8 Pack 8 Inch

Instructions and instructions are included. The cedar plank 5-pack comes with easy guidelines for successful cedar grilling and a delicious recipe to try. You'll be able to make great meals at 5-star restaurants. Cedar wraps are premium. The butchers twine is included in every pack. It's great for use with gas and charcoal grills. It's great for use with seafood, meats, vegetables, cheese and fruit. There is a pack of 1 TrueFire Gourmet Cedar Wraps.

Brand: Truefire Gourmet

👤The Twine is individualy cut. The Cedar Sheets are the same as the more expensive ones. The Cedar Sheets have the same flavor and retention as the other vendor. The TrueFire Cedar Wraps were half the price of the other vendor. I wish I had found this vendor sooner. Cedar wraps can't make cooking or grilling fish "idiot-proof". We have been using cedar cooking sheets for more than five years. They are the best way to cook fish. The flavor of the fish is great and they keep the fish from drying out so it is always moist and tender. We used to like grilled fish with wood chips. The cedar wraps allowed us to make the fish in the oven and get great flavor. Cedar wraps are expensive. The TrueFire cedar wraps are relatively inexpensive, which makes them economical to use compared to the other vendors. These Cedar Wraps are very good. They are an excellent value and perform well.

👤One of the best ways to cook salmon. It is easy to use and results are outstanding. I put olive oil on both sides of the salmon pieces, add some seafood, wrap it, tie it with string, and put it on the grill at about 400 degrees for about 15 minutes. I use indirect heat and have never had a problem. I covered the salmon in foil and let it rest for about five minutes. The skin comes off when the wrap is removed. Make sure the salmon pieces are not larger than 4 inches. It's about perfect to get the entire piece wrapped.

👤I bought another brand at a local grocery store, but they are expensive on Amazon. This is a situation where you paid for something. These sheets were very thin. They broke and caught fire. I can't say I recommend them or won't buy again.

👤I used a few of them for food wrapping and they worked well. If you follow the instructions, they can split since they are wood. They're fine when it's wet. I used these to line a small humidor that I use for tobacco and they have that perfect smell andflavor.

👤This is a good way to dispose of the product. I cook fish on the grill. They are very thin and can break apart easily. I smoked Salmon and didn't use them for wrapping food. They are perfect for smoking or cooking. The flavor is satisfactory, but not as good as I 888-276-5932s If you don't want to spend a lot of money, the price is not bad.

👤I was worried about using them since they were thin. I've never used cedar for grilling. These were easy. They said to soak for 5 minutes. I listened to others and they wrapped the salmon and Asparagus around themselves and held up well on the grill. They were a little pricey but now that I have tried them and know they are easy, I would use them again and they add good flavors.

9. Wildwood Grilling Plank Variety Pack

Wildwood Grilling Plank Variety Pack

Grilling Planks and Cutting boards can be recycled. They have a variety pack that includes 6 wooden planks, each with a different flavor for all of your grilling and smoking needs. You will get a sample of Western Cedar,Alder, Hickory,Cherry, Maple, and Red Oak wooden plank and a free e-book with some of their favorite recipes. Do you like what you eat? They also offer bulk packages of their grilling planks. Their large wooden boards are an excellent choice for any meal, whether you're cooking classic cedar planked coastal salmon, other fish and seafood, meats, veggies or more. If you're going to cook a whole salmon, you should check out their planks. This is the perfect Christmas gift for grillers. This is a great gift idea for the Grill Master in your life. They will love the chance to try out all of their different flavors. All-natural American timber is the only thing used in their products. A smart, healthy choice for a cookout. All of their grilling planks are manufactured and inspected in the US, which is a certified food safe facility. They guarantee that you won't find sawdust or debris in your food.

Brand: Wildwood Grilling

👤I used these boards on a Char-Broil grill and they worked great, but they became charred black on the bottom and edges, and I had to use a fire hose to put out the fire. I grilled on top of the board what they gave me. I had to wait 20 minutes for the burgers to cook on the grill since it is a slower indirect heat. The company sent me an eBook after I bought it that gave me some suggestions on what to pair with wood. It has been fun to try out different combinations of wood smoke flavor and different types of meat because there is a noticeable difference in flavors between the different wood types. I paid for this product and didn't get any compensation for it. If you found the review helpful, click the button below.

👤I use these for smoking drinks. They are marked to distinguish different wood types. I like the variety of woods and can light the same area multiple times. One of the planks had a large crack, which almost broke down the middle just handling it. I would return it if I needed it for cooking. Even if it breaks in half, I will use it for smoking cocktail glasses. I will not use the cracked plank for cooking if I cook with them.

👤The Customer Service was the best thing about this product. The response was quick and helped me when I had some questions. They let me know what flavors are best with certain foods. They gave me links for how to use and maintain the planks. I can't wait to try out all of the flavors on the new gas grill that we are installing in our outdoor kitchen.

👤It works for certain applications in the oven, but only for grilling. So far, they are very good. The online information about each type of wood was helpful. This is a made-in-USA product and it is nice to see that. Why would you take USA-grown wood and send it to another country for processing? The product is worth the extra cost.

👤I ordered this for my dad. Everyone loved them. They were a great idea. They were a bit on the smaller side, so maybe two hamburgers or one piece of steak at a time on them. These are only used for one time. I didn't think about that when I ordered them. It seems to be good quality. I would probably buy them again.

👤It adds a great taste to your meat. You will never want to eat plain meat again. Make sure you follow the instructions and soak them. You will get more uses out of them if you clean and freeze them. They are a bit pricey. I wish they would let you buy 6 different types. One of the better ones was the hickory.

👤It's fun to cook on wood. The variety pack helped me find the woods I liked to cook with the most. If you are going to be grilling, I recommend you try this. You can find recipes online. If you want to get good flavor in to your grilling, try soaking the planks in different liquids, such as whiskey, beer, Bourbon or any other beverage that you think would give it a good flavor. Enjoy!

10. Cedar BBQ Premium Grilling Planks

Cedar BBQ Premium Grilling Planks

These planks are made in the USA. The manufacturing site is a Certified Food Grade Facility. They want the best for their customers, in both food quality and safety. 100% Western Red Cedar from Canada is all natural. The 2 piece set is retail sealed. More saturated water absorption. It is intended for single use only and easy disposal. It's great for cooking: chicken, beef, veal, and many more.

Brand: Moskila

👤In June of this year, I bought 3 rolls of this to go after a gopher in San Diego who is bent on causing the next big earthquake. Our back yard turf is under the ground. Couldn't kill this guy even though there were many traps, bombs, sonic junk sticks, water flooding, and nights with a glass of wine and an air gun waiting in vain. The yard was torn up and then a mesh was laid over it. The lawn was replaced. There was a gopher in the grass. It is important to lay interlaced mesh with no single hole and wrap it up to the border to prevent the gopher from entering the grass. We plan to lay another roll or two further out, but this is quality material and the company is fantastic to work with, so we will do another project.

👤I have not had mosquito bites since I plugged in two of these zappers. They only make a faint blue light. There is a Each unit had about a hundred bugs when I looked at them today. I don't know how long they will work as I have only had them a few weeks, but I have four in backup. I would recommend this product to everyone.

👤I had doubts about the survival of the plants when they arrived. I was pleasantly surprised that all the plants ordered took well to being planted and immediately started to spread their roots into their new surroundings. The plants are doing well, and I am happy I bought them. These plants will produce for a long time in the climate I live in. I will purchase live plants from this supplier again in the future.

👤Maybe not giving 3 stars. I soaked these for at least 3 hours, started my grill, got it warm, turned the heat to below medium, put plank on grill, added Salmon and shrimp, 800-381-0266 It was snapped... Crackle. I opened the grill top and saw some wood on fire. They were removed from the grill and thrown into my fire pit. There is a Maybe I did something wrong, but I can't see what I did. I must be very unintelligent or these planks are terrible, I'll leave up to you to decide.

👤There are cedar slabs. A great addition to the smoker. A hole at the top is a good place to hang. I drilled a hole in both of them. I hang them up by the smoker after I clean them off. Always there and ready.

👤This was a gift for my mom. She called the day after it arrived to say she loved it. She used to make stained glass art when I was younger. She still loves beautiful pieces like this one. The company may become a go-to for gifts in the future.

👤The "off the wall Brella" is the umbrella that is half an umbrella and designed to go against a wall. This stand is the best I have ever seen. If you are on a deck that is not even, you need a philips head screwdriver to remove the wrench from the bottom of it. It comes in 3 parts. The pole holder screws into the base and the screw keeps the umbrella in place. I can't imagine that this thing can tip over. I mentioned that it is heavy.


What is the best product for cooking wood planks?

Cooking wood planks products from Grill Gourmet. In this article about cooking wood planks you can see why people choose the product. Cedar Alpha and Wood Fire Grilling Co. are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking wood planks.

What are the best brands for cooking wood planks?

Grill Gourmet, Cedar Alpha and Wood Fire Grilling Co. are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking wood planks. Find the detail in this article. Jaccard, Western Cedar Grilling and Primal Grilling are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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