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1. Western Popular Smoking Variety Bundle

Western Popular Smoking Variety Bundle

Use with gas grills, smokers, electric griddles, kettle grills and ceramic grills. Variety 3 Western Premium BBQ Smoking Chips have a max weight of 180 lbs. Can be used with grills that are charcoal, gas or ceramic. Kettle Grills or Griddles. Electric smokers. You can mix the woods together to create a unique flavor. Try with American favorites such as Hamburgers, Whole Chicken, BBQ smoked Wings, or Baby Back or Spare Ribs.

Brand: Western

👤I love these chips. Smoke was very good. I will purchase them again when I run out.

👤We smoked a turkey. I went to the store to see what wood was used. Wow! Our turkey came out great under cherry smoke. The turkey had a sweet taste. Don't over smoke. I've done that before. The wood is very strong. I recommend looking up the wood you are going to smoke. Smoking takes time. Good luck!

👤My Masterbuilt Electric works great with the favorite brand of chips. These are too expensive. They are usually cheaper at big box stores.

👤We use charcoal, gas and a smoker. They work well. The food has a good flavor. The brand doesn't leave a chemical taste on the food.

👤These wood chips are delicious. My husband puts them in the smoker. They make the meat more appetizing. I would recommend trying different flavors.

👤We smoke a turkey for Thanksgiving. It waspatchcocked and cooked on the grill. It was delicious.

👤The chips smell great and are very nice. They haven't been used in the smoker yet. When the weather warms up, we plan to. Very excited!

👤It is easy to use. Bring wood, they're wood chips. They make great toys for puppies when you leave the bag outside and he wants to make a mess. The dual function has an extra star.

2. Camerons Products Smoking Natural Barbecue

Camerons Products Smoking Natural Barbecue

It was made in the USA. It may be in a box or bag. The Smoking Chunks Bag is 10 pounds. Place wood chunks on hot coals for the best flavor. A large amount of water. In. Oak is great with sausages and blended with cherry for smoking turkey. The charcoaliquette is great for smoky flavor. The bag weights may be received in a bag or box.

Brand: Camerons

👤The product that I received was not "Camerons", but it had their label on it. 1.5# of it was tiny chips and floor sweeping, it was a mixed bag of oak and cherry. Small chips were 7.0 lbs. I had 1.5 lbs of chunks. If you are going to buy products from them, you should order them on their website. That way you won't get ripped off like I did.

👤I used seasoned oak wood from a tree I fell in my lot for years and my family loves the oak flavor, so I ordered both oak and cherry for my smoker. The chunks were large enough to smoke for several hours when soaked overnight. The boxes I received contained nice-sized chunks and it only took two or three for a 15 lbs turkey to cook over hardwood lump charcoal. I will be ordering a snack soon.

👤The seller shows a picture of what I got. The box of wood is old and dirty. It's not sure if it's mold as well. I am hesitant to use it because of its condition. I have not purchased from any other vendors.

👤I had good luck with them. The chunks are small. The box has about 15 pieces in it. The smell is great when it's on fire. It isn't like other woods.

👤I am very happy with the oak lump. A few chickens were smoked with oak large lump charcoal. It's a great size for either a kettle grill or offset smoker, it's great for a long time without soaking in water or foil.

👤I smoked delicious meat with this wood. There is a The bag contained a lot of chips. I want chunks that last a long time. I don't have to worry about them burning up. There is a The wood was dirty and dusty. I'm burning it and it's not a big deal.

👤If this type of wood isn't readily available in your area, it's a great option.

👤Maybe we got a bad bunch, but mostly ends and pieces. Good food smoke does not come from the bark.

👤It was delivered very quickly. The box was packed with 10 lbs. The wood is kiln dried and easy to split into smaller pieces for a smoker box on my gas grill. It's great to throw on to a conventional smoker the different sizes of the chunks.

👤It worked well. Exactly what I ordered.

3. Camerons Products Wood Smoking Chips

Camerons Products Wood Smoking Chips

Smoking Wood Chips are easy to handle. 30 smoking's will be produced by each 1-pint container of barbecue smoking chips. The wood chip is made in the USA. Smoker chips are a great way to create a smoky flavor. Wood Smoking Chips are good with a variety of meat and vegetables.

Brand: Camerons

👤These chips are not meant for backyard smokers. I use them for small stovetop smokers, or for a small handheld smoking gun that blows cold smoke through a hose for cocktails and other flavoring purposes. There is a When making smoked cocktails, the oak leaves an odd aftertaste. The maple and regular oak give a mellow real smoke flavor. I've made a dozen smoked manhattans and old fashioneds, and smoked some whitefish for a Scottish fish soup. The smoke from the chips is good for what I need. The three pack should last me for a long time since I only use 1/2 tsp at a time. I want to try some other flavors.

👤They are not for outside grills or smokers to cook meat. They are for small smoker guns, which allow you to add smoke to cocktails or meats already cooked. The canister in a smoker gun is less than 1 inch round, so they need to be small to fit. If you need larger chips to smoke food, you will need to find them, but if you need them for an infuser, they work great. They give out a good amount of smoke, but I have not yet used all of the flavors.

👤I was supposed to get a tub of Oak, a tub of Bourbon, and a tub of maple wood chips. I got two oak and one maple. These are not wood chips. Coarse sawdust is what they are. The containers were small. You can buy smoker wood chips on Amazon.

👤I used a little to smoke some eggplant. It worked well with my stove top Nordic Ware smoker. You don't need that much. People who use these chips should wrap them in foil. The smoke was increased by punching holes in the foil. I wonder if there would be less staining on the smoker if I didn't punch holes. There is a The chips were good. Highly recommended.

👤I decided to use the smaller wood chips with our new smoker. They haven't brought smoke to the meat yet. They are expensive for small containers.

👤They burn a little faster than I hoped but they are perfect for my smoker and I think they are fine.

👤I believe that the fragrance had dried out because the product was damaged. So far, it's not very aromatic. We aren't impressed.

👤The amount of chips is worth a lot. Three tubs will last a long time. They are the right size for my portable smoker. The smell is amazing.

4. Oklahoma Joes Cherry Smoker 2 Pound

Oklahoma Joes Cherry Smoker 2 Pound

The wood smoking chips variety pack is the best for outdoor and indoor grilling. Purchase a 100% organic product. The best way to add a fruity flavor to meat is to use Oklahoma Joe's cherry wood chips. For use with grills. It's ideal for smoking fish, poultry and pork. All natural wood chips. It's 179 inches.

Brand: Oklahoma Joe's

👤I received a 1 1/2 pound bag of chips. It was fraudulent.

👤They smelled like a basement. I tried some on the grill. They were not good. I think their customer service was great. They did not return my money. It might have been a mistake. I'll try them again because they were nice.

👤We use them to smoke meat on our grill. We soak them for an hour, put them in an aluminum pan, put the filled pan on an end burner, light the burner, put the meat on the unlit parts of the grill, and wait. It works well. It doesn't take much for our food to be nice and smokey. We mixed in more dry chips when we had trouble getting them to smoke. Adding more wet chips to the pan solved the issues with them smoking too fast. Will buy again if they are cheaper than the local butcher shop. The price difference is reasonable and the chips are worth it.

👤My husband and I were very impressed with the flavor of the meat. Wow! It was easy to use. I soaked the chips in a small smoker box for 30 minutes. I put the smoker box on the coals. It was so much flavor. I was going to purchase the apple chips from this same company, but when I saw that the price had changed, I removed it from my cart. Not good! I bought apple chips from another company for less.

👤The directions were followed. It was soaked for half an hour. I also bought a grill box here. I didn't get any added flavor to my food. After about 20 minutes on the fire, Chips didn't give off a smell. There is a I used this in a gas grill, but there is a direction as to how to use it in a gas grill. It didn't work for me. I couldn't smell it in the air around the grill. Oh well.

👤It was interesting. I used wood smoking on a grill for the first time. I used the smoker box I bought for $13 to smoke a piece of meat on my gas grill. It worked well. I put the chips in the water for about an hour. The flavor was good, but I didn't see much smoke, so it was even better than I expected.

👤I use a cast iron smoker box with my gas grill. I have found that starting them smoking with my propane torch helps. I don't have to buy a dedicated smoker.

👤Product was good. A nice smokey taste and smell, but not a strong smoke, but a fruity smell. It makes your food taste better without the smoke flavor. I run cherry with a quarter of the chips and it has a great balance. I would recommend this product. It's good with chicken or ribs.

5. Smoker Box Wood Chips Delicious

Smoker Box Wood Chips Delicious

It's 179 inches. If you like the smoky flavor of a grill, position the smoker box under the grill grate and above the burners to enjoy the aromas. Ribs, chicken, or pork chops are good for a king. This smoke box will transform your bbq into a pitmaster's kitchen, making mouth watering meats each time. You'll be the flavor of the month if neighbors smell them a mile off. The hinged lid on this portable smoker box makes it easy to switch wood chips at will. It was easy to grill pro. If you want to become a meat enthusiast, you need a wood chip smoking box, it will give you the taste you've been looking for and more. Your friends and family will think you're a grilling pro when you say goodbye to sauces. Every time you cook with this wood chip smoker, you will get mouth watering and delicious food. The sauce is no longer needed, just a bigger plate.

Brand: Mountain Grillers

👤I decided to use the smoker box because I wanted to use the gas grill instead of the charcoal one. It was perfect between the grate and burner guard. I soaked my wood chips in water for 45 minutes and then made salsa from smoked jalapeos, tomatoes, and onion. The salsa was too hot for me, but the flavor was amazing and I was looking for it. The smoker box worked well, the smoked stuff was great, and I will be smoking more in the future since peppers and tomatoes are ripening by the day! This box makes it easy to do what I want.

👤Product construction works as advertised. It has good smoke and flavors. It's perfect for a small gas or charcoal grill. If you have a large grill, you may need a second one. I would recommend opening the hinged lid for a few minutes to allow the wood to start burning before shutting it.

👤I have used this smoker box 15 times on both gas and charcoal, and three times for smoking meat at 200 for 3-6 hours, refilling every 15-20 minutes. If you put it across the heat unevenly, it will warp, but I reversed it the next time. If you want one that won't warp, get cast iron. I plan to use it a lot, and I am very pleased with what I have seen so far.

👤I regret that I didn't order this sooner. I've been trying to get a decent smoker on my gas grill. I used the smoker box for the first time to smoke my steaks, but I wanted to see if I could get some smoke. I put the box on the bars because of the issue I had with my wood chips smoking at 250 degrees. The product worked well.

👤I liked the look of the build quality and the previous reviews supported it being well built, purchased along with some small wood chips to help pre-smoke some chicken wings on a gas grill. The box is strong, hinges are solid, and the thickness gives a sense of stability. I put my chicken on the gas grill with the small wood chips on one end and the other on the burners and it took about 4 minutes for the chips to burn. I attached a photo to show how I rearranged it.

👤I bought a new Weber performer and am working on it. I have had a performer before and they were great. I got a smoker. It works perfectly on the 22” Weber. I have all three sizes of meat and don't smoke it. I would like to see a smoker that is a little bigger for the smaller bbqs.

👤I have owned a number of different shapes and brands of smoker boxes. I couldn't get this one to work. I'm not sure if it's the holes in the bottom or something else. I tried wood chips under the grill grate. I bought a different one that worked well.

6. Cave Tools Smoker Box Grill

Cave Tools Smoker Box Grill

The bbq caddy is perfect for a perfect size wood smoker and can help get your grill the flavor it needs to master your BBQ. The chip rack is made of durable metal and has a hinge lid that makes it easy to add wood chips. You can use the style and size of chip you need. It's not suitable for electric grills because it's between flavorizer bars and grill grate. Comes with a free copy of Grill Master's book and access to meat smoking journal. Get the most out of your smoke sheets with the Free Meat Smoking Guide.

Brand: Cave Tools

👤I bought this to help with my smoking efforts. I have been using tin foil to cook wood chips. After watching a few videos of people using these boxes, I decided to try it. The box is constructed with thick gage STAINLESS steel. There are no holes on the sides or bottom. I lit all five of them to high. After about five minutes, we smelled the Apple mix and there was smoke from the grill. When I opened the lid, there was fire. The burners were lowered and the box blew out. It was great to see the smoke filling out the yard. It's like a mixture. There is a I was looking for a box like this and it was perfect.

👤I received my new Weber Genesis gas grill from Lowe's this morning and I've been itching to try it out. After seasoning the grate and cook chamber with bacon, I was ready to cook. There are a few pre-formed burger patties. I decided to try out the Cave Tools smoker box. I used a few dry apple chips to fill the smoker box. The smoker box is in the front left corner on top of the Flavorizer bars and you have to sit back and wait for the smoke to come out. It didn't take long for the smoke to start rising. I dropped the patties on the grate and began the journey. The burgers were great. The Cave Tools smoker box was impressive and the grill worked perfectly. The chips were smoking quickly and never caught fire. That's all you can ask for from a simple tool like this. I've used a few of those boxes. I was not impressed. If the chips didn't burn up immediately, they usually didn't smolder. The cast iron boxes were always red and rusty. I've also used foil pouches that didn't produce much smoke. I had given up on getting a wood smoke flavor from a gas grill. There is a Since other reviewers have questioned the honesty of the positive reviews posted here, I would like to report that I have not been compensated for this review. Nobody paid me or encouraged me. I was not given any free stuff. There was no compensation at all. None. Not a dime. It's just that no one is interested in buying me. You can give this thing a try.

👤The cast iron units are available at most hardware stores, but this appears to be a better option. I've seen several cast iron units that warp and start to fall apart after the first use. The smaller size of this unit makes it an advantage as it doesn't cover as much hot coals. I don't use wood chips or gas grills. I use larger chunks of wood that are used for smokers to fit this box. I put this box on top of the coals and in about 3 minutes you will have a lot of nice wood smoke. This will make your BBQ game better. I grill a lot of fish. I like to try different woods and there is a lot of interesting fruit woods out there. I recommend getting some peach and apricot wood and using it on white flesh fish like Ling Cod. Black Cod and Sea Bass are also great. I like to stand by my grill when the peach and apricot are smoking. Don't be afraid to spend a lot of money on fish. You can do it justice. I grilled a thick slab of Halibut the other night, one side only for a short time on a flat pan and it had a beautiful golden smoke glaze on the outside and the flesh at the thickest part still had a little translucency. It was amazing. Black Cod is very hard to overcook so it is the most forgiving for a fist try. It's possible to try it sometime.

7. Western Premium Products Apple Smoking

Western Premium Products Apple Smoking

Premium Western Red Cedar Grilling Planks come from certified forests. You can use any grill, including gas grill, ceramic grill, and charcoal grills. Apple BBQ Smoking Chips can be used on a grill. See the description for cooking instructions. Apple wood is treated to eliminate pests. 100% natural. There are 180 large sized Apple BBQ Smoking Chips in the package. A variety of apple smoked meat can be made. It's great with beef Sirloin, Filets, Salmon, or Trout. Western Premium BBQ Products Apple BBQ Smoking Chips are great for American favorites such as Hamburgers, Whole Chicken, BBQ Smoked Wings, or Baby Back or Spare Ribs.

Brand: Western

👤I found the exact same item at Walmart for less than $2. My loss.

👤I use my gas grill when it's hot. This brand is the one I'm going to use for smoking on a gas grill. I didn't follow instructions to soak. I have thrown out all my smoker boxes and bought 3 loaf pans from the grocery store and filled them with chips and put them on top of the flavor bars. Within five minutes, the smoke starts to come from that section. Leave it on high until the chips flare, and then use a spray bottle to put the flare out. Turn the back burner and put the butt on the non-heated or very low heat sections. I put the small tray with chips on the back section of the grate. This won't smoke by itself since you've turned the heat in the back down to control the temp. If you toss a few kitchen matches on top of the dry chips, they'll immediately ignite. The chips are easy to start and will smoke for a while. When you add in the second tray you get 45 minutes, which is more than enough according to experts. The cost of the trays is low and they work better than my smoker boxes. Hope this helps people with a gas grill.

👤Oak chips are not available in our area. There is a There is a sign near the North Carolina and Tennessee border. There is a I stopped there and they were great! I asked the cook if his name was the same as the restaurant. What do you smoke? I live in Memphis and it's the best BBQ in the country with half oak and half hickory.

👤It used to be that outdoor grillers used mostly wood. We began to try different woods for different flavors. Smoke woods are available from local stores, online or from your own tree trimmings. Red oak, cherry, apple, and pecan are some of the woods I use today. I've begun to use apple wood more and more for everything I grill and smoke. It adds a light smoke flavor that doesn't overpower the food and it goes well with everything I've tried. I likeChunks of charcoal and chips in a smoker box. I'm fine with chips being thrown on the charcoal. I don't soak smoke wood since it doesn't seem to make a difference. There is a The Western brand of smoke woods is reliable. I find it in small bags on Amazon and in large sacks in specialty stores and outdoor cooking sections. It's good. You can buy it at the cheapest place.

👤These chips are very good. I bought wood from Western Premium BBQ Products. All of them have been great, although my favorite is Hickory. The flavor proves that this product is real. Beware of cheap brands. The cheaper brands use cheaper hardwoods to flavor the wood. The true flavor of wood comes from the breakdown of various lignins in wood. Adding an oil doesn't work. The results are great when I use all of these in my Smoke Hollow 26142E Electric Smoker.

8. Wood Chips Smokers Grilling Book

Wood Chips Smokers Grilling Book

Wood Smoking Chips are good with a lot of meat and seafood. The chips in the BBQ Smoking chips set are apple, cherry, oak, and alder. Wood chips are good for all smokers, and can be used on the fireplace and camping. Try to smoke with fruit flavors like apple and cherry, they are very good! Smoker chips gift set is Ecofriendly packaging. If you use smoking wood products, you should recycle the packaging materials to start a fire in your fireplace. The wood smoking chips variety pack is the best for outdoor and indoor grilling. Purchase a 100% organic product.

Brand: Zorestar

👤I enjoy making drinks at my home bar. I developed a mini obsession with making my own version of the classic cocktail after having my first Smoked Old Fashioned. I knew that the key to elevating the taste profile of this classic was quality wood chips. My husband offered his Weber wood chips that he uses for grilling and it yielded an acceptable beverage, but it did not meet my expectations. I stumbled upon Fire Star wood chips for smokers after researching for wood. Fire Star had balanced and highly rated reviews. Their variety pack appealed to me as it would allow me to make more cocktail concoctions and enhance the flavor of food items that we enjoy grilling. The item arrived quickly. I put the wood chips into a jar that was labeled and easy to use at my bar. My husband set the bag on fire to cook the kabobs and fish that we ate. I will buy Fires Star wood chips again.

👤I ordered them to go in my new small smoking 'tin' to put on my gas grill. When smoking chicken wings, the wood chips caught fire quickly, and the smoke was great. The only complaint I have is that the chips burned up quickly and I had to refill the bag twice to keep the smoke going. This is the nature of the beast when taking into account how quickly they set alight. There is a These are excellent chips and I would buy them again.

👤I bought this box for my boyfriend to try different types of wood for smoking. He likes being able to try out the new woods without committing to a big bag of it. We have been very pleased with the woods we have tried so far. If you want to try different woods for smoking, but don't know which one you like, I would recommend this product.

👤I don't know how they do it, but each wood chip is almost always the same size, and they're small. If you like to blend a couple kinds together, this means you get consistent results every time. One gram of oak will always have the same amount of chips. If you want to cook a recipe, you need this. There is a The chips are good. The flavor of each one is really good and the set comes with pretty much everything you would want. These are great hardwood chips that are produced with care. No bark, no rocks, and no insect chunks. I like that too. All of the paper bags you get are closed with cotton string. I smoke with my electric smoker and in a 1/9 pan on my charcoal one. I like the flavor. There is a The best deal on wood chips on Amazon is for the money. Consistency in size and quality seals me as a customer. There is a You can imagine how easy it is to blend half cherry and half apple, which is great for pork, and reproduce that combined smoke consistently, because all types are just like it. Highly recommended.

9. Western Smoking Variety Mesquite Hickory

Western Smoking Variety Mesquite Hickory

Western Premium BBQ Products Apple BBQ Smoking Chips are great for American favorites such as Hamburgers, Whole Chicken, BBQ Smoked Wings, or Baby Back or Spare Ribs. Apple, Mesquite, and Cherry are the most popular flavors. 180 chips in each bag. Works with gas grills. It's a great way to try new flavors.

Brand: Western

👤I went to the grocery store tonight and the exact same product was available for 1/3 of the price. I used one of the bags of chips to smoke a roast yesterday, so I can't return it. I've used chips in the past and they were some of the smallest I've seen. There was no complaints about the smoke. There is a small amount of money in my wallet. If you buy on Amazon, you'll get one of the best deals, but if it's available elsewhere for 1/3 the price, it's hard to see it as a good value.

👤These came in a mixed package. It was what I needed to start smoking. My Masterbuilt MPS230 was the one that smoked these up quickly. The chips give a nice smoke flavor.

👤I needed wood to burn in my smoker. This package was purchased by me. There are two smoked pork shoulder. I kept the wood chips on the floor near my desk. Then came the flies. There was a fly invasion inside my house. Flys are gone the day after I removed them. The wood will be going into the fire pit. I don't need to eat fly or maggot themed food. Absolutely disgusting.

👤The bags are a good size and are worth the money if you want to sample your favorite smoke flavor. I would recommend anyone that was curious about smoking to do so. I own a gas grill. I put a smoke pack on the burner on the side of my gril. I use a couple of good handfuls per foil pack. Smoke for 4 hours. My ribs were great. My pork loins are good.

👤I bought these because my new bbq had a built-in smoker box. I used them dry like the bag said, but it worked well. There is a They caught fire because I had the bbq too hot, but it went out and smoked again with a bit of water. It was easy to tell when they were on fire because the smoke stopped. There is a I smoked a premarinated pork loin and the cherry gave it a nice smokey flavor. I was pleasantly surprised at how well it worked. I will buy these again in a bigger size. If you read the negative reviews, they are all based on price. You can give these a try wherever you buy them.

👤I've been using cherry and hickory the most. Love the smell and the added flavor. It's pretty darn good. I am expecting the apple to be just as good as the other three. Will buy this pack again.

👤The bags are bigger than expected and the smoked brisket was amazing.

👤I like the variety of wood for smoking. The package is a great starter kit for your smoker. I've found that different woods make the difference when doing different meats. I added a piece of wood to this. I have only had great cooks with this set. Will buy again and again. I like to try different combinations of woods. Definitely recommend.

10. Camerons Products Smoking Natural Barbecue

Camerons Products Smoking Natural Barbecue

The bag weights may be received in a bag or box. Smoking Wood Chunks can be used with gas grills, charcoal grills, and smoker boxes. 100% natural raw timber is cut and kiln dried to make Barbecue Smoking Chunks. A lot. In. The Oak Smoker Wood is completely burned out. To create a smoky taste. Oak Coarse Cut Wood Chunks are great with meat and game. It was made in the USA. It may be in a box or bag.

Brand: Camerons

👤There are a few blocks that are a nice size. It's mostly small chips, like I received at the bottom of the barrel. It's probably one quarter of a standard fireplace log for a lot of money. It is not possible to weigh what they stated on the package.

👤There were a lot of pieces of wood in my box. Some of the wood was half solid and half rotten. It was cut from live trees and "Kiln Dried". Not like the photo in the listing. I would have returned it. I need it for Christmas dinner. I don't use rotten wood to heat my home. Will not buy again.

👤I put the wood into the papers. I thought I was going to die when I fired it. I am stupid. My friend told me that the wood is for cooking meat. I smoked a pork butt for 10 hours and was very satisfied. Don't try to make a cigarette out of the wood. You will probably not be disappointed.

👤Not a premium competition grade. Post oak had thick bark that had to be removed as it causes off flavors. It's not better than weber brand oak.

👤I bought the wood chunks from this brand and had high hopes for this. It was mostly chips and wood. The smoke flavor you get is not as good as advertised.

👤The wood is kiln dried and should be safe. They love it! I would have liked to have bought smaller pieces.

👤The product looks like it came out of a stump. Doesn't look kiln dried or split. It almost looks like it's been there a long time. It was only fifteen dollars. But still!

👤I feel like I was taken advantage of. I know it's only wood. I paid for 5 lbs and got less than 2 lbs.

11. Western Wood Smoking Chip Variety

Western Wood Smoking Chip Variety

Your friends and family will think you're a grilling pro when you say goodbye to sauces. Every time you cook with this wood chip smoker, you will get mouth watering and delicious food. The sauce is no longer needed, just a bigger plate. There is a pack of smoking chips. Try Western Premium BBQ Products Post Oak BBQ Smoking Chips with American favorites such as Hamburgers, Whole Chicken, BBQ Smoked Wings, or Baby Back or Spare Ribs. Use with gas grills, smokers, electric griddles, kettle grills and ceramic grills.

Brand: Western Wood

👤I bought these to use with my brand new smoker. I plan to smoke fish, pork, and other seafood. I thought a lot of smoke chips would be good. The starter set is awesome. The bags are small so you can see what you like and what you don't. They smell great. I always update my reviews.

👤I bought a new gas grill with an integrated smoker-box. I bought these chips because I wanted to modify my grill by smoking wings and ribs. The results were very good. These chips produce a lot of smoke, and the wings/ribs that I'm making now are outstanding. My wife tells me that the wings/ribs I'm making are the best she's had. It's fun to put food on the table that is delicious if you have the time.

👤The initial outlay of $ was a bit of sticker shock, but now I have a range of smoke flavors for my grill. I have a cheap grill that works great to flavor food. I've only tried apple wood and it was wonderful, I used it on pork rib eyes. I will have no complaints if the other flavors are as good as they are.

👤Our turkey was smoked using apple and pecan wood. It was great! I used a smoker box on a gas grill for the first time, and I'm looking forward to doing it again in Maine. It will be fun to figure out which ones to use for which vegetables. A good supply is included.

👤I intend to smoke with these chips tomorrow. I am impressed with the value. It will cost about $1.50 per BBQ session to smoke my steaks. With the cost of meat going up in the future, it is a good idea to make the meat better.

👤These chips are used for smoking meat on a gas grill in a smoker box. It doesn't take long to start smoking. I received chips that were clean and free of bark. Excellent taste. Again, a bit pricey. I was willing to pay for the chips.

👤We gave them to our son-law because he smokes a lot and seemed to love them. Our daughter says that if he could smoke his socks in the smoker he would. It's a good thing! I don't think he has tried them yet. The weather has been very cold. I was excited to receive so many flavors. Fran PS really liked the temp/cooking guide and will use it. He smokes his socks. Ha!

👤These wood chips are good. I've bought these before.


What is the best product for cooking wood chips?

Cooking wood chips products from Western. In this article about cooking wood chips you can see why people choose the product. Camerons and Oklahoma Joe's are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking wood chips.

What are the best brands for cooking wood chips?

Western, Camerons and Oklahoma Joe's are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking wood chips. Find the detail in this article. Mountain Grillers, Cave Tools and Western are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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