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1. CSK Stir Fry Pan Stone Derived

CSK Stir Fry Pan Stone Derived

Even cooking can be done with high heat transfer. It's suitable for Electric, Gas, Glass Ceramic stove tops. The 14-inch wok pan is larger than the traditional small-sized wok pan and can help you deal with cooking troubles for multi-person. It is also suitable for a small party or a family dinner. A visible glass lid will be configured when you purchase this wok pan, which can make your cooking process more manageable. A solid lid can prevent the oil or water from splashing on your hands and face, which can give you a more comfortable cooking environment. The Super Nonstick is easy to clean. The wok pan is easy to clean. The only thing you need is a piece of rag or a soft sponge, and then a piece of cake to clean the wok pan. You can save time and reduce labor. The wok pan is made up of scratch resistance layer, joint reinforcement layer, aluminum-alloy body layer, heat release layer and whitford nonstick coating layer. You can cook a single egg, omelet, sausages, seafood, poultry, burgers, or vegetables with it. The non-stick wok pan is compatible with many stove types. The multiple-choice cooking methods will make you enjoy cooking more.

Brand: Koch Systeme Cs

👤I like that this pan is non- stick. It is very easy to clean stuff that slides on out. Food cooks evenly if you use hot water and a sponge. This is where we reach the part of my dislikes that I don't like. I don't like the fact that food cooks evenly if you take the handle off or hold onto the handle. Unless you lie the pan on the burner, it doesn't lie flat. I decided to remove the handle and use an oven mitt to slide stuff onto my plates, but I don't think it's worth it. I didn't want a larger size for the price. The pan would be flat because of the weight. I wanted a smaller pan. I have a smaller pan that is non stick. I had to remove the handle to get it to lie flat on the burner. I think the pros outweigh the cons.

👤My partner received this gift. I think I'm using it more than him. It is in the dishwasher every night. The heat distribution appears well managed and even though I wash it by hand, there is no effort involved. It is also cute with a nice lid. If you want a well designed small skillet, don't hesitate.

👤The product was advertised as working on induction cooktops, but it didn't work on my one. Other pans are advertised as induction-suitable work, but not sure what the issue is. Disappointing.

👤I bought the 10" skillet several months ago and liked it so much that I got the 8" one. Eggs can go in and out without being sprayed. The bottom of the skillet is designed to distribute heat evenly. The vent on the lid is adequate to prevent steam from making a mess. Great skillet!

👤The pan is easy to clean and not heavy. It works well with the cover. Food cooks well and the heat distributes evenly. This pan is very nice. I ordered the second one as well.

👤The pan is large enough for 1 or 2 people. Light weight makes it easy to maneuver. Food slides out of the sides easily. The glass lid makes it easier to see the food when it's covered, and the vent hole prevents steam from building up. I always use olive oil even in pans that say you don't need oil. Food can stick if you keep moving it around. Let it sit. Some food may stick to the pan. After the pan cools down, I fill it with hot soapy water and let it sit for a while. It cleans up pretty quickly. There is a The box is the biggest negative. It was not put in a shipping box. If you bought it in a store, it was in a box.

👤I was looking for a large size wok and reading reviews on other sites. This one seemed to be a good value and size. After washing it with a soapy sponge and using it for the first time, I noticed that the outside edges were scratched off. I would send the packaging back for a refund if I had recycled it. It's not worth $50. If this happened with only one use, I can only imagine that the finish will continue to degrade.

2. Pre Seasoned Nonstick Commercial Household Japanese

Pre Seasoned Nonstick Commercial Household Japanese

The strainer and glass lid. The handle is connected to the pot body with double-layer rivets, which can meet all your pouring needs. Keeping an eye on your work is easier with the see-through glass lid. One of the kitchen essentials that gets used for a wide variety of functions is this cooking vessel. Commercial grade light weight 14 inch cast iron wok. The flat bottom and light weight make it easier to handle. The flat base is strong and safe. The best wok pan is Asian Food. It is more affordable than cast iron and will last forever. It is the best cooking pan. It's suitable for electric, gas, and induction stove. Can be used as wok pan, cast iron pan, Cast iron skillet, pan for cooking, cast iron cookware, easy cookware, wok and stir fry pan, non stick wok, flat bottom wok, induction wok. Nonstick and Rust Proof. It is ready to use. You can get the superior taste from a pre-seasoned wok, but you can also get the correct feel while making the food. It is non stick Wok Stir-Fry Pan. The wooden handle can keep the handle cool when you stir-fry. It's a great tool for stir fry, it's stir fry cookware, stir fry pan, stir fry pot, woks & stir-fry pans, deep frying pan, deep frying wok, iron pot, non stick fry pan, non-stick frying pan. This wok is made of iron. It is eco-friendly. It is iron wok, iron pan, iron cookware, iron skillet, stir fying pan, stir egg pan, stir skillet, large roasting pan, steel pan, deep fryer pot, and this is making stir fry easy. It is large pan, large wok, large pot for cooking, chef pan, saute pan, non stick frying pan, cast iron grill pan, nonstick pan, cooking pots, cast iron pot and pan, omelet pan, egg pans, kitchen. This is a multi usage wok. This wok can be used as a pan for cooking, a skillet for cooking, a wok for cooking, a pan for cooking, a pan for cooking, a pan for cooking, a pan for cooking, a pan for cooking, a pan for cooking, a pan for cooking, a pan

Brand: Let's Cook Better

👤It's not cast iron, so if they misguide about that, who knows what the coating is? Right in the trash.

👤I thought it was a cast iron skillet. It can come off because it has a coating. Most chinese dishes are not prepared on high heat.

👤A good wok. Cook well. It was easy to clean. The weight is light but not heavy.

👤It's good for stir frying.

👤I can do a lot of things in this Wakpa Dutch pot. I am in love with it.

👤Light weight, very good, non stick.

3. Babyltrl Wok Pan Cookware Accessories

Babyltrl Wok Pan Cookware Accessories

Aneder wok pan has 45 days money back and lifetime technical support. Purchase with no worries! Please contact them if you have a problem with the product. The wok pan has been tested to make sure it works perfectly on all heat sources, like electric stove, gas stove, ceramic stove and other direct heat sources. The base is flat so it can sit securely on any stove top. HEALTHY DIET, SAFE WOK. No worry about toxic substances falling off with the honeycomb design. The honeycomb construction is designed to reduce scratches and maintain the beauty of the wok. Pan-frying, braising, boiling, steaming, deep-frying and so on can be done with a Wok with lid. durable WOKPAN Compared with cast iron pans and STAINLESS steel pans, carbon steel wok are extremely fast in heating speed and distributing heat evenly, which means it can reduce the loss of nutrition when cooking, also light in weight to lift, enabling you to toss food around easily like a true master chef while cooking. The wooden handle is easy to store and convenient for use in the oven. The hanging ring on handle is easy to use and saves kitchen space. The handle is made of solid wood and won't get hot when cooking on high heat. You can get six accessories, including a pasta server, a spoon, a spatula, and a wok. The wooden lid allows you to cook quickly. A set of kitchen tools is all you need.

Brand: Babyltrl

👤The product I had was less than a month old. It is already rusted after being used twice. SMH? So disappointed! I didn't put it in the dishwasher. It is hard to clean. A total disaster. I feel cheated. Do yourself a favor and keep scrolling.

👤I was never able to make my mom's Asian cuisines by myself. I was pushed to get in the kitchen and start cooking. I don't use cooking pans that are heavy and shallow for food tossing. The wok seems to be designed for that. It is light weight and has a half sphere shape bowl for me to toss and catch while frying, which made me look professional, and I feel my cooking can taste like my mom's. I like the utensils in the kit. They are of good quality.

👤It is a cheap wok. Returned it without using it. It won't last long. The hammer marks are fake if you don't see them in the pics.

👤The pan doesn't like the small lid. The lid is very fragile and will break easily.

👤The wok has become rust prone after about 1.5 weeks of use, as the black coating on the center of the wok fell off completely. It's complete waste of money. Don't buy, trust me.

👤A good quality wok, light and convenient.

👤The video shows how to season the wok. I did what the video said to do. I used it for the first time to make pepper steak and onions. I threw the meat into the pan and it was Wham! Thank you, all my meat was stuck to the pan. It affected the flavor of my food and I was so upset. I moved it around to the sides and it slid off the pan. I rubbed that oil all over that pan, dried it with a paper towel, heated it up again, and wiped the excess oil off it, but I don't know why it stuck to the bottom. I allowed it to sit for 24 hours. I heated up and added my oil and everything stuck to it.

👤I would have liked to read the reviews before buying. Rusts are very easy. There is a I am. Water that is boiled will rust. Vegetables will rust because of the water. There is a If you don't add oil after cleaning and drying, it will rust.

4. Cooks Standard 12 Inch Stainless Everyday

Cooks Standard 12 Inch Stainless Everyday

The most trusted emerging woman owned small business is Avalon. They have always got your back. There is a lifetime guarantee for the product purchased from Avalon. A disc is sandwiched in the bottom. The aluminum disc layer in the bottom prevents hot spots. The handles are dishwasher safe. The glass lid makes viewing food easy. It works on gas, electric, glass, ceramic, and halogen.

Brand: Cooks Standard

👤I am pretty hard on pots and pans, but I can honestly say that I love this pan! I love how evenly it cooks, how easy it is to clean, and the handles don't get very warm when cooking on it for a long time. This is my favorite pan. I sub out when my cast iron needs to step in, because I have been using it for almost everything lately. I bought the 9 piece set and love it! Good brand. I would highly recommend.

👤A great pan! The bottom conducts heat well. This pan is great for cooking casseroles in the oven, and stir fries on the stove. I was tired of treating non-stick cookware with kid gloves, only to have the non-stick coating get scratched off anyway. I've found that it's easy to clean up with just a bit of soaking in hot, soapy water and a dish cloth. Highly recommended. The money was spent and it was a great value.

👤The large casserole pan is very nice. It's attractive and heavy enough to be used as a serving dish. I baked macaroni and cheese in it and it stayed hot on the table for over an hour. It will be useful for holiday meals because it holds enough to serve a crowd.

👤I bought this hoping it would be my next pan. There is a I can't help but wonder if there's something wrong with the one I got, but everything sticks to this pan from day one. Everything sticks no matter what I use. Vegetables, sauces, eggs, meat, chicken, you name it. The stick stains from the very first use won't go away. I'm really disappointed with this purchase.

👤The pan is still my favorite five years later. It looks and cooks like new despite all the use. I have never had a kitchen pan that held up so well. I keep it in a prominent position on my hanging pots and pans rack to make it easy to grab for all sorts of cooking tasks. I was able to find this treasure on Amazon. I still think it has earned five stars and would give it more if I could. Highly recommended. There is a I have thoroughly enjoyed this Cooks Standard Chef's Pan for almost two months now. I have used it as a wok, as the thick base stays hot while the sides of the pot are cooler, so the foods that are done can be shoved there while the center continues to cook other ingredients that aren't finished. The pan and lid are made from high quality materials and are perfect for cooking. The vent is the right size. The pan can be used with a variety of fuels. It has been a pleasure to serve from the pan at the table because there is no long handle to get in anyone's way. The handles make it easier to fit on a crowded stove and sink. Cleanup is usually made easier by soaking the pan after it cools. Any baked on foods that are resistant to this can be easily scrubbed away using a sprinkling of Bar Keeper's Friend. Baking soda might be good for this. I use a nylon scrubber that is attached to a sponge. I don't think this pan is lightweight or thinly made, in contrast to what one reviewer said. I have cooked with hundreds of pans over the last sixty years and this is one of the best. It's much better than any of the carbon steel or non-stick woks I've owned over the years and a fine addition to my arsenal. I have no regrets about buying one for myself and am considering buying one for each of my adult children, all of whom are accomplished cooks. I don't post 5 star reviews very often but I can't recommend it enough!

5. AmazonCommercial Tri Ply Non Stick Stainless Steel

AmazonCommercial Tri Ply Non Stick Stainless Steel

The handle is reinforced to the pan with 3 solid rivets. The tri-ply construction has a pure aluminum core that evenly distributes heat. The polished exterior is made of 70% of steel and 30% aluminum. Nonstick cooking surface: durable and easy to clean. The generous caststainless-steel handle is heat resistant and comes permanently secured with rivets. A wide, flat-bottomed profile works well for frying, searing, and sautéing, and low sides allow for sliding food easily from the pan to a plate. It's suitable for all cooktops, including induction, oven-safe up to 500 degrees F (260 degrees C), and dishwasher-safe, and is backed by an Amazon Commercial 1-year limited warranty.

Brand: Amazoncommercial

👤This pan isn't the best, but my other cookware is more effective at cooking without sticking than this one. I'm talking about cooking things like eggs with relatively low heat, using oil or butter in the pan. They were still stuck. They glide across the surfaces of my other pans, cooking at the same temp with the same cooking fats. I don't cook anything with high heat. I was worried because of the photos other reviewers posted of a thin coating that came off after a short time. I didn't have time to see if that would happen. My other cookware is more expensive. I've had great results with Misen and some of the lower priced pans. This measures up to other cheap pans. It has the look and feel of a piece of cookware, but not the performance. My advice is to spend more and get what you paid for.

👤This skillet is non-stick. Its thick tri-ply construction makes it easy to clean. I bought this pan for a specific purpose, but I don't usually use pans with non-stick coating. Japanese gyoza can be difficult to cook without sticking in a skillet. The pan works perfectly. It has a flat bottom that can hold up to 20 gyoza at a time. The non-stick coating makes the bottoms of the dumplings caramelized nicely. I am very happy.

👤I bought this pan to replace the ones that have been losing their non-stick surface. I have concluded that non-stick pans will only last 5 years or so. I chose this one because of its price and the fact that I wanted the heavier steel. I will use nylon utensils and wash it. We have been using it for over a month and we are very pleased with its performance.

👤I have been using the 8 and 10 sizes for 2 months. Two older people don't want to gain more weight and so they use the 8" non-stick fry pans as their dish size. Heavy construction is a plus. There is a * No rubber or plastic in the handle, so can go in the oven at a safe temperature. There is a * The hole in the handle is too small in many pans. It works well on the range. Non-stick coating seems more delicate than most other pans, so avoid all metal utensils or expect to replace a pan in a year or so. The handle is heavy-weight and unwieldy, so it would be better if it were lighter. There is a * Food sticks are held to the pan by a handle. Doesn't seem like welding the handle on would be rocket science. Do you want to advertise that?

👤I wanted a pan with vertical sides to compliment my skillets. The Amazon Commercial pans fit the bill nicely. The Commercials are look-alikes to the All-Clad pans. The Commercials are heavier than the other ones, but their heating and balance are the same. How many times do you put a pan in an over higher than 500F? The Commercial's pan edges look like non-drip but they are not, and I think that is a disadvantage to a saute profile pan. The mirrored finish accentuates the light. If you're careful, it's not an issue. There is a The handles are thinner than the AC handles. Your mileage may vary because my lady friend is happy with them in her smaller hand. The cost of the AC's is not an issue since I think the nonstick won't be as durable as the AC's. There is a The pans aren't sized right. I have Farberware glass and Nordic Ware glass that fit all my other pans, but not the Commercials. I don't understand the difference between the Amazon Basics pans and those lids. I have universal lids that will work, so I'm trying to ignore this, but the universals don't do oven duty as the Nordic Ware does. I think the Amazon Commercial pans are a great buy and will do well by an owner who knows how to cook with tri-ply STAINLESS steel. They're a good compliment to All-Clad pans, and save you having to use anodized aluminum for a non-stick interior or knockabout pans.

6. Homeries Pre Seasoned Nonstick Stir Fry Grilling

Homeries Pre Seasoned Nonstick Stir Fry Grilling

The steel wok is easy to carry and store. The best utensil to cook authentic Asian food with is a cast iron wok with handle. You can get the superior taste from a pre-seasoned wok, but you can also get the correct feel while making the food. A cast iron wok is better than a steel wok because it can distribute food evenly. It is more affordable than cast iron and will last forever. The cast iron camping wok is pre-seasoned with vegetable oil to prevent it from rusting and to give it a non-stick surface. You don't have to season the wok yourself and can use it as you please. While cast iron deep woks come with a rounded base, this one comes with a flat base so that you can easily set it on top of your stove and have a sturdy base for cooking. The chances of the wok falling and spilling its contents are lessened by this. This stir-fry cast iron wok comes with a wooden lid to allow you to cook many dishes as well as soups and stews. The wooden lid is made to fit perfectly on the wok and prevents spatter on the kitchen counter.

Brand: Homeries

👤I am not sure if this is genuine cast iron. After one use of the "pre-seasoned" wok, it is rusted, not to mention anything cast iron should not be described as "rust resistant". Anyone who has had cast iron knows that rust is inevitable without proper care. After one wash, the black surface coloring began to fade away, revealing a bright silver underneath. There is a Poor quality and possibly fraudulent product description. Save your time and money, I'm returning yours.

👤The paint was rubbing off. I hope we don't get sick from the mental color coating, it's sprayed on. Don't buy it, it's dangerous. The product could be dangerous. Amazon should return the product to the manufacturer and then be sued for it.

👤When my husband opened the gift, he found a spot of rust on it. He was excited to use it and the wooden top split into two pieces. You can see that it is not one piece of wood, but two pieces of wood that have come apart. It looks like it is going to be garbage in 6 months. I can't comment on how well it cooks or doesn't, but the quality control was poor.

👤I have a wok for the first time since 2004. This time, it was cast iron. I'm very happy with the product. It's worth the money.

👤The quality of metal is good. I didn't think I had to "season" this wok. I thought it would not stick. I was happy to follow the directions, which led to my house being a mess. This is the first pan I have had. It came with a fir wood lid, which has splinters here and there, that caught me by surprise. The two spatulas that came with are very sharp on the edges, and not sanded down to remove the razor-like egde. Someone could cut themselves. I don't allow my children to wash their hands. I'm not happy. I would have liked to go with something else. I couldn't return it after the first season in the oven. I thought it would be non-stick after the first season. I must do it three or four more times. I'm patient and hopeful. Maybe you will be as well.

👤You get what you pay for. The cast iron has good and bad parts. You can hold them for a bit before they get too hot, because the handles take longer to heat up than you might think. The lid fits perfectly to lock in heat and humidity. It's a good product, but I would prefer a long handle on one side.

👤Homeries carbon steel wok with 2 spatulas and wooden lid was the item I bought. The spatulas are easy to use. The wooden lid has a small defect that is visible in the picture. You can already see that the wood's inner part is easy to mold in. It is hard to clean the dent since it is below the surface area. I threw it away because I was tired of having it cleaned. I would have given it a 5 stars, but because of the lid, I can only give it a 3.

7. HexClad Hybrid Stainless Stay Cool Handle

HexClad Hybrid Stainless Stay Cool Handle

What would you get in this set? The fry pan has a lid. The steamer basket is made of steel. The hexagon design is created through a laser etching process to provide both steel and non stick surface. The dual surface allows your wok to sear still while using less oil, grease, and butter. The patented laser-etched hexagon design and tri-ply construction of the HexClad makes it PFOA-free, oven safe up to 500 degrees, and range ready. It has stay-cool handles for a premium cooking experience. High-quality materials. A tri-ply construction is needed to create a durable wok. The first and third layers are made of steel and aluminum, and they conduct consistent, even heat distribution. It is easy to clean and maintain. The big wok and lid is dishwasher safe and can be cleaned using steel wool pads since it is scratch-resistant and won't wear down from the use of metal utensils. There is a lifetime warranty. All non stick cookware is backed by a lifetime warranty. Fried vegetables, burgers, hotdogs, egg, meat, or fish. It can be added to your cookware sets.

Brand: Hexclad

👤The first time I used the pan, I was very careful to make sure it was fully treated. I tried to cook a couple of eggs with enough oil and pan but the eggs were stuck on the pan. The initial testing of the pan was not satisfactory so I will keep an eye on the pan and update this review accordingly.

👤I am aware that there is cookware that is cheaper. You get what you pay for. The pan is pretty. The weight is balanced. The pan needs to be seasond. I have made a lot of things and nothing has gotten stuck. To include eggs. I love them. They have dust covers. I put them back in the covers. I had to decide what type of cookware I wanted. I love it when it's steel. I am very pleased with these pans.

👤Oh yes! I am a believer. All of the claims are true. There is a This wok has a see through lid. I would love to cook for the Army. There is a You will not regret this choice in cookware. My daughter, granddaughter, grandson and wife will get the pan set. I like to wash and dry them. They make my life simpler. They make me happy.

👤I want to be minimalist and only have a few utensils. I use this wok daily in place of a frying pan or a deep skillet because it is so large. The non-stick can be used with metal utensils. It cleans cleanly. I'm getting one for a friend's wedding gift because I like it so much. I'm thinking about getting the matching pieces. I'm ready to spend more money. This wok is my go-to pan. The heat distribution is perfect.

👤Great wok! It seems very durable but it has a small stain on it that we can't remove. I am not worried about stains because it is cookware. We just clean it with water and a wooden or silicone spatula. Eggs, bacon, fried rice, and bolied noodles have been cooked so far. It warms up quickly and evenly. I wish this wok would have been available a long time ago. People visiting have used metal utensils in each of our previous Teflon woks, so this is my 4th wok.

👤The pan is so odd. It's a cross between a round wok and a deep frying pan. It's not really either one. It's not round bottomed. I don't know how I feel about that. I don't know if I'm qualified to judge because I'm not a great asian chef. The heat is great. The heat travels through the pan when my power burner is turned up all the way. You can put a turkey in it. I measured the volume and found it to be 1.25 gallons of wet stuff with an inch and a quarter left at the top. There is a It was cooked well. I used very little oil to cook the fried veg and it turned out great. I believe you can use metal tools, but you have to work at it to get the metal through the raised dots. It was easy to stay in the spot where the pan was hot and it would recover from additions in a matter of minutes. The handles are useful, but if you use them to flip things in the pan, you will be unhappy. It's good not to have the long handle all the time. Even with the big burner, I still had two completely usable burners on the 30" range. There is a The lid is large. I'll have to figure out what size steamers to buy, but I could pile up 3-4 of them and then put on another two. I like the idea of a half steel and half glass lid. I will try to come back after I have used it a bit more.

8. Hammered Carbon Wok 731W138 Craft

Hammered Carbon Wok 731W138 Craft

If you are dissatisfied with the product you received, please contact them. 16 inch heavy and big is made of 15 gauge carbon steel. Don't buy if it's big and heavy for you. Do not forget to season the wok pan. Chinese professionals hammered a hand. Many professional Chinese chefs have a choice. Steel helpers will not burn when you stir fry.

Brand: Craft Wok

👤The wok is easy to season, heats evenly, and works better than our previous wok, which was smaller and thinner. The 16 inch feels larger and heavier than you might think, and it can take some muscle to work with, my wife has a little trouble with it. It's a revelation. I feel like I'm finally making some stir fries that are comparable to the ones I've eaten at Chinese restaurants. The Breath of a Wok is a good book to start with if you're new to woks. It has a lot of instruction on the subject of seasoning, but also great recipes and 'wok lore'. The wok handle is loose, noted some reviewers. Yes, it is. It is also incomplete. I replaced the screws with larger ones when I got mine. It might have been better if this wasn't necessary. It was not that big of a deal and the wok is very good.

👤A good price for a wok. If your stove is able to deliver the heat to the wok it will work well. When I turned the gas up the flame just went out, it wasn't getting hot enough and the normal 'wok ring' with 6 holes in it wasn't delivering enough oxygen. I replaced the steel wok ring with the cast iron wok ring. The flame would extend up to the wok's rounded bottom if the flame spreader on the stove was removed. See the photo. I was able to keep the wok as hot as I wanted because the flame was right up to it. One of the reviewers described how to season the wok. The wok has cooked beautifully after I followed his instructions. This way of seasoning makes the wok look authentic and looks great.

👤This is a heavy gauge, hand hammered, carbon steel wok that will last for a long time. There is a You can watch the videos on how to first season your wok. This wok took 2 hours to cook. I had to hold one section of the wok over the stove burner at a time, and since I bought the bigger 16 incher, it took longer. The photo shows the wok's color changing from bright steel to blue during the first season. The second seasoning turned it into a dark brown color. It would have turned a beautiful black if I had time to do the third season. There is a You can't go wrong with the wok. I returned the accessories because the spatula edge scratched my brand new, seasoned wok. I like it. And you will too. Your great-grandchildren will be very appreciative of it.

👤This wok is amazing. There is a The kind of wok you see in Asian restaurant kitchens is this one. It is amazing. I didn't think I'd get excited about a pot, but it is. This is the work of the Gods. This thing is very large. Before you use it, make sure it's on a hot burner. It is going to be another kitchen appliance that lets you down.

9. Pre Seasoned Carbon Steel Wok Pan

Pre Seasoned Carbon Steel Wok Pan

Birthdays and holidays aren't the only times to give gifts. Do you know someone moving into a new apartment or just bought a house? The new chapter in their life is made possible by this wok with lid. The taste is wonderful. You can find authentic Chinese and other Asian cuisines in your home. The Yosukata 14 inch wok has a round bottom and is designed to lock the juice and flavor inside the ingredients. Pre-seasoned woks and stir fry pans are not pre-seasoned like their carbon steel wok. You still need full seasoning with oil. High-quality materials. The wok pan is made from black carbon steel. The wooden handle has a comfortable grip when you use it. It is possible to achieve dependability. You can cook healthy meals using various traditional cooking techniques with the Yosukata 14'' pow wok. The steel wok is easy to carry and store.

Brand: Yosukata

👤This isn't pre-season. This isn't pre-season. This isn't pre-season. This isn't pre-season. There are many reviews to the contrary, but the listing still reads "Pre-seasoned". There are three different seasoning methods in the care instructions. What is the deal with the Trump approach to marketing?

👤This will be a heirloom kitchen utensil and it is a great price, pre seasoned which is practical. If you want to use the metal circular wok stand on the gas stove for greater stability, you should just keep it stable by holding the handle while stir frying. There is a The quality of metal used and the pre seasoning of the wok give an authentic Chinese take out taste.

👤This is a different type of wok that you can find in the stores. It is an original Japanese wok. As soon as you unpack it, you will notice the difference. The heat distribution is perfect for stirfry toufu with veggies and indo-chinese fried rice. The dishes were perfect. 10 on 10 is the number for the wok. If you need to remove it from the oven, you need to use the screws on the handle. A lot of woks have a thinner handle. I would recommend it to a home cook looking for a perfect wok.

👤I have a gas cooktop that I cannot vouch for on an electric one. The pan gets very hot quickly, which I think is essential for cooking good Chinese food. I made three dishes that I have made many, many times before, and my husband said they were the best he had ever tasted. One was a sweet-sour dish with a thick sauce and twice-fried meat, another was a classic stir fry with meat, mushrooms and a seasoning sauce, and the third was a green vegetable in garlic sauce. The garlic sauce was cooked down to almost nothing, and the meat was cooked much more quickly than it is in my current wok, which is why it is so much better. The cooking time was reduced and the flavors in the dishes were more pronounced. The smoke alarm didn't go off because it heated up so quickly, and there was less smoke when I made Chinese food. There is a It was easy to clean the dishes. I wiped it out with a sponge and dried it with a paper towel before starting the next dish, but in the future I will just dry it on the burner. I received an email about a week before my pan arrived, detailing how to care for it. When you get yours, save this and read it again. The pan is heavy, so choose the right size. I will use this pan instead of the non-stick version I have been using, and I will look forward to seeing how my wok chi changes.

👤Not happy with the product at all. After washing it with dawn dish soap and water, this was the result. I will never cook in this again. I have been waiting for the company's response to my call.

10. Ozeri PFOA Free Stone Derived Non Stick Coating

Ozeri PFOA Free Stone Derived Non Stick Coating

The stone-derived coating is free of the chemicals APEO, GenX, PFOS, PFOA, and NMP. Eco-friendly pan is non-stick and has no risk of exposure to controversial chemicals. It is easy to clean. The pan is made out of heavy-gauge aluminum and has a base that can be used for rapid heat transfer. The handle is reinforced to the pan with 3 solid rivets.

Brand: Ozeri

👤I have been using and cleaning the pan since purchasing it about 45 days ago. There was no metal on the inside surface. I use heat- resistant tools. I use a soft sponge and mild dish soap to clean it. I store it with the provided material to make sure no other item comes in contact with the inner surface. The non-stick coating on the inside is coming off. I have been through 3 different brands in 6 months. I mostly use it for eggs. Nothing lasts. It's hard to find a good non-stick pan.

👤I feel like I'm being tricked. I bought this along with a real ceramic coated frypan and bakeware in December 2020. I thought it would be similar to the ceramic coated pan I bought, but with a lower price. I hand wash and occasionally oil the pans because no one cooks in my house except me and they have been babied. The ceramic pan I got is still as good as it was when I got it. This one is not much. While drying it, I realized that there are several little dots where the'stone based' coating is peeling off. Gross! If you're looking for something more reliable or just a pan that won't peel off into your food, I don't recommend these pans. I was trying to get away from teflon pans because of that. It's just... This is peeling off. Some of the other reviews think it's actually teflon or something similar. I won't be getting this again.

👤I have the 11" version and will look for a pot in the same material. It will brown up food with no sticking to it. People need to read the instructions. I don't exceed 7 on a dial of 1-20, so I never put it on higher heat. It cleans up in 1 min, always use cloth or a softer plastic device to clean, but a cloth a tad of soap does it, nothing needs scrubbing. I marked a 2 on scratch resistant because I wanted to be careful.

👤Not a real pan. There was a list of "10 Commandments" that came with it. They want you to use this pan. It's not worth the trouble. The paper towel turned red when I washed it. It makes you wonder what's in the food. There is a There is an edit. Amazon's pan is a couple dollars better.

👤I love this pan. I don't have to use a high heat, it cooks evenly, it cooks fast, and a quick wash up! I love the protective pad that comes with it because it protects the interior. I don't use metal instruments on this pan as I don't want to damage it. I plan to buy the next two larger sizes of the pan because I have never used it to cook food before. Highly recommended.

👤The pans are very nice, the weight is large, easy to clean, and should be used at a slightly lower temperature. They can be used in the dishwasher, but only for a while. If stacked, they have a protective pad. At this point, I would recommend them.

11. Souped Up Recipes Induction Seasoning

Souped Up Recipes Induction Seasoning

The dimensions are 11.02 x 4.72 inches. Sizzling stir frys, crisp deep frys, pan-searing, and soups and stew are all pre-seasoned for immediate use. There were problems with other carbon steel woks. You'll be cooking like a pro with their simple care instructions. The original flat bottom stove works on electric, gas, and other heat sources. Souped up recipes Carbon Steel Wok is manufactured and imported by popular Youtuber. Over 900,000 subscribers trust her recipes. There are over 200 video recipes in the box, many that can be made in this wok.

Brand: Souped Up Recipes

👤I used my new wok to cook today. I wanted to show you the new wok next to my family heirloom, which is a handmade hammered steel wok. It has been a workhorse. The hammer marks on my old wok are used to hold food that you want to pull away from the hot middle while you add more ingredients, or reduce a sauce. The new souped-up-recipes wok should serve the same purpose because of the hammer marks on it. They are manufactured. There is a I followed the instructions and washed the protective wax off. The seasoning oil just wanted to slide off, so I think not all the wax came off in hot soapy water. I baked two applications of oil in the oven. The seasoning process was not very successful. There is a I used the new wok to cook kung pao chicken. Chicken in a generous amount of oil was the first ingredient. The chicken was stuck. After cooking the chicken, I paused the recipe to deglaze the pan with some water and a lot of elbow grease. The good news is that the wok is ready to be seasoned again, the bad news is that we probably got some of the wax in our food. This wok looks to be high quality, compared to my old wok. The weight is the same, and the flat bottom makes it easier to cook on the stove. If I am not able to get it seasoned for non-stick cooking, then you can be sure that this is a good buy. It seems sturdy and should last a long time. This wok is seasoned and non-stick after being deep fried. * I use this wok at least once a week. I have not had to re-season before. It is completely non-stick because of the beautiful patina. When I dump the food into the serving dish, I rinse it with hot water in the wok. Everything comes off with a few touches with a nylon brush. No soap! The burner is off and we are back on the stove. I am very happy with this wok.

👤I have a stinky and smoky house because of the plastic part attaching the handle base to the wok that melted in my oven. I don't know what happened because this was per their instructions. I left off the wooden handle.

👤I was very excited when this wok was offered and I enjoyed the Souped Up Recipes channel. Her style is straightforward but there's a lot of good science in there if you listen which told me she knows what she's talking about and also knows quality. The size of the wok is great for smaller portions. This will fit nicely in my collection. I like the hammered finish, I can pretend I'm using a wok like they made 1000 years ago, but it's still gorgeous. I use a strong outside burner for wok cooking, so I decided to use it for seasoning instead of the oven. I used high heat to burn off any residual coating after scrubbing. If you hold the wok over high heat, it will first speckle up with small black spots everywhere, but those eventually burn away to leave a smooth gun metal color like finish. I put the first coat of oil on the interior and then turned up the heat. It will turn brown and smoke a lot. The smoke goes away. It is ready to cool off. The result is a beautiful glossy black cooking surface, after 3 more attempts. I dry fried some chopped green onions to remove any residual metal taste from a new wok after reading that it could remove metal taste from a new wok. I'm quite pleased with the purchase and the price I got as an early adopter, can't wait to cook my first meal. The reviewer who was worried about a wooden handle on a gas stove, don't be. My outdoor burner can get up to 100K BTUs.


What is the best product for cooking wok pan?

Cooking wok pan products from Koch Systeme Cs. In this article about cooking wok pan you can see why people choose the product. Let's Cook Better and Babyltrl are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking wok pan.

What are the best brands for cooking wok pan?

Koch Systeme Cs, Let's Cook Better and Babyltrl are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking wok pan. Find the detail in this article. Cooks Standard, Amazoncommercial and Homeries are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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