Best Cooking Wok Large 38cm

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1. Cooks Standard NC 00233 Multi Ply Stainless

Cooks Standard NC 00233 Multi Ply Stainless

The industrial substance is ready. All heating methods are compatible with this cast iron wok. Works on gas, ceramic, and electric stove tops. It is easy to clean. The whole family can enjoy traditional Chinese wok cooking. The wok is made of 18/10 steel and has an aluminum core. Air-flow technology keeps the handles cooler. The dome lid traps heat and humidity. It's dishwasher-safe and oven-safe to 500 degrees F.

Brand: Cooks Standard

👤I think this is a very good wok. The dome lid is better than most stir-fry pans in the market. I have some tips to share. This is not "seasoned" like cast iron. Some people say that pans need to be seasoned. That is incorrect. It doesn't hurt if you season it with thin layer oil. Some users have burning stains. It's easy! The water can be boiled and removed. If you are running hard water in your house, you will need to use citric acid to remove calcium and other metal oxides from it. The same thing can be done with vino. Since it is more efficient, I recommend it. The smell of citric acid is not bad. A bag of citric acid is not expensive and can be used for a long time. All those stains and metal oxides can be removed with the help of the strong acids in the water. I cook a lot. I have been using this wok for almost a year. I clean it this way and it still looks great. If it gets rusted, it means the coating on it is broken and needs to be replaced. It happens on the deep scratched spots. If it is burning stain and calcium oxide condensation due to hard water... No problem at all! The photos show before and after a soap wash. If you want a cookware that is strong and non-stick, you should go much higher than this item. If you clean it this way, I think it's good enough for a household use. I hope you enjoy using the cookware!

👤This item is amazing. Professional weight and handling. The photo doesn't do it justice, so I posted a few photos for everyone. The bottom of the picture appears to be a bit more rounded in real life than it appears in the photo, which is fine for me. The interior bottom of the pan has a gentle change of angle and is not like the photo. The gentle angle allows for the heat to spread evenly so you can overload the pan and the food along the sides will cook as evenly as the bottom. The photo doesn't do the pan justice because it is very shiny and polished. I used the pan for the first time. The meal is low fat because I only used a pan spray of canola oil. The bottom of the pan does not have oil, but everything came out perfect. The extra grab handle on the opposite side is perfect. The pan and lid are very deep. This item would cost over 120 dollars in a regular store. I was happy to get it on Amazon.

👤We got this after we got our stove. This wok works. It's good enough to make stir frying legit because it heats up evenly and the instant response of the burner makes it legit. I have an outdoor kitchen with a heavy duty carbon steel wok and a 90K BTU gas burner. I've used the 15K-20K burners on high end domestic ranges. The outdoor setup is too dangerous for indoor use. I can get good stir fried flavors on this wok without using high-end gas or induction burners. The sugars in the ingredients can be quickly caramelized with the help of the steel. The temperature in stir fry cooking has to be very responsive to changes. Just before new ingredients are added and increased again, the heat is reduced. The temperature should be along the bottom and gradually become cooler towards the top lip. 13 inch is a good size. Large enough to prevent spills. Larger woks would need higher burners to heat up.

2. Kenmore Hammond Bottom Carbon 14 Inch

Kenmore Hammond Bottom Carbon 14 Inch

Love Wok! Their passion for the carbon steel wok is what draws them together. Their goal is to bring you as much pleasure from stir-frying in a wok as the chefs do. The best manufacturers in China are what they have found. Their range of branded products are authentic carbon steel woks that have been on the market for 7 years. A versatile flat- bottom wok is perfect for stir fry, steam, deep-fry, or even just quickly heating up last night's dinner. The 14” Flat Bottom Wok is made from heavy gauge 1.8-millimeter carbon steel that retains and distributes heat evenly and double riveted acacia wood handles that resist heat and provide an ergonomics. A non-stick interior that is heat resistant up to 500F is called a non-toxIC cooking. The features allow for low-oil and low-fat cooking. The flat bottom allows this wok to sit perfectly on all stovetops. Kenmore is a brand that has been trusted for over 100 years. To get the job done right the first time, they deliver products that perform at a high level across the home. This consistent trusted performance of Kenmore items, along with beautiful designs, has helped bring ease and happiness to households of all generations. Care instructions. It is recommended to wash this Wok. The overall length from handle to handle is 22.

Brand: Kenmore

👤The Teflon coating on the wok does wear and chip off. Not what I was looking for, but not in the description. I am ordering a new wok. I can get it seasoned for use. I will throw this one away.

👤I received this in the mail today. I was seasoning it before I was going to use it. I put oil in it the same way I do with my cast iron pan. I was going to wash and use my gas stove after putting it on medium heat. After a few minutes on the open fire gas stove, the coating started to bubble right off. I am very disappointed. You pay $29 for what you get. I am not going to return it. I will have to eat the $30 I spent to get a high heat wok that won't chip the coating.

👤The wooden cooking utensils and gentle cleaning of the bottom coating did not cause the coating to flake off. It seems hit or miss whether you get a good one or not.

👤Everything stuck to the bottom of the stir fry pan. Even with a lot of sesame oil. Having to buy a new pan. The one going to the trash can is the one that is going to the trash can. Get a real wok if you spend the right amount.

👤It was good when it was good. The heat is fast and heating up. The non-stick coating is not the best for cleaning. The bottom coating started to oxidize. Only plastic and wooden utensils were used.

👤The same story as everyone else... There is a coding applied to the wok. 2. The coding was very poor and started coming off after the second use. 3. The coating is probably toxic Chinese stuff. It's probably best not to be eating. There is a The handles are nice, the size is nice, and the thickness is nice.

👤After just 2 months, a non stick, bottom coating, and metal were lost, and the window was closed.

👤The pan was in a huge box. I was excited to use it to make chow mein. The meat got stuck and burned in the pan, creating a black crust in the bottom. That is not a non-stick coating. I was quite confused by the fact that things burned in a non-stick pan. I kept using more and more oil, but the meat, veggies, and coating got stuck to the bottom, and it was weird. The charred gunk was going to mix with my food. That is gross. I have been cooking for over 50 years and have never seen something like that. There were marks on the bottom of the spoon. Terrible product.

👤I was expecting a pre seasoned wok, but it is only coated. I decided to keep it because I didn't want to have to return it. My food sticks on it. I regret my purchase.

👤He comprado. No es antiadherente, en la primera lavada se ray. QUIERO MI DINERO DE VUELTA.

3. Asian Kitchen Spatula Recipes Included

Asian Kitchen Spatula Recipes Included

The hammer pattern looks very special, the soup mouth design is easy to use in the oven, and the wooden lid is easy to save. Helen's Asian Kitchen Carbon Steel Wok is perfect for stir frying, stewing, sauteing, steaming, braising, frying, and deep frying favorite Asian recipes. Made from 1.6-millimeter carbon steel with a bamboo handle and high-domed lid and hangs to store. Carbon steel distributes heat quickly so foods cook evenly. The flat bottom sits securely on any stove top.

Brand: Helen's Asian Kitchen

👤After seasoning and cooking, your wok should look like this. This is similar to a cast iron skillet. It should be treated as such. If you don't know about the care of the cast iron skillet, then you should. You should learn how to take care of these items before you say so. I don't know how to clean it. If you are not ignorant, it works well.

👤I liked the way this wok felt. It seems to be well balanced and has a nice weight. I own several woks, both steel and non- steel, like this one. I know how to season the metal so I shouldn't have a problem with the wok. I was cooking in it when it started to rust. I was not cooking anything acidic like tomatoes. I was cooking mushrooms in butter, garlic, and olive oil. Within 15 minutes, I had a ring of rust just above the ingredients from the steam being released from the mushrooms. After cooking the mushrooms, I re-seasoned the wok. I pulled the wok out. There is a new area of rust. I always store my equipment in a dry pantry. I wanted to warn others that this may be an issue. 5 days after the return cutoff date, I discover this. This one is going to be thrown away. I will buy another brand.

👤If you take care of the wok, you can beat it. You better get something else if you want to unbox this baby. It's like cast iron, you have to care for it differently than your normal skillets. Follow the instructions. I would suggest frying some cheap veggies in it to start the seasoning. I would recommend getting a few pounds of pork belly from your local butcher and then frying it up half a pound at a time. The wok should be cool in between each time.

👤My first meal was done cooking and I had an immediate regret. This is an inferior product because it can't see through the lid to check on food, food sticks to the textured inside of the wok, and it's coated in chemicals from the manufacturing process.

👤So far, so good. You should be prepared to spend about 3 hours seasoning. There is a The small wooden handle is good for the money, but it would be better if it were removed and 888-282-0465. The rivet on that handle are loose. There is a 20 minutes to heat the varnish off. 10 minutes later, it's bare steel with steel wool or a rite pad. 90 minutes of heating and applying high temp oil. Repeated 10 times. There is a I'm not sure how you would do the initial seasoning without a burner. I used my camp stove to cook and then went through a full canister of propane.

👤I have been using it for about 2 months. The pan sticks if you don't continuously stir. Even if you wipe it off the water, it will still rust. It's lightweight, easy to use and I love the spatula. I was going to buy a second one, but I'm not going to do that because of these issues. I will not try to get it back.

4. Cuisinart 726 38H Classic Stainless Stir Fry

Cuisinart 726 38H Classic Stainless Stir Fry

The stir-fry pan is made of steel with an encapsulated aluminum core. Refer to the User Manual Page. The second step for the troubleshooting. The glass cover has a loop handle. It's dishwasher-safe and oven-safe up to 500 degrees F.

Brand: Cuisinart

👤I took a chance and was not disappointed, even though I was almost scared off by some of the reviews. There is a You will see a wide range of negative reviews, from hard to clean to not heat well. The food starts fires. If you've never owned cookware made of steel or clad, I encourage you to research it further. This isn't a good choice for a starter. When used correctly, STAINLESS will produce excellent results. This pan is designed for stir frying. That cooking technique uses high temperatures and short cooking times. The proper type of oil to use when cooking at these temperatures must be used. Before tossing your oil into a stir fry pan, you should research the smoke point. If you use Olive Oil in a stir fry on high heat, you will cause the oil to flash over and start a fire, like some of the reviews here have stated. Is the fault of the pan if you use the wrong oil? The owner is to blame for not knowing what they were doing. Pam, butter, lard and EVOO are not suitable for stir frying. In Asia, stir frying with peanut oil has a high smoke point. It is easier to find sago oil in the grocery store. You can use the right oil to have great results without burning the pan, food or yourself. There is a I like to use a type of scrub pads called scotch-Brite, which are made from STAINLESS STEEL. You won't be able to cook in this pan. This pan is not suitable for deep frying. The heat is concentrated in the bottom of the pan. There is a The lid is a complaint about this pan. I don't use it. Stir frying is not a technique that requires a lid, so I am not sure why a lid is needed. Some users have reported shattering because of the sheer size of the lid. The glass is not thick and the lid is large, which makes it brittle. I don't need it, so it's not a problem. If you plan on using the lid on this pan a lot, you might want to look for a smaller stir fry pan. The lid would be stronger if the pan was 12 inches instead of 14. If you're worried about splattering without the lid, a 14" splatter guard is a better choice. This pan is a great value for the price and performs well on an American electric cook top. I wouldn't recommend it for gas either. A hammered steel wok is a better choice for a gas stove. No matter what pan you have, it's going to be hard to Woke on an Insturment stove. You can do better than this pan, but not in this price range.

👤This is my first time cooking with steel. I tried a wok from Cuisinart and I love it. It is larger and wider than my old Calphalon wok. I am getting used to the size difference. I have made fried rice, scrambled eggs, a sauce, and stir- fried vegetables. It took me a few tries to get the proper butter/oil coating down to prevent it from sticking to the pan, but it's worth it. The Bar Keepers Friend polishes the steel to make it look new. I like to cook lots of meat and vegetables for stir fry. It is a great addition to my set. I know not everyone cooks with a wok, but it is one of my favorites in the kitchen, and it has been made by Cuisinart. It is nice to have a glass lid but it is not necessary for stir fry. I wish it was a little less wide.

5. MICHELANGELO Nonstick Frying Basket Ceramic

MICHELANGELO Nonstick Frying Basket Ceramic

The flat bottom sits securely on any stove top. All-in-one multi-purpose cookware, the Michelangelo 5 quart non-stick woks and stir frying pans set, is everything you need to prepare delicious stir-fry, steaming, roasting, boiling, baking meals and more. The non stick ceramic wok with lid set can be used as a deep fry pan, saute pan, deep skillet, frying wok, stir fry pan, baking dish, roasting pan, rice cooker, steamer and deep stockpot. A non-stick scrubber is used. The ceramic and titanium interior is scratch resistant and non stick. Food slides off the truly non-stick surface for optimum cooking. It's ideal for use over low to medium heat with minimum oil or butter. Cleans up easily, dishwasher safe, and oven safe. The ceramic woks and stir frying pans are made of professional grade aluminum alloy that conducts heat quickly and evenly with precise temperature control and no hot spot. Food stir fries are quickly spread across the surface of the 11 inch wok and slip onto the plate once ready. It is designed with a long handle and a helpers handle that stays cool to touch when cooking, easy to grip, and provide extra support and balance when lifting and pouring. It's ideal for healthy cooking and has lead and cadmium free ingredients. Michelangelo Ceramic Non Stick Wok Set is a good choice for cookware. The deep frying pan is made with a flat bottom which allows it to be placed evenly over heat source and is suitable for use on all stove tops. The set includes a Wok with a lid, a Deep Frying Basket, and a roasting rack. The optimal size for a wok pan is 5 quarts. The high quality glass lid is heat and shatter resistant, which prevents splatters, seals in the flavor and nutrients for a healthier and better tasting food. Food can be placed or removed from hot water or oil with the help of the frying basket. The roasting rack can be used to cook delicious meals.

Brand: Michelangelo

👤I was looking for a wok. The pan was on the first page and caught my eye, but it only had a few reviews and I was still in a wok mindset. I returned to the Michelangelo pan and took a closer look after scrolling through a dozen pages. There is a The reviews were good, and it was a nice looking pan since I have a small kitchen. I took a chance. I have used the pan several times for stir fry and a brined pork loin that starts on the stove-top and finishes in the oven, and have to say the pan performs well. The pan is large enough to cook for 5 but still handles small portions. The handles are very secure and the lid is tight. The cooking surface is easy to clean. The steamer tray is worthless and there are better pans for deep frying, though the basket that comes with it seems fine for small items. The pan does everything I need it to do and more, so I have to give it a 5 star review.

👤I needed a deeper pan for my range top. It was as promised in the description, but it was also light. It's attractive and functional too. I used to spill food in my old fry pan. If you want, you can make pasta in this one. This product is very good.

👤The pan stick is bad after a few uses. Do not recommend. I would like to post a photo on Amazon, but they don't allow me to add any photos.

👤The pan couldn't be any better... It is a type of phenomenon. I use it every day and it never fails to deliver.

👤Having burned through a couple of non-stick pans (due to both "user error" and poor pan quality), and wanting a non-stick wok with a lid that could also pull double duty as a normal frying pan, I bought this pan on July 1 I've used it several times a week for the past five months and I'm ready to give a solid review of this very nice pan. Wok/Stir Fries 2. The pan can be used as a frying pan or sauteing pan. The pan now handles most of my cooking tasks. Only meals that require a crock pot or small batches of cooking use other kitchen pans. Let's start with the positives. 1. It's not possible to stick beyond belief. I have never owned a pan that was slippery. It's so slippery that emptying out the grease can be difficult since all the food tries to slide out when you tilt the pan. I use a baster to suck out grease. 2. Clean up is easy. The non-stick works. It's best to let it soak for a couple of minutes and then let it dry out. 3. The glass lid is very good. I'm glad I splashed out and got a wok/pan that had a lid 4. Excellent and warm. This pan is a must have for stir fries. It's great for long, slow, and general cooking of meat. I used to cook spaghetti in my crock pot, but it didn't work as well as I would have liked. 5. Very light. This pan is a joy to use, compared to my other kitchen pans. It's almost feather light when compared to other pans. 6. The helpers handle comes in handy all the time. There are a lot of accessories with it. I've never used them, but it's nice to have them for future use. There is a The only negative thing is The One Lone Negative. It's a big one. The long-term durability of the pan is suspect. I also bought some silicone utensils to use with this pan. I want to avoid any scratches on the inside or top edges of the pan. I read the instructions and never use the pan on high heat, it's as hot as I'll go on my gas stove when I use this pan. I don't use the dishwasher, so I hand wash the pan. I follow the pans instructions. The pan looks brand new. There is a The pan's interior has developed two small cracks despite this tender loving care. The first crack developed on my very first use and has slowly gotten longer, with a second crack recently showing itself beneath the first one. You can feel the crack when you rub your hand over it. This is not a scratch and the crack is deep. The crack goes down through the interior coasting. Older Teflon pans can beflaking away, but the interior of the pan isn't. It's almost like a pavement crack for lack of a better way to describe it. There is a This crack hasn't interfered with my cooking so far. Food has not stuck to it. I'm not sure if this will continue. There is a I love this pan. I don't think I'll get more than 2 years from this pan, which is sad because it is a superb pan. I had high hopes that I could use it for a long time. The non-stick nature of the pan will fail if the two cracks in my pan get larger. These cracks are bound to make cooking more difficult in the future.

6. Joyce Chen 21 9977 Classic Nonstick

Joyce Chen 21 9977 Classic Nonstick

For the chef who swears by carbon steel wok, for the home cook who's discovered the appeal of carbon steel wok, for the mom who appreciates a quality wok, give them all the gift of a carbon. 5mm gauge carbon steel. Xylan's interior is not nonstick. Use on gas, electric, or induction stovetops. Oil or cooking liquid can be used to pan. If you over heat an empty pan, it can damage the coating.

Brand: Joyce Chen

👤Everyone calling this wok a piece of junk has missed the point. This is a great piece of cookware. seasoning it correctly is the key to making this not rust after one use. There are many videos on how to do it. This pan is not a non stick coated pan from the factory. You have to do some work on it yourself. Will it become non stick and not rust? I don't think the one star reviews bothered to do a lot of research before buying it. Just do some research, people. Your friend is the internet. The wok is awesome. I would recommend anyone to research before buying.

👤I bought a quality wok, instead of buying a cheap one. There is a The wok was prepared for ginger and spring onion after being seasoning with flax seed oil. Please read the directions or watch the video on how to season a carbon steel wok. People who didn't follow directions are the ones who have a one star review. Fried rice, noodle dishes and stir fry are what we love to cook.

👤I finally bought a wok for myself after having it on my wish list. I wanted to cook Chinese dishes that were authentic. There is a It's great once you get used to it. The material is dark with use and age. You're not really cooking if you keep it sparkling silver.

👤I missed the fact that this is a carbon steel wok with a flat bottom and thought it had a round bottom. I think it works better to get heat to the food on a gas stove than it does on a flat bottom. I seasoned it according to the directions on the Woks of Life website. The initial fumes are really strong even with scrubbing first. Make sure you have good air flow when you do this. I have not noticed any other odors after the seasoning was done. After several weeks of use, it was really great. I use a scrubby side sponge to clean it. If necessary, use soap. I coat it with a small amount of oil after toweling it dry and heating it up to make sure it's completely dry. In Stir-Frying to the Sky's Edge, Grace Young says that this is not necessary. The nature has been helped by it. I might not need to do that anymore. One night I forgot to clean it after making a sauce, but I have not noticed any rust. It was fine the next morning. It's important to clean and dry immediately, as a general rule, and you shouldn't have any problems. There is a The handles are bolted on. The weight of the carbon steel is just right, it responds quickly to temperature changes, and is not heavy to move around a lot with one hand. A friend of mine recommended this wok and they are very happy with it.

👤This is a good wok. Even if it comes with a little rust, even if it just hit it with steel wool and then season properly, even if it does not come with a lot of rust. Even if you rust yours, use some fine sand paper and start again. Guys quit throwing a fit. Keep it oiled and it won't rust.

7. Pre Seasoned Carbon Steel Wok Pan

Pre Seasoned Carbon Steel Wok Pan

Birthdays and holidays aren't the only times to give gifts. Do you know someone moving into a new apartment or just bought a house? The new chapter in their life is made possible by this wok with lid. The taste is wonderful. You can find authentic Chinese and other Asian cuisines in your home. The Yosukata 14 inch wok has a round bottom and is designed to lock the juice and flavor inside the ingredients. Pre-seasoned woks and stir fry pans are not pre-seasoned like their carbon steel wok. You still need full seasoning with oil. High-quality materials. The wok pan is made from black carbon steel. The wooden handle has a comfortable grip when you use it. It is possible to achieve dependability. You can cook healthy meals using various traditional cooking techniques with the Yosukata 14'' pow wok. The steel wok is easy to carry and store.

Brand: Yosukata

👤This isn't pre-season. This isn't pre-season. This isn't pre-season. This isn't pre-season. There are many reviews to the contrary, but the listing still reads "Pre-seasoned". There are three different seasoning methods in the care instructions. What is the deal with the Trump approach to marketing?

👤This will be a heirloom kitchen utensil and it is a great price, pre seasoned which is practical. If you want to use the metal circular wok stand on the gas stove for greater stability, you should just keep it stable by holding the handle while stir frying. There is a The quality of metal used and the pre seasoning of the wok give an authentic Chinese take out taste.

👤This is a different type of wok that you can find in the stores. It is an original Japanese wok. As soon as you unpack it, you will notice the difference. The heat distribution is perfect for stirfry toufu with veggies and indo-chinese fried rice. The dishes were perfect. 10 on 10 is the number for the wok. If you need to remove it from the oven, you need to use the screws on the handle. A lot of woks have a thinner handle. I would recommend it to a home cook looking for a perfect wok.

👤I have a gas cooktop that I cannot vouch for on an electric one. The pan gets very hot quickly, which I think is essential for cooking good Chinese food. I made three dishes that I have made many, many times before, and my husband said they were the best he had ever tasted. One was a sweet-sour dish with a thick sauce and twice-fried meat, another was a classic stir fry with meat, mushrooms and a seasoning sauce, and the third was a green vegetable in garlic sauce. The garlic sauce was cooked down to almost nothing, and the meat was cooked much more quickly than it is in my current wok, which is why it is so much better. The cooking time was reduced and the flavors in the dishes were more pronounced. The smoke alarm didn't go off because it heated up so quickly, and there was less smoke when I made Chinese food. There is a It was easy to clean the dishes. I wiped it out with a sponge and dried it with a paper towel before starting the next dish, but in the future I will just dry it on the burner. I received an email about a week before my pan arrived, detailing how to care for it. When you get yours, save this and read it again. The pan is heavy, so choose the right size. I will use this pan instead of the non-stick version I have been using, and I will look forward to seeing how my wok chi changes.

👤Not happy with the product at all. After washing it with dawn dish soap and water, this was the result. I will never cook in this again. I have been waiting for the company's response to my call.

8. Pre Seasoned Carbon Steel Wok Pan

Pre Seasoned Carbon Steel Wok Pan

Care instructions. It is recommended to wash this Wok. The overall length from handle to handle is 22. The taste is wonderful. You can find authentic Chinese and other Asian cuisines in your home. The Yosukata 13,5 inch wok has a flat bottom and is designed to lock the juice and flavor inside the ingredients. Pre-seasoned woks and stir fry pans are not pre-seasoned like their carbon steel wok. You still need full seasoning with oil. High-quality materials. The wok pan is made from black carbon steel. The wooden handle has a comfortable grip when you use it. It is possible to achieve dependability. You can cook healthy meals using traditional cooking techniques with the Yosukata carbon wok pan. The steel wok is easy to carry and store.

Brand: Yosukata

👤This is the second wok I have used. I am happy with the first one. The round bottom wok doesn't fit my stove. There is a This wok is easy to maintain. I was surprised by the reviews from people who said the wok rusted. Yes! If you don't understand the nature of iron and chemistry basics, carbon steel cooking ware will rust and peel off. There is a This wok is made of carbon steel and compatible with flat stove. It should be from high heat treatment. The other flat bottom woks need to be pre-seasoned or have a non-stick chemical coating, which is too small for fast heating, or not thick enough. I seasoned it once and it is almost non-stick. It looks more beautiful and unique after the color change. I usually fry the rice and noodles with vegetables, but the big size gives me endless opportunities to cook. If you are looking for cookware that is natural, healthy, and doesn't have the magic of easy handling, then this is the one for you.

👤They say it's not coated with anything, but after two uses, they don't coat it with anything, and it ends up in my food. Returned and hoped it wasn't toxic.

👤I followed the instructions. I washed the wok many times with dish soap and hot water, but the more I washed, the more black stain I got when drying the wok using a paper towel. After heating the wok and rubbing oil, it released a smell and the bottom changed to a strange look. I tried to wash the paper towel but it was black. What should I do?

👤Tldr is a sturdy wok with welded joints and a smooth cooking surface that should stand the test of time for everyday cooking. There is a I believe this Wok is used by a fairly famous chef. There is a After reading that a wok is one of the most essential pans for cooking, I decided to buy an additional wok. There is a I bought this wok from Yosukata because of the joint construction. Most of the pans I use rivets to connect the handle to the pan. I've seen situations where the rivets loosens or pops out, and the pop actually occurred on a name brand pot. This wok from Yosukata is very strong at the points where the handles meet the pan. This is obvious when cooking with it. The only downside to this is that it doesn't look clean due to the welds, but I'll take the sturdiness over this any day. It is easy to cook with the Yosukata wok. Use oil to stir fry. The heat distribution was pretty good, I had experience with the wok. Food did not stick and things cooked evenly when using an adequate amount of oil. The wok is easy to maneuver because of its even weight distribution. I have not used the wok for other cooking methods, but they are useful for deep frying and steaming. It would be helpful if the manufacturer included some sort of insulation for the smaller handle so that it would be easier to pick the wok up from both sides when hot. Carbon steel pans need a bit of care when cleaning. The oil is heated to a high enough temperature where it bonds to the metal. It comes off when cooking certain things. They shipped the pan with oil to prevent it from rusting, and the important thing is to never leave it in water for too long. I recommend rubbing a thin layer of oil on it before putting it away. Just cooking in it a lot and rebuilding seasoning can be done. I use a non abrasive scrubbing sponge to clean and then dry on an open flame. There is a This is a great pan that will be in my rotation. There were no real concerns or complaints here.

9. Carbon Steel Wok Electric Induction

Carbon Steel Wok Electric Induction

T-fal's Heat mastery system combines their superior non-stick coating with an even heat base and thermo-spot technology to provide perfect cooking results every time. The Iron Wok is healthy and safe. Aneder wok is made of carbon steel, it is safe and durable. It is possible to reduce the loss of vitamins C and E in vegetables by cooking them in an iron pot. The 12.5 inch non-stick frying pan is multi-purpose and suitable for all heat sources. The uniform heat flat bottom allows it to be placed evenly over heat source and is suitable for use on all stove types. The wood handle isDetachable and Anti-scalding, it is convenient for oven use and easy storage. The hanging ring on handle is easy to use and saves kitchen space. The wooden handle is made of solid wood anti-scalding design, which keeps the cooking cool and comfortable. The stand-free glass lid is heat and shatter resistant which prevents splatters, seals in the flavor and nutrition for a healthier and better tasting food. The wood spatula is covered at least three times and has a sleek surface. Aneder Iron Wok has 45 days money back and lifetime technical support. Purchase with no worries! Please contact them if you have a problem with the product.

Brand: Aneder

👤This pan is one of the best purchases I have made on Amazon. There is one I wanted to buy something that didn't have chemicals. The pan has non-stick capabilities. There are two I wanted a pan that was big and sturdy, and this pan is strong and thick, which makes cooking smooth. There are more than one 3). The lid is nice. I thought when I got this pan. The lid is heavy. It is a nice fit and it is heavy. There is a small hole that steam can't open. I like the lid handle. There are 4 The taste of the food is great. I cooked fried vegetables last night and everyone said it tasted better than what we tasted in our pans. There is a If you are looking for a good pan without the non-stick coating and other chemicals, this is it. Have fun cooking.

👤I was very excited to have a wok. My first meal was cooking. The cover was on the vegetables. The first time I lifted it off the pan it blew, so disappointed and concerned on the quality.

👤I am happy that I bought this wok. There is a The pros are 1. It is large enough for me to cook stir fried rice for the whole family. 2. It is beautiful. I like the design of the lid and the wood handle. 3. The design is smart. The handle of the lid makes it possible to stand on your own. The hanging ring is easy to use. I don't mean it's bad when I say cons. It doesn't work for me. 1. A little heavy. An iron pot of this size should be heavy. The same weight as my pan. I can't hold it with one hand. 2. The coating makes it easy to clean, but I have to be extra careful. There is a The lid handle should not be above the vent hole when you assemble it. You might get burned by the steam coming out of the hole while cooking. I know it is common sense, but I made a silly mistake. Hope no one else makes the same mistake. A good and beautiful wok!

👤I have to say that. I was going to get a Misen brand and searched on Amazon and they didn't have any, but it did find this, and it looks legit. There are a lot of good things about this product. It is a great price, quality and does the job. You need a seasoned chinese style wok to make good drunken noodles. I don't have access to outdoor propane for a chinese style wok. I had to get a wok for indoor use. Highly recommended, will look into their other products now.

👤After seasoning this pan with salt-oil-potato skin method, I have had great cooking results with no stick and easy hand wash. I use the wide wood spatula to gently move the skillet around on the electric ceramic cooktop because I don't use the high heat with this skillet. I get great butter fried eggs with medium heat, that just slide out of the pan. I like my hamburgers crisp. The ground chuck with no oil crisps up with this skillet. The high sides help decrease the splatter of grease. This skillet is a bit heavy for a senior. I just bought a second handle in this line. The model would have been perfect if it had a second handle.

10. New Star Foodservice Hammered Recomended

New Star Foodservice Hammered Recomended

It is recommended that you wash by hand. The lightweight commercial grade round bottom carbon steel owa Wok is more efficient in transferring heat and has a longer lifespan than other materials. A long wood handle keeps your hands cool and gives you leverage and control to lift and easily move the Wok while its 14" diameter helps avoid food crowding to get the desired stir fry taste. The strong walls of the POW Woks allow for more thorough stirring while preventing food from jumping out and keeping your space clean during cooking. Comes with Wok Spatula. Approximately 10 and 18. To improve the heating source, place the Wok Rack/Ring on top of the black grate and center over the burner. The Wok Spatula is designed to shovel and flip food. It is important to dry after washing to avoid rust spots. The hand wash was recomended.

Brand: New Star Foodservice

👤Update... I did chicken fried rice. The set up doesn't get hot enough for stir-fry. Everything got cooked, and flavor was good, but it took a long time, and I didn't achieve the texture that you'd expect from it. I am not saying that the wok isn't good, just that it doesn't work on my range. The original review was original. The burner grate is in the ring that comes with it, so it's too big to sit on my range without it. I wanted the wok to sit on the grate without the ring, so it has a rounded bottom. I have to sit the wok on the ring on the burner grate. I don't think it will get hot enough to cook on. I had to hold it the whole time, and not use the ring. I had to cook the oil in the wok to get it hot. I put It on the ring, on top of the grate, added a little oil, and threw in some green peppers to see what happened. It was sitting on the ring and on top of the grate to cook the peppers, and it wasn't getting hot enough. I am going to try to make chicken fried rice in a few nights. I will update my review after. It has no instructions on seasoning. I found a video on the internet. It suggested boiling the water in the wok. I was tired to do that again on the ring and on top of the grate. The water couldn't be boiled with the burner on high. Hope it performs better, or it is a waste of money.

👤I've used this to cook fish and vegetables. There were yellow spots all around after the wash out. I will not buy this.

👤If I could, I wouldn't buy it again. There is a There are Rust spots everywhere. You have to treat it like a cast iron pan. It is just low quality. I don't usually write one star reviews for stuff. It has permanent looking spots in the same location of the rust spots even after scrubbing them off. I would buy a better one.

👤The heat goes to the sides.

👤To really appreciate a wok at home, you need a turkey fryer burner to get it hot quickly and cook quickly. There is a I found out the hard way that the wood handle has splinters. The handle is unfinished and may need to be sanded and stained. A good product.

👤After opening the box, I found water between the plastic and the box. Two pieces of metal had fallen off. I called customer service but no one answered and I was forced to leave a message.

👤We use an outdoor propane stand and it suits my needs.

👤I used to use it in my restaurant. There is a It is a little heavy, but it is very sturdy.

11. 12 8 Carbon Steel Wok Accessories

12 8 Carbon Steel Wok Accessories

This frying pan comes with a lifetime warranty, a 100% satisfaction refund or replacement within 30 days of purchase. If you have a problem with your frying pan, please contact them through Amazon. They will replace faulty items within 30 days with 100% satisfaction. You can get a 12.6inch carbon steel pan and wooden lid, as well as 8 accessories, including a ladle, spatula, skimmer, solid spoon, egg whisk and pasta server. The soup mouth design is easy to pour and the wooden lid is easy to use in the oven. The Koon pan is made of quality black carbon steel and uses no chemical coating, so it has superior performance and durability for lifetime use. The wok is lightweight and responds to heat in a way that makes it convenient for women to lift it. The surface has a honeycomb design which reduces food sticking to the pan, reduces scratches and maintains the beauty of the wok. It is safe and durable. The wok pan has passed several safety tests, and the flat base makes sure that it sits securely on any stove top. nitriding craftsmanship is more durable than the coated pan. There are ways to cook inverse daemon. The wok pan has superior performance on heating and heat transfer. The carbon steel wok can be used in many different cooking methods. Before using an iron wok, please read the user manual and keep it dry.

Brand: Leidawn

👤The Wok is beautiful and the shipping was fast. The guide in the package made it easy to season. I have used it for every meal I cook. I have never used anything else. The Wok keeps a nice even heat. The hammered finish adds more surface area to the Wok, which helps it to emit more heat like a radiant heater, and also adds structure andDurability to the Wok. My vintage cast iron in my kitchen has been replaced with a Wok that should hold up for a long time. It is definitely a bargain.

👤I decided to get into Chinese cooking. I wanted a carbon steel wok that I could season. I used hot, hot water and soap to clean the wok. After drying, I put peanut oil in the bottom of the wok and spread it over the rest of the wok. The heat was allowed to cool. I did this again before I used for fried rice and vegetables. The wok cooks quickly and evenly. Vegetables can be steamed with the included wood cover. I was a little disappointed because at first there was some food sticking but with repeated use there was less and less. The wok is a breeze to clean after a week or so of use, and I have not yet used it for steaming or soups. There is a I use this easy to manuver pot just about every day and I think it's the best one because it's very versatile. It is all more loveable because of the continued improvement.

👤I purchase during a special day. $36! I received my prime member within 2 days. The box was packed well. Water can get into the handles of the 11 myriad light utensils. I put upright a counter jar for draining and storing, but it's only the bonus of this package. There are instructions for using the wok. There is an instruction page. The wooden handle and long screw make assembling easy. Like the wooden cover. I like the design of the wok. After seasoning, I fried an egg with butter and it came out perfect. Didn't stick! To get the factory oils out of the metal wok, it was necessary to put it in the oven on 500 degrees. Let cool. I washed with soapy water. Put on the stove top and wipe it with a paper towel and light oil. It was placed on high heat to burn off the oil. It gets smoky when you open the window. Put in high heat after rinsing off again, wipe in oil again and then dry. I did it 3 times. There were changes of color inside and outside of the wok. There was no problem with the discolored skin. I feel that the wok was seasoned properly. I was impressed by the way my egg was Fryed with light Pat of butter and not sticking. Love the look! I am a fan.

👤I love this Wok! It is hot and evenly distributed. The utensils that came with the Wok were very nice. There is a This Wok would make a great shower gift or birthday gift.


What is the best product for cooking wok large 38cm?

Cooking wok large 38cm products from Cooks Standard. In this article about cooking wok large 38cm you can see why people choose the product. Kenmore and Helen's Asian Kitchen are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking wok large 38cm.

What are the best brands for cooking wok large 38cm?

Cooks Standard, Kenmore and Helen's Asian Kitchen are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking wok large 38cm. Find the detail in this article. Cuisinart, Michelangelo and Joyce Chen are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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