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1. Raos Homemade Versatile Conscious Slow Simmered

Raos Homemade Versatile Conscious Slow Simmered

The 24 ounce jar of Rao's Homemade Tomato Basil Pasta Sauce is famous for its taste. All natural, premium quality. The homemade tomato basil pasta sauce is a premium, slow-cooked, all-purpose Italian pasta sauce. The tomato sauce in each jar has a warm, classic flavor. INGREDIENT FOCUSED: The pasta sauce is made with high quality, wholesome ingredients such as tomatoes, olive oil, onions, garlic, basil and oregano, and it has a vibrant tomato basil flavor. 100% Italian meatballs: It's the perfect keto friendly spaghetti sauce to add to your pantry because it's 100% Italian tomatoes, no paste. Homemade andTILE. Make every day delicious with Rao's. Use the pasta sauce as an ingredient in any of your delicious recipes. Try their sauce with any of their delicious homemade pastas, like their Rao's Penne, or their other fantastic varieties of tomato sauce, pesto sauce, or alfredo sauce.

Brand: Rao's

👤The best sauce on the market is this one. I make my own sauces at home and I am very particular about taste and layers of flavors; this sauce actually equals (and possibly surpasses) my own. Not only good for pasta and casseroles, but also good to doctor up store bought pizza or to put on pita and toast up in the oven with layers of veggies or other goodies. It's good to flavor meat loaf, hamburgers, etc. Can't get enough of this sauce.

👤I love the sauce. It is a better alternative to homemade sauce. I like to make pizza and pasta. There is no need to make sauce with the tomato basil variety. It is the same texture and flavor as I like. I have several jars of this sauce on hand for the next time I want to cook, it's great for those who love the taste of homemade sauce, but have no motivation, skill or time to dedicate.

👤I bought this in 2020 because of positive reviews. I like to make my own sauce, but I wanted to compare it to the best off the shelf sauce. Some of the popular grocery store brands are not bad at $2 a jar. I was expecting Rao's to be better at $9 a jar. There is a The smell was my first impression. It smelled like a can of boyardee. It was off-putting. The texture was very smooth. I had to add water to cook meatballs. The flavor was not very good. I prefer a sauce that isn't thick and doesn't have texture. I wanted to give Rao's a chance just in case this was a mediocre lot or it had been mishandled. I bought a few more jars at the grocery stores. They were all disappointing.

👤I ordered two jars of this sauce after debating whether or not I wanted to spend $6/jar on pasta sauce. Wow! I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of flavor, texture, and aroma in this sauce. I don't think I'll buy the cheap stuff again. This is the best pasta sauce I have ever eaten.

👤I've tried a lot of pasta sauces. I've noticed that other families just buy the same brands over and over. I started with Prego and then went back to it. I'm back to Prego Traditional after trying more. I don't like chunks of veggies in my sauce. I'd like to put my own vegetables in the sauce. I like to add ground meat. I said in the first sentence that I was at a friend's home and they were using a pasta sauce called RAO. It was the first time they had it and they were very happy with it. The price of this sauce was twice as much as the brand I was going back to, when I saw it at a specialty grocery store. There is a I saw the sexy contents of the bottle when I picked it up. The sauce was full of tomatoes and spices. The ingredients list was what made me want to buy it. Imported TOMATOES, OLIVE OIL, FRESH BASIL, FRESH GARLIC, and BLACK PEPPER are included. It looked fresh, like I just made it at home and put it in the jar. I've purchased it several times. It's so delicious. I added fresh sliced mushrooms to the noodles I found frozen. The sauce's flavor is unlike anything I've had before. It is in a class above the rest. The classic organic pasta sauce is the next generation of the Rao sauce. RECOMMENDED! It's a very goodRECOMMENDED! Highly recommended!

2. Raos Homemade Marinara Tomatoes Seasonings

Raos Homemade Marinara Tomatoes Seasonings

This jar of Rao's homemade marinara sauce is 32 ounces. All natural, premium quality. The all-purpose Italian pasta sauce is made by Rao's Homemade Marinara Sauce. The warm, classic flavor of homemade tomato sauce can be found in each jar. INGREDIENT FOCUSED: The high quality, wholesome ingredients in the marinara sauce are tomatoes, olive oil, onions, garlic, basil and oregano. There is no added sugar or Italian meatballs. The pasta sauce is free of added sugar, and only includes 100% Italian tomatoes, making it a great addition to your pantry. Homemade andTILE. Make every day delicious with Rao's. If you want to use the sauce in a recipe, use it over pasta or as an ingredient. Try their sauce with any of their delicious Rao's Homemade Pastas, like their Rao's Spaghetti or Rao's Penne, or try their other fantastic varieties of tomato sauce, pesto sauce, or alfredo sauce.

Brand: Rao's Homemade

👤I wanted to find out why a 32 ounce bottle of marinara was worth more than a 24 ounce bottle. So... I did not add anything to this Roa's. I added a pound of butcher quality lean fresh ground sirloin that I had cooked in the top end version of California Ranch Olive Oil, just as I always have with other marinaras. A plate of whole grain wheat spaghetti was dusted with parmesean cheese. I always do the same thing. MIND-BENT! The first mouthful made me remember 60 years ago. What?! I was tasting something. I had forgotten about that taste. I double checked the ingredients after grabbing the bottle. Vegetables, salt, pepper, olive oil, and nothing else. You're telling me that the vegetables are fresh and quality grown. Apparently so. When I think of a fresh, out-of-your-own garden tomato, compared to the supermarket tomato, I can't believe it. There is a So... $8? My "rational mind" doesn't think that is possible for everyday vegetables. If you absolutely must go bankrupt. I will be buying this again because of the "Momma's" flavor.

👤I bought this sauce for its low sugar count. The nutrition label was different when I received it. The sugars are 4, not 3. I contacted Amazon to have this changed. It has not been changed over the past two weeks. I liked the sauce. It's expensive.

👤The sauce tastes great. It is a hit with everyone. You would be surprised how many products add sugar for no reason. I will not use any other sauce that is made of food. It's a little more expensive, but it's because of the quality and real ingredients.

👤This is the best jarred spaghetti sauce on the market. Nothing comes close. I like that the calories are low and there is no added sugar. Is it expensive? It's worth it in this case. It's a really good sauce. The pizza sauce is equally good. I make mini Triscuit pizzas with it.

👤The flavor of a purchased marinara is unparalleled. I can't say enough good things about it. I try to avoid pasta so I don't buy it all the time. The price is worth it for me. So good!

👤I've never had a store bought sauce like this before. I think it's homemade. I don't know what authentic tastes like. As far as I know, this does. I add beef to the sauce to make it even better. My family eats it. I eat it on cauliflower. It's a great substitute for low-fat food.

👤It's hard to believe that a jar of groceries could taste so good.

👤I bought this sauce after reading the reviews. My family hated it and I was very disappointed. It was not cheap over 4 times the cost of my regular pasta sauces. There are no real flavors or seasonings. It felt like a huge waste of money to not buy again.

👤How can you trust them now that they only sent one out of 12?

👤Paying S$44 is not worth it. It is equivalent to US$32 a jar.

3. Holland House Cooking Bottle Sampler

Holland House Cooking Bottle Sampler

There is a pack of 4 with 1 each. Red, white, and Sherry.

Brand: Holland House

👤I don't know how many of you cook with wine, but I get a bug about every 4 or 5 months for recipes that call for wine. When I realize I don't have the right flavor of wine, I'm in the middle of dish preparation and endanger the whole process by going to the store and buying it. The bottles of this set of wines will last a long time without spoiling. It's an investment to prevent the emergency trips to the market. I don't need to talk about the quality of the products. It's Holland House. What more could you ask for?

👤Wine was bubble wrapped. I have a variety of wine to choose from, so I don't have to worry about it. Very happy.

👤My usual grocery store was out of these for over a month, so getting the whole specturm of cooking wines was great.

👤I mean broken, I mean Marshall and Sherry. The largest piece was about 2 inches by 1 inch. There are lots of fine pies. The box is completely submerged. White and red are acceptable.

👤These are hard to find in Texas. I know I could buy wine. Someone drinks it before I get to use it.

👤My wife was looking for great wines to cook with, instead of buying them at high prices.

👤When I need a glass of wine. A big bottle is not a waste. The smaller bottles are useful. I like them.

4. Cholula Green Pepper Hot Sauce

Cholula Green Pepper Hot Sauce

The Green Pepper Hot Sauce has signature spices. The green poblano peppers have a sweet flavor. For salsa verde, taco sauce, and tamales. Adds a twist to salads, dips, dressings andMarinates.

Brand: Cholula

👤I am always a fan of picante hot sauce. I keep a bottle of Tapatio in my cupboard. They are a staple in our household. There is something about non-vinegar sauces that I like. I am amazed by this variety, I had to try it. I like it a lot better than the traditional Cholula, and it is a hot sauce. It adds a nice depth of flavor to my food. Went through a bottle for a while. Will buy again.

👤I enjoy spicy food. I'm a huge fan of green chile. It's hot but not crazy hot, with lots of chile flavor. I might reduce the amount of vinegar I use. I was making it. There is a It's a perfect stocking stuffer. It's only four stars because it's priced for people who can't buy it locally. It's likely less if you can.

👤I got a couple of new types of Cholula and only after getting the bottle did I see the neck label that said "Jalapeno and Poblano peppers." The back label has a picture of everything. I wasn't seeing it. I thought I had wasted my money because I don't eat hot food. I have a hard head. I need to try it, I bought it. I did. I was surprised that I liked it. It's not as hot as I thought it would be, but it's sweeter than any of the others and it's hotter than the original. It has a nice flavor and adds a nice kick to whatever you add it to or mix it into. I gave it four stars because I think it's too sweet for a hot sauce. This product is recommended by me.

👤Green cholula is hot enough to add interest to meat dishes. I like it on chicken thighs. So good. It will work with any kind of southwestern cooking. We use it for fast Mexican dishes like enchiladas/nachos and white meat pork dishes.

👤If you like green peppers like jalapenos and pablanos, this is for you. A nice heat with lots of flavor.

👤I can't have a breakfast burrito without this. I keep it stocked. It was perfect heat, tartness and flavor. It's great with any taco, eggs, or anything.

👤Oh my gosh! Hot sauces are the Holy grail of sauces. I have been looking for a good hot sauce. Here it is. I like it with Mexican food. It is awesome! Try it!

👤I love the sauce. It's hard to find. After not finding it in any of the local grocery stores, I had to order it from a restaurant. There is a The flavor is mild but unique. This salsa tastes similar to Mrs. Renfro's green salsa, but is less hot and not as thick. There is a This sauce seems to follow each other in the crowd of sauces.

👤Wow! Was it the geiler Geschmack? Ich bin positiv berrascht. Ihren fest ist das es bald. Fr Ihren Pepper Saucen ist die besten grne.

👤I ordered 2 bottles. They were going to be gone for a few weeks later. I was disappointed that hot sauce only lasts a year.

5. Bonne Maman Orange Marmalade 13

Bonne Maman Orange Marmalade 13

Bonne Maman products are exported to over 100 countries. Bonne Maman preserves are made with no coloring, artificial Preservatives, Preservative Their Orange Marmalade is a favorite because of its heady aromas and fresh taste. Bonne Maman products are exported to over 100 countries. Bonne Maman is the number one selling line of specialty preserves and they have the "Gold Standard" against which all other premium preserves are measured. Bonne Maman products are exported to over 100 countries. Bonne Maman is the number one selling line of specialty preserves and they have the "Gold Standard" against which all other premium preserves are measured. Bonne Maman preserves are made with no colorings, artificial preservatives, or purees.

Brand: Liberty

👤I'm not sure about my marmalade choices. It needs to have the right amount of tartness. The peel needs to be resistant as you bite it. The jam needs to have a smooth texture. Bonne Maman does it all. Put a generous amount of steel ground oats on the side for breakfast. It should warm up a bit. Get a bite of oats and marmalade and say good morning to your friends. It was heavenly.

👤I ordered a jar of orange marmalade expecting it to be better than average, after reading many positive reviews. I was disappointed in the texture and taste, as it was a bit funky and bitter. This is the worst marmalade I have ever eaten. I wouldn't recommend this.

👤I like Bonne Maman fruit preserves and jams, but their Marmalade is not as good. I don't think this marmalade has a balance between orange peel and marmalade that is right. You may like it. It's not for me.

👤shreds of peel A bitter flavor that goes beyond what you want. You can eat it, but it's just another cheaper spread trying to be jam.

👤I have been shopping for orange marmalade for the last couple of years and it has definitely been at the top of my list. It isn't overly sweet and doesn't have the typical mass-produced texture. You can't fool people into believing it's homemade, but this has been the best alternative. It is a big container and the price difference per use is really negligible.

👤The fresh taste of Bonnie Maman keeps you coming back for more. It's the closest thing your grandmother would have made. It's like eating fresh oranges on toast. I love it!

👤Really boring. I was hoping for something different. I found a marmalade that was mostly tasteless. Good advertising works. I would have been disappointed at a dollar a jar. I cut the rind off of the orange and added it to the strips. This made it better. I feel like I could have made it from scratch.

👤Enjoy the intense flavor of Bonne Maman jams and preserves. They advertise a lot of fruits in their labels. They are used on meat, poultry and fish. It's great on bread, crackers or fruit.

6. Cholula Hot Sauce 5 Oz

Cholula Hot Sauce 5 Oz

A blend of arbol and piquin peppers are the signature spices of Cholula Original Hot Sauce. It has the right amount of fiery heat. For eggs, rice, beans, beverages, and even pizza! For Mexican dishes like taco, nachos, huevos rancheros, fajitas and salsa.

Brand: Cholula

👤I don't know who I was before I met you. You make things better. I don't remember any other hot sauces and they don't mean anything to me anymore. You're the only one I would trust with pizza. You're the only one who would buy 80oz and I would use it. Your taste is sweet and salty at the same time. Life is worth living. I'm very happy we met.

👤It's thicker than Frank's Redhot and less acidic than Tapatio. I wouldn't use it on chicken wings. I think it's a great hot sauce for Mexican food. It was consistent and satisfying.

👤"Hey, just because this is a highly recognized, readily available brand doesn't mean it doesn't deliver the goods" according to Scott Roberts. Who is Scott Roberts? A recent NPR show gave me a clue. He is the unofficial head of the hot sauce movement. I have been taste testing hot sauces without knowing of Roberts or the movement of "chili-heads". I've been taste testing about 40 hot sauces and have written up my notes. I found that Cholula is one of the best and it is in my top tier. Don't buy the variant that adds lime or garlic or chipotle to the mix, it's the "Original". I would call this sauce low to medium heat. For a family sized dish, you'll need a few heavy drops. A few extra drops will ruin a dish. It has a nice blend of tastes and is low to medium heat. This blend is quite good and there is a bit of sweetness. Unless you have tasted a number of different hot sauces, you may not appreciate how good this one is. It adds some heat to a dish without making it taste different. If you have tasted a number of hot sauces, you will find some, but not near the overpowering presence of this stuff which ruins so many other hot sauces. Most of the hot sauces on the internet are difficult to find and expensive to purchase. You can find this sauce in your local grocery store as well. It should encourage you to try it. There is a The other four favorites are the ones I recommend the most: the often recommended Huy Dong - Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce. It is much hotter with a hint of garlic and no vinegar. The next three sauces are similar, but better than Cholula, and all have a rich smoked taste. There is a There is an advisory. The sauce adds some heat to any dish. Does it make a mediocre dish better? No! It adds some heat without introducing any off-flavors. To many, that may seem to be a given, but the truth is that very few hot sauces actually do that. The sauce is sold in a 12 oz and a much larger size and these larger sizes are often the better buy. There is a Beware of sellers that get to the top of Amazon's sellers list by offering a low product cost and then make up for this with high shipping charges on a per bottle basis, regardless of how many bottles you order at one time. You should check your shipping costs before you place your order. Even if the seller publishes a shipping chart, they may be higher than you think. The hot sauce should be found in any supermarket.

7. Raos Homemade Conscious Friendly Parmesan

Raos Homemade Conscious Friendly Parmesan

The famous taste of Rao's can be found in this 15 ounce jar. Premium quality. The sauce is made with roasted garlic, cream, cheese, and butter. INGREDIENT FOCUSED: The homemade pasta sauce is made with high quality ingredients and has a perfectly balanced texture. No added sugar. The sauces are made from homemade pasta sauce. It is the perfect keto friendly spaghetti sauce to add to your pantry. Homemade andTILE. Make every day delicious with Rao's. If you want to use the pasta sauce as an ingredient in any of your delicious recipes, you can enjoy it over pasta. Try their sauce with any of their delicious Rao's Homemade Pastas, like their Rao's Spaghetti or Rao's Penne, or try their other fantastic varieties of tomato sauce, pesto sauce, or alfredo sauce.

Brand: Rao's Homemade

👤I'm a huge fan of Rao's red sauces, but thisAlfredo is terrible. I can eat roasted garlic until I pass out, but it has a sulfur taste that lasts on the back of the garlic, and not much garlic taste to speak of. There is a It's also very dense. They use tons of cheese and xantham gum to keep it stable, but it doesn't work. There is a A good jarred Alfredo is impossible to find.

👤The only sauce my family cooks with is the Rao's Marinara. The alfredo sauce was terrible. It tasted artificial and not fresh, it was thick and goopy. Would not recommend.

👤This is a great sauce. It has a rich flavor. I wish it wasn't so bad. This is the one to get if you go with store-bought. The flavor is great. Unlike so many bland ones out there.

👤I use this when I cook in my house because I don't want to cook things from scratch. This is a great substitute. I just ended up avoiding it because it was thicker than other jarred alfredo sauces. It tastes better. It doesn't have the same smell as a scratch sauce. It tastes amazing at the end of cooking. If you would like, you can alternate it. I have had the best alfredo jar sauce.

👤If I have to buy it, I prefer this brand. It tastes like cream, but it is creamy,flavorful and has the garlic flavor unlike other brands which only taste like cream.

👤There is a jar of creamy Alfredo sauce. Penne chicken Alfredo was made in the Instant Pot. The taste was great. I don't have to add herbs with other sauces.

👤This sauce is amazing. One jar is enough for 1lb of chicken tenders or 1lb of shrimp. For 30 minutes in the fridge, I brine the chicken or shrimp with a little salt and a dash of cumin. If you want a 2 pot meal, I sautee some onions, bell peppers and mushrooms until they are almost tender. Add the sauce while the pasta cooks and then stir fry the meat for 3 minutes. It was so easy and delicious. We will buy this again and again.

👤It is a little expensive, but you get what you pay for, the sauce is better than the cheaper ones.

8. Thai Kitchen Fish Sauce 6 76

Thai Kitchen Fish Sauce 6 76

Premium Fish Sauce is made from salted anchovies. If you want to add a salty taste to a dish, use a seasoning instead of soy sauce or salt. Did you know? The sweet and spicy flavors of authentic Thai dishes compliment their Fish Sauce.

Brand: Thai Kitchen

👤The fish sauce is the most popular in grocery stores and is the only one people have tasted. It has high reviews because of that. They don't know anything better. It's mediocre at best, but at a good price. The fish sauce should only have salt and anchovy in it. You have a cheaper, lesser fish sauce with anything else. Water and sugar are included in this one. Add water to the anchovy extract to make the sauce. It has a weak fish taste. If you want real fish sauce, get yourself some Red Boat.

👤I don't know if it's just my taste buds. This is salty. I have to either water this down or add something to it to cook it. I have never ordered fish sauce before, so maybe I am doing something wrong. I wanted to have the same experience at home. I am open to ideas, anyone has any recommendations? I don't think I'll buy this again unless I know how to fix it.

👤I found a great chicken curry recipe and bought this. The taste was good. It's easy to order this product online compared to going to several groceries.

👤I use the fish sauce to make kimchi.

👤It was used all the time. My favorite.

👤I bought it off of Amazon, but my grocery store didn't have it. It came very quickly and in a nice way. I made thai peanut taco and it was great.

👤The actual product has a higher quantity of sodium than was advertised. It's too high in salt and can be harmful to your health. Misleading the customers with wrong product info picture is not a good thing.

👤It was fine and enjoyable to receive Amazon delivery.

👤This brand tastes very good for someone who grew up in a country that used fish sauce for cooking every day. It's important to see a guarantee that it is free of the allergy-causing substance, as well as a guarantee that it is not contaminated with the twin brother of the fish sauce. It's a bit expensive downside.

👤Living below the poverty line is always concerned with weighing quality and price.

👤It's essential for a lot of Thai recipes. Very strong! This should last you quite a while, and it will stay in the fridge for a long time.

👤I drink this stuff when I want to be alone.

9. Mario Camacho Olive Gift 6 25

Mario Camacho Olive Gift 6 25

There are 4 flavors in the gift box. Oregano and Olive Oil are used in Kalamata. Green olives with olive oil.

Brand: Mario Camacho

👤I'm over 60 years old and these olives are the best I've ever eaten. They leave all the olives in the dust. No competition, no comparison to any others, and all that sort of stuff. I have never seen a better gift package, they are so nicely packaged, you can easily give them as a gift. They place the jars of olives in a sturdy box that is green shredded tissue paper, so that they arrive safely, and also aesthetically pleasing. I think you should give these as gifts, but I just buy them for myself. I get this delightful present to myself once a month, because I have them on subscribe and save. What a treat! You have to try these! Trust me, you will be glad you did.

👤I can't find this brand anywhere. I love the kalamatas. The green ones are great, but are a bit smaller than the queens. I was surprised to see that there is olive oil in these. I thought that the jar had gone bad, but that is not the case. The oil preserves the olive fruit better than plain brine. There was a jar with herbs in it. I had never seen that before. It made the flavor better. Excellent olives.

👤Pack of 4 was packaged in a box tucked away in a thick bed of brown paper grass. The jars were in good shape. I can see where it could have gone differently. I don't know if it's a gift pack. I think it would be better if it sat in its own box. Otherwise, no. I would sell this as a pack. I am. Buy Mario brand olives frequently. I really liked their stuffed olives, and have never had any issues with their products. Being able to just order a single bottle of jarred stuffed olives has been nice. It is usually reasonable. Buy these for the olives, not for gift presentation.

👤I got these for my son because he loves olives. The variety is good. I ordered another box in January because he liked them so much. I have no complaint about the extra packages of Oloves and little cans of olives that were in the second box, even though they were not in the first box. A nice gift package.

👤I understand we are in a crisis but 2 of the jars were open and the juice and olives were spilling inside the box. Very disappointing. What a waste of money.

👤I got two jars of green olives, but the two jars of Kalamata Olives were missing. They put in a few cans of black olives, a small jar of capers, half a jar of more green olives and a half dozen sampler packs.

👤I am an olive fan and these are the best around, the variety is good, and they work for snacking, antipasto platter, and salad. Whatever. We lost a jar because the last box had a loosened lid. I see the same thing in a few other reviews, is this being worked on? Again... The best athletes.

10. Herdez Guacamole Salsa Medium Ounce

Herdez Guacamole Salsa Medium Ounce

Mexico's #1 salsa brand. 50 calories per serving. 4.5 grams of fat per serving.

Brand: Herdez

👤I was on the fence about trying it. I love salsa, but have never tried the other one. I'm glad I tried it. The flavor is amazing. I have used it to dip taquitos. I thought the medium would be less spicy than I liked, but I was pleasantly surprised. The medium leans towards quite spicy. There is a The salsa needs to be thicker in consistency to make this perfect. It is too dense. You can't get it to stick to tortilla chips. I like my salsa to be thick and show off my food. It's possible to pour it on to the chips, but that can be messy. Even with the lack of thickness, the salsa still gets 5 stars. It would be great if there wereChunks ofavocado in it.

👤I agree with the review that you won't want to leave this. The flavor is great with chips or other things. It is warm. It's just a hint of spice. Must disagree with someone who says it burns the mouth. There is a I think the price on Amazon is reasonable. It's great with Amazon Fresh Customer Service. Free enterprise works if you find a better price at a big value chain. I like that Amazon brings stuff to my door. It is difficult and expensive to get to my local store that has things in stock.

👤Great product! My husband likes it. It has many uses. The cost is the only problem. I bought a 3-pack at the store for $8.49 and a single bottle at Amazon for $11.

👤This is my favorite salsa. This is not green salsa from tomatillos. This is made from fruit. This is hands down the best, even though it is homemade.

👤This salsa was addictive. It is creamy, spicy, and delicious. It was great with chips, but I think it would be great as a sauce on some enchiladas. I'll be ordering more than one jar in my next order.

👤This salsa is very good. It's not very thick because it's creamy. I like it on chips. I would love to see a hot version of it. I've never been able to find medium. I still buy it. I highly recommend it. Thanks!

👤If you love Wasabi, you will like this. I like hot spicy things like jalapenos and chili powder. This one is too hot for me. Proceed with caution even though the label says "Mild".

👤My favorite. I add it to pizza as a dipper and use it as a salad dressing and even on a sandwich to give it zing.

👤It's a good salsa. It is very tasty but has some heat to it. It says medium. If you don't like spicy foods, you will find it a bit too spiced. I cut it with cream cheese. It is a very thin sauce and that helps to make it more thick. I used a little on the taco. It would be good with some freshavocado stirred in before serving. I was glad I tried it, it was a tad pricey at $15.94, but it was worth it. It was well packaged and arrived quickly.

11. Cholula 049733800112 Hot Sauce Garlic

Cholula 049733800112 Hot Sauce Garlic

The Chili Garlic Hot Sauce is made with garlic, arbol and piquin peppers. The garlic flavor has a mild heat. For Mexican food and pasta. Add a garlic kick to your favorite foods.

Brand: Cholula

👤I have to order it from Amazon because this sauce is hard to find in the area. It is my favorite hot sauce to use. I used to be the guy who would always grab the hottest sauce I could find and just enjoy the burn. The flavor went out the window as the years went by. I decided to get basic sauces that tasted great because I was tired of eating pepper spray. I will always buy this sauce whenever I find it at a reasonable price. It's better to buy a bottle by the gallon.

👤This is the best hot sauce. There is lots of delicious flavor. This hot sauce is very good.

👤It adds a lot of flavor, but not as much as a hot sauce. If you want heat somewhere else, I would still recommend.

👤Pepper sauce with a hint of garlic is not as hot as expected.

👤The flavor is not as hot as he would have liked.

👤I like hot sauce. I have 20 different sauces in my kitchen. My wife can't handle the heat of many of my sauces, but she loves this one. The flavor pairs well with many foods. We were glad to find it here because it's hard to find locally. The garlic flavor of the "heat" goes well with just about anything, and it's similar to Franks hot sauce. I have at least one bottle in the kitchen.

👤The bottle says the best used by the month before I ordered it. I assume this stuff is good for a long time, and is still good, but it shouldn't be sold on Amazon. Guess I'll go to the store.

👤The stuff is like water in terms of thickness, a bottle doesn't last long.

👤I settled for this because I can't get the flavor in the UK. It is not very hot. It's not true to call this hot sauce. There's a garlicky flavor, but it's not really memorable. VAT is added to a food item which is illegal in the UK. I haven't been paid.

👤The shelf-life is long. Good small opening so no accidental overdosing. Good glass bottle. Plastic thread inside the top makes it non recyclable. Not good. A few drops added to an oil/vinegar salad dressing is very popular with my family.

👤I have used it in many different dishes since it was recommended to me. It has a strong garlic flavour. I love it!

👤You would expect a new product at the inflated price. Buy elsewhere.

👤Absolutely delicious. This is a step up if you love original Cholula. The garlic flavour is very strong. Highly recommended for a hot sauce enthusiast.


What is the best product for cooking wine goya?

Cooking wine goya products from Rao's. In this article about cooking wine goya you can see why people choose the product. Rao's Homemade and Holland House are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking wine goya.

What are the best brands for cooking wine goya?

Rao's, Rao's Homemade and Holland House are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking wine goya. Find the detail in this article. Cholula, Liberty and Thai Kitchen are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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