Best Cooking Wine Ebt Eligible

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1. Aji Mirin Japanese Sweet Cooking Rice

Aji Mirin Japanese Sweet Cooking Rice

When you order more items, you can save on shipping.

Brand: Kikkoman

👤Real Mirin has 8 percent alcohol. This isn't the real thing. I have purchased other brands of Mirin sweet sake cooking wine at Asian markets, and found it at a store called "Ralph's". This does not taste like Mirin.

👤The description says 10 oz and 2 bottles, but I only received 1 10 oz. A bottle. No returns or refunds are allowed.

👤The ad is false. It is not real so don't buy it. "Aji-Mirin, Japanese sweet cooking rice wine - 10 oz x 2 bottles" is not a wine.

👤This is always the best. It is not worth buying if it can be expired. There is a There are no expiration dates on the bottles. It isn't a huge expense, but it is disappointing. They are not returnable. There is no way to contact the seller. Amazon isn't taking calls. This is a sauce that is not heated. I am very careful because my family member is on treatment. There is a I was trying to avoid going to the store because of restricted travel. The bottles have expired dates on them. I am going to buy them at the store.

👤It's just sugar water with a flavor. I read the ingredients before I buy them. Apparently I didn't this time.

👤My understanding is that "mirin" means rice wine. The ingredients in Mirin Rice Cooking Wine are water, rice, koji, and sacchar. It makes sense that rice wine is a rice wine. The ingredients in "Aji-Mirin, Japanese sweet cooking rice wine" are sugar, water, alcohol, rice, corn syrup, and salt. Alcohol is added to sugar, corn syrup, and rice. The label says that two ounces contains 13 grams of sugar and eight grams of rice wine, but they're not from corn syrup. The product is not rice wine. Someone delivered a bicycle after I paid for a couch.

👤I'm relieved to have an online source for these because I've been having trouble finding them at the grocery store. It's a great addition to Asian sauces, dishes, and marinades.

👤I wanted to make a teriyaki chicken stir fry. I was able to make my recipe after he arrived. I have an extra bottle. It is all good.

2. Mario Camacho Olive Gift 6 25

Mario Camacho Olive Gift 6 25

There are 4 flavors in the gift box. Oregano and Olive Oil are used in Kalamata. Green olives with olive oil.

Brand: Mario Camacho

👤I'm over 60 years old and these olives are the best I've ever eaten. They leave all the olives in the dust. No competition, no comparison to any others, and all that sort of stuff. I have never seen a better gift package, they are so nicely packaged, you can easily give them as a gift. They place the jars of olives in a sturdy box that is green shredded tissue paper, so that they arrive safely, and also aesthetically pleasing. I think you should give these as gifts, but I just buy them for myself. I get this delightful present to myself once a month, because I have them on subscribe and save. What a treat! You have to try these! Trust me, you will be glad you did.

👤I can't find this brand anywhere. I love the kalamatas. The green ones are great, but are a bit smaller than the queens. I was surprised to see that there is olive oil in these. I thought that the jar had gone bad, but that is not the case. The oil preserves the olive fruit better than plain brine. There was a jar with herbs in it. I had never seen that before. It made the flavor better. Excellent olives.

👤Pack of 4 was packaged in a box tucked away in a thick bed of brown paper grass. The jars were in good shape. I can see where it could have gone differently. I don't know if it's a gift pack. I think it would be better if it sat in its own box. Otherwise, no. I would sell this as a pack. I am. Buy Mario brand olives frequently. I really liked their stuffed olives, and have never had any issues with their products. Being able to just order a single bottle of jarred stuffed olives has been nice. It is usually reasonable. Buy these for the olives, not for gift presentation.

👤I got these for my son because he loves olives. The variety is good. I ordered another box in January because he liked them so much. I have no complaint about the extra packages of Oloves and little cans of olives that were in the second box, even though they were not in the first box. A nice gift package.

👤I understand we are in a crisis but 2 of the jars were open and the juice and olives were spilling inside the box. Very disappointing. What a waste of money.

👤I got two jars of green olives, but the two jars of Kalamata Olives were missing. They put in a few cans of black olives, a small jar of capers, half a jar of more green olives and a half dozen sampler packs.

👤I am an olive fan and these are the best around, the variety is good, and they work for snacking, antipasto platter, and salad. Whatever. We lost a jar because the last box had a loosened lid. I see the same thing in a few other reviews, is this being worked on? Again... The best athletes.

3. Holland House Cooking Sherry Ounce

Holland House Cooking Sherry Ounce

It is made with high quality ingredients that give your food unique flavors. The wine flavor is maintained even in the high heat of cooking. The shelf life is maintained for 2 years. It's best to pair desserts with vegetables like mushrooms or Brussel sprout. They have been crafting quality cooking wine with only the finest ingredients since 1886.

Brand: Holland House

👤The local Grocer stopped selling this. I came here to see if Amazon had it, because it's the best cooking sherry I've found. I was very happy that they did. I would order it again because it came in a timely manner. There is a If you've never cooked with Cooking Sherry, I would recommend giving it a try. It makes beef more tender with a fantastic flavor, cooked with baby-bella mushrooms and broccoli, it's divine! I serve the juices over rice. It's like going to a five-star restaurant. I've heard of people grilling a piece of sub-par beef with cooking sherry. I put cooking sherry in the pan when I roast. I like it. There are so many options. Holland House is the best. You can't go wrong with this brand.

👤This was a supply. I like the product so much that I will buy it again. That should tell you what I think. Holland House is doing a good job.

👤It's too expensive for the amount contained.

👤The job is done. It does what it is supposed to do and I have used it many times.

👤Thank you so much for the product.

👤This was the best price I could find for cooking sherry. It was on my grocery list, but I chose to buy it from Amazon because of the low price.

👤I wanted a slightly better flavor but it goes good on shrimp.

4. Thai Kitchen Premium Sauce 23 66

Thai Kitchen Premium Sauce 23 66

Premium fish sauce has an intense flavor that is a hallmark of traditional Asian cooking. The product is free of dairy, MSG, and ingredients that are related toGluten. The Thai Kitchen Premium Fish Sauce is fresh and delicious. Adding a new flavor to your favorite recipes is possible with the 23.66-fluid-ounce bottle of fish sauce. Thai Kitchen Premium Fish Sauce is perfect for high-volume establishments.

Brand: Thai Kitchen

👤My wife makes a vegetable chicken stir fry. After cooking the chicken and vegies in garlic olive oil, she adds a sauce made up of 2 table spoons of fish sauce and 2 table spoons of soy sauce. I found myself in heaven after she served it over jasmine white rice. If a guest likes a little heat, she will add a little siracha sauce.

👤It smells terrible, but it's very good. Don't let the scent fool you, it hasn't gone bad.

👤It's fish sauce. I think it's good fish sauce. I ordered this one because it was in a plastic bottle. Someone dropped a bottle of fish sauce. I have. Never again! The label came off before I got it, but you know what it is.

👤The fish sauce provides a salty, umami flavor to all types of dishes. I used this fish sauce to make a seafood chowder. I was trying to follow a recipe but felt the dish lacked depth. The chowder was immediately transformed from tasting flat and lifeless to tasting complex, well rounded and delicious after I added a portion of the sauce.

👤I didn't use the product because it looked bad. The label was folded in the box and not attached to the bottle. I asked Amazon to send it back because it didn't look legit. The bottle was not attached after the second time around the label was off. I received a refund. I don't think this company is legit.

👤I thought there was an accident when I received the product. There are many people who complain about the same thing. A product with no label is dangerous for consumers. I think this product is manufactured by Thai Kitchen.

👤I bought this fish sauce for $6.50 and was very happy with the taste. I ordered another bottle last week because I'm almost out. I know the quality, so I bought even though the price was up to $8.75. The price has gone up over $10 as I write this review. It's bad! I will see what the price is when I run out. Love the fish sauce but don't like the jack-up in pricing.

👤I didn't have to look in the aisles for something.

5. Franks RedHot Original Cayenne Pepper

Franks RedHot Original Cayenne Pepper

The blend of aged cayenne peppers is the perfect blend of flavor and heat. Hot sauce is fat free and calories free. The recipe has been the same since 1964. Add 12 cup to your favorite Buffalo Chicken Dip recipe for a kick of heat and robust flavor. It's a fun fact. The secret ingredient in the original Buffalo Wings was RedHot Original Cayenne Pepper Sauce.

Brand: Frank's Redhot

👤The package was fine, but the container inside was leaking and the seal was damaged, if it was something else that would be fine, then food product needs to be sealed. I've tried to get a replacement. I need to throw out the bottle.

👤Frank's Original has the right mix of flavor and hotness for me. You get a little spicy kick at the end of this sauce, which is my favorite mild sauce. I like to use it on many different foods, from chicken to fries, to pizza, to soups, you really do "put that xxxxx on everything" as their saying goes. Even goes great with your condiments. An excellent hot sauce to start with.

👤Frank's RedHot Original Hot Sauce is the most versatile sauce ever. It's not too hot, just enough heat to give you a kick. You can add it to all types of food. Eggs, soups, stew, casseroles, sandwiches, and even a little flavor to vegetables can be found. I use this on all of my food, except for sweets and desserts. I buy 2 bottles at a time because I go through them quickly. With the help of my husband. I have other hot sauces in my house. Frank's RedHot Original Hot Sauce is my go-to. I love it!

👤I put this on everything. It's the best hot sauce around. It's a great tasting bloody mary.

👤The hot sauce is one of the best in the world. But... There is broken glass in a post office. The post box has something dripping from it. Thanks! There is a Update... The post office takes it back and tells me that the product was damaged and that I should contact the seller for a refund.

👤I like buffalo flavor. I put it on chicken. I put it on eggs, pizza and almost everything else. Reds makes some of the best buffalo sauce and will be buying it again.

👤The product ended up in the garbage. The bottles are 23 ounces each. Only one was received and it was broken. It was wrapped in paper. The seller needs a lesson. Won't buy again. Who thought anyone could mess up classic red hot? They did!

👤Frank's RedHot is not very hot when added to a larger portion of a vegetable, but it can create a wonderful flavor melding beyond what you can get with plain salt.

👤Wer etwas von allem sucht und etwas Schrfe ist hier richtig! Nicht in etwa wie Tabasco! Pizza, Saucen, Marinaden, Steaks... Kleiner Tipp ist damit Bretzeln. Rezept im Netz!

👤The seller was kind enough to send a replacement bottle after the first package arrived because one of the bottles was broken and dripping through the box. He should be applauded for that! There is a The sauce is amazing. It takes the taste to a new level when I add it to my sandwiches.

👤Im 2er ist das lohnt. There is a pack in this picture. Die Soe ist so scharf wie die Tabasco.

👤Perfect size! Came on time and well packed.

6. Cocktail Skinny Mixes Bottles Packaging

Cocktail Skinny Mixes Bottles Packaging

There is a flavor included. There are strawberry key lime and blood orange cocktails. Their Cocktail Party in a Box is a great way to start your party. Jordan's Skinny Syrups are free of all harmful substances. You can make a guilt-free cocktail with your favorite liquor. Your party pack contains 32 items. The bottles are made in the USA.

Brand: Jordan's Skinny Mixes

👤I don't want to give up alcohol and drinks, but I have to find ways to drink without the high levels of sugar. I can enjoy some of my favorite drinks without being concerned because of the cocktail mixes. I just got the set and haven't tried them all yet. I am enjoying the mixes. You can make many drinks with them because they are easy to use. It's not the same as a bar, but you're saving calories and carbs and still have a great taste, so I can't complain.

👤I knew I needed something to drink and not throw me out of ketosis when I was on the diet. I would have to find a new drink that wouldn't kill my progress if I were to stick with the diet. I bought this product because I wanted to try different drinks and see if I liked them. These are great. I have made frozen blended drinks with 4 out of the 6 flavors. The Mojito is my favorite drink. I went to the company website and bought bottles of that flavor. You can get about 8 drinks out of each bottle if you mix 4 ounces of mix with 1.5 ounces of alcohol. You can have the best summer drink by mixing it up in a ninja. The flavor is great. It's not a lot of calories. It uses sucralose instead of an all natural sweetener, which is the only con I see. There is a Do it if you're on the fence about buying. I am confident that you will find several that you like.

👤I like this stuff. One of the best sets of mixers I've ever tried. That's it... Why does everyone use too much of the drug? The product could benefit from having a little more flavor. It would be nice if it was more of a syrup consistency. It's pretty good stuff.

👤I hope one of these flavors would be acceptable, but they all are the worst tasting zero sugar drink I have ever tasted. Each one has a bitter sugar substitute. I would send them back but 6 bottles were easier to throw out. Think about any of these.

👤My husband bought a "frozen concoctions" maker. Oh yes! Our deck. I was skeptical when I saw them because I'm not a big fan of sugar-free food or drink. I'm a team player so he made us drinks. I accepted. The flavor was too sweet for my liking. The drink was small. I drank it over the next hour and finished it off. My body was right with my initial feeling of "oh no it's sugar free" because it didn't sit well with me. Or my husband's. Let's leave it at that. That's the only one I've ever had. The bottles are in a cabinet. We paid $26 for the set. I think that's a good price. There are bottles of mix at TJ Maxx for $3-4 a bottle. I'm not sure if you're getting a good deal with this bundle. I'm giving 2 stars and not 1 because my review is affected by the fact that my body doesn't like SF things, but maybe you don't have that issue. I only tasted the one flavor that I didn't like. Would I recommend it? No. Stick close to home in the hours after consumption. Just in case. If you found the review helpful, please give it a vote. Thanks!

7. Kikkoman Manjo Cooking Seasoning 60 Ounce

Kikkoman Manjo Cooking Seasoning 60 Ounce

One of the cornerstones of Japanese cuisine is the use of sake and other select ingredients. Kikkoman Mirin is the key ingredient in teriyaki sauce and is used in dressings, glazes, sauces, soups and stews.

Brand: Kikkoman

👤This is acceptable for daily use. This is a relative value compared to store brands and sizes. There is a You can make your own with 3 cups of sake, a dash of salt, and a small amount of brown sugar. There is a process available in online searches. My mother has a backup recipe.

👤Many Japanese recipes use Kikkoman Manjo Aji Mirin. supermarkets only sell small bottles and ripoff prices The 60-ounce bottle of "good" stuff is well priced and will last for a long time. It makes sense to buy this size at the price rather than going to the store and getting ripped off. The size, price, and product are perfect. Highly recommended!

👤I have been buying this brand of Mirin for years from the grocery store, and I just happened to be browsing Amazon for something I needed, and I found a 60 ounce bottle of Kikkoman Mirin, which I checked the prices of at the grocery store. This is a better value than the others.

👤I didn't realize that this was really designed to be cooked off, I was expecting a thicker aji mirin that was great in flavor. It tastes mild and watered down. I'll be going back to the more concentrated version because it's cheaper.

👤It's hard to find in an average grocery store. I do a lot of Japanese cooking and finding this was a blessing. Excellent value for money. It's useful in a lot of Japanese recipes. The bottle is large and lasts a long time. Since you would pay three times as much in an average store for this quantity, you will definitely be buying again.

👤I am very disappointed after opening this and trying it. It has an off-putting flavor and does not taste like rice vinegar. I can't find the date on the bottle. It could be old or bad. I don't think this one went bad for a long time. I compared a product that was bought locally to a product that was imported. I am throwing it out since the return date was after the allowed time.

👤The price for a large bottle of Mirin at Amazon is better than at any of the Asian markets I've been to, and it's the brand I've used for years. For a regular user, it is a great deal, even if it is not ideal for someone who rarely uses the stuff.

👤I had read about the product in different recipes, but I was not sure what to expect. It isn't as sweet as expected. I am not used to the taste of rice-derived sugars. I will try it in many vegan recipes and make a decision on further purchase. The bottle is large.

👤If you need a seasoned Mirin and not a true wine, this will do. It's a bit pricey for what you get.

👤The bottle has a top. I don't know if I can open the top to use the product.

👤This is perfect because Mirin is hard to find in the stores where I live.

8. Lee Kum Kee Premium Sauce

Lee Kum Kee Premium Sauce

Lee Kum Kee Premium Dark Soy Sauce.

Brand: Lee Kum Kee

👤I can't get a refund or exchange for this item because it was broken to pieces and I can't write a good review about it.

👤This stuff is very dangerous. I'm friends with a local Thai restaurant owner who decided to go back to Thailand. He used a sauce for his food. I asked what was in it. He said it was dark soy sauce, ginger and honey. I ordered this bottle and mixed it with honey and ginger and it tasted like what he made in his restaurant. I only have two thumbs and I will only give this stuff two thumbs up.

👤This stuff is very salty. I was taken aback by the amount of salt in this stuff. I was ratting around on pinsy and saw a cool recipe which I can't find again. I used a small amount in a stir fry. It really packs a punch, and that single amount went a long way in the dish. I was careful to reduce other salty components to make sure it wasn't overly salted in the end. I would definitely buy again, but with the small amount needed, I think the bottle will last for a long time.

👤I have had this for 2 weeks and my world has been messed up. $12 is amazing. I would pay $50 for one bottle. This is different from Kikkoman. The taste of Lee Kum is richer and more delicate than other soy sauces. I didn't bring my bottle to work yesterday. I had to use Kikkoman's low sodium. I now know how bad that stuff is in my office. Not so with this sauce. It does not have a synthetic scent. It tastes like the epitome of a good salty snack. Don't think of it as a sauce, it's a fundamental element like salt or sugar.

👤When it arrives in one piece, it is a wonderful dark soy sauce. The box had bonus glass shards. The item is not returnable and the requests for replacement have gone unanswered.

👤I was looking for a better soy sauce and tried this one out because of the great reviews. Verdict. This is to soy sauce and is aged 18 years. It is the only one in the league that stands out. It has a richer, more complex flavor than the grocery store brands. I tasted my bottle of Kikkoman's and immediately threw it. I can't go back after tasting it. I don't think this is a bad price for the size of bottle and the quality of product.

👤I used to get a good dark soy sauce at the Chinese store that closed. The mushroom soy sauce that I am used to using has to be thinned with water. If it is available, I will buy it again. The soy sauce in the supermarket is too thin for my purposes, as I learned to use the real stuff in a Chinese cooking class, but it is hard to find.

👤I love soy sauce. I first tasted it at a Chinese restaurant. Looked it up on Amazon. The taste is less salty than Kikkoman.

9. Kikkoman Manjo Aji Mirin 17

Kikkoman Manjo Aji Mirin 17

Cooking essentials for Asian cuisine. Add a little to dishes such as stir-fry, teriyaki, sukiyaki, and tempura for a delicious, traditional flavor!

Brand: Kikkoman

👤A lot of Asian recipes call for Mirin. Mirin is essential for your kitchen if you plan to make Pad Thai, stir-fry noodles. While cooking rice, I'll add a small amount of a flavor enhancer to give it a bit more oomph. I recently found a recipe for "Better-than-Takeout Stir-Fried Udon" that is easy to make. Try Mirin. It will add a unique flavor to your food. It is recommended.

👤I was not sure what to expect when I ordered this. I was not sure what kind of flavor it would have. I am absolutely in love with it, after trying it out in a few dishes. It isn't harsh, but it gives a nice flavor to anything you add it to. Since it has alcohol, you can use it to make nice sauces and glazes, and the sugar in it allows you to cook things with it. I like to use it on pork steaks to give them a small hint of sweetness. I use it in my sticky rice to make a dessert that is really amping up the flavor. It won't change anything, but it will add to it. There is a wonderful balance. Will get again.

👤Our grocery store has a sushi chef who makes fresh sushi at home. Eels sauce is expensive for a small cup. I found a recipe for a sweet rice wine. Mirin was in stock at a good price on Amazon. It's just like restaurants serve it. I would recommend it.

👤This is exactly what was ordered. The middle of no where I live is where Amazon sells this. This is required in some Tasty videos. Can't wait to eat home made traditional foods.

👤This is the reason I shop at Amazon. I couldn't find this product in my town. So Amazon to the rescue. Product was what I wanted.

👤I use this to substitute for white wine in Asian cuisines and it works very well. There is an Asian market near me that has the same brand and size for half the price and other brands for less. The price on Amazon keeps going up. I would return it, but not in a hassle. From now on, I would shop locally for Asian goodies. It is a good rice wine.

👤The rice wine is necessary for the Japanese flavor. It's a great dipping sauce if you mix it with Soy Sauce.

👤It's great to cook flavor to meat. I like to use 1/3 cup of Mirin, 1/3 cup of soy sauce and 1/3 cup of pineapple juice as a teriyaki marinade.

👤Chicken fried rice and chicken chow mein are two Chinese dishes that I made recently. I used regular white wine for them instead of the rice cooking wine they called for, Mirin was also mentioned as a substitute, and it tasted ok, they only require a small amount per recipe. I bought this as well. It made the recipes even better. I'm not sure why this stuff is hard to find, I haven't found a local grocery store that sells it, so it's expensive here in comparison to sites online It's worth it to just get it, even if it's more expensive, because it makes a difference in the Chinese dishes.

10. McCormick Perfect Signature Salt Free Seasoning

McCormick Perfect Signature Salt Free Seasoning

The Perfect Pinch Signature Salt is free of sulfates. The blend is aromatic and brings boldness to every bite. A blend of 14 premium herbs and spices, including black pepper, parsley and onion, is made from real vegetables. It was tailored for chefs and dieticians to give them a salt-free alternative to other seasonings. It pairs perfectly with seafood, sauces and dips. Kosher and blended without added MSG for the best quality in the kitchen.

Brand: Mccormick

👤They put this blend on my lunch tray during my hospital stay. I saved one of the small packets that they gave me because I knew I would want to buy it, and I didn't want to forget the name. The "Signature Blend" was given to me. It tastes better and has a better grind than Mrs. Dash because it is salt-free. You can use it on steaks, veggies, and even olive oil as a bread dipper. It seems to go with anything I put it on. Another fine product thanks to McCormick! A good score.

👤My husband was in the hospital and they served him a heart healthy diet. His meal has the Perfect Pinch Signature Salt Free seasoning packets with it. I ordered a large container on Amazon because we were so impressed. It has no flavor at all and we have tried it on a lot. It adds a sawdust effect to the food. We were hoping this would be as good as the one he had in the hospital. It is not close to what was in the little packets.

👤My husband had to change his diet after his open heart surgery because he had to use less salt in his food. The hospital served his meals with packets of seasoning. We tried them and I took more than I should have. It's home. I ordered exactly what I wanted and received it in a few days. I like it because it's a seasoning in his food and he loves it. Thank you both!

👤I thought this was a substitute for the Original All Purpose Seasoning. It doesn't smell like the original. It doesn't have a smell at all, and I feel I wasted a lot of money on something I'll never use. There is no date code on the jar. I don't know if that means July, 2017, or the time 7:17. I think July, 2017, is because of the lack of smell. Don't spend your money on a product.

👤This is not the Original All Purpose Spice Blend that used to be sold in stores. The taste of this one is not as good as the old blend. I would like to see the older version come back. Other reviews have said that this one is mostly garlic and red pepper.

👤I was in the hospital in May and this spice was always on my tray. I fell in love when I tried it. Some foods need a little something, I am not a big user of salt. I have found something new. I was happy to find out that it wasn't carried in the grocery stores and I was able to purchase it on Amazon. I ordered it as soon as I saw it, but it took about a month to get it, but I have a huge jug of it that will last a long time. I have found that you can use this on anything you would normally use salt for. I can't wait to try it out in some soup.

11. CJ Haechandle Gochujang Pepper Korean

CJ Haechandle Gochujang Pepper Korean

The best-selling Gochujang in Korea. Gochujang is a sweet and spicy sauce made from red hot chile peppers. It's perfect for making Korean dishes such as bibimbap, kimchi stew, spicy chicken wings, and super good on popular food items like hamburger, taco, pork belly, ribs, and vegetables. It was made from only the best chile peppers. Egg, wheat, and soy are included. Product of the No. 1 food company in Korea. There is a 500g container.

Brand: Cj

👤I was born and raised in Korea. I've had everything from homemade gochujang to a cheap store. I love spicy food and this volcano hot gochujang was very spicy and mild. I would give this a 7.5 on a scale of 1-10. I eat spicy food almost every day and I own and use one of the hottest hot sauces in the world, so when I say this is pretty spicy, trust me. The sauce has ripened while sitting in the warehouse because the color of my package was darker than most other gochujang. Personally, I think ripened gochujang has better flavor than a bright orange gochujang. It was almost maroon. There is a I was surprised when I took my first bite of my homemade tteokbokki because of how spicy it was. I was 800-273-3217 It didn't bother me at all and I didn't have any burning issues later on that day. There is a I highly recommend this if you like spicy, delicious food. I'm not sure if this sauce will help if you don't like spicy.

👤I wanted to make authentic kimchi. Is this hotter than a ghost pepper in the desert? I am tolerant. I have to warn the faint of heart. This tub should last forever, ain't nothing going to mess with it!

👤It was delicious and spicy. I mean it when I say spicy. I love eating hot peppers and spicy food in general, but I don't mean to intimidate anyone because I have an iron gut that can take on ghost pepper hot sauce as if it were water. It has a decent kick to it. I'm used to seeing American food products labeled as "spicy" but only for it to be more mild than a bell pepper. I think it's around a deseeded serrano pepper. It's sweet, salty, and a bit bitter. I like to use this for my stir frys and as a dip for tofu. This is a large tub so it will last me quite a long time, I definitely recommend this.

👤This stuff is great. I'm obsessed. It's good with any steamed or sautéed veggies. Excellent on chicken or beef. I love it in my stir fry dishes. This stuff is very good. We ate half of it in a couple weeks. I made Kimche with shredded carrots and cabbage and spring onions and added a little rice vinaigrette and soy and garlic. It turned out great. The bomb dot com is where this gochujang is located.

👤I was a little hesitant about ordering because of all the reviews that said they didn't have a lid, but I decided to take a chance. My container was perfectly sealed and came intact. It has a nice kick and flavor which is completely different. I watch a lot of mukbang on the internet and a lot of the recipes used this paste. I know it will be used well. A good amount of heat with a good depth of flavor. Add to ramen, stir fry's, or any food that needs a kick. Will definitely order more once this container is finished.


What is the best product for cooking wine ebt eligible?

Cooking wine ebt eligible products from Kikkoman. In this article about cooking wine ebt eligible you can see why people choose the product. Mario Camacho and Holland House are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking wine ebt eligible.

What are the best brands for cooking wine ebt eligible?

Kikkoman, Mario Camacho and Holland House are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking wine ebt eligible. Find the detail in this article. Thai Kitchen, Frank's Redhot and Jordan's Skinny Mixes are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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