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1. McCormick Gravy Mushroom 0 75 Pack

McCormick Gravy Mushroom 0 75 Pack

It's easy to make lump-free mushroom gravy. Natural herbs and spices are blended. It's perfect for main or side dishes. Just minutes to restaurant-style gravy. Artificial flavors or colors are not allowed. There are no artificial flavors.

Brand: Mccormick

👤I always have this product on hand. My favorite way to cook it is to put it on a chuck roast in the slow cooker with a half stick of butter, a half stick of dry ranch dressing, and some pepper rings. I guarantee you won't eat a roast any other way if you cook all day. Au Jus adds richness to beef. Don't stop with beef. The cashier at my local store told me about how many people have ideas for it and how I could not find it in my store. I'm sure there are wonderful ideas on the internet on how to use this product.

👤My mom used to make gravy with flour and pan juices. I never found it easy and the taste was not good. The gravy mix is a game-changer. Specific ratio instructions are given. I like a thick gravy. I add it to pan juices to make gravy. I also use it in home made soups or a quick chicken and gravy over rice. Try the beef, it is so convenient and can be used in any recipe that calls for flour to make a sauce.

👤I like the taste of the gravy but it was not the same as the packages you buy. If you can find them, I would stick to them. Adding more mix tasted like flour with no taste. It may have been a jar. It's too much money for me to try it again.

👤I suppose you could use it as a regular Bechamel or white sauce for salmon, chicken, vegetables, etc., but I can't think of anything else. It's easy to make in the microwave. Add cold water and stir. Often. I think that skillet preparation with just a little bit of grease or pan juices after fixing your bacon or sausage could be pretty amazing. I haven't tried it. It seems like a good value. Good taste. Not too strong. It is very simple and convenient. Consistency is great. The form doesn't ask about thickness once.

👤The review is for a gravy mix. If it was available, I would give it a ten star rating. It was very easy and good. It's not homemade good but close enough and it's much easier. I put the amount in the pan and whisked it away. I had gravy for our mashed potatoes. Can't wait to make breakfast. Some reviews said it tasted floury. I didn't think so. I will order this again.

👤This makes a thick gravy. I was expecting this to be a little spicy. I added more pepper as we wanted that flavor to come through. It is bland without adding any seasonings. I have used this over chicken and biscuits and gravy. It's easy to portion out smaller amounts as well.

👤This is not Au Jus gravy I ordered. This is not gravy. I usually buy the packets from the store, but lately they've been all sold out so I bought the container. I know what Au Jus gravy smells like, and this was just regular brown gravy. Very disappointed.

2. Lee Kum Kee Hoisin Sauce

Lee Kum Kee Hoisin Sauce

Lee Kum Kee Minced Garlic is a great substitute for fresh garlic in all kinds of cooking. Effervesce is non-GMO and is a blend of authenticity and elegance.

Brand: Lee Kum Kee

👤I made spicy chicken and broccoli with scallions. It was perfect! Set aside vegetables. A mixture of water, hoisin sauce, corn starch, cooking sherry, and red pepper flakes is needed to make it taste good. Chicken can be cut into pieces and then coated with corn starch. Add peanut oil to the frying pan and cook chicken. Cook vegetables for 2 or 3 minutes when you turn the heat to medium. Cook vegetables until they become tender but firm. If you want, serve over rice or cauliflower rice and top it with sesame seeds. Enjoy!

👤The safety seal was broken and the cap was busted. If the cap was messed up, that would have been fine, but I'm not going to open the safety seal on anything. I would like to get a bottle back.

👤This product is not free of the allergy. It says that it's free of gluten in the benefits and also in the ingredient type. The label states that it contains wheat.

👤I clean out the fridge every 6 months. I always check the dates on everything, but I never thought this product had an expired date. It does. There is a The product's expiration date is hard to read. The bottle was dark in 888-270-6611 I won't be buying this hoisin sauce because I saw the date under the 5000 kelvin led pot lights I replaced last week.

👤It is not free. We ordered this one because it says it is free of wheat but has wheat flour as an ingrediant, since my husband can't eat wheat.

👤When I started looking for Hoisin, I just went through the grocery stores. They had no name brand in the jar. I don't know who you are. When I am eating chinese or vietnamese food, I use chop sticks to pop it in my mouth, but most of the time, I use a hose to get something on it. The squirty bottle was the only kind I had ever seen in restaurants. You would need a spoon, a bowl, and a jar after the jar looked stupid. I had a brain flash and said, "Look on Amazon and there it is." I frequent the good food places. Life is over.

👤Excellent addition to my pantry. Don't put it in a pan on the range. It will make a mess. You can add the sauce immediately after you take the dish off the heat.

👤The cap was broken by many reviewers. I didn't have any leaking because the safety seal was still intact. I don't understand why someone doesn't do anything about this, a badly packaged, poorly inflated air pillow that was thrown into a box. The wine cork fit perfectly. There is no problem with the expired date being a year and 10 months away. Good value and good taste.

3. Aji Mirin Japanese Sweet Cooking Rice

Aji Mirin Japanese Sweet Cooking Rice

When you order more items, you can save on shipping.

Brand: Kikkoman

👤Real Mirin has 8 percent alcohol. This isn't the real thing. I have purchased other brands of Mirin sweet sake cooking wine at Asian markets, and found it at a store called "Ralph's". This does not taste like Mirin.

👤The description says 10 oz and 2 bottles, but I only received 1 10 oz. A bottle. No returns or refunds are allowed.

👤The ad is false. It is not real so don't buy it. "Aji-Mirin, Japanese sweet cooking rice wine - 10 oz x 2 bottles" is not a wine.

👤This is always the best. It is not worth buying if it can be expired. There is a There are no expiration dates on the bottles. It isn't a huge expense, but it is disappointing. They are not returnable. There is no way to contact the seller. Amazon isn't taking calls. This is a sauce that is not heated. I am very careful because my family member is on treatment. There is a I was trying to avoid going to the store because of restricted travel. The bottles have expired dates on them. I am going to buy them at the store.

👤It's just sugar water with a flavor. I read the ingredients before I buy them. Apparently I didn't this time.

👤My understanding is that "mirin" means rice wine. The ingredients in Mirin Rice Cooking Wine are water, rice, koji, and sacchar. It makes sense that rice wine is a rice wine. The ingredients in "Aji-Mirin, Japanese sweet cooking rice wine" are sugar, water, alcohol, rice, corn syrup, and salt. Alcohol is added to sugar, corn syrup, and rice. The label says that two ounces contains 13 grams of sugar and eight grams of rice wine, but they're not from corn syrup. The product is not rice wine. Someone delivered a bicycle after I paid for a couch.

👤I'm relieved to have an online source for these because I've been having trouble finding them at the grocery store. It's a great addition to Asian sauces, dishes, and marinades.

👤I wanted to make a teriyaki chicken stir fry. I was able to make my recipe after he arrived. I have an extra bottle. It is all good.

4. Kikkoman Manjo Cooking Seasoning 60 Ounce

Kikkoman Manjo Cooking Seasoning 60 Ounce

One of the cornerstones of Japanese cuisine is the use of sake and other select ingredients. Kikkoman Mirin is the key ingredient in teriyaki sauce and is used in dressings, glazes, sauces, soups and stews.

Brand: Kikkoman

👤This is acceptable for daily use. This is a relative value compared to store brands and sizes. There is a You can make your own with 3 cups of sake, a dash of salt, and a small amount of brown sugar. There is a process available in online searches. My mother has a backup recipe.

👤Many Japanese recipes use Kikkoman Manjo Aji Mirin. supermarkets only sell small bottles and ripoff prices The 60-ounce bottle of "good" stuff is well priced and will last for a long time. It makes sense to buy this size at the price rather than going to the store and getting ripped off. The size, price, and product are perfect. Highly recommended!

👤I have been buying this brand of Mirin for years from the grocery store, and I just happened to be browsing Amazon for something I needed, and I found a 60 ounce bottle of Kikkoman Mirin, which I checked the prices of at the grocery store. This is a better value than the others.

👤I didn't realize that this was really designed to be cooked off, I was expecting a thicker aji mirin that was great in flavor. It tastes mild and watered down. I'll be going back to the more concentrated version because it's cheaper.

👤It's hard to find in an average grocery store. I do a lot of Japanese cooking and finding this was a blessing. Excellent value for money. It's useful in a lot of Japanese recipes. The bottle is large and lasts a long time. Since you would pay three times as much in an average store for this quantity, you will definitely be buying again.

👤I am very disappointed after opening this and trying it. It has an off-putting flavor and does not taste like rice vinegar. I can't find the date on the bottle. It could be old or bad. I don't think this one went bad for a long time. I compared a product that was bought locally to a product that was imported. I am throwing it out since the return date was after the allowed time.

👤The price for a large bottle of Mirin at Amazon is better than at any of the Asian markets I've been to, and it's the brand I've used for years. For a regular user, it is a great deal, even if it is not ideal for someone who rarely uses the stuff.

👤I had read about the product in different recipes, but I was not sure what to expect. It isn't as sweet as expected. I am not used to the taste of rice-derived sugars. I will try it in many vegan recipes and make a decision on further purchase. The bottle is large.

👤If you need a seasoned Mirin and not a true wine, this will do. It's a bit pricey for what you get.

👤The bottle has a top. I don't know if I can open the top to use the product.

👤This is perfect because Mirin is hard to find in the stores where I live.

5. OtaJoy Sushi Sauce Rolls Ounce

OtaJoy Sushi Sauce Rolls Ounce

The unagi sauce from Otafuku is more thick and rich than the traditional soy sauce, which makes it a great choice for sushi rolls or even a topping for steamed rice. Eel sauce can be used for a variety of purposes, such as dipping, coating, or making a sauce for sushi. Made without high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives, it's vegan. This is the same sushi eel sauce they use in authentic Japanese restaurants, so you can enjoy it at home. Japan's leading manufacturer of Japanese sauces is located in Los Angeles, California.

Brand: Otafuku

👤I don't know how this tastes, but my daughter loves this and the other weird stuff she points out to me on Amazon that are not available locally. I would like to thank Amazon for giving me the ability to please my daughter.

👤I bought this sauce thinking it was Eel Sauce, but it isn't. It has the same thickness, but tastes different. It wouldn't be a good idea.

👤The sushi sauce we ordered was very good. The bottle is not sealed properly. I don't want my family to consume this. Asking for a refund.

👤The sauce has a new fan. I am a person with the disease and I appreciate that it's free. I've been "glutened" at sushi restaurants, so I've started making my own at home. This sauce makes me feel at home. I'm willing to learn even though I have a lot of practice to do. I like using this alone and with the sauce. It works well on its own, and also plays well with other sauces. It has a lot of flavor. It's not so heavy that you don't like it, but it's not overpowering that you miss out on. I didn't like the overpowering sauce at some restaurants that I've been to. This accent is perfect. I put it in the squeeze bottle to make it easier to put on rolls because it's not thick and thin. There's no artificial colors, flavors, orPreservatives and no high fructose corn syrup. Too many sauces rely on it to be sweet. I like the fact that it has no MSG, because it makes my family have bad headaches, and I'd rather avoid it when I can. I will definitely be ordering this again. Thank you.

👤I read the reviews and they are mostly positive so I decided to try it. Wow... I am wondering what the people were tasting when they rated it. This is the worst sauce I have ever had. I had my daughter try it too. She took a taste, ran to the sink, spit it out, and then washed her mouth with water. I was asked if it had gone bad. It won't be used so you know where it will end up.

👤I thought it would be great over rice and veggies at home. It tastes the same as what I have at sushi restaurants. I had no luck finding any unagi/eel/sushi sauce at the grocery stores so I ordered this. I can enjoy myself at home. Highly recommended.

👤It's very similar to the Eel/unagi sauce you're used to, but not the same as the local sushi shop's. If you already dip your sushi in sauce, I would recommend this. There is a It's a bit thin for the sauce. I put it in a kitchen squeeze bottle because it pours out fast. I will buy this again, but I wish it didn't have the soy sauce flavor.

👤I like to dip my sushi in spicy mayo. They don't always give me the full story when I get take out. The spicy mayo is not made with the eel sauce. I found this! I have the right sauce in my fridge.

6. Holland House Cooking Bottle Sampler

Holland House Cooking Bottle Sampler

A great variety of cooking wine to enhance your favorite recipe. Red wine, white wine, Sherry and Marsala are included. The bottle is filled with 13.1 fluid ounces.

Brand: Holland House

👤This is one of the top ripoffs on Amazon. Stuff at the mall is way less than it used to be.

👤I had to wait a long time before I could find these. It was a great save.

👤A little on expensive.

👤I have been buying this product for a long time and this is the best price I have found.

👤I wanted wine that was not alcoholic. I need a return merchandise shipping label. I can return them to you and then order what I want.

👤The package had broken bottles.

7. Lee Kum Kee Premium Sauce

Lee Kum Kee Premium Sauce

Lee Kum Kee Premium Dark Soy Sauce.

Brand: Lee Kum Kee

👤I can't get a refund or exchange for this item because it was broken to pieces and I can't write a good review about it.

👤This stuff is very dangerous. I'm friends with a local Thai restaurant owner who decided to go back to Thailand. He used a sauce for his food. I asked what was in it. He said it was dark soy sauce, ginger and honey. I ordered this bottle and mixed it with honey and ginger and it tasted like what he made in his restaurant. I only have two thumbs and I will only give this stuff two thumbs up.

👤This stuff is very salty. I was taken aback by the amount of salt in this stuff. I was ratting around on pinsy and saw a cool recipe which I can't find again. I used a small amount in a stir fry. It really packs a punch, and that single amount went a long way in the dish. I was careful to reduce other salty components to make sure it wasn't overly salted in the end. I would definitely buy again, but with the small amount needed, I think the bottle will last for a long time.

👤I have had this for 2 weeks and my world has been messed up. $12 is amazing. I would pay $50 for one bottle. This is different from Kikkoman. The taste of Lee Kum is richer and more delicate than other soy sauces. I didn't bring my bottle to work yesterday. I had to use Kikkoman's low sodium. I now know how bad that stuff is in my office. Not so with this sauce. It does not have a synthetic scent. It tastes like the epitome of a good salty snack. Don't think of it as a sauce, it's a fundamental element like salt or sugar.

👤When it arrives in one piece, it is a wonderful dark soy sauce. The box had bonus glass shards. The item is not returnable and the requests for replacement have gone unanswered.

👤I was looking for a better soy sauce and tried this one out because of the great reviews. Verdict. This is to soy sauce and is aged 18 years. It is the only one in the league that stands out. It has a richer, more complex flavor than the grocery store brands. I tasted my bottle of Kikkoman's and immediately threw it. I can't go back after tasting it. I don't think this is a bad price for the size of bottle and the quality of product.

👤I used to get a good dark soy sauce at the Chinese store that closed. The mushroom soy sauce that I am used to using has to be thinned with water. If it is available, I will buy it again. The soy sauce in the supermarket is too thin for my purposes, as I learned to use the real stuff in a Chinese cooking class, but it is hard to find.

👤I love soy sauce. I first tasted it at a Chinese restaurant. Looked it up on Amazon. The taste is less salty than Kikkoman.

8. Cooking Lee Kum Kee Choices

Cooking Lee Kum Kee Choices

One of the most famous varieties of huangjiu is shushing. In Chinese cuisine, it is used as a beverage and a cooking wine. Since the time of the Dynastic times, the production of shuax wine has been going on.

Brand: Lee Kum Kee

👤These are some ingredients that can be used to cook Chinese dishes at home. I don't like buying my son take out because he likes Chicken with Broccoli. I made a mistake. I decided to cook it at home so that I can control what goes into the sauce and not add salt or sugar. He's a picky eater so I was happy I got his approval to cook this dish. I'm glad I found them at a reasonable price because I didn't feel like going to an overcrowded specialty market to get the ingredients. I'm willing to pay a little more for convenience and for avoiding long lines at the Chinese market because they are a bit less expensive there.

👤I have never tried it, but I enjoyed it in Chinese cooking.

👤The store price was four times more than that. The quality isn't even controlled. One of the bottles was leaking. It counts food so can't be returned. This time it was poor customer service for Amazon. I was very disappointed with this purchase.

👤I needed wine to make sticky chinese barbecue pork belly. It was a big hit. I am so happy I bought this. I will buy again once I run out.

👤The wine is called "cooking" and requires a license to be sold as something other than drinking wine, so if you go to the store you can buy it. If you're going to use this wine, be sure to taste it first so you know not to add any more salt to it. The wine is too salty to drink.

👤The product was delivered with a broken seal.

👤I used wine and soy sauce in my dish, it came out amazing.

👤I am happy that I bought these two together because the flavor and scent are great and I have been cooking more since the outbreak.

9. 365 Everyday Value Organic Worcestershire

365 Everyday Value Organic Worcestershire

Whole Foods Market's products give you that dance-down-the-aisles feeling. Their huge range of choices with premium ingredients at prices you can get down with makes grocery shopping so much more than tossing the basics in your cart.

Brand: 365 By Whole Foods Market

👤This really opened my mind to the world of Worcestershire Sauce. I've used the same sauce for a long time. I wanted to find a difference in the organic good quality Worcestershire sauce that I was going to treat myself to. This is my new sauce. No more cheap sauce. The hole in the bottle is large compared to other bottles. Buying again.

👤Great tasting vegan sauce. I was surprised that it tasted good. Highly recommended!

👤I have tried worcestershire sauce before, but never liked it since it was loose and tasted weird, and this one is thick and tastes like balsamic vinaigrette but less sour. Steak sauce brands like A1 are no longer being bought. This is the best.

👤The food was good. It's really This is listed as five, so it's a good thing that 365 does themselves a favor. When it is a full 5 ounces. It's simply delicious and organic.

👤I would prefer the original. I had a strange taste. The bottle is small.

👤I love the sauce but it has calories and is high in salt. I prefer the original one, it was not for me.

👤There is a best vegan place in the country.

👤This is a good option.

10. Muso Japan Umami Sauce Garlic

Muso Japan Umami Sauce Garlic

Adding black garlic to a base sauce is how this sauce is made. It is a mixture of three Japanese staple condiments; soy sauce, mirin, and sake. It is incredibly versatile for all kinds of cooking styles; barbeque, stir- fried, salad dressings, dips, and marinades. Momiki Inc. is based in Japan. The package weight is 6.0 ounces.

Brand: Muso From Japan

👤This is a great sauce. It can be used on its own, but I think it would be better added to other sauces, soups, and other things. The dipping sauce was made using rice vinegar, soy sauce, sesame oil, chili oil, and this umami sauce. My favorite combination so far.

👤Great product. The only reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5 is that the product doesn't have a safety seal on it. The products are 2 months from when I received them. It still tastes great.

👤The seller can't be contacted about an issue. The bottle was leaking when it arrived. We would like to get another bottle. We are excited to try it. We were so disappointed.

👤Absolutely delicious. I use it in conjunction with soy sauce and use half the amount of soy and replace the other half with this. It levels up any dish you use it in.

👤This is the closest thing to the black garlic sauce that they include with the ramen bowls. It can be used on all kinds of cooking.

👤I want more Unami in any dish.

👤My son recommended this to me and I'm so happy he did. I like it. Don't be put off by the price, just a little goes a long way. It adds a rich flavor to any dish. I like how it adds flavor to the vegan diet.

👤Everything else in the package was spilled when the item arrived broken. It is not returnable.

11. Holland House Cooking Sherry Ounce

Holland House Cooking Sherry Ounce

It is made with high quality ingredients that give your food unique flavors. The wine flavor is maintained even in the high heat of cooking. The shelf life is maintained for 2 years. It's best to pair desserts with vegetables like mushrooms or Brussel sprout. They have been crafting quality cooking wine with only the finest ingredients since 1886.

Brand: Holland House

👤The local Grocer stopped selling this. I came here to see if Amazon had it, because it's the best cooking sherry I've found. I was very happy that they did. I would order it again because it came in a timely manner. There is a If you've never cooked with Cooking Sherry, I would recommend giving it a try. It makes beef more tender with a fantastic flavor, cooked with baby-bella mushrooms and broccoli, it's divine! I serve the juices over rice. It's like going to a five-star restaurant. I've heard of people grilling a piece of sub-par beef with cooking sherry. I put cooking sherry in the pan when I roast. I like it. There are so many options. Holland House is the best. You can't go wrong with this brand.

👤This was a supply. I like the product so much that I will buy it again. That should tell you what I think. Holland House is doing a good job.

👤It's too expensive for the amount contained.

👤The job is done. It does what it is supposed to do and I have used it many times.

👤Thank you so much for the product.

👤This was the best price I could find for cooking sherry. It was on my grocery list, but I chose to buy it from Amazon because of the low price.

👤I wanted a slightly better flavor but it goes good on shrimp.


What is the best product for cooking wine asian?

Cooking wine asian products from Mccormick. In this article about cooking wine asian you can see why people choose the product. Lee Kum Kee and Kikkoman are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking wine asian.

What are the best brands for cooking wine asian?

Mccormick, Lee Kum Kee and Kikkoman are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking wine asian. Find the detail in this article. Otafuku, Holland House and 365 By Whole Foods Market are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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