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1. NutriChef 12 Piece Nonstick Kitchen Cookware

NutriChef 12 Piece Nonstick Kitchen Cookware

The 12-piece cookware set includes a 1.5 quart saucepan pot. The dutch oven pot has a lid, a large fry pan, a medium fry pan, a small fry pan, a soup ladle, and a spatula. Non-STICK COATING: The non stick pot set cooking ware has a long lasting coating that makes it easy to release food or clean up cooking messes. The cookware is resistant to high heat. The pots set features cool-touch handles that are heat- resistant and comfortable to cook in. A sleek metallic ridge-line pattern adds a stylish and modern touch to the pots and pans. There are see-tHROUGH lods. The non stick cookware has vent holes that allow steam to escape. The cookware set can cook with a maximum temperature of 500 F. The industrial substance is ready. The pots and skillet fry pans are safe for use in a variety of counter types. The forged aluminum has a coating thickness of 18 to 25um. The utensils have heat-resistant nylon. The material type is STAINLESS STEEL.

Brand: Nutrichef

👤I usually don't write reviews but I decided to start because I want to help other people make better decisions when buying items. Over the last year, I've looked at multiple cookware products and read hundreds of reviews. I had a set for 40 years. It was a top of the line set. The coating on 2 of the pots has come off recently so I started looking for a new set. I settled on this set after reading the reviews. Others said they had a nice weight to them. They were correct in their assessment. The weight of them is perfect. Not at all. I don't feel like I need to start lifting weights to be able to handle them. They were used for the first time today. I could have wiped the eggs out with a paper towel, but I wanted to keep them in one. I'm a clean freak. I used soap and water. I usually don't put pots and pans in the dishwasher since they need a little more scrubbing. I was very happy with my purchase.

👤The rating was lowered to 1 star because I dislike it more the longer I use it. I use the large skillet the most. My eggs are sticking. The handles need to be tightened. They will probably strip and not tighten any more. The handles will start wobbling after a few uses. The set is not worth much. I have never seen a dishwasher so I don't think it will be an issue for my pans. I just don't like them anymore. The first few months were okay. I was somewhat disappointed. I need a new set so I can throw them out. Spending good money on a set that lasts a life time would be better than spending a lot of money on other sets. This is a good set of pots and pans. They do a good job of conducting heat. They are heavy and strong. No warping. They seem to be a good choice for cook ware. The handles are oven safe. My complaint is the handles. The handles on the pots do not seem to be able to handle the weight of the pots. The frying pans handles had some play in them. The old, cheap good for nothing bottom of the barrel, t-fal set did the same thing to me. I threw it out because of that. If you are going to make cookware that is heavy and durable, make sure the handles can handle all that weight. It was a disappointment. They conduct evenly and clean easy, which is what I want in a pot and pan set.

👤There are a lot of needed pots and pans for the new year. I gave them to our family as a gift. My last non stick set was destroyed by teens in the house. It was getting difficult to cook without food sticking to them, and it was even more difficult to wash all the food stuck to them. We were ready for something new. I was only able to find this set at Amazon because of the shipping charges on many sites. I liked the gray tone and it had all the pieces we needed. The box was packaged well to make sure no damage was done. I have all the sizes my family needs from individual to family size meals. There is a The quality is similar to other brand name pots and pans. These have different feelings. It has thick rubbery handles. My prior one had thick plastic handles. The handles are comfortable to hold. They didn't heat up when they were boiling spaghetti noodles. I was able to drain the noodles without using a rag. There is a Pots and pans are very strong and lightweight. My other gray kitchen necessities look nice with the gray tone. There is a The non stick feels great while cooking and it slid off the plate quickly. I hope the non stick will last a long time. There is a They are easy to wash and my son doesn't have to wash them over night to remove food stuck on them. He likes having these wash quickly. He is a teen. They don't like doing dishes to begin with. We don't own a dishwasher so I can't say how well it will wash in those, but I'm sure it would do great! There is a We have been using them daily to cook our meals for over a month and they are doing a great job. I teach my kids how to cook with rubber or Silicone utensils provided in the set to protect the non stick coating and how to clean them with a soft sponge so they don't scratch them up. So far, so good! There is a This is the first set of pots and pans I have ever bought online. I am very satisfied with them. I will be sure to update but as of yet, these are wonderful.

2. Stainless Steel Kitchen Utensil Set

Stainless Steel Kitchen Utensil Set

Kitchen utensil handles made of top-grade STAINLESS steel and silicone are durable and will last a long time without being worn down. It was designed to not bend, break or rust. Everything you might need is a 10-piece modern non-stick utensils. Includes a spoon, Sturdy and convenient utensils have a comfortable grip for a long time. All gadgets are made of one solid piece, making them the most perfect utensil set around. Will last you for a lifetime of eating out. The set is smudge- and fingerprints-free and looks great on countertops or a picnic table, so the place looks pleasant and uncluttered even while food is being prepared. It's made from pure steel, and it doesn't have any of the harmful substances plastic has to offer. It is possible to wash a set by hand with soap and warm water. The set is dishwasher safe and can be stuck into the dishwasher. The attractive, sturdy holder keeps all utensils organized. The utensils have a loophole that allows them to be kept together in a drawer.

Brand: Finedine

👤If you want to cook with rusty utensils, this is the set for you.

👤They are not made of steel. The spatula had rust on it.

👤The finish is not solid. The parts are black and look scorched. I don't recommend this product. The country of origin is not present.

👤I was happy with the purchase until I received the package and tools as tolls. The red flag is number one. The utensils are cheap. There is a coating that is not even. The brown colored water was dripping off the utensils after they 888-282-0465. I can only guess that the plastic coating started to break off after three washings. Don't trust this product, it's very low quality.

👤Don't buy! Big scam! DEFECTIVE FROM CHINA CHEAPEST metal, thin, easily scratchable, came with lots of ding, scratches, discolored spots and parts of package were opened, definitely looked used and cleaned!!) Words can't describe the thickness of the metal, it looks horrible, not even close to the picture. The quality of the products is similar to that of this junk.

👤Even though I was not happy with the product, the seller contacted me and was helpful and rectified the situation completely. There is a This was a disappointment. I am replacing my kitchen utensils with new ones made of steel. I thought it would be a good starter. It ended up being a flop. The items are beautiful from a distance. There are scratches on two of the utensils and one of the utensils came with strange white particles on it. I wouldn't recommend a friend to buy something from me.

👤Nice looking tools. All made or very thin. It was semi-cheesey. It was not a substantive feel to them. A good starter set. Think of them as Ikea utensils. Will last for a while and you will get to the good stuff.

👤It was dirty and damaged. I returned the package I received today. I will wait for the stores to open. Terrible experience.

👤Absolutely disgusting. I'm really disappointed that I received a gift that was part of a housewarming gift. The packaging is sticky. When I saw how bad the box was, I thought I'd better look inside. The utensils look like they have been used. They're covered in an orange substance and sticky. They are all scratched and worn. Will be returning. It's not worth buying.

👤The tools were crumpled in the battered box and the cellophane over them looked like they had been sent to another buyer. There is a The kitchen utensils were heavy in weight but that was not a problem. They have a cheap feel to them, and that was not good for quality. There is a The utensil holder that came with the utensils was a bit loose and wasn't sitting straight as it was supposed to but at a sloping angle. You get what you pay for at the end of the day. Quality suffers because of the amount of items in the set, which is a lot for the money. Even though I am not happy with the quality, I will still use the kitchen utensils. I think it's worth spending twice as much for a better quality item, I was surprised how high this kithen utility set was on the Amazon best seller list. Maybe the price is appealing to buyers. There is a I was happy with the price but not with the quality of the items, and wish I had spent more money for a better purchase. Thank you.

3. Weiman Cooktop Cleaner Kit Scrubbing

Weiman Cooktop Cleaner Kit Scrubbing

Non-abrasive cooktop pads help easily remove burned on foods. Micro-bead technology leaves a brilliant shine without scratching. The glass/ceramic/induction smooth top ranges are protected by shine. To shine, use a paper towel. Leave a streak-free shine while removing food, dirt, oily and watermarks. All major glass/ceramic cooktop manufacturers are on use.

Brand: Weiman

👤The product works well and doesn't end. I wanted to add a note because it seems like it's a common problem for people to have in other reviews, the Razer blade is stored backwards in the plastic handle. You have to turn the razor blade around and screw it back in. I'm pretty sure it's stored this way for safety reasons, but some people seem to think that the rounded edge is what they're supposed to be using. You just have to turn it around.

👤The stove in my sister's house was badly damaged. I just wanted to see the damage that our agent said was permanent. I've always used cermabrite on other stoves, but this one came with a razor so I took a gamble. It worked better for me. I am really happy with the stove. There is a There is a side note. Therazor is a folded sheet metal. It didn't seem strong at first. I spent hours pushing and pulling at the burnt lines to get it to hold up. The stove top didn't have any scratches.

👤I bought a new appliance after 3 weeks of cooking and it looks like it has been around a year, my wife was very sad and she thought the shiny look was already gone. The weiman glass cooktop cleaner and polish product looks new after about 10 minutes of cleaning and wiping it off. I only use the srubbing pad and don't need the razor. If you burn food or grease on the hardest areas, it will not cause a scratch to the glass. I first clean 85% of the area with medium pressure and then wipe it out with a bounty paper and then I press harder on the areas that were not removed with the medium pressure on the first intent.

👤I manage a large apartment community. We put in glass top stove. Residents don't always know how to properly clean their house. I saw the reviews and decided to buy it. Don't hesitate, it's amazing. You get results with it being quick and easy. It took me 15 minutes.

👤Two years ago, we bought a condo and our glass stove top has been burning on the burner. I thought it was permanent after I tried everything to clean it. It took some elbow grease to get it off, but it was worth it. I used the scrubby pad to loosen it. The razor did the trick. There is a The razor doesn't come with instructions, but the sharp part is inside the handle when you take it out of the box. You have to take the blade out, flip it, and tighten the knob to use it again. The reviewer said the razor was worthless because it was rounded instead of sharp, because the person was trying to use the wrong side. I put the sharp side back in for storage after I dry it out.

👤The product worked well. It arrived as stated. The scrapper tool was used to remove the burned bits from my tenacts. It took 10 minutes to clean the glass. I will try to add an after picture.

4. Amagabeli Stainless Chainmail Scrubber Pre Seasoned

Amagabeli Stainless Chainmail Scrubber Pre Seasoned

Mrs. Meyer's produces cleaners that are free from harmful chemicals. Their products are not tested on animals. It is easy to clean cast iron products without using harsh detergents or stripping away the flavor, just see the magic of their cast iron cleaner work wonders. This cast iron skillet cleaner is machine soldered by Premium 316L Stainless steel, it is ideal for cleaning all your cast iron cookware. It is built to last as long as your cast iron products. The chainmail rings are made with the highest quality food grade steel and will be easy to clean with warm water. The cleaning tool is perfect. The smooth edging of the ring protects the seasoning of your pans. It is made with high grade restaurant quality premium grade steel. It's convenient to cook in home, camping or travel. Ultra-hygienic and dishwasher safe household cleaning products. A cast iron cleaner and scraper for pans is a cookware accessory that is used by chefs for all kinds of cast iron pan kitchen cookware, such as cast iron skillet, griddle, dutch oven, pot,waffle maker, wok, glassware, Pyrex, casseroles, panbaking. Customer care is abysmal. They are dedicated to providing you with premium products and customer care. Don't wait any longer and enjoy your products today!

Brand: Amagabeli Garden & Home

👤I was expecting this to be life changing because of the overwhelmingly positive reviews of this useless utensil. I received a 10% off coupon in exchange for my review. It all makes sense now. I thought shoppers should be aware that shady bribes are all over the place on Amazon, and you can't trust anything you read. Keep your 10%, here is your honest, 3-star review.

👤I have not tried the product. I'm sure it's great. Should I leave a five star review, I was offered a discount on further purchases. I think that is not right.

👤It was bought because of the good reviews, but who knows if they are real. The product seems to be ok. It is a week fridge magnet. We'll see if it's 314 over time.

👤I used a plastic scrubber that was encrusted with grease and black from the iron. The tool works well and doesn't wipe off the surface. It is easy to clean. It is recommended for anyone who uses cast iron cookware.

👤I just bought a grill with cast iron grates and thought it was going to be a nightmare, but I used it on my grastes for several days and it stayed in clean. I rubbed the oil on them before I cooked them and they were smooth and shiny, just like new. I cooked another stew in my pot. I put it into my dishwasher because I hate it. I thought it would clean the bits off the bottom and my pot would come out shiny and clean, but it was not hard and stuck to the bottom, so I didn't use it. Really nothing... I thought I would try my new device on the steel and see if it worked out, but I will never buy another box of SOS pads because it took that baked on mess right off and no harm to my pot and shiny. A must have in every kitchen.

👤I have been using nylon brushes to clean my skillet, but I have always wondered how to do it properly. With the brush it was hard to get into all the grooves and crevices, but with the Amagabeli Skillet Scraper it works well and gives the pan a decent shine and surface, absolutely love it! I would recommend this Scraper to anyone who uses a cast iron pan and wants to maintain a clean surface.

👤I have only used it 5 times and the rest of the time it was on my sink. I noticed that its alreday broke after a few days. The rings from the middle are coming out. I was hoping it would last for a long time but it didn't.

👤I use a very vintage cast iron that is well seasoned and has a nice water taste. Ready for more duty. I don't use my bloody all clad anymore.

5. Mrs Meyers Clean Day Multi Surface

Mrs Meyers Clean Day Multi Surface

It is easy to spray on dirt. A fresh way to clean, refresh, and remove odors from non-porous surfaces. The lemon verbena has a light, mild scent. It's safe to use as a floor cleaner. Mrs. Meyer's produces cleaners that are free from harmful chemicals. None of their products are tested on animals.

Brand: Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day

👤Where do I start? I'm a "smells clean" girl. The smell of bleach or Windex is what it is for me. I know, not the best smell. That's how I know it's clean. This stuff has me excited because it smells great. It cleans my sink, kitchen counter, and stovetop. I haven't cooked something greasy that splatters everywhere yet, but I'm pretty hopeful that this stuff can do the job base on its performance thus far. My previous experiences with "environmentally friendly" products have been bad. They smell great, but they don't clean well. Can it clean like my Clorox Cleanup? Oh wow... Yes, it can. The smell is great. I got a lemon. In a way, that's right. In a couple words. The scent is clean and fresh. The bottle is sitting in my sink. I usually use Cameo on it. For those who don't know, that's a cleaner made of aluminum and a piece of steel. I sprayed it to see what it would do. You can see what it did. It's shiny. The lights in my kitchen are not on. My sink wasn't as dirty as it was when I was on vacation and my kids haven't bothered to clean it. It shined it right up after a week of use with a family of 4 and extra friends and family using it. I'm not sure if I'm giving up my Cameo yet. I ordered their scrubbing powder for the dirty jobs like the shower floor, bathtub, and kitchen sink. I guess we'll see. I will leave a review here for that one as well.

👤I forgot to open this bottle when I went to clean the kitchen counter this morning, so I sat it in the cupboard. I have been spritzing here and there, but more important the cleaning power. It cleaned and left a fresh sparkle and the cleanest scent ever. I went to the kitchen, the sink, the stove, the microwave, and the refrigerator door, and I am going to the bathroom. This is not me! It's easy and efficient, why stop now? I immediately ordered more so as not to run out.

👤I'd heard a lot of good things about Mrs. Meyer's Multi-Surface Cleaner. The scent was very pleasant. I felt better using the product around my kids than using harsher chemicals. I wasn't sold on the cleaning power of the product. After using a bit of the product, I had to use my nails to remove the mashed bananas, gummy rice cereal, and dried applesauce from the floor, as my toddler threw her high chair. That would be one thing if I had the same nails as the character. I don't like having to use a paint scraper every time I clean, so I will be using bleach wipes.

👤This arrived quickly without any damage. I am impressed with this brand again. This is the second product I have tried. It is a beautiful and soft floral scent. It's hard to describe, but you will find a variety of notes of lemon, bergamot, jasmine, lavender, and ginger. The most pronounced are the flowers. It's simply nose candy. The multi surface cleaner was excellent preformed. I have used one of Meyer's signature fragrances. I feel for the whole experience. This product was a good value for its price. I think this brand giftable too. It's great for a house warming gift. I don't think you can go wrong with this brand. Five stars!

6. Tovolo Vented Collapsible Microwave Cover

Tovolo Vented Collapsible Microwave Cover

Storage is convenient with glass prep bowls. There are perforated lods. The lid protects the microwave. The plastic and silicone top is free of the harmful chemicals of the B.A. family and can be used to keep food inside for a cleaner microwave. The top of the lid has small holes that allow steam to escape. The lid is dishwasher safe. The collapsible cover can be used to cover tall dishes, piles of food, and shallow bowls. The cover is easy to store. Flat cover can be used to cover large bowls to prevent them from being splattered. The plastic and Silicone are heat resistant. It won't melt in the microwave or dishwasher. The handle on the pop-up lid makes it easy to grab while in the microwave or put on top of dishes. The handle is easy to fit in most hands. Doesn't stick out to maintain a slim profile. When collapsed, the round is 10 inches in diameter. It fits over most plates and bowls. It's dishwasher safe.

Brand: Tovolo

👤It works well for covering stuff, but not for a potato. It melted. There was no mention of a duration limit in the description.

👤I haven't had this item in a while but I don't like it. I don't think that will change. The execution leaves something to be desired. It collapses and is great for places with little storage, but getting it to expand is difficult. This may be a fun drinking game, but I don't like it when trying to heat something up. If the handle on the top had a way to get a good grip on it, it might help. That isn't the case here. I don't think the collapsable walls will last long, I haven't had this for a full week and they are already showing wear. I'm not sure if they'll take it since it's been used with food. I will be getting something else that works better. There is a Buy at your own risk. The company gave me a full refund after I went to see about returning the item. I think they didn't want the item back because it's a food related thing. The customer service/return policy is great, even though my review of the product is subpar.

👤It will not fully open because it is collapsible. It is lop-sided. The other side shrinks if I fully open one side. I didn't use the product. It was not good out of the box. I asked for a refund. Don't buy any products from this company. I bought cheap $1 microwave covers from Wal-mart and the Dollar Tree and they worked just fine.

👤I would have liked to read the reviews before buying. It appears to be small for dinner plates, but that's not a big deal for me. Even though I have not used it yet, I think it will not last long based on the reviews. I tried to expand it, but it wouldn't work if I had a third hand. I have not been able to teach my dog how to help with the process because it pops back on one side. It is possible to accomplish the task after many tries, but I wonder what product design engineers learn in school. They don't get lessons in product testing. I like the idea of using it flat to keep bowls from splattering. Since I tend to make lots of soup, I'm sure that it will be useful in reducing the number of times I have to clean the microwave. I can promise that I will not buy another expandable cover in the future since they all seem to have the same design, but I will wait and see how long the device lasts.

👤It is very hard to expand and collapses before being used. It's only 10-inches in diameter so it doesn't fit over a standard dinner plate. The handle is useless for lifting.

👤We lost our first move, but we bought a second one. These are great for keeping your microwave clean. They trap a lot of steam, which makes it very convenient to use it as a cooking lid on our dishes. The old cover was easy to clean and held up well in the heat. The side edge of a kitchen sponge is the best way to clean the handle. I would like it to be larger in both diameter and depth. It would allow me to use it as a lid on our pyrex rectangle leftover dishes if it were larger, since it would keep the water from leaking from the plate. The potato rests on the top of the lid, so an extra 1-2 inches in eight would be perfect. The dimensions are more of a preference for an additional larger item from the seller, as this cover is great and does exactly what it's advertised to do!

7. Granite Ware F6006 1 Boilers Graniteware

Granite Ware F6006 1 Boilers Graniteware

Lifetime limited warranty. The Granite Ware Boiler absorbs heat quickly, so you can get your morning coffee quicker. The smooth surface of the product makes it easy to clean and handle. Dishwasher and metal tool safe. The inner carbon steel core allows heat to be distributed evenly and liquid to boil at a constant rate. The pure surface will not change the taste of your beverage so you can enjoy it. The Granite Ware Boiler can provide you with hot coffee, tea, or water quickly. A source of heat is all you need. The porcelain coffee boiler is made from durable materials so you can take on camping trips for a long time to come.

Brand: Granite Ware

👤This works well for me and my needs. I've read reviews from previous buyers who have complained about things related to this coffee pot. The flimsy lid attachment was the complaint. I agree that it isflimsy. My solution to that was to remove the clamps and use my hand to hold the lid on the pot. There are ways to help the user if it gets hot. They are called hot pads. If you haven't already, I suggest you invest in a few sets. The old fashioned way to prepare coffee is to use fresh, cold water. The pot should be placed below the spout. You can put it on a stove top or open fire. The water should be boiled. You can add 1/3rd cup or whatever amount you want, but a bit of experimenting is needed until you find the flavor you're looking for. Allow the coffee to boil for 3 to 5 minutes. The acid causes stomach upset. Take care to pour a bit of cold water down the pout to wash some of the grounds that are clear from there. The grounds will settle to the bottom of the pot because of the cold water. Wait another minute. You're ready to drink coffee. You can drink it in your coffee cup. I don't mind the grounds in the bottom of the cups.

👤I bought this to make cowboy coffee. The pot has a good shape and holds 3 quarts. The lid is held on by a little clip thing, some have complained that this comes off, just bend the tabs around the handle more and it stays put. I remove the lid to make cleaning easier. There is a There are a couple of spots on the bottom of the pot that are incomplete. I have posted pictures of those areas. I think these spots will be prone to rust. I think I can not complain too much since the price is the same. If it rusts quickly due to this, I think it deserves 2 off. I dry this thing and cast iron thoroughly after use. Maybe it won't be bad. The pot is made in Mexico. There are some tips for people who are new to making cowboy coffee. There is a If you want to make coffee in the pot, make sure it's hot and give it a good solid boil for 10 minutes or more. Don't use soap. It's ready to make coffee. I only make 1.5 quarts of coffee at a time, but this pot will hold 3 quarts. If you put the coffee grounds into the water, it will want to foam up, reduce the heat a bit, and play with the heat a bit. You want a nice boil with the grounds in it. It can be boiled for up to 8 minutes depending on your taste. When the coffee is done boiling, remove from the heat and let stand a bit, then put some cold water into the spout and dribble some on the top of the coffee. It only takes half a cup. The grounds are pulled to the bottom of the pot. You won't have any grounds when you pour a cup. There is a Cleaning can be done by rinsing it with water and then turning it upside down to dry it out. I like to put mine upside down to speed up the drying.

8. Joseph 85105 BladeBrush Cutlery Non Slip

Joseph 85105 BladeBrush Cutlery Non Slip

Sharp blades should be cleaned safely. The wrap-around design cleans both sides at the same time. The bristles are opposed for effective cleaning.

Brand: Joseph Joseph

👤I liked the knife safety aspect, but I don't think you should lightly brush anything you try to clean because the bristles should be shorter and you should be able to squeeze this device to put pressure on what you're trying to clean. It doesn't remove anything and is terrible at dealing with oily pasta or butter.

👤I am a huge fan of Joseph Joseph. The JosePH Joseph Y-Roller Salt and Pepper Mill was very good. You have both salt and pepper in hand because of the exceptional design that feels great to hold. There is nothing like it. The Salt and Pepper Mill is no longer available. I've been looking for a used one but have not been able to find it. I hope Joseph Joseph resurrects it. There is a I thought I'd try the blade and cleaner because of my admiration for Joseph Joseph. This thing is a mess. The bristles on either side of the jaw are not close enough to properly clean knives. If we want to clean a knife, we should use a wet dish rag or a quick brush on both sides. I'm not going to throw out my blade and cleaner because they are taking up too much space in the sink, but as soon as I finish writing this review, I'm going to throw it away. It is useless. There is a I tossed it in the trash after my wife told me to get rid of it.

👤I use this brush to clean my Instant Pot, but I also use it to clean my knives, because they work great for them. It was fast and easy.

👤I don't like my dishwasher. I have to rent the place so I don't have to replace it. I hate running it half full. I am disabled so standing for long periods is painful, I only have a few silverware to wash at a time. There is a I had a baking mistake. yeast under my nails. I was having a hard time washing my hands. I grabbed this scrubber. No time to clean. It's getting better and better. I washed half of my silverware drawer. The dishwasher left butter and tomato sauce. All cleaned. I didn't cut myself. There is a The bristles are soft but you can use a spoon or knife to get some gunk off. To clean it off, run the scrubber through hot water.

👤I assumed the overall review would work well for our family after taking it. I cleaned a stack of knives, but it did a terrible job. I had to use a standard sponge. It didn't hold soap well. When I contacted Amazon to return this, they said it wasn't eligible for return and gave me no further explanation. It's a small amount, but what a disappointment.

👤Don't buy it, it looks great in the photos. You would think that you would put the knife inside and squeeze it so that both sides would be scrubbed at the same time, right? That's the only reason anyone would buy this. There is a It won't squeeze together. It would break if you tried it. The opening is too wide and it's brittle plastic. It's like throwing a hotdog down a hallway. There is a It's complete waste of money.

9. Forget Outdoor Ready Mildew Remover

Forget Outdoor Ready Mildew Remover

Customer care is abysmal. They are dedicated to providing you with premium products and customer care. Don't wait any longer and enjoy your products today! unlimited shelf life. Cleans moss, mold, and algae. Convenient ready-to-use formula. 60-180 square feet is covered. No scrubbing or rinsing with spray and leave formula. No scrubbing or rinsing with spray and leave formula.

Brand: Wet & Forget

👤I have a brick patio. The house I bought was covered in moss. A good power wash each Spring was not enough to stop the moss from coming back and the man vs plant was a struggle. I cursed and complained the whole time. I did a power wash in April and immediately treated the patio. I have not had any moss this year and it is going into August. I would recommend this product. You may think that it doesn't look like you did much when you put it on. It dries quickly and looks the same as before, but does it do what it says it will do?

👤I tried it on a variety of materials. There is a It only worked on the fabric. I used it on a dark material and it didn't work on any other material. I read the reviews and thought I was getting the product I was looking for. It doesn't look any different than it did before. I scrubbed and let it dry before spraying. The mold is coming back. . There is a I hope I can use it on all the out door cushions, but it doesn't look like it's enough. I am not sure if the reviews claim it worked. Maybe I got a bad grade.

👤I can attest that this product works as described, even though I was skeptical. The only problem I had was getting close enough to the mold on my house to spray. You only have to spray and walk away. It's all gone within a week after the product is activated by the morning and/or rain. No scrubbing, power washing or elbow grease is required. I'm impressed!

👤I read positive reviews about this product and decided to buy it. I'm glad I did. I didn't want to use bleach because my patio is surrounded by grass and trees. I sprayed this on in the evening and it rained the next day and the green was gone by the next day. The product is amazing. If you have a large area to treat, you may want to use a different product since this product sprayer can cause hand fatigue after a while.

👤The picture will not be uploaded. I wish you could see it. There is a I can't afford to throw money down the drain because of my age. I paid close to $20 for 43 ounces of garbage. The bottle was too heavy for me to hold, so I paid a handyman $10.00 to spray it on my patio chairs, two vinyl white tables, and white vinyl fencing. We stood and watched as he sprayed anddrenched everything and then it became clean. It never happened. It would take some time. I did the same thing every day this week. Every item he sprayed was filthy with mold. I could have purchased 7 bottles of bleach for the same price I paid for a 43 ounce bottle, and I would have had 301 ounces. We used all of it, thinking it would work. I had to pay my handyman even though it didn't work because I couldn't return an empty bottle. I would not recommend this product to anyone. I have used good ol' fashion bleach in the past to clean outdoor furniture, but it is much cheaper now. "Just spray and forget it," I was told. Ha!

10. Cerama Bryte Cooktop Cleaning Kit

Cerama Bryte Cooktop Cleaning Kit

All major glass/ceramic cooktop manufacturers are allowed to use on. The Cerama Bryte Cooktop Cleaning Kit includes a 10 ounce Cooktop Cleaner, 2 cleaning pads, and a scraper. Cerama Bryte is the number one cooktop cleaner formula in the world and is safe on all smooth cooktop ranges. Formulated for heavy-duty cleaning, removes burnt on foods without scratching, non-abrasive, and removes tough stains. Does not contain plastic beads or dimethicone. The glass portion of all ranges were tested and qualified by SCHOTT. The lab tested as readily biodegradable any substances that could harm the cooktop surface.

Brand: Cerama Bryte

👤I've never had a glass cooktop before, but I started using my favorite iron skillet on it after I moved into a new place. After a couple weeks, I realized that I should have looked into what cookware was appropriate for a glass stovetop, and I also realized that I should never use an iron pan. There was a lot of burned stuff on the one burner that I had been using. There is a I assumed I was not the first person to do this. I went looking for a solution and decided to try this. It took a bit of time with the cleaner and scrubby, but it worked. I can run my hand over the glass and it's smooth again after all the marks are gone. Whoever gets the stove after me won't suspect what happened.

👤One of these kites should be used by any owner or user of a glass stove. After the hot surface light goes out, you can buff the stove top with a micro towel or terry cloth and just clean it. If left overnight, sugar and melted syrups are the most difficult to remove.

👤I would have liked to have gotten this kit dinner. I clean my glass top stove very often because of the scrubby pad and tool that hold it. Excellent and works. I don't need the scraper as much but a small amount of this and the scrubby pad works wonders. Love it.

👤I was very sad. A brand new stove was purchased by us. I was very excited. I tried so many things that I had on hand to get it off that I was so down in the dumps. I ordered it after seeing this product. It took me less than three minutes to clean the stove and I can't believe it.

👤The sponges are very thin. Someone else commented that the razor slides back into the protective cover when it is exposed in the scraper. The guy was correct. When you need it the most, it slides back and forth. It would be great if it could lock into place while in use. I was terrified to use this on the glass top, but I was happy that it didn't scratch. It cleaned well, but wouldn't get all the marks out. The stuff is cheap and I think I overpaid for it.

👤Buy your own blade. I should have used the tips of other reviews. There is a small scratch in the glass. Not happy about that. The cleaner works well. The tool helps clean easily. Grease REMOVER is for people with grease. This one needs to be cleaned.

👤I bought this to clean a tub. The dark stain on the surface was taken off by hair dye. I used it on the counter that had the hardened film on it. It was taken right off. Will definitely but again.

👤The ceramic top stove in my house had not been cleaned in a long time. They melted the top in a few places. I wish I had taken better pictures because it looks great, and I was hoping for an improvement. There are four burner areas. It took about an hour of work with the scraper, the pad, and the cleaner. I had a lot of the cleaner. The pad is barely touched. I do a quick buff/shine once a week. I wipe it with a damp paper towel when I clean the counter. It didn't fix the melted spots, but who would expect that?

11. Weiman Non Abrasive Scratch Induction Ceramic

Weiman Non Abrasive Scratch Induction Ceramic

It is possible to remove heavily burned on foods, grease and grime with a Biodegradable Formula. Dramatically cleans, shines and protects glass/ceramic smooth top ranges in one easy step. All major glass/ceramic cooktop manufacturers are allowed to use on. The cook top kit is safe for cleaning grease stains and baked messes. Keep your stove top looking new.

Brand: Weiman

👤I don't like commercial cleaning products. We are in a house with a black glass stove top that gets dirty almost every time we use it. Watching your rice boil over on the stove is one of the best things to happen to you. We tried Weiman's not expecting much and were surprised at how effective it was. I wet the stove top with a paper towel, then put Weiman's over it and let it sit for a while. I wipe off with paper towels. A clean stove top. Good product.

👤The Weiman Cook Top Daily Cleaner is a product I've used for several years, but the spray cleaner does not leave a streak-free shine, and is very inferior to this product. The product has the word "polish" in it's name.

👤I have been frustrated by the layers of crust on my food. The glass cleaners didn't work. Stinky oven cleaners did not work. A friend suggested Weiman Glass Cooktop Heavy Duty Cleaner and Polish. Y'all. It is a game-changer. 5 minutes of scrubbing and almost all of the gunk is gone. There was no stink or scratches. I am so happy.

👤So far, so good. I used this product for the first time today after receiving it the day before. I use pots and pans on my glass top stove and it gets dirty because I don't spill food or anything on the stove. I couldn't use a scrubby sponge to clean the mess. 99% of the baked on mess was removed by this cleaner. I still need to hit a few areas that are baked on from the previous owner, but everything that I had contributed to on the stove came off easier than I thought it would. Make sure the stove is cool and that the product works best if there are loose particles. Apply at a time as you please. I gave a small squirt on all the burners and went to the largest one. I used a bright sponge to clean the stove, but the directions said you could use a paper towel. The sponge helped remove the mess. I tried circles but found that straight movements worked best and so I changed my approach to scrub left to right then front to back. I used a microfiber towel to clean the stove after I saw the mess. You get a nice shine from this cleaner. I hope this will help deter the build up on the stove. I think this product is very good.

👤This stuff is great. I have used it to clean my glass stove top and it is amazing. Nothing would get off the food spots in my oven. The spots came off without much work after I tried this on it. I didn't want to leave anything behind. It worked great on the inside glass window in the oven. I tried everything on the used car that had water spots on the front window. The glass cook top cleaner came off easily after I tried it. Didn't have to scrub very hard. The windows look better. I would recommend this on any glass. I will never do without it.


What is the best product for cooking ware cleaner?

Cooking ware cleaner products from Nutrichef. In this article about cooking ware cleaner you can see why people choose the product. Finedine and Weiman are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking ware cleaner.

What are the best brands for cooking ware cleaner?

Nutrichef, Finedine and Weiman are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking ware cleaner. Find the detail in this article. Amagabeli Garden & Home, Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day and Tovolo are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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