Best Cooking Vest Apron

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1. Maison Hermine Colmar Adjustable Visible

Maison Hermine Colmar Adjustable Visible

There is a package that includes an apron with long waist ties and a neck strap. Their kitchen apron has pockets in the center which can be used to hold things like recipe, phone, and grill slips. Each apron in the collection is made from 100% cotton and is just as elegant and charming as it can be. Their products are made in India. The size is. The aprons for women and men are made from 100% cotton. The apron length is 31.50 and the apron width is 27.50. The collection is inspired by the beautiful town of Colmar in the Northeast of France. This land of wines is idyllic with its old houses and flower-decked town center. The dainty flower prints that glide on white cotton fabric are from the 'Colmar' collection. There are multiple uses. The apron gives great protection while using the dishwasher, washing your dogs or trimming the yard. It is comfortable to wear and you can choose the perfect height. You can rinse or use a soapy cloth to get the dirt off. Easy care and maintenance. Do not bleach the machine wash, tumble dry and warm the iron if needed.

Brand: Maison D' Hermine

👤Maison d' Hermine's email stated that I was satisfied with my purchase of their apron. I told them that I couldn't use the apron because the ties were too short. I was surprised that they sent me another apron with longer ties that fit perfectly. I am very happy with the purchase and the customer service. I would highly recommend dealing with this company and encouraging others to purchase their products.

👤A nice apron with a floral pattern. I love how it looks on me. I have a small chest and it is big in that area. It won't lay flat and bunches up in an uncomfortable way. I don't wear it very often because of this.

👤I ruined my shirt while cooking, so I bought this apron. I like it. It's pretty and the fabric is soft. I washed it and it came out of the dryer wrinkled, but not bad. I bought a second one for a friend. I'm buying another for my mother. They are attractive and make a nice gift for the cook who already has everything but doesn't buy anything to keep their clothes nice and clean. It's comfortable to wear. I like the pockets and strap.

👤It is better than the photo shows. The design is delicate and pretty, but the apron is large. The neck adjustment is much easier at the side. I was happy with the apron, but I was disappointed that the ties weren't long enough to cross behind and then tie in the front. It's easy to modify if I find it annoying. An amazing thing happened. I was contacted by Maison d'Hermine. They said they were sorry I couldn't tie the apron in the front and wanted to make me happy. They created a custom order for me and sent it to me. Customer service was amazing when I didn't ask for a replacement or return the original item. I highly recommend this company and you should be too.

👤The apron has a delicate print. It is of a decent weight, has a nice deep pocket, and the ties are long enough to tie in front. There is a The price is very reasonable compared to aprons that are thinner and not as nice. I would definitely recommend it.

👤The first time I received my product, there was some loose stitches. The seller sent me an email saying they would replace it for me. I never had a company do that for me. I'm very happy with the new one. The company made my christmas. The material feels like a canvas, but I am not sure how it will wash. I'm sure it will stand up.

👤A nice apron. The loop on the neck tie makes it easy to hang the apron on the wall, and it's a nice touch. It is thick enough to serve its purpose. I couldn't ask for more. It sits about 2 inches above the knee on one who is 5' 5" and fits well on both slender and curvy forms, thanks to the long back straps and generous amount of cloth.

2. EcoZen Lifestyle Professional Kitchen Adjustable

EcoZen Lifestyle Professional Kitchen Adjustable

Top quality! If you've been looking for a quality apron at an affordable price, you've found it. Their kitchen apron is handcrafted, reinforced with grommets and rivets, double stitched pockets and thick top and bottom hems, which means that it is incredibly durable and BUILT TO LAST, guaranteed! ReVOLUTIONARY! Premium fabric that is thick but light weight and soft is what their apron is made of. It gives you full protection and is flexible enough to move with you. A new approach! The stain resistant technology keeps the stain to a minimum and completely removes it after washing. Their fabric can be washed and dried quickly. It has minimum wrinkling and does not shrink after washing. It means that your apron always looks new and professional. It is PRACTICAL! Their bbq apron has strategically placed pockets so that you have everything you need close to hand. Front pockets have a lot of space. The cell phone pocket is large enough to hold the phone with the zip up. The earpiece cord is kept close to your body. It's unique! Their grill apron has a quick release buckle and shoulder strap design which is easy to adjust. It can adjust to fit any body frame. It stays on well once you have adjusted it to your fit.

Brand: Ecozen Lifestyle

👤My parents used to talk about customer service being taken over by corporations when I was younger, and I find that kind of service to be old school. It was wonderful to find a high-quality and unique product made and sold from an honest-to-goodness awesome family company. There is a My son loves cooking for others and he is great at it. He's been cooking up a storm since graduating this summer. I use my older aprons that don't fit right or call out "I am man watch me cook!" " I looked for something sturdy, better-made, and "manly" after the third one fell apart. My son unwrapped the well-packaged apron, giggling with joy over the brilliant and one-of-a-kind design. The creators took the time and care to package it for my son, it was as if they were giving him a gift. I couldn't believe the quality of craftsmanship that went into this. My son uses his apron to do many things. He loves it! A quick toss in the washer. Back to the original shape. There is no Shrinking. There was no unraveling. EcoZen is just total exceptional at crafting. There is a After the apron was delivered, I got an email from ecoZen asking if it arrived okay, and if they were upset about some customers throwing them onto the porch. This was much better than I expected. I was very pleased with the personal touches and follow-through of this company. A couple and their young child are the owners of this company. That is very sweet. Watching my son take over is sweeter than I can say. I don't think an apron is small to be doing cartwheels over. This product and its creators are beyond reproach. The pockets and elastic loops and buckles can be adjusted to fit any size man. I can't say enough! My family is thrilled to have one of our own being worn by my Super son, Mason, because there is nothing like this item. Thanks, ecoZen!

👤I researched the world of chef's aprons before buying this apron for grilling. A lot of research. I love it, it fits, it's easy to change, and it's heavy duty, but not too heavy. The available pockets are exactly what I would use to design the rivets, right where I need them and just enough. I didn't see the other colors when I ordered, but I suppose there are other colors available.

👤Holy cow! I love this apron. Every artist should own this apron. I know it's for chef's, but what should I say? I teach frequently and do live product demos for manufacturers. This apron is a dream. There are great big pockets for tools and other items. Every artist needs loops to hang towels on the sides. aprons that fit over one part usually don't cover another. It took a little time and tinkering to get the apron perfect for me, but once I did it was perfect. Wow! The bib top snaps around the waist to keep it snug, and it covers my legs and sides. I like to wipe my hands on my apron and the fabric is thick enough that my clothes are not getting wet. The material is comfortable and sturdy. I will definitely recommend these to my students and artist friends when I receive them as a gift. You have been a customer for a long time.

3. Sivvan Unisex Cobbler Apron Adjustable

Sivvan Unisex Cobbler Apron Adjustable

Cotton is 65% and Polyester is 35%. The CB Length is 27.5". There are two deep front pockets. There is self trim binding along the edges. A professional. This apron is perfect for all purposes. Sturdy Material is ideal for any environment.

Brand: Sivvan

👤The vest/apron works for what I ordered it for. I usually wear a ladies size 2X to 3X in tops and this vest is intended to fit sizes up to a 1X comfortably. I tied the ties on one side as close to the ends as I could and left them tied all the time. I untie the other side ties and put it on to paint. I thought I'd mention this fact in case it helps someone decide to order the same product. I was looking for a material that was tight and that was what I found.

👤The regular was a perfect fit for me, I'm a Petite size 4/6 and it's long enough to cover my hips. I am on the small side, but the cut is just right for me. I'm not a granny, but it looks cute. The mandarin orange color is bright and cheerful and I love the two large front pockets. It's easy to tie and move around in. Very comfortable. I need a coverup to protect my clothes from the elements while I care for my mother-in-law who has Alzheimer's. My aprons were better suited for the kitchen. The perfect solution is the cobbler style apron. It gives me back and forth coverage. The fabric wipes off easily. It's light to medium weight and works well for my tasks. The seams have been hemmed, reinforced and finished. It did not smell. I will buy it again because it is well made. There is no indication of fabric type, blend, content, origin or care. It seems like a cotton/poly blend. I will wash it in cold water and hang it dry to make sure it lasts. After a few months of laundry, I will try to update my review to let you know how it is. I wouldn't rate this for heavy use or industrial use.

👤I've been looking for this apron for a long time. I ordered three different colors because I love it so much. Why am I a big fan? It's lightweight. The last thing I need in the kitchen is something that's too hot. Second, the pockets are deep enough to hold everything I need, including the jars of spices, which means less trips back to the kitchen when I'm grilling outside. I can put it on and take it off in a matter of minutes, because I just leave the side strings tied and put it on. The vest hangs just fine without being cinched up because of the counterbalance of the back half. I find it more comfortable to not have a strap around my neck. Not every chef's apron is tailored to my size, because I'm a big guy. This is an ideal match, but more svelte people could adjust the side ties to find their perfect fit. Can't recommend this enough. Great price too!

👤Me gusto mucho ped el XL porque.

👤I use this for cooking to keep grease out of my clothes and for giving my husband a haircut. It's easy to take off. I only need to tie the other side when putting it on because I keep one side tied. It's great for use when I'm outside. The deep pockets are great for holding a lot of stuff. The fabric is thick and makes me feel hot. That's just me. It's a good thing.

4. Sivvan Unisex Cobbler Apron Adjustable

Sivvan Unisex Cobbler Apron Adjustable

Cotton is 65% and Polyester is 35%. The CB Length is 27.5". There are two deep front pockets. There is self trim binding along the edges. A professional. This apron is perfect for all purposes. Sturdy Material is ideal for any environment.

Brand: Sivvan

👤I like them. I own my own cleaning business and it makes a difference. It's like having extra hands. I still do the job even though I would have ordered a bigger size.

👤I ordered the extra large and these fit like a medium so you won't have the side and hip coverage that a cobbler's apron provides. They are short. The ties are high above the waist and not very comfortable. I wouldn't recommend it. I ordered the Chef Designs Men's Cobbler Apron several years ago and it was larger and better quality than the others. I'll return to that.

👤I use this apron for the type of work I do at the United States Postal Service. It's light and not bulky like some aprons. The quality is excellent and I don't notice. The pockets are large enough to hold the items I use most often. It comes out of the dryer clean. I'm very pleased with this purchase and will return it.

👤I waited so long to buy this apron that I can't believe it. It was worth the wait. Feeding can be a challenge at times. I have found myself covered in a lot of things. I have this pack. I keep one at home, one in my bag, and one for back up. There is a These have good coverage. There is a They wash up well.

👤My father has Alzheimer's and is in a nursing home, so I got these instead of bibs. He doesn't try to take them off like he did with ties at his neck. Food can be caught in big pockets. The clothes wash nicely and show no signs of wear after a few washes. The stains come out well.

👤I am 5'4 and have a big bust. One size fits all for me. But not these. My stomach and thighs were all exposed and the did tie parts were just as bad as the rest, because my head had to be wiggled into the head hole and then the apron itself covered my bust and a little under. I ordered the largest size. If you are small, these are great quality and look great. I am sad because I really wanted them. I work in a kitchen and these looked nice. I'll have to stick to a basic apron.

👤What I was looking for! My phone and other items are in the pockets. These run small according to previous reviews. I agree. This is a positive feature for me. I am five feet tall and weigh over 100 lbs. These aprons are perfect for me. If you are not a small person, you will need a bigger size. You won't get good hip coverage with the ties. I ordered six more because I liked them so much.

👤I love them. Light weight and durable. I will buy more when I clean one. I wish you could buy a multi colored three pack. For holidays, white would be nice. I ordered for home use. The ties need to be thought about.

5. Hudson Durable Goods Cross Back Adjustable

Hudson Durable Goods Cross Back Adjustable

Please refer to the size chart for a precize size for toddlers, little kids and big kids, as there are two sizes available. Hudson Durable Goods makes top quality shop aprons for men and women. Their aprons are made from heavy duty canvas to resist wear and tear. Their crossback apron is designed to prevent neck pain. Their full coverage canvas apron is 34” tall and 27” wide and has a long strap to fit a 50” waist. Their tool apron has a chest pocket that holds pens and a cell phone. The apron has dual loops and a pocket to hold tools like a carpenter's square. The black apron with pockets is professional style. The tool apron is in a flat black color, so you can work in style. Their versatile shop apron is best used as a welder apron, gardener apron, barber apron, woodworker apron, blacksmith apron, and more. Their versatile shop apron is best used as a welder apron, gardener apron, barber apron, woodworker apron, blacksmith apron, and more.

Brand: Hudson Durable Goods

👤Let's be fair. It is a 1 star for me, a serious craftsman. If you are a big time bbq'er, barista, or just a shade grown, range fed, fair trade person you will love this thing. I should have known better when I saw a bad review because the people who were supposed to be helping couldn't figure it out. It has to be for bbq'ing because any serious craftsman doesn't want to walk around with sawdust stuck to the oily finish that it attracts. It looked like a mess. You look like you are walking around scratching your balls as you search for a tool that has sunk into the miasma in the pockets. I don't think it can work for the kind of serious putting together we do, so why not just sell this thing as it was designed. There is a Thx.

👤I received my apron this week. I have been testing it out on the grill and in the wood shop. The quality of the fabric seems excellent and all of the stitching and rivets are done with care. As shown in the images, it repels water. There is a When I load the pockets with tools, I like to use the cross-back straps to remove all of the weight from your neck. I was hesitant to purchase an apron with the cross-back straps at first, but they are very easy to get into and the pros outweigh the cons of an around the neck apron. The apron is just above my knees. You can adjust the apron to your liking by pulling the straps down further through the waist rivets. I asked my pregnant wife to try this on. The shoulder fabric is thicker and the straps have double stitching. There is a The upper pocket of my phone is large enough to hold my pen/sharpie and the other pockets give me plenty of space for other things. A lot of thought went into the design of this apron. This thing just looks good. The purchase was great for the money.

👤An apron is awesome! I have had experience with aprons as a woodworker and most didn't stand up to the task, were too uncomfortable and held wood debris too much. There is a This apron is not that. The way it crosses on the back is very comfortable. It is easy to put on and clean. This apron does not stick to debris. The price point is great. I dare you to find a better apron. There are multiple functional pockets. I could go on and on. I am going to teach a blacksmithing class at a coal fired forge on the weekend. It was able to perfomed in all the conditions using fire and steel. Hudson has durable goods. They are doing it correctly.

👤I bought this as a birthday present and was concerned that it wouldn't fit. The guy is tall and thin, but it fits well. He loves the thought of deep pockets andpadded shoulder straps that have gone into the design. The quality is excellent. I think you get what you pay for. The guy in question uses an apron for Lutherie and says it's perfect for his needs.

6. URED Cleaning Pockets Kitchen Pockets

URED Cleaning Pockets Kitchen Pockets

20% cotton and 80% Polyester. The Professional Black Apron with Pockets for Women Plus Size can be used Repeatedly. It is soft to the touch and does not damage the skin. Can prevent oil stains. It's from messing with clothes. The Extra Long Lacing Kitchen Apron is easy to tie and untie. Extra long knee pads are designed to protect your knee from being scalded or contaminated, they are 35.5 inches long and can hold any of your clothing.

Brand: Ured

👤I mean it is an apron. It is aproning, no difficulties.

👤The pockets are small, but I like the apron. I thought I was ordering a plus size. It is not plus size. The material was washed and dried. I hope it lasts a long time. Well worth the low price as well.

👤I was hesitant to get this because it was cheap. It is fantastic. I love it! I will keep them in the package and give them to my family member if they win. You can't go wrong at that price.

👤I like this apron. The length is perfect and it has an adjustment strap for your neck. It goes past my knees. I don't make any messes. That is perfect for me because I do a lot of body painting.

👤I was surprised by the quality of the product. I recommend.

👤It washes nicely.

👤The product design and quality were great.

7. DALIX Cobbler Apron Pockets Cotton

DALIX Cobbler Apron Pockets Cotton

Poly,Polyester,Cotton. The regular length is 28.5" and the width is 18. The material is 65% cotton and 35% Polyester. CLOSURE: 2 Ties on each side. There are two front pockets.

Brand: Dalix

👤If you are larger than a sz 12 you might not be able to wear this apron. It's short as well. The Chinese skimp on their fabric. Just expect it! I think they were making it for 5 ft 4. There is a The apron came out great after I washed it. It took a long time to get here, but I'm happy with it, my mom always wore these after she retired, and I'm pleased to have a solid color apron with pockets. There is a I see why now. She's not with us anymore, but her memory is. I miss my mom. This is not a dark red, it is lighter and I wanted that color. I am very happy with my apron.

👤Very cheap items. I only wore it once and it was torn from the side. I don't think it's worth the money. I wouldn't recommend it. I received half of the shipment and the rest was sent promptly. The product was not good.

👤I love this apron. If you are a messy eater like I am, it works as an apron or bib. I bought a red one for my wife because I loved it so much. Thank you for the great product.

👤The side ties are a bit high but don't rub in the inside of my arms, this apron is nice and long. It is light enough for hot summers. The small around the collar should work.

👤Not for plus size women who look small but will work.

👤Considering the price, I wasn't expecting much. I thought it would be sewed. One of the pockets was not sewn shut. Plan to come back.

👤The shoulder straps keep the weight off your neck, and it got 3 stars. There is a Stitching is not adequate. There were pockets in front that were unstitched.

👤It was used for the purpose of not getting clothes wet and not missing calls.

8. Cotton Canvas Adjustable Straps Pockets

Cotton Canvas Adjustable Straps Pockets

Exquisite packaging A thoughtful present for carpenters, gardeners, repair men, and other people on Father's Day, as well as a practical workshop apron with professional style and well-designed packaging. Their cross back straps allow you to change its size and make it the most comfortable fit. The apron was handcrafted from 100% soft cotton. The corners are reinforced with metal. Large canvas apron that covers from chest to knee provides great coverage and protection from sparks in welding, sawdust in carpentry, dirt in gardening, and many other jobs. There are 3 pockets in the front of the apron that can hold a lot of things. This thick canvas apron is perfect for all kinds of work, it's ideal for bbq, grill, hairdresser, barber, waitress, woodworking, baking, hair stylist, painting, crafting, florist, painter smocks, cook, artist. The men's apron is large. It's a great gift for holidays, birthdays, and more.

Brand: Afun

👤I love this apron. I want to keep paint off my clothes. I also have neck pain. I wanted to keep the weight off my neck. I got more. I love the colors, the thick canvas, and the pockets. There is a The apron is at an unbelievable price. It seems like it will last me for the rest of my life.

👤I teach art at high school. As I work with my students, I'm looking for something that has pockets. This is great! I wanted to wear it for a while. There is a I am able to keep my phone and Class passes in my large pockets. It's easy to wear and tie it up. It's easy to take off as well. There is a The pen holder straps are a cons. Since I have to bend over a lot, the pens tend to fall out. The material is tick and can take a lot, so not sure if this is a con or not. When the time comes, it will be hard to clean.

👤The apron my son wanted for his class is perfect. Many of his classmates have asked where he bought it, and are shocked when they find out how cheap it is. It is a high quality apron, and would buy again.

👤It takes a second to lace this thing. I would like to know what to do. It's big enough for a 20 plus size girl. At thanksgiving, it was performed beautifully.

👤I was a little quick about my purchase, but it was my first time using Amazon. Was very happy with how easy and efficient everything was. I was hoping for an apron, but it wasn't. I'm about to try and return the product for the first time. I am really enjoying this new way of shopping. I have already ordered a few things. There is a If anyone with aclout at Amazon is reading this, please let me know. I like free stickers. Just sayin! I hope to write more reviews soon. There is a Sincerely,BW

👤I have used aprons for women all my life and never felt happy. There is a Those who love cooking and don't want to be bothered by trifle things will like this apron. There is a I think I did the right thing for myself.

👤A perfect blend of form and function! The straps and ties are masculine. If you are using as a carpenter's apron, the pockets are not large enough to allow things to fall out. I use one in the garage and another in the kitchen. Will be gifts for Brahs.

👤I bought this for my boyfriend and he likes it. It is a nice quality apron. I am waiting for him to use when he cooks his meat and then I wash it to see how it holds up. When this happens, I will be back to update. It's funny. Stay updated.

👤First, the tailoring makes you look good, slick, and put-together, and second, the suspenders are amazing, versus having something hanging off your neck. The quality of this apron is the best I've ever worn and the price is unbelievably low.

9. ROTANET Kitchen Bib Apron Adjustable

ROTANET Kitchen Bib Apron Adjustable

Cotton is 65% and Polyester is 35%. The waterproof and sewer resistant is made from a new material. It could proof water, oil, milk, kitchen grease, and other liquid or dirt. It is adjusted. Large size 33.8" A unique design with a neck strap. The tie on both sides could fit you. You could put the towel on it. There is a large pocket in the middle of the apron that can be used to hold tools. Their bib aprons are built with long time everyday use in mind. There is a multi-PURPOSE. You could keep your body clean with this apron. You could use it in the kitchen to cook in situations that need water, oil, and stain resistant. The cotton is easy to wash. If there is dirt, it would not shrink. Please wash separately. It is a good idea to avoid iron or soak it in boiling water. Do not wash or dry.

Brand: Rotanet

👤I'm a fat guy that cooks most of our meals outdoors, and I was always getting stains on my shirts. This apron was bought based on reviews and price, and it doesn't disappoint. It keeps my shirts from getting stains.

👤It is easy to clean. If you are going to paint on it, make sure you have a barrier in place to keep the paint out. The porous nature of the material makes it easy to decorate it. I had to find out the hard way. My solution was to put a cardboard layer between the surface and the material. I used a thin layer of white paint below my liquid fabric paint. The design that was painted on it was covered by it.

👤There are 6'2" and 375 lbs. I was a professional cook for 20 years and this apron fits better than any other apron I have ever worn. Light and durable. It's not too hot or heavy. Very happy with the purchase.

👤I knocked off one star because it was advertised as "thicker material". " I suppose it's more thick than tissue paper. It was good enough for my project. I didn't have time to order another one and wait for it to arrive, so I used this one. It's fine for the price. I would have preferred that the quality was better and that the item description was accurate, as this was a gift.

👤Large enough for a man. Isn't it sexist to call it a waitress apron because there are men who cook and serve tables? It should last a long time. The black chef's hat is great with this.

👤The apron is nice. It's a disaster in the laundry. I put it in with the usual load of dark clothes. The apron was completely covered in lint. I'm not going to wash this by myself. I'll look for an apron that is easy to maintain when it goes to the Goodwill. This one isn't it.

👤I bought this for myself to wear. I looked at all the sizes and tie lengths. I'm round and portly. I needed long ties to keep my clothes safe. This size and fit is very generous. I am very happy. The fabric and stitching are high quality.

👤I made an apron for my dad. It was easy to iron on and I would highly recommend it.

10. Syntus Pack Adjustable Waterdrop Resistant

Syntus Pack Adjustable Waterdrop Resistant

Soft Touch is made from a uniform cloth that is free from harmful chemicals. One size fits most. A unique design with a neck strap. Long ties can be changed to fit most sizes. It is machine washable. Resists wrinkling. Dry cleaning and tumble drying are not allowed. Two large pockets in the middle of the apron are used for easy holding meat thermometer, grill slips, recipe cards, etc. Wide coverage. A large bib apron that covers from chest to knee provides great protection from kitchen grease, spills and food stains. apron should not be placed near heated cooking ware or flame.

Brand: Syntus

👤I bought the 2 pack of aprons almost a year ago. They have been worn almost daily. I didn't follow washing instructions. I can dry my hands on the bottom of the aprons because they have softened enough. I need to sew them back on after the pocket stitching came out. I'm ordering 2 more on May 10. The aprons ended up in the dirty clothes basket. I have to wear a dirty apron until I can get laundry done. I should have ordered 2 pairs. I will be in another month or two. I will be able to change daily. There is a These are exactly what they were promised. I'm 5'3" and about 220 lbs. They cover my knees and sides. I don't wipe my hands on my front while I bake. I can read the directions for the care of the fabric. Water runs off of them. Water resistance will not last long if proper washing and care directions are not followed. A good product and what I needed in a pinch for a good price. My 8 year old grandson decided he needed to wear 1 while helping me cook so I need to order more. The ties don't tie in front with me being as round as possible. I'll change that later. Update... I wear these aprons daily. They were washed not according to directions. I use warm water and a brand of laundry detergent. The aprons are now conforming to my curves. Even though the towel at my feet is very wet, my clothing does not get wet. I love these aprons.

👤I don't understand why there are negative reviews on aprons. I am a baker at the cafe and I dirty up my aprons a lot. I needed more aprons because I was tired of alternating between two and trying to keep up with washing them. I was expecting them to be stiff and hard after reading some of the negative reviews. They are light and durable. It's not soft, but it's not supposed to be a blanket. It is water resistant, but not waterproof, as it says in the description. I wash the stains and mess and they clean up. The only thing I would change about these is that the pockets are just one big pocket. I carry my phone around so that I can have music going and read recipes, and having the phone in the vertical pocket makes kneeling or bending over difficult. I can't complain. The best part is that they don't look dirty when they're dirty.

👤The reason I am giving a 3 star review is because I received a cotton apron and a polyester apron instead of the cotton aprons I purchased. They look and feel the same, even though they are made of different materials. I decided to keep the aprons because it was too much work to return them at the post office. I will review the differences of the materials after wearing them for a while.

11. Puroma Adjustable Waterdrop Resistant Pockets

Puroma Adjustable Waterdrop Resistant Pockets

No harmful chemicals are safe for you and your family. The neck strap can be changed to fit most sizes. Attaching the apron with the 34.6-inch long belt is convenient. The large front pocket of the kitchen apron gives you a place to keep seasoning packets, meat thermometer, grill slips, and recipe cards. It is easy to clean: machine-washable, fade-proof, resists,wrinkle, dry cleaning, tumble dry with low heat and shrinkage. Bleaching is not allowed. The 27" x 33" apron can protect against grease, spills and food stains.

Brand: Puroma

👤I bought these to use at my church. Wasn't expecting the best quality. The price is exceptional and I will order a dozen so that we can all be comfortable while serving.

👤If I was looking for regular aprons, they would be fine. I was looking for a waterproof apron. They are not waterproof.

👤Product was what was expected. It will work well for mycricut projects.

👤I like how the apron looks and the ease of tying the strings. It was like it was sprayed with a can of cans of starch. I was hoping for something much softer. Four stars were given to the company because they were very accommodating.

👤The ties will not come back around the front to tie. I'm small and they are barely long enough to tie in the back. The fabric was stiff. These should be Skip these.

👤These are very light. You can see flags made out of that material. This seems lighter. These are too light to throw more than 10 feet, they open up like a parachute, so you can't throw them more than 10 feet. The main thing is not how far you can throw it, but how it does in the kitchen. It was good enough for $4.50 each. You can put this apron in a small space and keep it on hand as a backup in case you get your main apron dirty or forget it. It would fit in the pockets of a large knife bag. I don't know if you would want this as your every day apron, unless it was just as quick to throw on when you make dinner every night. There is a The pockets are small, but big enough to fit in your hand. It's big enough to hold a few pens and sheets of paper.

👤Excellent apron for the price. I can't tell you how many times the apron has saved my shirts from getting dirty. I am not sure if they are "waterdrop-resistant". For the price, you can't go wrong with a simple apron.


What is the best product for cooking vest apron?

Cooking vest apron products from Maison D' Hermine. In this article about cooking vest apron you can see why people choose the product. Ecozen Lifestyle and Sivvan are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking vest apron.

What are the best brands for cooking vest apron?

Maison D' Hermine, Ecozen Lifestyle and Sivvan are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking vest apron. Find the detail in this article. Sivvan, Hudson Durable Goods and Ured are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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