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1. Taste Plus Saucepan Nonstick Cooking

Taste Plus Saucepan Nonstick Cooking

Wait for your cooking pot to cool before cleaning. The stock pot is easy to clean with a cloth or sponge. Don't use abrasive cleaners. This is a note. The brochure of the pots was not updated in time, so they are really sorry for making the misleading information. The Swiss ILAG ceramic glaze coating is free of lead, PFOA, and other harmful substances. Saucepan's body is made of aluminum alloy. You can pour on either side of the pan. The beech handle of the milk pots is very comfortable to grip and stay cool. The flat lid allows sauce pans to be stacked. Dinner plate, insulation pad can be used as a cover. The ring is made of food grade silicone. Capacity was written on the base. The thick bottom of saucepans provides better performance. It is suitable for all stove. It's great for stove top and insturment. The dishwasher and oven are not available because of the wooden handle. There is a small capacity for 2 cups of milk. The handle has to be assembled.

Brand: Taste Plus

👤The pan is advertised as safe but it's not. It doesn't appear to be ceramic, and the white paint is gone in a couple weeks. Don't spend money.

👤My baby is 9 months old and I need to cook food. It was good for a couple of weeks before the white layer started peeling off. I'm afraid to cook food for a baby.

👤My first use of this pot was to make a breakfast casserole with eggs and cheese. The eggs and cheese did not stick to the pot when it was cooked quickly. I used it again to cook a tomato-based spaghetti sauce. It did not stain the pot. The pot was washed with soapy dishwater and dried.

👤I'm sure lefties will love this sauce pot, it's light and spouts on both sides. Don't worry about a hot handle, it's wooden! The pot and the lid are there. It's worth it. Just buy it! You will love it!

👤The pan was put in the dishwasher twice. On the bottom, the enamel bubbled up.

👤I love how it looks. The lid was turned into a trivet. If the heat is distributed evenly. Sometimes I am reluctant to use it because it looks so pretty, but I am not going to ruin it. No worries! It does a great job.

👤I am using this in a different way. To make pine pitch glue. It works well.

2. Cookware Nonstick Aluminum Induction Compatible

Cookware Nonstick Aluminum Induction Compatible

Excellent quality. There is a 100% LIFETIME SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. Their cookware sets are risk-free because they've tested them for cooking longevity. The mission of the company is to develop premium and durable cookware to help you lead a healthier and better lifestyle. The 10-piece cookware set includes a fry pan, 1.25-quart sauce pan, 2.59 quart stock pot, and a lid. Premium toxin-free nonstick interior, made of ceramic and made of lead and calcium free, makes cooking easier and clean up easier, because it keeps food sliding smoothly along the surface. The old man and the children are absolutely safe after passing the FDA test. The three-layer bottom of the FRUITEAM aluminum cooking set makes it compatible with gas, electric, ceramic, glass, stovetops and induction cooktops. It's safe for most cooking methods. You can know the cooking status with the see-through lid and heat insulation handles. The bakelite handles are light and durable.

Brand: Fruiteam

👤I waited for a year to give an authentic review so I could write one. I received the first image for the set. The two images to the left are the only ones that have been used for a year. I use this set every day for casseroles, stew, frying, stir fry, cooking rice, etc. It's pretty much everything. I never put them on high heat. I cook around medium to low heat. The stove is powered by electricity. There is a I put them in the oven several times to make sure they were nice and hot. There have been no issues so far. There is a I don't wash them in the dishwasher. I wash them with soap and sponge. The bottom of the stove is starting to burn and you can see that in the picture. They are not sticks. Highly recommend them.

👤The pots and pans are pretty. The first set was missing 2 lids and 1 pot, and the second set was missing 2 pots and 2 lids. I could have made a complete set with both orders but they had the same design flaw. The handles don't fit into the pots.

👤These pots and pans are easy to assemble and non-stick. I ordered a set for myself and a set for each of my daughters in college because I love them so much.

👤I try not to spend more than $40 on a set. I have to throw them away every few months. I decided to look for something that would last in the kitchen. I decided to buy this one after reading the reviews. It was easy to assemble, with everything in the box. The set is gorgeous to look at. I haven't had a bad experience yet. My sister's mouth was on the ground. I like making her jealous.

👤The order should be in the box by the return date. When I opened the box to take out the PANs, I found a lot of stuff that needed to be destroyed. There are hands and LID tops. I was impressed by the disgust that I saw. I really wanted it. A pan is ready to cook. I looked at the process of making a pan for breakfast. There were a lot of Mutant choice items for the abduction of the hands. One of the physical things that happens with age is a constriction of the nerves. OLDER ADULTS are less sensitive to noise. There were a lot of small items to use. I can't put the SCREW through the handle. It's not possible to pick up the lock washers. I decided to take a shot after trying and corraling these items. A wHISKEY would make you angry. Don't buy. Louy.

👤The pots and pans are solid and don't feel cheap. They are nice looking but haven't been used yet.

👤I just got rid of some pans, but these pans still cook. It is very easy to clean cook wear. Even though I prefer mine, a smallPhillips screwdriver comes with it, even though I didn't like assembling the handles. I would suggest using a lager screwdriver, it is very easy to assemble, and the color is really nice. A nice set of cook wear is a good bargain.

3. West Bend 87156 Ceramic Stainless

West Bend 87156 Ceramic Stainless

It's dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. The West Bend Slow Cooker has a capacity of 6 quarts and is ideal for entertaining. The temperature can be variable. Warm Low and High maximum are the temperature settings for cooking. The dishwasher is safe. Easy to clean crock and glass cover. Plastic handles stay cool. A serving dish with a stoneware insert. Just add the ingredients, select a temperature and return to a delicious budget-friendly ready-to-serve meal. The brushed steel exterior is gorgeous.

Brand: West Bend

👤In 1968, I received a Crock Pot. I use it on a regular basis. The crock cracked, but it was the only thing wrong with it. I couldn't find a replacement. Even though I won't, I hope my new pot lasts as long as possible. West Bend products have helped me. I bought their Life Time Cookware in the 1960's. I have a blender that was a gift in 1968, and it is still going strong.

👤I ordered this crock pot thinking it was made in the USA. It is made in China. "manufacturer: The Legacy Companies USA" is what the Amazon product description says. The crock pot was in a box that said it was made in China.

👤The pot isn't a slow cooker. Food would be perfect for the evening dinner if I left my cooker on all day. The one is bubbling on low heat. Food will over cook if you don't watch it. Pots are not touchable while cooking. Will most likely return.

👤The crock pot is nice. It also has Hi and Low settings, as well as a Warm one. I haven't used that setting yet, but it may be useful.

👤I like slow cooker because they make life a bit more convenient and they can be used to make great meals after a long day at work or there is a time crunch for activities after the meal. The problem with this one is that there is not enough heat settings so you have to cook on high or low, which can make a meal that is not ready when needed. Lifting the crockery out of the base makes washing an exercise in weight training. It could be a good thing, but for a grandma like me...not so much.

👤The insert pot is very heavy and difficult to clean. The base is light and feels like cheap aluminum. It has different settings. It's perfect for my needs as I stay with the pot while cooking. I gave it an overall rating of 3 stars because it is made in China. The product should have been made in the USA with the brand name of West Bend.

👤This is the pot I use for cooking. I love everything about it. It works well and is a good size for my family. There is a I recommend!

👤I have been using crock pots for 27 years. My oldest one is over 27 years old and never had an issue with my crocks. This one is too hot. I have to put a wooden cutting board under my countertop. Everything is mush by the time it cooks my normal 9 hour soup. The temperatures are off. I don't like cooking on the high setting. I'm considering returning this. After 4 times using it, it still gives off a burning smell the first hour of use, there is too many cracking sounds while it cooks, and I don't feel safe leaving the house while using this--which is one of the things I love about crock pots, that you I wish I had never bought it.

4. Phantom Chef Non Stick Dishwasher Non Toxic

Phantom Chef Non Stick Dishwasher Non Toxic

Their cooking pan is made with premium aluminum and a non-toxic ceramic coating that provides proper heat distribution and less environmental impact. Their sleek easy to clean pans combine fun and function. Pick your favorite glossy finish or mix and match with Phantom Chef products to elevate the look of your kitchen and express your sense of style. The handle of the skillet is easy to grip and keeps hands and fingers safe. The hole at the end allows you to display your pan or hang it to dry. All your favorite dishes can be cooked. The perfect ceramic non-stick cookware set for your family's favorites, including omelets, steaks pastas, and more, is safe for stovetops. Phantom Chef pots and pans are strong enough to be used everyday, without sacrificing comfort or style. They're scratch resistant and can be washed with soap and water.

Brand: Phantom Chef

👤This pan exceeded my expectations. It is lightweight, easy to clean, and cooks everything to perfection. It is a good size to cook many different dishes. It is the only pan you need. There is a It is a true non-stick that beats the other non-sticks. The pan has a smooth surface and a soft to the touch handle. The clear glass lid has a small hole in it. This pan is definitely worth the purchase.

👤I received a small pan as a gift and purchased this pan. The paint on the pan is starting to chip and I was disappointed that the lid was not better. The double handle of pan is good, but the chipping paint is a problem.

👤So angry! I like the look of these. They are gorgeous! They seem to cook well and clean up well. Why am I so angry? The first time I used them, the deep skillet bumped up against my Dutch oven while I was cooking. This huge scratch was put on it. The first time it was used, it scratched. This set is not going to hold up to the wear and tear of a large family. I really want to return it, maybe there is something wrong with it because the Dutch oven didn't scratch.

👤I waited for the review to be done. I have had them for about 6 months. Nothing sticks to them. They clean. I don't use metal utensils with them unless I really have to, and I hand wash them. I usually use plastic utensils. The color is striking. I liked them. I bought a set for my mother who used to have frying pans that were supposed to be non stick, but they still stuck food. She loves them too.

👤Todd English wrote Green Pan. Love this more. There is a Thank you.

👤I got the small fry pan in my FFF box, but I couldn't resist buying more. The cookware is easy to clean. It cooks evenly and is a great addition to my cookware. I love the blue color as well.

👤I don't know how many people compliment it and ask for the link, but I leave it on my stove all the time. It is easy to use. It gets hot fast. It is perfect for cooking mac and cheese.

👤A small fry pan was delivered. I ordered a larger one. I am cleaning Teflon coated pans. This pan is sturdy and will be used for a long time.

5. Quart Stainless Saucepan Fosslang Burner

Quart Stainless Saucepan Fosslang Burner

It's a risk free buy. If you're not completely satisfied with your insert pans, please contact them and they will replace or refund your product. Food grade STAINLESS STEEL SAUCEPAN is 1.5 quarts. Special finish inside to prevent scratches and mirror finish outside for a shiny and stylish look. It's easy to read the measurement marks inside. Steel cauldron with poison spray is a shatterproof glass cover with straining holes on both sides to strain pasta, noodles, vegetables and many more. The Saucepan has an 18/10 steel handle, ergonomics, grip comfort, and a lifetime of balanced cooking. It is possible to heat evenly and save energy. Designed to use with gas, electric ceramic, and cook tops, the base has a high quality aluminum alloy. It's made with high quality 18/10 food gradestainless steel which is highly durable, resistant to rust, stain, corrosion or crack, and to top it, it's designed to look elegant in the kitchen. Best gift for family, friends and loved ones for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year is a dishwasher, freezer and safe refrigerator. This small sauce pan is an essential tool for any kitchen, it can be used for warming foods, melting butter, preparing breakfast cereals, and making soups or sauces.

Brand: Quienkitch

👤On Christmas Eve, I melted a $12 silicone spatula into my saucier. We'd used a little bit of Genny since the storm. I was distracted and thrilled, but how does one melt silicone into an intractible lump? I found this. I'd never seen anything like that before, but I thought it was a saucier type pot. I hunted Amazon until I found the pot of my dreams; this one, a generator and a wireless router that we could run for 12 hours at a go. It has exceeded my expectations. I'm here to order as gifts for several birthdays coming up and another for myself because on top of perfect heating and size, I've discovered that this pot is indespensible for storing and reheated leftover soups, stew and stir frys; narrow and not too tall. Stop reading if you've gotten this far. Buy the pot.

👤If you're trying to feed a family of 4 or more, the 1.5 quart size wouldn't work. It's perfect since it's just me and my husband. If you want to cook green beans, corn, broccoli, carrots, you can strain them. When pasta is the main dish, and anyone else for a side dish, it's a great size for 2 people. The small drainage cutout on the side and the holes in the lid allow you to strain the dish without having to clean another dish. I bought another oven as I thought the handle would be hot, or the steam would burn my hand. It's not needed. I don't know how it works but it doesn't burn my hand. It's very easy to clean since it's not steel. Can use metal inside. The handle is very good. It sticks out to the side compared to the pots where it sticks straight out. Highly recommended! If you have a bigger family, get the bigger one.

👤I was looking for a small pot that didn't have a handle. It is easy to store, but large enough for many cooking and boiling tasks. The manufacturer states that "pitting" isn't covered under warranty, but this is a known issue. I will put it aside for when the first one wears out, when it's in stock again. Is it possible to get in? Yes! --- There is a One who has searched for pots/pans that are capable of instruement must make a point of saying that this pot is indeed instruement capable. The "induction symbol" is stamped on the bottom of the specs along with the ones for gas, electric, ceramic, etc. There is a The diameter of the base and bottom is 4 6/8, the Outside diameter is 5 1/2, and the Widest point is 6 1/8". The height without lid is 4 7/8" and the length of handle is 3 1/2 inches. There is a --- I was able to fill this pot with water. This pot holds 7.5 cups, which is actually the actual size, since it's not filled that high. It is almost two quarts. The fill line says 1.5L, which is close to 1.5 quarts. It was perfect. Do the handles get hot? There is a The handle on the lid will get too hot if one leaves it on for a while. I have been able to pick it up by theVERTICAL portion of the handle at any time. The handle was always Too Hot. All was well if I never touched the HorIZONTAL portion of the handle. There is a The lid The only Milk Pot that comes with a lid is the Fosslang one. I've grown accustomed to pots withvent holes on the surface of the lid to prevent things from boiling over, but this Fosslang pot has a "strainer" lid, which isn't the best when trying to prevent things from boiling over. I stuck something under the lid to create a gap which would allow me to use the lid without a boil-over. There is a The manual states that "pit/discolor" is a normal wear-and-tear issue, and that "Strainer" lid aside, the inside/bottom of the Fosslang does "pit/discolor" over time. If I had to do it all over again, would I have dried the pot with a soft cloth and seasoned it to protect it? acid? Is it possible to pit away the bottom of acidic noodles? Is there a warranty? There is a The box says "10 years guarantee Fosslang guaranteed" but the documentation says two years. The address listed for warranty returns is in China, so it's not feasible to ship back for warranty purposes. None. This is an import item, so if you want to rack up Frequent Flier Miles, returning might be difficult. The Spout. Thetrainer lid along with the spout makes draining noodles incredibly easy. The noodles seem to stick the bottom and accelerate wear-and-tear, but the lid/spout makes this pot an excellent choice for cooking pasta. The spout would appear to be on the small side, like a "dent", rather than something along the lines of teapots and such. The picture has three views of the spout. I was able to slide a penny into the spout. A nickel was too thick. There is a "universal nine inch lid" that does fit the Fosslang Pot and has avent hole. A nine inch lid on a pot looks silly. RSVP Endurance made the lid and the ASIN number was B00LU20Z02. Is that a thing? One of the videos attached to this item is called "How to Use Seasoned Steel Pans", and it is one of the Ultra-Fine Print items that helps to slow down wear-and-tear on pots/pans. If one self-seasons a pot/pan, it could greatly extend it's lifespan. It usually involves cooking oil and heating the pot/pan on a burner or oven.

6. Jim Beam Seasoned Construction Grilling

Jim Beam Seasoned Construction Grilling

It's dishwasher-safe and oven-safe up to 500 degrees F. Pre-seasoned cast iron has superior heat retention for even cooking, restaurant quality searing, and comes pre-seasoned, non-stick cooking surface when used with a thin layer of oil. It's strong and rugged. The heavy duty construction has large handles and a curved base. The heat retention and heating is unparalleled. Grill, sear, bake, broil, fry, or Braise. You can use it in the oven, on the stove, or over a campfire. Seasoned for an easy-release finish that improves with use. It is easy to use, tested and built for stability. Use with confidence on all cooking surfaces. Jim Beam cast iron woks have better distribution of heat. Cooking with cast iron skillets is beneficial to you both in terms of health as well as to your kitchen. The skillet would last a long time if used correctly. Jim Beam BBQ tools are made of the highest quality, and the line boasts a variety of items, all tailored to your BBQ and kitchen needs.

Brand: Jim Beam

👤I hope my pictures help those who are wondering about the size of the BEAUFIFUL thing. A simple wash and reseason over my stove top. It's good to go! It is easier to use because it is lighter. I can do slow and low cooking on it, but it needs a lid, but for under $20, I am very pleased.

👤I was assured that the Jim Beam 12'' was what I ordered. The cast iron grilling Wok was made in the USA. I ordered it based on this information. The wok was received today. It is made in China. I'm not using a wok made in China.

👤Jim Beam was hilarious and I was from the south. They created this wok to fry up some vittles with their whisky. I bought this pan because it is a versatile one. It gives a nice char and a great cooking finish. Many of the reviews are silly. The wok is small but not small. The reason I bought it was because it was small enough to fit on a burner and still have room to cook on the other three, even if they were not in use. You have to keep it oiled so it won't rust. If you don't know how to care for cast iron, you should watch videos on the internet. Maybe you aren't the type to own it. A lot of these reviews are written by the competitor or over the top picky people. It is a pan. The pan is beautiful and excellent. It is inexpensive. It's seriously. The only beef you should have is in the pot.

👤Do you prefer to cook for 2 people rather than a large group? Do you like the flexibility of a flat bottom so that you can cook on gas or electric? Do you like the finish and workman ship? There is a Do you like cast iron with light weight? There is a This is your Wok. Even senior citizens can use this, as it is very light weight. There is a This is very well seasoned and acts like a new person. The base is not an issue as it retains heat very well once it gets used. I use this for Asian stir fry, Italian pasta, Indian food, Deep fry and even popcorn. I hope you enjoy it.

👤The black color from the cast iron wok was getting into the food. The red panner curry looked brownish and smelled like we were eating some metal, but I realized that the way I was taking care of it was wrong. I followed all the precautions to take care of cast iron vessels. I'm re-preseason again. It's working great. I cooked vegetarian's special Bengal gram(Channa dal) Kofta curry today after 6 months of purchase. The curry came out well. Go for it. You don't have to worry. Just need to know how to care for cast iron vessels.

👤Love this! It can be used for a skillet or a wok.

7. Winware Stainless Steel Quart Brasier

Winware Stainless Steel Quart Brasier

For small batches, such as cooking noodles, making sauces, melting cheese, and stewing baby food, the saucepan is sufficient for 1-2 people. Heavy weight with a bottom. It is a durable commercial grade. The cover is heavy gauge steel.

Brand: Winware

👤I am a fat guy and love to eat. I love cooking and eating. You might be wondering what the heck he cooks that needs a 25 quart braier. I cook a lot of things that please me. It is huge, you could put 2 new borns inside and cover the lid. A similar thing costs 125$. Winware has made something that is pretty amazing for the price. It has a strong base and welded handles. I would recommend this to everyone.

👤My wife borrowed a bra from a friend and cooked biryani, it turned out great, she immediately ordered one for us on Amazon. The 15 quart size is very good for the price. Food will not get stuck at the bottom if the bottom is very thick. The lid is perfect. She is going to order a 10 quart one.

👤This seems to be a good product. I am usually hesitant to buy cookware made in China, but this is the only item I could find in this size. I am relieved that it is a stamp from the National Security Foundation. I needed to cook 21 pounds of ground beef in the oven for my dogs. The pan did that perfectly and was cleaned up nicely afterwards. The instructions and tips that came with it should apply to most cookware.

👤To wash it thoroughly is preferable to have a large basin sink. It's large enough to make two chickens worth of chicken and rice, or enough lamb biriyani for ten adults. I've owned cookware for domestic cooking and it's the only cookware that splatters when you cook with it.

👤The best pot ever! You can't go wrong with this pot. Awesome.

👤This pan is large. Braising fry or putting it in the oven can be done at high heat gas stove. This is a restaurant piece of equipment. Not for electric stove or gas stove. You need a commercial or residential stove to use this pan. I love it!

👤I brought this for my mom on her birthday. I hid it from her for two weeks. I was not expecting it to be in a big box when I received it. As she opened the pot, we both saw how big it was. We couldn't use it because it was so big and it covered all of the burners. I didn't think it would be that big. The advertisement pictures make it appear smaller than it really is. I had to return it.

👤This is a pot that I love. It was perfect for my cabbage rolls. Large but not high. It took me a while to find it. Very happy with it so far.

👤It works great. Follow the instructions before use. It's big for the extra big serving you will need. A good purchase. 2 were bought.

👤The base is very thick. Food does not stick with food. Which requires a lot of cooking.

👤Pour toutes occasions, est conducteur.

👤It is well built. I use it a lot.

8. Mockins Premium Stainless Steamer Saucepot

Mockins Premium Stainless Steamer Saucepot

The best gift for family, friends and loved ones is the housewarming gift. The best part of the set is the pots and pans. They have always got your back. There is a lifetime guarantee for the product purchased from Avalon. The mockins 3 Piece Steaming Set is made from heavy duty 18/8 steel. The steamer basket has an aluminum core at the bottom of the pot and a base that is capped with a metal that ensures the heat is evenly distributed. The steamer basket fits into the pot. The glass lid helps keep the steam in and cook your food. The rolled pot rims are thick and durable and give you spill and drip resistant pouring in a great veggie steam pot. The handles of the hot pot stay cool. The pot can be used on a variety of cooking surfaces. They offer a 3 year warranty on the 3 piece STAINLESS STEEL POT SET. They have you covered, so cook up a storm and enjoy your food.

Brand: Mockins

👤I have been looking for a set of steamer pots. This review would be accurate because I have used this many times. I am 70 years old and have a gas range. After many steaming's, I have no flames or heat marks on the bottom Pot. There are no flames or heat marks on the sides of the Pot. I mixed some water and white vinegar with warm water and noticed some spots on the bottom pot. They came out. Did not use any pads. I use it every third time. I wash it the other time. It always comes out... I cook vegetables and chicken. I shred roasted chicken and freeze it. The steamer leaves my chicken moist. I have steamed my potatoes and they are great. I steam my vegetables on low heat until I can push them apart with my spoon. I will no longer use my microwave. Always cleans up, strainer always cleans up. I am happy with this product. The handle is welded on, not riveted on.

👤Although it is my practice to always buy products through Amazon whenever possible, that are made in America, I ordered this pot set knowing that it is made in China because the primary source of buyer information through feed backs convinced me that this is a quality, well made product, and upon receiving The quality, material, and durability are just as high as other previously pot purchases made by Revereware or Farberware. I wish my purchases on Amazon turned out great.

👤So far, so good! It is easy to use and clean. We were using a steam basket that was collapsing and it was difficult to clean because it kept falling apart. This is a great replacement. A family of 3 has a great size. There is a It is easy to clean off the pot because my husband uses it for who knows what. We use it as a steamer at least twice a week. I am really happy with this purchase.

👤The steamer pot has a lot of things that I like about it. It makes me feel sick when I use it. The smell won't go away when I use it. I would like to return it. Maybe it's too late.

👤It produced a bad chemical smell in my house, it was the plastic part they used. I will return it. The looking and size are perfect.

👤I have used all of them a number of times and cleaned them a number of times. You are doing it wrong if you have burning and cleaning issues. I haven't had anything stick so bad a green scrubber, hot water, and elbow grease hasn't been able to clean up. I had a stick that was bad because I got the pan too hot. These pots and pans are meant to be used for cooking. They will pick up some character along the way, because they will dull some with use and proper cleaning. The brand name will be removed from the pots and the gradients will be removed from the bottom. It means you are cleaning it well. They should not be washed in the dishwasher because they are dishwasher safe. For the best results, wash and dry immediately. The majority of the negative reviews I have seen seem to be due to user error. This is a great set that should last a long time if taken care of properly. The pictures of the small frying pan are from when I cooked the scrambled eggs. I only used a soapy sponge and hot water. If things get stuck or discolored, I hit them with the green scrubber, which does scratch the mirror finish, but they aren't meant to stay shiny forever if you're doing it right.

9. IMUSA IMU 25074 4 9Qt Nonstick Handles

IMUSA IMU 25074 4 9Qt Nonstick Handles

There is a safe stock option for dishwasher. All stovetops are suitable for dishwasher-safe cookware. There is a glass lid with a steam vent and two layers of ceramic nonstick coating. The capacity is five quarts. Only the hand wash is allowed. Red metallic high temperature paint on the outside. The product is not oven proof. Red metallic exterior with high heat temperature resistant paint. It's ideal for cooking large meals.

Brand: Imusa

👤I can't speak to the importance of durability. I would come back if it fails. It was very nice and I used it immediately. I made bean soup. The handles were comfortable. The pan was strong. I hope it continues. There is a It cooled quickly once I removed the heat. There is a I think this is a good pot and I will use it a lot. It looks like it is durable.

👤I had no high hopes. I thought it was $20 for a pot with a lid. I would be fine, but it has exceeded my expectations. It has a non-stick surface so it is easy to clean, even if you are making popcorn, soup, or something else. The rubber handles on the sides are very good. The bright red color of the product looks very nice and there were no dents or scratches on it. You can't beat this value for $20.

👤Since I bought it, this has been my go to pot. I make soup, pasta,popcorn, Sauté veggies, make curry, deep fry etc. It is easy to clean and not too big. I have not used anything else. I wash and use a lot. I might need another one.

👤I've used it and liked it, though in my first use it gave off a very strong smell, which seemed to come from the rubber handles on it. I hope that doesn't happen.

👤I didn't expect much, but this is a great pot for this price. I've used it quite a bit so far. It is easy to clean. I didn't put it in the dishwasher. I don't know how it would hold up. I used it for spaghetti sauce and it didn't stain. It's a good idea to recommend it.

👤I have used this pan almost every day since I received it. I usually need to cook on high heat to start my recipe. It looks like I just received it, it doesn't scratch or stick, and the warm soapy water brings it back to the way it looked when I bought it. I love red kitchen accessories. I hope to replace other sizes that I need as well. The glass cover is a plus for me because I like to worry about what I am cooking and watch it the same.

👤The item was packed with bubble wrap and not a box or manual. The product is very thin and not looking like ceramic to me.

👤Great. The handles get very hot.

👤En general, una buena olla. Wendola. No se ha abollado. There is a El material tiene mucho el gasto. Parece ser duradera. Ms pequea para cocer verduras o as. Paraguisado de unas 5 personas, Este tamao es. There is a Es fcil de lavar, el material permite. He cocinado con y sin aceite. No, no, no There is a The color is un bonito.

👤I thought it was a smaller pot. I got the wrong size. I bought this size because it allows me to make more freezer portions. For freezing. The handles are safe and comfortable, the pot is beautiful, and the inside is non stick. I use non scratch ustensils to stirr in the pot. I want to see if I can find a smaller size for it.

10. Nonstick Saucepan Granite Coating Switzerland

Nonstick Saucepan Granite Coating Switzerland

The Carote sauce pan is coated by Swiss imported granistore ILAG, which provides you healthier and safer cooker. The inner tank of pot is made of aluminum alloy and has a 5mm thick bottom. The saucepan is easy to clean and can help you solve stick problems. You can clear oil easily if you have a soft sponge or dishcloth. You should not use a steel ball to clean the pan. The weight of the sauce pan is 1.32 lbs. The wooden handle is easy to grip and maneuver. The glass lid allows you to watch cooking. The sauce pan is made with a flat bottom which allows it to be placed evenly over the heat source. It's suitable for use on: gas, ceramic, electric, and solid fuel cooker. The bottom area is small for a milk saucepan. You can try a different cooker. If you receive defect or damaged items, please contact them through your orders and they will give you a 100% refund or new item. Warm tip. They can't reply to the reviews or deal with the after-sales. Please contact them if you have any problems with their product.

Brand: Carote

👤The pan is hot. The handle started making weird popping sounds after a single use. The base of the handle started to burn after I cooked. You can see the damage. The handle is not heat proof.

👤I wanted a pan that was easy to clean and safe to cook oatmeal in. I had been using a small cast iron pot, but because I like to let the pan soak just a bit, I decided I needed something else. The pan is perfect. It's easy to clean the pan because of the heating, even if I don't soak it. This is the size of the 1.3-qt. The pan is not as heavy as my one. It's much easier to handle a cast-iron pan. I just use a soapy sponge to clean it. Done! This size is convenient for cooking many other items, especially when cooking for one. I like to use a glass lid to see my food cooking, but I don't use it often. The wooden handle is easy to hold. It makes cooking easy.

👤The pot is stylish and well designed, but it may not work on some of the popular ranges. I have a Bosch range that works well with most cookware. The bottom of the pot is not magnetic. The non-magnetic inner part of my range prevents it from detecting it and heating it. The product description says it is suitable for induction ranges, so I assume it will work on some of them. It may not work on yours.

👤The handle was wobbly when I got it. I assumed that my handy screwdriver would solve the problem. I just got ready to use it and it's not so easy, the screw keeps spinning and the thread has to be damaged. I threw out the box thinking it was a simple fix. If you get it and the handle is wobbly, I suggest you either fix it or return it. Pots are not safe with weak handles.

👤The seller doesn't tell me what a very substantial flaw is. The bottom of all Carote items are black. This is not acceptable. There is a clean burning natural gas stove top. We were replacing cheaper cookware at a discount store. They served us well, but like all things, they got old. I was surprised and disappointed that the bottom of all pans and pots had black gunk on them when I cleaned them by hand or dishwasher. Our sponges turn black. I noticed this when I put clean pots in our cabinet. I noticed that the pan had black stains on it when I took it out of the cabinet. The tan liner should be replaced with a black one. I reached out to the seller to see if I was doing something wrong, but haven't heard back. We bought a few months ago that are outside of the return window. I will try to invoke the 12 month warranty, but since the cookware does work, I don't think they will consider this a product defect. I don't want to have to clean the products I use for cleaning cookware when I clean it. Have never had a problem with cheaper products. You can check out my photos.

11. Circulon Professional 13 Piece Hard Anodized Induction

Circulon Professional 13 Piece Hard Anodized Induction

The bottom works on gas, electric, and ceramic glass. The set includes a 1 quart covered saucepan, 2 quart covered saucepan, 3 quart covered saucepan, 8 quart covered stockpot, 5 quart covered saute, and a 10-inch French Skillet. The construction materials are PREMIUM. The vessels are made from bronze heavy-duty hard-anodized aluminum, shatter-resistant glass, and comfortable dual-riveted, stay-cool silicone over caststainless steel handles. The TOTAL Food Release System of raised circles with PFOA-free premium cooking surface was designed for a wide range of cooking options. OVEN SAFE and INDUCTION READY: It's suitable for all stove-tops, including ovens.

Brand: Circulon

👤We've gone through so many cookware sets that we're disappointed in their longevity. We generally follow the manufacturers recommendations for cooking and cleaning, but they don't hold up over time. We were looking for a new set. I found the Circulon after searching through Amazon's selection. I researched this style because I had never heard of it. It turns out that it had good reviews, with some of them indicating that they had more than one set over the years. I wasn't yet convinced, but that speaks volumes to me. I went to the website. I went through every detail and description, from how it's made to the different styles. It all sounded great, but I was a bit hesitant. I decided to add it to my cart and think about it. I was waiting a while. I didn't want to be disappointed again, so I didn't want to go in and get it right away. They sat in the cart. I kept seeing them. I browsed through the reviews and opened the item again one day. I refreshed my memory about the brand. I decided it was time. The set we were using was not the best. My husband agreed. I ordered the Circulon. I was excited but nervous. We didn't want to be disappointed. The cookware arrives. There were no outer box dents. The box was strong. The cookware was well-packed when I opened the box. I took all the items. It looked pretty. The color is beautiful. The cookware is not heavy. They are made to last. I was excited to start. First, read all directions. They were washed by hand. Does that mean they can be used in the dishwasher? We have tried that with a few of the saucepans, but are a little afraid that it might not be the best option over time. Nothing happened. They came out well. Our preference is to handwash. We have had cookware for a while. They are very warm. The instructions said to only set the temperature for cooking. Unless boiling water is present, never on high. I don't use high for that either. They don't recommend using cooking spray. We don't. You don't need it. Everything we have cooked has turned out well. Since receiving them, we have used them a lot. It's easy to clean. We haven't tried them in the oven yet. I am very impressed with them so far, because I can't say how long this cookware will last. The set is beautiful. I look forward to using them.

👤The sizes are perfect for a family of 6. We need big pans for all the man-sized appetites in our home, so I spent a lot of time searching for a set that had the large 5qt saute/fry pan, 3qt sauce pot, and a 12in flared skillet. They heat up well at medium heat. I clean them with paper towels and wake up early because mac and cheese that sat for 2 hours came right off with the sprayer hose. This is the first set of cookware that I have purchased and I am very happy. After 2 years of use, this is still a great set. I put them in the dishwasher, but not yet. I will not hesitate to get this brand again when I need a new set. A family of 6 has lots of dinners and stir-fry. It's easier to use a touch of oil for eggs. The smallest amount will do. I have never regretted investing in this set.


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What are the best brands for cooking vessel ceramic?

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