Best Cooking Vessel 6 Inches Width

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1. Cuisinart 755 26GD Classic Stainless Multi Purpose

Cuisinart 755 26GD Classic Stainless Multi Purpose

The 8 quart stockpot was included. Professional performance and classic looks are what it is made of. The cooking surface does not change in appearance or taste. The handles on the stove top are riveted. Hot spots are eliminated by the spread of heat from aluminum encapsulated base.

Brand: Cuisinart

👤We bought this vessel in December of 2016 and now I see rust around the rim of the vessel cover, but I used a magnet to see if it was iron. I did not get the product that I was told was a product called "stainless steel", which is very deceptive of the description. There is a I don't recommend this product.

👤The bottom is covered with gray dots. It looks like the beginning of rust. I'm not sure if it's safe to use this pot. It's not the first pot I own, but it's the first one like that.

👤The first time I used this pot, black spots formed on the bottom of the pot, but I really wanted to like it. They are not hungry. The spots on my finger and fingernail are part of the pot finish. I will be sending this back to Amazon with a different brand. I have other products from Cuisinart that are high quality and last.

👤The first use was boiled water at setting 7 to see how long it would take, after seeing white spots, thought it was just water and overlooked it. You can see where the silver coating part has eroded away if you look in person. It's hard to believe that this is a pot from a brand that isn't a great one, but they are usually decent pots and pans. I have used the small 3cp pan version of this three times and it shows no wear. I threw the box away because it looked and felt better than the smaller version, but I bought it from A and it's authentic. Don't buy!

👤I have had this pan for four years and it has held up well. It's a medium-to-large size that works well for pasta, soups, and whatnot. The pot is made of steel, so it's safe for most foods, even acidic ones like tomato sauces that might get a metallic taste from cast iron. The bottom of the pot has an aluminum core to distribute heat evenly, which is good for cooks who like to cook with copper or aluminum. The sides are a bit thin and the pot is quite lightweight. If the sides were a bit thicker, I think they would distribute heat a bit better when you're boiling water and some creeps up the sides of the pot higher than the general water level, and if you're sauteing food, try not. This is a relatively inexpensive pot, and I wouldn't expect much more. If you want thicker sides, you can find some where the sides are a bit thicker and also have an aluminum core for better heat distribution. There is a This is not a bad pot, it's held up well and is reasonably priced. The bottom of the pot is nice, but be warned that the sides are a bit thin, so if that is a problem for you, you may want to go with something that is a bit higher quality.

2. Stackable Instant Pot Insert Book

Stackable Instant Pot Insert Book

There is a lifetime warranty. They have always got your back at DCIGNA. Buy the best lifetime guarantee for the product you buy from DCIGNA. The double lid combo Silva allows you to cook a variety of foods simultaneously. It's an excellent choice for Pot in Pot meals, steaming vegetables, rice, meat, and fish. The second pressure cooker steamer insert lid has holes for reheating. The pressure cooker pans are perfect for a 6 quart pressure cooker. Awesome instant pot pans. The Silva insert set is made of food grade STAINLESS STEEL and is the best choice for steaming vegetables, rice, pasta, meat, and fish. They are easy to clean after cooking. Silicone Hardened Heat Resistant Handle comes with 2 inserts, 2 lids, 1 sling, and a recipe ebook.

Brand: Silva Inc Restaurant/kitchen Tools

👤It appears to be a good quality product and it arrived in perfect condition. I chose this item because it states in the listing description that it is food grade 304stainless steel. The product is 202stainless steel, according to the instruction manual.

👤I was happy with the appearance when it arrived. The set was well made. Several other users had the same issue when I tried to dry it, which was a black greasy substance on my towels. I had to wash and scrub the areas multiple times to remove the stuff from the containers. I'm not sure what it was. I know if it wasn't good for food. I tried the set out after getting it cleaned. There were no problems at all. When cooking in pot, you have to remember that it takes longer to cook. After washing the set again, I noticed that there were spots on the inside. Smooth like rust spots. I tried to get them out but couldn't. I tried to remove them with a scouring pad, but it was not enough. I don't think it's harmful to the food, but it seems to indicate that the metal used is cheap. I assume low quality materials are responsible for cook wear. If I had to make another purchase, I would probably pick another brand.

👤I've wanted to buy a set of these pans for a while but never got around to researching and choosing them. I saw these with the free bonus pair of silicone mitts for pulling them or the instant pot liner and took the leap. I'm glad I did. These are a great size and excellent quality. I can cook enough for my family of four to eat, for example, I used them for rice in one pot and orange chicken in the second pot. When I got my first set of three, they were so small that I didn't purchase a set of two like this one because it was too small for family cooking. These are large. It didn't affect my cooking times like glass pot-in-pot bowls have done in the past. The bonus silicone mitts are very nice. They are red, which match my kitchen, and allow for more precise movements than the normal pot holders I use. I'm glad I have them because I didn't know I needed them. Highly recommend this product.

👤The first time using the insta pot and inserts. They were easy to use. Their shiney coating made it easy to clean up. It's nice and light. The handles made pulling out the beeeze easier. Dinner was easy and quick.

👤I have used the instant pot insert to cook and keep different foods separate. We had some leftover Chinese food. I reheated the two entree in the separate pans and put a Pyrex cup with rice inside one of the inserts. I set the pressure setting for one minute and then let it warm up for about an hour. The food was moist and delicious after being heated. The ease of cleaning is the best thing about it. I washed it up after soaking it.

3. MyMoon Container Cooking Storage Strainer

MyMoon Container Cooking Storage Strainer

The Grease Container with Strainer, anti-slip coasters, and worry-free 18-month warranty are what you get. Their large grease can is 6” x 6” with a 5” diameter and can hold up to 48 ounces of cooking oil or bacon grease. Strong,durable materials. Their bacon grease container is made from food grade iron with a strainer and has a handle that is easy to use. The fine mesh strainer allows you to reuse your cooking oil for other dishes. They also include a non-slip coaster to prevent slippage on your kitchen counter or to catch overflow in case you spill grease, and a unique bacon fat container where you won't even know what's inside. It is easy to clean the grease separator with hot soapy water and a soft sponge.

Brand: Mymoon Home

👤The kit is adequate. There is a tendency for spills over the edges of the spout. There is a tendency for the saucer to slip about and not stay put, so the bottom of the pitcher should have a tighter fit. Deeper grooves on both would solve that. It is a lovely set and the handle is very comfortable. The top is made of plastic.

👤The container is what I expected. It's the right size for my counter. It was easy to clean. The construction is of a quality. They have several colors, but white is my kitchen color. Great value! Thank you Amazon.

👤It is difficult to use because it doesn't come off with one hand. The plastic fooled me as the pictures look nice. That is definitely on me! Would recommend.

👤It's perfect in both size and color.

👤I like that it has a strainer in it. The plate it sits on is great for grease. Stores used to sell this item as a standard product. I couldn't find one in the store, but I was happy to find this one.

👤I thought it was ceramic, but I may have overlooked it. It is made of plastic. I like the mesh it comes with. It catches the burnt pieces so it doesn't mix with the bacon grease. I really like this. I wish it were ceramic because it has held up after many uses. The cream and wood look simple.

👤We had a ceramic version of the grease holder, but the screen fell apart on the rim and the container cracks and grease went everywhere. The container we purchased is great. It will not crack because it is larger and metal. This is a good one. It is easy to clean.

👤It works well. It is large. I would have to cook a lot of bacon. If I ever wanted to strain oil for a second use, the size works well. The mesh catches all the bits and I keep it.

👤This was ordered without thinking it was so large. It will take 10 years to fill this. It should have been returned for a smaller one. It is a good quality product.

👤A good size for bacon grease is important.

4. HOMENOTE Sous Container Quart Sleeve

HOMENOTE Sous Container Quart Sleeve

These bundle kits are all you need to start your favorite sous vide cooking. The most appropriate container for sous vide. The container/lid is made from a material that resists heat and helps keep the water temperature. They are light and transparent. The sous vide rack isurdy. The wavy design of their rack is hard to rust and it does its best function of keeping the food bags from floating, so please keep it clean, especially the welds on the rack, to extend the life of the rack. The elevation allows for more circulation of the hot water, and it also puts some space between the container and the food bags. There is a sleeve that is heat-resistant and insulated. The sous vide sleeve is made from high grade neoprene and it has precious heat from dissipating through the sides. It stores heat so cooking time is reduced and fuel or electricity is saved. The set of accessories has been tested for ANOVA and CHEFSTEPS machines, but they are not sure if it is suitable for other brands of machines. Before purchasing a machine, please confirm the size of the pre-cut hole.

Brand: Homenote

👤The container works well. The protective sleeve is something I like. I washed it twice as it had a chemical smell. It is perfect now. The container fits the Anova 1000 watt. Some of the larger sous vide cooker will not fit in the listing. The rack can be adjusted for larger or small portions. There is a metal bar on top to keep the bags from floating up. The rack is weighed down. This is perfect. You don't need anything else. You don't need clips or weights, and you don't need those extras. I returned a vacuum cleaner because it didn't get the air out properly. Put your food in a partially closed bag and then submerge it in the water. The metal bar is attached to the top of the bag by means of the pressure from the water. That is all that is needed. There will be no floating. The container should have a plastic lid on it. I spent a lot of time looking at different products. This is a great setup. I recommend it! If you found the review helpful, click the button below. Thx.

👤It's been over a year and a half since I bought the container, and while I still love it, I am not happy to see that the rack is starting to fall apart. See the pics. The fact that I have bits of rust floating around in the water and traveling into my circulator makes me unhappy. Not good. The original review is here. I bought this at the same time as my first cooking device. I have made everything from steaks for an hour and a half to roast beef for 36 - 48 hours. Even during long cooks, the lid and insulation keep the heat and water levels where I want them. I'm going to buy a second sous-vide for shorter cook times in the kitchen, just because the low-level buzzing of the circulator starts to grate on us. I was an occasional and not very enthusiastic cook who had given up on ever making meat dishes that tasted restaurant- perfect before I explored sous-vide. Do not walk if you fall into that category. What a difference! We are so happy to have discovered this cooking method, and to have been able to cook for many months at home. Set in.

👤Still waiting to hear back from China. This appears to be a container that is not free of the harmful substance. The part number for the container is GN1/2-JD-P1220. If you search, you'll find that the manufacture in China is brought up. Where on their site does it say that they produce products that are free of the harmful chemical, BPA? The recycle code on the container I received is a 7 which is a type of plastic. I really liked the container and sleeve, but I wish it was a non-basp free container.

👤Useful addition to my experience. It is well suited to sous vide cooking and is a bit pricey, but there is a lot to like. The container is large enough to hold more than one serving. It comfortably handles steaks and chops. Feeding 8 could be difficult. The underwater holders can be configured. The container is not large enough to be unwieldy. That's a positive thing. It's efficient because of its limitation. The cutout in the top is perfect for my unit. I like the idea of the neoprene sleeve because it should help keep the temperature more evenly. It is thick and a good insulator. The container has a narrower base than the top so putting the sleeve on it is a bit awkward. In theory, it slips from the bottom. It wants to slip back to the bottom at every turn. This is an awkward process, that never actually succeeds, because there is no straps or loops to grip. The lack of attachment points threatens to make this a struggle. ... We'll see. The recipe books that come with cooking appliances are usually not worth much. I was surprised to find a number of recipes and ideas in the booklet inside the accessories. There is a I can recommend this. It serves its purpose. I'll wait until after more uses to make a final judgement.

5. Ecolution Non Stick Carbon Riveted Handle

Ecolution Non Stick Carbon Riveted Handle

The steel wok is easy to carry and store. The non-stick coating is PFOA Free which is safer for you and less greenhouse gases. It's ideal for everything from stir fry to deep frying. The flat base allows the wok to sit directly on the burner and maximize the heat in the pan. Even cooking can be done with high heat transfer. It's suitable for Electric, Gas, Glass Ceramic stove tops.

Brand: Ecolution

👤I used this for a bit when I went to Baja and I want to use it for cooking pasta, but I don't hang these, so I need to find a lid so I can use it. The first trip had no issues. The coating on the trip has started to fall off. This is a rust bucket. The coating is useless now. There is a The nordic ware 8.5" is working great. There are no issues at all. Go USA made.

👤The nonstick started peeling. It was a year of infrequent use. Save your money.

👤When my wok arrived, I was happy. I put it under the cabinet after cleaning it. I didn't use it until about three weeks after buying it. I cleaned the pan the right way. I didn't want to damage the nonstick and send my new Wok in and out. I would have expected this to be so nice, but I was happy with it. It felt good. It felt good. The first time I used it, food was stuck to the surface. I did all the right things, but I couldn't remove the food stuck to the bottom of my pan. Don't waste your money. This is not a real quality wok. I can't return for a refund because my trial window had closed before I had an opportunity to request a refund.

👤I have had this wok for about 2 months now and I love it. The insides have started to chip and peel away, forcing me to throw it out and look for a better quality product. I bought a larger wok from the same seller and was hopeful that it would be as good as the smaller one, despite the other reviewers comments that it wouldn't be as good. I have used this wok everyday for the past 2 months and always on a low to medium flame, hand washed and dried right away. I want a replacement that is better quality.

👤I was very excited to use this product, it was one of those things that you order and wait by the door until it arrives. I moved in to a new apartment and wanted to cook quickly, so I needed this wok very badly. I washed it and put it to use. The bottom of the wok was damaged after I used it for the first time. I thought it was odd. I sent pictures and explanations to their team on August 13. 3 weeks later no reply. They don't care about customer service or their product. I guess you get what you pay for. Don't fall for the cheap scam like these companies try to befriend you with if you spend your money on quality products. Always aim for high quality.

👤I was surprised. 1. The handle is not fixable and has a poor design. The pan lost a lot of its coating during the first use. 3. If this were $10, I would give it more stars because I would expect subpar quality for a $10 wok.

6. IMUSA IMU 25074 4 9Qt Nonstick Handles

IMUSA IMU 25074 4 9Qt Nonstick Handles

There is a safe stock option for dishwasher. All stovetops are suitable for dishwasher-safe cookware. There is a glass lid with a steam vent and two layers of ceramic nonstick coating. The capacity is five quarts. Only the hand wash is allowed. Red metallic high temperature paint on the outside. The product is not oven proof. Red metallic exterior with high heat temperature resistant paint. It's ideal for cooking large meals.

Brand: Imusa

👤I can't speak to the importance of durability. I would come back if it fails. It was very nice and I used it immediately. I made bean soup. The handles were comfortable. The pan was strong. I hope it continues. There is a It cooled quickly once I removed the heat. There is a I think this is a good pot and I will use it a lot. It looks like it is durable.

👤I had no high hopes. I thought it was $20 for a pot with a lid. I would be fine, but it has exceeded my expectations. It has a non-stick surface so it is easy to clean, even if you are making popcorn, soup, or something else. The rubber handles on the sides are very good. The bright red color of the product looks very nice and there were no dents or scratches on it. You can't beat this value for $20.

👤Since I bought it, this has been my go to pot. I make soup, pasta,popcorn, Sauté veggies, make curry, deep fry etc. It is easy to clean and not too big. I have not used anything else. I wash and use a lot. I might need another one.

👤I've used it and liked it, though in my first use it gave off a very strong smell, which seemed to come from the rubber handles on it. I hope that doesn't happen.

👤I didn't expect much, but this is a great pot for this price. I've used it quite a bit so far. It is easy to clean. I didn't put it in the dishwasher. I don't know how it would hold up. I used it for spaghetti sauce and it didn't stain. It's a good idea to recommend it.

👤I have used this pan almost every day since I received it. I usually need to cook on high heat to start my recipe. It looks like I just received it, it doesn't scratch or stick, and the warm soapy water brings it back to the way it looked when I bought it. I love red kitchen accessories. I hope to replace other sizes that I need as well. The glass cover is a plus for me because I like to worry about what I am cooking and watch it the same.

👤The item was packed with bubble wrap and not a box or manual. The product is very thin and not looking like ceramic to me.

👤Great. The handles get very hot.

👤En general, una buena olla. Wendola. No se ha abollado. There is a El material tiene mucho el gasto. Parece ser duradera. Ms pequea para cocer verduras o as. Paraguisado de unas 5 personas, Este tamao es. There is a Es fcil de lavar, el material permite. He cocinado con y sin aceite. No, no, no There is a The color is un bonito.

👤I thought it was a smaller pot. I got the wrong size. I bought this size because it allows me to make more freezer portions. For freezing. The handles are safe and comfortable, the pot is beautiful, and the inside is non stick. I use non scratch ustensils to stirr in the pot. I want to see if I can find a smaller size for it.

7. Ecolution Pure Intentions Saucepan Quart

Ecolution Pure Intentions Saucepan Quart

There is a lifetime warranty. All of the cookware is backed by a lifetime warranty. When you have the best kitchen pots investment, why buy a separate stock pot, soup pot, pasta pot, fondue pot, or hot pot? Maintaining an efficient kitchen can be accomplished by investing in quality cookware. The Ecolution Pure Intentions Saucepan is oven safe and uses a stay-cool knob and handle, as well as an encapsulated bottom for heat conductivity, which makes it a great choice for home use. ECO-FRIENDLY: The Ecolution line of cookware was born from their passion for cooking and concern for the planet. Ecolution products are made from recycled materials, and the Pure Intentions Saucepan is made from recycled steel. 70% of the packaging is recycled. It's SAFE and NON-TOXIC. This Saucepan is free of PFOA, lead, and cadmium and is similar to all Ecolution products. Cook with care and good judgement. The fun and enjoyment in a kitchen is derived from cooking, not cleaning. Their Saucepan is dishwasher safe, so you don't have to worry about scrubbing and hand washing. SPECIFICATIONS: The package includes 2 quarts. Streel Pure Intentions Saucepan.

Brand: Ecolution

👤Pot is lighter and more delicate than higher end brands because it's as thin in the wall and handle as the manufacturer could reasonably get away with. The bottom sandwich seems to be standard thickness and heats evenly on my glass top range. It did not burn or leave a trace after being shirred for three cups of milk. The rim is rolled and not completely drips. The pot handle and lid knob didn't get hot to the touch in the time it took for me to heat the milk, so I don't know how it would perform on a gas range. The overall design of the item I received was not as pictured, but it was still a little uncomfortable to handle, but not torturous. Could the manufacturer tell me if units currently shipping have the better knob? Many people have complained that they couldn't find a proper size base vessel because the Norpro Universal Double Boiler combines well with this pot. The Norpro that I found online for $9.97 was accompanied by an Farberware domed glass lid, which I found at a local store.

👤The worst piece of cookware I've ever used is this saucepan. It's a nightmare to clean because everything burns onto it. Everything burns no matter how much oil, butter or cooking spray is used. The all metal construction is not something I like as the handle is not safe when you start to heat it. If you're looking for a non-toxic saucepan, I would look elsewhere.

👤It is very thin and scratches easily. I have used this pot about a dozen times and it is starting to show wear. It is stained or worn on the bottom. I haven't cooked anything acidic in it. It looks like it's worn out. I bought 2/17/22. This is a disposable pot, if you spend the money you will get a long lasting pot. If I don't use it much, I might get another month or two out of it.

👤No good on popcorn! I was happy to find a 2 quart pan as a stand-alone purchase. The first time I used the little pan, I didn't like the time it took to heat up and switch to another pan. The metal content must be very low. I thought I'd give it another try, and now it's in the "Give to sister" corner. I had a can of green beans on the stove top for 10 minutes and the bottom of the pan was warm. The beans were boiling in about three minutes when switched to another pan. It's a cute little pan, nice lid, and it's light weight, which is a good thing.

👤The quality of this saucepan was very good. It was a reasonable price. The cooks cook evenly. It is easy to clean. Looks more expensive. This one is built nearly as nice as the other ones I've had. Is a nice workhorse and looks good. We've been using this pan for a while and it is holding up. I still love this pot. It's a useful size. I like the glass lid. I don't mind heat, hot handle? I don't cook using high heat. Medium heat is used most of the time. If it gets hot, it's not a problem to grab the potholder. Handling healthier foods and pots using medium heat or lower is a good way to do it. Not necessary. The pot is designed for daily hard use. This is one of my favorite purchases.

8. RAVELLI Italia Linea Stick Saucepan

RAVELLI Italia Linea Stick Saucepan

The Beautiful Copper Toned Linea 20 The Sauce Pan is made in Italy. The 5 Layers of their proprietary PFOA free Non-stick coating allow you to cook healthier with less oil. Even heat distribution for energy saving is ensured by the specialized Spitfire bottoms. The handle is heat resistant and comfortable to handle. It is easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

Brand: Ravelli

👤This became our favorite pan. It is small enough to cook a single serving of rice every single day. We usually don't make more than a cup of dry rice, which will take up about 1/3 of the pan after cooking. I like to cook oatmeal or a small amount of frozen veggies in it. It is hard to find this size in stores. I am very happy with my purchase and I would recommend this saucepan.

👤I've had this for about a year and a half, and I'm looking for a new one. The non-stick material around the upper edge of the pan has been worn by the metal rim of the lid. Even though I have been careful to follow the proper cooking and cleaning procedures, there are still some on-stick coating on the pan. I was expecting it to last longer than it has.

👤This feels like a dollar store quality compared to my other pots and pans. Not worth anything.

👤I bought this to go with my set of hammered copper cookware. The pan arrived in good shape. I washed the pan and lid and left them in the kitchen sink, but we heard a loud pop from across the house. The entire lid was shattered. There wasn't an opportunity to take a picture because of the mess we had to clean. Very disappointing.

👤We only use this for oatmeal. No high heat or foods that need to be eaten. The pan is dishwasher-safe and easy to clean. The surface has held up well.

👤I'm still waiting to buy a "non-stick" cooking oil. It still hurts.

👤I like this saucepan. The right size and quality for a durable everyday saucepan can be put up with the family. It's everything you can expect from a quality kitchen product, but you have to be careful not to use metal utensils with it. The quality, heating, finish, and lid are all things I like.

👤These pans cook great. The clean-up was easy. I wish they came in bigger sizes like two and three quart. The handles attach to the lids in a great way. I would recommend them to anyone. I love the way they look.

👤This is a good saucepan for an elderly person. It is easy to lift and carry with its size, light weight and stay cool handle. The interior is easy to clean. I have been through many small saucepans.

9. Nonstick Saucepan Granite Coating Switzerland

Nonstick Saucepan Granite Coating Switzerland

The Carote sauce pan is coated by Swiss imported granistore ILAG, which provides you healthier and safer cooker. The inner tank of pot is made of aluminum alloy and has a 5mm thick bottom. The saucepan is easy to clean and can help you solve stick problems. You can clear oil easily if you have a soft sponge or dishcloth. You should not use a steel ball to clean the pan. The weight of the sauce pan is 1.32 lbs. The wooden handle is easy to grip and maneuver. The glass lid allows you to watch cooking. The sauce pan is made with a flat bottom which allows it to be placed evenly over the heat source. It's suitable for use on: gas, ceramic, electric, and solid fuel cooker. The bottom area is small for a milk saucepan. You can try a different cooker. If you receive defect or damaged items, please contact them through your orders and they will give you a 100% refund or new item. Warm tip. They can't reply to the reviews or deal with the after-sales. Please contact them if you have any problems with their product.

Brand: Carote

👤The pan is hot. The handle started making weird popping sounds after a single use. The base of the handle started to burn after I cooked. You can see the damage. The handle is not heat proof.

👤I wanted a pan that was easy to clean and safe to cook oatmeal in. I had been using a small cast iron pot, but because I like to let the pan soak just a bit, I decided I needed something else. The pan is perfect. It's easy to clean the pan because of the heating, even if I don't soak it. This is the size of the 1.3-qt. The pan is not as heavy as my one. It's much easier to handle a cast-iron pan. I just use a soapy sponge to clean it. Done! This size is convenient for cooking many other items, especially when cooking for one. I like to use a glass lid to see my food cooking, but I don't use it often. The wooden handle is easy to hold. It makes cooking easy.

👤The pot is stylish and well designed, but it may not work on some of the popular ranges. I have a Bosch range that works well with most cookware. The bottom of the pot is not magnetic. The non-magnetic inner part of my range prevents it from detecting it and heating it. The product description says it is suitable for induction ranges, so I assume it will work on some of them. It may not work on yours.

👤The handle was wobbly when I got it. I assumed that my handy screwdriver would solve the problem. I just got ready to use it and it's not so easy, the screw keeps spinning and the thread has to be damaged. I threw out the box thinking it was a simple fix. If you get it and the handle is wobbly, I suggest you either fix it or return it. Pots are not safe with weak handles.

👤The seller doesn't tell me what a very substantial flaw is. The bottom of all Carote items are black. This is not acceptable. There is a clean burning natural gas stove top. We were replacing cheaper cookware at a discount store. They served us well, but like all things, they got old. I was surprised and disappointed that the bottom of all pans and pots had black gunk on them when I cleaned them by hand or dishwasher. Our sponges turn black. I noticed this when I put clean pots in our cabinet. I noticed that the pan had black stains on it when I took it out of the cabinet. The tan liner should be replaced with a black one. I reached out to the seller to see if I was doing something wrong, but haven't heard back. We bought a few months ago that are outside of the return window. I will try to invoke the 12 month warranty, but since the cookware does work, I don't think they will consider this a product defect. I don't want to have to clean the products I use for cleaning cookware when I clean it. Have never had a problem with cheaper products. You can check out my photos.

10. Ecolution Pure Intentions Saucepan Quart

Ecolution Pure Intentions Saucepan Quart

The dimensions are:11'' x 5.5'' x 3''. Maintaining an efficient kitchen can be accomplished by investing in quality cookware. The Ecolution Pure Intentions Saucepan is oven safe and uses a stay-cool knob and handle, as well as an encapsulated bottom for heat conductivity, which makes it a great choice for home use. ECO-FRIENDLY: The Ecolution line of cookware was born from their passion for cooking and concern for the planet. Ecolution products are made from recycled materials, and the Pure Intentions Saucepan is made from recycled steel. 70% of the packaging is recycled. It's SAFE and NON-TOXIC. This Saucepan is free of PFOA, lead, and cadmium and is similar to all Ecolution products. Cook with care and good judgement. The fun and enjoyment in a kitchen is derived from cooking, not cleaning. Their Saucepan is dishwasher safe, so you don't have to worry about scrubbing and hand washing. SPECIFICATIONS: The package includes 1 quart. The saucepan is made of pure steel.

Brand: Ecolution

👤The lid gets very hot and I only gave it a three. A potholder is needed to remove it. The handle gets very hot. The pot is very sturdy.

👤It is a nice pan. I like it, but I had to use a pot holder if I got the pan hot or boiling, because the handle got hot.

👤I can not recommend this pot. The metal handle is too hot. You need a potholder. The pot is very small. I wanted a replacement for my 1.5 quart pot, which is 15 years old, but it won't last that long.

👤I already have one saucepan from the initial Ecolution Pure Intentions box set, and decided to get 2 more. I like the clean look and feel of this product and it also pairs well with my all-glass dishes. The only minor annoyance is with the lids where you have to remove/unscrew their handles to drain water that gets trapped underneath when you wash them.

👤. The lid is the most important part. The metal works well. I hope it's not aluminum.

👤I assumed the handle should not absorb the heat because it is not very deep. It does.

👤The pot is good to cook with. It is easy to clean.

👤The heat distribution is dangerous. The handle becomes as hot as the pan.

👤The size, shape, and overall look of this saucepan is good. I rarely use it as the handle is too hot. It's too much trouble to use an oven mitt or silicon holder for a stovetop pot. It's hard to find a small, eco friendly pot with a glass lid like this one.

👤When I cook with the handle, it gets really hot. I need to use a rag to move it.

👤Cette casserole n'est pas toutes, pour un usage courant sur un feu intense. Le fond change de couleur. The prix de ce produit was trop élevé.

👤I like the quality of this product. I used it to boil small items.

👤Pot arrived as shown. I'm happy with it. There is a Thank you.

11. Inch 13 7cm Pre Seasoned Cast Skillet

Inch 13 7cm Pre Seasoned Cast Skillet

It is easy to install seamless joints. The Zip Screws are made in the USA. The pre-season began. This pan is made of cast iron and has a pre-seasoned finish to help prevent sticking. Excellent heat exchanger. It's ideal for traditional and slow cooking techniques because heat is absorbed evenly and spreads gently. The Verostle is a reptile. The oven is safe to 500 degrees F and can be used in the oven, under the grill, or on most heat sources. OVEN TO TABLE It's perfect for small living spaces and for preparing a single-serving meal. It is easy to clean. Rub with a light coat of oil after every wash.

Brand: Casamoda

👤I bought two of these 5.4 inch cast iron frying pans. I use these pans for many dishes, including personal meals. You get your money's worth when you purchase this product. The thickness of the frying pan is perfect for heating. Can't go wrong. I have read comments about rust. If not taken care of, these pans will rust. It is an error on your part if you have a rusted cast iron fry pans. I gave this pan an additional seasoning even though the product says it is pre-seasoned. I use a high smoke point oil, which is a avocados oil. The cast iron pan should be placed upside down in the oven for a couple hours. This will allow for a coating that will make cooking and cleaning easy. After cooking, wipe your pan clean. Pan should never be left to dry or left to sink. The cast iron pan should be placed in the oven on 350 degrees to dry. This will prevent rust from showing up. Occasionally pan is re-seasond as needed. I would definitely recommend this product. .

👤The quality of this cast iron skillet doesn't measure up to the main brand ones, and I didn't realize how small this size actually is. The finish is very rough and the pre-seasoning is minimal. It's a cute little skillet that can be used as a casserole dish. The price was good. You get what you pay for.

👤This pan has been a disappointment. I bought it for its small size because I thought it would be good for a couple of eggs or a cookie. The pre season on this skillet was not worth anything. I seasoned it myself a couple of times and no matter what I do, it has been a disaster every time I cook on this skillet. I have had to scrub it with soap and water just to get the food remnants off, which is usually the last thing I want to do to my cast iron. I can not recommend this product.

👤I like the square design, but wish there was a lid. It makes great omelettes. There is a I sand my cast iron thoroughly to make it as smooth as possible. I season it with coconut oil or lard. That makes a great cooking surface. Hand wash without soap.

👤This pan is very small. I thought it would be great to cook a few sausage links in the morning. I dried it properly after it was rusty. I use a large cast iron skillet daily.

👤The Lodge version is worth the buck. Either the 3.5 or the 5.25 version. The lodge is very smooth. There is a This one is not stamped like Lodge. There is a The edges are too sharp and the handle is skimpy. The handle is very thin. It will be harder to hold when it gets hotter. The China version is very rough so it won't be as good as the Lodge version which has a smooth surface and rounded corners. There is a Lodge is better than pour spout. I got both small versions at the same time, and the difference is obvious- spend another dollar and get the Lodge. It's perfect for fried eggs. For me, it's the faster heat up, easier two eggs, and less mess than my 10.5 in Lodge which I do love. The made in USA and Lodge quality is better than this one.


What is the best product for cooking vessel 6 inches width?

Cooking vessel 6 inches width products from Cuisinart. In this article about cooking vessel 6 inches width you can see why people choose the product. Silva Inc Restaurant/kitchen Tools and Mymoon Home are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking vessel 6 inches width.

What are the best brands for cooking vessel 6 inches width?

Cuisinart, Silva Inc Restaurant/kitchen Tools and Mymoon Home are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking vessel 6 inches width. Find the detail in this article. Homenote, Ecolution and Imusa are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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