Best Cooking Vent Screen

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1. New Star Foodservice 50677 Commercial

New Star Foodservice 50677 Commercial

The 12 inch pizza screen is a must have for any pizzeria. The aluminum pizza screen helps bake pizza more evenly by allowing air to circulate beneath the crust and keeping the pizza soggy. A seamless rim design makes the screen long lasting. The seamless rim makes it easier to clean and eliminate rough edges. Brown pizzas will help melt cheese quicker. The marks on your food are reduced. The aluminum pizza pan can be used in many ovens. Pizza screens work well in pizza parlours. It gives ample room for making delicious pizzas. It is not recommended to use over an open fire. This item should only be washed and sanitized. Please measure the oven to make sure it's the right size. Individual 12 inch pizza screens are included in this listing.

Brand: New Star Foodservice

👤The pizza screen was delivered on time, but the product is not very good. I am attaching a picture. The metal is thread-like and can be seen near the rim of the pizza screen. When you touch them, they fall off. I will be throwing this screen out because it could end up in my pizza.

👤I used one of these to cook in my oven. I loved it. I used pizza doughs that were more oily to the touch as well as doughs that were more floury and both held up great on this screen. I always put the dough on the screen after spraying it with oil. Put the sauce, cheese, and other things on top. I have never had a problem with the dough sinking through the holes. If you were to try to shape the dough while on the screen, it would make a huge mess. I've tried baking pizzas on stones, pans of different materials, pans with holes and screens. For me, the screen is the best for a perfect crust. I loved my home until one day someone came in and took bags of flour, pizza cutter, pizza screen, bread knife, cooling rack, and other favorite household goods from our rental home. I think my favorites are good. It had to be someone from the rental company because they were the only ones with a key and everything was locked up. I hope they enjoy it as much as I did. These are great for the price and can be used daily.

👤I bought a combo that was too small for a frozen pizza and the edges would fold down when it was time to cook, but it was a standing rack. This is an inexpensive option to correct for that. The perfect size allows air flow. It's also great for garlic bread. I expected it to be hard to clean because of the nooks and crannies, but I used hot soapy water to clean it and it was almost completely clean. Absolutely must have. I think it's a standard oven. Since it is lifted on the rack in the conversation oven, you can pick it up from underneath, even if you don't want something larger for frozen pizza.

👤After making pizza with a pizza chef from Puerto Vallarta, we are seasoned pizza makers. He only uses these to cook pizzas. The bottom cooks better with the crusts. They work better than my pizza pans that have holes in the bottom to help crisp up the dough. These are for people who love making pizza. You won't be disappointed.

👤The pizza screen is great for cauliflower pizza. I spray the screen with olive oil to make it easy to clean, I think the screen will only need a quick rinse under warm water and air dry after a period of time. I let it air dry after I cleaned it with a brush and a small amount of detergent in the kitchen sink.

👤I love this product. I like to make my own pizza and eat it seven days a week. This is a small device that you can use to cook pizza at home. I haven't tried a frozen pizza because I don't normally eat frozen pizza, but I think it would work as well as I found with my homemade.

2. Broan BPQTF Non Ducted Charcoal Replacement

Broan BPQTF Non Ducted Charcoal Replacement

General Electric item. A replacement filter. Air quality in your kitchen can be improved by using a charcoal filter for range hoods. The performance of a kayak. The range hoods have charcoal filters that help keep them operating at their best. It isdurable: It was made of high-quality materials to last. This is a special design made for use with the 30" QT20000 Series Range Hoods. The size of the filters is perfect for your home. The size of the filters is perfect for your home.

Brand: Broan-nutone

👤It was perfect for my fan. I've purchased filters from other sellers before and they were not as good as the one I bought, so the center of the filter would rub on the fan blade. The one that stays put is the one that should not have loud noises from the fan. The charcoal insert within the filter mesh helps kill grease odors that get trapped within the filters from regular use. The smell of old rancid grease is not that bad and this filter takes care of that. I have cleaned and recycled it a few times. Don't bend or twist the frame. Take some hot sudsy water and rinse. Sometimes I will add a bit of household degreaser (LA's Awesome OrangeĀ®) if grease is bad on frame and once I used Goo GoneĀ®) because the grease was really bad on frame. After soaking and gently using a soft bristle scrub brush, rinse the filter thoroughly and let air dry before you re-holster it. Grease in the range hood vent and or vent flue helps to keep grease out of your range hood vent and or vent flue, which reduces the risk of grease fires. This is a great filter.

👤I use a hood range on top of the stove that is charcoal-based and it is perfect compared to the metal one that comes with it, it helps with odors and steam. The main part for me is that it keeps my exhaust clean after months of use and I was amazed at how clean it was. I will buy replacements since I can't wash them and I will buy a new one if I can get a clean one and cook on a daily basis. Thank you. I appreciate you, broan.

👤This is a mesh weave filter that can be used to help capture grease and other particulates that result from cooking food on a range top. The filter is put in place without any effort. The screen catches fat cooking particulates. It can be washed with hot soapy water. I use a non-ducted range hood system with this filter. I didn't have a range hood over my stove so the particles set off the smoke detectors. I have not heard from the smoke detectors since installing the range hood.

👤I only used it one day, so I don't know how well it works. When the range hood fan is on, the filter bows upward, causing the mesh to fall into the fan. Not enough clearance. A strip of aluminum across the center would prevent this. I am using this with a new range hood. It's not clear if the fan is set too low on the range hood or if the filter bows too easily. The charcoal side of the filter might need stiffening. I rigged it so that it rests on supports against the back wall, so that it has enough room for the fan to spin freely.

👤I don't know how it will deal with smoke or odors on my hood. The frame of the filter is so flimsy that I had to be careful to remove the plastic shrink wrap because I could see how someone could fold the whole thing in half. One of the edges is bent and I didn't like how it locks into the fan housing. The screen that came with the fan had a positive lock. There is a I suppose that the filter shouldn't be as sturdy as a cleanable one because it's expected to be disposable.

3. Guards Inserts Nesting Bathroom Exhaust

Guards Inserts Nesting Bathroom Exhaust

Vented top to keep food warm. It's high enough to not touch your food. It's dishwasher safe and easy to clean. 2 packs of hexagonal grid vent hood covers are included in the utility vent cover package. The dryer vent grills are made of aluminum alloy. Soft material for easier to adjust your desired sizes, suitable for 3 inch, 4 inch, 5 inch, 6 inch, 7 inch, and 8 inch for your plastic vent cover. The vent cover is simple to use, easy to install and clean, and it is suitable for the vent hood cover guard, so it is recommended every 6 months. The dryer vent cover is made of quality aluminum alloy material and is waterproof and rust proof. The aluminum alloy grill is easy to install, it fits dryer and bath fan vent for maximum exhaust flow, and the screen is beautiful to compliment any home. The aluminum alloy grill is easy to install, it fits dryer and bath fan vent for maximum exhaust flow, and the screen is beautiful to compliment any home.

Brand: Zhanmai

👤I used it on my dryer vent. There was a problem with mice coming in. The house realized that there was no grate over the dryer vent opening. No more mice!

👤The grate for the dryer vent fell out. We bought the house. The lizards were having a party. I bought this because I needed something to jam into the vent opening. I used my garden shears to cut the metal grate. I can't believe people say they cut this with scissors. The sharp edges of the metal wouldn't cut me if I wore work gloves. I was able to bend the edges by pressing very hard. This is very strong. I jammed it into the open dryer vent after cutting it, bending it up, and rearranging it. The holes are large enough to let the little geckos in, but this will keep the bigger ones out. The holes on this are hexagonal. If you don't know what geckos are, they eat bugs and poop wherever they go. They can squeeze through small openings. I don't think they are cute. I'm hoping this grate does the trick.

👤You should get one for every vent in your house. There is a These are made of aluminum alloy, not plastic, so they will last forever. There is a It is easy to cut with scissors. There is a This piece is not expensive.

👤This did not work for me. The material is too thick to fit behind the vent louvers. The vent is so tight that it won't open and close as it should. I had to cut it to my vent size so that I wouldn't be able to return it.

👤A small bird built a next in a vent on the exterior wall of our house. This stuff was easy to cut with scissors. The holes are large enough to exhaust but small enough to not allow the tiny birds to get through them. This product is recommended by me.

👤The old vent broke up. I didn't have to replace the whole cover because of this option. I was able to cut with a household scissor, but you might want to use one designed for the workshop. I added glue to make sure that it didn't fall out, so that I wouldn't have to get back on the ladder.

👤Birds were starting to nest in our bathroom exhaust vent. The birds are disappointed, but there are no feathers or pieces of straw falling from my bathroom fan after cutting it to size and fitting it in our existing exhaust vent. The mesh is easy to cut. Don't cut it with sharp edges.

👤Was what we needed. Birds are making a nest in the dryer vent. We tried duct tape outside our house, but they got through it, put an owl nearby, and came back and made more, but once we cut this to size and slid it into place, we had no more issues! I would definitely recommend it.

👤Bonne grille qui remplie sont office.

4. Floor Register Trap Screen Vents

Floor Register Trap Screen Vents

Fix holes and tears in window screens, screen doors, tent mesh, pool screens, RV screens, and more. The size is small and lightweight. Installation doesn't require any tools. It fits under the floor register to catch any debris. The application is for something. Netting catches debris that falls through the air. Does not work with flush mounted registers. Does not work with flush mounted registers.

Brand: Floor Register Trap

👤Didn't fit with our register. I bought this item a couple of weeks ago and now I need to return it because it's not eligible for return. I was very disappointed that I wasted $12. I would not have purchased if I had known that I was not eligible for return.

👤I ordered a 12 inch. The package is 4 X 12 inches. Not 12 inches. The quarter inch is smaller. You can't stretch a piece of cardboard over a metal register according to installation instructions. There is a The creeps don't allow returns.

👤This item can't be returned. We didn't realize that they wouldn't return it, now we have no use for it, because it didn't fit our vent.

👤I would give it a negative star. This is a very cheap price for this product. I didn't expect to get fishnet pantyhose from Spencer's. This is the cheapest material you can buy. You can't return this item, so I would suggest looking for floor register traps. I should have just cut my pantyhose. This purchase was so unhappy. Buyers should be careful.

👤These things are cheap, don't install securely, and even when you put it in, it gets caught opening and closing the vent.

👤These seem to work well for my heat register, but they could be better. They are easy to install and fit the 4x10 register damper box. If you have the type of dampers that slide back and forth, they are fine. If you have the type of louvers that are open and close, that may be a problem. The nets can get stuck. If you just set the louvers how you want them, no real problem, but if you adjust them frequently, it may take a bit more effort to lift the register out of the floor. If they made the net a little deeper, there would be no problem. It should be deeper for the price. There are alternatives for the sliding type, but not for the louvered type, so I guess I'll make one.

👤Our house was designed with floor registers, which I think should be against design rules since everything seems to fall into them. We liked the decorative metal register/vent covers, but couldn't trust them around little kids. These mesh covers were found by me. They are made of some sort of mesh fabric, and fit over standard-sized registers, which are the sizes available in the screen catchers. When the register is open, the screens seem a tad small, but it hasn't been a big problem. It would be better if the screen was made of a stretchy mesh material. I like that it's thin so it doesn't impede the flow of air.

👤I ordered the wrong size, but they work great. I could see the bugs coming up from the vent in my bathroom. I can walk without bugs.

5. U S Kitchen Supply Stainless Splatter

U S Kitchen Supply Stainless Splatter

Each package contains 6 food nets, classic white, protect your food from insect and dust, enjoy your outdoor pacnics without worrying about the food Sanitation. They will reply within 24 hours if you write an email. The service was quick and friendly. A professional grade splatter screen with 3 counter top resting feet is made of a high performance 13 steel. It's made with professional grade steel and has a rust-proof fine wire mesh screen. The screen can be kept flat and stable with the help of this fine weave. It is suitable for almost any size of pot. The solid steel wire handle is securely attached to the rim of the screen to keep your hands away from the heat. This keeps the screen straight and stable while in use on a pot or pan or while resting on a stove top or counter top. To cook safely, always use a splatter screen guard to avoid the dangers of hot oil and grease, boiling water and food particles from splattering onto you and burning you! Use the splatter screen to keep your kitchen clean and avoid making a mess in the first place. A splatter screen is perfect for use when you need to see and check the food or when you need to keep the food hot. The screen will contain the splatter and allow the steam to escape, while the pan and food maintain a stable heat level. The screen can be used for draining and straining pots and pans, to steam vegetables on top, or as a cooling rack for cupcakes and cookies. If you're not happy with their splatter screen, they'll give you a full refund.

Brand: U.s. Kitchen Supply

👤This thing is very different when it comes to screen lids. They don't sell garbage in a big box store. I used to go through the cheap ones a few times a year. This is something you give to your kids. If you're looking for a good one of these things that will last, you've found it.

👤My grandma's splatter screen was pointless to me. I changed my mind when I realized I don't like oil in my kitchen. Anyone that cooks should have these screens. I've saved myself a lot of cleaning by not using the splatter screen. The design is easy to understand. It is easy to wash and dishwasher friendly.

👤This product is the best I have ever used, and I have used other splatter shields in the past. The skillet is very sturdy and covers it perfectly. When you want to set it down, the feet on the one side are perfect. The feet keep it out of the water. It was well made. My adult children will be getting multiple units to give them for their kitchen. There is a It is very efficient in reducing the splatter. I have never seen a screen that will completely eliminate splatter. The screen comes close. In case there is someone who expects to prevent all of the splatter, I would mention that. The product would be called a lid. This product is very good. --- I bought this product myself. I did not receive anything in return for my evaluation, nor was anyone contacted prior to my purchase. I am not a test evaluator. The opinions are mine. I feel the need to make sure that others understand that I purchased this product on my own, because there are so many fake evaluations floating around. I hope this helps someone. ---

👤13 inch screen. I've used it on a lot of smaller fry pans. I decided to wash the screen. It says you can wash it in the dishwasher. I work to prevent hot grease from splattering. I've come out without a scratch from cooking butt bacon, hamburgers, and other fried items. This splatter screen is a must have for anyone looking for one.

👤I used my mother's spatter cover for decades, even though it should have been replaced. I didn't like any of the ones I saw. Couldn't be more pleased that I saw this on Amazon. The wire mesh is easy to clean and hangs by the handle on my cabinet until it is ready to use. I hope it will last the rest of my life.

👤The mailer was smaller than the screen. It looks like it was forced in. The screen wasn't strong enough to maintain its shape. I was able to get it back to its previous state. There are stretched areas that cannot be fixed. I didn't return as I needed this on the day it arrived. I will never choose this model again when I need to replace it.

👤The splatter screen is the best I have ever purchased. The screens became weak and torn as the others rusted or fell apart. They were all very light and I thought that was a good thing. There is a They all say they are dishwasher safe, but it takes a toll on them. There is a The screen is heavier and more robust, and the feet are great for resting it on the counter without getting grease everywhere. You use it on your pan. This screen is very good.

6. Broan 834 Filter 8 Inch Exhaust

Broan 834 Filter 8 Inch Exhaust

The aluminum alloy grill is easy to install, it fits dryer and bath fan vent for maximum exhaust flow, and the screen is beautiful to compliment any home. Product dimensions are 11-Inch by 10-Inch by 1-Inch. A genuine replacement filter. The exhaust fans are 8-Inch in diameter. Product dimensions are 11-Inch by 10-Inch by 1-inch.

Brand: Broan-nutone

👤The house I live in is older and has an exhaust fan in the kitchen wall. I decided to add a filter to the fan to keep it clean. I couldn't find a filter made with a notch for my fan because it has a pull chain. I just cut a small hole in the chain's filter and it's working.

👤It's a perfect fit for an old NuTone kitchen exhaust fan. You don't have to look at the old fan or motor if you clean up the look. Grease can be kept off that fan and motor. If you had to clean yours like I did, you wouldn't want to do it again. It's almost back in style now with the "retro" trend.

👤We just bought a midcentury modern home and needed to find a cover for our Mercury Nu-Tone bathroom exhaust fan. I took the star away because I wish they would make them in black. I saw a review from another buyer who had the same thoughts as me and spray painted it black. I'm not sure if the silver will grow on me, but if it does I'll go that route.

👤This is a good value. I also purchased a ceiling. A fan. The ceiling fan has a 7 inch round duct. The filter won't fit on the fan. The center hole of the 8210 fan is larger than the filter's hole, so it's a problem. I was able to enlarge it by cutting the filter's center hole with tin snips, but it took a while.

👤You don't know how much dirt is in your house until you put a filter in. 2 weeks. I can't ignore the dirt the fan picks up now that it needs to be cleaned.

👤This item is a great screen for our kitchen exhaust fan that opens up to the outside of our home. It's not easy to clean since it gathers a lot of grease, but it's cheap and you can buy another one. The only problem with it is that it doesn't have a slot for our pull string, so we end up having to cut a whole in it each time we get a new one.

👤I have a bathroom style exhaust fan in my kitchen. The previous owner had no filter and too much grease on it. I replaced the fan and wanted to make sure it didn't break again. The big box hardware store attendants told me to cut a square one to fit the filter, even though they had no idea it existed. The serial number of the fan I installed allowed me to find the filter on my own. I'm glad it's on Amazon. I've had a filter for three years. It's holding up well. I clean it every couple of months. It's easy to put it back in. It is easy to clean with hot soapy water. I cleaned it and it still looks new.

👤Strong winds almost blew the package away, but the driver failed to put so stone on top of it. It was found on the opposite side of the yard.

7. Raven Termination Stainless Slotted Condensation

Raven Termination Stainless Slotted Condensation

Does not work with flush mounted registers. This is a 3 inch vent screen with 3.5 inch outer diameter and must be purchased separately, so please check for compatible size to ensure correct fit for 3 inch outdoor vent termination. A small slot on the side of the drain screen allows water condensation to slide downward and out of the screen vent cap. It's simple to install a vent pipe cap by placing it inside the hub of a rubber elbow or a PVC elbow. The cover of the pipe won't rust, and the type 304 vent screens prevent leaves, debris, insect, bug and wildlife from entering the pipe. Airflow is a 3 inch cap with no obstruction that allows maximum air flow through the outdoor vent screen cover. Airflow is a 3 inch cap with no obstruction that allows maximum air flow through the outdoor vent screen cover.

Brand: Raven

👤I used the 3in version to install a new noritz direct vent tankless water heater. These were half the price of the noritz alternative. I did not find that these do not fit as intended. They must be installed in the hub end of a fitting. If your vent ends in a plain pipe, you will need to purchase a standard pvc coupler in order to install the screen.

👤I found these on Amazon and purchased 2 of them after searching Lowes and Home Deport for a suitable cap. The drain covers on the vent looked like they were limiting the air flow. I could feel a difference in the air flow on the intake after the replacement. They slide right in to the 90 degree elbow on the side of the house to allow for maximum air flow but still keep the bugs and rodents out. I didn't glue them in because they fit so snug. If you need to take them out for any reason, there is a small notch in them. It's rare to find a perfectly made product these days.

👤I had exhaust pipes that were needed to deter rodents. I was unsure of the sizes and return policy so I went to Home Depot. How does anyone not know what they are? I might have gone to the edge of insanity. The description on how to measure was so confusing that I was thrown off. These will fit the basic 2, 3, 4 inch pipes. The widest part of the pipe is collared out. The tap is simple to use. No glue required. If you need to remove it, I don't think you should add glue. The only thing I had was a 2 inch pipe that had to be fastened to a collar. I bought the collared elbow pvc pipe at my local hardware store and put my plumbing hat on. These are made of very good quality and would be a good choice if you wanted to do a redneck wire and clamp. Unless that is the look you are going for.

👤I needed to keep bugs out of the furnace air intake. The vent needs to be fitted into a 3 inch coupling because it is the same size as a 3 inch pipe. It's in place without the need for caulk or cement. There is a The local big box has the only drawbacks with the couplers, they're long and make the vent protrude further. I would love to see a version of the screen that was the same size as a coupler so I could just slide it over the end of the pipe. That would probably be a different way of doing things, but these sorts of exhausts are often random designs anyway. There is a The old design had slats to keep out birds, but did not do much to keep out bugs, and was looking rough after 20 years outside. I'm happy to have a better looking screen over my furnace intake. It is recommended.

8. CampN RV Exhaust Vent Cover

CampN RV Exhaust Vent Cover

It's safe. When connected to a GFCI-protected branch circuit,UL is listed for use over bathtubs and showers. The type IC unit has an efficient polymeric fan. The Camp'N Replacement RV/Trailer/Camper Sidewall Vent can be used with most popular stove/rangehoods. Each camp'n RV sidewall vent has hardware. Years of service will be provided by their High impact/weather proof materials. Lockable clips prevent the internal flap from being damaged. The opening size was 10 3/8" by 3 1/2". The opening size was 10 3/8" by 3 1/2".

Brand: Camp'n

👤The Ventline brand cover on our 3 year old travel trailer had really been affected by the sun, so I grabbed this vent cover to improve the look, I wanted an icy white finish, and that's what you get here! There is a I used the screws that were already on our camper to keep with the look of the kit. The screw holes are straight. I like that the exterior edging is more rounded than the old one. I was able to cut off the duct tube with a pair of metal shears because it was deeper than the one I was replacing. I promise to come back and update this description with my findings in the future, but I can't comment on how quickly it will discolour in the California sun. It feels like the Ventline branded one that I removed. It is moderately yellowed now. Unless you paint them, you can't avoid this happening with these items.

👤I went to a few RV dealers and found cheap vent covers for sale. There were plastic tabs and sharp edges on all of the ones that I looked at, they were cheap and thinly made. I decided to try a product that was less expensive. What a change! The vent cover was made from thicker plastic and trimmed properly. I didn't have to use the rusted screws that were holding the old vent cover in or buy new ones because the cover had STAINLESS steel screws. The product is great and the experience is wonderful. Must purchase!

👤The original vent on my trailer was the louvered style, but it didn't have a protective screen behind it. There were multiple wasp nest in my exhaust fan. I was going to install the same style with a screen behind it. I purchased the model with the ability to keep insects out when not in use. It's nice to close the flap when it's cold in Northern Michigan. It was easy to install the vent cover. Remove the existing screws, remove the old water proof putty, apply new water proof putty to the new cover and screw in. It was the same as the opening and holes on the old unit. Very happy with the purchase. There is a There is a loud noise when the cover is closed and the wind is blowing. This has happened a few times, so it's not a big deal.

👤I found that when this is inserted into the vent opening, it's too long and sticks out by a good inch. I had to use my hacksaw to trim off an inch so that it would fit, which was not fun, but a Dremel would be easier. It's a big design shortcoming, but it's at least fixable, given that this is supposed to be a standard size. The vent flap is still loose in the wind, and if you put something under it, the locking tabs don't lock shut when you need it to. I plan on installing a filter since I have the stove light on and the vent flap unlocked, which is really annoying, so I might just remove the flap or put lots of padding and then never lock the tabs. There is a The new plastic at least looks white again and not as dark as the old one, because the outer flange is smaller and it leaves dark spots that would have otherwise been covered. That's something. There is a The seller got it to me quickly. It arrived on the 2nd day after my order, which is always appreciated, and it is lightening fast, which is something that is always appreciated.

9. RHO Screen 3 Layer Adhesive Waterproof

RHO Screen 3 Layer Adhesive Waterproof

The microwave splatter cover is 10.24 inches and fits most plates, bowls and platter. The structure of 3 LaYERs. It sticks to any screen surface. It stays on the surface of your window screen and screen door for a long time. It's easy to use, only 5 seconds. No tools needed! Cut and put in place a covering for tears and holes of any size. It couldn't be any harder. Save your money and energy. It's easy to fix expensive replacement screens. The size is 2' 15'. It is resistant to both high and low temperatures. Fix holes and tears in window screens, screen doors, tent mesh, pool screens, RV screens, and more. Fix holes and tears in window screens, screen doors, tent mesh, pool screens, RV screens, and more.

Brand: By.rho

👤We are at a point in our lives where we have done all the big repairs and are ready to do the next one. My spouse promised to fix some of the holes in the screens. I am tired of getting eaten alive and that was years ago. I bought a roll of this and patched every screen in 10 minutes. Even with mediocre scissors, this product cuts cleanly. It doesn't take a lot of effort to adhere to the existing screen. This product is obvious in use so don't worry about which color you choose. It isn't going to blend. My screens are no longer mosquito boulevards and the product stays put. One more job is off the list.

👤I am giving this product a 5 star rating as I feel like it is a great product and easy to use. I brought the product to fix the small holes in my screen. Randy is trying to figure out a way into the house. He walked through most of the screen doors that we have replaced. I tried to ignore the fact that the most recent one lasted 2.5 weeks before he started nibbling the screen. After he went back to the barn, I got out my screen repair tape and it was very easy to use and very sticky. Tomorrow morning he won't notice my repair, I thought to myself. Around lunch time, Randy was wandering on the deck, looking for a way in or someone to give him some snacks, when he discovered the screen repair. It lasted about a minute. He enjoyed chewing on the screen tape for a while and ripped off the piece. If you could please keep people with pet sheep in mind, you made a great product.

👤I read the reviews before buying. You can see the repaired spots, but there are a few minor repairs that don't bother me. My husband cleaned the spots on the screens where we were going to apply the patches. He did one on a bedroom screen and was not crazy about it. He used repair mesh to cover 2 holes. I wouldn't have done them together. I used smaller pieces in the spots where a mosquito could get through the patio screen. The smaller patches were not as noticeable. The plastic backing was easy to remove and the glue on it was very sticky. We put our patches on the outside in case the cats were going to mess with them and others said it looked better from inside the house.

👤Holy cow! This stuff works. I used packing tape to patch up my screen door, which was covered in holes and tears. The mosquitoes were making their way in. I picked up a roll of this to check it out, and the repair is very similar to a new screen. I followed one other's review about installing it on the outside. That was definitely true. The door is more normal now. I thought it was going to be tape. It's real netTING with a glue on one side. It is a solid repair. Highly recommended!

10. Ram Pro Plastic Microwave Spatter Paragon

Ram Pro Plastic Microwave Spatter Paragon

You can replace your old or damaged filter with sufficient quantity, it's convenient to replace and install. The cover of the microwave plate is plastic. It's all you need to make microwave meals. The plastic microwave plate cover spatter guard has a clear lid. 10 inch diameter x 3 inch depth. There is clear plastic with various colors. QUALITY: The plate cover is dishwasher safe and has a Vapor Vent that can be adjusted to let you know how much steam is released. You will be faced with less soggy leftovers because food will cook more evenly. Forget the foil! Put the plastic wrap down. Throw out your paper towels. The microwave plate cover is all you need to make meals. Simply place the plate cover over the food on the plate, pop it in the microwave, and voila! Dinner is served. Vented top to keep food warm. It's high enough to not touch your food. It's dishwasher safe and easy to clean.

Brand: Ram-pro

👤I once owned a microwave covere, but it was too shallow, or just oddly shaped, and touched the food every time I used it. I tried to find a new cover for the microwave when I bought it. This cover is very good. I find it very easy to pick up, it doesn't get too hot, and it's shaped perfectly. Despite having holes in the top to vent through, they are not adequate to handle all the steam created, and the microwave cover and the microwave itself get extremely damp after use. They either need to be washed and dried immediately or left open for a while. This has not stopped me from using the cover, so I am giving it 4 stars.

👤I don't say bad things about anyone, but I feel compelled to say that the design of the top of this cover is not good. We licked our fingers to grasp it. The ridge that is supposed to be the "handle" is too shallow and it's not secure if you can't grasp it. Licking your fingers makes them sticky. That shouldn't be necessary. Unless you want to sand the sides of the ridge or change it to give it traction, find a different cover. The cover is large enough. It's not possible to grab a secure hold of it.

👤I should have followed what others were saying, but I'm stubborn at times. There is a flaw in the design of this item, you cannot grab the lid from the handle on the top. It's annoying when it's warm or if your hand is already wet, but sometimes you can. The seller asked me how I liked the product. I told him in my email that I didn't know if I was going to keep it or not. I thought to myself "oh just deal with it, it really is covering your food and doing its job", but at that point I was thinking of returning it. There is a The seller was not sympathetic after explaining the frustration with the item. Yes... Customer service is what I love the most. I'm returning this item because of the lack of sympathy on the part of the seller, even though the thing is faulty. Good customer service is important. If a customer is unhappy, ask if you can do something.

👤A very similar microwave plate cover was replaced. The top steam vent can be open or closed for a semi-sealed environment, which is the main feature of this cover. It will fit over traditional dinner plates. I wash the cover. I don't know how it will hold up in a dishwasher. This cover is good.

👤I am very disappointed in the product. The one it is replacing is much more flimsier. The inability to pick up the cover is the biggest problem. Your hand slides off if you attempt to do it. The only way I have been able to use it is with a pot holder on each side. This is not what I was expecting. It was very disappointing.

11. Splatter Screen Guard Stainless Steel

Splatter Screen Guard Stainless Steel

Airflow is a 3 inch cap with no obstruction that allows maximum air flow through the outdoor vent screen cover. Stay safe while cooking. Their high-quality grease splatter screen for frying pan protects your hands and face from burning hot oil splatter, so you can cook passionately without sacrificing safety! With even better protection, now. The frying pan spitting guard set stops 100% of oil. The splatter guard is dishwasher safe and easy to clean. It's best to keep the kitchen clean. The splatter guards for frying keep your kitchen protected from oil, grease, and boiling water splashes, while still allowing you to cook the way you love cooking! Use as a rainmaker too. Each splash guard for frying pan has a Pot strainer or fat drainer for pans, and a convenient heat-resistant hand hold on the pan lid for extra protection. There are three sizes of grease screens for fryers. You have a grease screen for any size pan with the economical set of 3 grease covers.

Brand: Kristie's Kitchen

👤There are misleading sizes on the website. There are two small ones. They are listed as small. The box is shown with the sizes. The box I got is smaller than the middle one. The manufacturer's part was very deceiving. I will be returning them.

👤This was an easy choice because we needed all 3 sizes. It is easy to use and clean.

👤It works well to keep the splatter off the counter tops. The big globe gets blocked off by this, so you will still get some splatter. There is a I prefer this design because it sticks out the side and takes up less space than a handle that sticks out the side.

👤The handle takes up less space and is not hot when using, and the mesh is great at keeping splatters from outside the pans/skillets. I think this is a great idea.

👤I bought this set for the smaller screens. I like the center knob handle more than the protruded pot handle. The smallest screen is supposed to be 8 and it fits inside my pan. It is a good size. I don't like the smallest screen. I wanted the screen to be a full 8. I have to think about it. I might return it.

👤I love splatter screens. The sizes are perfect. They keep the grease out of the air. When you flip the meat, grease doesn't splatter out. They work well for draining fat from meat. When the meat hits the screen to drain it will get a little hot, so make sure you have a pot holder on the knob. The old cheap ones with the handle are more difficult to use, but these are well made and last longer.

👤I remember these guards when I was a kid. When my Mother got them, they were 60 years old and she is 89 years old. These work perfectly. They are easy to use and clean. They store very easily. My daughter needed splatter guards for her new place and I was excited to pass on the tradition. I think she will pass on one day.

👤I like these. The long handle splatter screens cause an unbalanced weight and can easily fall of the pan if touched. I found the long handle in the way when I was cooking on the stove. The splatter screens with the handle in the middle fit better and balance better on the hot pan. I like the small screen for steaks or chops in a small skillet or a few scallops thrown in to brown. They fit in my dishwasher better than those with handles. You will still get some grease on the stove, but it will be less. These are worth the small increase and the 3 sizes are all you need.

👤I was expecting better for the price. If you put one of these side by side with a cheaper alternative, you can't tell the difference in terms of splatter. If they don't stop the splatter or reduce the amount, then what's the point of spending the money.


What is the best product for cooking vent screen?

Cooking vent screen products from New Star Foodservice. In this article about cooking vent screen you can see why people choose the product. Broan-nutone and Zhanmai are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking vent screen.

What are the best brands for cooking vent screen?

New Star Foodservice, Broan-nutone and Zhanmai are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking vent screen. Find the detail in this article. Floor Register Trap, U.s. Kitchen Supply and Broan-nutone are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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