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1. VEVA Pre Filters Compatible Purifier Replacement

VEVA Pre Filters Compatible Purifier Replacement

The true HEPA filter can reduce up to 99. As small as, 98% of dust, pollen, pet, mold, and allergens are. 3 microns is from the air. Premium filters capture unwanted particles in your home. The air filter replacement works to trap odors and purify the air in the room. The activated carbon pre-filter is used. A multi-layer air purifier replacement will remove pollutants from the air. High-efficiency HEPA technology is used to absorb everyday pollutants that affect the purity of your air. The dimensions of the HEPA Filter are H 15.75” x L 4.72” x W 1.12”. It is compatible with GermGuardian Models AC4300BPTCA, AC4900CA, AC4825, AC4850PT, AC 4820, PureGuardian AP 2200CA and Black+Decker BXAP148. Is not compatible with the VEVA 8000. Is not compatible with the VEVA 8000.

Brand: Veva

👤They were tested as part of an allergy study and they did not perform as well as they could have. Not true, as advertised.

👤Have been using it for a long time. I replace the filters on my unit once a year. I put two carbon filters on the HEPA and not the one I was told to put in the directions. I remove the two carbon filters when I take the HEPA out. The dust is knocked loose by the HEPA I. I shake the two carbon filers outside. I wash the carbon filters in the sink. Some of the fine carbon is lost, but a lot of it is washed out. Attach the water back to the HEPA filer and you're good to go. The double carbon filter back to back keeps the dust out of the carbon filters and prolongs the life of the paper HEPA filter by a factor of 2 or 3X. There is a Walter is in Arizona.

👤Product isn't a true hepa filter. I bought this product a year ago and it was labeled as a true hepa filter. The box has been re labeled and the claim has been removed. Premium HEPA filters capture 99% of airborne particles, as small as 0.2 microns in size. Premium HEPA filters can capture most small airborne particles, as small as 0.2 microns in size. There is a These filters do not meet the standards for high-efficiency particulates. The fact that they no longer claim to be able to filter 99% of particles as small as 0.25 microns is troubling. There is a The United States Department of Energy's standard for the removal of airborne particles is at least 99%, and most American industries have adopted it. The term "True HEPA" is a marketing term used by some companies to give consumers assurance that their air filters meet the standard. Products that are marketed to be "HEPA-type," "HEPA-like," "HEPA-style" or "99% HEPA" do not meet the standard and may not have been tested in independent laboratories. The filters may come close to the standards, but others fall short.

👤The filter filts like a glove. The orignal filter has bells and whistles that are included. I placed this into my recurring purchases list as I will be buying more of these in the future. I will try to update this model once the filter needs to be replaced. The clearled original filter that came with the Germ Guardian is shown in my pictures. There is a A quick note! Make sure that you hold the "UV" button for at least 5 seconds to reset the red flashing glow of the "Change Filter" notifcation.

👤After GermGuardian changed their filters, I tried VEVA. The filters didn't fit, and they didn't last long. When I first started using VEVA filters, I was breathing clean air, and I know that the HEPA filter will last longer because I can change out the carbon pre-filters. I got two HEPA filters for the price of one GermGuardian one. I'm really happy that I took a chance on this brand and product.

2. Broan BP57 Aluminum Filter 4 Inch

Broan BP57 Aluminum Filter 4 Inch

Can be used with any air purification device. It's compatible with the hrf-ap1, QuietCare, and SilentComfort Series air purifiers. winix 5000 The Grease Filter with Light lens and Non-Duct Filter Pad have clips for them. It is designed for use with the 43000 Series Range Hood. The dimensions are 11-3/8" x 11-3/4". The dimensions are 11-3/8" x 11-3/4".

Brand: Broan-nutone

👤This was the perfect fit for my hood. I bought it because I didn't know the model number of my Rangaire, but the listed measurements of the filter/lens were the same as the one that originally came with my hood, so I took a chance and bought it. When I first got my hood 18 years ago, I only changed the filter once a year, but now I know it's supposed to be changed every six months or so. I'll be buying these frequently, and I'm very grateful they're available on Amazon. My original is in the trash.

👤It works perfectly in my Range Hood that uses a series 43000 aluminum filter. The carbon filters that can be purchased to go with it fit behind the aluminum filter and are smaller because the white part fits over the electric light. Both worked well. It took some maneuvering to get the filter back in since the filter covers the entire area and my Hood has 4 little flaps or catches on it. I put the carbon backing on the filter back in the hood. The left side of the filter should be in the range hood as high as you can and the back side should be above the little back clips that come out from the hood. The filters should rest on the left and right catches. The filter should be let go. It will be very one-sided. Take a bottle/can opener with you. Push the right front side of the filter over to the left side so that the right front side can be rested on the catcher/clip.

👤I feel compelled to comment on this because I am ignorant. Let me explain. I noticed a couple of weeks ago that the filter over our stove looked like it had been there for a long time, and it felt like it had been there for a long time. I began scrubbing the muck off the filter after I thought it was an important part of the range hood. I'd let it dry and then try to get it to go away. A light bulb went off after a few days and it occurred to me that it might be replaced. I went to Amazon and found a replacement. It fit perfectly when it arrived. This item from Broan fits and works, so this quantum leap in knowledge may be inflating my grade. I was very happy to toss its predecessor. I was wondering if I could have found one of these babies at a hardware store. Maybe so, but probably wouldn't have remembered to look for one. I am happy with the selection and ease of purchasing on Amazon.

👤There are two pictures before and after the video installation. It was easy to snap in.

👤I am very happy with the purchase. The order was placed on May 20 and received on May 22. It was packed well and in good condition. The measurement is accurate (11-3/8" x 11-3/4"). Even though I couldn't find my product number, the hood and range fit perfectly. It looks like what was there. It popped right into place. I know it fits so I will order more.

3. Broan BPQTF Non Ducted Charcoal Replacement

Broan BPQTF Non Ducted Charcoal Replacement

General Electric item. A replacement filter. Air quality in your kitchen can be improved by using a charcoal filter for range hoods. The performance of a kayak. The range hoods have charcoal filters that help keep them operating at their best. It isdurable: It was made of high-quality materials to last. This is a special design made for use with the 30" QT20000 Series Range Hoods. The size of the filters is perfect for your home. The size of the filters is perfect for your home.

Brand: Broan-nutone

👤It was perfect for my fan. I've purchased filters from other sellers before and they were not as good as the one I bought, so the center of the filter would rub on the fan blade. The one that stays put is the one that should not have loud noises from the fan. The charcoal insert within the filter mesh helps kill grease odors that get trapped within the filters from regular use. The smell of old rancid grease is not that bad and this filter takes care of that. I have cleaned and recycled it a few times. Don't bend or twist the frame. Take some hot sudsy water and rinse. Sometimes I will add a bit of household degreaser (LA's Awesome Orange®) if grease is bad on frame and once I used Goo Gone®) because the grease was really bad on frame. After soaking and gently using a soft bristle scrub brush, rinse the filter thoroughly and let air dry before you re-holster it. Grease in the range hood vent and or vent flue helps to keep grease out of your range hood vent and or vent flue, which reduces the risk of grease fires. This is a great filter.

👤I use a hood range on top of the stove that is charcoal-based and it is perfect compared to the metal one that comes with it, it helps with odors and steam. The main part for me is that it keeps my exhaust clean after months of use and I was amazed at how clean it was. I will buy replacements since I can't wash them and I will buy a new one if I can get a clean one and cook on a daily basis. Thank you. I appreciate you, broan.

👤This is a mesh weave filter that can be used to help capture grease and other particulates that result from cooking food on a range top. The filter is put in place without any effort. The screen catches fat cooking particulates. It can be washed with hot soapy water. I use a non-ducted range hood system with this filter. I didn't have a range hood over my stove so the particles set off the smoke detectors. I have not heard from the smoke detectors since installing the range hood.

👤I only used it one day, so I don't know how well it works. When the range hood fan is on, the filter bows upward, causing the mesh to fall into the fan. Not enough clearance. A strip of aluminum across the center would prevent this. I am using this with a new range hood. It's not clear if the fan is set too low on the range hood or if the filter bows too easily. The charcoal side of the filter might need stiffening. I rigged it so that it rests on supports against the back wall, so that it has enough room for the fan to spin freely.

👤I don't know how it will deal with smoke or odors on my hood. The frame of the filter is so flimsy that I had to be careful to remove the plastic shrink wrap because I could see how someone could fold the whole thing in half. One of the edges is bent and I didn't like how it locks into the fan housing. The screen that came with the fan had a positive lock. There is a I suppose that the filter shouldn't be as sturdy as a cleanable one because it's expected to be disposable.

4. Broan 834 Filter 8 Inch Exhaust

Broan 834 Filter 8 Inch Exhaust

The aluminum alloy grill is easy to install, it fits dryer and bath fan vent for maximum exhaust flow, and the screen is beautiful to compliment any home. Product dimensions are 11-Inch by 10-Inch by 1-Inch. A genuine replacement filter. The exhaust fans are 8-Inch in diameter. Product dimensions are 11-Inch by 10-Inch by 1-inch.

Brand: Broan-nutone

👤The house I live in is older and has an exhaust fan in the kitchen wall. I decided to add a filter to the fan to keep it clean. I couldn't find a filter made with a notch for my fan because it has a pull chain. I just cut a small hole in the chain's filter and it's working.

👤It's a perfect fit for an old NuTone kitchen exhaust fan. You don't have to look at the old fan or motor if you clean up the look. Grease can be kept off that fan and motor. If you had to clean yours like I did, you wouldn't want to do it again. It's almost back in style now with the "retro" trend.

👤We just bought a midcentury modern home and needed to find a cover for our Mercury Nu-Tone bathroom exhaust fan. I took the star away because I wish they would make them in black. I saw a review from another buyer who had the same thoughts as me and spray painted it black. I'm not sure if the silver will grow on me, but if it does I'll go that route.

👤This is a good value. I also purchased a ceiling. A fan. The ceiling fan has a 7 inch round duct. The filter won't fit on the fan. The center hole of the 8210 fan is larger than the filter's hole, so it's a problem. I was able to enlarge it by cutting the filter's center hole with tin snips, but it took a while.

👤You don't know how much dirt is in your house until you put a filter in. 2 weeks. I can't ignore the dirt the fan picks up now that it needs to be cleaned.

👤This item is a great screen for our kitchen exhaust fan that opens up to the outside of our home. It's not easy to clean since it gathers a lot of grease, but it's cheap and you can buy another one. The only problem with it is that it doesn't have a slot for our pull string, so we end up having to cut a whole in it each time we get a new one.

👤I have a bathroom style exhaust fan in my kitchen. The previous owner had no filter and too much grease on it. I replaced the fan and wanted to make sure it didn't break again. The big box hardware store attendants told me to cut a square one to fit the filter, even though they had no idea it existed. The serial number of the fan I installed allowed me to find the filter on my own. I'm glad it's on Amazon. I've had a filter for three years. It's holding up well. I clean it every couple of months. It's easy to put it back in. It is easy to clean with hot soapy water. I cleaned it and it still looks new.

👤Strong winds almost blew the package away, but the driver failed to put so stone on top of it. It was found on the opposite side of the yard.

5. Microwave Grease WB06X10596 Replacement Microwaves

Microwave Grease WB06X10596 Replacement Microwaves

Grease particles are collected from the air while you are cooking and kept out of the microwave vent system to prevent odors from recirculating and affecting the taste and smell of your food. The stove vent filter replacement is made of aluminum and can be used in both vent and non-vented microwave ovens. The range hood filter is a replacement for the microwave air filter that is used on GE and Hotpoint microwaves. Sometimes rinsing off the air filter isn't enough and the microwave air filter needs to be replaced. The air filter replacement is 13 3/8 x 5 7/8 inches. The microwave oven vent hood filter is new. The DE63-00196A is a Whirlpool. The microwave oven vent hood filter is new. The DE63-00196A is a Whirlpool.

Brand: Bagean

👤Don't buy these filters. The envelopes are sent so they are completely bent out of shape. It is a good idea to show you how much they care for the product. The filters are supposed to stop things from getting into the fan. The hole is twice as wide as my original one. Grease can get past the filter. Will not come from this supplier. Hopefully, they will step up their game.

👤If you want to know the size of the grease filter, be sure to measure it, instead of trying to find the model number. There is a The model number for my GE microwave was listed with a filter that was 4 inches wide, which would not fit my 5 7/8 wide filter. The GE microwave model could be used for more than one fan hood configuration. I bought it because it fit perfectly as I measured it, even though my exact model number wasn't shown here. There is a It is easier to replace the filter than it is to clean it. They arrived a bit late. I put the one in the fan hood that looked good. The cleaned oven/fan hood looks like new.

👤These fit the MHE14XMB. I couldn't find that model on Amazon, but I got lucky and found out the size I needed, and if that's what you have, these will fit perfectly. There is a They're thin and flimsy, but they weren't bent when I got them. I wish the holes were smaller, or that the filters were more substantial, but they're passable and they'll probably catch some dust and grease. This was a built-in unit in a house we bought, and it was missing the filters, so maybe these are exact copies of the originals.

👤I usually wash my filters. These were around $11. I thought I would get new. They bend easily. I pulled the mesh from the frame when I pulled on the tab. I tried to open the frame and put the mesh back in. The frame on one of the microwaves was bent when I inserted it. It hangs down a bit now. I don't think anyone should buy these. The original ones for my microwave have been around for 10 years. I'll keep washing them.

👤There's nothing fancy about this item. The grease filter is made of grease. It looks exactly like the GE filter that was installed. When I found out, I ordered a couple and changed the filters when I received them. It fit perfectly when it popped in. It took no more than 2 minutes. There is a If it's slightly bent, just bend it back into place. I would try to exchange it out if it has a crease from being bent too much.

👤I don't know why we didn't replace this sooner. We've had a microwave for almost a decade and have cleaned it many times, but it was getting bent up and grungy. I ran an exhaust system to the vent to catch the oil and grease before it gets to the outside. We were very happy to have ordered this.

6. Complete Premium Vent Register Filters

Complete Premium Vent Register Filters

Is not compatible with the VEVA 8000. Dust, pollen, smoke and other particles are trapped by their premium vent filters. Their AC filter can be installed behind non-standard vent sizes and used in a variety of projects. The vent filter comes with a roll of white filter screen material and installation tape. Their AC filters are a must-have for households with smokers, cooking, or pets. Air vents of all shapes and sizes are compatible with this. Cut to the size you need. Air vents of all shapes and sizes are compatible with this. Cut to the size you need.

Brand: Veva

👤The filters work well. The main source of dust in my apartment building is the central heating and cooling. The filters are easy to cut and install. The filters are very discreet. The filters do a great job of keeping the air clean, but they don't cause a reduction in air flow. The filters can be placed on the inside of the register vent by removing it. These are great ways to reduce the spread of dust in your house.

👤I noticed a lot of dust when I changed the air filter on the furnace, so I ordered these. The litterbox does throw some dust, but I have cats. Run an air purifier to try to help, but decided it wasn't getting enough on its own. There is a I have enough fabric and velcro to cover the vents a second time, and the package came with enough to handle my 3 return registers. I don't know how much hold it would have if I put it on the vent and threw air into the room. There is a The fabric is thin, but my scissors struggled. I would recommend getting fabric scissors. There is less dust after a few months. A fan is above the cat's litter box to catch dust. I have a larger box fan that I can help with.

👤Dirt was dragged in by the dogs and the kitchen was under attack. We bought an expensive hepa air purifier and it helped immensely, but the expensive charcoal prefilter was not able to keep the air clean. We put the Veva filter over the grill and ran the brush attachment over it every time we vacuum. After a week, the charcoal and hepa filters are still clean. I am extending the life of the expensive filters for pennies. The majority of what we trap comes from what is brought in daily, not from the vents as the vent filters don't collect nearly as much dust as the veva filter on the purifier! It makes me wonder what could happen if we covered the back of a large floor fan. I think it will kick butt and I will use it any way I can imagine. I hope the review helps you.

👤I think they do what I want, but I wish they were a bit thicker. We get sick after we turn on the heater because we have horrible allergies. We get our ducts cleaned, but it doesn't seem to work. I tried these and they were all good to go for 6 days. They took me 45 minutes to install them, they are easy to install. I'm very happy.

👤It's easy to install. Did not need to use the material. The vent holds the filter in place by itself after I cut it. My house smells amazing after I added a few drops of essential oil. I can not comment on how they filter because they are the first day I used them.

👤I like it. The air flow is unaffected. The previous renters at our place had a cat and they weren't supposed to. The first time we used the A/C, I woke up feeling like I had been punched in the face. The filters were put on most of the vents. The decision was the best ever. I put them back in the floor instead of putting them on top so they are less visible. Will purchase more in the future.

7. MISAZ Filters Universal Extractor Kitchen

MISAZ Filters Universal Extractor Kitchen

It's compatible with the Porcelain Buchner. The size is 40 x 38 cm and the conversion is 1 inch. The package includes 12 pieces/set. Cut the grease to the required size and you'll have grease free kitchen. You can cut the large filter down to fit two full size hoods or extra filter protection. 99% of cooker hoods will fit those paper grease filters. There is a genuine replacement paper grease filter for your cooker hood. There is a genuine replacement paper grease filter for your cooker hood.

Brand: Misaz

👤The Grease Filters Paper Carbon is made of paper. The filters are not as thin as I expected. I thought I could use them in the vent section of my deep fryer to replace the grease/oil vapor filter, but they are not as thick as the original. I'm going to use them by cutting into little rectangles, even though I didn't buy them to use on my range hood. I will update after using them in the way they were advertised. It was TBC.

👤I had to use two layers because it is very thin.

👤I have to change it often because it is very thin. I will not be buying from this shop again.

8. Pureburg Purifiers Accessories Replacement Replenishment

Pureburg Purifiers Accessories Replacement Replenishment

Cut-to-fit Carbon Pad 16 x 48 x 1/6 inches for Air Filters Charcoal Sheet is a 1-pack. Volatile organic compounds are removed from the air. Cut-to-fit Charcoal Sheet It is advisable to replace Model Series Parts at regular intervals. It is possible to fit range hoods and furnace filters.

Brand: Pureburg

👤I measured the air VOC levels coming out of my air purifier after cutting a piece and fitting it in, and it was high. I put a different activated carbon filter in my air purifier. I measured the VOCs and they were zero. My conclusion is that either this activated carbon is already saturated with VOCs or this isn't actually activated carbon and just black dye that is actually emitting VOCs.

👤It emits TVOCs. I put my air quality monitor inside the filter and it got elevated values compared to the ambient levels. The HCOH was raised from 0.070 to 0.2. I got elevated values of the HCOH after installing the air purifier.

👤There is enough padding to cut the filters for two air conditioners. Use the old filter as a template and cut with scissors. I change out our carbon filters because we're not kidding. During the summer, men couldn't care less. We keep the units with fresh pads so they are ready to go again next year. Don't buy pads from the store. Get this stuff.

👤The fan is not vented to the outside, so I got this to replace it. The previous filter was easy to disassemble, and I used the dishwasher to get the grease catching filter. This material is easy to put in place. There is a It is not nearly as carbon-coated as the original but is better than cheaper replacement filters that cost the same as this whole sheet. This comes out somewhere in the middle. Inexpensive replacement from another manufacturer was one of the ways I tested. The smell of the cooking was as if I didn't filter it, and this padding, single layer. It was noted that the odor was reduced a bit, not a huge difference, and that this padding, double layer, was noticeable. It was noted that the odor was reduced even more and made a difference, 4) this padding, double layer, aquarium activated charcoal added between. The smell was strong as if I had just cooked, and it was noted that I had not cooked in a while. There is a grease is always an issue regardless of the method. It's not possible to cook high-temp foods indoors and not have grease smoke when the hood is unvented. The goal was to reduce odor. I'm willing to pay about $10 for this padding and add some activated charcoal, which should supply me for about 2 years, and I get decent results. I don't want to pay $60 for a replacement for six months. To get some good results. Non-vented hoods are not very good. This is an inexpensive way to keep it going.

👤I just put it into my air purifier and it got four stars. There is a I have three cats at home and I want to see if it will help remove cat dander, large air contaminant, and hopefully the odor of having pets. There is a The product is much narrower than expected but the length makes it fit most of the filters. It was easy to cut it by laying the previous filter on top. I ran it for about an hour. Cat hairs and fluff are stuck to the carbon prefilter. I put the carbon pad in front of my air filter. I will update my review once I have determined it is capable of removing the odor from the litter boxes, despite cleaning them multiple times a day. There is a For the price, quality, and size, it's pretty good. When I replace my air filter, the product gives me about 4-5 filters. It's a good thing.

9. 97007696 Aluminum Charcoal Compatible 51113711

97007696 Aluminum Charcoal Compatible 51113711

It gives ample room for making delicious pizzas. It is not recommended to use over an open fire. This item should only be washed and sanitized. Please measure the oven to make sure it's the right size. Individual 12 inch pizza screens are included in this listing. Please make sure your existing size can match this filter before purchasing, it's made of durable aluminum and high quality carbon. It's suitable for 1172266, 41F, 5-3082, 51113711, 88152, 97005687, 97007576, 97007697, 97007996, 99010123, C88152, RF104, S5-3062, S511 The grease filter is useful because it can absorb harmful fumes, reduce pollution, purify the air, and make your kitchen fresh, clean, and safe. It's compatible with most top brands, such as KitchenAid, and is compatible with this model: IH3302RS0 You can replace your old or damaged filter with sufficient quantity, it's convenient to replace and install. You can replace your old or damaged filter with sufficient quantity, it's convenient to replace and install.

Brand: Jovitec

👤My range hood has filters. They are $13 each on Amazon. They work great for grease and odors. I thought I'd save a few bucks by buying these. They fit. They are a charcoal filter for odors and almost no metal to catch grease. There is a These are FLIMSY, compared to the S97007696 Filter. There is a The thin, flimsy filter can sometimes be pulled into the fan if you put the speed of your fan on high. There is a I thought I'd save a buck, but I'll be ordering the originals. They are for grease and odors. Do not get these. I fell because they are a waste of electricity. They do nothing. The S97007696 Filter is of higher build quality than the flimsy copies.

👤Good quality. I couldn't figure out how to install it because it was thicker than I was expecting. The previous filter was flat. There was a clip on the rangehood that could be adjusted for a thicker filter. The exhaust fan is quieter and less effective with the thicker filter. I can't say that it's due to the filter since my exhaust fan is old and has grease build up.

👤I looked at Lowes and Home Depot but couldn't find this size. When we use the air fryer, the smoke detector doesn't go off. We bought the house 15 years ago and the one that was in there needed to be replaced. It's a good thing.

👤Fantastic product! Better quality than Nutone's filters. The brushed metal frame and heavier screen are what these are. There is a Having three will last me for a long time and these are better looking than the ones I have already. If you need new Hood filters, buy these!

👤I was not aware these filters can't be cleaned for 14 years. Hahaha When I noticed that the hood range fan wasn't blowing any air, I removed the original filter and it was like a tornado. These filters were installed. Sucks like a hooker trying to get a golf ball. The fan filter and seller are recommended. A+A+A+

👤It was very easy to install the new filter. I have a cheap hood. I will update after a few months.

👤The one on the right is a new filter, the one on the left is dirty and I will be replacing it. The filters work well. You can't clean these unless you blast them with a garden hose and use a degreaser spray on them. Maybe a dish spray. I replace them after I clean it. The exhaust I use is a good one.

👤The one that came with my hood top is almost the same one. It does a good job of removing grease from the air. The cabinets above had less build up. We let the last one go for almost a year and it was not doing anything to remove grease, so we decided to change them every 6 months.

10. Kitchen Basics 101 97007696 Replacement

Kitchen Basics 101 97007696 Replacement

Air vents of all shapes and sizes are compatible with this. Cut to the size you need. It was made in North America. Not China. There is a replacement for 97007696. The dimensions are 0.37" It is recommended to replace the range hood filter every 3 months to keep the kitchen safe and fresh.

Brand: Kitchen Basics 101

👤The charcoal range hood filter has a single layer of metal on one side so that it can catch grease well, while the other side has multiple layers of metal on one side. Several years ago, I bought this type of filter. I stocked up. I recently ran out of these. I described the type in a search box but it didn't show up when I searched at Amazon. I found the seller SupplyEdge and they had the one I was looking for. I replace a couple of filters a year and their price is reasonable at $13.91).

👤The product arrived on time and fit.

👤Design failure. The fan can't efficiently draw air through the filter because of the charcoal pad sandwiched between the metal mesh. Our new range hood can't suck smoke and grease out of the kitchen because it can't exhaust to the outside. There is a light coating of kitchen dust in the kitchen. We take the filter off so the fan can do its job while we cook. The basic mesh-only filters we have used have never had this issue. I will not be buying filters with charcoal again.

👤I have a hood range in my apartment. I realized how badly I needed the filter to be replaced while cleaning it. It's not a snug fit, but it works. It could be better packaged. It had a small dent but did not cause an issue.

👤It feels thin and flimsy. It was shipped in a bubble mailer and it was bent. There is a The frame feels lighter than pop can material, and the mesh looks like a dish scrubby. It's definitely disposable and not for use. I bent it back in place because I don't care about the price. It worked because it was half inch too short and you could easily stab toothpicks into the edge.

👤The replacements are thinner than the originals. There is a There was a 1/3 of the slot gap when I installed one of these filters. I pushed the filter up and it is still there, but I am not sure when this will fall and cause a gap and suck up grease to the fan.

👤It was a perfect fit. The thin mesh unit was replaced with this. What a change! My hood is a recirculation hood. The cooking smell spread throughout the house because the old filters captured a tiny fraction of the grease. The filters help remove grease, but also help reduce cooking smells. Highly recommended!

👤I thought I was paying the regular price when I bought it. And it was fine. The regular price advertised without a discount is even cheaper.

11. Carbon Purifiers Furnace Filters Conditioner

Carbon Purifiers Furnace Filters Conditioner

The microwave oven vent hood filter is new. The DE63-00196A is a Whirlpool. Any size carbon pre filter can be cut. A thin odor absorber. Dust Lint Smoke Pet hair and other household chemicals are removed so you can breathe fresh air. It can be cut to size for air purifiers, range hood filters, humidifier filters, vent filters, grease filters, and furnace filters. A charcoal sheet. Can be used with any air purification device. It's compatible with the hrf-ap1, QuietCare, and SilentComfort Series air purifiers. winix 5000 Can be used with any air purification device. It's compatible with the hrf-ap1, QuietCare, and SilentComfort Series air purifiers. winix 5000

Brand: Fresh Headquarters

👤When I rented this house, I didn't know it had been neglected. The heat stunk of oil and mold. I don't like that my dogs are breathing in that stuff. Black dust was found around the vents. The trash landlord is just that in Pa. I read a review from a lady on the same boat. I got these on Sunday, and the heat runs a lot at night, and it's been in the 20's and 30's. At least 85% of that stink was taken away by it. I kid you not. I slid the pieces inside the vent. Simple. I was using heating to avoid the smell. This works.

👤There isn't enough room in the heating/cooling system to hold filters. I put it on my furnace outside, facing the laundry room to intercept smells and large particles of dust from outside that will cause my fine particle filters to fail. I take it to my patio every week and place it in the sun for a couple of hours to help revive the filter. It doesn't say that it has "activated" charcoal, but it works better after a heat bath. I was going to fold it to make it bigger, but I didn't want to put more stress on my engine, so I didn't need to. Both sides of the inside filters were clean. I found a thank you note when I opened my mail. Thank you for a great product, but most of all for taking the time to wish me well. I see from the other reviews that they have found that the filter gives us the ability to be creative and take better care of our homes and our health. I was reminded how important it is to be kind and positive. I am happy that someone has decided to start a business with a product that works. For Amazon to allow us to participate in the process. What an American idea.

👤The best thing about these filters is that they don't affect the air flow. You can still feel the air coming through the register. I've bought ones in the past that reduced the air flow and put a strain on the AC system. I cut and applied a filter to the A/C registers. You can jam it in if you cut it an inch or two bigger than the box size. The material was easy to cut with scissors. I was able to cover the entire 1000 sq ft house. Does it help with odors? It's a hard thing to test. I guess you could use it on your air intake instead of as a post-filter, since it is advertised as a pre-filter. If you do both, it will likely impede the flow of air.

👤I bought these because my neighbors smoke a lot. The smell of the air purifier my landlord bought for me was still horrible, even after I bought a better one. We put them inside the vents after my doctor suggested them. We've only smelled smoke twice so far in a few weeks. I am happy!


What is the best product for cooking vent filter?

Cooking vent filter products from Veva. In this article about cooking vent filter you can see why people choose the product. Broan-nutone and Broan-nutone are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking vent filter.

What are the best brands for cooking vent filter?

Veva, Broan-nutone and Broan-nutone are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking vent filter. Find the detail in this article. Broan-nutone, Bagean and Veva are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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