Best Cooking Utensils Set Wood Colorful

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1. Pakkawood 6 Piece Kitchen Utensil Slotted

Pakkawood 6 Piece Kitchen Utensil Slotted

Non-stick utensils are easy to clean and maintain, making them a great alternative to kitchen Cleanup. Hand wash with warm water and soap. They don't recommend soaking for long periods of time because it can damage wood. The Crate Collective 6-Piece Utensil Set is specially made for you. The spoon and spatulas are unique and serve their own purpose, which is why the 12 spoon and Slotted spoon are great for stirring and draining soups and pasta. The 12" Straight-Edge Spatula is great for cooking and serving meat and brownies. The pakkawood is food grade and quality tested, and is made of Colorful Pakkawood which is infused with color to make a stylish addition to your kitchen. Earth-friendly Wooden Utensils are lightweight yet extremely durable and gentle, which means that you have stylish, high quality utensils that won't scratch your other dishes. Simply hand wash with warm soapy water and dry with a soft towel, it's quick and easy to wash. If you put the dishwasher in, it can damage the wood. The 100% Money Back Guarantee makes it possible to order with a risk-free experience.

Brand: Crate Collective

👤I was looking for a wooden spoon for the purpose of removing brown bits from the bottom of the pan/pot, but my rubber spatula wasn't able to do the job. I saw this and thought a set was the way to go. They looked pretty and felt good in their hand. These are 888-282-0465 There is a When I looked at the spatula that was missing from the pot of Texas chili, I knew it was a wood chip. I took the blame for the chili disaster because I mishandled the product and it sat in a pool of water in the sink for longer than I would feel comfortable with. Since then, I've been very careful with the washing and drying of these tools, almost to the point where I stopped reaching for them on the reg. The same thing happened with the jambalaya - I had to remove the spoon from the fond as I was doing it. There is a I wish someone else had this experience and then wrote a review about it, so I wouldn't have spent 40 dollars on 6 wooden spoons that are useless to me. Why give it 2 stars for a feature that is not really useful? Maybe you have a friend who never cooks but likes to decorate and stage things in the kitchen, and this is for them. There is a If you do cook and want a wooden spoon, I would recommend getting just one Le Creuset Wooden Scraping Spoon for $26, instead of paying $43 for 6. If you still want to get one of these Pakkawood cooking utensils, then just get one of the shapes that you'll get the most use from, because after having all six, I can tell you that you'll.

👤I like the way these look, but they break apart from the first use. Two of the six utensils have not chip. Three of them chipped the first time they were used, and then vanished into the food I was cooking. Yuck. It is too late to return them. Would like to try a new thing. It would be the same story. I like the spatulas.

👤I am very happy with this set. The peacock colors look great on my kitchen counter. They have a good demeanor to them. These are easy to use and have no problems with chipping or staining. I can tell you that soaking them for a long period of time can ruin them. I have other wooden utensils that I have used for years, just wash them with warm soapy water, then dry them with a towel, and they should last for years as well! I am happy I bought these.

2. LIANYU 15 Piece Silicone Utensils Colorful

LIANYU 15 Piece Silicone Utensils Colorful

The kitchen utensils set includes a Spatula, a spoon, a mixing spoon, and a slotted spoon. 15 piece cook utensils, all you will need in the kitchen, skimmer, soup ladle, turner, slotted turner, spoon, spoonula, pasta server, tong, scraper, spatula, spreader spatula, whisk, and utensil holder. Silicone and wooden part would not get separated as the handles are sealed and there is no worry of water or food getting between them. Silicone is heat resistant up to , perfect for everyday cooking, baking, mixing and stirring, and works perfectly when used with heavy foods. Their kitchen utensils have a small hole on the handle for easy hanging, they are practical, silicone head, and protects cookware. These utensils are comfortable to hold and clean by hand, great gift for a new house or a holiday.

Brand: Lianyu

👤Only 3 of the handles were coated. The rest were not. I washed them and noticed that the wooden handles were starting to fall apart. The container that came with was not big enough to hold all the pieces. No. I do not recommend.

👤The price of the utensils is okay. One of the utensils was broken off the handle and the other was broken. I am lowering two stars because of these two arriving broken. Otherwise for quality and function. The product would have gotten 5 stars from me.

👤2 of the pieces sat in the sink overnight and absorbed the water from other dishes, which caused them to swell and split open. After washing, the black silicone turns white. I only had these items for 24 hours.

👤The handles were larger and bulkier than the top, and the parts of the utensils like the spatula or whatever are smaller than the picture shows, making it difficult to evaluate the size.

👤The canister is plastic. The package was broken inside. It might have been caused by shipping. canister isn't durable The dishwasher handles were not dishwasher safe.

👤The glue they use isn't enough and the silicone parts fall off the wooden handles, which is the reason for the 3 star. I used CA glue to fix them. They should be good out of the box.

👤The whisk broke on the second wash and I only used it once and oiled everything as soon as I got it with mineral oil for wood and bamboo utensils.

👤I have had to buy them 3 times because my dog chews them up. If soaked in water, the wood handles can be separated from the Silicon quicker. I have gotten more use out of them after glueing them back together. The hold up was good.

3. Hotec Silicone Resistant Stainless Dishwasher

Hotec Silicone Resistant Stainless Dishwasher

It's easy to use and has a hanging loop for easy storage, it's a great gift for Christmas. 100% made in food grade Silicone Material. Non-toxic, lead free Odourless. No damage to your pots and pans can be found. Seamless one piece design is compact and sturdy, and non-stick, soft handle, perfect for baking, cooking, and mixing. The temperature resistant is -104F600F. The average heat resistance of a spatula is between 400 and 600 degrees. Anything less is not recommended. Also can be. Good gift, quality life, safety first. The package includes 5 pieces, 1 x Medium Spatula Spreader / Knife, and 1 x Large Spoon Style Spatula. Large Spatula 10.8*2.16''(27.43*5.49 cm),1 x Small Spatula 72.95*1.57' (20.19*3.99 cm) It's dishwasher safe, perfect for your cookware.

Brand: Hotec

👤This is what happened after the second use.

👤The product was awful. It says the dishwasher is safe, but it isn't. I haven't used it yet, but I will put it in the dishwasher before the first use. Provide a refund.

👤I was excited to use them after receiving my order. I noticed that one of the pieces had something on it. It was a defect where the silicone was not formed correctly. I will update after I have used and washed the others and talk to the seller about a replacement.

👤The product is a great price. Every shape and size of spatulas is included in this set. Silicone is flexible and durable. These will last a long time. I was really happy with my purchase.

👤These are not dishwasher safe. The top rack has these on it. Will definitely return for a refund. Before buying, please consider.

👤I thought these were great, but when I licked food off of them, it tasted terrible. The taste is sometimes transferred from the food they handle to something else. The bad taste is a red flag that they may be contaminated with noxious chemicals. I checked a Silicone one with a wooden handle that I already had, and it had no taste at all. It's a shame, because they look good and work well. They are going back tomorrow.

👤These tools are working. The spatula part is disappointing. It feels like plastic rather than rubber. I have to clean the bowl several times.

👤The spatulas are a good value. I like to lick my utensils when cooking to get a taste of the food, and there is a strong additional taste from the spatulas. I have washed them around 5 times in the dishwasher, hoping that the taste will clear soon.

👤I used to use wooden utensils for my pots and pans, but eventually they would remove the non-stick material from the bottom of the pots and pans. These Silicone ones are very good value for money. It's so easy to clean and remove food from pots and pans.

👤These are my preferred spatulas as they are all one thing and no chance of the end dropping off! It seems like a good value.

👤A good mix for different cooking and getting product out of jars. There is a They have a nice weight and so far no problems.

👤5 stars awarded to these easy clean Silicone Spatulas Set, they get every piece of mixture or sauce out so you have the entire amount needed for baking and cooking.

4. Silicone Utensils Nonstick Resistant Holder(Black)

Silicone Utensils Nonstick Resistant Holder%EF%BC%88Black%EF%BC%89

Adding a new exciting and appealing kitchen appliance to your collection is a great idea to make your time in the kitchen more enjoyable. The fun set will make you and your children happy. Silicone allows for less mess and will make cleaning these tools easy. Quality food grade silicone and sturdy hands are made of it. Any type of food can be cooked and protected with a non-bisa Free cookware. The soft silicone head can protect your pans from scratches and dents, which can extend the life of all your kitchen cookware. Natural acacia wooden is more durable than other wooden handles. The wooden handles have great heat insulation and are great for a long time. It was designed to not break or rust. Non-STICK is a heat-resistant. The non-stick Cooking Utensils are healthy for cooking in daily life, even if they are used in the high temperature of frying. Non-stick attributes make washing up easy. The dishwasher is safe and easy to store, it is heat resistant and easy to clean by hand, just rinse under running water or throw them in the dishwasher. You can store them in the matching holder without taking up a lot of space in the kitchen. After-sale items are available. If you are not completely satisfied with the item, please contact them. They will reply to you within 24 hours and give you a satisfactory solution.

Brand: Cacoles

👤I received a returned item. The previous buyer ran them through the dishwasher and the handles lost their sheen, the box was resealed with a fedex shipping slip, and felt I. I wash my dishes by hand. It was pretty sad.

👤I bought this set and was impressed. One of the handles has splinters sticking up and the other is cut poorly.

👤I have tried many other brands, but this one has proved to be the best. It is easy to clean. I will be ordering more sets in the future.

👤This product was very disappointing. I was hoping that the kitchen set would hold up to the dishwasher. The handles are not shiny anymore after one wash.

👤I should have known they were dishwasher safe since they are wood handles. The handles are very rough and splintered after being dried out. It's really sad.

👤The picture said they were lies. The handles are rough and splitting at the end. One time. Not happy.

👤The set is pretty and sturdy. The wood becomes rough when the stain comes off the handles, so don't wash it in the dishwasher.

👤What I needed. They are great!

5. Utensils QMVESS Non Stick Silicone Resistance

Utensils QMVESS Non Stick Silicone Resistance

Before they leave the factory, the cookware set has passed the quality tests. If you have any questions about the cookware set, please contact the service team at es The soft silicone head is strong and flexible, it won't scratch or damage non-stick pans and pans like metal, you don't have to worry about food sticking to your cookware. It's easy to clean, perfect for protecting and prolonging the life of your kitchen pots and pans. Food grade Silicone. The cookware set is made of food grade silicone and can be used for any type of food. They won't produce any fumes or react with food. The process of preparing food can be enjoyable for you and your family. Silicone tips are heat and scratch resistant, so you don't have to worry about them melting if you accidentally leave them in the pan. They are scratch resistant and will last longer than other plastic utensils. High quality wooden handle will not bend or rust, which reduces the heat transfer during cooking and avoids burning your hands. Convenient storage using hooks or wall hangings can be achieved with the practical hanging hole design. If you have a question about the set, please contact their customer service. The complete cooking set. 35 pieces of professional silicone kitchen utensils can meet all your daily cooking and baking needs, each tool has its own unique purpose. You don't have to spend a lot of money to make your own. It adds a splash of color to your kitchen and is easy to use. It is an ideal gift for friends and family at Christmas, Thanksgiving, weddings, and housewarming parties and can be given as a gift to anyone who loves to cook.

Brand: Qmvess

👤Never used. Went from package to dishwasher. They still smell like toxic plastic, like no tool I've ever used. Is it the glue? What could it be? Don't put this near a food.

👤These are great. I was sold after seeing the color. They are really great. I want to color coordinate with the entire kitchen, but they're light but still sturdy. I got the same color dinning ware. The measuring cups alone were worth it for me. I like them a lot.

👤I needed all the tools. The canister that holds them is not crazy. It is flimsy plastic. I love the tools and will use something else. When I got them, they smelled. Another reviewer said I soaked them in vinegar. Problem solved.

👤I was very excited to get these utensils. I unboxed them and they looked lovely. There is a Prepare yourself for the smell. It smells of chemicals. The smell of something ingestible makes nothing scream "don't use me on anything ingestible" like that. There is a I am pretty sure these would be better for a child's kitchen to go with their play-set. The utensils are made of wood. I mean... TINY. The angle on the utensils is odd and wouldn't make it easy to scoop or flip anything. My advice. Invest in something made in America if you skip these. Hopefully it will smell better. Happy shopping.

👤All my utensils are from the same brand and make. There is no more mismatches of purple, blue, green, red, and brown. I like this product a lot. If you are going to be using the dishwasher to clean them, you might want to use mineral oil on the handles. 9 out of 10 starts are otherwise price wish.

👤Everything you need is in this cooking utensils set. Even in heat, it's very sturdy. They are easy to clean and wipes off. It is worth buying for every household. It comes with a spoon holder for the stove to keep your stove from getting dirty between stirs.

👤I bought these for myself. The handles are thick and the color is great. This is the first set of utensils that I have used. I have no complaints. They are easy to clean and store. They get the job done.

👤I got this set as a Christmas gift for a friend. I used the equipment to make her dinner and the whisk came in my dish. The spoon did the same thing. They're cute but not useful.

6. Silicone Cooking Utensils Nonstick Cookware

Silicone Cooking Utensils Nonstick Cookware

The attachment for the pizza cutter allows you to cut and slice through pies, cheese, pizza, cakes and more with ease. non- spoon rest are large enough to rest utensils throughout cooking process, keep your counter neat and clean, and slip silicone oven mitts to help you hold hot pans and plates. Cook with Color will show you how to use your kitchen utensils. The cooking tool set is easy to clean and sturdy. Kitchen masterpieces that will impress! A functional set that will cover all your basic kitchen needs from stirring, frying, and tasting to serving includes 1 serving and mixing spoon, 1 slotted spoon, 1 turner, and 1 spaghetti spoon. It is heat resistant to 500 F. A long lasting set that is constructed from premium food grade silicone protects your cookware from scratches. Silicone makes these tools easy to clean. The dishwasher is on top rack. It is resistant to odors and stains. This set of Silicone kitchen tools has an up to date, trendy look that is in line with the current styles and trends. You can add a splash of color to your kitchen and hang from the rings on your utensils. The customer satisfaction guarantee. If you have any issues or comments, please let them know so they can make sure that your Cook With Color order experience is positive and hassle free.

Brand: Cook With Color

👤I love the shades of gray. We don't have a lot of drawer space, so I wanted the new utensils to hang in our RV. Not only are they attractive with their long, sturdy handles, they are also heat resistant, clean easily and don't stain even when used for hot tomato sauce. I hung them with hooks.

👤The handles on most of these are heavier than the spatula/spoon at the end. It can feel like you are having to work to keep the utensil oriented the way you want because they are so light relative to the handle. I probably would have gotten a different set if I had known that.

👤Would have given 5 stars but received 2 spatulas instead of one. Great product. Sturdy and attractive.

👤The utensils are heavy duty and look like they will last a long time. I was very happy with my purchase.

👤The set is easy to clean. melting at higher temperature uses has not been a problem for me. It looks good in a canister on the counter. I didn't hang it.

👤Light weight and durable. Love them so far.

👤The color set is easy to clean and has a nice color scheme.

7. Country Kitchen Gunmetal Silicone Utensil

Country Kitchen Gunmetal Silicone Utensil

These utensils are comfortable to hold and clean by hand, great gift for a new house or a holiday. Good things come in small packages, and this set of adorable mini kitchen tools will become an all-time favorite. It's ideal for a junior chef, traveling kitchens, and small living spaces. The set includes a mini tong, mini spoonula, mini spatula, mini whisk, and a mini spatula. The mini utensils are 8” long. It is heat resistant to 400. F. Silicone is used to protect your cookware from scratches. The Whisk is made with a silicone over-mold on the wires so that it can blend and mix with thoroughness. The Mini tong has good grip handles and a locking feature that is user friendly, and it is also equipped with a Silicone head to assure you have complete control while cooking. This set of mini Silicon kitchen tools has an up to date, trendy look that is madly in line with the current styles and trends. You can add a splash of color to your kitchen and hang from the rings on your utensils. Cook, bake, grill, and serve with fun and fashion at the same time. It's perfect for an impressive gift as well. Adding a new exciting and appealing kitchen accessory to your collection is a great idea to make your time in the kitchen more enjoyable. This set will make you and your children happy. Silicone allows for less mess and will make cleaning these tools easy.

Brand: Country Kitchen

👤I ordered this set for my daughter because it had the flip style spatula. We received a spoon instead of a spatula. The picture of the product description was included.

👤I wanted to replace my worn out utensils. I opened the package and wondered what I was supposed to do with the hellfire and brimstone. I began using them. I had ordered another set of kitchen utensils and they are now my preferred go to's. They don't take up a lot of drawer space and are light in weight. I like them.

👤My 2 year old loves to be in the kitchen with me. I bought him these instead of buying cheap toy utensils. The finish on these is nice and I have used them in cooking. He enjoys using the tongs to pick things up. They have held him up. I will buy another set if these break.

👤I had been looking for these for a while. I have a small kitchen and small hands. I didn't use most of the items in the utensil set I already had. The set has the most practical items for my cooking habits, it doesn't get in the way, and it looks sleek. I am happy with my purchase.

👤These are wonderful. They are not child toys. Silicone utensils are required for Small Pots and Pans. I use an electric Asian Hot Pot for cooking. reg utensils are too large. There is a These are perfect. There is a If possible, I would give them 7 or 8 s.

👤I like the smaller utensils as they work great for certain jobs. I use them a lot while cooking. I didn't give it five stars because the cover on one side of the tongs came off while I wiped it, but all others are great.

👤My son bought it for me. The rubber came off the whisk when we used it a few times. The tongs do not have metal all the way to the end, so it is difficult to grab anything, and the rubber at the end is very flimsy. The rest of the set is useful in the kitchen. There is a The rating was changed to 1 star two weeks later. The rubber at the end of the tongs fell off as the whisk fell apart. Don't buy.

👤The flipper is soft and bendy, which makes it hard to apply pressure to meat patties while cooking. The metal wire is visible and I have yet to use it.

8. Utensils VICKITCHEN Silicone Nonscratch Ergonomic

Utensils VICKITCHEN Silicone Nonscratch Ergonomic

The design was for long service life. The tools in the kitchen are made of wood. Silicone and natural wood are safe for the environment and your health, and are easy to maintain and use for a long time, perfect for a gorgeous gift. You can save space in your drawers by using complimentary hooks. Simply wipe under hot water after you clean it with warm soapy water, because the silicone heads make it easy to clean. The healthy cooking utensil set of 6 gives you all the kitchen tools to complete your kitchen cookware and make cooking much easier. Silicone utensils for kitchen include: serving spoon,Slotted Turner. Slotted spoon/Skimmer/Soup Ladle. There is heat resistance and safe Sicilian heads. The kitchen tool set's tips are made from premium materials that can keep temperatures up to . The kitchen utensil set does not react with food or beverages, or produce hazardous fumes, because the food grade silicone is non toxic and safe to use for any type of food. It is safe to use non-stick pans and pots and will not leave any scratches. The handles are made of natural wood and rubber, which is eco-friendly and sturdy, and will not break like plastic cooking utensils, even with everyday use, and it has an easy hold. These kitchen utensils will become essential in your kitchen. This off white color 6-piece kitchen utensils can match with a variety of furniture and décor, and will satisfy all your needs for cooking. Everyone of them has a unique use for it. It would be a great companion in the kitchen. It's very easy to store. Customer satisfaction is their top priority and they hope you will like their Silicone non stick kitchen cooking utensil set. If for any reason you're not completely satisfied with this kitchen utensil set, please contact them within 30 days and they will manage your case.

Brand: Vickitchen

👤I bought these for a counter décor purpose, and I was going to use my old black ones to cook the food I had placed in the cabinet. These are great to cook with. They are very strong and non-stick. Would definitely recommend.

👤The utensils are very sturdy. They look nice and do not stain.

👤I like how these look and so far they are holding up. They're not white, they're more of a grey tone.

👤The best utensil set I have is the Nice Utensil, my old set is not as durable. This wooden is thick and not easy to melt. I didn't try to use it for deep color sauce, like curry, but I will probably not use it for some sauce that has a yellow tint after one use.

👤These are high quality utensils. Not a bright white, more cream or light beige. I love them. Will do an updated review in a few months.

👤I put these in a ceramic jar on the countertop and they look great. I am very pleased with this set because it is more difficult to find white.

👤I thought they were white, but they are off white, maybe even gray. Silicone makes them very durable and pretty.

👤It was really impressed. They look great in my kitchen. I find myself using these over other utensils. I have in the kitchen. Would purchase again.

👤The set of utensils is sturdy. It's worth the money.

👤J'aime la couleur blanche, qui ne se tache pas. Le manche en bois donne.

👤Os utensilios sao iguais as photos. A material is acabamentos.

9. Kitchen Utensil Set Utensils Multicolor

Kitchen Utensil Set Utensils Multicolor

STURDY AND SAIN. The bamboo material doesn't lose its quality from dishes, and it's safe and simple to support. The High Quality Kitchen Utensils include a Pasta Fork, a large Spatula, a Slotted turner, and a ladle. The ability to deal with heat and dehydration. The spatula set is stain and odor resistant. Every spatula has been strengthened with a piece of steel to make sure it will work perfectly. The spatula sets are made of FDA compliant food-grade silicone and are easy to clean, just rinse under running water or throw them in the dishwasher if you don't feel like hand washing. A great gift. The spatula sets are bright and vibrant, they are a great addition for everyone's kitchen, and they are also great gift. Their heat resistant utensils are easy to clean and store. Simply toss these in the dishwasher to wash off grease and oil in seconds and feature small holes on the handles to store them without taking a lot of space.

Brand: Bestzmwk

👤Not going to lie. I bought this set on my own. The other utensils were just a perk. The pieces are easy to clean and resistant to heat. I've gotten rid of most of my older ones. The whisk is easy to clean. The metal seems to stick to the silicone better. I wash them in the dishwasher and have never had any issues with them. These are a full set of reliable kitchen utensils.

👤I've rested these against the rim of a hot frying pan and it's never left a bad taste. Most of them are kitchen tools. I use nothing but these. However. The lime green flatish-boi is the shining star of this collection. The household affectionately refers to him as the spoontula. It's a spatula with a flat end for scraper, but it also has a small dip in it for small to medium amounts of things with it. He's like a character in our kitchen, I love this dumb thing. If nothing else, please buy this for the spoontula.

👤I love these utensils. They are strong enough to perform their function, but soft on the non-stick pans. They have no gaps or crevices where food can get stuck, so more sanitary and one solid piece. It's easy to use and care for. I wish I had bought them sooner.

👤I bought them to put in the kitchen of my trailer. Since the trailer is suppose to be my stress free place, I wanted utensils that were colorful and easy to use. These are the perfect size and seem to work well on gas cook tops. They seem to clean easily and seem to be non stick. They are not unuseable because they are shorter than typical utensils. They are some of the best I've used because of the colors, non stick, and easy to clean. I won't use them, but I think they will hold up for a few times a month. I would recommend them to others.

👤A space saver. Well made and cute. Love them.

👤I give it all 4 stars because they are not bad but for 20 dollars you can do better. The material of it makes everything stick, like fuzz or crumbs floating in the air. They are easy to clean. Not in love with them.

👤A great set of cooking utensils. We love them so much that we have two sets for ourselves and one for my mother and my boyfriend's mother. We are all happy. I can't go back to non-Silicone now.

👤The 11 piece bright set of cooking utensils are easy to clean and are easy to use. This set makes cooking easier because food doesn't stick to the surface. I think that's correct.

👤I use these scratches on my pans for a lot of different things.

👤Los amo y por el precio. Adems son tan coloridos. There is a The hemos usado por seis meses. siguen igual, uso diario en sartenes cermicos y de acero. Las pinzas are not jams. A mano o lavavajillas. Muy buena calidad.

10. Riveira Apartment Essentials Nonstick Housewarming

Riveira Apartment Essentials Nonstick Housewarming

The wood should not be exposed to hot or cold temperatures. Do not put them in the dishwasher. The complete cooking and serving utility of these premium wooden spoons can be experienced. Whether you are flipping ingredients, tasting sauces, or serving a finished meal, the bamboo utensil set provides helpful implements for every task, so you will always have the right tool in the kitchen. Premium organic material. The wooden utensils set is made from 100% organic bamboo, which is odor and stain-free, and it is easy to rub off, making it a great choice for those who want a wooden spoon set. Practical design and function. The wooden kitchen utensil set is designed to perform an array of kitchen tasks. Smooth handles make it easy to use. A wooden spatula, spoon, and turner make flipping omelettes and mixing ingredients easy, while a solid spoon and spatula make preparing sauces and tasting soups simple. The spoon fork can be used for sipping, eating, or serving. It is easy to care for. The special bamboo construction of the kitchen utensils set can be washed with warm soap and water and wiped clean. Their wooden cooking utensils set is a great gift for mom, dad or any cook because it is made of bamboo that is nonstick and resistant to mold. There is a limited LIFETIME MANUFACTURER. There is a warranty on this. They offer a limited lifetime manufacturer's warranty on their bamboo spoons, so if you're not happy with your kitchen spoons, just return them for a full refund.

Brand: Riveira

👤Nothing spectacular. I could have picked up the bamboo utensils at the store. The set came with an offer that promised an additional free set. You are sent to an app store where you have to download a stupid messaging program before you can redeem the coupon. Ain't goin' down that road. It was very strange.

👤I bought this set to replace my wooden spoons and utensils. I love cooking with them. These utensils are long enough to keep my hand away from the pan/pot in use. The standard spatula is a little longer. I like that they were wrapped separately to avoid being scratched. These will serve us well in my kitchen.

👤I had to replace all of my wooden spoons because they held gluten. I have wanted to replace them for a long time. There is a I have owned many different types of spoons, but these are the best I have ever owned, with the exception of the very high-end wooden spoons which look like pieces of art. I am kicking myself for waiting so long to get these spoons. Highly recommended. I appreciate that each spoon was wrapped individually. The spoons arrived in perfect condition.

👤The design is terrible, it's hard to flip stuff, they all chip after the second use, and I've found wood chips in my baby's food. I can't get a refund now. Don't buy! If you want good wooden utensils, buy them at Ikea or Target.

👤I love these! I melted too many of my plastic handles because my wooden set was getting worn. I always leave the utensil on the side of the pan because it is very sturdy and lightweight. It's easy to clean. I have made several red spiced sauces. Can't complain about the price. They look like salad fluffers, so I was skeptical about the heat quality. I have left many on the pan and there are no burn marks.

👤The box they arrived in was wrapped in plastic. I opened the box and each of the 6 utensils were individually wrapped in plastic. They seem great, apart from that. I was looking for something that was sturdy and similar to the ones that have almost been set ablaze. It was time for a new set and these look clean. They are strong and clean easily. I am happy with the product.

👤These aren't the best wooden utensils. A couple splintered the handle after opening the package. I can tell these won't last long after using them for over a week. I will use until I am no longer able to. I didn't like the plastic in the packaging.

👤When my mom bought a bamboo spoon for cook, we couldn't find another like the same quality or better, so I bought this set for a try, and I am very happy and surprised at the quality, the set seems sturdy! I liked it a lot. I think the price is fine for me, and package is good, but I think it would be better if they used some type of paper to protect each utensil. In general, I'm very happy with my set.

11. HouseOasis Gourmet Cooking Utensil Collections

HouseOasis Gourmet Cooking Utensil Collections

There is a warranty. 60-days money back guarantee, life time guarantee. They can help you get a repair or replacement right now. It was crafted to perfection. Their high-end wooden cooking utensil collection is made from the finest, solid acacia wood that is extremely sturdy to last long-term use. Each unique piece has a smooth and sleek, non-stick wood surface that won't scratch your pots and pans when cooking. The kitchen spoon set is designed for comfort and utility. Their serving spoons, fork and spatulas are heat resistant and lightweight to make cooking easier and faster. The long handle and delicately curved head make serving efficient. HEALTHY AND SAFE COOKING. Their kitchen tools are food grade safe. They won't affect the quality of dishes when cooking in high heat. Their wood spoons are stain- and odor-free because of the natural properties of the wood. There are multi function tools. The set includes a ladle serving spoon, fryer spatula, classic spatula, wooden spoon, and pasta fork. The wooden utensils have useful functions in serving, flipping, frying and other cooking activities. HouseOasis has a premium cooking utensils set that provides superb quality performance and efficient cooking experience at home. Their collection of wooden forks and spoons is a must-have kitchen essential and a perfect all-around kitchen utensil set for friends and family events.

Brand: Houseoasis

👤Love the quality! The pieces are sturdy and beautifully crafted. There is a good selection of design to suit all types of cooking. They were larger than expected with long handles, but once I started using them, I loved the long handles and the size of each piece which served their purpose perfectly. I threw my old set away. I will be getting another set for my mother-in-law. These are great for gifts.

👤I love every piece. The design is great in my kitchen. Smooth handles make them easy to grab. The set has so many options. I like having choices for a busy mom. The value is great. Thank you!

👤These spoons are not cheap. They are great for non-stick pans. I love using them. I've eaten smoked, fried, and tossed salads. They are worth more than the price. I put them in the dishwasher to make sure they don't get damaged. I am happy with my purchase. I would recommend this to my family and friends.

👤No one will answer my question of what kind of stain was used on the spoon. It can be scratched off if it is stained with something.

👤Not for the dishwasher. Regular and proper care is what they need. They are worth it.

👤The handles are a little awkward.

👤Excellent quality. They are large in size. I will purchase another one.

👤It isn't very durable. Acidic foods can be used for one use.


What is the best product for cooking utensils set wood colorful?

Cooking utensils set wood colorful products from Crate Collective. In this article about cooking utensils set wood colorful you can see why people choose the product. Lianyu and Hotec are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking utensils set wood colorful.

What are the best brands for cooking utensils set wood colorful?

Crate Collective, Lianyu and Hotec are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking utensils set wood colorful. Find the detail in this article. Cacoles, Qmvess and Cook With Color are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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