Best Cooking Utensils Set Stainless Steel with Holder

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1. LIANYU 15 Piece Utensils Silicone Stainless

LIANYU 15 Piece Utensils Silicone Stainless

Attach utensils holder, their cooking utensils plus holder for convenient storage, each handles of kitchen set have a small hole for hanging, keep your kitchen neat and organized, wonderful gift for wedding, housewarming, thanksgiving, Mother's day, Christmas and more. The set comes with a spoon, spatula, spoon, and spatula holder. Sturdy structure, black silicone with a steel handle, solid and durable for long time use, anti-scalding Silicone handle sleeve protects your hand from burning when cooking, great weight size and comfortable to hold Silicone head is not a problem when using these cooking tools, they are heat resistant up to 446F, perfect for everyday cooking, baking, mixing and stirring, works perfectly when using with heavy foods. Silicone cooking utensils are scratch resistant, they extend the life of your cookware, and they look great in your kitchen. Their cook utensils have a loop at the end of the handle that is easy to hang, and a utensil holder that is attached to the handle so that you can keep your utensils handy.

Brand: Lianyu

👤The color is beautiful. I got the teal set. They are well built and not flimsy. I used about four or five pieces. I they all function just fine. It is a match made in heaven. I used high heat as well and the spatula was undamaged. I hope the lifespan of this set is long because I can immediately see a difference in ease of cooking compared to my old set. It's easy to clean. Nothing really stuck to it. There is a This set is holding up well. It is easy to clean. The kitchen is definitely a game-changer.

👤There are a lot of different utensils. The ends of the silicone are flexible. They are not sturdy to pick up food. Nothing sticks to the silicone when you clean it. Push the handles all the way down over the section of steel. There were gaps at the end of the handle because the grips weren't fully in place. It only takes a minute. There are several sets of similar utensils that are the same as the one from the same factory. I ordered additional spatulas that way, and the additional items complete my set. The colors are the same. I highly recommend this item.

👤I've been using these for a couple months now and the rubber handles on some of them have begun to loosen. The rubber handle on the bowl can spin in your hand making it difficult to stir it. I would not buy them again, I was very disappointed in them, and I would go with a well known brand name. I was hoping to save money, but it was a mistake. There is a After reading this review, the company has kindly refunded my order.

👤The tool set is complete and useful. The color red is great and it looks attractive. The container to hold the utensils is plastic, but it is not as sturdy as it could be, and the handles have rubber sleeves instead of a coating, so if you pull them out they would come off. For the price, it is a great purchase.

👤A nice set of kitchen utensils. They work well and look nice. The sleeve that fits on the end of the utensil handle is a problem, it is already slipping off some of the pieces in my set. I wonder if the water in the sleeve will cause any problems. It is a nice kitchen utensil set.

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👤I love this set. There is a lot of variety in the colors and they are easy to clean. I have the right tool for every meal. I was worried about staining the spaghetti scoop since it is a light pink, but I washed it in the dishwasher and it was as new as new can be. I am very happy with my first set of silicone utensils. They look very cute in my kitchen.

2. HOMQUEN Stainless Steel Kitchen Utensil

HOMQUEN Stainless Steel Kitchen Utensil

Every wooden spatula and wooden spoon for cooking has its own grain and shape, it is a sleek and refined wood kitchen tool gift. It's great for folding pancake, serving soup, and so on. You need only one kitchen utensil set for cooking. The cooking utensils include Slotted Turner, soup ladle, spoon, skimmers, and pasta server. The Rainbow kitchen utensil is made from 304 STAINLESS STEEL and finished with titanium, it is rust proof, high hardness, lead-free, Cadmium-free, phthalate-free, and eco-friendly. Food grade material is used. The most durable kitchen utensils set in the market, are designed to not bend like plastic utensils, not break like wooden kitchen tools, and not rust like other metallic utensils. The cleaning is done. The Cooking Utensils set is dishwasher safe. You can put it in the dishwasher. Birthday day, wedding party, Mother's Day, Christmas or Thanksgiving are all occasions where the best housewarming gift is used. The most useful present will be the Nonstick Kitchen Utensils Set.

Brand: Homquen

👤Don't expect them to look like they are in the picture. I tried to get customer service, but they asked for my order. One of the times, they wrote me in all German. I like that they are heavy and durable, but they are all yellow and one piece is a glitch line. Is the handle like the one from the color treatment process, if it was bent and bent back again to leave a line mark? They should have sold my set as a gold set and swapped the bluer one for a gold one. Someone else would be happy with them. Some of the pieces came scratched and looked used as well. I have foam sleeves and a shipping box. I'm disappointed because they claimed they can't find my order when I provided the purchase # 2x and other sellers have had no problems before but these guys don't know their a from their elbow The seller on here sent me replacements and a refund. Quality service is what I call it for a bad item. It was too much of a hassle to return these when we were sick. I can still use them, but they aren't in a functional quality look. They are functional and hide in a drawer. Maybe as new grilling tools, it could work if they look worse than they already do. They were so ugly to me. I don't care if 1-2 of 5 were a lot of yellow, but all 4 of them were half yellow. Wth!?

👤We decided to get a set of tools and a set of cookware because they look pretty. There is a They are made in one piece and have long handles. My mom used to tell me that one piece is better than two pieces because it would be easier to clean.

👤Aunque supongo, a supero mis expectativas, Es justo lo. Muchas gracias estoy enamorada.

👤I needed a skimmer and more serving utensils that I could throw in the washer, and these are fantastic. I got the rainbow version. Thanks to the skimmer, I'm no longer murdering my food. The ladle is too shallow for me to use for soup, but it's great for veggies. The spaghetti thingy is larger than most. They're pretty much how you would expect, plus easy to care for. I put one in a pot of water. It was fine. I like to put them in the dishwasher. I will use them for a long time.

👤They're pretty! I expected them to be smaller. They don't rust. Run through the dishwasher.

👤The first thing I noticed when I removed these from the box was that they were huge. The spatula was taller than my dog. They are larger than standard serving pieces. Unless you have large bone structure, you're not very comfortable in the hand. The colors look nothing like the photo on the listing. There is a lot of gold. I returned them because they did not live up to my expectations.

3. Toaster Retro Stainless Steel

Toaster Retro Stainless Steel

The handles are made of solid wood, more sturdy and smooth than other traditional handles, they have adopted new connection technology without any glue in the joint, to ensure that they are strong enough to flip, grab or serve food. The kitchen utensils set is 7PCS. The set includes a spoon, pasta server, soup ladle, skimmer spoon and a stand. You can meet all of your kitchen needs. There is resilience and swiftness. Their kitchen utensils set is made of top-grade steel and is rust and bend resistant. High grade steel is safe and will serve you for a long time. The ceramic handle of the cooking Utensil set makes it easy to hold it while cooking, grilling, and serving. The ceramic handle can prevent the heat transfer. It's easy to store and clean with a utensil stand and 6 hooks that allow you to hang all your kitchen utensil set conveniently. The quality kitchen utensil set is easy to wash and can be thrown in the dishwasher. A wonderful gift is the Utensils set. It's suitable for formal venues such as weddings. There is a best gift idea for graduation.

Brand: Betterbeauty

👤This set is beautiful. There is very little clearance from the countertop to the longest utensil. I would have liked a full clearance. The handles are made from ceramic. I was the one who dropped the utensil and it broke on the floor. The thrill is gone. I think I picked the wrong set with the plastic or metal handles. The set is great for decorating the kitchen. Don't drop the metal, it's sturdy for cooking.

👤I am using them as a display because they are not really thick metal. I like the blue in my kitchen. I was very pleased with the purchase.

👤I love the deep blue color. Very strong. I think I will give this as a Christmas gift next year.

👤Very easy to clean.

👤Got a gift for Christmas. They seem sturdy. Good quality!

4. Homikit Silicone Utensils Stainless Resistant

Homikit Silicone Utensils Stainless Resistant

The utensils kit contains great kitchen accessories, including 5 measuring spoons engraved with metric mark that can accurately measure food, S-shaped hooks and utensils holder that can hang and store all kitchen gadgets, and a big spoon rest that can accommodate different size cooking utensils. The set includes a ladle, skimmer, spoon, spatula, and large spatula. Kitchen utensils made of food grade silicone are heat resistant up to , melt proof for no deforming, healthy for daily use, and set with soft heads will protect your pots and pans from any scratches, extend their life to serve you well for Sturdy metal handle, Silicone utensils handle is made of quality STAINLESS steel, rust resistant and no cracking for durable use, features a nonslip sleeve for safe cooking, and has holes for easy hanging. Their kitchen utensils have a utility attachment, which has a wide cutting slot for grating cheese and a sharp blade for slicing, as well as a plastic holder for convenient storage. The 17 pieces of kitchen tools in one set will meet your basic cooking and baking needs for easy grilling, frying, mixing flipping and serving.

Brand: Homikit

👤The product was a good price and came with a holder that I loved. There are some issues with it, but I haven't had any issues using it with high heat. I have had them for 3 months now and the handles of some of the spatulas came loose and I had to keep putting them back on. I would have expected the tongs to be as strong as possible. I had to gently bend them back in place after they bent picking up lighter food items. I regret buying this set, I don't think it will last very long for me.

👤I have never used a set like this before, but they are easy to clean and hold up better than any other set I've used.

👤I haven't used them yet, but they are bright red and the holder is cheap.

👤A lot of pieces for a fair price. Good quality and nice looking.

👤These are fun to display on the counter.

👤I like red as it goes with my kitchen theme.

👤It's perfect for my kitchen.

5. Rorence Silicone Cooking Utensil Kitchen

Rorence Silicone Cooking Utensil Kitchen

It is made from bamboo with no stains, finishes or pesticides. You need all of the ingredients for cooking. The set includes a spatula, spoon, kitchen tongs, draining spoon, deep soup ladle, spatulas and potato press. Protect your cookware with heat resistance and soft nonstick Silicone. The heat-resistance can be reached up to 482F. Silicone does not react with food or beverages, or produce hazardous fumes. Handles with Silicon and Anti-Skid. The handle is made of steel. The heat transfer during the cooking process is completely prevented by the non-skid coated Silicone coated. It is easy to clean up and store. The dishwasher is safe. The hanging hole on the handle is designed to be easy to hang from. They can be stored in a neat manner. The image, color, and design are elegant. A kitchen tool set is a perfect gift for many occasions such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, wedding, birthday, and housewarming.

Brand: Rorence

👤Absolutely love them. It was hard to clean, color wise. I don't recommend cooking with red sauce.

👤I was hesitant about getting these. I saved them in my cart before buying them. Before choosing these, I looked at many sets. My biggest concern is if they can handle the heat. These are the most dense set I've ever had. It's pretty heavy duty. The old set was a good one. It was time to get a new set. I think they will hold up and be in my kitchen for a while. I hope the plastic-rubber material used for this product is as good as it looks. Time will tell. The color is really nice and I'm happy with this purchase so far. 4 outta 5 stars is a very good score and I rarely give 5 stars. Good purchase.

👤I think I've had them for a couple of months. I love them! No more fiddling with my pans. I put them in the dishwasher and the color is still there.

👤Every single utensil is used in cooking. The money was wasted. Do not buy this set.

👤I was skeptical at first, but they work perfectly. They don't scratch my pots and pans when they get hot, and they don't melt when they get hot. The utensils have a non slip grip. My favorite color is dishwasher safe.

👤I couldn't put the dishwasher in the set that had wood handles. This set is great. Being able to put them in the dishwasher makes them easy to clean. The utensils are very sturdy and have a beautiful blue color. I like that they are a little longer so they fit in the holder. Overall happy with the purchase.

👤I like the color Indigo blue. They work well with our blue kitchen. The quality is excellent. I can not put them in the dishwasher. The color fades, but they are so sturdy that I don't care.

👤The color was perfect. They are dishwasher safe or they are easy to clean by hand. I cannot use metal on my cookware. I love them!

👤These are easy to clean and fantastic to work with.

👤This product is very good. It is very easy to hold each item.

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6. Oggi 7211 Stainless Utensil Holder

Oggi 7211 Stainless Utensil Holder

An easy grip handle and a generous 4-cup capacity are features. Save space by organizing the kitchen. Without an organized kitchen, there is no need for a clear drawer space. The utensil caddy is large enough to hold kitchen utensils, like spatulas, ladles, spoons, tongs, whisks, chopsticks and more. Easy access and compassionate care: these are the things. Accommodates all sizes of utensils. You can easily access any and all kitchen utensils. STEADY GRIP: The utensil holder has a weighted base. Will sit firmly on the countertop. It requires minimal care and cleaning. Hand washing is recommended. It requires minimal care and cleaning. Hand washing is recommended. Great value. The Utensil holder has a diameter of 7 and a height of 7. Non toxic, chemical, and lead-free. The mirror band trims the finish well in any kitchen design. The steel has a mirror finish. The measures are 7 H x 7 W x 7 D.

Brand: Oggi

👤Rusts, Rusts, Rusts! There is a The second unit I have had is shown in the pictures. If you look at the container carefully, you will see many rusty pits, because the counter is marked with rust. I think it is made from a low quality material. There is a The first unit was sent as a replacement after Oggi contacted them. This is the result after a year or two.

👤The metal rusted on the bottom in two weeks. It doesn't rust. Don't buy it.

👤I bought this because I was fed up with having to cram my essentials into a bamboo utensil holder. I ordered the small, which is a bit large. I was initially skeptical of the quality and worried the size would be too large, but I couldn't be more pleased with this purchase. The holder is the same as in the picture. I don't have to worry about it knocking over when half empty because it's a high quality item. It's made of steel. I don't have to worry about leaving fingerprints on it since I rarely touch it, and the few fingerprints and smudges I've seen were easily wiped off with a towel. I can't speak to the need for drain holes because I dry everything on a dish rack before putting it away. You have to decide if this is the right size for you. The size is tall enough to support my long straining ladle and dough whisk, but short enough to make them accessible. I posted a picture to show a comparison.

👤I moved from a large kitchen to a small one. I have to look at other storage options because a knife block takes up a lot of counter space. A paper towel roll holder is at a premium. Even more so the drawer space. I have a lot of cooking utensils in my drawer, but it's barely enough to hold anything. There is a You don't realize how big a 7 inch diameter is until you get this thing. It's heavy. It feels like it has a layer of lead in the bottom of it. This sucker is not going anywhere. I went into the kitchen and took a picture. There are other pictures of this thing holding hundreds of gadgets, but these are my gadgets. There are things in the gadget drawer that are not appropriate for this thing. It's going in here if it has a long handle. Don't judge me on that server. I have to get a new one. I'm living my best life in this tiny apartment. There is a If you need a giant container that can be used to hit a bear or a gorilla, don't give it to me.

👤These were used in a pull out. They were great. They have a nice weight on them.

👤The good: it's a great size, exactly what I expected. It's much larger than most utensil holders. The bottom is weighted so it doesn't tip. There is a Its shoddy manufacturing is the bad. The edges are not finished. There is something on the inside of it. There is a The ugly: these have a sticker on the front, but I believe they must've used a glue similar to duct tape, as it took me more than a half hour to remove the sticker and reside. I ran it under hot water for 20 minutes, and still had to use my fingernails. This will be on the kitchen counter, not on the island. The finish is ruined. Unless you have magic sticker removal powers or you don't care about scratches, steer clear of this product. If you want it for its large size, buy it.

7. Berglander Utensils Stainless Titanium Dishwasher

Berglander Utensils Stainless Titanium Dishwasher

The Flared End prevents Hands from slipping. The Cooking Utensil Set contains 13 pieces, including 1 Ladle, 1 Skimmer, 1 Slotted Turner, 1 Pasta server, 1 Cooking spoon, 1 Potato Masher, 1 Egg whisk, 1 Slotted spoon, and 1 Flexible Spatula. This set of traditional kitchen utensils have a mirror Polish Finish. Don't hide them. The utensils holder is high quality. This set is not dull polish and has a mirror finish. The Unique Effects Polished Utensil Set is a must have for your kitchen. You won't want to use anything else once you use this set. High quality steel. The utensils set is made of high quality steel. The utensils set is non-magnetic. The material is healthy for daily use. The Royal gold utensils are perfect for daily use. The utensils set and utensil holder are made of thick STAINLESS steel 2.5mm and are heat resistant. It's easy to clean, storage, and dishwasher safe, and you can use a soft cloth to clean and wash it. It is easy to clean.

Brand: Berglander

👤I wouldn't buy this again. It's hard to tell in the photos. One utensil was bent when it arrived. This looks cheap and should be half the price. I would return it, but my husband had already thrown it away.

👤A large cooking spoon and skimmer were bought as a gift. There is a faded out place on the spatula. Looks bad. There are marks on the back of the spoon. The person opened the gift and it was embarrassing. The spatula didn't get completely covered, so I don't know if these are just plated. I don't know what happened to the spoon. The skimmer is fine, but won't order any more items.

👤I like these. They are sturdy and expensive. They had no issues after cleaning. I would recommend it. Since I have had them, I have had many more.

👤The set makes a statement. The potato masher is the only utensil that isn't great. The rest of the utensils are perfect, even though it bends due to the force of mashing.

👤I loved it so much! Great color! But has a few scratches.

👤Exactly what I wanted. It matches my kitchen decor.

👤I like these so far. I have had these for a month now and they are just as beautiful as when I first got them. I want them to stay beautiful for as long as possible so I hand wash them. The gold color is perfect.

👤I love these! They are gorgeous, heavy, and great quality. I would recommend buying these.

👤I thought they were flimsy and nasty looking, but they are sturdy and attractive. The tongs that are thinner metal were slightly twisted on arrival, but I straightened them out with a bit of twisting. I bought some gold sieves and thought they would look better hanging up than in the pot stand. I was worried they would scratch up quickly, but so far they are so good I don't notice usage marks.

👤I sent the seller an email about the dent in the Spatula, but no response has come yet. I'm happy with this product.

👤It might be tacky or bad quality. It looks fantastic, excellent solid quality, and so many in it. It looks good in my home. You should recommend it.

👤I didn't like them, they looked cheap and yellow.

👤You need all of the things for every day. On the kitchen side, it looks great.

8. LIANYU Utensils Silicone Stainless Resistant

LIANYU Utensils Silicone Stainless Resistant

You don't need to be a master chef to enjoy a great cookware set. The right kitchen tools will make your next cooking adventure better. When you discover all the benefits of different utensils, you will realize that they are suited for your food prep and make cooking easier and more enjoyable. The kitchen tool set is a great gift for a holiday, wedding, or housewarming gift. The complete kitchen utensils set contains all the basic cooking utensils you need to cook. Silicone cooking tools and utensils are made of good grade silicone and are safe and healthy for daily cooking. The spatula set is heat resistant, it will not melt at high temperature cooking or leave in hot pans for a while, it will not retain odors and colors of tomato-based foods, perfect for stirring, frying, baking, whisking. Sturdy and durable kitchen gadgets tools are featured with premium handles that are anti-rust, solid and sturdy, and handles that are non-slip and anti-scalding to protect your hands from burning. Measuring spoons and cups have clear engraved metric measurement markings for accurately measure ingredients when you cook or bake, thanks to the great attachment, multi-purpose shredder. Silicone oven mitt to hold hot pans and plates, and holder for convenient storage.

Brand: Lianyu

👤They burn when they are resting in the stove top. D wasn't happy.

👤Have used them many times in high heat. They seem good. Everything is in the picture.

👤It was easy to set up our condo with this purchase. The set had everything I had on my list, plus a few extra pieces that I hadn't thought about. Great deal as well.

👤The worse they look the more I wash them. They have a weird white film on them. I had to buy a new one.

👤So far, so good. It works well with heat, no melting! I only hand wash now that the film left in the dishwasher.

👤I love the color of this set and each and every piece.

👤They are a great addition to my kitchen.

👤It is very strong. Beautiful color.

9. Lux Decor Collection Utensils Set

Lux Decor Collection Utensils Set

When collapsed, the round is 10 inches in diameter. It fits over most plates and bowls. It's dishwasher safe. The package includes a solid spoon, soup ladle, potato masher, whisk, tong, grater, can opener, pizza cutter, spoons, bottle opener, and measuring spatula. Their cooking utensils are made of high quality materials and are Rust and heat resistant. This set is strong enough to be used for your daily kitchen tasks, and will stay undamaged for a long time. The kitchen gadgets set has a refreshing look to it. This kitchen set is well-balanced and non-sticky, which is what you are looking for. Enjoy a great family gathering with your friends with these kitchen tools. The well-shaped handles make it easy to cook food. The kitchen utensil set is dishwasher safe and easy to wash. To maintain longevity, wash and dry gadgets with warm water.

Brand: Ldc Lux Decor Collection

👤This review is based on using the whisk and spatula, since I haven't used all my utensils yet. I just moved in a new apartment and needed to buy some things for my new kitchen, so a group of items seemed perfect. I decided to cook some bacon and scrambled eggs, but it was a chore, and it was the first night here. I didn't have to go to the ER because I used the spatula to flip the bacon. There is a The items were washed up like new. I pulled on the item to clean it after washing it. The thing looked like a giant spider with no head as it came apart. I consider myself a smart man, so I tried to put it back together, but it seems like it's going to fail if you don't have a degree in plastic whisk rebuilding. Put it in a drawer for a later date? Unless you have a giant drawer to hold a spider whisk, this thing will make all regular drawers useless. Other items don't seem to cause injuries, but that's a story for another day.

👤I keep this set with camping gear, I go once or twice a year. Most pieces were ok for what I needed. The nylon/plastic is not strong but it did hold up for 3 days of cooking. The can opener was useless and so it was thrown away. The tongs worked great, they were used the most.

👤I bought these to give to a friend who didn't have a full set. Everything is made from cheap plastic and will only last a few months before being replaced. I wouldn't recommend these for an adult apartment if they were for a college kid to get through the first few months of a new apartment. There is a There is an update. My friend said she would probably replace them and keep them as a spoon set because I need another spoon set.

👤The handle shafts on the large spoon and ladle and spatula are not strong enough to lift a full amount of pasta or potpie. The grate bends when used. Pizza cutter is very thin and bends when you push it down. Measuring cups are fine, but not like the others. Next time, I won't be swayed by what seems a bargain and will buy Oxo tools that won't cause me any problems.

👤This set is a cheap starter set that may or may not last 6 months. Everything feels cheap, can opener works intermittently, masher comes apart while mashing, spatulas start to melt, and everything feels cheap. It is something that we will not feel bad about if we leave anything behind, because we bought this for an extended hotel stay.

👤All the pieces were not present. I got a refund but they never showed up and I didn't get a label. I'm being told I have to pay for them. I wish I'd bought them. They were not very strong.

10. Premium Stainless Steel Kitchen Utensil Set

Premium Stainless Steel Kitchen Utensil Set

Tuilful kitchen utensils set is a perfect gift for friends and families. If you have any questions about the Tuilful kitchen utensils set. They will respond within 24 hours if you send a message through Amazon. Each customer will receive the highest standard of customer service from them. The 7-PIECE SET includes a solid and perforated turner, a solid and perforated basting spoon, a solid ladle, and a sturdy caddy to hold it all. The ERGONOMIC CADDY is heavier than most of the other ones and is stable on countertops. It has an attractive design. These are perfect for daily use and are made of food grade, lead-free steel. The fingerprints of the surface ensure they remain pristine. Utensils will be kept organized, collected, and within reach without taking up drawer space. The caddy can hold additional kitchen utensils. The dishwasher is safe. Utensils are dishwasher safe and easy to clean by hand. Untied ruler is not safe.

Brand: Finedine

👤The set was decided on and I was surprised by the weight of the box. Each is wrapped in plastic. I found them to be heavier than usual and that meant more life to me. My daughter is looking for a set and I recommend that she run everything through the dishwasher. I always look for a review that tells me not to hesitate, so for those who are looking at set after set, don't hesitate. I am happy that I bought this. It's a good thing.

👤I expected this to be a cheap set for me to use, but was pleasantly surprised when it arrived. I was able to put two whisks, a can opener, two knives and two sets of tongs in there, and I still have some room. These were finished off beautifully, even though they were stamped-out and had unfinished edges. I don't write many reviews, but I wanted to help steer people away from spending twice the price for the same type of set because I was so pleased with the product.

👤I would give it a four on the scale from 1 to 10. The bucket that holds the items is nice, but the workmanship is poor. I don't know if it was done during manufacture or banging around the box, it could be better packed, but the bucket portion is heavy and needs to be polished down a little. If you are a stickler for good quality workmanship, I wouldn't recommend purchasing this item.

👤These are thick. They are not a shiny finish. It looks like a brushed finish. The holder is a good weight. They seem like they will last a long time.

👤I like that my appliances are made of STAINLESS STEEL, they are easy to use and clean. Very compatible dishwasher.

👤I can't use any of the utensils since they all have chips and scratches and the metal could potentially get into food, but I am not sure who is in charge of the packaging orders. The damage makes them look heavy used. I'm not sure if this is the case with every order. They are very sturdy and heavy. It's time to return asap.

👤I bought this for my granddaughter. She was happy with the utensils. She would get many years of use from them.

👤It matches everything I have bought.

👤I like the size and clean lines of this set. I haven't used all of the spoons but they are working well. There was a pit mark on the lifter and a sharp edge on one of the utensils.

👤The ustensiles sans poignée de plastique were exactement.

👤Excellent vendeur je recommanderai a toutle monde.

👤There was plastic wrap around it and it was wrinkled. The utensils were scratched and had black spots when I took them out. Some of the tools had grooves in the metal. The edges are really sharp and the quality is terrible.

👤Solide, ils sont fiable. Tous le besoins pour ce dont ils sont aussi.

11. Artcome Stainless Utensils Cookware Accessories

Artcome Stainless Utensils Cookware Accessories

Zulay guarantees no hassle with their 5 piece cooking set, and they love it and back it up with a lifetime guarantee. They will make it right if you contact them. This product will live up to your expectations if you order now. They will cover you even after the return window. Chances are you will not need to reach out. The complete set includes a solid turner, a big solid turner, a big spoon, a small spoon, a soup ladle, and a fork. The nylon material is high quality and resistant to rust. The handles of the kitchen utensil sets are plastic. The life of your kitchen pans can be extended. The nylon material in the kitchen tools prevents them from scratching and damaging expensive non-stick pans and pans. It's easy to clean with hand and dishwasher safe. The best value for money is the fully comprehensive high quality nylon and stainless steel utensil set. Let them know if you're not completely satisfied and they'll give you a prompt replacement or refund.

Brand: Artcome

👤There were more utensils in the box than I thought. The plastic handles are flimsy and not good for cast iron use. The spatula started melting. They serve their purpose for the price. I didn't want a set that was expensive as I have 3 boys at home that have destroyed every utensil in the house, including and up to, breaking handles off of knives. This set is good for teenagers and young adults who are not spending their own money.

👤They are weak and loose where the plastic is connected to metal. It's not great for daily use, so I might use it as camping gear. I didn't have the right color backdrop for the photos and video I tried to take. They are great for camping because you can glue them back together.

👤I don't write reviews, but I was very disappointed in this product and wanted to warn other buyers. I can't use the utensils to break up ground beef because they bend so badly whenever I put pressure on them. The "juicer" feels like it is going to break at any moment, and it doesn't fit an average lemon inside. The peeler broke. I will be back. There is a reason this product is so inexpensive, do not waste your time thinking you're getting a deal.

👤It is not a quality product, but it gets the job done. I got them for my first apartment. If you need something or want to save money, I would recommend them. It is what it is, so it was disappointing that Dose didn't include all the products listed. Walmart quality is cheap.

👤The price was right and the set is a comprehensive one, but it is not the best set.

👤The pizza cutter is hard to read and is not worth the purchase.

👤They melted when I leaned on the pan and the metal on the handle could burn you if you are not careful. I don't think it's safe for children.

👤This was definitely worth the price for the number of different cooking utensils.

👤Don't buy this product. One of the spoons broke in half. After a month another one goes down. There is a The potatoes are not sliced by the grater. The blade in the grater is bend and the veggies are above it. Completely useless.

👤There are a lot of options for a cooker. Is there a good selection of utensils. Is not very good, but so far it's been good.

👤Doesn't feel like the product will last very long. It is definitely not heat resistant.


What is the best product for cooking utensils set stainless steel with holder?

Cooking utensils set stainless steel with holder products from Lianyu. In this article about cooking utensils set stainless steel with holder you can see why people choose the product. Homquen and Betterbeauty are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking utensils set stainless steel with holder.

What are the best brands for cooking utensils set stainless steel with holder?

Lianyu, Homquen and Betterbeauty are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking utensils set stainless steel with holder. Find the detail in this article. Homikit, Rorence and Oggi are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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