Best Cooking Utensils Set Stainless Steel Commercial

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1. Silicone Stainless Non Stick Non Scratch Measuring

Silicone Stainless Non Stick Non Scratch Measuring

Your satisfaction is their first priority. The professional kitchen utensils set includes a spoon, spatula, bating brush, egg whisk, and solid spoon. Meet all your kitchen needs. Silicone is one of the most eco-friendly materials. It is odorless and transparent. The Silicone Kitchen Utensils set is more resistant to heat and cold than other sets. Non corrosive and hard wearing is not allowed. The kitchen utensil set does not react with food or beverages, or produce any hazardous fumes, and is the highest quality and Food grade Silicone. Kitchen tools for your family. The kitchen starter set is convenient. The YUKKA has a wide and varied selection of kitchen accessories at competitive prices designed for any home, and this 23-piece kitchen utensils set will satisfy all your needs for cooking. Everyone of them has a unique use for it. It would be a great companion in the kitchen. The dishwasher is safe. The quality kitchen utensil set is easy to wash and can be thrown in the dishwasher. Each customer will receive the highest standard of customer service from them. They are always here for you if you have a problem with the utensils set.

Brand: Yukka

👤I bought these to stop my family from messing with the pans I got for Christmas. The kit has a lot of different tools. I like using the spatula/spoon when making mashed potatoes. When I use one of them, I can pop them in the dishwasher. Water marks can be seen on these if you use the dishwasher. I bought these for more than just looking at, so it doesn't bother me. If you don't like the water marks, you could wash them. I'm too busy taking care of my house and kids. I would buy them again.

👤I have used to flip items on my grill and on my stove to stir food while cooking, and it's easy to clean. They have worked well. The holder is for keeping all of the utensils. The whisk is not as stiff as I would like. I had to hold the whisk past the handle to get it to whisk right while making corn bread. It was easier to use the whisk once all of the ingredients were mixed. I absolutely adore this set. It doesn't damage my cookware and it's easy to clean. I don't own a dishwasher so I don't know if they are dishwasher safe.

👤The handle of the cup measure broke within milliseconds of trying to scoop sugar. The poor design of the handle doesn't hold up under pressure. The other cups are expected to perform poorly. The utensils seem sturdy and I like the scoops with the flat surface and holes.

👤These are nice. I usually don't buy sets but individual pieces that are heavier. This set has everything I needed. I like to bake so I had to buy more measuring cups and spoons. The measures that come are only 1/2, 1 tsp, 1/2, 1/3, 1/2 and 1 cup. There is a The utensils are comfortable. Not too light, and get the job done for cooking. You can't go wrong with the price.

👤The grease foam should be boiled over.

👤It's a great set. I am giving my mom the wrong color because I was sent it the wrong way. I like the substance. It is easy to wash. It's good for new pans.

👤I wanted new utensils after buying new cookware. There is a lot of things I could possibly need. They are easy to clean and Sturdy.

👤They are soft and flexible.

2. New Star Foodservice Commercial Grade Recommended

New Star Foodservice Commercial Grade Recommended

UTILITY is perfect for grilling food, baking pancake, cooking sea food, frying steak, grilling fish, and great gifts for men, women, boyfriend, dad, son, and families. The Specialty Wok Utensils are made from a sturdy, heat resistant, commercial grade steel and have a comfortable light wood handle. The Wok Spatula is designed to keep your hands safe from the intense heat of a wok. It is approximately 17.1 inches. Wok Ladle can be used for many different things in Asian-style cooking. Excellent for seasoning your wok as you cook so that your first ingredients aren't saturated with oil, and perfect for ladling soup, stir frying foods, and other similar dishes. Approximately 16 inches. Perforated Wok Ladle is a great tool for straining oil from stir fried foods. Approximately 17 inches. Hand wash and hand dry products that are in the Specialty Wok Set.

Brand: New Star Foodservice

👤These are made of high quality. They are nicely made and have the proper length. There is a I don't recommend putting them in the dishwasher because they have a screw in the back that can be loosened over time. If you don't mind using a little more soap after each use, you'll love them.

👤It works well with my 16” wok, it is long enough to keep my hands out of the heat of the big wok, and the wood handle works better than all-steel models when my hands are slippery and oily. The spatula is fastened with a rivet instead of a screw, it does wobble a bit but that is the same as every wood and steel spatula.

👤The wooden handle is not attached to the part.

👤The handles on all three of the sets are loose and I was excited about them. There is a good millimeter or two of wobble between the wood and the metal stem, but they appear to be secured to the metal stem. I can't recommend this set.

👤I wish I had purchased these years ago. They are useful with my other pots and pans.

👤The metal seems decent. The wooden part of the handle feels good. The way they are connected is disappointing. The wooden handles portion wiggles a lot. Each tool has a sticker on it. I'll probably keep them and try to glue them together. If I knew they were loose, I wouldn't have ordered them.

👤Excellent tools at a good price. The longer tools are great for high heat cooking. Well built and looks great!

👤I don't think it will last all that long, but it is a decent item for the money. I should have waited until I had the money to buy the ones I wanted.

3. Berglander Stainless Non Stick Resistant Dishwasher

Berglander Stainless Non Stick Resistant Dishwasher

Sturdy handles are riveted to pots and pans for added strength. The set includes 1 Ladle, 1 Skimmer, 1 Slotted Turner, 1 Pasta server, 1 Cooking spoon, 1 Potato Masher, 1 Egg whisk, and 1 Flexible Spatula. This set of traditional kitchen utensils have a mirror Polish Finish. Don't hide them. The utensils holder is high quality. This set is not dull polish and has a mirror finish. The Unique Effects Polished Utensil Set is a must have for your kitchen. You won't want to use anything else once you use this set. High quality steel. The utensils set is made of high quality steel. The utensils set is non-magnetic. The material is healthy for daily use. The utensils set and utensil holder are made of thick STAINLESS steel 2.5mm and are heat resistant. It's easy to clean, storage, and dishwasher safe, and you can use a soft cloth to clean and wash it. It is easy to clean.

Brand: Berglander

👤I don't know if I got a bad one. The area around the spring is extremely loose and looks poorly made, because the tongs don't retract properly. I have other tongs that work great, but these are like chopsticks and I have to use them. There is a The pasta spoon is small and a lot smaller than others I've used and the one I currently have. It may work for spaghetti, but as for other types of pasta, it's better to use one of the other utensils. I feel like they squeezed me for a little extra for a bargain, a little more for double the utensils, but the quality of some of the others just isn't there. Would've preferred to pay an extra 5 dollars for a larger pasta spoon and functional tongs, which would've cost the manufacturer an extra 20 cents. When I posted this, I didn't notice that the spatula was torn, but after I cleaned the sink, I noticed the spatula was torn. I was going to deal with the tongs but now I have to return them.

👤These were worth looking for. The handle is made of thicker metal. The metal is thinner at the bottom. I don't know how they did it. I don't think it was stamped from a single sheet of metal. Maybe they welded the handle to the business end. It is a nice effect, whatever they did.

👤These cooking utensils are very good. I have had them for months and they have done well in the dishwasher and sink. No rust, no bending, and not heavy. I bought a different set before that. We are too heavy and too big to use for everyday cooking.

👤These are a good quality and not heavy. I love to cook and these are perfect for my kitchen. They are all one piece construction and I like that. There were no handles coming loose. They look good on the counter.

👤I bought it for my wok. It is not so heavy that my arm would get tired, or that I have been working out. There is a It looks good and is easy to leave out. The container is nicely weighted and won't tip over with all the utensils. stored outdoors I haven't used the masher. I put this in the dishwasher and it is clean. I'm happy.

👤I bought a used one. The pasta scoop is showing a lot of wear and use. The turner has a small black spot which looks like it's leaking metal to me. I don't feel safe to use it because it contacts food all the time. The quality may not last long. Other utensils look good. I didn't try them. Returning it.

👤The last spaghetti spoon I used was made of a hard plastic which was not bad until one of the teeth broke, but I felt it was time to get something new and less likely to break. I was trying to hold off on using this one until I renovated my kitchen. When I was craving spaghetti one night, I couldn't help myself but use it. I wonder why I didn't buy it sooner when I use it.

4. Stainless Steel Kitchen Utensil Set

Stainless Steel Kitchen Utensil Set

Kitchen utensil handles made of top-grade STAINLESS steel and silicone are durable and will last a long time without being worn down. It was designed to not bend, break or rust. Everything you might need is a 10-piece modern non-stick utensils. Includes a spoon, Sturdy and convenient utensils have a comfortable grip for a long time. All gadgets are made of one solid piece, making them the most perfect utensil set around. Will last you for a lifetime of eating out. The set is smudge- and fingerprints-free and looks great on countertops or a picnic table, so the place looks pleasant and uncluttered even while food is being prepared. It's made from pure steel, and it doesn't have any of the harmful substances plastic has to offer. It is possible to wash a set by hand with soap and warm water. The set is dishwasher safe and can be stuck into the dishwasher. The attractive, sturdy holder keeps all utensils organized. The utensils have a loophole that allows them to be kept together in a drawer.

Brand: Finedine

👤If you want to cook with rusty utensils, this is the set for you.

👤They are not made of steel. The spatula had rust on it.

👤The finish is not solid. The parts are black and look scorched. I don't recommend this product. The country of origin is not present.

👤I was happy with the purchase until I received the package and tools as tolls. The red flag is number one. The utensils are cheap. There is a coating that is not even. The brown colored water was dripping off the utensils after they 888-282-0465. I can only guess that the plastic coating started to break off after three washings. Don't trust this product, it's very low quality.

👤Don't buy! Big scam! DEFECTIVE FROM CHINA CHEAPEST metal, thin, easily scratchable, came with lots of ding, scratches, discolored spots and parts of package were opened, definitely looked used and cleaned!!) Words can't describe the thickness of the metal, it looks horrible, not even close to the picture. The quality of the products is similar to that of this junk.

👤Even though I was not happy with the product, the seller contacted me and was helpful and rectified the situation completely. There is a This was a disappointment. I am replacing my kitchen utensils with new ones made of steel. I thought it would be a good starter. It ended up being a flop. The items are beautiful from a distance. There are scratches on two of the utensils and one of the utensils came with strange white particles on it. I wouldn't recommend a friend to buy something from me.

👤Nice looking tools. All made or very thin. It was semi-cheesey. It was not a substantive feel to them. A good starter set. Think of them as Ikea utensils. Will last for a while and you will get to the good stuff.

👤It was dirty and damaged. I returned the package I received today. I will wait for the stores to open. Terrible experience.

👤Absolutely disgusting. I'm really disappointed that I received a gift that was part of a housewarming gift. The packaging is sticky. When I saw how bad the box was, I thought I'd better look inside. The utensils look like they have been used. They're covered in an orange substance and sticky. They are all scratched and worn. Will be returning. It's not worth buying.

👤The tools were crumpled in the battered box and the cellophane over them looked like they had been sent to another buyer. There is a The kitchen utensils were heavy in weight but that was not a problem. They have a cheap feel to them, and that was not good for quality. There is a The utensil holder that came with the utensils was a bit loose and wasn't sitting straight as it was supposed to but at a sloping angle. You get what you pay for at the end of the day. Quality suffers because of the amount of items in the set, which is a lot for the money. Even though I am not happy with the quality, I will still use the kitchen utensils. I think it's worth spending twice as much for a better quality item, I was surprised how high this kithen utility set was on the Amazon best seller list. Maybe the price is appealing to buyers. There is a I was happy with the price but not with the quality of the items, and wish I had spent more money for a better purchase. Thank you.

5. Viking Culinary Stainless Utensil 40129 9988G

Viking Culinary Stainless Utensil 40129 9988G

A wonderful gift is the Utensils set. It's suitable for formal venues such as weddings. There is a best gift idea for graduation. The complete package includes a spoon, spatula, ladle, meat fork, and skimmer. The mirror finish keeps the set shiny for a long time. It is made with 18/8 steel. The handles are comfortable. The design of the dishwasher makes it easy to clean it.

Brand: Viking

👤These are comfortable to use and high quality. They are the best. These are my FOREVER utensils, after years of buying nylon, plastic, wood and other STAINLESS. They are worth every penny.

👤I received a spatula that was faulty but Viking replaced it quickly. Excellent customer service.

👤Beautiful and high quality. All Claf is more expensive than Viking.

👤The angle on the utensils is great. Heavy duty is worth the money.

👤It is durable and sturdy. Exactly what I was expecting. Highly satisfied.

👤Sturdy, wash up well. The best in kitchen utensils.

👤Our set is better than before. The handles are just right. I would recommend it.

6. Winco UT 12 Utility Heavyweight Stainless

Winco UT 12 Utility Heavyweight Stainless

When you purchase this specialty Silicone small serving Food tongs 7-Inch tool, you're offered a 100% Customer Satisfaction Service. They will serve you until you get your 100% satisfaction if you contact them through your order. It is risk free to try it. The steel is very heavy. Winco has a wide range of products. Winco products are used by many industry experts.

Brand: Winco

👤I used to be a line cook for 16 years. I was skeptical of finding a similar product at such a low price, because the quality of the product was equal to the price of the kitchen supply. I ordered a pair to try. I ordered 10 more to use as stocking stuffers for family members after two weeks of use. The chef and other cooks that I worked with would remove the locking mechanism from their tongs the minute they got a new pair. It didn't take me long to start doing the same thing that I 888-276-5932 Not messing with the lock is much more user friendly. I love this product. It's easy to use and clean the dishwasher. It's strong enough to remove pizza pans, sizzlers, and other items from the oven instead of using potholders. It's like having a third hand when I use it to remove hot lids from pots, turn bacon, grill steaks and chops.

👤The tongs I bought were to pick up dog doo. The best idea ever. I can put 10 land mines into one bag without having to get my face close to the bag or getting more poo into a bag that already has stink nuggets in it. There was no turd on the hands. There is a My dog is a master of his craft. She poops more than she eats. She is the golden goose of deuce. There is a They are called The Doodoo Tongs, and they live outside. There is a Do you mean that they should never be stored near your barbecue? Are you on that?

👤I can't remember how many tongs I used. I bought the most expensive ones because I thought they would be better. The part that lets you lock the tongs closed is the problem. I worked in fast food when I was in college. I don't remember if the tongs broke, but they are used for everything there. There is a I have had no problems after buying the simplest I could. If you want to store them, stick them in a drawer and hold them closed with a rubber band. They're cheap and definitely the way to go.

👤We purchased an 18 for cooking crabs and a 12 for the rest. The tongs are made of heavy steel. You can find cheaper and shinier things, but not made tongs. This well.

👤Poor design. The tong's sharp inner edges pinched my finger.

👤For some reason, full-metal kitchen tongs are hard to find. I went on the hunt after fighting flimsy plastic-ended tongs for a long time. There is a They are very sturdy and easy to hold. Since they are always sprung open, they are hard to store in drawers or containers, which is my only complaint. There is a They are very nice and well worth the money. If I need more, I will purchase these again.

7. Cuisinart CTG 08 SSS Stainless Steel Solid

Cuisinart CTG 08 SSS Stainless Steel Solid

Spatula has a bottle opener. Made from durable steel. It is elegant for serving. It's easy to work with.

Brand: Cuisinart

👤I received a cheap version of the product. I own the rest of the set and it doesn't match as you can see in my picture. The spoon in the picture is from the set. When you order from an Amazon warehouse, you should be able to see who your order comes from. Zero stars! There is a I received a replacement item. Wrong item again. Now is the time to buy at Bed, Bath & Beyond. Hope you get the right item if you order. I love the set from Cuisinart. Too bad this one isn't available yet.

👤I tried to order this product 3 times and INRDeals I received an Chinese version of the Entrada Collection 3 times. Don't buy if you're warned.

👤Not the same as discription. The product was cheap. The sticker says it's a brand. You can see it by the item.

👤This is not the same spoon as the one in the picture. There is no written word on the handle. This thing is not made of steel. You can see the black in my picture if you zoom in. This is going back today. Don't buy.

👤It is 16” long according to the description. I received a product that was 9” long.

👤Since several products are lumped together on the same page, my review is for the SKIMMER. There is a It was easy to pick this model over the others because it was a much more reasonable price and it was a no-name flimsy looking product. My final decision was between this one or a similarly-low priced one from Faberware, a brand name I respect. The shape is the deciding factor. There are different shapes because of what you plan to do with the straining ladle. My primary use is to scoop the cooked hamburger up from the frying pan to drain it before I cook it. The hamburger would fall through the holes if the wire ladle was used. The product is about the same diameter as the flat bottomed Cuisinart, but it doesn't allow me to get as much food out of a pan as I would with the Faberware. I like the shape of the handle. It's not easy to describe but I think this one is more spoon-like than ladle-like. This style is more comfortable for me and affects the way it is held. The handle has a more rounded shape, compared to the stamped piece of thin metal that is used for the Faberware. It doesn't have to lift a lot of weight. The flat metal type of handle bends better. The skimmer is larger than expected and very professional. There is a Some people have reported that the product they received was not what they received, perhaps they received a returned product? It looks the same as the seller's page pictures. I can say that it has a very polished finish, but I can't tell if it's being labeled as being STAINLESS STEEL or not. There is a The large, heavy-duty utensil feels like something that would be used in a commercial kitchen and is surprisingly well made for the price. I use it to remove noodles from the water or a strainer when making soup. It is a must-have kitchen tool. I am sorry. I didn't buy anything a long time ago.

8. Stainless Steel Metal Spatula Set

Stainless Steel Metal Spatula Set

Money back: They are so confident in the quality of their product that they will give you a money back on your purchase. If you are dissatisfied with the product, you can return it for a full refund or replacement. You can get yours by clicking ADD to cart. The spatula set includes a cooking spatula, grill spatula, and hamburger spatula. Great for use as a spatula, kitchen spatula, bench scraper, and pancake turner. Professional quality spatulas are good for use by professional chefs and bakers in restaurants and food shops as well as grill accessories set for your home kitchen or backyard barbecue. Made from rusty steel, it's non-reactive,hygiene and durable. The Spatula blade is 1/25 inch. The tool kit is perfect. The plastic handle with a hole is easy to hang. The spatula and turner are balanced. The spatula set is dishwasher safe. The spatula is perfect for bbq grill, cast iron outdoor, and flat top cooking.

Brand: Anmarko

👤The Camp Chef 600 outdoor griddle was the one that I purchased these to use. They seem to be sturdy. The largest and smallest spatulas have good cutting edges. The other spatula has a nice edge. There is a small amount of flex in them that feels right for most uses. The handles are comfortable. There are some interesting features of the scraper. There are cutting edges on the bottom and one end. One side has length and the other side has depth. The cup measure equivalents chart can be found on the side of the centimeter. Only a small negative. I would have liked a hole in the scraper for hanging. Expect these to last a long time even with being store outside.

👤The spatulas and scrapers have been in use for less than two weeks. It is always used indoors and washed immediately. The shortest spatula is particularly bad. Never left in the water. If you want to keep these, wash them and dry them right away. I cannot seem to clean the weird water spots on one of them because they appear to rust from hand washing and rack drying. Something is wrong with the metal composition that makes it rust so quickly. I like the variety of sizes and they are very sturdy. Handles seem to be attached. I would have kept them. I liked the bench scraper. I used that one a lot. I ordered the set because of that. I used to measure my dough while rolling it out with it. I'm sad to return them.

👤Excellent quality for a new range top. Very pleased!

👤I needed this because I bought my flat, stove-top cast iron griddles. The tools are amazing. The larger flat spatula is perfect for my hashed brown hair, and the dough scraper is great for making perfect pizza dough, or for making my awesome sourdough bread! I'm going to have to find more by Anmarko, as the quality here is so good. You will not be disappointed.

👤I don't usually leave reviews but the customer service I was given was amazing. I mentioned the bent spatula to the company because I had already given my father in law the spatulas as a birthday gift. Even though I didn't ask them to give me a new spatula, they were so kind as to send me one. This was refreshing and I am very happy with the company. The other spatulas were great for the price. Would definitely recommend.

👤The large spatula allows me to turn heavier objects on the grill, while the narrow Hague spatula handles lighter items more easily. The scraper is rising so that it can easily clean a grill. It is easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

👤The Griddle tools are great. Sturdy, sharp edges make it easy to mix and cook delicious foods on the griddle. If you don't take care of them, they will have small patches of rust. Otherwise, they are great! I use them every day and have no problems the past month. Hope this helps! I have used them over a year and the tools work the same way they did when I bought them. The plastic handles are attached to metal. If you don't use the tools for two weeks or longer, you should lightly oil them. This was a great purchase.

9. Serving Basting Spoons Tongs Stainless

Serving Basting Spoons Tongs Stainless

It's called Super Vernon. A good tool from the kitchen to the table. These long spoons are used for high volume applications. They're an ideal accessory for buffet lines, catered events or family-style dining. The Basting Spoons are made of 11” and 15” steel. The utility tongs are 9” long. It has a locking ring and coil spring mechanism. All Utensils. For all your events. It's great to serve all sorts of dishes. For personal and commercial use.

Brand: Herofiber

👤We used to use these in commercial kitchens and large group camping trips. I am looking forward to using them in my camping gear this summer. There is a They are heavy duty, but not heavy. Very similar to military cooking utensils. Considering how reasonably priced they are, it's a great value. When I ordered them, they exceeded my expectations.

👤Excellent price, well made. Highly recommended!

👤They are the right size for whatever one needs.

👤Exactly what I wanted. The price was good and the delivery was quick. I recommend.

👤The weight of the serving spoons was the first thing that caught my attention. It was high gauge steel. It was a nice thickness to it. The product lives up to my expectations. It's a good value.

👤Like the item, used for cooking.

👤It feels like they will bend easy. It feels like cheap tin.

10. Artisan 3 Piece 13 Inch Stainless Perforated

Artisan 3 Piece 13 Inch Stainless Perforated

Standcn is a professional kitchen utensils manufacturer. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, they will help you get a replacement or return your money within 24 hours. This set of heavy-duty serving spoons can be used to serve soups, sauces, and more. The spoon in this set is made from 1.5 millimeter-thick STAINLESS STEEL. Each spoon is 13 inches long and great for serving hot food. Pour sauce or gravy with the solid spoon after draining liquid from wet foods. The set includes one spoon, one spoon and one spoon.

Brand: Artisan

👤The spoons are stamped steel. I would think they would be found at the dollar store. They are thin metal. Not a good idea for the money.

👤Very thin. These will not last very long. It's not worth sending back. I guess you get what you pay for.

👤I love these spoons. I was really excited to get these for my own home, just like the ones I've always used in commercial kitchens. They are going to last a long time. They're gorgeous and shiny too. I've never seen these spoons before they've been washed many times. I'm so happy that I was able to find these spoons.

👤The spoons seem to be well made and decent thickness. I needed steel so that it wouldn't bend like teflon spoons, and I got it for regular use. I can't comment on the quality of the steel or whether it will degrade in the future. If needed, they can be easily replaced for the price.

👤I am satisfied that these will work for what it was intended, even though they are a bit shorter than I would have liked.

👤The first set was ordered to see how good it was. I placed a second order because I really liked them. They should hold up. It is good for 12 bucks.

👤A good product. Keep looking if you are looking for fancy-mancy spoons. If you want to use reliable spoons every day, go for it! There is a Sturdy spoons, just wish the edges were better. The length and sturdiness were the same.

👤I know you get what you pay for but I don't think the handles are comfortable or good looking. I used them for a huge party and I don't think any of my guests noticed. The spoons are functional.

11. Metal Spatula Set Stainless Commercial

Metal Spatula Set Stainless Commercial

The item shape is rectangular. The spatula set includes a cooking spatula, a grill spatula, and a griddle scraper. Great for use as a pancake turner, fish turner, spatula, kitchen spatula, wok spatula, pizza spatula. Professional quality spatula and scrapers are good for use by professional chefs in restaurants and food shops as well as for your home kitchen indoor or backyard barbecue. Made from rusty steel, it's non-reactive,hygiene and durable. The Spatula blade is 1/25 inch in thickness. The tool kit is perfect. The plastic handle is comfortable and easy to hang. The spatula and turner are balanced. The spatula set is dishwasher safe. The spatulas are perfect for cast iron outdoor griddles or even cookie cutter cooking.

Brand: Anmarko

👤It's perfect for my cast iron skillets.

👤These spatulas are larger than those in our local stores. The offset angle and the smaller spatula's edges are what I like the most. It's easy to get the first piece of cake out of the pan. The spatulas can handle the extra heat on the grill plates. They have a smooth surface that keeps food from sliding off. They can go in the dishwasher, but we wash ours by hand.

👤We live in a warm weather state and cook all the time on the grill. I was disappointed when I opened the package, but once I used them, I realized how good they were. They are strong enough to flip a steak.

👤We are very pleased with the set. Exactly what we wanted.

👤I had these spatulas for under a month and had hand washed dozens of times, which usually means a hand dying. I put one in the dishwasher last night and took it out this afternoon and it was pitting and rusting. If you plan on using the dishwasher, you should prepare yourself. The smudges in the photos are from my attempts at cleaning it after the dishwasher did its damage.

👤I use my cast iron griddles with these spatulas. They are perfect! Well made and heavy duty. They were serious when they said they were professional. I will use them on my grill as well. There is no need to worry about these falling apart. The price for these two spatulas was very good. I will recommend them to others.

👤Commercial grade and STAINLESS STEEL were advertised. Neither is true. The items were washed by hand and allowed to dry. Both items started to rust. They never had a chance to use them. Completely unacceptable. I have never used astainless steel kitchen utensil in my life. Another example of inferior Chinese products. I don't understand how others rated these higher.

👤This is garbage. There are ruts in the bevels. This is junk. Poorly made things.

👤Sturdy spatulas. After going in the dishwasher, they are showing signs of wear. The dishwasher steam dries them, so it may be that I'm not drying them. They're still good items, even though it's not enough to put me off.

👤It looks like it's going to be the right tool for the job, but as we've only unwrapped it, we'll have to see. It looks and feels sturdy, and if it's as durable as it looks, it's definitely value for money.

👤spatulas are useful for turning omelettes, frittatas, burgers and all. A hole at the top of the handle makes it possible to store it on a rack ready for use. The bigger spatula has a larger blade which makes it difficult to turn a full pancake in a frying pan.

👤We use this product in our bakery business to make soda and wheaten Farls potato bread pancakes and other things on the hot plate.

👤My husband's first spatula broke after 2 days of use. These are top quality and outstanding. I would highly recommend anyone in a commercial or domestic setting. Excellent value for money.


What is the best product for cooking utensils set stainless steel commercial?

Cooking utensils set stainless steel commercial products from Yukka. In this article about cooking utensils set stainless steel commercial you can see why people choose the product. New Star Foodservice and Berglander are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking utensils set stainless steel commercial.

What are the best brands for cooking utensils set stainless steel commercial?

Yukka, New Star Foodservice and Berglander are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking utensils set stainless steel commercial. Find the detail in this article. Finedine, Viking and Winco are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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