Best Cooking Utensil Organizer Wall

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1. Sumnacon Metal Kitchen Hanger Hooks

Sumnacon Metal Kitchen Hanger Hooks

It can be used for a lot of things. The utensil rack is made of high quality metal, it's sturdy and well constructed, ordinary kitchen utensils can be hung on it. It's not a problem to hang your cast-iron kitchen utensils, and you don't need to worry about them falling off the wall. The hooks are effective at holding items. The pan pot rack can be used as a kitchen utensil hanger, as well as being used in the bathroom to hang your clothes, hand towel, bathrobe and so on. The pan pat rack includes all the hardwares to mount on concrete/tile walls or other type wall. It's easy to assemble and install, but also easy to handle, and it's not a bad idea to avoid stacking and scratching your new copper lined pans. It's a great idea to hang your pan pot in your small kitchen, and it works under the cabinet. It's so much easier to pick a pot if you can free up some space. The Utensil hangers are 41.5 x 3 x 5 cm, 16.3 x 1.2 x 2, and aremovable hook is 9 x 3 cm. Please check the size of the item before you buy it, it has been marked in the picture. Send them the email if there is a problem. Thank you!

Brand: Sumnacon

👤This is another of my wife's favorite purchases on Amazon, she wanted to free up some drawer space and keep some of the more commonly-used utensils close by, and this rack was a perfect choice for that. The powder coating is easy to install and hold up to regular use, and it is Sturdy without being too heavy. We've been very pleased with this.

👤I use rail hangers as pot rack on exposed beams. They've held up well.

👤The hooks are not attached. They hang loose.

👤The items I bought made my kitchen more orgenized and made it easier to find my cups and cookware.

👤I like this because it gives me space and it was easy to install.

👤Wrong dimensions! It's 17INCH and 15INCH useable rail.

👤The product is good. Sturdy and durable.

2. Sumnacon Industrial Organizer Cookware Hardwares

Sumnacon Industrial Organizer Cookware Hardwares

Compact kitchen accessories The storage rack for lids can be used in most kitchen cabinets. It's not easy to break a good iron material. It's a nice sturdy design with full metal construction, it looks nice with almost any kitchen theme. It holds the weight of cast iron pans. The total weight of the pots/pans/utensils on the rack should not be over 30 kilograms or 66 lbs. It is a pan pot rack and a towel holder/bath grab bar, and you can hang anything else you want. It could be used in bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, garage, balcony, pantry and the cabinet. It's easy to resolve storage issues. This pan pot holder is easy to assemble and easy to live with. It's easy to install and could handle everything you want to hang. It works great under the cabinet for hanging your pan pot in your too small kitchen. It's so much easier to pick a pot if you can free up some space. Base diameter is 8.5 cm/ 3.4 inches. Please check the size of the item before you buy it, it has been marked in the picture. Send them the email if there is a problem. Thank you!

Brand: Sumnacon

👤I didn't want to keep my cast iron pans inside the oven when I had a previous range, so I bought a new one. I wanted to use the oven but I was taking them in and out so much. I wouldn't bake because I didn't have to deal with those pans. There is a My kitchen is not designed to hang pots and pans. The ceilings are high. I am short. There is a I thought I would need something much longer, but this was the only space I had that would work. I had originally planned on twisting the hooks so the pans would go sideways, but they ended up overlaping in a way that gave me enough space without the need. There is a The pans are on a rack. It is very secure and easy to reach. I used the ones that came with it, not the heavy duty ones. There is a I would have liked to have done this sooner.

👤I wanted to add some decor to my island. It is very sturdy and has lots of hook.

👤It's about an inch too far from the wall for my use. I'm worried about the weight over time and that extra inch from the wall makes it heavier and causes us to bang into it regularly. I would buy again. I would buy a piece to decrease the depth.

👤It was what I hoped for. Very strong. I have cast iron pans which are heavy. Real looking. Well worth it!

👤It was used for my coffee bar.

👤I used this to make a grab bar in the bathroom. The elderly patrons will be helped at my son's place of business.

👤I have been working well for a year now and I love it. I was afraid it would come out of the wall because I knew it didn't get the wood part fully. Is still there and looking great. I can access my daily pans quickly and easily.

👤The piece was okay except for the one end piece that didn't match up.

3. Stainless Removable Organizer Cookware Bathrobe

Stainless Removable Organizer Cookware Bathrobe

It's easy to install. Their hook is equipped with 6 sticky patches, which is enough for your daily use. The kitchen utensil rack can be used to hang various items: spoons, towels, gloves, forks, pans, pots, cover,spatula, pasta server, Turner, strainer, whisk, and so on. You can put the wall hanger rack in almost any place. The kitchen 10 sliding hooks are made of high quality 304 steel. The 10 hooks can be moved smoothly because the S rack won't grab fabric or material. Space Saver andDurable. The pot pan hanger makes your kitchen seem less cluttered by taking advantage of the unused wall space. The kitchen utensil steel rack is 23.6 inches in length and has 10 hooks, which are fully interchangeable, so you can easily adjust the space between each hook. There are two ways to install. If you want to hang heavy pots, you need to drill on the wall. The wall mounted rack is strong enough to hold cups, cooking utensil set, tongs and other heavy duty items. The second install method is easy to install and will not damage your walls, it is easy to remove without damaging the surface. Give the gift of space-saving Kitchen organization to your mom, girlfriend or friends. If you know a chef who has everything, they'll be happy with this gift. The professional kitchen utensils knife holder rack is a great present for newlyweds, Mother's day or housewarming parties. Give the gift of space-saving Kitchen organization to your mom, girlfriend or friends. If you know a chef who has everything, they'll be happy with this gift. The professional kitchen utensils knife holder rack is a great present for newlyweds, Mother's day or housewarming parties.

Brand: Ninonly

👤The product looks good, but it has no instructions about how to mount it. It took over a month to receive it, and there was a lot of uncertainty about when it would arrive. I'll see if my partner can mount it. I wish I had ordered from a different vendor.

👤The utensil rack is easy to install, it comes with a variety of mounts. The anchors feel rock solid. I used a hammer to get the covers to go over the screw. The hooks are great for all kinds of utensils, they slide to adjust, but aren't removed.

👤The rack is just as good as the others. The hooks are tight to the rack, keeping utensil items in good position. The steel makes it nice. I recommend trying the product.

👤I put this near my stove to hold the smaller pot and pan. It does a great job. I made sure the wall was clean and the glue did a great job so far.

👤The description is correct. Within minutes of it being dropped off, I had this fully installed and working. I was able to add a few more hooks to my other one. A buy.

👤The only problem was putting the caps on the screws. No instructions given. It works great and looks good on the wall.

👤I used wall anchors to install it. It looks good and it is very sturdy. Wife likes it!

👤The utensil hanging rack is very good. The product is sturdy and it is an excellent kitchen organize tool. I would buy it again.

4. Kamenstein 5123721 Ellington Revolving Countertop

Kamenstein 5123721 Ellington Revolving Countertop

The dimensions are: W x H x D. No:USD814212 The two tiered revolving design and convenient carry handle make it easy to use. The pre-filled pepper jars come with pre-filled glass jars, which can include basil, parsley, marjoram, garlic salt, coriander, Rosemary, and more. See the packaging for more details on the 5 years of free Spice refill. All spices and jars are sealed in the US for freshness. Spice jars feature sifter tops for light seasoning that can be removed if measuring is needed for quick and easy identification of contents inside.

Brand: Kamenstein

👤Don't be fooled by the "free" refill. You have to pay for shipping and handling, but they have a different tier of charges. I can't justify $22 for 20 bags that weigh no more than a pound. There is a They don't have a wide selection of spices that you can use every day and if you fill the jar with your own favorites, they don't sell blank labels. Handling charges per order are as follows: 4 bags $5.25 5-10 bags $10.00 11-20 bags $12.50 21-30 bags $22.00 31-45 bags $32.00 46-60 bags $42.00 61-75 bags $52.00

👤A good quality spice rack and free refill for 5 years. If you want to get the best deal, pool your orders and be aware that there is a $10 shipping cost no matter how many packets you order.

👤The savings from the 5 years of free refill will probably cover the cost of the product in the long run, I thought when I read about it. I was disappointed with the selection of spices because most of them are not needed in most recipes. Here's what I got with it: Coriander, Pizza Seasoning, Oregano, Parsley, and a pinch of Mint. Ok, granted, oregano and Rosemary aren't bad, but note that none of the following spices were included. Black, cayenne, red pepper, Nutmeg, onion powder, Paprika, and Tumeric can be used. There is a The jars come pre- labeled with the names of the bad spices they send, so I had to change the names of all the spices. I'm hoping that the residual spices in the jars don't ruin what I replaced them with. There is a The design choice that annoyed me the most was that the jars weren't large enough to hold all the cones that come in the typical spice jar size. If you want to use the remaining spices in your cooking, you have to keep the jar with the remaining spices. It defeats the purpose of having a setup to avoid a shelf full of jars. The product is basically all plastic and feels a tad cheap. It's a good size to put in a cupboard or counter. The jars snap in securely, so I don't feel worried about them falling off the rack if I spin it a bit fast. I got two of these because I have a lot of spices on hand and they fit nicely together in a cupboard. If you're looking for what you need, storing the spices in chronological order will save you time.

👤I wanted the different spices from the Kamenstein and Old Thompson designs so I bought them. The Kamenstein is over the Old Thompson for a number of reasons. 1. The Kamenstein spins in a straight line. It's not a big deal to me, but it may be to some. 2. The Kamenstein has caps that you can push down on one side to shake or pour. You have to use your fingernails to lift up the Old Thompson. It's a pain when you need a quick boost. 3. The Kamenstein gives away free refill for 5 years.

5. Greenco GRC30756 Mounted Hooks Black

Greenco GRC30756 Mounted Hooks Black

Size and Weight The pan organizers measures 21.5 by 8.6 by 16 inches and comes in just 4.6 pounds. It's portable enough to move under a cabinet. There are 15 "S" style hooks for hanging pots and utensils in the wall mounted pot and pan shelf rack. It's great for storing and organizing pots, pans, kitchens utensils. The iron metal is thick and can support weight up to 22 lbs. All necessary mounting hardware and step by step instructions are included. The measurement is 29" long x 2.75" deep.

Brand: Greenco

👤We have an apartment with a small kitchen and very little storage. My husband is always saying that one person doesn't need so many cups. I do. I put them under a cabinet above my coffee maker to give me more space and a coffee station for myself.

👤It's a good product, but if you don't take it off the rail, the hook will come off. I tried to close the small end of the hook. It didn't work. If they made a rubber on the small part of the hook to hold it better onto the rail, I would give this more stars.

👤This is a great product. I used it for all my kitchen tools when I was away. It is sturdy enough to hold my tools and one pan. There are a few things. I was not happy with it. There are paint bubbles in the bar. I tried to scratch them off with a nailpolish. It doesn't bother me because it doesn't chip. Some people might feel different. There is a I took a picture for the review and noticed I had 13 hooks. I looked for the other two since it came with 15. Looks like they hit me with two hooks. I don't mind. It is two. I expect a partial price for a partial product. Looks like they need someone who knows how to count to 15. I got a great rack for a fraction of the others on the market and I am mostly satisfied.

👤This is a perfect rack for hanging awards and medals, it looks like a pot rack. It is very strong and can hold a lot of race medallions. It took me less than 5 minutes to get to the wall.

👤I mounted them on a red oak plank, which was stained to match my cabinets, parallel to the ceiling. They are at the perfect height. There is a The round mounting plates at either end of the rail are half the diameter of the picture shown on the Amazon page, and they only have two holes for the screws.

👤So far, so good, I hung this today. It was easy to install.

👤I wanted a bar that was bold, but I couldn't find it. I use it in a different place in the kitchen than I intended to use it for, but I will use it again. The only thing that can hold ithout being too crowded is a small frying pan. It's a good idea to secure it with screws. I have seen these come out of the wall when a final cup is hung, and that one ounce of weight pulls it off the wall unexpectedly. It would be great to hang belts and ties in a closet. I hope this will last a long time. I wouldn't hang heavy cast iron skillets because of the thin bars and delicate hooks, but utensils and lightweight tools are fine. It's a look I want to try. I want to hang the serious pots and pans that I want to hang from heavy duty bars.

6. Wallniture Gourmet Kitchen Mounted Wrought

Wallniture Gourmet Kitchen Mounted Wrought

These Utility Hooks allow you to hang your tools on the wall rather than in drawers. Farmhouse design is rustic. The sturdy construction of the 17 inch x 1.2 inch x 1 inch rail will prevent the hooks from swaying or falling off easily. It's easy to organize your kitchen by hanging it on your wall. The rail is great for hanging spatulas and other baking essentials. Everything is easy to find whenever you want to bake cookies, cakes, pies or tarts if you install one or more of the rail. You can easily find your measuring cups with the help of this kitchen wall rod. You can hang everything where you can see to cook. You can hang your mug over your coffee machine to brew a cup whenever you need an uplifting mood and energy to get you through the day, if you have a coffee corner in the kitchen. The rail is multi-purpose. The wall mounted rod can be used in many ways. It can be used to hang your towels in the bathroom, to organize your accessories and jewelry, or to hang your coats, bags and keys.

Brand: Wallniture

👤I have a small kitchen, and this was a great way to clear up some cabinet space. I got a lodge cast iron skillet, 4 mini cast iron skillets, both a12" and8" skillet, a panini grill pan, and a few kitchen utensils. It's very strong. I believe it would hold more weight if there were more room.

👤Exactly what I wanted. I bought it to hold my cookware. It's easy to install. Holding up a lot of cast iron was very easy. It is recommended.

👤This looks great in the kitchen. It has a lot of hooks. I hung a wire basket from the dollar tree on the bar to hold smaller implements. I hung my pots on the other side. I cleared out the entire drawer after I hung things. There is little counter space on the wall. This is ideal.

👤This is the second Utensil rack that I have ordered. The first camper we traded for was left by the husband. I ordered another camper for our new one, heavier than the first one, but a nice quality. It frees up drawer space. I would definitely recommend it.

👤The included wall anchors are terrible. You should be prepared to supply your own anchors. These aren't intended for drywall, but you know what. It has been holding up. I have a few heavy pots that I hang from this thing, and it does a great job. There is no sign of it loosened despite being a large piece of iron. I'm using the anchors more than the bar. There is a You can probably beat someone to death with the bar. I don't think it will warp even with a lot of weight on it.

👤Carefully packaged, the Utensil holder rack arrived quickly. It looks great in our RV kitchen, where we use it for hand towels and coffee mugs, and it seems to be made in the USA. The design of the rack allows a large coffee mug to hang without hitting the wall. The rack is sturdy enough for everyday use, and takes little wall space. Comes with a lot of mounting hardware. I was very pleased with the purchase. We liked this rack so much that we bought a second one. It was packaged as well as the first, but very disappointed to see that this is now made in China. The quality control is so good that this will be as good as our original purchase has been so far. I wanted to point out the change of manufacturing locations for those who prefer to buy products from the USA. China is capable of producing high quality goods, but not always. I hope this will work out just fine, but if we have any issues with this, I will give you more information.

👤Finding places to store pot holders/oven mitts and kitchen towels in our kitchen was a bit of a challenge. This sight is not visible to the naked eye. It's worked out well. I have it mounted on the end of our kitchen island and it holds 4 pots and pans with hooks and a kitchen towel over the bar perfectly. The flush design keeps the hooks out of the walkway since there's a minimal overhang of counter into a high traffic area. The cast iron grate on our push in range matches the iron look we got.

7. Wallniture Gourmet Kitchen Organizer Hooks

Wallniture Gourmet Kitchen Organizer Hooks

Their pot rack hooks are an excellent choice if you're looking for kitchen hooks. Sturdy Farmhouse Design. The 16 inches rust proof kitchen storage rail is well-constructed and has a strong hold on the hooks. Save space with this kitchen counter organizer. Hang your kitchen accessories, measuring cups, silicone spatulas, cookware set, coffee mugs and more to the hooks that easily slide. You should keep your utensils where you can easily reach them. This kitchen organization and storage unit will allow you to work with your supplies, not around them. It's easy to put it under your kitchen cabinet or above the wall of your coffee machine. It can be used as a kitchen organization unit for cooking utensils, a bathroom organization unit for towels, and an entryway organization unit for hanging coats, bags and keys. It can be a great place to hang your medals. Installation is easy with the wallniture shelf organizers. You don't have to spend a lot of time installing it, just follow the instructions and it will be ready to use in a few minutes. Installation is easy with the wallniture shelf organizers. You don't have to spend a lot of time installing it, just follow the instructions and it will be ready to use in a few minutes.

Brand: Wallniture

👤It is what I wanted. It is sturdy. It has all the screws and hooks.

👤The description did not match the photo on line. This is not a representation of a rustic farmhouse pipe fitting. The rod is very thin. Very cheap looking. The price reflects that. It would be returned in a minute if it weren't such a pain. Go to my local hardware store and make the same thing.

👤The seller may want to change their description. The bar is 14 inches wide and the screw holes are 14 inches apart. The product description has incorrect measurements.

👤I was disappointed when this came without wall plugs and screws. They should have been included in the instructions. I had my own. It would have been a waste of time for me to purchase this if I didn't. The rod is one solid piece. I would like the hooks to be a bit heavier. They seem to move a lot when they take off my kitchen utensils.

👤It works well in my space to hold coffee mugs. It only holds coffee mugs. I made sure to check out the product dimensions before buying it. I knew what I was getting when I read the dimensions. I like the look of it. I am very happy with the purchase.

👤A great rod and hook organizer. I hung coffee mugs from it. It was hung inverted. My cabinets are very heavy. It was easy to install using the screws. I pre-drilled the pilot holes before installing the screws. The 16” version is what this is. It is available on Amazon in longer units. The 16” rod does not fit any mugs. Touching. This works, but could have gone longer. There were screws, a tiny level, instructions, and drywall anchors. There are several options for mounting. It had 10 hooks. Well packaged. It arrived quickly. Excellent quality. Smooth and straight.

👤I was hoping for more of an industrial style rod, but it wasn't what I was expecting. I started a return and bought something else. The other product was too big for what I needed, so I unboxed this one again and loved it for the room. I just installed it and am very happy with it. I wouldn't be a 5 star if I said that in came with damage. It was made cheaply. I can't see the damage when it's installed. It was a good buy.

👤Disappointed. The rail is small. The hanging part is only 14 inches wide because of the curve on each end where screws attach to the wall. No one's fault, but it looks small to hold a skillet. proportions are off. I don't think you would use 10 hooks with it. The rail is very small. Returning. There is an update. After seeing what other people did with this rail. I used the rail to hang up the utensils. It helps clean out a messy cabinet drawer. I used all ten hooks. Changed from two stars to four. Thanks.

8. Wallniture Kitchen Organizer Hanging Utensils

Wallniture Kitchen Organizer Hanging Utensils

You can either install the triangular mounting rack over the platform or under it. Either method will allow you to organize the containers and utensils you want. Hardware supplies and instructions are included with your purchase. If you have any questions about their products, please let them know. Hang your kitchen accessories, measuring cups, silicone spatulas, cookware set, coffee mugs and more to the hooks that easily slide. You should keep your utensils where you can easily reach them. This kitchen organization and storage unit will allow you to work with your supplies, not around them. It's easy to put it under your kitchen cabinet or above the wall of your coffee machine. The 30 inches rust proof kitchen storage rail is a great example of a minimalist Farmhouse Design. This kitchen counter organizer will save space and make a wall decor. Installation is easy. The Wallniture Casto shelf organizer has all the necessary accessories for mounting. Just follow the instructions and your utensil rack will be ready to use in a few minutes. A multi-purpose organizer. Casto rail can be used to organize your kitchen, bathroom, and entryway. A multi-purpose organizer. Casto rail can be used to organize your kitchen, bathroom, and entryway.

Brand: Wallniture

👤This was a must for pan storage when I renovated my kitchen. I bought 3 of them. We used our own screws. Today was the day that it was installed. It is a good piece of metal. If you buy better screws and screw them into the studs, you'll be happy with this purchase. The price on these rails varies a lot, so buy it when you see it near the low end. Don't buy more hooks. They give you more hooks than you will ever use.

👤The design and construction are simple. If you expect to slide things around a lot, you might need to file down the hooks a bit at the pressure point with the rail. They stay in place and don't slide all over the place for me. You should be careful about how you mount this. If you can find your wall studs, you should mount into the studs. I had to use some heavy wall anchors because I couldn't use the studs on the wall I wanted. I used my own anchors, but I can't remember if this came with them. The type that cinches up to the wall is very strong.

👤I keep cast iron cookware on the metal bar. It is a real space saver. You get 15 hooks with this rail. The only thing I don't like about it is the cheap wall anchors that come with it, they won't hold the rail in drywall if you use this for anything heavier than kitchen utensils. If you want better wall anchors, you should get them at a hardware store.

👤The kitchen rail organizers is sleek and well-crafted. It was the perfect solution for my kitchen collection. I put it below the ceiling on a wall that a door sometimes opened against. The sculpture of antique pots hangs above the swinging door and is a perfect display space. The opening of the door doesn't bother anyone. Adding old and reproduction French pots and tools makes a perfect blend because the rail design works with almost any period. A few dried herb bunches look great. The items of visual appeal that I did not use every day were the ones that I chose. I gained an entire cabinet of space back because it is beautiful.

👤Poor quality screws. You can put several small lids above, but not many. The photo exaggerates capacity because the rack mounts on 3 mini mounts and 2 screws. The hangers don't work well for pots. I used 2 hangers per pot. This one can't hold lids above it. The big loop on the rail doesn't work well because there are only 3 pans that fit. If hardware does not strip out, it looks easy to install.

👤I have this to hold 8 mugs. I wasn't sure what else to do until I saw this, but we didn't want to install a bulky shelf just for these. I like the simplicity of this design, and we have wrought iron in our home. I was not sure how many inches I would have, and I didn't know if the 8 mugs would fit, so for anyone else wondering, the bar is 28” between the two bends. 3.5” was just about perfect, and I felt that way. There is a The bar was easy to install. We used the mollies provided. It is very safe for us. I am happy that the screws were black on top, I don't like when they send silver-topped screws with black or brown items. They got that right as well. You can use your imagination, but only 7 are up, because only one mug is in use.

9. Fasthomegoods Gourmet Kitchen Utensil Organizer

Fasthomegoods Gourmet Kitchen Utensil Organizer

Quality assured. The quality of the Kitchen Utensil holder is always their focus. They will try their best to solve your problem if you tell them that you are not satisfied. The 24 inches rust proof kitchen storage rail is well-constructed and has a good design that prevents the hooks from falling off. Save space with this kitchen counter organizer. Hang your kitchen accessories, measuring cups, silicone spatulas, cookware set, coffee mugs and more to the hooks that easily slide. You should keep your utensils where you can easily reach them. This kitchen organization and storage unit will allow you to work with your supplies, not around them. It's easy to put it under your kitchen cabinet or above the wall of your coffee machine. It can be used as a kitchen organization unit for cooking utensils, a bathroom organization unit for towels, and an entryway organization unit for hanging coats, bags and keys. It can be a great place to hang your medals. Installation is easy with the wallniture shelf organizers. You don't have to spend a lot of time installing it, just follow the instructions and it will be ready to use in a few minutes.

Brand: Wallniture

👤This is not 24 inches. It is 22 inches. I don't see 22 inches as an option, so I'm assuming they shipped me the wrong size. I needed it to fit between the two studs. It's not. It's disappointing. There are wall anchors. Cool story. I ordered 24 inches. If you don't care about the length being accurate or the wrong length being shipped. It's a good product. Very strong. Looks nice. Would rate higher if it was 24 inches.

👤The cabinet is no longer cluttered and used to hold other items. I mounted this up high on the wall, close to the ceiling, and it works perfectly. I can get pans on the hooks that are 5'5" tall. There is a set of 5 Calphalon pots and pans, a larger sized wok, a 5-quart jumbo cooker, and a 12x18 cast iron fry screen. There are 8 items. If I hang it strategically, I might be able to fit more than one more. I'm very impressed with it. The cabinet has a lot of stuff, but it is a smaller footprint. It looks pretty cool in my kitchen. I am happy I got it.

👤I am very pleased with this pan holder. The price was more reasonable than what I've seen in the stores. My husband installed this in no time at all. I don't hang cast iron pans on it. It holds them well. This product is very good and I would highly recommend it.

👤It works well for what I need. It has a large pot, three cast iron pans, and many utensils.

👤This product is great. I put it under my mirror in my closet. I have a lot of things for easy access. It was perfect size. If you don't already have them, I would suggest multiple sizes as well as varying sizes of hooks. Users are able to hang everything. There is a set of small, medium and large hooks. Love the look and feel of the product.

👤I love it! I wanted to hang coffee cups under the cabinets in the kitchen. It comes with anchors that work well. The s-hooks can be placed anywhere along the pole. These look great in our kitchen.

👤The stand is convenient for a small NYC apartment, but the accessories that come along with it are poor quality. I had to buy a new set of screws to affix the stand.

👤I put this under the high shelf in the kitchen. The pans are displayed well. I used some of the screws I bought for something else. I wouldn't try to get these screws out since they break at the surface and you can't get them out. The 'perfect spot' had to be moved because it happened to me. The bar is large and not bent. My pots were heavy. Very happy with the bar! Thank you!

10. Stainless Magnetic Removable Hooks,Multi Use Organizer

Stainless Magnetic Removable Hooks%EF%BC%8CMulti Use Organizer

There is no professional installation required. It's suitable for smooth surfaces such as tiles, glass, and metal. It won't hurt your tiles, glass, or metal. The magnetic knife holder is made from high grade steel and Neodymium magnets. Hang kitchen utensil with hook, attract knife and iron utensil by magnet, hold knife in the space between strip and wall. Storage space is added to hang more kitchen utensils with the double bars and 8 hooks. The big square hook is used to store big utensils or more utensils in one hook. It is easy to install and can be wall-mounted wherever you want.

Brand: Boyee

👤I bought this magnetic knife holder to complement my kitchen. It is nice to use. It holds most of my knives. I own a set of KitchenAid knives. They all fit when placed nicely. The knives came with a knife block, but I decided on a magnetic knife holder. 1. It is much cleaner. A knife block can get dirty. They are hard to clean. This is easy to clean up. 2. It's better for the knives. They are not being worn out on the knife block. 3. The knives are removed from the countertop. My three year old can take knives out of the knife block even if it is pushed back. I chose this solution to keep my child safe. There is a Things. I don't like it. The wall's attachment system wasn't strong enough to hold it on the wall. I used my own anchors to keep it secure. I like this magnetic knife holder. I would like it to be even longer. There is a I am happy.

👤It works well to keep knives and utensils in the RV. It was nice that you don't have to pack and repack because the magnet was strong enough to hold things in place. I might get one for my home as well.

👤The size is great and I love it. I didn't think about where I could put it in the kitchen. I thought about what I needed. I found a location. Even with it being on a sliding door, I have to say, it's still a good thing. I was skeptical that the magnets would hold up. I was surprised that they are very strong. It's easy to install, hold a lot, and exactly what I need. I would love to use this for something else. A project room is a place to hold different types of items. Hang it all up with make up.

👤I live in a small ranch with a small galley kitchen and very little counter space. I kept my knives in a block and drawers. I had all of my utensils in a container on the counter. A lot of space was taken up by the big block and container. The kitchen feels a bit less cramped after the installation of this rack. The knives don't attach via the magnetic strip, but you can put them behind the rack. Recommended!

👤I ordered it for my fridge. To make it work without drilling holes, I ordered some heavy duty Earth magnets and replaced them where the screws are supposed to go. It worked well. I can put it on the side of my fridge and not have to worry about touching the floor. I ordered another one and will use it to hang my most used kitchen utensils. I can't say anything bad about it, because it worked perfectly for my intentions.

👤We tried to attach this to the wall with the anchors, but they wouldn't hold it. There is a We attached the magnetic strip to a piece of stained wood that matches our shelves and then used our own screws to attach the whole piece to the wall. It looks like an expensive piece, but we liked it. There is a My husband is very skilled at building things. There is a It has a strong magnet and will hold heavy knives. Most of my knives are heavier than store bought knives. It would be great if it was longer. I would recommend it.

11. BESy Multifunctional Kitchen Storage Organizers

BESy Multifunctional Kitchen Storage Organizers

The package includes a premium 8-claw hook, a strong glue, and mounting hardware. It's a great help to clean up space in your kitchen cabinets and kitchen stuff with this versatile kitchen shelf rack organizers. The construction is made of aluminum with a black finish for easy clean. It's ideal - your multi-functional kitchen arsenal. There are 4 knife slots in the rack. There is a can hanging a spice rack with a pot sliding hook on the shelf. The surface is easy to remove grease oil and dirt. It is hard to be oxygenated and fade. Smooth edges are not sharp. Each cup has a dimensions of 23.54"x 5.59"x 3.71". Each cup has a dimensions of 23.54"x 5.59"x 3.71".

Brand: Besy

👤It arrived quickly. Exactly as pictured. It's simple to put together and install. The hooks are large enough to hold several utensils. If your kitchen is like mine, you have a lot of cooking utensils. The towel bar was added with some 'S Hooks'. Looks great. Love it. I would buy another one if I had more wall space.

👤I love the shelf. I used it to organize my coffee bar. It was perfect. It was easy to put together and sturdy enough for my needs. I didn't use the little cups because they were too shallow. The items were large enough to cover the holes. I am very happy with my purchase.

👤This is a good product. It is a good shelf with hooks. The cups hold plastic utensils and the towel holder holds a towel. The problem is that the small knives are too small to hold each other. The small knives don't balance well in the slots.

👤I needed to get my knives, spices, hot pads, and some utensils up off my counter and above my stove where I wanted them. It was easy to install using a screwdriver, a level, and a drill. It is strong.

👤A handy kitchen organizer! Wife loved it. It's easy to install. It holds a variety of kitchen utensils and frees up space.

👤This item is useful when used frequently in the kitchen. All of my kitchen utensils are easy to find in my small kitchen. No need to open drawers or cupboard shelves.

👤Just like in the picture. Its not cheap, it's so beautiful.

👤We received our package. It came without an assembly or screws. Very upset.


What is the best product for cooking utensil organizer wall?

Cooking utensil organizer wall products from Sumnacon. In this article about cooking utensil organizer wall you can see why people choose the product. Ninonly and Kamenstein are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking utensil organizer wall.

What are the best brands for cooking utensil organizer wall?

Sumnacon, Ninonly and Kamenstein are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking utensil organizer wall. Find the detail in this article. Greenco, Wallniture and Boyee are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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