Best Cooking Utensil Organizer for Kitchen Drawers

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1. Madesmart Classic Mini Silverware Tray

Madesmart Classic Mini Silverware Tray

There are five compartments. Dry by hand. There is no BPA free. There are five compartment for easy silverware storage. It was designed for small kitchen drawers. There is a soft- grip lining and rubber feet. Rounded corners are easy to use.

Brand: Madesmart

👤It fits my small drawer well. It stays put and feels very sturdy. I am happy with this.

👤It was difficult to find a utensil holder that fit my small kitchen drawers. I put this with a 9x3x2 MadeSmart bin. It doesn't hold a ton of silverware, but that's more of a problem with my drawers. There is a I have two drawers with this setup, one with simple, everyday flatware and a stack of 10 of utensils, and one with heavy-gauge flatware with rounded handles and a stack of 8 utensils okay.

👤I love these! I changed my mind about buying a different kind because they have a rubbery bottom for each compartment that makes it easier to pick up utensils. It has small rubber legs so it won't slide around in the drawer. It's not cheap hard plastic with similar items. I was able to put 2 items in the drawer at the same time and still have a small room. I changed my mind and I'm happy about it.

👤I am working with the Homeless Shelter's program. It moves homeless people into housing. The program allows me to buy items for anyone moving into a new apartment if they have nothing. I buy new and good quality items that are not expensive. This is the tray I use most. It is easy to hold a 4 to 8 piece silverware set. I put together 4 apartments, the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom basic needs, while sitting upstairs. Furniture and mattresses are donated to the shelter. Great program. I rely on these and other products a lot.

👤I needed a drawer that was 9 inches wide for my flatware tray. I was a bit worried that the tray would not fit in the space it was described in. It fit the drawer perfectly because the measurement at the top is just shy of 9. It's a good thing that the tray doesn't slide around in the drawer. A good quality product and quick delivery thanks to the seller.

👤I have a small kitchen for ants. The mini fits my drawer perfectly and holds all my silverware. I wish there was a mini variant where the top horizontal compartment was wider, but I can get the small organizers separately. There is a It's easy to clean since it's all plastic with rubbery inserts and no crazy crevices that trap water.

👤We bought an old house a few months ago, and the kitchen has cabinets that are very small. The mini version of the silverware organizers is perfect for my utensils, as it was difficult to find something that fit. I have it filled to capacity and it holds quite a bit. If you don't have a lot of silverware, the portion of the dividers that slopes lower is not a problem. If you don't overfill it like I do, it's not an issue for me to get rid of it. It is accurate.

👤It was perfect for the small kitchen in my apartment. It is not too high. The kitchen utensils are in the right places. They fit my utensils. The rubbery material on the bottom of the product prevents it from sliding. What else could you ask for?

2. Copco 2555 7872 Drawer Organizer 11 5 Inch

Copco 2555 7872 Drawer Organizer 11 5 Inch

Customer service is what it is. Pipishell has professional customer service. Friendly customer service and a high-quality bamboo drawer organizer are what you can get. Steel mesh utensil organizers are space efficient. The finish resists chipping and peeling. There are three compartments for forks, knives, and spoons. Hand washing recommended. Measures approximately 16 by 11 by 2 inches.

Brand: Copco

👤It's hard to believe that I was rummaging through a drawer for so long. This is the perfect place to keep your utensils. I'm happy with the size of the organizers and how it can hold everything. It makes it easy to find everything. Everything was buried and lost before using this. The length of the spaces makes it possible to hold longer utensils. It has no rough edges and is great quality. The looks of it are very striking. It would be great to organize a collection of spoons and spatulas. This drawer organizer is very good.

👤I bought this to make a small shelf out of, and like to keep things in close proximity. I wanted to make a shelf out of this piece. I made barriers from the wire from the coat hangers. I nailed it to the wall using small nails. It's working out well so far. I use it to store small bottles of medication. It was supposed to be a temporary fix, but I have had it on my wall for almost 6 months now and it has served its purpose very well.

👤I ordered this item after buying a utensil holder that was twice the price and not being able to close my drawer. They achieved the storage I needed and wanted. I was concerned that I wouldn't like the mesh but have found 2 advantages to it. I can put instructions under the kitchen appliances. 2. It is easy to clean because you can lift the trays. If you are considering getting them, you should know that they are pretty industrial and modern looking. They don't match my kitchen style, but since they're in a drawer, I really don't care. Some people might. I prefer plastic and wood because they are easier to keep clean. There is a The price is great. There is a I hope this review helps you.

👤When I have a lot of people over, I use this as a plastic silverware divider. I keep it in the kitchen drawer, but I wish it was a little wider so I could put more in each slot. I don't have to replenish it often. It fits 2 piles of plastic silverware in each slot, which makes my OCD brain happy. It's sturdy, easy to clean, and the holes make me less worried about it getting wet if kids grab a spoon.

👤This was something that needed to be done. The drawer in my kitchen needed to be organized. This was perfect. I wish it was available with more than one section. I had to buy a single that didn't match, but still serves the purpose. I'm happy.

👤Really love this! I had a similar tray and wanted to organize my bigger drawer with whisks and spatulas. I love that it is wire mesh and it is easy to clean. I would like individual trays to come in the same measurement length. I could fill my drawer completely.

👤I was looking for a way to organize my kitchen knives. The only one that fit the drawer and was long enough was this one, it was too high for the drawer and too short for the Chef's knife.

3. ROYAL CRAFT WOOD Kitchen Organizer

ROYAL CRAFT WOOD Kitchen Organizer

The minimum required for regular cans is 15%. No: US 10051979B2. As their organization are large in size, please make sure to purchase your drawing. You should store your items nicely. The deep bamboo drawer organizer is ideal for saving kitchen storage space. It has 20” wide and 2.5” deep slots to accommodate all your kitchen gadgets. The brown drawer organizer adjusts from 7 to 9 drawers for a clean look and you can see all your utensils at once. Measure your drawers before you buy. Keep your home secure. This brown kitchen drawer organizer is a great utensil holder and drawer tidiness enhancer. You can organize your office supplies, jewelry, makeup, craft tools, and other items with its versatile design. It's convenient for storing small items that get away from you like hair ties, safety pins, etc. Keep everything you need at hand with their drawer organizers. This silverware tray for drawer organization is a game-changer. With your cutlery visible all at once before your eyes, it's easier to cook. Take the stress out of cooking. Their cutlery organizers are great for storing flatware, but also as a kitchen drawer organize for large utensils such as spatulas, tongs, ladles, and more. Their organizers' tall compartment walls make it easy to find all your kitchen gadgets in one spot. Their bamboo organizers are expandable and have 9 main compartments. The hunt is over. Their flatware organizers make it easy to cook with drawer utensils and kitchen gadgets. You can cook more efficiently if you maximize your kitchen space, time, and effort. The non-slip grips at the bottom of the utensil keep it in place so you won't have to hunt for it again. The hunt is over. Their flatware organizers make it easy to cook with drawer utensils and kitchen gadgets. You can cook more efficiently if you maximize your kitchen space, time, and effort. The non-slip grips at the bottom of the utensil keep it in place so you won't have to hunt for it again.

Brand: Royal Craft Wood

👤This product is great and no issues with the quality. The organizers is raised a bit because of the fact that the silverware goes deeper inside than I thought. The 5 main slots have an interior depth of just shy of 1.5 and there are two larger slots on the left and right after the expansion. The silverware had to be turned to fit. It works well but not what I was planning to do.

👤The product was what I was looking for. I wanted it to fill up my entire drawer. I feel more organized now.

👤I ordered this without taking any measurement and it was the same length as the inside of our drawer. We made it fit with some shoving. It's in there forever now. Someday, when we sell our house, this will stay with it. Due to the tight fit, we could only extend one side, but I think it looks great. It matches the other wood in our kitchen. It looks nice and it's functional. The compartments are small and not too big. The plastic drawer divider we used to have was not what we wanted it to be. We lost knives under the tray because we couldn't get the sides to snap together. This works better. I'm very happy with this product.

👤Very high quality. I didn't measure my kitchen drawers before ordering but my girlfriend is very happy with her new makeup drawer organizers.

👤I loved how this product fit my cabinet drawer after I unboxed it. The feelings were short lived. I have had it for six weeks and the slot separators are coming apart at the joints. It has never gotten wet, it's in an environment that stays 70 degrees with low humidity, and has been used lightly. There is no reason for it to be falling apart. The product was not made to last.

👤There are no hidden flaws or "gotchas" in the product. How rare is that these days? It has 5 main slots for flatware, which is the number of utensils in a standard off-the-shelf set. There is a The glossy finish is expected when using wood to store metal utensils. At least it doesn't fall apart. The slots are a little narrow for me. It's fine for a service-for-8 but cramped for 12.

👤One of the positives about this divider is the fact that our kitchen silverware drawer looks so good every time I open it. We were always looking around to see what was in the drawer, it was large and had a lot of weird shapes. I now see everything at a glance, and it makes it easier to put things away since they have a home in the drawer. It is very sturdy and well made, which was a surprise because we have tried many of them in the past and the newer ones are usually less quality than the previous ones. Our daughters have seen the new organized drawer and have purchased the same item for their homes, so I will buy another for our vacation home. I don't take time to review things unless I really dislike or love an item. It fit perfectly in the drawer because it was adjusted to fit, so no more weird containers that fit my needs. Highly recommended.

4. RMR Bamboo Silverware Drawer Organizer

RMR Bamboo Silverware Drawer Organizer

It is a heavy-duty, well-made silverware tray. It is meant to last. This kitchen drawer organizers are great for storing. They are long and deep. The width is 13” when using 7 compartments and can expand up to 20” when using all 9 compartments. You can put this bamboo utensil holder in drawers of any size. The silverware tray expands from 7 slots to 9 slots to easily hold utensils and other kitchen gadgets. You can use the bamboo drawer organizers in the kitchen, office, bedroom, or any other room you want. The silverware organizers are made from water-resistant bamboo. It's in almost any décor in the kitchen. You can clean the tray in 5 minutes. This kitchen organizer is made of moso bamboo and is easy to maintain. It can be cleaned with a damp cloth. The utensil holder has extra compartments. The bamboo drawer organize helps to organize your kitchen utensils, office stuff, and jewelry. The utensil holder has extra compartments. The bamboo drawer organize helps to organize your kitchen utensils, office stuff, and jewelry.

Brand: Purawood Homermr

👤When you open and close the drawer, the sides start to slide in. As you can see in the picture, the divider has come loose and the knives are sliding under it. After only 2 weeks, I had to use a glue gun and locktite to glue the dividers back in place, and then use a glue gun to open the drawer so it doesn't keep sliding around. I cut a piece of scrap wood to fill in the gap behind the drawer so it wouldn't slide back when it opened. I like it after all that.

👤This new silverware tray is awesome! It fits my drawer. People have said that it's too big. You should check the measurements when you purchase online. This was the correct size for me. The slots for the silverware are not a deal breaker. My drawer is one inch deeper than the tray so I bought rubber feet to put on the bottom so it doesn't slide in. Problem solved! Overall, a great purchase. I like the way it looks. Would definitely recommend.

👤I like the way this organizes. It is strong, clean, and sturdy. Everything is in order. I bought 2.

👤I didn't give five stars because the sections aren't deep enough. They would make them so shallow. Otherwise a good product. Sturdy, expands well, and the individual sections are nice and wide. It's not deep enough to hold more than a few items.

👤I had a clunky plastic silverware organizer. This one is better than I had anticipated. I love it. It's thick, sturdy, and adjustments make it just right for your drawer space. There is a I didn't tell my dad that I got it, but he said, "WOW, that's a really nice silverware rack you got!" I am very grateful. Definitely recommend!

👤Not deep enough for dinner ware. If you only have half a set of dinnerware, these would be great. I bought drawer dividers that worked well for what we needed.

👤This product is amazing. It fit in our standard kitchen drawer and is large enough to fit into different sized drawers. The look is exactly what we wanted and I am very pleased with the quality. Would definitely recommend!

👤The item is incredible and the price is incredible. It's not cheap to have a nice and heavy bamboo. The company is doing something different in a world of cheapening products. The side slots are as wide as my drawer would allow. Thank you for the item and value.

5. Seville Classics Expandable Compartment Adjustable

Seville Classics Expandable Compartment Adjustable

135 yards of nylon thread is contained in each spool. The tray can be expanded from 13 to 23 inches. The unit is 18 and 2. Your drawers are organized. Beautiful bamboo construction. bamboo is a fast growing material. It is easy to clean wipes with soap and water. There are five long compartments. It's perfect for spatulas, ladles, tongs, whisks, can openers, forks, knives and food thermometers. Multipurpose design can be used as a craft drawer, supply storage, office drawer organizer, hair accessory holder, and more. Tailors and seamstresses can organize their sewing kit by storing their needles, threads, crochet, buttons, thimbles, and tape measures. Minimum drawer clearance is 23.25" W, 19" L, 3.25" H. Minimum drawer clearance is 23.25" W, 19" L, 3.25" H.

Brand: Seville Classics

👤It is not 100% bamboo. I bought it because it was in the description. I like the concept but I was deceived.

👤This looks pretty in the drawer. That's the only positive thing about this drawer organization. It was broken in several places. It was exactly what I was looking for and I shouldn't have bought it. It's not worth it to return it and pay the return shipping, so my husband will glue it for me. Still, a disappointment. They need to pad this better before shipping. I will say that the box it came in was undamaged. It's not very good. I wouldn't suggest buying it. I would skip this one and look for another.

👤This is a great place to keep my kitchen utensils and tools. It fits the width of one of my drawers and holds a lot of stuff. There is a The drawer is great for organizing kitchen utensils and tools. The drawer is nice, but the bottom is a little thicker than I'd like, it does prevent some bigger items from fitting in the drawer. I'm sure that this could be solved with a different shelf liner. It's not a big issue and can be fixed easily with softer closing of the drawer. There is a Overall very happy with the thing. I love bamboo in the kitchen and this fits nicely in a set I've made with other similar items. I needed a drawer that was organized.

👤It was perfect for my drawer. It was in need of some organization. I like that this organizer fit in my drawer. The extendable sides give me 4 spacious compartments. My drawer is deep enough that I could put the organizater in the back of the drawer for random items. The organizers is what I expected. It looks like it was made well. The quality and price were very good.

👤Attach it to the wall by spraying it white. If you don't mind not having a raised lip or bar to prevent them from falling off, it's a great nail polish rack. If you put them sideways, you'll have a little more of a variety of bottles. It's nice if you prefer a non-plastic option. If you can't mount to studs, use drywall anchors.

👤I received my package two days before Thanksgiving. The drawer was sitting funny, but I discovered last night that the d*mn thing broke, and that the tray was sitting funny in the utensil drawer. While doing its job, it is sitting in a drawer. I probably only got two good days out of this. It's fixable with wood glue, but not when another side wall will come apart at a later time. If I did, I could reach 4 good days. This experience is not what I paid for.

👤I needed a replacement for my plastic drawer inserts because they started to crack. I decided to use this bamboo insert for a built-in look. The drawer now looks great. The sides fit perfectly inside, with a small amount of space left at the base for me to tuck long, thin pieces. The usable space is lessened by the thickness of the wood walls. I got rid of a lot of stuff when I cleaned out the drawer, but this one still looks full. I couldn't find anything with my drawer measurements because of the expandable feature. The middle three compartments are fixed, but the outer two are not. I made it so that the left side is more narrow than the right, so that the utensils can fit on the right. -- Wesselmann was named after Deborah Lee Wesselmann.

6. Silverware Interlocking Slip Proof Compartment FURNINXS

Silverware Interlocking Slip Proof Compartment FURNINXS

Installation is tool-free. This silverware tray organizer will keep your drawer organized. You can put serving utensil and cutlery into the kitchen drawer in a tidy manner with this flatware tray. The package includes 6 sections. The interlocking arm design allows for more flexibility to fit into different drawers. They should be kept in different directions to help define areas. The silverware tray can be used in a variety of places. The utensil organizers is made of steel metal that is rust-proof. The drawer is made of non-slip rubber and won't move when you open and close it. The inner depth is 2 in. and the dimensions are 11.8 x 3 x 2.1 inches. The drawer has a deep flatware organizers which holds a lot and doesn't take up a lot of room. Please contact them if you have a problem with the product. The inner depth is 2 in. and the dimensions are 11.8 x 3 x 2.1 inches. The drawer has a deep flatware organizers which holds a lot and doesn't take up a lot of room. Please contact them if you have a problem with the product.

Brand: Furninxs

👤These were a great replacement for my old silverware trays. The silverware drawer has a nice look. The dark utensils make it hard to see what you're reaching for in the drawer. I like that they have a lip to link the trays, but I wish it was on more than one side. I'm not sure about that, I haven't had to clean these yet. I think that a rinse and brushing with a dish brush would clean them up nicely. They seem strong. Don't be rough with the mesh basket portion and frame because they can bend.

👤Measure when you need something. Don't guess. I have a rolling cart that holds more stuff in my kitchen. I love to cook and bake and have a lot of gadgets and utensils, so I have to be creative in the storage spaces. I measured the width, depth and height of the drawers. I only needed 4 in each drawer, but I purchased 6 packages of these. These organizers were made for my drawers. They are a study of black mesh and metal. I love them! Pictures are attached.

👤Our utensil drawer is so shallow that it's used for utensils. The rubber on the bottom was supposed to keep them from sliding. They are all over the drawer. The drawer is slightly wider than the utensil holders, so they frequently shift it every so often. It's a little annoying. Maybe something can be done to fix our complaints.

👤The neat thing about these is that they can be hooked together, but they didn't work for me due to the length. I bought to store my silverware. I had to return them because they weren't long enough to store knives.

👤These drawer organizers can be used in smaller spaces. The tabs are small so they come apart easily. I would purchase them again if needed.

👤I use my bathroom for everything, the things that get lost in the draws, like tooth cleaners, hair pins, pill bottles and brushes, if you can think of it, you can use it.

👤The bamboo organizers were falling apart and I bought these to replace them. The product is much stronger and holds more. I am very happy with this product.

👤I bought these to hold small non-dairy creamers at my coffee bar and they fit nicely in the drawers of the cabinet I bought for this purpose. I'm happy with the purchase.

7. MDesign Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet Organizer

MDesign Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet Organizer

Customer satisfaction service is offered by Bauroba, which has high quality drawer organizers. They will give you a full refund or send you a new one if you don't like it. It's simple. Kitchen essentials are separated by drawer organizers and drawers are streamlined to keep items organized and ready to use. An organizational structure. It's easy to organize small or crowded kitchen spaces with drawer organizers, they're great for cabinets, pantry, and fridge or freezer, and can be used throughout the house to add stylish organization wherever needed. Functions and quotient: This is a great drawer organization that can be used in your office desk drawer to keep pens, pencils, tape, scissors, note cards, pads and other supplies organized; or you can use it in your bathroom Vanity drawers to keep makeup brushes, lipstick, hand lotion, face cream, mascara The quality construction is made of strong steel wire with a rust-resistant finish. Each measures just over 13 feet by 6.1 feet by 2 inches high.

Brand: Mdesign

👤It works great for me, but you need to make sure it fits the drawer. I tried a black one but it was hard to see the items. It is easier to see items with this one. More things fit in my previous ones.

👤It was perfect for our needs. They are just what we needed. Not sure why they rate metal since it's metal and no stretch is needed or available.

👤It's great for storing excess kitchen ware. A way to increase the organization of drawers.

👤These are great! It's nice size. All my spoons fit. They seem to be nice.

👤Good drawer organization! It does its job.

👤I love them on my counter. July 17, 2021.

👤We used the pack of two to hold our bottles. Great.

👤I bought them to organize my drawer. I am very pleased that they fit and hold a lot of items.

👤The quality and size of these are very nice. They are sturdy and good looking. Work well in my small kitchen drawers. It might not look like it is more organized, but it is! Everything was loose and could never be found. I now have the most used utensils in one basket, other large utensils in the other, and room at the side in the drawer for other odds and ends. The price for the twin pack was good. It would look good on a work surface, but it wouldn't hold anything that would fall through if you wanted to pick it up and move it.

👤These are pricey for what they can do, but are likely to outlive cheap plastic trays by a long time. They are robust and well-sized to take most untensils.

👤I was looking for a place to store the larger utensils. There is a I bought 2 lots and they were good.

👤These are excellent, saved my messy drawer, and they are sturdy and good quality. I bought a second pair, that's how much I loved it.

👤Ich ist immer in the groes Platzproblem. Schubladen und mein Kochbesteck were wild. The problem is nun gelst, die Lnge und breite der Ksten passt locker alles rein. There is a Wr ordentlich verpackt ist das Produkt. The Krbe is bestehen. Is it possible to be a metallgeflcht? Gerne!

8. Utoplike Dividers Adjustable Organizers Bathroom

Utoplike Dividers Adjustable Organizers Bathroom

The large bin is 12 x 8 x 3.25" high and the divided tray is 8 x 7.7 x 1.2 high. The dividers can be adjusted to fit more drawers. You can use Utoplike dividers to organize drawers in your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and office. It's a great solution to make your home look neat. Each drawer divider has a built in spring to keep them in place and easy adjustment to meet changing needs. Both ends of the divider are covered with rubber pads to protect the drawer and the organizers. Premium A grade bamboo is the only material used for all the dividers. This is a perfect gift idea for you and your friends. This is a perfect gift idea for you and your friends.

Brand: Utoplike

👤I have had these drawer dividers for over six months. They stay put. Even though I never move or adjust the divider, there is a continuous fine black shed from the joint. When I opened them from the package, a lot of material was released and I thought it was part of the manufacturing process. I want to warn other customers about the defect because I see how fine the material is all over my clothes.

👤I measured my drawer and bought a box of each size. There were pictures of them being used to separate a drawer. I have included photos of smaller sections on one side. My experience was not what they said it would be. The product was easy to install. If you change your mind on placement, they are easily adjusted. The spring is not strong enough to hold itself in place if it is put under pressure. I put a pen on each side of me and it seems to work. I will have my husband place a couple boards in the drawer as a permanent solution. The drawer looks better now than it did before and with some help, it will make my kitchen a little more organized. I think this would be perfect for you if you only want to divide the drawer one way.

👤Great product. It serves its purpose. Excellent for smaller drawers. Soft rubber foam will not damage furniture. Spring is not hard to adjust to.

👤I was looking for something that would help organize my drawers. The mechanism for the spring is strong. When bumped, they tend to move a bit. I used command strip sticks to solve the issue.

👤These are being used in two different drawers. They work great in one drawer and don't move at all, because they are being used horizontally across the width of the drawer. They are being used vertically across the depth of the drawer, which means they are about an inch from being fully extended. If you want to use them close to their full extension, be aware. You should find longer ones that you can pull more to get a more stable fit.

👤The others seemed pretty pricey, but these are good for the price. I bought them for my boys. I am hoping more drawers will help keep things organized. There is a They were easy to install. The only thing you have to do is to put the spring inside and let it do its job. I hope they don't get pushed around and end up out of place. They move and slide quickly once installed, so I am a little leery of how long they will stay. There is a I wish the spring was stronger, but it may suit us just fine. I will update if they move too much.

👤I really liked these drawer dividers, but they made my drawers explode. The spring was so strong that I came downstairs one morning to find two of my drawer faces hanging off. Two of my drawers were destroyed by something that I thought would improve my kitchen. I have not been able to fix my drawers, they were a total loss.

9. MDesign Adjustable Expandable Compartment Organizer

MDesign Adjustable Expandable Compartment Organizer

It's ideal for school supplies, kitchen items, beauty products and more. Kitchen essentials are separated by a multi-compartment drawer organizer, and items are sorted and ready to use. It's easy to use, it's convenient to expand the tray for a perfect fit, and it works well on the counter. Functions and quotient: This is a great drawer organization that can be used in your office desk drawer to keep pens, pencils, tape, scissors, and other supplies organized, or you can use it in your bathroom drawers to keep makeup brushes, lipstick, eye pencils, mascara, and brow pencils organized. The construction is made of shatter-resistant plastic and has metal accents with a chrome finish. Do not place in dishwasher. Measures 16.1" x 12.8" x 3" high and expands up to 22.5" wide.

Brand: Mdesign

👤The product fits in my drawer and feels sturdy. Everything is organized. The quality and sleek design make up for the fact that it is a little bit wider on the sections.

👤It's a pretty simple design and doesn't seem like much for what I paid, but what it does is allow me to organize big utensils in a big drawer, and there are very few drawer organizers that do this. I can now get to my large cooking utensils instantly in one of my drawers, since one of them doesn't have a bunch of spatulas, big spoons, etc rummaging around.

👤The container was well made and I opened it. The unit is made of high quality plastic. I expect the unit to take a pounding for a long time. The plastic is thick but not heavy. It expands in the drawer. I was able to place many large and long spatulas, spoons, etc., in this container. The sections are long and wide. I'm ordering another one and I highly recommend this one for the money and quality.

👤I have only one drawer for my cooking utensils in my apartment. It was full of bulky and oddly shaped utensils and it was hard to open and close. Most organizers were only for standard utensils. This works well. The last division can be made larger for kitchen tools.

👤I was not able to use them as I wanted. I was able to use them for a different drawer of kitchen utensils. I wanted them for my silverware. I would like the height to be 3 inches but only 10 inches long. I hoped they could work, I knew they would be too long. I am happy with them for the purpose they are being used for. I will keep looking. I had what I wanted in my kitchen but it was destroyed in a fire.

👤It looks chic and organized. It's perfect for my kitchen drawers and will help me keep the space tidy. It is minimalist and chic.

👤I loved using the first one on a drawer so I bought a second one. It's great for the kitchen tools. That need to be separated. I like that this box is changeable so I can put other things alongside it if I need to. There is enough space at the bottom for other items. It's recommended to keep your drawers organized.

👤The tray is strong and holds a lot. It is deeper than other similar products. It can be fit exactly to the drawer's width because it's continuously adjusted for the final compartment. This tray helped organize and contain my cooking utensils and gadgets nicely, because I tend to stuff all my drawers and cabinets to the max.

👤A new home has limited drawers. My utensils were scattered all over the place, but this has helped put them all together. I ordered this after checking the measurements. You can see if it fits. So happy about this.

👤Our drawers were fitted perfectly and we were able to keep our utensils separate.

10. Kitchen Organizers Adjustable Expendable Dividers

Kitchen Organizers Adjustable Expendable Dividers

Rounded corners are easy to use. The length is adjusted. If your drawer is between 17 and 22 inches, this set of drawer dividers will work perfectly. It is convenient for large drawers, where it gets messy quickly. The spring is strong. The drawer separators don't move out of place and bring organization to your home. The wood dividers stay in place with the help of the spring mechanism and foam padding. It is easy to use. It takes a second to open the utensil drawer. You have more organized storage. It's easy to remove. STURDY BAMBOO. The bamboo drawer organizer looks pretty. It will look like a custom made drawer. The bamboo kitchen drawer dividers are sturdy and will hold up well. There is a problem. The bamboo drawer dividers are 2.6” tall and do a great job of organizing deep drawers. Stack one on top of the other. There is a problem. The bamboo drawer dividers are 2.6” tall and do a great job of organizing deep drawers. Stack one on top of the other.

Brand: Bambüsi

👤You can adjust sideways or front to back. Theses have made my drawers happy. Not cheap junk is very heavy. They are in place and have helped me figure out what needs to be removed. Excellent!

👤These are awesome. We went to the container store to buy more expensive dividers that were made of plastic. They weren't right for the job. I returned them. I found these bamboo dividers while looking on Amazon. They are perfect. It's easy to put in the drawers. The tension springs look beautiful. Excellent quality. I will be ordering more for the other drawers. The cheap container store versions didn't work. I love these!

👤These fit well and look great! My husband talks about how smart my wife is when he goes into the drawer. He can find the ice cream scoop now. I had enough to do two drawers after buying two sets. I love to cook and bake so I have a lot of utensils. The divers made my drawers functional.

👤The only thing that's accurate is that they only fit in a drawer that's 17 1/2 inches tall. I should have measured them for myself because I bought them for a bigger drawer. I did not. I need to find a drawer that fits 17 3/8. I have measured them about 5 times to make sure they are 17 1/2. The product is in my kitchen drawer.

👤We've been using them for about six months and have no issues. They help to keep things organized. We stacked them high in the drawers. They still work well. We've used them by themselves and in conjunction with other bamboo products we've found on Amazon. This approach is a good one if you are planning a remodel. We were told by our cabinet manufacturer that we could save money by doing this instead of building the dividers in.

👤I would love to give this product 5 stars. The problem is that the picture/illustration on this site mostly shows it compressed to 17 and it leaves out the extra 3/8" for the end. They were too long when they arrived. I read the smaller print of the specifications which says they can be compressed to 17 3/8. Not good. I keep them for use in my other drawer. Lesson learned about fine print.

👤They look like they were made with my drawers. We went with big drawers to be able to dump stuff in. The utensil drawer needed some sort of organization to be able to close it, but the concept works great for plastic pots and pans. Just what we needed. The tension is very strong. Since they were installed, has not budged.

👤The bamboo drawer dividers are wonderful. I had all those bins in the drawers and thought they were good. The price and quality of these dividers are good. Many brands are too short, so they fit standard modern kitchen drawers. You end up with more drawer space because you can use the entire drawer. They can be stacked so deep that they can be completely utilized. All my kitchen stuff fits well and I'm better organized. I love it!

11. Drawer Organizer Silverware Kitchen Organizers

Drawer Organizer Silverware Kitchen Organizers

What you have been looking for! Their drawer divider bamboo inserts are made from raw bamboo and can handle the pressure of rough cookware. When you need it most, keep everything within sight and find what you need. The foam rubber pads are strong and do not leave marks. Safe separators for sharp knife section, insert in dressers to present your t shirt selection, and a cutlery and utensil organization solution, designed to not damage delicate clothing like your scarf. The strong spring loaded mechanism is built to stay standing and sturdy even in drawers with heavy spices. The expandable design is 4 inches tall and can be adjusted from 11 to 17 inches. If you are unhappy with your purchase, contact them and they will give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Brand: Berry Ave

👤I am following the spark joy movement and also following the decluttering movement. I agree with Marie that boxes can be recycled and used for many items, but it takes more effort to find the right sized boxes than it is worth. I used these in the drawers of my Ikea Hemnes 8 drawer dresser and it was perfect. I made a small separator in one drawer from the box. I was able to create sections within the drawers with these. For example, I have a drawer with patterned leggings, too big/old leggings for home use, and regular leggings. I am going to look for smaller ones for my upper drawers, because they are wonderful. I will buy these for my mom when I help her with her wardrobe.

👤These dividers were essential when I decided to 'Kondo' my drawers. My hard work was being undone when I closed the drawer because nothing was staying put on their own. The drawers fit in the dividers to hold everything in place, but can be moved around if needed. If you want to use them in your kitchen without measuring, they are too tall for most kitchen drawers. There is a It's nice if you're impatient like me because there is no assembly and you can use it right out of the box. There is a I was able to give my husband some space because of the dividers.

👤The product was easy to use. I made a mistake by not measuring the drawer I purchased, they were too small. The return is not free if you don't verify the measurements.

👤Two of the four dividers work well. Two don't. I extended the first one to the longest length when I took it out of the box. The divider is locked and won't adjust when I try to shorten it. I make it shorter by releasing the lock. After they were in the drawer, I adjusted the next two. It worked well. I was removing the packaging from the last divider. I have a second divider that doesn't fit. There were no instructions in the box. There needs to be a warning.

👤I admit that they are a bit pricey, but they are exactly what I needed to create an order in my clothes closet. The basket/drawers are larger than my drawers because they are wire. I wasn't sure if the dividers would be firm enough to hold up in a drawer made of wire, and therefore not have a solid bottom and four sides. I was able to create six usable spaces in two of the basket/drawers because of the easy way in which the end pieces are adjusted and the firmness of how they hold against the sides. The easy way they can be adjusted, and how well they stay in place, make them a good choice. I'll put the money in our budget so I can purchase more sets. There are four more drawers that need to be made into usable spaces.


What is the best product for cooking utensil organizer for kitchen drawers?

Cooking utensil organizer for kitchen drawers products from Madesmart. In this article about cooking utensil organizer for kitchen drawers you can see why people choose the product. Copco and Royal Craft Wood are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking utensil organizer for kitchen drawers.

What are the best brands for cooking utensil organizer for kitchen drawers?

Madesmart, Copco and Royal Craft Wood are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking utensil organizer for kitchen drawers. Find the detail in this article. Purawood Homermr, Seville Classics and Furninxs are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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