Best Cooking Utensil Organizer Countertop

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1. Homeries Eye Catching Organizers Household Excellent

Homeries Eye Catching Organizers Household Excellent

The dimensions are 7.1 inch x 3.4 inch x 5.1 inch. Quality service is provided by them for 5 years. Please contact them if you have a quality issue. Keep your kitchen tools within arm's reach by storing them in this sleek spatula holder for countertop. Don't worry, this marble utensil caddy won't be sliding all over your countertop, even if it's wet. There is a non- slip pad on the bottom of the canister. The utensil bucket is going to help simplify your kitchen design, and keep you organized. It is a subtle accent piece that is going to take your décor to the next level. Have you been thinking of a great gift to give to a friend or family member? Look no further. The kitchen storage item is a perfect combination of style and function. It is guaranteed to impress. If you're not convinced already, this should put you over the top. There is no risk when you order today because every order comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Brand: Homeries

👤The utensil holder is a vase-like structure that is sturdy and heavy, and could be used for home defense, as well as being eye-catching. It's a lovely thing to have in your kitchen, so you wouldn't want to throw it. Recommended but not for throwing.

👤This marble utensil holder can be frozen and used as a wine cooler. I am very happy with the marble. It is very beautiful.

👤Excellent quality marble, very safe to package and it doubles as a wine holder. There is a If it were any smaller, it wouldn't fit in my kitchen tools because it's so large. I think the product I saw was too small.

👤I wish the opening was a little bigger.

👤It was very heavy and large. It's important to be careful at the warehouse. The styrofoam inside the box was very thick and the cut did not damage the item.

👤It won't tip over because it's heavy. It's easy to clean. The counter looks nice.

👤When I ordered it, I didn't read the description to see it was marble. I loved it even more when it arrived. It is very heavy.

👤I have white marble countertops. The holder looks great, it blends all the colors together.

👤The package was well packaged and arrived in good time.

2. Laveduso Utensil Ceramic Countertop Farmhouse

Laveduso Utensil Ceramic Countertop Farmhouse

Makeup and cosmetics, bathroom necessities, toiletries art studios or classrooms, and home office are some of the uses for multi-purpose organizers. The large utensil crock is tall and wide. It can hold a lot of kitchen accessories and help you to use your kitchen spaces better. The cork mat at the bottom of the utensil holder is designed to protect the counter top from scratches. The ceramic utensil holder is very heavy and hard to fall over. It's easy to clean and take care of. The perfect choice for your vintage home decor is this cooking utensil holder. It will add a bit of country charm to your kitchen. The utensil caddy will bring joy in different styles. Can be used to hold beverages and flowers. It is a great gift idea.

Brand: Laveduso

👤The design of the utensil holder was nice. It is wide enough to hold a lot of my favorite utensils, but I can't open the drawer because one sticks up. It can fit in a variety of kitchens and is very cute. The cork covered bottom is one of my favorite features. It is a simple touch that prevents scratching on the counter or big bangs as you set the item down. It's so simple, it's good. There is a I noticed a small flaw on the inside of the holder. It was a small patch of goosebumps. This didn't affect my use or anything you'd see when in use. The holder was too tall for me. It was great to have all of my long utensils in one place. Some of my smaller wooden spoons and whisks need a slightly more shallow holder. If you are looking for a tall holder, buy this immediately. You can't go wrong. If you have a mix of tall and short utensils and you want them all in one place, think about whether a tall holder might drive you nuts before buying.

👤The ceramic kitchen tool holder is better than the picture shows. It's beautiful and well made. It makes a very eye-catching statement piece and I was able to make it stand out against my navy blue countertops. I can add other cooking items that I use a lot, because the size of the tool holder is larger. The cork on the bottom is thin so it won't slip around on the countertop and it's heavy enough not to tip over. It's classic style is perfect in my kitchen. The utensil holder can be used to hold flowers, apples, and pastries for guests on the kitchen table. I am going to purchase another one for a friend because I think it would make a beautiful gift.

👤This is perfect in our kitchen. The last utensils holder was made out of tin and painted to look vintage, but this one is far better. This is a legit ceramic and it has a good amount of weight to it, which is great because you don't have to worry about the weight of your utensils falling over. It has a cork pad on the bottom. No need to worry about it scratching your counter tops. If you spill water on the pad, it won't start growing mold because of the anti-microbial nature of cork. The quality of this product is very good and all of them plan on buying more products from this company.

👤When I found this one, it was exactly what I was looking for, and I had been considering getting a utensil holder for my kitchen counter for quite some time now. It's the perfect size, it doesn't take up too much space and holds all of my cooking utensils, so they aren't crammed in there. If I wasn't using it to hold cookware, it would be perfect for planting herbs in my kitchen. I am debating on how many more I should order to make an herb wall in my kitchen. If you're looking for a product like this, then stop reading and hit buy now.

3. Stainless Countertop Organizer Weighted Rectangular

Stainless Countertop Organizer Weighted Rectangular

Good weight and stable, never need to worry that the stand will shake. Extra large size is convenient to store up to 15 utensils and doesn't take up most of the space in your cabinet or counter. This kitchen utensil holder can hold spatulas, soup ladles, spoons, whisks, tongs and more. The air vent keeps the utensil holder from tipping over. The design of the drain hole prevents rust. The silver color is an all-match, extra thick, metal heavy-duty steel. It's a modern kitchen utensil organizer. A kitchen utensil holder is a great gift for friends and family who love cooking. TheDetachable design allows you to clean this crock easily. Friendly customer service and 18 months of quality assurance is provided by them. Friendly customer service and 18 months of quality assurance is provided by them.

Brand: Redcall

👤Excellent quality, holds 5 large utensils, with plenty of room for more.

👤I keep around 8 items for my kitchen because it is too big or small a holder. There is a I like it in silver, it's perfect for my kitchen design. There is a I was happy with my purchase. Came in time, unused and new.

👤It's small but holds a ton.

👤The utensil holder is exactly like the description. I like it, it looks sleek and not shiny. It's almost like a mix of shiny and slightly matt. Highly recommended.

👤I am very happy with my purchase. It's a great way to hold your kitchen utensils. It adds to the look of my kitchen. No regrets, a great purchase!

👤It's a good thing that it's a cocina! Estoy contenta con tenerlo!

👤This is not black. It is black and easy to see finger prints. The picture and description stated that it wasstainless steel, but it is just plastic. Will most likely return and find a black one.

👤Adems tiene una ideal para los utensilios de la cocina.

4. Barnyard Designs Farmhouse Countertop Organizer

Barnyard Designs Farmhouse Countertop Organizer

LAUCHUH utensil holder is well packaged and quick to deliver, it is chip-free and looks brand-new for years to come. It is practical and reasonably priced. The utensil holder can be used for a variety of purposes. This ceramic kitchen utensil crock is a Decorative UTENSIL HOLDER. A container that holds cooking utensils will keep them neat and drawers free of mess. The French country contest. This cute french country accent utensil holder will make a cute addition to your kitchen. The rustic twine bow and porcelain-like finish on the ceramic container give this utensil caddy a vintage charm. This big utensil holder is a good place to keep your everyday kitchen tools. A piece of ceramic pottery will make a great decoration on your kitchen counter. DIMENSIONS The crock holder is 6” x 25′′. There is a diameter across the top. The utensil holder is made of stone. White is the color. Food that is safe. The barnyard happiness guarantee. Let them know if you're unhappy with the product and they'll fix it for you. They are proud of their high quality products and happy customers.

Brand: Barnyard Designs

👤After buying one, I learned that they are for 7 bucks.

👤I love the company and product. I have bought many items from this company and they complete my household. I had been looking for a jar that was ceramic and not tin and this was the best one that matched my other decor.

👤I looked over many utensil crocks and found one that was the right size, color and design for our kitchen. The ceramic rustic farmhouse crock is perfect. It's well made, the cream / beige color was a perfect match with our colors, and it has a wide mouth, which holds several utensils. The other utensil holders may have an opening that is too wide or they may have a narrow opening. The Barnyard Utensil holder has a small opening and a narrowing at the neck to hold utensils upright. Our kitchen is modern and rustic, and I think it would work well with a modern or rustic design. This item was a great find for a great price and we were really impressed with it. Competitive products were more expensive.

👤I like it, but it takes a lot of room. To big at the bottom and tall at the top. They contacted me to make sure I was satisfied and they were very good to talk and work with, they offered to help in any way they could. I have increased my rating. If you compare it to the photo, it's a bit big for me. It is very pleasant. I like it. They were very pleasant to work with.

👤This is what I was looking for. I wanted a cute utensil holder for my counter that would work when we change our countertop. Everything I saw was tacky. This gives an old fashioned milk jug feel. It's heavy so it won't tip over. It was well packed. I was very happy with my purchase.

👤It was perfect. It is not too small like I have seen on other reviews. It is just right. It is good quality. I don't have any complaints. It is simple and cute. We kept the twine on it because it had a tag on it.

👤I bought a canister set from the same company. It works well with my farmhouse kitchen.

👤It is heavy enough to hold several utensils. It has a great country chic look.

👤A bit pricey. But it comes from America.

👤The pot looks good, but it could be better.

👤This is beautiful and well made. Everyone should own one.

👤The product is perfect size and quality.

5. ENLOY Utensil Stainless Organizing Dishwasher

ENLOY Utensil Stainless Organizing Dishwasher

Their Slim Universal Kitchen Cabinet is a great addition to any kitchen. The utensil crock is dishwasher safe. You can add to cart now. If you're facing messy kitchen supplies, the ENLOY kitchen utensil organizer for countertop is your best choice. The kitchen utensil container caddy is made of food grade steel. The edge is smooth and round. A spoon holder for kitchen is a good help for your kitchen. The design of the kitchen spoon holder does not ponding, is sanitary and healthy. You can make the most of the space in your kitchen by hanging it up, light and not occupying the place. The easy to care construction allows you to wipe down any areas of the utensil holders. It's also safe to use in the dishwasher. You can use the large utensil holder to store all your utensils, empty it out and freeze your beer. The utensils shown in the picture are not included. You can use the large utensil holder to store all your utensils, empty it out and freeze your beer. The utensils shown in the picture are not included.

Brand: Enloy

👤This is a good set. Large kitchen utensils such as ladles, spatulas, wooden spoons, whisks, tongs, and other items are kept in the large holder. I have a lot of drawer space in my kitchen. It has a nice feel and weight to it. It's great for smaller kitchen utensils that would get lost in the larger one, but the smaller one is too large for flatware. There is a The smaller one has some sharp edges on the holes, but only on the inside. It is easy to handle. When washing the inside, be careful. There is a If your drawer space is limited, these are useful because I can get my kitchen utensils without opening a drawer. They no longer prevent the drawer from opening.

👤I needed another one because my smaller one was full. I was cleaning out the kitchen drawers and thought it would save me a lot of space to just put as many utensils in another holder on the counter. I didn't expect this set to be as large as it is, but I thought it was a great deal. The quality for the price is very good. I paid that amount for my smaller one almost twenty years ago. The large brushed utensil holder is large enough to hold many cooking utensils. It's nice to have the bonus holder included, but I'm not sure what I'll use it for. There are no rough edges, spots or blemish in the STAINLESS. It's in good shape. I might start purchasing this for my wedding gift now that I've heard of it.

👤These are well made and affordable. I only had them for a few weeks. They are displayed close to the stove top so they can be seen. Over time, the nature of the steel will show finger prints, but that is not what it is. It is simple to clean. Nice choice. We had enough room for the utensils near the work area because we had 2 sets.

👤I was using vases to hold items that don't fit in drawers. I needed the utensil holders. I like the look of the steel and it looks better on my counter.

👤After washing, the smaller utensil holder was purchased. It is not weighted on the bottom so must be supported against the wall to prevent it from tipping over when filled. The utensils are lost inside the larger holder because it's so heavy and weighted that it's the size of an ice bucket. I used it for ice instead of utensils.

👤If you've spent your life stuffing too many large spoons and tongs into too small of holders, the larger bowl is a dream come true. The one with holes is good for sink-side things. Even if it's just a utensil holder, I like it.

👤I like these. I use the solid ones next to the stove for cooking utensils and the one with holes next to the sink for dirty measuring spoons and other hand wash items that could get stuck in the garbage disposal. These work well and look great.

6. Silicone Utensil Rest Multiple Heat Resistant

Silicone Utensil Rest Multiple Heat Resistant

The cutting boards are 12 inches by 15 inches. It's easy to store for just about any use. Excellent warranty! Add to cart now! Keeps your countertops clean. An essential cooking tool. The spoon rest has a simple design that will keep your countertops splatter-free. The modern shape is large enough to hold your largest cooking and serving tools. It keeps your countertops clean and your utensils close at hand. The base of the rest is designed to contain drips and it holds up to 4 spoons or spatulas. Budget-friendly utensil rest adds value to any kitchen. You get 4 parking spaces for your utensils with multiple slots. It reduces the amount of space needed for multitasking in the kitchen, and doesn't want one utensil mixing with the others. Less hassle than using paper towels. It's made of food-grade silicone, which won't slip or slide while you're cooking, and when food prep is finished, it can simply be tossed in the dishwasher for an easy clean up. The juices, sauces and other messy ingredients that you're working with end up leaving a mess, but no more with this functional utensil rest. The wide, square bowl has four slots and a lip around the edges that catches drips. Place your utensil rest in the dishwasher for easy cleaning after cooking. It makes cooking less messy. This heat-resistant holder can be placed near the stove, counter top or in any area where cooking is done. The spoon rest is made from non-slip silicone and is wide and deep enough to keep most spring tongs in place. Zulay guarantees no hassle with its silicone utensil rest, and they back this up with a lifetime guarantee. If there are ever any issues with this product, please contact them and they will make it right. This product will live up to your expectations if you order now. If it does not, they have your back. Chances are, you won't need to reach out.

Brand: Zulay Kitchen

👤We have been using this spoon rest for a week or so and like it very much, and the concern and dedication of the seller is much appreciated. We ordered it in grayn and it was neutral gray for those who study photography. It's pretty obvious that the bigger part is where the sloppy part goes, even though my family members keep turning it around the wrong way. I took a pic of it in use and the bottom side. I can clean it by tossing it in the dishwasher or hand washing it. It keeps the granite countertop much cleaner because other family members are no longer putting their utensils down and then not wiping their mess after themselves, so no more greasy surprises on the countertops for me. That's the best part. It would be cool if they had it in black. gray is okay

👤A lot smaller than I thought.

👤Do you want to make it quick? Buy these! I bought two and they are great. Big enough to hold all of my baking equipment. I was wondering if they would fit the fat mixing spoon handles. The batter jar from my blender dripped all over the spoon rest. I bought two colors: green and gray. Both are bright colors. The rests I returned were not well made, and the Silicon was large. A great addition to any kitchen. Throw in the dishwasher and you are done. It's worth the money. Is there any old spoon rests? GONE! Enjoy!

👤This think is small. I wanted to buy it for my spatulas. They don't fit in there because it is so small.

👤I am very happy with my purchase. The item looked like it had a purple hue to it. I took a chance and ordered the Taffy Pink color. It is a pink color. There is a The packaging was nice, it has a cardboard sleeve around it, and there is a nice story about the founding of the company on the back. If you want to send the order directly to someone else, it's giftable. There is a Silicone is thick and sturdy despite being so. The raised dividers are very sturdy and don't move much unless pushed hard. The "mat" portion is thick and flexible so it doesn't feel cheap or low quality. There is a The only thing I have against it is that it can be stained by chili oils. We recently made a dish with the Korean-Mexican dish of kimchi. A pale orange stain was left on the portion of the utensil holder that was used to hold the spoon. It's light but not noticeable. I think that some red chili oils may cause some staining on the lighter colored mats. Silicone is not a fault in product quality. There is a The mat is too short according to another reviewer. The length could be longer, but it still works for me because I can put the top of the utensil between the dividers. The face of a cooking spoon and spatula is still fit by the dividers.

7. Estilo EST0286 Stainless Utensil Holder

Estilo EST0286 Stainless Utensil Holder

The ruler dimensions are 5.4 in wide and 6.7 in tall. The Farmhouse Utensil holder is made of galvanized steel. It is easy to clean with a damp cloth. The utensil holder is brushed steel. It's great for storing utensils that are too large for drawers. It is heavy and solid, so it won't tip over. The product is 7 inches in diameter and 7 inches high. Not included are thetensils.

Brand: Estilo

👤I ordered two of them and they arrived together. One was clean and shiny. Exactly what I wanted. The other one wasn't. There was something sticky on the bottom. It was dirty and sticky. I'm pretty sure it wasn't new. I could not get the house to be clean because I did not have good cleaning products at the house. One of the two was perfect and I am giving it three stars. I'm too busy with the move to send it back that I don't have time for them. I expect better from Amazon.

👤I like it so much that I will return for more. I think they're nice gifts for the cooks in my family and friends. I needed a new stove after 30 years with my old one. I bought a ceramic glass top for cooking. I needed to get rid of my old pots and pans because of the glass top, and I needed more silicone utensils so the new pots didn't get damaged. I needed a place to keep the new utensils. I needed more holders. I liked the size, price and appearance of this one. I am very happy with it. I had to look through 3 of the smaller holders to find the utensil I needed. I can keep them separated according to their function with this larger size. There was a flaw in the STAINLESS that I thought would be fixed. It didn't. I would only notice the container if I saw it. This is a great holder. I would recommend it to anyone who likes to cook and needs a central place to find their cooking utensils. Very happy.

👤It was big enough for what I needed. I liked the material at first. Put it at an angle to drain. The water ran down the outside when I turned it upright. A blow fryer was used to dry the rolled area. Will be very careful with the washing.

👤It's not often that I write a review on something so basic. When I ordered a kitchen utensil holder for $16 on Amazon, I was expecting a flimsy, thin gauge, low grade STAINLESS steel pot. Something similar to a coffee can. There is a What I received was not what I was expecting. I got high quality, heavy gauge and industrial strength. If you look at it funny, it isn't something that's going to hurt. It's better than I need. The finish is good. It is probably spun rather than stamped, and it isn't polished. The top has no edge. There is a My use isn't typical of what it was sold as. I wanted something cheap because I didn't expect it to survive a project which has laid waste to many other similar containers which cost many times more. Not this one. This project will most likely live on. There is a If it came with a lid, it would have topped this off. If you need this for something other than holding kitchen utensils, here are the particulars. The non-magnetic diameter is 7. The weight of 1.5 lbs. is determined by the Rim, Rim thickness, and metal thickness.

8. Modern Utensil Dishwasher Cooler Kitchen

Modern Utensil Dishwasher Cooler Kitchen

SLIM MEANS TINY! You should stop putting your utensils in metal cups that take up too much counter space or in a drawer that can barely close. Their slim cooking utensil holder has a modern look and is small enough to fit in a drawer. SturDY NO-TIP CONSTRUCTION is a construction project. Their kitchen utensil organizers will not be torn down. It's frustrating to have your utensil or spatula holder tip over while you're cooking. The utensil holder is the real deal. Their utensil caddy has a modern minimalist design with eco-friendly bamboo that will look stunning on your kitchen counter. Their utensil holder has a gripped bottom so it won't stain your counter and will stay in one place during use. Other metal utensil holders can stain your counter with ugly spots over time, or they can scratch your countertops. The holder is completely rust-proof and has a rubber bottom to make sure it won't hurt your counter or slide around. The utensil holder is dishwasher safe. Their Slim Universal Kitchen Cabinet is a great addition to any kitchen. The utensil crock is dishwasher safe. You can add to cart now.

Brand: Cooler Kitchen

👤I bought two of these to hold some pretty and colorful kitchen utensils that I am giving for Christmas gifts, but I was disappointed that the color pictured is not the color I received, so I can't say much about them. It is not as bright as the red, but all in all it looks okay. I was expecting that.

👤My set of 6 spoons and spatulas are in this utensil holder. It's an exact match for texture and color. It could be heavier than 1 star. It is easy to unbalance with all 6 spoons and spatulas.

👤When I moved to a smaller place I needed a smaller footprint so I used a small ceramic crock. The bamboo utensil holders were the perfect size and I love the color. They are of good quality and sturdy.

👤Its cute and small. I wouldn't have bought it if I'd read the description and size better. The item is sturdy and as described.

👤It's not as heavy as I thought, but it doesn't matter. I put sand on the counter to keep my knives sharp. The vase has a nice organic texture. I was very pleased with my purchase.

👤There is a rubber ring around the bottom of the counter that keeps it from falling over. The color is nice and it is heavy.

👤I have a lot of items in my item, it's sturdy and I love it. It doesn't seem like bamboo, it's great on my kitchen sink. I was using old coffee cans which were icky and caused the rust.

👤The red utensil holder was purchased to be used in a condo. It's slim size is perfect for the few utensils, which were also bought in bright colors to add a splash of color to the kitchen counter. The use of bamboo is smart. The bottom is made of rubber and keeps it in place. Great product!

👤I was expecting something that looked like wood, but this looks like a study plastic. There is a The dark grey colour would fit in a blue or grey themed kitchen. It sounds like a piece of plastic. The interior is easy to clean and the exterior is ridged so there is no worries about dust or grease collecting. There is a It has 14 wooden spoons and spatulas and could easily hold 25 items. It is stable and sturdy, and doesn't fall over. I am very pleased with this item and it has fit into my kitchen and lodger shared environment.

👤When they arrived, I thought it was a joke as they looked far smaller than they appeared on the picture, but the quality is great and I expected them to be a bit bigger. It feels really sturdy, the rubber ring underneath it works well, and I did manage to put a few different utensil shapes in each pot, but I wish they were a bit bigger.

👤The design is so that it doesn't slip that I bought it. The only thing that would make it 100% for me is if you put something inside the pot on the cushions. The newspaper does the job.

9. PUERSI Organizer Countertop Farmhouse Compartments

PUERSI Organizer Countertop Farmhouse Compartments

Valuable Bamboo Cooking Utensils are free of harmful paints, lacquers, glues, or petrochemicals, and are made of 100% organic, eco-friendly, food-grade, and healthy material. Their wooden kitchen utensils set is 100% safe for you and your family, and will not easily harborbacteria or fungus, also it will maintain the original food taste. The perfect size rock. The utensil holder is 9in x 4.5in x 6.5in and has 2 compartments. You won't have to search through drawers for cookware or utensils because of the large utensil organizers. The courtyard decor is a rustic farmhouse. The wooden utensil caddy is pretty. The farmhouse style kitchen utensil holder is a good match for your kitchen style. It's a great decorative touch to your kitchen countertop. The wood grain is visible after torch treatment. Each piece is made with high-quality craftsmanship, which is very strong and durable, because of the beautiful wood grain. Their wooden kitchen utensil holder can be added to your countertop to hold all your favorite cooking utensils. It can save space in the kitchen. You can use this caddy to hold bottles of wine or cooking oils.

Brand: Puersi

👤The utensil holder does a good job. I love it! It's sturdy and built well.

👤Likes it but doesn't have many utensils. It was smaller than I needed.

👤It was broken on the side, but it's an easy fix. It fits all my utensils.

👤It's nice, but I wish it came in a bigger size.

👤It looks great in my kitchen.

👤I really like this utensil holder. The two compartments are large enough for my baking utensils and fit on my kitchen island. It's a little rustic but I like it. There is a The good news is that there have been no issues so far. There is a I am happy to have this and I love it.

👤This is perfect for my plastic utensils. I always keep plastic utensils in my home and this was what I needed to store them in a way that looked nice in my kitchen.

👤It is a good value and it holds all my utensils.

👤I put my utensils in two pots in my new kitchen and it looks great. It's nice and sturdy but not heavy. To organize and keep clean.

👤A lot of people commented on the looks in my kitchen.

👤I didn't expect it to be what I wanted. But it is! I like this piece.

👤The ordering and delivery of this product was excellent.

10. Rotating Removable Dishwasher Cooler Kitchen

Rotating Removable Dishwasher Cooler Kitchen

If you cram your utensils into small metal cups or a drawer that can barely close, you'll end up with extra large. Their utensil holder is 7 inches in diameter, which will allow you to free up drawer space and stop rummaging for utensils every time you cook. There are no kitchen tools that won't fit. Sturdy and tall, so your tools won't fall out. Will hold 15-20 large handled tools on your counter for convenience. SturDY NO-TIP CONSTRUCTION is a construction project. Their kitchen utensil organizers will not be torn down. It's frustrating when your utensil holder tips over while you're cooking. The jumbo utensil holder has a weighted base to keep it from tipping. You should stop using cheap cups that tip and flip. Their utensil holder is the real deal. The convenience of a rotating base, a tri-compartment divider, and a gripped insert are some of the features of the modern Cooler Kitchen design. Other metal utensil holders can stain your counter with ugly spots over time, or they can scratch your countertops. Their cutlery holder is completely rust-proof and has rubber feet to make sure it won't hurt your counter or slide around. The divider and gripped insert are easy to remove. The utensil crock is dishwasher safe. A wonderful addition to any kitchen is a Sturdy Plastic Construction, Dishwasher Safe, and a Gripped Insert. You can add to cart now.

Brand: Cooler Kitchen

👤The kitchen is small and short on drawer space. I followed Marie Kondo's advice that large utensils should be on the counter, not in a drawer. I decided to buy this utensil holder. It fits a bunch of tools, has a divider in the middle to keep everything upright, and it has a "lazy susan" function so you can find the tool you need in a flash. It's next to the other kitchen favorite.

👤I was not sure. Most of the large utensil holders I've found are not large. I was surprised by this one. I have 21 utensils in my possession. There is more to be had. It's easy to find what you need if it's placed in a corner because it's weighted well and doesn't tip over when you take something out. If you have limited space, it has a small footprint. One of my favorite kitchen gadgets is this one. Definitely recommend this.

👤I spent a lot of time trying to find the right utensil holder. I like that this rotates. It holds a lot of utensils. Very strong. I have had it for a couple months and have no issues with it tipping over. I can find the utensil I need right away when cooking. It is easy to wipes clean. I was very happy with the purchase.

👤Most of the time, I don't write a review because everything I order is what I expected. I received this product through Amazon and it impressed me. The packaging is very protective of the product. The dimensions of the utensil caddy are perfect for my needs, and the fact that it rotates is a bonus. I like the non-skid bottom and the optional use 3 area divider, and I appreciate it being dishwasher safe. I would like to thank you for making a great addition to my kitchen.

👤What a great find. I don't have a place to put my utensils in my apartment. I bought a storage box to hold them, but it wasn't working. I couldn't find a spoon or spatula even though I had thrown it out. I found my lost spoons after buying a utensils holder. I can easily see them now that everything sits up. It's much easier to have a caddy that rotates because it sits on a shelf. I bought two because I have a lot of utensils that fit in the caddy, and the long set that I use with my wok is one of them. The divider was left to separate things based on use.

👤It's large, and takes up a bit of room on the counter. It is a bit tippy with large utensils or heavy wooden spoons and tall utensils, like those Rachel Ray utensils. It is important to keep it balanced by carefully positioning them in the compartments. That is a nice touch. If you have a large collection of utensils to store, I recommend this because it replaces three pitchers that I had to use.

👤This is a great buy. I was able to empty a drawer of cooking utensils after I got mine. The turn table bottom is great because it can spin. The insert for 3 dividers is the added bonus. I feel like my stuff is more organized. The rubber insert on the bottom helps keep utensils from flopping. A must buy.

11. Home Acre Designs Countertop Farmhouse

Home Acre Designs Countertop Farmhouse

It's ideal for hosting indoor and outdoor entertaining. Tired of losing track of your spatula or whisk? The utensil crock will make you feel better by keeping all your essentials in one place. The vintage style cooking utensil holder is a good choice for those looking for a farmhouse look. Add a little country charm to your kitchen decor. If you are looking for a memorable stocking stuffer to gift someone this holiday season, look no further. This fun and unique cooking utensil holder is a great Christmas gift for those who like a rustic farmhouse look. Most large holders make you sacrifice function for style, but not this one! Their utensil holder is strong enough to hold large kitchen accessories. The retro frame of their steel container is easy to clean, unlike modern wooden utensil holders. The large utensil holder is well-suited for any counter. You can make the most of your kitchen space. The large utensil holder is well-suited for any counter. You can make the most of your kitchen space.

Brand: Home Acre Designs

👤I like the utensil holder. It looks great with my kitchen decor. I would buy again. Good purchase!

👤I have collected a large collection of utensils over the years, from balloon and Dutch whisks to no melt spatulas to a variety of strainers. I had out grown the 2 pewter containers that I had had for a long time. My first criteria was the appearance. When I found the perfect container, I realized that it had one more criterion - weight. There is a I didn't want an eight pound utensil holder, as much as I loved some of the potter or crocks I found. Back to Amazon... I wrote them off because of the script. I only realized that there was only one writing on one side when I looked more closely. The boxes looked small when they arrived, but when compared to my old pewter pieces, the new ones were slightly larger. There is a They have a clean appearance. The surface is easy to clean. I am happy with these but I still need the perfect containers.

👤I love this utensil holder. I was worried about the size, but it holds a full size utensil set.

👤The product is much smaller than I thought it would be. This would be better for a small kitchen or apartment. It looks like a toy. I will be returning it because of its size. It looks fine, but I think it's overpriced for what you get. Very small, no grip on the bottom.

👤Very cute. It is made of metal. I already had the lazy Susan, so please note.

👤I received a set of new cooking utensils for Christmas and realized they were too pretty to keep in a drawer. The utensil holder is the perfect size. It's tall enough to hold them all and the opening is wide so they all fit nicely.

👤I love this! Simple, classy, and big enough to hold all of my kitchen tools. Magnetic hooks on the sides allow me to hold measuring cups and spoons.

👤It solved my problem with not enough drawer space, because I love this utensil holder. The stove is next to a pretty place. See the photo.

👤Absolutely in love with it! It's very wide, tall and perfect.

👤Not tall for holding kitchen utensils.


What is the best product for cooking utensil organizer countertop?

Cooking utensil organizer countertop products from Homeries. In this article about cooking utensil organizer countertop you can see why people choose the product. Laveduso and Redcall are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking utensil organizer countertop.

What are the best brands for cooking utensil organizer countertop?

Homeries, Laveduso and Redcall are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking utensil organizer countertop. Find the detail in this article. Barnyard Designs, Enloy and Zulay Kitchen are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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