Best Cooking Utensil Holder Wall Mount

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1. Wallniture Kitchen Cookware Organizer Painted

Wallniture Kitchen Cookware Organizer Painted

There is aTILERACK. Hanging towels, spoon, gloves, knife, fork, Pan, Pot, Keys, and other items can be used in the E-Gtong Kitchen Rail Racks. It's a good idea to organize and tidy up any space possible. Sturdy Farmhouse Design. The 16 inches rust proof kitchen storage rail is well-constructed and has a strong hold on the hooks. Save space with this kitchen counter organizer. Hang your kitchen accessories, measuring cups, silicone spatulas, cookware set, coffee mugs and more to the hooks that easily slide. You should keep your utensils where you can easily reach them. This kitchen organization and storage unit will allow you to work with your supplies, not around them. It's easy to put it under your kitchen cabinet or above the wall of your coffee machine. It can be used as a kitchen organization unit for cooking utensils, a bathroom organization unit for towels, and an entryway organization unit for hanging coats, bags and keys. It can be a great place to hang your medals. Installation is easy with the wallniture shelf organizers. You don't have to spend a lot of time installing it, just follow the instructions and it will be ready to use in a few minutes.

Brand: Wallniture

👤With little space in our kitchen for storage, we appreciate being able to have daily tools readily at hand, not buried in a cupboard or drawer. We now have access to everything we need on our two racks: measuring cups, measuring spoons, vegetable peeler, tongs, church-key, pot holders, jar opener, egg whisk, scissors, spatulas, and the zester. We anticipate losing a hook or two behind it over time, as one of the rack is over the stove, but I'm really enjoying the convenience. This rack is very handy and handsome.

👤These work well. Sometimes the utensils get stuck and pull the hook off the rack, which is the only thing I would complain about. Not a big deal. They look great in my kitchen and give me more counter space. Definitely worth the money.

👤It was a perfect size for my small space. It is easy to hold my heaviest frying pans. There are 2 and I love that.

👤I have a small space next to my stove where I can hold all of my utensils.

👤I put my pots and pans on the side of my cabinets. I like not looking in the cabinets for cookware.

👤The quality is better than I was expecting.

👤These organizers have hooks. They are made from heavy materials. There were a couple of different screws and anchors in the package. They look great in my kitchen and are very easy to install.

👤The bar was easy to install and you will probably need a drill. The screws are large. I use mine to hold my robes in my bedroom. It blends in and holds up. I'm not sure where I will hang the second, but I'm glad it came with two!

2. Rotating Removable Dishwasher Cooler Kitchen

Rotating Removable Dishwasher Cooler Kitchen

The perfect rotation design has a rotating base so you can reach every tool with ease. A tri-compartment divider is used to organize your tools. A gripped insert at the bottom to prevent sliding, so it won't scratch or stain your counter. Extra large means big. If you want to keep your utensils out of a small metal cup or drawer, stop. Their extra large black kitchen utensil holder is 7 feet wide and can be used as a drawer or counter. Will hold over 20 utensils. It's frustrating to have your utensils tip over while you're cooking. Their jumbo utensil caddy has a weighted base to keep it from tipping. Other crocks can stain or scratch your countertops, which is why they are dishwasher safe. The plastic holder won't hurt your counter. The divider and gripped insert are easy to remove. There is a wonderful addition to it. Any kitchen. There are no kitchen tools that won't fit for your cooking needs. There is a dishwasher safe, a ripped insert, and a Sturdy Plastic Construction. You can add to cart now.

Brand: Cooler Kitchen

👤The kitchen is small and short on drawer space. I followed Marie Kondo's advice that large utensils should be on the counter, not in a drawer. I decided to buy this utensil holder. It fits a bunch of tools, has a divider in the middle to keep everything upright, and it has a "lazy susan" function so you can find the tool you need in a flash. It's next to the other kitchen favorite.

👤I was not sure. Most of the large utensil holders I've found are not large. I was surprised by this one. I have 21 utensils in my possession. There is more to be had. It's easy to find what you need if it's placed in a corner because it's weighted well and doesn't tip over when you take something out. If you have limited space, it has a small footprint. One of my favorite kitchen gadgets is this one. Definitely recommend this.

👤I spent a lot of time trying to find the right utensil holder. I like that this rotates. It holds a lot of utensils. Very strong. I have had it for a couple months and have no issues with it tipping over. I can find the utensil I need right away when cooking. It is easy to wipes clean. I was very happy with the purchase.

👤Most of the time, I don't write a review because everything I order is what I expected. I received this product through Amazon and it impressed me. The packaging is very protective of the product. The dimensions of the utensil caddy are perfect for my needs, and the fact that it rotates is a bonus. I like the non-skid bottom and the optional use 3 area divider, and I appreciate it being dishwasher safe. I would like to thank you for making a great addition to my kitchen.

👤What a great find. I don't have a place to put my utensils in my apartment. I bought a storage box to hold them, but it wasn't working. I couldn't find a spoon or spatula even though I had thrown it out. I found my lost spoons after buying a utensils holder. I can easily see them now that everything sits up. It's much easier to have a caddy that rotates because it sits on a shelf. I bought two because I have a lot of utensils that fit in the caddy, and the long set that I use with my wok is one of them. The divider was left to separate things based on use.

👤It's large, and takes up a bit of room on the counter. It is a bit tippy with large utensils or heavy wooden spoons and tall utensils, like those Rachel Ray utensils. It is important to keep it balanced by carefully positioning them in the compartments. That is a nice touch. If you have a large collection of utensils to store, I recommend this because it replaces three pitchers that I had to use.

👤This is a great buy. I was able to empty a drawer of cooking utensils after I got mine. The turn table bottom is great because it can spin. The insert for 3 dividers is the added bonus. I feel like my stuff is more organized. The rubber insert on the bottom helps keep utensils from flopping. A must buy.

3. Mounted G TING Organizer Cookware Utensils

Mounted G TING Organizer Cookware Utensils

The rail is multi-purpose. The wall mounted rod can be used in many ways. It can be used to hang your towels in the bathroom, to organize your accessories and jewelry, or to hang your coats, bags and keys. Kitchen storage shelf helps to clear up your cabinet and counter space for more kitchen space while keeping all your cooking utensils within arms reach, no more digging through pots and pans looking for what you want, all you need are handy and convenient in one place. The weight is strong. There are 8 hanging hooks on the 17 inch X 12.2 inch X 7 inch CAPACITYRack. There are 8 hanging hooks on the large kitchen cookware wall shelves. The kitchen cookware wall shelves have a max weight capacity of 35 lbs. The wall mounted pot rack can be used to keep kitchen utensils safe on the wall. The wall mounted pot rack is made of high quality iron with hand-made welding. The iron is coated with a low-reflective paint and is rust proof. The shelves on the wall can be fixed with stable triangular brackets. A wall mounted pot rack can save table space. A simple and thoughtful design to show a stylish kitchen is suitable for any decoration styles in the kitchen. The wall storage shelf is great for kitchen storage, as well as living room, coffee shops and restaurants. There is a installation. You can either put the triangular mounting rack under the platform or over it. Either method will allow you to organize the containers and utensils you want. Hardware supplies and instructions are included with your purchase. If you have any questions about their products, please let them know. There is a installation. You can either put the triangular mounting rack under the platform or over it. Either method will allow you to organize the containers and utensils you want. Hardware supplies and instructions are included with your purchase. If you have any questions about their products, please let them know.

Brand: G-ting

👤I like this pot rack. Exactly what I was looking for. My new set has all the pots. I ordered a second one for the shelf room. I can put my pots and pans against the wall. There are two additional photos with very happy people.

👤This was used in a different way. There was no storage in the garage when I moved into the new home. I decided to try it. I needed an option for my stereo. There is a The box was well packed. There are 4 screws and nuts. You are assembled. Hold up the wall with your level and mark the holes. Your mount holes are there after a 5/32 drill bit. I used the supplied hooks for random stuff. I used the supplied hooks on my ceiling rack to hang stuff. The product was good. It's great for multiple applications.

👤The pot rack is strong. I was impressed with the construction. It was easy to put together. I liked that the metal is solid black with no cheap black coating that will oxidize after a few years. This rack is made to last and is perfect for pots and pans or a wall mounted coffee station as I am using it for and hanging mugs from the hooks. Excellent rack! There is a I was given this rack for free as a product tester, my opinion is mine.

👤It's easy to install and there's plenty of space for pots and lids. I don't think it will fail, but it is very elastic and bends forward when you put it on the shelf. I will keep it despite the issue.

👤It was not possible to fit two pots on the top. I went off the picture and not the dimensions listed. It would work for a small area. The picture is not accurate.

👤It was set up without much difficulty. I think it will hold up well for my pans. If you had cast iron, I would look for something that holds more weight. The pic is representative of what this will hold. I have pots on top of pans that are hanging.

👤Photos are very deceiving. They are showing a product that holds small pots and pans. It will only hang two medium fry pans before it gets crowded. There is a They give you the dimentions.

👤Needed for a new pan. The work is handcrafted and has heavy roasters with other pans and utensils. I looked at the same rack that was overpriced. The value was great and exceeded my expectations. I added stronger plastic anchors to the wall anchors. When I put it on the wall it was bent. There were no damages or scratches on this rack. Extra bolts, nuts, and pot hooks were used for a total of 9 hooks instead of 8 hooks.

4. Kitchen Rotatable Adhesive Drilling Organizer

Kitchen Rotatable Adhesive Drilling Organizer

Installation is easy with the wallniture shelf organizers. You don't have to spend a lot of time installing it, just follow the instructions and it will be ready to use in a few minutes. Space Saving Utensil Hanger is an under cabinet utensil rack with 6 hooks that can be used to hang various items, such as spoons, spatulas, cup, towels, keys, umbrellas, watch and so on, and keep the space tidy. No tools, no screws, no drilling holes are included in the Damage Free Wall Mounted Kitchen Hooks. It's easy to install and won't damage your walls and cabinet, just need a few seconds to attach to the smooth surface, and the wall utensil holder can be easily removed without damage. Also, note: This hook can not be re-sticked after it is torn off. The hanging utensil holder for wall can be adjusted to make it easier to pick up or hang on the Spatula kitchen utensils. The utensil hangers wall mounted are widely used in bathroom, kitchen, decorations, and key hooks. It can be used on a variety of smooth hard surfaces. The under cabinet hook is waterproof and has a maximum loading weight of 2 kilogram. The under cabinet hook is waterproof and has a maximum loading weight of 2 kilogram.

Brand: Heiboa

👤The dog kept getting stuff off my counter. The dog couldn't get our utensils so we had to have them out for easy grabbing. I bought two. We attached them and cleaned the area. If you don't spread your tools evenly, things will fall off. I was okay with that. They fell off the fridge a month later. We cleaned the spot on the fridge and the spot on the wall. Put one in each spot. They both fell.

👤Not a good product. For a night and 888-349-8884 I didn't want to go for a permanent option right away because I wasn't sure where I wanted to put it. The sticky one doesn't last. I hung only plastic utensils.

👤The utensils hanging from it did not hold the glue.

👤I have a small space with my daughter, and drawer space is gold, so when I had nowhere to place my cooking utensils it became problematic. There are no more jammed drawers. I am very happy. Highly recommended.

👤Don't be so naive to think that this glue will hold metal stuff, it's a good idea. I used a bunch of tape.

👤It was very easy to install. It seems like the glue is strong. It holds my heavy utensils with ease. If you fill all the hooks, the utensils will get crowded. I will buy the product again in the future.

👤It works great because we put it in our RV to save on drawer space.

👤It's very easy to install, but can't take more than 1 lbs of utensils. The plastic measuring cups and spoons worked well.

5. Hanging Audmore Stainless Straight Utensils

Hanging Audmore Stainless Straight Utensils

Wallniture Lyon kitchen cabinet organizer comes with all the necessary accessories for easy installation. You don't have to spend a lot of time installing it, just follow the instructions and it will be ready to use in a few minutes. Space saving and multifunctional. The package contains 2 rails with 7 hooks and 4 free flat S hooks, which can be used to organize kitchen utensils, pots, pans, spatulas, clothes, bathroom towels, brushes and other items. It's ideal for kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, corridor, entrance, garage. Keep your room clean. Practical design. The sliding hook can be moved around for optimum placement and can beROTATED 368 degrees without falling. The simple and practical rack will make your life simpler and easier. Sturdy and durable. It is made from Heavy Duty 304stainless steel. The brushed finish surface for the wall is built to be both water- and rust- resistant, so it is easy to clean. It is easy to install. The package comes with everything needed to complete the installation. They put two more fixing screws in the parts package in case of missing parts. Quality assurance. Specializing in products that make life easier is what they are doing. They will give a 100% satisfaction guarantee if you have any issues with the hanging ack. Quality assurance. Specializing in products that make life easier is what they are doing. They will give a 100% satisfaction guarantee if you have any issues with the hanging ack.

Brand: Audmore

👤I thought I would give a bit more information. The two racks you get are 16 inches long and not adjusted. If you only need one, you can take off the ends and add more hooks from the second rack. I did that and now have 12 hooks on the same rack, and I am not using the second rack. For example, I use the larger S hooks that come with each rack to hook up our two oven mitts. The installation is a bit difficult because it uses two small set screws at each end of the rack, and the set screw closest to the wall can only be turned by the supplied allen wrench. I've kept at 5 stars, but maybe half a star. It would have been nice if they specified the drill bit size for the supplied anchors. I used 3/16ths because I was drilling into the plaster. It takes about 20 minutes to install one rack, because you want to measure carefully to set the two anchors the correct width, and there is a bit of play in how the rack seats on them. There is a The bottom line is that it looks good, works well and would buy again.

👤The chrome finish on these rods is very nice and I like that I have two rods in each set. Each rod has hooks that slide along the rod and there are extra hooks provided as well. I had to uninstall a couple because the measurements between the holes were not accurate. Even though I manually screwed them in, the phillips screwdriver hole on the top spread open and I couldn't tighten the screw down as much as I wanted. I secured them with the tiny outside screws that you use to tighten, even though I got them in. When I tightened the screws closest to the wall, I had to fenagle a bit, but in the end it all came together. I use a lot of cooking utensils and I've been wanting to get them off my counter for a long time. I can use my counterspace for preparing meals instead of storing them. I'm very happy with the chrome rods.

👤Looks impressive. It's easy to install. I used a stud finder. There are holes in the rock. I put painters tape on the rack. The holes were punched on tape. Take the tape off the rack and put it on the wall. There were holes drilled. The tape needs to be removed. Add Molly and cap. The little screw in the hole is enough to catch before adding a rack to wall. It is against the wall and can turn 6-7 times with quarter turns. It was installed in 10 minutes.

👤I only give this a 4 because I was hoping for a more silver look. It is sturdy, looks nice and provides easy access to the utensils I used most in cooking. Other reviews say it's easy to install. I installed it under the cabinets with the screws facing upward rather than on the wall. It was difficult to reach with measuring and drilling the holes. Would recommend.

6. Wallniture Hanging Utensils Hooks Black

Wallniture Hanging Utensils Hooks Black

Installation is easy with the wallniture shelf organizers. You don't have to spend a lot of time installing it, just follow the instructions and it will be ready to use in a few minutes. Hang your kitchen accessories, measuring cups, silicone spatulas, cookware set, coffee mugs and more to the hooks that easily slide. You should keep your utensils where you can easily reach them. This kitchen organization and storage unit will allow you to work with your supplies, not around them. It's easy to put it under your kitchen cabinet or above the wall of your coffee machine. Sturdy Farmhouse Design. The 33 inches rust proof kitchen storage rail is well-constructed and has a good design that prevents the hooks from falling off. Save space with this kitchen counter organizer. It can be used as a kitchen organization unit for cooking utensils, a bathroom organization unit for towels, and an entryway organization unit for hanging coats, bags and keys. It can be a great place to hang your medals. Installation is easy with the wallniture shelf organizers. You don't have to spend a lot of time installing it, just follow the instructions and it will be ready to use in a few minutes.

Brand: Wallniture

👤I am very pleased with the rack. I've seen others that were too flimsy or only had a few hooks. I emptied my drawer and counter and filled all 15 with cooking utensils. I mounted it under a cabinet that was a bit higher than standard so I could fit a grill spatula. The bar is not 33 because the 33 inch width is from the outside of the mounting circle on each side. It looks good with a bit of space on each side under the cabinet.

👤I looked at many of them before buying this one. I'm not disappointed. I would have done my review before then. I had to wait for someone to install it for me. I'm disabled and couldn't do it myself, so it was easy for them to install. Very happy with this. It's easy to get items off. I have a limited amount of shelf space in my kitchen and my cookware was taking up too much space. Some items were put in the drawer on the oven and the rest in this rack. The bar is not moving. I have hooks for other things. This along with other items have helped me organize that corner of my kitchen. Definitely recommend.

👤The bar was advertised to be 33.18 inches long, but I need to hang a 31 inch wide kitchen fixture so I bought this product. Even if I take the bar off the length, there is still enough length for what I need. The hanging bar that arrived was short. The effective length for hanging is only 29 inches, which is less than the 33.18 inches that was advertised. I have an object that isn't fit for purpose. I would probably pay the shipping charge if I returned this. I am a very unhappy customer.

👤It is sturdy to support their weight with three bolts on each end of the bar.

👤Great product! I love it! You can hold many pans in any spot. It keeps them organized. It would be a good idea for anyone looking for some extra pan space to try and keep the mess away.

👤I use this for my laundry room, I needed a rod to hang under my shelves for hanging clothes after I dry them, and this works great, I kept the hooks for another project.

👤This works well to organize my kitchen utensils. I was worried that the S hooks would fall, but they haven't yet.

👤I needed a bar to hang my skillets. It looks great.

👤Very strong. It's easy to install. It looks very nice.

👤I love it! Great quality and looks great!

7. Cabinet Utensil Holder Kitchen Bathroom

Cabinet Utensil Holder Kitchen Bathroom

Quality assurance. Specializing in products that make life easier is what they are doing. They will give a 100% satisfaction guarantee if you have any issues with the hanging ack. The material is. The hanging hook is used to hang kitchen utensils and keep the space tidy. Novel Design The utensil holder is convenient for hanging or taking off. It's wide used. It's used as a mug holder, drying rack, ties, and other small items. Strong Stickiness Don't worry about falling, hang objects with a certain gravity. Hang items after 12 hours. It's easy to install. Their hook is equipped with 6 sticky patches, which is enough for your daily use.

Brand: Aosome

👤I tried to put these up with only the sticky piece that comes with it, but it fell down instantly when I hung the cooking utensil, so I used the glue that comes with it. It's tough. I put a gorila liqueur on the surface before retiring. They just need to include gourmet glUE.

👤If you have limited counter space, these are a good buy. I didn't give them 5 stars because the sticky pads don't stick. I put a strong glue on them to make them stick and stay on the underside of the cabinet, because you need those sticky pads to hang on properly. Buy a strong glue like Gorilla Glue or a construction glue to hang these utensil holders. I've had them for a month now and they've never broken or malfunctioned. They look like they'd break easily, but haven't so far, even with kids messing with them. I think it's a good buy.

👤I have a small kitchen and counter. These changed my life completely. I don't have to move my jars of cooking utensils to the couch to cook. I hung these over the sink so I don't have to take up a lot of space in my drying rack, I wash them and then hang them up to dry. There is a They spin nicely, look nice and have stuck very well. I only have one spatula that doesn't have a big enough hole for the hooks, but the rest fit great!

👤I love it! There are water bottle brushes next to the sink. It keeps them out of the sink and the counter top. If the dishwasher is used, we take them directly out. To wash the bottles, always clean and sanitary. The counter is less cluttered.

👤My cooking utensils are in the way. It's very handy. We had to use screws. The cabnets are made of wood.

👤I have very little utensils storage and these are great for my contemporary country kitchen.

👤Are you worried about making a mess with it in your cabinet? Don't. This item is the strongest glue I have ever used. There is a It is definitely a must buy.

👤I think the complaints about the glue made them switch to screws. When my issues are fixed, I will update my star. I don't have holes in my cabinets.

8. Heavy Duty Organizer Tier Rack

Heavy Duty Organizer Tier Rack

Measures 7.3" x 11.5" x 6.4" Keep your kitchen organized. A tidy kitchen is a happy kitchen, that's why with their pan organizer, you'll be able to keep your pots and pans neatly organized at all times. It is possible to create a multi-patterned tile. The perfect accessory for your kitchen can be mounted vertically or horizontally. You can easily store skillets, pans, pots, griddles, dishes, trays and more. Construction of heavy duty structures. The strong metal makes it possible to hold even the heaviest cast iron pans. This rack is built to last and can handle anything. The entire organizers is 12.2” high, with three 2.5” slots and one 3.5” slot for your larger saucepan. Smaller pans and skillets can be stacked within one slot. Give the gift of reliability and convenience at any time of the year with this amazing pan organizers designed to create space in any kitchen for better living.

Brand: Cuisinel

👤The pans should not fall out if the shelves tilt back a tiny bit. Poor design, very frustrating.

👤I have owned multilevel pan storage rack in the past, however this is by far the most solid and well made one I have ever seen. This one is over a quarter inch of solid steel and has a coating to protect your pans. The spacing between the levels is larger than average to accommodate a frying pan. It can be fastened down to the bottom of the cabinet so it doesn't move when you remove the pan. The bolts are included. This rack is not a fault of the product, but it is high and you need to be aware of that. You need 15 inches of vertical space in your cabinet to use the top level. I only have about 12 inches of vertical space because the cabinet I wanted to use has a fixed shelf. It's nice that the rack can be used horizontally. I had to pull the drawers out of one cabinet so that I could have room for my five most used frying pans in the space that one pan would have taken, and they are all right next to my stove. This product is well-made and priced right, so it is highly recommended.

👤I bought this rack to hold my iron skillets in my cabinet, so that I can easily access them without having to pull them all out. It's very sturdy, and currently holds 5 skillets for me, including 2 deep walled skillets, 2 9-10" skillets, and a 9" round cast iron griddle. The rack can either sit horizontally to insert skillets vertically, which takes up a larger footprint in the cabinet, or it can sit vertically and strong enough so that skillets will sit directly on each rack shelf. There is a I don't think the provided wall anchors would be strong enough to hold the rack in place when loaded with pans, since the rack is sitting in the bottom of my cabinet.

👤This item is great for stacking my cast iron collection.

👤I have this to store heavy cast iron and carbon steel pans. I only had it for a week, but it seems to fit the bill. When all the pans are on, there is a slight lean. It's still stable. There is a When it arrived, one of the inner rings was bent over. I was able to push it back in place.

👤With small cabinets, I have to pull out many items to get what I need, and with hand, I don't need to be doing that. I decided to try a countertop rack for the cast iron and daily use skillets. I called Cuisinel to inquire about the shelf's strength. The shelf should take the weight and if not return it. The top rack holds a 10.8 lbs Staub 4qt cast iron Dutch oven with no signs of bending. There are 4 non-cast iron skillets in the 2 remaining shelves and a Lodge 4qt combo cooker on the bottom rack.

9. Modern Innovations Stainless Multipurpose Organizer

Modern Innovations Stainless Multipurpose Organizer

Premium Support and Quality: They provide a 12 months replacement service. To ensure a good shopping experience, you need easy-to-reach Customer Service to solve your problems within 24 hours. The magnetic knife bar is made from strong magnets and is covered in high gradestainless steel, accenting any kitchen décor. The magnetic knife holder is powered by a strong magnet and can hang even the largest knives safely and securely. The magnetic strip is small enough to fit into many nooks and crannies in your kitchen or workspace, and it has an extended length that allows you to hold more knives than most knife blocks on the market. It's great for display. Use the magnetic knife storage strip to hold knives, scissors, tools, children's' toys, keys, and whatever else you can think of as the ultimate organizers. The magnetic knife bar comes with mounting hardware and easy to follow instructions so you can organize your kitchen quickly. The actual length is 15 1/2 inches. *

Brand: Modern Innovations

👤The magnetic bar hasn't budged a bit since it was installed nearly a year ago. Given the amount of off/on every day, it's pretty impressive to see photos for wear. I tried everything under the sun to clean it, but it didn't work out. Thank you for reading! There is a verified, non-compensated review. I thought I'd review this for people who don't want to install directly into your wall. I didn't think 3M strips would hold up well when I was looking for a magnetic bar for my knives. But they do! It's amazing how stable it is, even against the smooth glass on my back-splash. I've had different sizes of things on this thing, and it hasn't moved. I bought three more for use in the bathroom and garage. I love them! There is a The dimensions listed in the description are exactly what it is, and the magnet is very strong. I get a lot of praise for this product, so I would recommend it to you.

👤There are 10 magnets in this product and they are placed in different places on the bar. The other areas along the bar are weak and you will want to pull or lean towards the "hot-spot" where the knife will jump from. You can place more than 10 tools along the length of the bar, but they will all want to lean or overlap each other near the magnetic spots, requiring adjustment and time to correct. Magnetic bars that are more expensive do not have these issues and you can get what you pay for here. The bar holds itself and multiple large knives well on a fridge and the knives feel secure on the bar, if the magnets were more evenly distributed throughout the bar, this would be a 5* across the board.

👤Love it. The knife bar and knives are not seen from the under side of the cabinet.

👤I place my knives in a different way than the pictures show. My knives have a small lip between the blade and handle, which makes them easy to hold. The magnetic strip is not very strong but it is strong enough that the product has a warning note that says to keep your fingers away from the cover plate and the magnet. The reviews that said the magnet isn't very strong failed to remove the back plate. If you put a metal object on the back plate, you don't need it. You can see from my pictures that the knives can either be facing up or down.

👤I want to order another one. I would have liked to have purchased one of these sooner. The magnets are strong and hold a lot of my knives. I put the side of my fridge on top of it so that it would hold up when you removed the back. I didn't need anything to hold it in place. This is better than the block and I would like to get one more for the rest of the tools. I now have more counter space.

10. Silicone Utensil Rest Multiple Heat Resistant

Silicone Utensil Rest Multiple Heat Resistant

The cutting boards are 12 inches by 15 inches. It's easy to store for just about any use. Excellent warranty! Add to cart now! Keeps your countertops clean. An essential cooking tool. The spoon rest has a simple design that will keep your countertops splatter-free. The modern shape is large enough to hold your largest cooking and serving tools. It keeps your countertops clean and your utensils close at hand. The base of the rest is designed to contain drips and it holds up to 4 spoons or spatulas. Budget-friendly utensil rest adds value to any kitchen. You get 4 parking spaces for your utensils with multiple slots. It reduces the amount of space needed for multitasking in the kitchen, and doesn't want one utensil mixing with the others. Less hassle than using paper towels. It's made of food-grade silicone, which won't slip or slide while you're cooking, and when food prep is finished, it can simply be tossed in the dishwasher for an easy clean up. The juices, sauces and other messy ingredients that you're working with end up leaving a mess, but no more with this functional utensil rest. The wide, square bowl has four slots and a lip around the edges that catches drips. Place your utensil rest in the dishwasher for easy cleaning after cooking. It makes cooking less messy. This heat-resistant holder can be placed near the stove, counter top or in any area where cooking is done. The spoon rest is made from non-slip silicone and is wide and deep enough to keep most spring tongs in place. Zulay guarantees no hassle with its silicone utensil rest, and they back this up with a lifetime guarantee. If there are ever any issues with this product, please contact them and they will make it right. This product will live up to your expectations if you order now. If it does not, they have your back. Chances are, you won't need to reach out.

Brand: Zulay Kitchen

👤We have been using this spoon rest for a week or so and like it very much, and the concern and dedication of the seller is much appreciated. We ordered it in grayn and it was neutral gray for those who study photography. It's pretty obvious that the bigger part is where the sloppy part goes, even though my family members keep turning it around the wrong way. I took a pic of it in use and the bottom side. I can clean it by tossing it in the dishwasher or hand washing it. It keeps the granite countertop much cleaner because other family members are no longer putting their utensils down and then not wiping their mess after themselves, so no more greasy surprises on the countertops for me. That's the best part. It would be cool if they had it in black. gray is okay

👤A lot smaller than I thought.

👤Do you want to make it quick? Buy these! I bought two and they are great. Big enough to hold all of my baking equipment. I was wondering if they would fit the fat mixing spoon handles. The batter jar from my blender dripped all over the spoon rest. I bought two colors: green and gray. Both are bright colors. The rests I returned were not well made, and the Silicon was large. A great addition to any kitchen. Throw in the dishwasher and you are done. It's worth the money. Is there any old spoon rests? GONE! Enjoy!

👤This think is small. I wanted to buy it for my spatulas. They don't fit in there because it is so small.

👤I am very happy with my purchase. The item looked like it had a purple hue to it. I took a chance and ordered the Taffy Pink color. It is a pink color. There is a The packaging was nice, it has a cardboard sleeve around it, and there is a nice story about the founding of the company on the back. If you want to send the order directly to someone else, it's giftable. There is a Silicone is thick and sturdy despite being so. The raised dividers are very sturdy and don't move much unless pushed hard. The "mat" portion is thick and flexible so it doesn't feel cheap or low quality. There is a The only thing I have against it is that it can be stained by chili oils. We recently made a dish with the Korean-Mexican dish of kimchi. A pale orange stain was left on the portion of the utensil holder that was used to hold the spoon. It's light but not noticeable. I think that some red chili oils may cause some staining on the lighter colored mats. Silicone is not a fault in product quality. There is a The mat is too short according to another reviewer. The length could be longer, but it still works for me because I can put the top of the utensil between the dividers. The face of a cooking spoon and spatula is still fit by the dividers.

11. Greenco GRC30756 Mounted Hooks Black

Greenco GRC30756 Mounted Hooks Black

Size and Weight The pan organizers measures 21.5 by 8.6 by 16 inches and comes in just 4.6 pounds. It's portable enough to move under a cabinet. There are 15 "S" style hooks for hanging pots and utensils in the wall mounted pot and pan shelf rack. It's great for storing and organizing pots, pans, kitchens utensils. The iron metal is thick and can support weight up to 22 lbs. All necessary mounting hardware and step by step instructions are included. The measurement is 29" long x 2.75" deep.

Brand: Greenco

👤We have an apartment with a small kitchen and very little storage. My husband is always saying that one person doesn't need so many cups. I do. I put them under a cabinet above my coffee maker to give me more space and a coffee station for myself.

👤It's a good product, but if you don't take it off the rail, the hook will come off. I tried to close the small end of the hook. It didn't work. If they made a rubber on the small part of the hook to hold it better onto the rail, I would give this more stars.

👤This is a great product. I used it for all my kitchen tools when I was away. It is sturdy enough to hold my tools and one pan. There are a few things. I was not happy with it. There are paint bubbles in the bar. I tried to scratch them off with a nailpolish. It doesn't bother me because it doesn't chip. Some people might feel different. There is a I took a picture for the review and noticed I had 13 hooks. I looked for the other two since it came with 15. Looks like they hit me with two hooks. I don't mind. It is two. I expect a partial price for a partial product. Looks like they need someone who knows how to count to 15. I got a great rack for a fraction of the others on the market and I am mostly satisfied.

👤This is a perfect rack for hanging awards and medals, it looks like a pot rack. It is very strong and can hold a lot of race medallions. It took me less than 5 minutes to get to the wall.

👤I mounted them on a red oak plank, which was stained to match my cabinets, parallel to the ceiling. They are at the perfect height. There is a The round mounting plates at either end of the rail are half the diameter of the picture shown on the Amazon page, and they only have two holes for the screws.

👤So far, so good, I hung this today. It was easy to install.

👤I wanted a bar that was bold, but I couldn't find it. I use it in a different place in the kitchen than I intended to use it for, but I will use it again. The only thing that can hold ithout being too crowded is a small frying pan. It's a good idea to secure it with screws. I have seen these come out of the wall when a final cup is hung, and that one ounce of weight pulls it off the wall unexpectedly. It would be great to hang belts and ties in a closet. I hope this will last a long time. I wouldn't hang heavy cast iron skillets because of the thin bars and delicate hooks, but utensils and lightweight tools are fine. It's a look I want to try. I want to hang the serious pots and pans that I want to hang from heavy duty bars.


What is the best product for cooking utensil holder wall mount?

Cooking utensil holder wall mount products from Wallniture. In this article about cooking utensil holder wall mount you can see why people choose the product. Cooler Kitchen and G-ting are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking utensil holder wall mount.

What are the best brands for cooking utensil holder wall mount?

Wallniture, Cooler Kitchen and G-ting are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking utensil holder wall mount. Find the detail in this article. Heiboa, Audmore and Aosome are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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