Best Cooking Utensil Drawer Organizer Small

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1. Utoplike Expandable Organizer Adjustable Silverware

Utoplike Expandable Organizer Adjustable Silverware

The dividers are made from 100% natural bamboo in order to match the interior finish of most drawers. The patent is pending. Large Bamboo Drawer Organizers. The bamboo drawer organizer has a variety of sizes and compartments that are easy to store kitchen gadgets. Flexible Size Adjustment The large bamboo drawer organizers can be expanded from 3 to 5 compartments. If you need it for your knives, utensils, and other silverware, it goes from 13'' wide to 2'' tall. Natural Bamboo Material. The bamboo silverware is friendly and organic, and has the advantages of durable. It's easy to care for. You can keep your kitchen drawer organizers looking good for a long time by using a damp cloth to wipe them down. Widely used. Small items such as jewelry, tools, spoons and knives can be stored in the drawer organizers. It can be used in the bedroom or bathroom to hold personal items. Widely used. Small items such as jewelry, tools, spoons and knives can be stored in the drawer organizers. It can be used in the bedroom or bathroom to hold personal items.

Brand: Utoplike

👤I would like it to be a little shorter so I could put ladles in it without the drawer closing. It would be better if it was a quarter.

👤The Bamboo Expandable Organizers is ok, but not very solid, only complaint is that you have to handle it very carefully, wood can be more solid, but I decided to glue it and keep.

👤The bamboo utensil holder has been in use for about 3-4 weeks and has already fallen apart. I liked how it expanded to fit my drawer. Take pictures to see how joints are getting loose. I give this product a 4 because of this, but honestly, I think it should get a 3 since it is less than a month, and who knows what will happen in the future.

👤I ordered bamboo organizers for my new kitchen island. They are wonderful. I would never think they would be that nice. I am happy with my purchase.

👤These organizers are great for my utensil drawer or bathroom drawers. If you want the wood and finish to be safe, only wash it with soap and water.

👤The bamboo drawer insert is perfect. It glides smoothly and looks great. It's a great addition to my kitchen. If you buy this, you won't be sorry... I thought it wouldn't do what it's suppose to. I was wrong. Great person to organize. Fast shipping as well.

👤The strength really surprised me, it feels solid for sure. I only had to extend one side of the drawer because it was a small one. It has a clean look and accomplished its purpose. I would recommend this to anyone who needs drawer organization.

👤They're sturdy and large, they fit the depth of the drawers, and the length is great. I have two configurations, one for the silverware drawer and one for the kitchen tools drawer. I think they're a good choice.

👤This was what I needed in my kitchen drawer. My bits and bobs are easy to find now. Absolutely worth the money. It's easy to install. It doesn't leave a gap at the front or back as some do.

👤It doesn't fit in our drawer. I thought all the drawers would be standard size and I wouldn't need to check dimesnsions. You should check your dimensions. We can't extend it because it does the job in sideways. I think it will fit when I remove the extend part.

👤I can easily get to everything in my drawer, and it looks smart.

👤The product is great, if slightly broken. The drawer was not locked on one side, it was completely detaching from the main compartment piece. Considering the price, it's not great. Hopefully a replacement won't arrive in the same state.

👤I'm very happy that I found this utensil tray, as the depth of 43 cm matched the inside measurement of my drawer. It's long enough for all my utensils. Some of the trays on Amazon were too short. There is a The tray arrived in perfect condition.

2. Bamboo Kitchen Drawer Dividers Organizers

Bamboo Kitchen Drawer Dividers Organizers

The utensil holder has extra compartments. The bamboo drawer organize helps to organize your kitchen utensils, office stuff, and jewelry. The deep drawer set comes with 6 drawer separators, each measuring 22” x 2.62”. Large utensils such as ladles, spatulas, and more can be kept out of sight in the kitchen drawer. You can find what you need right away if you keep your drawers neatly organized. The bamboo drawer organizer looks great in any room, from kitchen to bathroom, office to bedroom. Their storage drawer organizers fit almost any drawer in your house because the length expands from 17 to 22. The utensil drawer organizers are great because they can be stacked in deeper drawers. Each is 2.6” deep. Installation is quick and easy. The bamboo drawer dividers are padded at the ends with eva foam to keep them in place. Installation is a simple process. The drawer organizers are made from sustainable quality bamboo and are easy to clean. The bamboo drawer organizers look great and match almost any decor. The drawer organizers are made from sustainable quality bamboo and are easy to clean. The bamboo drawer organizers look great and match almost any decor.

Brand: Bambüsi

👤I found these dividers in my drawers, which have never been so organized. They have a narrower profile which allows them to fit in any drawer. spatulas, cooking spoons, chefs knives, and other large utensils are easily corralled by category, while also keeping bulky single items in place. They work well for soaps, scrubbers, and hand towels. I have found uses for these in the bathroom and utility area. I have tried other brands that don't fit in the drawers and they change the drawers into tidy areas that allow easy access and visibility, which makes them a great investment. The drawers look custom made. It is definitely a worthwhile purchase. Since I have bought a lot more, I have bought multiple purchases.

👤It's easy to install and organize our utensils.

👤These drawer organizers are very good. The are easy to install and look great in the drawers. I have bought sets before. I will be buying more as I move. I fell in love with them when I purchased them for my kitchen.

👤I bought these because they allowed me to use the depth in my kitchen drawers.

👤The color and product are described, but one came cracked down the middle of both sides and had a knick out of one corner. It should work, but it's disappointing to pay for something that's already broken, and I have concerns if it will hold up over the next few weeks. There is a The packaging is a complaint. It was knocked around in transit because it was too large of a box. The Amazon UPC sticker was stuck on one of the dividers and won't come off cleanly. Four of the dividers were bound together with shrink wrap and the other two were taped directly on the product, leaving a sticky mess on them. It was very frustrating.

👤I have ordered these types of drawer dividers before. I liked this one the best. These are larger than the others in the divider height and length range. They don't need any assembly. They are pre-assembled. Others came with a pin, a screw and a two piece assembly. I will buy these again.

👤The best dividers look great in drawers. If your drawers fronts are cheap or not secured well, these dividers could pop off the fronts as my sister did. They stayed put because mine worked well. My drawers are of high quality.

👤My entire kitchen drawer system was changed by these dividers. I searched through Amazon to find the perfect size and price and finally found them. It takes 2 seconds to install. I put a sheet of white contact paper on the bottom of my wood drawers to make them stand out, since I'm not very skilled at doing anything more than the bottom. I wanted to use them in my drawer to get my life organized but they are too long for Ikea.

👤We are putting the cabinets in the new kitchen. These dividers look like they were made for our drawers. My husband commented how great they looked. They are very high quality and will not get scratched. We're thinking of buying more.

3. BAMEOS Separators Organization Expandable Organizers

BAMEOS Separators Organization Expandable Organizers

Their drawer dividers are sturdy and straightforward. Their tray organizers were made to make the most of any drawer space. The total length of the product is about 0.039in and the size is 16.77 inch. You can use the drawer dividers in any of the drawers in your bedroom, office, kitchen, living room and garage. It can keep your drawer organized all the time. CLEAN AND SAFE. The material. bamboo is an eco-friendly material and can protect your drawer, which is why it is used in BAMEOS flatware organizers. The anti-scratch pads on the cutlery dividers can protect your drawer from being scratched. There is no need to install. The dividers do not need to be installed. Open the package and use it. There is no need to install. The dividers do not need to be installed. Open the package and use it.

Brand: Bameos

👤I don't like them. They ruined two of my drawers and I will have to have them fixed. Over time, they have pushed out the back of the drawers. I would return them. They are outside the return window for 20 days. I couldn't see what they were doing to my drawers. If you have metal cabinets, they are great, if you have wood, they are not.

👤My drawers are deep on the inside. If you place them easily, they are too loose and slide out. If my drawers were 17 inches, this would work well. The spring force is strong when it is compressed all the way, but it gets weaker as it extends. These should not be advertised to use more than 20 inches. There is a Sorry. I can't recommend these to anyone that needs a 21 inch long divider.

👤Stunning design! Simple and to the point. It's easy to install. There was no wasted space. It's perfect for a single rented home or apartment with no messy cost in lumber, drilling or time. The wood is strong. The end is firm. The board can be pushed out-of-place, but it's a minor flaw for Awesomeness.

👤These are the things I need to keep my kitchen utensils in place. They were easy to put in. It was easy to assemble, just one screw in the slot on the side to make the tension. The drawer has a divider that keeps objects from getting lost. I could use more of these for underwear and bathroom use. There is a A good purchase.

👤The drawer dividers are great. I can't recommend them enough. They're made of solid, smooth finish and a great design that makes them hold on firmly. I'm trying to find more drawers that need to be separated. I think they would be a great gift, but maybe that would be weird. If you're feeling generous, send more of my way.

👤The drawer dividers are compressed and spring loaded. You have to remove the small dowel to allow the divider to expand. The spring is supposed to keep tension within the drawer, but the dowel doesn't get used again to "lock" in the divider. Our drawer is under 21” in photo 1. The divider doesn't fit in photo 2. These can be used for drawers that have a maximum depth of 19” Fix your description! Vendors are not allowed to sell misleading product on the platform.

👤When I take the time to write a review, it's because I'm impressed with the product. It was packaged well and had a description of how it was used. The bamboo is very sturdy and elegant, and it is worth the price. If you're looking to get a good set of dividers, I recommend you.

👤These were bought to organize the new kitchen drawers. I had to read some comments before I could start working on them. My box did not come with springs or screws. Maybe they have a new product? I used a tiny screw driver to push the small round peg and it flew out and the brackets opened. I was scared a bit. I was able to add pressure so it wasn't as bad. The spring is tight, it fits my 24” deep drawer. I just ordered another set and I was very happy with them.

4. Madesmart Classic Expandable Utensil Tray 5 Compartments

Madesmart Classic Expandable Utensil Tray 5 Compartments

It is easy to clean and maintain a bamboo kitchen drawer organizers. ORIDOM is committed to developing and producing bamboo products to add beauty, simplicity and convenience to your home. Customer service is their #1 priority. If you have a question, please contact them. The tray can be made to fit any kitchen drawer configuration. It is easy to use, maintain and clean. Made from high-quality plastic. The dimensions are 16.10 L x 13.25 W x 2.10 H. The dimensions are 16.10 L x 13.25 W x 2.10 H.

Brand: Madesmart

👤I was disappointed because I thought that the expansion worked, but it didn't, the two end pieces snap on with a lot of little holes/buttons. I read the description again and found that it only said slide, not the whole thing. The disappointment was my fault. These are a great kitchen draw organizers. My drawers are 20 1/2 inches long and I need to put on side on the 2nd hook because it was just a little long fully extended.

👤The slots are large enough to hold multiple tools, and the grips are great for preventing items from sliding around. I have been able to fit it to the exact width I needed so it doesn't slide around. They clean easily and feel sturdy enough to last a long time. It was worth every penny. It's nice to have a matching set, and mine was with the awesome silverware tray.

👤The base of the tray is very strong. I was a little worried that the tray would crack, but that wasn't the case, as I had to flex the tray quite a bit so the pegs would pop out. It feels very sturdy once you find the right width and pop things back in place. It looks great.

👤After watching a few episodes of Marie Kondo's show, I ordered this tray to organize our kitchen utensils. She suggests grouping items of the same size together with small boxes inside. I made the grouping work better for our family. To expand the tray, you need to lock it into position with small posts on one side of the tray and corresponding holes on the other, making it very secure. It will be very easy to clean the sink if I ever need to. I am very happy with the purchase.

👤I like that it's changeable, but it's hard to stay together. I stopped using it. The tray is too small to fit in my large utensil drawer. Too much usable space is lost when things are separated.

👤I didn't read reviews before buying so I expected the parts to slide open rather than snap into place. When I snapped it together, there were a couple of small cracks on two of the corners. The damage is something I can live with, but I wanted to mention it in the review. I'm not sure if it was the quality of the plastic or the fact that it was shipped in the winter that caused the damage, but it was as expected.

👤A sturdy tray. If needed, it opens quite wide. It adjusts by taking off the ends and moving them to different snap-on points. The inside bottoms are slip-free. I wish the outside bottom did too. Well made and sturdy.

👤The product is helpful. The material is strong and different from other products. It was a little more expensive because of that. The configuration and volume of the individual compartments are easy to manipulate.

👤This is what I was looking for, it fits in the drawer and my utensils are not as messy now. I have deducted a star because it is difficult to pull it apart in order to expand it, as when I did this part of the plastic lip on one of the corners broke, it was too late. It's aesthetic only and doesn't affect the function, so I would advise others to pull it apart to avoid the same mistake I made! Overall, it's a good product.

5. SpaceAid Adjustable Organizers Expandable Organization

SpaceAid Adjustable Organizers Expandable Organization

The dimensions are 16.00 L x 13.00 W x 1.87 H. Their bamboo dividers and inserts can be used to personalize your drawer. You can organize things. The mini dividers can be used to make larger storage parts. The drawer contents can be identified instantly with the 30 label stickers set. You can write on the label with your chalk marker. The arrow on the label helps you identify. AJUSTABLE EXPANDABLE ORGANIZATION The drawer divider is 2.35 wide, 0.6" thick and can be expanded from 17 to 22 in full length. It's suitable for most drawers in your home, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, closet and office. The strong spring-loaded design makes them sturdy dividers, with non-slip rubber pads in the end, keeping it stay put all the time and protect your drawers from scratches. The dividers are made from 100% natural bamboo in order to match the interior finish of most drawers. The patent is pending. The dividers are made from 100% natural bamboo in order to match the interior finish of most drawers. The patent is pending.

Brand: Spaceaid

👤I am always looking for new high quality products to use in my clients homes. I will definitely purchase more from SpaceAid. I will recommend this product to my clients as well. The product is very nice and easy to use.

👤I like that you can change the size of each compartment for smaller or larger items. The drawer dividers for larger drawers can be extended with the help of the little stick. I had a small make-up drawer. If you want to reference this product in the future, a larger drawer is better because you can use the inserts to create the sections. I only used one divder down the middle of the drawer and this did not create enough support for the sections as the dividers were up against the drawer. I'm looking forward to organizing a larger drawer like an office desk drawer or a kitchen junk drawer.

👤Absolutely love them! They are sturdy. It looks like I have custom-made kitchen drawers. They have dividers that help me stay better organized.

👤There are two drawers that are 19” long and 13” wide. I had a hard time finding an organizers that was small enough to fit the drawers but large enough to fit the utensils, until this baby came along. There is a Our 15 year old son would just shove things wherever he wanted. It was hard to find what you were looking for because it wasn't always in the same spot. I forgot to take a before photo, but hopefully that won't be a problem now! I was very pleased with the product. Is it amazing? No. It is sturdy and does the job. One set was good for the two drawers. I would have liked to have had smaller dividers. I couldn't fit a divider in the left or right columns of each drawer, just the middle one, in the photo. It probably could have been made work with a hacksaw. Highly recommended!

👤I use a large drawer in my kitchen to hold cooking and baking tools, and this was a great solution. I tried to organize with a silverware tray and a couple of full length drawer dividers, but they weren't working well. When I first installed them, they seemed a bit flimsy, but so far, with the dividers in, and all the tools in place, it is holding up. These are better looking than cheap plastic alternatives, but you do lose some drawer space because of the width. If your drawer dimensions are not perfect, you will have one section you can't use the dividers in, which is understandable. I used that slot for long items. I am glad I got this divider. Different size items have their own place.

👤The reason I bought this product is because the drawer in which I am using it is an odd size, and most organizers don't allow efficient use of that space. I had to make the best use of the space by cutting the horizontal dividers to the size that best fit my needs. This was not a problem. I found that a fine tooth hack saw works best on the thin bamboo, if you choose to do it. The slots for the dividers are too small and too far apart for the most efficient use of the space. I would prefer that they are at least an inch apart. They have left me with a lot of unused space. This is still a better option for this drawer than any other.

6. Expandable Organizer Silverware Utensils Sections

Expandable Organizer Silverware Utensils Sections

The hanging loop is easy to use. The large cutlery tray can be used to hold more silverware and cooking utensils in your kitchen drawer. The organizers are made with high quality wood and are made with bamboo and MDF at the bottom of the trays. The wooden trays can be used for kitchen utensils, arts & crafts supplies, office utensil, etc to achieve draw organization in any room of your home. The dimensions are closed at 13 in. The width is 11 in. The height is 3 in. It was EXPANDED. The length was 13 in. The width is 17.63 in. The height is 3 in. The dimensions are closed at 13 in. The width is 11 in. The height is 3 in. It was EXPANDED. The length was 13 in. The width is 17.63 in. The height is 3 in.

Brand: Arange

👤The dimensions they advertise are wrong. There is an ad that says "DIMENSIONS : 18" long x 12 3/4" wide x 2 high, expands to 17.75" wide." There is a The actual dimensions are 13-15 feet long by 11 to 18 feet wide and 3 feet deep. It doesn't fit in our drawer. A longer one would fill in better. There is a The smaller compartment is only 9 inches long, not long enough for some silver ware.

👤I moved the flatware to a larger drawer and ordered this organizers. The whole drawer gets used because it fit well with the expandable feature. It is large enough for the odd items we had. If you allow the drawer to close hard after a few times, it will move but not a big deal, because it has rubber feet to prevent movement. It stays put if you close it gently. I think it was a good purchase.

👤It's 13 inches. Not as described.

👤There were two plastic bins for serving and utensils. The bamboo utensil organizers looks better and has more space for 7 items, including spatulas, butter knives, forks, spoon, and mini tongs. I love it! Practical and pretty. It is deep and can expand to give you more options. Very happy.

👤The arrangement was perfect. utensils can be stored sideways in order to maximize space. See the photo. It is a great design. I put it on the drawer sides with double stick tape to hold items between the drawer front and the organizers.

👤This is advertised as 18” long in the description. When I received the product, it was only 13 inches. I felt deceived and disappointed. I paid attention to the measurement details when I went to many listings. Many sellers use dishonest tack tactics to trick buyers. I avoided several listings because the buyer reported different measurements than the seller advertised. I bought this after I saw no comments. I hope this will help you avoid disappointment. If you are looking for a small holder, this is the one for you. If you are looking for deep trays. The inner measurement is 2. Many listing have 2.5” outter on the inside. The title is just marketing tackticks.

👤I ordered it and it was too big for my drawer and I forgot to measure it, so I expanded it. We had to sand the sides down to keep it from sliding down. The size of the bamboo organizers is kind of radical, but just measure carefully and you will love them.

👤The wells are too tall and the edges are sharp when I remove a fork. We don't use things often but we will find a different use for an item.

7. RMR Bamboo Silverware Organizer Utensil

RMR Bamboo Silverware Organizer Utensil

It's free to shop. They highly recommend that you measure your drawer before ordering to avoid any problems. It's great for storing small items like hair ties, safety pins, and paper clips that tend to get lost. This kitchen drawer organizers are great for storing. They are long and deep. The width is 13” when using 7 compartments and can expand up to 20” when using all 9 compartments. You can put this bamboo utensil holder in drawers of any size. The silverware tray expands from 7 slots to 9 slots to easily hold utensils and other kitchen gadgets. You can use the bamboo drawer organizers in the kitchen, office, bedroom, or any other room you want. The silverware organizers are made from water-resistant bamboo. It's in almost any décor in the kitchen. You can clean the tray in 5 minutes. This kitchen organizer is made of Moso bamboo and is easy to maintain. It can be cleaned with a damp cloth. The utensil holder has extra compartments. The bamboo drawer organize helps to organize your kitchen utensils, office stuff, and jewelry. The utensil holder has extra compartments. The bamboo drawer organize helps to organize your kitchen utensils, office stuff, and jewelry.

Brand: Purawood Homermr Purawood

👤I bought a 7 to 9 slot organizers. The vendor advertised bamboo. The 7 to 9 slot is just as good as advertised. This product is not a bamboo interior, it is a picture on paper. This is a poorly made, cheap rip-off of a quality bamboo drawer organizers. I would return it, but I don't want to waste more time with this piece of garbage. I hope Amazon does a quality check on this vendor and their products.

👤This item was very disappointing. I bought another one from a different company and it was sturdy. I removed the packing and it was not as nice. Too much hassle to return and the chips are on the bottom. . Not very strong.

👤The previous review has been updated. My shipment was sent to the wrong location and sat there for a while. I gave it a one star rating when Amazon asked for my opinion. That was not a review of a product. They work fine now that I have them. I was able to put my utensils in the slots. The bamboo is soft. When measuring drawer height or what you want in there, the center slots are less deep because of the expandable sides. The bamboo dried but not enough for me to send it back. The other one was perfect. I wanted to buy something other than plastic.

👤I bought two of these for my drawers. The quality is very good. You would get a custom shop that costs about 1/2 the price.

👤One fell apart while I was trying to install it. It was very cheap to them. The center compartments are taller than you would think, which limits the capacity of the drawer. If you put it long ways in the drawer, it will slide easily when you open and close it, which is not good for theDurability issue. I tried a lot of different things to keep them from sliding. I tried to make them work, but they didn't like it. Very disappointing. I'm so angry with them for just throwing them away.

👤We did a complete kitchen renovation. This divider is perfect for my cooking utensils. Highly recommended!

👤The Bamboo drawer organizer is perfect. This was a gift for a friend and her kitchen was renovated. She ordered the Bamboo Drawer Dividers because she loved so much. They fit almost any drawer.

👤I had to order a third one because the product was so great that I originally ordered two. You can create two additional slots if you need them. Highly recommended!

8. Expandable Organizer Bathroom Adjustable Compartments

Expandable Organizer Bathroom Adjustable Compartments

The dimensions are 4.5" L X 13.5" W X 4.25" H. The drawer organization is perfect for storing, it fits in almost all standard drawer sizes. The width is 13” when using 3 compartments and can expand up to 20” when using all 5. You can easily store kitchen gadgets. The design has a number of compartments. There are two compartments with enough space for all your items. The 100% Bamboo Drawer Organizers are water resistant and can be wiped down with a damp cloth. Everything is better organized with the help of the Silverware Tray. It will match almost any décor. There are extra condominiums with more organization. The extra compartments in the kitchen drawer organize your utensil organizers for the drawer and silver tray for the drawer needs. Make sure you keep your drawing in mind before you start purchasing! This drawer can be used as a sink caddy, under sink organizer, bathroom organizer, and storage drawer for office.

Brand: Dynamic Gear

👤Most of the dividers have broken after a couple of months of using this organizers. The issue for me was knives. When the drawer closes, the knives begin to lodge under the dividers, leading to more of them coming loose. This is not a good design for flatware.

👤The organizers looks great. When it actually stays together, it expands and holds a lot. One of the sections came undone about 6 weeks after we got this. It was only one joint that was loose. It was two. The side holding my knives has detached. The return window was closed before this started. It won't last. Save money.

👤It fits our drawer well and helps maximize the space. We were only able to use one wing because of the drawer size. We use the back of the house to store unneeded items. It looks great and we are very happy with it. It works well with other bamboo pieces. The kitchen and drawer space are added to by the premium look of the organizers. Some stabilizing was done by us. Rather than using glue or screws, we forced some light colored wood into strategic locations to keep it from shifting when the drawer is opened. Another way to do it is using a piece of furniture. We are able to pull it out if needed. This was a small issue and may not be a problem from one side to the other. I think it would be an annoyance. The reason we bought this was because the old plastic one had to be pulled forward to access the silverware, which was one of the reasons we bought this. Highly recommended. Consider how you will anchor it.

👤The product was decent. I like the layout of the compartments, they fit different drawer sizes nicely. The construction quality is not up to par. Some of the parts that are needed to slide the sides are held together with pin nails. The depth is barely over 1” If you have a lot of settings, they will overflow.

👤The organizers is awful. I think the ratings it has been given are fake. The slots for the dividers inside the organizers are not for them. Every time I close my drawer, the dividers break and I end up with a mess. I've tried using hot glue and super glue to stick the dividers in place, but nothing works for long. I might burn this thing in my fireplace.

👤The thing fell apart after about a month because it was too big. The weight of a set of 8 spoons/forks/knives knocked out the divider walls, so if you only keep one piece of silverware in each compartment, it may last longer. It doesn't seem worth the effort of returning and throwing the trash.

👤This was the same as pictured. I was concerned about the size but it fit perfectly. The larger size allowed me to organize my drawer and maximize my space. The drawer was full of various cooking utensils, but couldn't find a thing, or it was wedged into the drawer in a way I'd never be able to release without a crowbar. Not anymore. I almost wish I had taken a before picture, but I didn't want to be kitchen-shamed. Here's a picture of the new drawer, along with a stack of stuff that wouldn't fit in the existing one. Let the people in the kitchen know they're not doing a good job.

9. IHOMECOOKER Plastic Organizer Cutlery Utensil

IHOMECOOKER Plastic Organizer Cutlery Utensil

Measures 16.1" x 12.8" x 3" high and expands up to 22.5" wide. The pack is 12'' x 6''. The material is made of plastic. Sturdy and flexible. The product is not suitable for dishwasher use. They can be used for many things. Makeup tools, hair accessories, nail polish, jewelry, toothpaste, hairbrushes, silverware,spoons, office supplies are all organized. Everything looks neat and tidy. Everything looks neat and tidy.

Brand: Ihomecooker

👤I use the trays to hold the bags. The corners are curved so that you can pick out the smallest part. They nest well when not used. The build is strong. It's nice to see what parts are in the trays when they're nested. The solution was perfect for keeping LEGO parts organized. I ordered a second set for the same purpose and found the mold pattern to be different. The newer set does not nest as cleanly as the older set, and they do not nest inside the older set. The new ones are not as precise as the first ones.

👤The drawer organizers are sturdy and the right size for my drawers, but they slide around when you open and close them. If they had a rubber bottom to keep them in place, I would give them four or five stars. If I go to the craft store, I can get some rubber circles similar to the ones you use on the backs of picture frames to keep them from shifting on the wall. They are a good purchase for the price and will likely last a long time.

👤I didn't read the product page carefully or I would have known the bin is smaller on the bottom than on the top. The watercolor paint charts are too big for the top of the bins and are on Arches 5.9 in x 11.8 in watercolor paper. Will have to find a different solution. It's a shame. Take note of all the measurements and subtract a fraction of an inch. The bins were packed well and seem to be sturdy.

👤The bumps on the bottom of these are the best part, they keep them from moving around in a drawer or on a shelf, unless you want to move them. I will order the next larger size.

👤I bought these for my spice cabinet, which I can barely reach. They are easy to grab when I need something from the back of the cabinet.

👤A simple product. There are four anti-skid dots on the trays. The material is clear and appealing and can be used in many different ways. I use it under the plant clay pots.

👤These organizers are perfect for keeping things separate. I am very happy to have frozen beef in their own places because it can look like frozen pork or frozen turkey. I think it is the little things.

👤Simple solution to organizing. I use them in the fridge as drawer organizers. I love neatness and will order more.

10. Dividers Adjustable Expandable Organizer Silverware

Dividers Adjustable Expandable Organizer Silverware

There is a problem. The bamboo drawer dividers are 2.6” tall and do a great job of organizing deep drawers. Stack one on top of the other. It's perfect for storage, it works in almost all drawer sizes. This set of drawer organizers will keep your drawers neat. This can be used in the drawers to keep socks and underwear manageable. The kitchen drawer dividers are adjusted to fit into every drawer and are 2 5/8" high. They can be stacked in the drawer. The bamboo is water resistant and wipes down easily with a damp cloth. Everything looks better organized with the bamboo drawer organizers. It will match almost any décor. Easy installation. Each drawer divider has a built in spring to keep them in place and easy to adjust. There are great drawer organizers or drawer dividers. LIFETIME REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE - They are certain that you will enjoy your premium drawer dividers for many years to come. Everyone makes mistakes. They will buy it back from you if you think they made one, or if you don't think it's right for you. LIFETIME REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE - They are certain that you will enjoy your premium drawer dividers for many years to come. Everyone makes mistakes. They will buy it back from you if you think they made one, or if you don't think it's right for you.

Brand: Homemaid Living

👤These are wonderful. We had a mess in our kitchen because we were tossing stuff in. Two sets of drawers were ordered. Will be getting more. It is easy to use.

👤The size of the product is not 17 inches as shown in the picture. I should have read the description differently. Why put a picture with an incorrect size? I had to remove the foam from my drawers to make it fit.

👤The bamboo drawer dividers are better than a drawer organizers because they fit the drawer better and hold all my silverware. I was able to put all the utensils in a drawer that looked like the dividers were part of the drawer.

👤A brand new kitchen was put in by us. The drawers are large and open. We decided to try these because we could have bought them from the manufacturer for a lot of money. I'm happy we did. Two drawers were enough for one package. They were easy to put in and have stayed where we put them. No one knows they aren't factory installed. If we decided to change our storage set up, we could even move them. All new cabinets should come with these. They are a great gift for a new home owner.

👤I bought 2 boxes of these to redo my drawer. Despite using plastic dividers and shelf paper to keep things organized, the high end drawer would just send all of the contents helter/skelter, despite many attempts of glue/velcro etc to keep it straight. We took the plunge and bought them. These dividers are exactly what we needed. The are strong and versatile. I prefer to keep the skin on my knuckles when I reach for a spoon. It took us a couple of hours to sand those sharp edges down with #120 sandpaper, and then we had to cut down the 90 degree edge to 80. I would have given them 5 stars because they are nice and versatile, but just a tad bid of effort on the part of the manufacturer to keep this product safe from personal injury.

👤I wish I had taken a before and after picture. I forgot. The product speaks for itself. One box has 4 different things in it.

👤I didn't know how I was going to use them. I was hopeful. I love them. They are loaded with spring and must be pressed on and lifted out. I can't get a tray that fits my silverware drawer. So... I decided to make the drawer the tray by recycling the old tray. It's better for me. The picture I have included doesn't show the drawer pulled all the way out, but I have used the entire drawer and my forks and spoons are no longer a mess as I have placed the dividers closely together. I'm in love with how this ended up. The dividers are made of bamboo. There are rubber tips on each end. The edges are not as sharp as they could be. It would be a tad different if I could change it. They are easy to adjust to. These are definitely worth a try if you're thinking about something new in your silverware drawer. I never accept any kind of compensation for my honest opinions and experiences, and I always update my reviews if new info seems useful.

11. ROYAL CRAFT WOOD Kitchen Organizer

ROYAL CRAFT WOOD Kitchen Organizer

The minimum required for regular cans is 15%. No: US 10051979B2. As their organization are large in size, please make sure to purchase your drawing. You should store your items nicely. The deep bamboo drawer organizer is ideal for saving kitchen storage space. It has 20” wide and 2.5” deep slots to accommodate all your kitchen gadgets. The brown drawer organizer adjusts from 7 to 9 drawers for a clean look and you can see all your utensils at once. Measure your drawers before you buy. Keep your home secure. This brown kitchen drawer organizer is a great utensil holder and drawer tidiness enhancer. You can organize your office supplies, jewelry, makeup, craft tools, and other items with its versatile design. It's convenient for storing small items that get away from you like hair ties, safety pins, etc. Keep everything you need at hand with their drawer organizers. This silverware tray for drawer organization is a game-changer. With your cutlery visible all at once before your eyes, it's easier to cook. Take the stress out of cooking. Their cutlery organizers are great for storing flatware, but also as a kitchen drawer organize for large utensils such as spatulas, tongs, ladles, and more. Their organizers' tall compartment walls make it easy to find all your kitchen gadgets in one spot. Their bamboo organizers are expandable and have 9 main compartments. The hunt is over. Their flatware organizers make it easy to cook with drawer utensils and kitchen gadgets. You can cook more efficiently if you maximize your kitchen space, time, and effort. The non-slip grips at the bottom of the utensil keep it in place so you won't have to hunt for it again. The hunt is over. Their flatware organizers make it easy to cook with drawer utensils and kitchen gadgets. You can cook more efficiently if you maximize your kitchen space, time, and effort. The non-slip grips at the bottom of the utensil keep it in place so you won't have to hunt for it again.

Brand: Royal Craft Wood

👤This product is great and no issues with the quality. The organizers is raised a bit because of the fact that the silverware goes deeper inside than I thought. The 5 main slots have an interior depth of just shy of 1.5 and there are two larger slots on the left and right after the expansion. The silverware had to be turned to fit. It works well but not what I was planning to do.

👤The product was what I was looking for. I wanted it to fill up my entire drawer. I feel more organized now.

👤I ordered this without taking any measurement and it was the same length as the inside of our drawer. We made it fit with some shoving. It's in there forever now. Someday, when we sell our house, this will stay with it. Due to the tight fit, we could only extend one side, but I think it looks great. It matches the other wood in our kitchen. It looks nice and it's functional. The compartments are small and not too big. The plastic drawer divider we used to have was not what we wanted it to be. We lost knives under the tray because we couldn't get the sides to snap together. This works better. I'm very happy with this product.

👤Very high quality. I didn't measure my kitchen drawers before ordering but my girlfriend is very happy with her new makeup drawer organizers.

👤I loved how this product fit my cabinet drawer after I unboxed it. The feelings were short lived. I have had it for six weeks and the slot separators are coming apart at the joints. It has never gotten wet, it's in an environment that stays 70 degrees with low humidity, and has been used lightly. There is no reason for it to be falling apart. The product was not made to last.

👤There are no hidden flaws or "gotchas" in the product. How rare is that these days? It has 5 main slots for flatware, which is the number of utensils in a standard off-the-shelf set. There is a The glossy finish is expected when using wood to store metal utensils. At least it doesn't fall apart. The slots are a little narrow for me. It's fine for a service-for-8 but cramped for 12.

👤One of the positives about this divider is the fact that our kitchen silverware drawer looks so good every time I open it. We were always looking around to see what was in the drawer, it was large and had a lot of weird shapes. I now see everything at a glance, and it makes it easier to put things away since they have a home in the drawer. It is very sturdy and well made, which was a surprise because we have tried many of them in the past and the newer ones are usually less quality than the previous ones. Our daughters have seen the new organized drawer and have purchased the same item for their homes, so I will buy another for our vacation home. I don't take time to review things unless I really dislike or love an item. It fit perfectly in the drawer because it was adjusted to fit, so no more weird containers that fit my needs. Highly recommended.


What is the best product for cooking utensil drawer organizer small?

Cooking utensil drawer organizer small products from Utoplike. In this article about cooking utensil drawer organizer small you can see why people choose the product. and Bameos are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking utensil drawer organizer small.

What are the best brands for cooking utensil drawer organizer small?

Utoplike, and Bameos are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking utensil drawer organizer small. Find the detail in this article. Madesmart, Spaceaid and Arange are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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