Best Cooking Twine for Rotisserie Chicken

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1. Cheesecloth Reusable Unbleached Straining Filtering

Cheesecloth Reusable Unbleached Straining Filtering

It can be used to hold veggies or chicken legs, or even to make something. You never feel like you're wasting when you use the package because it's unbleached and can be cleaned for future use in the kitchen. The cotton cooking twine is convenient for you to use and store, it is made of quality cotton, which makes it strong enough for most trussing needs. You can cut the baking twine to any size you need using a pair of scissors, and the unbleached cheesecloth is 35 x 78 inch. This kit is great for making tofu, ghee and thickening yogurt, as well as for hanging and wrapping, and it's also great for Halloween. Kitchen tools that can be used in a variety of ways are the kitchen twine and the kitchen cloth.

Brand: Boao

👤Really nice material.

👤It was a great job for what I needed.

2. SpitJack Stainless Trussing Butchers Cooking

SpitJack Stainless Trussing Butchers Cooking

A 2-OZ large capacity flavor injector barrel; 4x meat needles; 6x spare syringe Silicone O-rings; 3x cleaning bush; and a digital ebook are what you get. The 7 inch needle and 185 feet of butcher's twine will last for many uses. Large needle eye makes threading thick or thin butcher twine easy. A sturdy extra-sharp point makes it easy to truss your meat. Cuts through poultry. Prepare your chicken, turkey, whole pig, hog, or lamb for a holiday roast or seal in stuffing, herbs, and seasonings with the help of NEEDLE and TWINE. You should present your food with pride. Keeping a consistent shape while roasting helps to enhance the final appearance of your food and ensures even cooking.

Brand: Spitjack

👤I wanted to hate this. You could thread a camel through that after watching Julie Child. Not everyone will get that. Her needle was large. This was not long. I couldn't get a good grasp on it while trying to load my chicken. I had to return it. It is made fine. Not for me. I need an old school needle.

👤I used this to cook a pig on the spit. The needle worked well and saved us a lot of time. It was difficult to see the pig when I didn't have this before. It took about an hour to dress the pig. It only took 5 minutes to dress the pig. I bought more for friends who cook. Absolutely recommend and approved.

👤I was surprised by the quality of this needle. The needle is thick. It came exactly as it was described. We've used it many times and so far there is no stress or bend in the needle. It glides in and out of meat with ease and does what it's supposed to do. The twine from the butchers is of great quality and we haven't had any issues with it breaking or un-threading.

👤I wondered if there was a poultry sewing kit after trying several elastic type strings. How hard could it be? I used it for the first time and it's not hard at all. The grocery store elastic dads are useless by the end of the cooking, so it's much quicker and easier to make your own. I was so happy to try this. It's very inexpensive and worth it.

👤It was difficult to poke the needle through the skin. The tip waspointed to make it easier to penetrate the pork belly. The meat was being cooked and the string held up. It worked out alright.

👤Julia Child used one of these needles in an episode of The French Chef. It is very easy to use and works well. Can be used for pigs.

👤It's great to sew up the turkey after stuffing it. The size of the needle is good for people with arthritis in their hands.

👤I cooked up a lamb for 6 hours. It worked out great.

👤Rouleau de corde de démarrage, et un rostbeef fera le travail assurément.

👤A good needle for scurvy. Don't expect too much from the thread.

3. Norpro 843 Stainless Poultry Lacers

Norpro 843 Stainless Poultry Lacers

It's great to keep stuffing inside poultry. There is 20-inch of lacing. It is easy to clean.

Brand: Norpro

👤I don't know how these are used, but they are perfect for cookie decorating. I purchased these based on Julia M. Usher's suggestion, but wondered if the food pick or scythe tool recommended by other cookiers would have been a better choice. I also bought a few of those. 98% of the time, I reach for these little guys first. The size of my hand feels better and I have more control, which is important when working on fine details.

👤These little items are only used once or twice a year, but you need them when you need them. So happy they are made of steel. This should be the last thing I buy. They can be used for other jobs besides helping a bird.

👤I used these lacers to make snots. They are the perfect length for decorating.

👤I have used these before and they are much easier to use than stiching up the turkey opening. This Thanksgiving, worked well and washed up well. They can be used for many years.

👤The loops at one end and the sharp points at the other are what distinguishes these from other products. The loops and sharp points make it easy to pierce the poultry skin with these lacers. The other lacers have duller points.

👤This is a good product. They are strong for their size. At our house, we use turkey lacers instead of toothpicks and skewers. They are perfect for serving food, such as kebabs, and for lacing up poultry. I removed a star because of the string and packaging. The plastic packaging makes this product less appealing. I'm happy with them.

👤Cheap and sharp, exactly what I expected and better than he others. There is a It shouldn't be an issue if it's shir steel. Retaining them in the kitchen area may be a good idea because they are useful in many applications where a thin but strong wire is needed.

👤I used it last Thanksgiving and it showed the temperature of the turkey. It worked the way it should have.

4. Mrs Andersons Baking All Natural 200 Feet

Mrs Andersons Baking All Natural 200 Feet

White twine works well in arts and crafts, book binding, decorating and gardening. Mrs. Anderson's Cooking Twine is for making sausages, curing meat, and charcuterie. Made in America from 100 percent all-natural cotton, it's food safe and oven safe. It's perfect for forming sausages and roasting meat. It's great for crafts, tying up plants, drying flowers and herbs, securing bundles of newspapers and packages, and so much more. It is not intended for direct exposure to flame in the Broil or on the grill.

Brand: Mrs. Anderson's Baking

👤It is important for us to purchase items made in the USA, not China, and this fits the bill. I would recommend it to anyone.

👤I was looking for a twine that was made in America. The country of origin is stated on the product. The package was just received. The bottom says it's made in China. It's terrible. . Very disappointed. This is happening more and more.

👤What do you think about cooking twine? It's American made, pure cotton and does what it's supposed to do at a good price.

👤It's twine. I'm not sure how it could possibly be rated poorly.

👤I bought this item because it was made in the USA. I received a product that was functionally equivalent, but it had a different label than the one shown online and was clearly printed "Made In China." 1 star across the board and will not order again.

👤Great product. It is made in the USA. I used a bit to tie up the pepper plant outside, but it was just what I needed in the kitchen.

👤Ron Popeil invented spray-on hair, so we were trying to get him a chicken. The legs were flopping all around and thunk on the sides of the thing. This twine works, we tied it up like a turkey. The legs fell into our mouths.

👤The handle of the splatter guard does not get too hot and it does not flip off of the pans. Almost all of the splatter from bacon, sausage and tomato sauce can be prevented. I use the extra large on my cast iron all the time. Quick cleaning.

👤When I bought it, I realized that it was too small and expensive. There are many similar products like this in stores and on Amazon, which are 3 times cheaper. I visited a shop recently and realized it.

👤El hilo perfecto para cocinar.

👤The tamao es una calidad. No, se ve en las imgenes.

👤El comentario solo fue me facilito el trabajo, pero tenan un problema para amarrar una pierna.

5. RSVP Cotton Butchers String 185 Feet

RSVP Cotton Butchers String 185 Feet

The RSVP Cotton Butcher's String is made in the USA. The ball is 2 inches by 2 inches. Made from cotton that is USDA approved. This healthy natural twine can be used to tie up chicken breast or meat roll-ups. There are hundreds of other household uses outside.

Brand: Rsvp International

👤I don't have a lot to compare it to, I've never used kitchen string before. I consulted good ol' Google when I was told to truss a chicken a few months back. After attempting the stringless method, I decided it was time to invest in some string. I didn't find this type at any store around me, so I avoided anything that didn't mention its intended purpose in case of fire dangers. I ordered enough to last me a decade. It works perfect!

👤I paid 5. Absolutely does what it says. I can tell you that re: made in china is made in America. I have used it to tie up a chicken, some cornish game hens, and a pork roast. It worked perfectly in all of the cases. I can't say much more about string. It's a good thing. It didn't break when pulled tight and didn't burn in the oven. I am not a professional cook, but this fit the bill perfectly for an average joe that needed some butchers string for roasting and smoking. I put them in an empty peanut butter container with a hole in the lid for a 'frugal mans' dispensers.

👤I thought it was a little thicker. It will do the job. There is no lint or stray threads sticking to the chicken or roast.

👤The cotton string is high quality. Cheap dollar store stuff is not 'fuzzy' as sometypes are. There is a Ties are easy to knot and stay tied under tension or heat. I've used it to tie roasts, Rouladen, and turkeys for cooking, as well as for household stuff outside of the kitchen. The string is a good price. I don't pay for shipping because I have an Amazon Prime membership. If you have to pay for shipping, you could go to a cooking/ kitchen store. You should drive to the store to save yourself shipping costs.

👤My cats loved the last one and highly recommend it.

👤Before putting in the smoker, you used to wrap up a pork butt. It was easy to use and held up well.

👤We are very specific about what we eat and how we allow things to come in contact with our food. There is a If there is any merit to the rumors coming out of DC, our beef intake is about to be restricted. I was going to elevate my steak game and wrap some bacon around it. Wow! There is a The twine is easy to use. I am very pleased with the product. This was a good meal.

👤I had a great buying experience with Amazon. The product arrived on time and was everything it was claimed to be. I am learning to cook and roasting a chicken is not as easy as buying a chicken at the grocery store. I'll find a great seasoning recpe one day. I'm happy that I have it so that I can move forward with other things.

6. Onlyfire 17 Inch Stainless Tumble Rotisserie

Onlyfire 17 Inch Stainless Tumble Rotisserie

Care instructions for hand wash. A basket to barbecue different food at the same time. It's great for larger cuts of food. There are two ears for the insert spit rod, but they are not included in the dimensions. The spit rod does not include. It's possible to use it on most common grills: gas grills, charcoal grills, or larger kamado grills. Two locks construction, easily open the basket setting up food, lock tightly despite of rolling. Can avoid falling apart when roasting. It was easy to set up. The thumbscrew will help to tighten the spit rod. Against any plagiarism.

Brand: Onlyfire

👤The product was very disappointing. 1) More than a dozen chicken wings fell through as it was turning because of the wide spacing between the bars. Several of the bars were welded in different ways. There were some sharp edges on the exterior. Poor quality goods from Chinese companies are flooding Amazon. This was an example of that. This was an expensive unit and it might be okay in a basement price. I found a better grill basket from Napoleon, a high end Canadian bbq. Many non-Amazon websites are owned by the company. What is wrong with Amazon? Too much stuff.

👤My husband made delicious chicken wings with this contraption. Nothing fell out when he used whole wings. They were cooked evenly and less work than cooking them on the grill because they flip themselves. He uses a high heat grill spray to clean up.

👤We don't use this for the BBQ, but we fill it with lettuce for them, and hang it up in the chickens pen. It works well. It is easy to wash and it doesn't rust in the weather. There is a If it works better for roasting on a rotisserie, then I can recommend it.

👤We use it mostly for wings, because it fits well on our Weber rotisserie. We wish the spaces were closer together as we often have a few wings fall through. This is a great product. It is easy to clean by soaking for a short period and using a brush to get in between the bars.

👤We use it a few times a week. The basket is sturdy and the food has been delicious. The only thing that has happened is cleaning. It's not easy. I have to be doing something wrong. We use non-stick spray 4 times, our next cleaner is oven cleaner. We will see. We love this addition to our barbecuing. The dark spots on the rack don't deter us.

👤This is a nice basket. It is very well balanced. I needed a smaller cut vegetable that would fit in the space between the wires and that's why I returned it. It would work well for larger foods.

👤10 pounds of wings could fit in the Weber Rotisserie kit. There is a There were no problems with the flats slipping out. There is a A week ago, 7 pounds of drumsticks had a lot of room to spare. There is a The cage breaks down in half. The dishwasher was clean on the top rack. Very pleased with the results.

👤This basket is needed if you want to grill and use your rotisserie. I don't cook my wings in the air fryer anymore. The basket produced the best wings yet. Just olive oil and seasonings. It's easy to use.

👤I used it the day I received it. I did not cook chicken wings that fell through. I bought those a long time ago and they always excaped. I've been looking for another one for over 6 years, but nothing until I checked here. The basket is longer and has a divider that can be removed.

7. Elastic Poultry Chicken Turkey Loops

Elastic Poultry Chicken Turkey Loops

For everyday use, crafting, or special occasions like a Christmas feast, Cayman Kitchen Twine is an unbleached, natural and biodegradable option. There is a Elastic Food Tie.

Brand: Cado Ltd

👤My first order was on Amazon. Get it! It works well with chickens.

👤Knowingly paid an absurd price for chicken ties. Houseware merchants are closed because of a crisis.

👤The chicken ties are very good. These are the ties for you and the chicken if you need them.

👤Way to short and thin. It's not certain if it will work for Cornish hens. Not a good purchase.

👤I always got a larger size. They sent flimsy ones that looked like a rubber band.

👤These are good for a machine that does rotisseries.

👤Strong and tough. The chicken is kept secure and doesn't burn through. I love this product.

👤The chicken wings and legs were not rubbed on the sides of the rotisserie.

👤They are perfect for tying up meat or poultry.

8. Librett Durables Butchers 370 Feet America

Librett Durables Butchers 370 Feet America

The string is made of 100% cotton and is ideal for light-duty applications. Butchers Twine are trained to make sausages, smoking meat and curing meat. A crown roast, bacon wrapped filet, or braciole is a game meat. It was made in the USA from 100% all-natural cotton. Food and oven safe. A full 700 feet; fully biodeficiency and compostable. A full 700 feet; fully biodeficiency and compostable.

Brand: General Merchandize

👤We try to buy a quality product made in America that is safe and has higher standards when it comes to safety and manufacturing. We don't have to worry about getting bad stuff into our food because low end manufacturers toss in free stuff.

👤I bought this baker's twine because I wanted to use it to tie up chickens and roasts, and I recently purchased a rotisserie oven. I've used it on a chicken that was baked at 350 degrees. The twine is thick enough to keep the bird tied, but it can be easily removed after cooking. It is easy to cut with regular kitchen shears because of the excellent price and the fact that you get the amount you want. I would buy this again.

👤I use it for recycling boxes. As I was tying it, twine would break. The string is easier to use. Don't remove the plastic from the dispensers. There is a Also, note: I paid full retail price for this review.

👤I'm pretty happy with it after a couple days of using it. A good, sturdy twine that works well for butchering, holds up well when you need to cinch a knot down tight, cuts clean with a knife, and doesn't fray. A lot of "butcher's twine" is made for wrapping Christmas presents.

👤I wanted to tag items for a fair. They were very sturdy. My items were given a rustic look.

👤I like the look and feel of twine. Good quality. Seekage is over if you are looking for some good twine. I will buy fine twine whenever I need it.

👤The cotton string is soft and strong. It was used at my wedding to hang a bunch of things and also to tie up sponge bombs for a water fight. We took comfort in knowing that it was pretty much non-biodegradable out there on the beach, but I will buy this again whenever I need some sort of heavy string because it worked great for everything we used it for.

👤This string is of the highest quality. It is a good thickness, is strong, doesn't stretch, cuts well, ties well, is affordable, durable, and is suitable for many uses, including tying roast, trussing chicken, tying herbs, tying plants/tomatoes, sending packages, arts and crafts.

👤Hello. The cotton cord captures what we used to call twine. It is well put together and feels good for the job or as we say for the task at hand. Thank you for the fine product. Antonio.

👤No hay qué manipular la punta pues, pero no hay abrir los hilos. La compra is a satire.

👤Un aliado en la cocina para poner.

9. Mrs Andersons Baking All Natural 200 Feet

Mrs Andersons Baking All Natural 200 Feet

The poultry lacing kit can be applied to make cooking process easy and enhances the final appearance of your food by keeping a compact consistent shape while roasting, make the meat more delicious. Mrs. Anderson's Cooking Twine is for making sausages, curing meat, and charcuterie. Made in America from 100 percent all-natural cotton, it's food safe and oven safe. It's perfect for forming sausages and roasting meat. It's great for crafts, tying up plants, drying flowers and herbs, securing bundles of newspapers and packages, and so much more. It is not intended for direct exposure to flame in the Broil or on the grill.

Brand: Mrs. Anderson's Baking

👤The thread is over priced. You can buy it at your local hardware store. This is a small roll of thread. This is not the best choice for roasting. You will need a bigger and stronger turkey tying tool. Most twine is made in the USA, but I bought it because it is made in the USA. My local hardware store sells it for half the price.

👤I bought this twine for a number of reasons. It is made in the USA. The first reason is that it is 100% cotton and the last is that it comes from a reliable source. There is more that needs to be said. Walmart's brand is made in China if they have any in stock.

👤It was in time for Christmas dinner. The roast didn't burn after being tied.

10. HULISEN Colourful Artworks Wrapping Embellishments

HULISEN Colourful Artworks Wrapping Embellishments

The package includes a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee and friendly customer service. The macrame cord is made of natural cotton and is environment friendly. The thickness is 2mm and has high strength and low extensibility. Soft Cotton Twine is strong but soft and won't damage the items you bind and hang. Each package has 15 rolls with different colors and is 54 yards long. You can use it outdoors, it will never fade. The cotton baker twine is light and thick and it is very strong and durable. There are 15 different colors included, including red, black, sky blue, dark blue, light purple, dark purple, pink, grey, orange, yellow, green, brown, christmas colors and nature. The various sheen colors can give you a lot of imagination. It's perfect for wall hangings, plant hanger, dream catchers, tapestry ropes, easter egg decoration, christmas tree embellishment and wedding decoration. It will be a great gift for someone.

Brand: Hulisen

👤I got bakers twine for use on Christmas stockings. The ones last year had red and white twine, so I wanted to use a different color this time. The challenge was in choosing which colors to use. The colors were correct. I used dark blue and white, green and white, light purple and white, and they did not bleed color when they were wet or glue on. I couldn't break the twine because it was easy to cut. I'm not sure if I would use it for jewelry as it's 100% cotton and wouldn't stay smooth with repeated wear, but I'm not sure if I would wear it. This is 2mm wide. A nickel is 2mm thick. You can't use it for pet toys because you risk them eating it. You don't want cotton to get tangled up inside them. Each spool is put in a small bag and all together in a larger bag. I could use the small bags as storage for the spool, but they fit into the snack sized ziploc bags, because I am not coordinated enough to open them in such a way. The small bags had a plastic smell, but it did not stick to the product. I really like all the colors, and I wish I'd gotten these before I got the red and white one.

👤When you cut it, it starts winding badly. The dollar store has better ones. This yarn stinks. It really stinks! I am thinking of sending it back because of the smell. Even though I like how they look, I will not order them again. It smells horrible and is way over priced.

👤This twine is very strong. It is not as thin as some and not as thick as some. The quality and color are good. Some twines are mostly white with a small strip of color. Nice rolls. A picture shows scale next to a mouse.

👤I was considering buying this for my crafts, but was hesitant because it was hard to pick the right colors. I knew it was the one when I saw it. There is a lot on each of the smaller spools, and it's strong. Great colors. They add something to projects. If you want to dress up your baked goods after you wrap them, this set is 888-739-5110 You will not regret it, it's wonderful.

👤A big pack of twines is worth a lot. I use them for arts and crafts. These are perfect for gift wrapping. There is a The yellow is more of a mustard and white color combo than it is of a dirty look. It's still nice. It comes in a plastic pouch, which is great, as it keeps them organized.

👤There are a lot of colored twine. There is a lot of twine. These rolls are used for packaging my artwork. Each roll is individually packed. You can open what you need. Rest are kept in a zip lock bag. We will pack how they are sent. I would definitely order again, but I don't know when I will finish all the twine. That's right! Thank you to the seller for the great packaging! I would give 10 stars.

11. Roasting Trussing Butchers Stainless Securing

Roasting Trussing Butchers Stainless Securing

The roasting needles are made of sturdy STAINLESS steel and are easy to clean and rust resistant, ideal for loading meat and vegetables for grilling or barbecuing. The package comes with 6 pieces of cooking needles, each one is about 7 inches in length, enough for you to use, which can skewer the meat you want to skewer, giving you a happy barbecue time. The large needle eye design makes it easy to thread thick or thin butcher twine, and the curved needle design allows you to insert it into food well. Kitchen roasting needles can help you to cook properly, and also enhance the final appearance of your food, by keeping a consistent shape while roasting, making your food look much nicer. Various application:Stainless steel trussing needles are ideal for various occasions, such as camping, indoor grilling, outdoor BBQ in the beach, garden or any other place you like, ideal for chicken, meat, shrimp, turkey, vegetables and fruit.

Brand: Willbond

👤Have not had the chance to use them yet. They look to be what I needed. I have been using butcher's twine for many of the cuts of meat that I have been struggling with. I will use it tomorrow when I smoke my pork shoulder on the Pit Boss pellet grill. You really need it because you have to cut a chunk of fat out from the middle to make the roast fall apart.

👤They were sturdy and could be used to sew shut a stuffed turkey-breast half. They are a bit long and thick. I didn't find anything else.

👤The needles are a good deal. I had to make them useful by removing a star.

👤I like that it did not break. It is a good purchase.

👤It works well for me. The length and size of the meat should be the same.

👤It is a solid needle. I thought it would break in pieces because the pork skin was very hard. But it was done.

👤The pig skin was used to make the roast.


What is the best product for cooking twine for rotisserie chicken?

Cooking twine for rotisserie chicken products from Boao. In this article about cooking twine for rotisserie chicken you can see why people choose the product. Spitjack and Norpro are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking twine for rotisserie chicken.

What are the best brands for cooking twine for rotisserie chicken?

Boao, Spitjack and Norpro are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking twine for rotisserie chicken. Find the detail in this article. Mrs. Anderson's Baking, Rsvp International and Onlyfire are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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