Best Cooking Toys for Toddlers

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1. ONLYO Vegetables Development Learning Christmas

ONLYO Vegetables Development Learning Christmas

It is Various and realistic. 73 PCS cutting toys with good detail, includes pretend fruit toys, pretend vegetable toys, pretend food toys and pretend kitchen accessories toys, so various and looks like real, provides more choice for toddlers learning and playing, bring endless fun! Do you want to miss the realistic kitchen toys? Early Educational & Development Children play kitchen toys and role play a chef to develop counting skills and rise recognition of color and fruit shape. Kids can cut and stick fruits and veggies to strengthen their hand and eye coordination. Work well in a family day or children's party. Kids can play cutting toys with their family and friends to improve their communication, cooperation, and fine motor skills. Kids can play with pretend food toys. 100% Safe and Sturdy: Made of 100% non-toxic premium ABS, the Standard EN 71 certification fully meets the US safety requirements for kids' toys. When cutting play food set, the sound of cutting is more realistic because of the sticky attachment. Lasting for a long time. Birthday, Christmas gift. The Companion Gift will promote parent and children's relationship. Prizes, Party Favors, Birthday Party Gifts, Christmas Gifts, Room Decorations, and so on are used for indoor and outdoor activities. The backpack storage bag is portable and convenient to bring.

Brand: Ocato

👤The bad: The good The packages were delivered in time. All pieces are bright. No chipping or paint discoloration. The cutting sound is nice. My toddler had a hard time cutting some fruits because of the strong velcro. The knife that she had came with ended up bending. There is a Fruits are hard plastic, so it was difficult for her to position them on a cutting board without them slipping from her hands. If you count the clear plastic bookbag, it will make 45 pieces. Overall satisfied. She gave me time to clean the house. I had to put items back together for her. This is a note. If items were made of soft plastic, bendable plastic, the grip and cut motion would be achieved better.

👤The strawberry pictured is falling apart. The food was packaged in a plastic bag while the fruits/veggies did not. We had to clean each one individually because it had a dust-like coating on the fruits. It smelled like a chemical. These things are made of strong Velcro. My 2 year old has a hard time cutting these with his flimsy knives. You have to detach them a few times to make it easier for your kids to cut it. The product was very cheap. The foods are very thin and hallow. Some of these are poorly painted. I wouldn't recommend it to others due to the cheap quality and having it coated in factory dust. This seems decent for the amount of things you get. Again, quantity over quality for this product. Up to you to find what you are looking for.

👤I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this toy on Amazon, it was one of those toys that you question the quality of, but you want to take a chance on, which I did and was pleasantly surprised. I thought this would be a great gift because my kids love to mimic my knife skills with their play food, which is why I cook a lot. The fruit pieces are well constructed and don't seem to be falling apart yet, with almost daily use from a 5 and 2 year old, and the colors aren't chipping or scratching off easily either. I appreciate that there are 2 fake knives and 2 plastic cutting boards, since they are not sharp, and that the Velcro seems to be holding up despite their heavy use with it. We had a discussion about dragon fruit and what it tasted like, which I like because dragon fruit isn't something we typically eat. Some of them may be incorrect. My toddlers aren't concerned, nor are they michelin star chefs, because they're not cut in the way that they're cut. I wish it had come in a food-basket or something more durable than the clear back-pack for storage, because I'm betting that it will rip given time. I can live with that. I love this and they love it more than I had expected.

👤Some of the pieces are okay, so I am not coming back. I wanted this to be a gift. You need to check each piece or you will have blood. I have 6 pieces, the pea, ice cream cond, pianapple, pie and yello pepper. I think a pomagrant has plastic edges that are not smooth and poor quality. They wont know not to play with the edges, so don't give this set to very young. I am going to sand them down. If you don't want to throw them out. The quality is not good. I picked up an Airlabs set that is less expensive but still has the same quality. I don't think you should buy this set. It was not high quality.

2. Bala Accessories Vegetables Utensils Toddlers

Bala Accessories Vegetables Utensils Toddlers

Relationship enhancement and warm life are topics. The wooden play set can be played with parents, friends and classmates, so the kitchen set can help for relationship enhancement. The toys in a corner remind babies that they were loved and deserve a warm life. Play food sets for kids kitchen can help children learn life and social skills, hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, color recognition ability, can also cultivate them observation, creativity, imagination, cognitive ability, independence and confidence. Kid's early development can be helped by colorful kitchen set toys and kitchen accessories. Complete Play Food Set55PCS Toy accessories include pressure pot, fry pan, soup pot, kettle, utensils, kitchen toy knives, cutlery accessories. Crabs, shrimp, mushrooms, hot dogs, and other game foods are included, as are tearing fruits and vegetables. Fast food such as hamburgers, sandwiches, and French fries are included. Children's play food sets are made from safe and premium ABS materials, non-toxic, durable, and reuseable. The standards are in line with the American toys. Kid's hands are not harmed by the perfect size and rounded edges. Kids' kitchen toys can be used to make soup pots and woks, cut fruits and vegetables, and play games. The toy cutlery set helps children increase flexibility by keeping them away from TV and computer. The Educational Toy set is a great gift for birthdays, holidays, Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving and New Year's. The children can enjoy cutting food and playing roles. A variety of play scenarios keep children engaged and curious. Their goal is to provide a great shopping experience for their customers. They will try to solve the problem if the kids kitchen playset does not meet your expectations. The box does not include the induction cooker, chopsticks, and red dates.

Brand: Bala

👤It didn't work for the steam because it was missing pieces.

👤The pots are a bit smaller than I 888-276-5932s. I didn't expect full sized pots, but maybe more than a quarter of the size. The food is small and could be bigger like the potato or green pepper. The pasta is the biggest "con" for me. It's stretchy, which is cool, but it's also rubbery. It's like a rubber band and your kid can use it to slap someone. If your kids are old enough to figure it out, this could be an issue.

👤My 5 year old son picked up the Weton 50PCS play kitchen accessories. I thought this would allow him to play cook while I was making dinner, so I didn't have to bring out his entire play kitchen. It does that well. There is a The Weton 50PCS play kitchen accessories have 50 pieces. The food items are what we are used to getting. The tea kettle, pressure cooker, pot, pan, and other pretend cooking appliances are decent. The cups and bowls are small. This is a great little play set for your child that doesn't require a large play kitchen to be used. It will work well with that set if you have one.

👤When I ordered these for my daughter, I was expecting them to be a little bit larger. She has gotten a lot of play time out of this set by putting it with her American dolls. The steam function is something my daughter really likes. It is adorable to see her be creative with her small dishes. The packaging looks great for a gift. This set has a lot of pieces and is not a bad value. I would like the pieces to be a little bit bigger. The stars were 4/5.

👤I don't know what the age is for little girls to stop playing with things like this. My 7 and 8 year old granddaughters played with this set for a long time. I try to keep toys at my house for when they come over and they grab this set, which is nice since they don't have to go for a video game. The set came with a lot of things, including pots and pans, a variety of food, and so much more. This is a great set for little girls.

👤The play kitchen set is very nice. The plastic pots are sturdy. The lids fit well. There was nothing wrong with it. The pot lid that "steams" when you put it in was our child's favorite thing. When you put the lid on a pan or pot, it starts to mist water, because there is a little reservoir built into the lit that you add water to. It's not really hot, but it's safe. It's a small humidifier. There is a It is nice. Would recommend.

👤When our families get together, the littles in the family will love coming here to play. There's a lot of small items to get for the kids to play while the grownups are getting their meals put together.

3. Deejoy Light,Electronic Cooktop,Cookware Food,Color Foods,Kitchen

Deejoy Light%EF%BC%8CElectronic Cooktop%EF%BC%8CCookware Food%EF%BC%8CColor Foods%EF%BC%8CKitchen

Best gift for holidays, birthday party or Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, New Year, Party Favors, Prizes and so on. It is suitable for 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 year old children. The microwave kitchen toy set has a 1*electronic microwave with realistic light and sound, electronic game cooker, 25*food, 14*tableware, 3*cutting game food, 1*pan and soup pot and coffee pot, 1* knife and cutting board. When the microwave oven is turned on, it will have a realistic sound and light, as well as a timer function. The roast chicken will be dark after the light is turned on. The microwave kitchen toy set is made of high-quality plastic material that is safe and eco-friendly. The accessories are harmless to children. It's recommended for children 3 years old and over. The toys for learning to cook allow children to play with their friends, develop cognitive skills, and improve social and hands-on skills. A perfect birthday gift, Christmas gift, and cooking chef simulation game for girls and boys!

Brand: Deejoy

👤The product is overpriced. It's cheap. I'm not sure if the other review was sponsored. If you open and close the oven door before pressing the button, the bakery button will work. The plastic is not strong. It's cheap. I give it 2 stars because it's over priced. It's cheap. I'm not sure if the other review was sponsored. If you open and close the oven door before pressing the button, the bakery button will work. The plastic is not strong. It's cheap. I give it 2 stars because my kids enjoy playing with it. I think it will last less than a year. The oven is the only real function of this appliance. The rest is just a show. playing with it. I think it will last less than a year. The oven is the only real function of this appliance. The rest is just a show.

👤My granddaughter likes to pretend she is in the kitchen. This has everything she needs to cook. The set is sturdy and is perfect for children. It's a great gift idea for any holiday or special day. The pieces are made from plastic that is fun to play with. It is very affordable and can be played with by both boys and girls. The value is great.

👤The picture made it look bigger. The grand age 7 likes the sounds.

4. IPlay ILearn Cookware Vegetables Utensils

IPlay ILearn Cookware Vegetables Utensils

Customer satisfaction. Their priority is to provide a 100% satisfaction experience. If products don't meet your expectations, you can message them through contact sellers. The celebrations begin at Joyin! They always place children's health as the primary concern and the kitchen playset was made of safe and durable materials. Colorful play fruit and vegetables can be cut and peeled to make it realistic for your kids. A realistic cooking set encourages imagination, dexterity, and creative play. The variety of playing scenarios and actions keep children engaged and learning. It's an ideal gift for both boys and girls for holidays, birthday party or festival.

Brand: Iplay, Ilearn

👤It's exactly as pictured, great size and quality. My daughter loves playing with these.

👤My granddaughter's new kitchen is where I purchased this at Christmas. The pieces were perfect. She was able to imagine cooking. She feels like she's cutting and breaking apart items to cook because the vegetables are genius. Couldn't be happier.

👤The set is great for children. My two year old grand son was putting vegetables together. He liked putting them in the pan and setting the lid on top. I got the set for the two older children who love to play in pretend restaurants. I was amazed to see how much fun the little one was having. He was able to pretend to eat it. These pieces are strong. You don't want the children to throw them. The best thing about these sets is that they allow the grownups and kids to play together. It keeps them away from technology. Adults and kids can have fun with their imaginations. Both kids and adults enjoy these toys.

👤The set was great. The kids like playing with pans and cooking utensils. One of the best features of the set is the ability to cut the vegetables with the knife, which we have not seen in other sets. The tops come off and the lids fit the parts. The tea pot can be filled with water and the plastic on the spout can be removed to allow tea to be poured. If you do it, you should stick with water because it becomes hard to clean. We have hand washed these, so can't comment on dishwasher safety. The kids enjoy this very much and have no hesitation in giving a recommendation to buy.

👤The teapot spout was missing when I received the order. I contacted the company by email and asked them to send me the missing spout. The missing spout and a bonus vegetable arrived in a couple of weeks after I received a prompt response. My grandson didn't notice that the spout was missing on Christmas, but I'm happy that I will be able to complete this adorable set for him soon. The pots and pans are sturdy and a good size, and the vegetables fit in the soup pot nicely. I had lots of soup on Christmas.

👤My daughter likes these for her play kitchen. It's pretty durable.

👤Our granddaughter pretends to cook for her puppy. The cookware set is realistic. The plastic food that comes with it is vibrantly colored and can fit inside the pots and pans as well as the little knife and board. It has given us a lot of time to enjoy. There was no smell of chemicals when you opened the box. The play set is very good.

👤I bought this for my 17 month old daughter so she could play cook in the kitchen with me. She loves this set. She loves to cook and make soups and all sorts of other things and we have purchased a food set to accompany it. There is a She spends a lot of time in the kitchen making things and pretending to eat them. I don't know how educational the toy is, but she loves to imitate me while I cook, and they are very durable.

5. Melissa Doug Serve Cooking Utensils

Melissa Doug Serve Cooking Utensils

The gold standard in childhood play has been created for more than 30 years by the duo of Doug and Melissa. Food-grade metal utensils look like the real thing. The set includes a ladle, spatula, spoon, and holder. Sturdy steel and wooden construction. Great for coordination and imaginative play. A great companion set for play kitchens and other pretend play food-themed products.

Brand: Melissa & Doug

👤So. I wanted to upgrade my kitchen utensils to match the modern look of my kitchen. Have you heard of the phrase "speed kills"? Well. I see this bundle and immediately purchase it. I find it odd that this came in a smaller box after it was delivered. I'm thinking that the company is good at packing their utensils with no fluff. I opened the box to find that I had bought a set of tiny hands and even smaller eggs. I've seen the mini kitchen segments on social media, but I was hoping to make some French omelettes in my modern kitchen. My wife wanted me to cook using these utensils because I was so defeated. There is a The gift set made a perfect gift for one of my friends' kids, because one of my friends is an amazing cook. So. Yes. If you have someone in your life with kids, this is a great gift idea.

👤It's a perfect size for a toddler. They do not bend easily or break easily. If you have a little play kitchen for your child, I personally ended up using the holder this bundle comes with as a holder for the utensils instead and it works great! Those aren't real utensils. I got chrome colored ones from the dollar store to make my daughter feel like they were real. It's a good thing.

👤I thought about returning the package because it seemed too small, but I put it on the kitchen counter because it was the perfect size. My daughter is 2 years old. They fit in her hands well. I like the packaging and didn't need scissors to open it, but I ended up cutting myself with other plastic packages. I got this for the holder. I found these utensils at the $1 store and was able to fit them with other utensils. They are dishwasher safe. This set is recommended by me.

👤I like this set. You can't tell my granddaughter that she isn't cooking when she uses these utensils because it looks like the real deal. She loves all of the toys that we have.

👤These utensils are cute to use in your kid's kitchen. They are sturdy and can be used. They are small so you wouldn't want to. They would work well if you had to. I decided to get my daughter her own set of utensils, instead of having her take my kitchen utensil, because she loves them. She loves them. This is a great option if you are looking for something cute and durable.

👤These little kitchen tools were very impressive to me. The seem sturdy, like I could cook with them. They are well worth the xtra couple of dollars, even though they are a little more expensive than others. I believe they are made of the same material. I'm very happy with the quality of the toys from Dough and Meliss, and wouldn't hesitate to purchase them again for my child. She keeps her away from my whisk and spoons by displaying it in her kitchen.

6. Stainless Cookware Utensils Vegetables Toddlers

Stainless Cookware Utensils Vegetables Toddlers

It's a great gift for little chefs. Become the ultimate MasterChef Junior by collecting all 5 sets. There are 25 pieces in the kitchen accessories, including a chef hat, amesh bag, and cutting vegetable toys. Made of thick, safe and environment friendly materials. The round edge design was tested to be safe. To create a realistic feel for kids while playing, glue is used to make pretend play food sound real. It was fun for endless play. Role playing for children is important. Their imagination can run free. The play kitchen accessories set encourages kids to take on the role of a chef, teach them some basic cooking skills, and spend hours preparing pretend meals for the family. The pretend play kitchen set is a great value set that is perfect for holiday, birthday party or everyday gifts. A great set for both girls and boys, the child apron and chef hat are in a universal design, making them a great kitchen toy set for both girls and boys.

Brand: Kasu

👤The product is okay. The pots and pans are very small. I don't care if it's the end of the world for my toddler, but you best believe it's the end of the world for a grown up like me. The broccoli broke before we even got to use it, the middle was strong and broke the inner part before we even got to use it. Would not buy it again.

👤The white hat and apron are my favorites. My 17 month old is too big for them. I shortened the apron and tightened the hat. They look great now. Excellent quality items.

👤My 8 year old is enjoying playing with the kitchen utensil set, he is enjoying pretending to chop and cook with it. The apron and hat are nice additions to the set. The price could have provided more utensils such as cups and plates. A decent purchase. The material arrived on time.

👤My 2 year old loves this set. I bought one for my niece. She loved it too. Purchase and you won't regret it.

👤Our drummer has been playing for weeks. If you are tired of baby claiming utensils and pots and pans from the cupboard, you would definitely buy!

👤My kids love pretending to cut food. The pots and pans are a little small.

👤I wish it had a pot holder for the children, I have to find a mitten for it, so please add it to your set.

👤I haven't opened it yet because it's a Christmas gift, but I can see that it's sturdy. It came very quickly. It will be a great accessory. Great customer service as well!

👤My little boy was wearing a chef suit. I like the set. The reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5 is because the little plastic knife you get to cut veg seems very flimsy and when you use it to cut it doesn't seem sturdy at all. I give it a few more play sessions and it will break.

👤Excellent quality. Sturdy and aesthetically pleasing items. The apron and hat that comes with the 2 year old and 6 year old were so cute that they were delighted to receive them.

👤I bought this set to use with a mud kitchen. I was very pleased with the amount of items in the set. The food is easy to clean. The utensils are made of metal. The chef's hat and apron are very cute.

👤The pans and utensils in this set are very nice. If I choose, I'd prefer some little baking tins and trays over the vegetables. It's still a sweet little set.

👤It's perfect for my toddler. Should last years as well.

7. Aomola Pretend Playset Kitchen Toddlers

Aomola Pretend Playset Kitchen Toddlers

There is a STEAM Life Guarantee. Buy with confidence. They will replace your toy kitchen accessories at no charge if they break within the first year of ownership. You can contact STEAM Life through the Amazon message system. The barbecue play set included a meat ball, corn, sausage, chicken wing, fork, charcoal, grill plate, sauce, and BBQ wire mesh. Inject water into the grill, the bottom will feature as an electric burner, light, sound and smoke effects can be initiated. Kids can play with their friends. It will be fun for both boys and girls. Recommended age is 3. The kids BBQ pretend play set is made of high quality material, durable, and allows children to play again and again; designed with round edge, keep your children away from hurt. The toy is easy to assemble and carry. The grill can be used as a portable storage when play time is over, it can hold all the parts you need to keep your house clean and organized. 3 AA batteries are required for the simulation kitchen toy. The batteries are not included. The buttons in the right are decorations and the buttons in the left are ON/OFF.

Brand: Aomola

👤I was not expecting it to be so small. Not worth the price.

👤It was too small. It looks cheap.

👤I love it and it is worth the money.

👤The kids are 4 and 2 years old. Love it. I like camping. Not bad but overpriced.

👤A good toy. The side trays broke on the first day of school. The kids liked the steam part of it.

8. D FantiX Playsets Accessories Cookware Utensils

D FantiX Playsets Accessories Cookware Utensils

Absolutely safe for your health. Their children's kitchen knife set is 100% FDA grade and free of the harmful effects of the harmful effects of the harmful effects of the harmful effects of the harmful effects of the harmful effects of the harmful effects of the harmful effects of the harmful effects of the harmful effects of the harmful effects of Their testing shows that your preschool children can use them under adult supervision. The kitchen accessories are to get kids' imaginations cooking. There were 9 play kitchen utensils, 1 crab, 1 fried egg, 5 cutting vegetables, and 2 dishes. Children can have fun playing with a simulation kettle that has a spout and can be filled with water. Learning by play. Your children can learn how to use the kitchen utensil, develop their cooking habit, and run for endless play cooking fun by taking a role play of a chef. The toy kitchen sets help develop hand-eye coordination and imaginative play skills. Safe MaterialD-FantiX Toy Kitchen accessories are made from odorless and non-toxic plastic, easy wash and durable, giving you the piece of mind knowing that your child can enjoy the kitchen cooking time immediately. Smooth edge will not hurt children. Kids ages 3 to 7 years old can cook and serve up imaginative fun in a kid-sized kitchen set. The kids kitchen accessories set comes with a storage bag to keep all the toys in after use, which saves more space and makes it easier to store. It makes storing and organizing easier. Children can make a meal based on their imagination with this kitchen cooking toys. It is a perfect gift for a young child who likes to pretend cook on holidays such as Easter, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas and new year holidays.

Brand: D-fantix

👤My granddaughter is 2 1/2 years old. I bought it for Christmas to replace items that have seen better days. The items are easy for her to handle and she has been pretending to cook and serve food to her grandpa and me for many days. The set is holding up well even after being dropped on the tile floors. As time goes on, I hope I won't be disappointed. She's having fun with it.

👤I love it! I was looking for a set that had realistic colors, a variety of items, and was not pink or baby blue, but this set is all that I was looking for. My son loved them from the beginning.

👤My grandson loves this cookware. He plays with other people. It came with a bag to keep everything together.

👤The articles exceeded my expectations and I recommend them 100%. I'm very happy. Thank you.

👤It has been perfect for my 2yo that likes to cook. The LO will be in the kitchen cooking with us at least once a day.

👤If it had cups, it would have gotten 5 stars. If had cups, it would be 5 stars.

👤My grandson loves his kitchen set. He pretends to cook and serve us drinks.

👤The kitchen set is cute. It is easy to take in and off the lids. My daughter loves cooking with us.

👤Excellent quality and good size.

9. Melissa Doug Wooden Scoop Counter

Melissa Doug Wooden Scoop Counter

For more than 30 years, the gold standard in childhood play has been created by Doug and his wife, Melissa. The ice cream play set includes a wooden ice cream counter, eight ice cream scoops, six toppings, two cones, cup, scooper, tongs, wooden spoon, and six pretend dollar 1 bills. There is an ice cream station. The wooden ice cream play set has a scooper that fits into a hole on top of the scoops to lift, stack, and release the scoops. Reconciling the entire experience is what you should do. Children can pay with play money and serve up their favorite ice cream at their kids ice cream play set. The wooden scoop and serve ice cream counter is a great gift for kids ages 3 and up. Adding the Make-a-Cake mixer set will give you even more screen-free fun. For more than 30 years, the creators of imagination- and creativity-sparking products have been called the gold standard in early childhood play.

Brand: Melissa & Doug

👤This is one of the favorite toys of the two of them. We own many of them, and big sister picked this for a little sister. There may have been ulterior motives. I am very satisfied with this toy. We love it! I have to put it away every day. Pick-up is easy because it has a wooden case. There are enough pieces for my girls to play with. The pieces link together. The peg system allows the scoop to pick up the ice cream and then a hole in the top to hold the topping. The ice cream set from Doug andMelissa is our favorite. This product is adorable and I can't say enough good things about it. Purchase it for your kitchen helpers. It comes with a cup, cones, different ice cream flavors and lots of topping. The menu helps us with our math lessons. A+ toy! It is definitely worth the money.

👤Wow. My granddaughter picked it out in a promotional magazine. She loves shopping and expects her grandma to buy her something. I gave it to her as a gift because it was not that expensive. She was happy. There is a The mom left it out in the living room because the little one plays with it. I can't believe she still loves it six months later and plays with it as much as she did when it was new. Everyone gets a cone. Visitors are required to order what they want. She plays with it on her own. There is a We all pay with cash. She tells us how much we owe. She knows when she has been given the correct amount. There is a The gift turned out to be a better purchase than I anticipated.

👤My 5 year old daughter loves it and we bought it for her for Christmas. We have always been fans of the products of Doug andMelissa because they are well made and last a long time. I believe that it would work for both younger and older children. My daughter loves ice cream and the scoop grabs on to it. The menu is made of plastic. It is helpful for basic math because it comes with pretend money and prices on the menu. My daughter asked for an ice cream cart and I found this. I gave it 4 stars because of the price. We purchased the set for under $23 and it's selling for over $47. I think it's the reason for the steep discount, but I don't think I could have spent $50 for it if I'd known it was adorable.

👤I can't say enough good things about this product. It is perfect. The quality is topnotch. The pieces are well-shaped and fit into each other to make them easy to stack and sturdy as well. The menu is high quality and can be used to select items. My children love playing with this. This is a lot of fun for kids who like to play pretend. The set comes with a spoon and lots of cute things to eat. It also includes pretend money that is not cheap and can be used by two year olds. I would recommend this product. Parents will want to try it.

10. TOY Life Wooden Kitchen Sets

TOY Life Wooden Kitchen Sets

There is a 100% happiness guarantee. They design toys to the highest quality standards and to nurture minds and hearts. Give them a call if your child is not inspired. Every product has a phone number on it. The Whole Enchelada is a pretend kitchen set with wooden play food for kids that includes a toy stove, pans, spatula, and toy sink. This wooden puzzle kitchen toy set includes play food, condiments, fish, egg, an eggplant, carrot, tomato, broccoli, and a wooden kitchen tray. The TOY Life wood kitchen toys set is made of solid wood with rounded edges. Your little one will be able to play with their kitchen toys and accessories for a long time if they are painted with a durable, non toxic paint. The wood toy kitchen set can be used for multiple ways to play. Your child will be fascinated by their pretend play kitchen for hours at a time. The wood play food toy set is an exceptional gift for kids ages 3 to 5 years. It's suitable for any holiday occasion and will make your little one imagination run wild. TOY Life Guarantee: Buy with confidence. They will replace your toy at no charge if it gets damaged within the first year of ownership. Any issues or broken parts associated with the set are covered. They will replace your set if you reach out to them through the Amazon messaging system. They are so confident in their products that they stand by them.

Brand: Toy Life

👤I bought this for my toddler and he loves it. The frying pan is heavy so be careful if your kid throws things because it will hurt if you get hit by it. He likes playing with it. The pieces are small so make sure you watch your child so they don't swallow any of the small circular pieces. The bright colors make it attractive. If they sold the same type with different foods, I would buy more.

👤The photo is not real. I thought the box was the wrong one, it was so small I didn't think they sent the right item. I returned it immediately.

👤My little loves it, but parents should be careful. It has small pieces that can be swallowed. I put up the eggs and tomato with the help of the glue. It is a great buy for a young person.

👤My 1.5 year old and 2 year old niece love to play. There are small pieces that are a choking hazard. If you have a little one who sticks everything in their mouth, I would recommend something different. It's a well made toy.

👤I didn't know it was a puzzle. It is a fun puzzle for kids who like to cook. They can put everything back in place with easy access pieces. It was too fun! There are great presents for a toddler.

👤It's great for older kids. The pieces are small. They can get lost in the house. A lot of the pieces can be easily swallowed, so make sure to watch your younger kids when playing with this.

👤My grandson likes to put all the pieces into a box and shake them, so this keeps him interested.

👤The board is a little flimsy, but it hasn't broken yet. The kids like to play with it. The color quality is good.

11. Learning Resources New Sprouts Chef

Learning Resources New Sprouts Chef

A beautiful gift box is a great gift for any occasion. These wooden food playing sets are fun to play in. Pretend versions of popular cooking tools are used to prepare toddlers for future kitchen chores. A toddler-sized apron, oven mitt, and plastic spatula and spoon are included. There are lessons in safety and social skills that can be learned with accessories. Soft plastic construction makes it easy to clean.

Brand: Learning Resources

👤The apron is cute. Easy attaching. My small child loves it and it fits well. It fits well for my tall 7yr old to wear and play with. It's a perfect gift for someone with a kitchen set.

👤The stuff that came with it is perfect for little hands. My son is adorable in his apron. He is tall and it can last on him for a while. It is easy for them to put on the straps on their own. It's easy to wear for toddlers and preschoolers.

👤I got this for my child to use, and she loves it! She wears an apron all the time, and uses the utensils and mitt that she would use in a real kitchen. I like that the apron has a pocket, and all the pieces are well made and feel like they will stand up to rough play, as toddlers and small children are wont to do.

👤It fits my granddaughter perfectly. The strap on the neck and waist makes it easy to put on and off. The fabric seems strong. The two utensils that come with it are perfect for her kitchen.

👤Excellent quality for the price. My grandson loves it. It was very well-made. You will not be disappointed.

👤My granddaughter loves this. When she helps in the kitchen, she wanted to wear one of her mom's. She has her own.

👤The chef set is a mini version of my own. When I gave my granddaughter this set, she said she looked like me. I buy a lot of Learning Resources products. Excellent quality and realistic.

👤Excellent pretend play item. The material is strong. The neck and waist bands are made of Velcro. It's very safe for a 3 year old.

👤Me gust y Ami hija, es fcil de poner y de quitar por ellos mismos. No, no, no

👤Fue una sobrina de 3 aos. El diseo est ajustarse, las costuras, and todo bastante.

👤Mi hija apenas cumpli 4 pero es alta y te quiere un poco chico. Amplio.

👤Muy bonito, ami hijo.


What is the best product for cooking toys for toddlers?

Cooking toys for toddlers products from Ocato. In this article about cooking toys for toddlers you can see why people choose the product. Bala and Deejoy are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking toys for toddlers.

What are the best brands for cooking toys for toddlers?

Ocato, Bala and Deejoy are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking toys for toddlers. Find the detail in this article. Iplay, Ilearn, Melissa & Doug and Kasu are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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