Best Cooking Toys for Toddlers 1-3

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1. CUTE STONE Upgraded Cookware Accessories

CUTE STONE Upgraded Cookware Accessories

Surprise your son, daughter, grandchild, niece or grand child with this unique gift. Even adults will love the cooking and baking set. Your child will love a world of tastes, colors and cookie smells. The Play Kitchen Stove Playset is a great way to keep your kids busy while they play in the kitchen. You don't need to press the water pump every time, the play sink can pump water automatically, it's a fun indoor water play. When the water is 33C-42C, the color of the dishes will turn light. Kids can play with warm water. The Learning Educational Kitchen Toy is a pretend play kitchen toy set that will allow your child to explore, develop cognitive skills, and enhance social and hands-on skills. The Super Value Pack for Girls is great for cooking, role play, educational toys, sensory toys, early development, holiday toy, and kids learning toys.

Brand: Cute Stone

👤The toy has a lot of pieces that are similar to a real kitchen setup. There is a stove in the kitchen. The utensils are designed for small hands. The vegetables fit in the pan and the pot. The faucet is fun. The experience is very realistic and brings a lot of fun and learning with 4 batteries.

👤I contacted the company after our sink faucet started to have problems. The customer service on Amazon was great, they replied quickly, very friendly, and sent me a brand new sink within a few days free of charge, which was great. My kids love our play sink so much that I have bought it for others as a birthday present. There is a Ours has held up well so far. There are many hours of playing. My kids love it. I take the faucet part out of the water when it is not in use, but I am not sure if that has made it hold up longer. Will be buying these for friends and family.

👤Since opening, this has pumped water three times. It took about 20 minutes to get it done. Then it began to deplete the water. Then it stopped. It started up again on its own. The pump won't make a sound anymore. I ordered a replacement from Amazon. On Christmas morning, it was a sad day. I don't want to try another. The sink is working. Don't buy if you're warned.

👤My toddler was very excited to use it for the first time. The sink works and the water goes through the faucet. When we played with it again, we made sure to remove the water and let the pump dry out. It didn't work. Changed batteries but no luck. The pump was dead. The toy doesn't have the purpose it was intended for. Too late to come back.

👤My granddaughter likes this sink. It's easy to use and it keeps her busy. The batteries are strong. My girl is a toddler with an amazing imagination. Unless you plan on having that space soaked, this isn't a toy to be used just anywhere. I have to top the water off frequently since she likes to bring water in cups from her sink to other places. She is having fun, exploring what she can do, and letting her imagination fly. I would purchase this item again. This toy has a lot of accessories with it. I had to get a container for the pretend food items because she was playing with them.

👤The three granddaughters love this. They play with it a lot. Encourages imaginative play acting, whether it's a cafe serving customers to a party with soap suds foods. There is a good selection of accessories and they only added their tea set. It's easy to get operational. After sitting for a few days, I brushed the faucet gently. The water is left in it. If the water level drops below the sink drain, refill it. When the water level is about to spill over, turn the faucet off. It is definitely an outdoor activity. An alternative to an expensive play kitchen is the cooktop and sink. The faucet is working.

2. Cutting Play Food Kitchen Pretend

Cutting Play Food Kitchen Pretend

The perfect gift for kids is a combo kit of unobligated charms, which is an excellent gift for girls of any age. Kids can have fun with even a little mess. The best toy for fun and happiness is the Unicorn slime set. High quality and safe. The cutting toys are made from the highest quality material that is crush resistant. A full Pizza Pie in bright shining colors and a realistic cutting fruits and vegetables set will make even the young toddlers want to eat it. The fruit are easy to slice up but challenging enough to have a lot of fun. Kids like the "slicing" noise while cutting. The sturdy storage box has a carrying box to hold all the kids kitchen set neatly. The complete set includes: Watermelon, Corn, Strawberry, Tomato, Eggplant, Pineapple, Carrot, Green pepper, Pumpkin, Fish, Plate, 6 Piece Pizza, Knife, Cutting board, small plates and so on. The pretend fruit and vegetable grocery set helps younger children learn how to identify fruits and vegetables. Help develop child's mind, creativity and thinking ability and train their hand-eye-coordination and hand flexibility by their own operation. Give this toy food set as a Christmas gift to any kid, it's the best gift. It makes a great incentive for holidays, birthdays or any other occasion. Kids above 3 years old can play in the kitchen.

Brand: Feroxo

👤The bright, colorful pieces of play food I bought for my toddler. My toddler's eyes were glowing with intrigue while I was getting the pieces out of the toy basket. She realized that there was only so much spinning and tossing you could do with plastic toys. When I saw the same kinds of play foods in cuttable version, I was excited. They came with the same basket that I used to purchase the first play food set, but they also included play knives, cutting boards, and plates. All the foods were stuck together. My toddler heard the crunch of my knife as it was cutting through the velcro, and she was stuck to my side. As she watched me crunch, crunch away with my knife, she named each item. She ran back to her room after picking up her treasure. It's a big deal! The main positive points are 1. The foods are colorful. The food can be stuck and unstuck as many times as needed, but it's not too tough to cut through, and it's durable. 3. There are no small enough pieces that can be swallowed, so the size of the food is agreeable to toddler hands. You can practice halving, sharing 5 and labeling foods from an educational standpoint. It's wonderful to cut the food. It's a satisfying sound and a realistic feeling, but please note, if I was able to use my other hand to hold onto the food rather than the camera, it would have been better. There is a Downside? Maybe. I wish the cutting boards were slightly bigger. I would have made each board half the length of the basket that they came in. They could have been placed at the bottom of the basket and packing them at that size wouldn't have been a problem. Why do I want a bigger board? For inexperienced, little hands, the play food rolls around and rolls right off the cutting board. The smallest cutting board I have is almost half the length of the basket. It seems sensible. There is a My toddler and I love the product. If they offered more baskets of different kinds of fruits and food, I would order more. They would have to color code the baskets to avoid buying the same food groups. I can see that there is a collectible items type of thing going on here.

👤The new kitchen center was perfect for the Granddaughter's big pieces.

👤My 2 year old was napping when I received this product. I put it next to him. When he woke up, he looked over at the basket of fruits and vegetables and his eyes lit up. I thought he would play with it. He doesn't want anyone to show him the knife he doesn't use. He creates hybrid by ripping everything apart. He made a fish. He was busy for hours. He emptied the basket, put it back, and then carried it to a new location. He loves this set. There is a The only downside is that some pieces are starting to peel. If needed, be ready to glue it back together.

3. MAGIFIRE Learning Educational Friendly Montessori

MAGIFIRE Learning Educational Friendly Montessori

For more than 30 years, the creators of imagination- and creativity-sparking products have been called the gold standard in early childhood play. SAFE WOODEN PUZZLE-BPA Free is made of high-quality environmental wood with non-toxic water-based paint. The pieces are easy to grasp and keep your kids safe. Learning through playing can help toddlers to improve their concentration and solve puzzles. It can help develop toddler's hand-eye coordination. Bright vibrant colors and cute animal shapes are designed for enriching children's capacities of learning colors. Help your baby learn about these animals. The kids puzzle is 5.7 x 5.7 x 0.2 in and has bright colors and attractive pieces that her little hands can manipulate. The part is too large for children to swallow. The wooden toddler puzzles are about 1.87 pounds and have a portable bag. The puzzles can be played at home by toddlers. It is a good birthday gift for kids.

Brand: Magifire

👤It is hard for a child to put them back together after you remove the pieces. I have lost count of the emails this company has sent me asking me to take down my review and change it to a five star review. It has been going on for almost a year now, and they have offered me anywhere between $15 and $50 to do it.

👤I bought a set of puzzles for my granddaughter. She loves them. We work in a quiet place for 15 minutes a day. She can't do it on her own because she is so young and her attention span is short. Her recall is great once she figures it out. She puts them in her mouth because she is teething. The puzzles should be washed before use. The pieces are hand made and sturdy. The purchase was wrapped nicely.

👤You can get several for a good price with these cute puzzles. If you have a teething child that likes to chew on things, be careful. I cleaned the puzzles before I played with him because he chews them all the time, but he put a piece in his mouth after a while. He scratched off a small part of the paint. We have to pack them up and wait for him to stop chewing on toys.

👤It looks very colorful and fun. The sharp edge cut my skin when I opened one puzzle. This is not supposed to happen for a children's product. One design has text on it while another has scenery around the board while the other does not. Safety is still my number one concern and those are not the deal breaker. I was able to return this back to the seller thanks to Amazon's amazing return policy.

👤A toy that keeps my 2 year old entertained for 15 to 20 minutes. She makes other shapes with the pieces. She's thrown the puzzle pieces around and the paint is holding up. The pieces are not small enough to be a hazard. The puzzles come in a cute little bag that can be washed. I washed it and let it dry. The puzzles smell beechwood right out of the box, but after a few days they go away. I washed and dried each piece so the water wouldn't damage the paint or wood. The puzzle is well made and sealed. Maybe this is one of the better quality ones out there. I'm glad I found this one, I've read many similar looking puzzles and I'm glad I found this one. Absolutely worth it! There is an update. I've read a lot of false advertising reviews and I'd like to say that I didn't get paid to give a 5-star review. My review went from 10 helpful votes to 50. If you ask me, that's a bit vague. The puzzles are holding up well after several months of use, but my child doesn't throw pieces around. This would make a great gift.

👤The parts of the puzzle are smaller than I anticipated. The sizes of the actual pieces are not in the description, but they are suitable for 6 months. I bought them for my daughter's first birthday, but I don't feel comfortable giving it to her. It says that small parts not for children under 3 years are not allowed. Look at photos.

4. FUNERICA 45 Piece Stainless Utensils Vegetables

FUNERICA 45 Piece Stainless Utensils Vegetables

For children ages 3 to 5; 13" x 10" x 4" It is made from the highest quality material that is durable, safe and crush resistant. Fruits and vegetables are set in bright colors to make young toddlers happy. The cutable play fruits and veggies come apart with the help of the Velcro and the kids love the slicing sound! The set includes a cutting board, plastic knife, and 3 realistic mini pots and pans so kids can pretend to cook or fry their own food, and serve it in the two included little plates. There is a colorful selection of pretend play food. There is a good cut of Steak, as well as Apple, Banana, Broccoli, Carrot, Corn, Chili, Eggplant, Tomato, Pepper, Strawberry, Orange,Kiwi, Lemon, Potato, Pear, Star Fruit, Egg, Fish, Hot Dog, and a good portion of vegetables. A sturdy storage box with dual closings is needed to hold all the kitchen toys and kid dish set neatly. Give this play toy food set as a gift and it will be a great addition to any toy kitchen. It makes a great incentive for holidays, birthdays or any other occasion. The interactive playset helps kids fine-tune their motor skills by using pretend food items and appliances.

Brand: Funerica

👤I am very happy with this set. The food pieces are made of plastic. When a piece of food is put together with a piece of Velcro, it looks like it is whole, because other brands have rounded edges so you can tell that there is a split. The orange, lemon and kiwi are some of the foods that have sweet little details painted on them. Some of the pieces are not normal. Who cuts an apple vertically? See the picture for reference. I think they are too big to be a choking hazard because they are smaller than other brands. My toddlers are playing with me. I love the pots and pans. I wish the two lids were interchangeable, but it is not that big of a deal. This is a nice little set with a lot of potential for fun. There is a I hope that was helpful.

👤The food is the perfect size for a small kitchen set and the pots and cooking accessories are metal. The tub to store the items away after play is like a bonus item. The plastic case that the items come in was cracked when we took it out of the bag. My two year old loves the sound of the food being cut in half and the pieces.

👤A lot of reviews say the little tote that comes with the food and cookware is cracked and they seem angry. This is how mine came as well. Good news! If you look at the sizes of the foods and cookware, you will see that it can fit in a drawer, tote bag, or bin, which you most likely already have in your kids room or play area. A cracked bin won't ruin this purchase. I will most likely purchase again for my niece and nephew. The rest of the bin is functional. It is a good buy for the money. Highly recommend!

👤I bought this set for my granddaughter. She's crazy about everything kitchen related. I researched this set and ordered it because the pans looked sturdy and the veggie variety looked good. The storage box was cracked after I received it. It was too late to order another, so I gave it to someone who would fix the box. The pans were small and sturdy but the perfect size for her play kitchen. The veggies were delicious. This set was very cute. My granddaughter was excited about this set and focused the rest of the day. Her older sister wanted to play as well. The set came with 2 knives. The case was cracked. Sarah immediately replied to me after I contacted her with a photo. She sent me a replacement case and included more veggies and an apron for my convenience. Excellent customer service. I am ordering more vegetables for the kitchen in the playhouse my husband and I built because I was impressed by Sarah's response.

👤This is a great set for a toddler. I bought this set for my grandson because he used to help me cook. He played with it all the time and now uses it in his play sessions, where he plays a cook, waiter, and store clerk. He still loves to cut and cook the vegetables and other food items that he learned at 1 1/2. We kept the smallest items out of his mouth. He helps cook with me on the kitchen floor because the pans and utensils look like mini-versions of my All Clad set. There is a The carrying case's closing mechanism was broken when it arrived. I wrote to Sarah Friedman. Immediately, she responded. I returned the original purchase and Sarah sent a new one with a larger carrying case, along with several additional items for tea and serving, as well as an adorable apron and chef's hat, which he uses for kitchen play and dress-up. Great gift! Thanks, Sarah!

5. Honeysticks Toddlers Non Toxic Washable Bath Time

Honeysticks Toddlers Non Toxic Washable Bath Time

The volume control switch is for babies ages 6 to 36 months. For peace of mind, there are natural and food grade ingredients. Natural ingredients and food grade colorings are used in this handmade product. New Zealand Beeswax and Soy Wax are used in Honeysticks. They don't contain any paraffin wax or other nasty stuff. Honeysticks Bath Crayons are wrapped in a unique 'crushed rock' wrapper that is completely non-toxic. Children of all ages will love using Honeysticks Bath Crayons in the bath or shower to explore their creativity and harness their imagination. They are packaged in a handy canister with drain holes so that you can easily store them in the bathroom for next time, making them a hassle-free solution for bath-time fun! Honeysticks Bath Crayons are easy to hold and use, with a unique, extra long size and shape. Honeysticks Bath Crayons are much larger than others making them last and last. Honeysticks Bath Crayons are made from a watersoluble crayon material that wipes off most non-porous surfaces. Give the bath or shower a wipe down and rinse the color away. Don't risk them today. Their mission is to create safe, sustainable products that children will love to use, without the nasty ingredients that you find in most products today. A 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Brand: Honeysticks

👤I was very excited for this product as I liked how sturdy the crayons were. They were a mess in the bath. The kids were mushed in their hands. The sides of the rub, toys, and the washcloths were all covered in the waxy substance. It was a lot to clean the tub after. I had to throw them out because I wouldn't be buying them again. This product was very disappointing.

👤The crayons melted in the water and pieces fell from the tub.

👤The product is amazing. I would like to thank the person who makes the crayons. My daughter is 15 months old and she developed a fear of baths. She was scared for a month. I tried everything. These crayons were recommended to me by my father. My daughter was able to have fun in the bath again after her meltdown. They are easy to clean with a wet cloth. There is a It was worth every penny.

👤I wanted to love them because they are non-toxic and made in New Zealand. I got them for my grandson, and my daughter said they could stay at the house. They don't write very well in the bathtub. The mess is hard to remove from the tub. I can't understand the reviews that said it was easy to clean off. I wonder if they are talking about this product, as I noticed there are other Honeysticks on Amazon. They went in the trash because it was too late.

👤The crayons are pretty good, but a few things make me think of the crayola version. The bright colors are great, but they stick to shower walls a lot more and are more difficult to clean than other colors. The colored water leaves a rainbow stain on the side of my tub and has to be cleaned off the next day.

👤I love them. My daughter has very sensitive skin and they last forever. You have to be careful with bath products, I didn't want anything artificial with little girls. There were no issues with those two concerns. They are large and strong. It is somewhat true. If you have a 2 year old Rembrandt, you might want something else. There is a I have a regular 2 year old that doesn't care. It doesn't seem to bother her. For younger children, I think it is fine. I keep them in a plastic cup. They are thick. It is worth it to me to not worry about burning her skin because they do require a bit of elbow grease to remove. I have not had any issues with staining. There is a I had a popular name brand set with my niece and they lasted for two baths. I would purchase again. There are no regrets.

👤They get a bit messy when they get wet, but my kid loves them. He pops by the bathroom throughout the day to inspire his work. I had my first batches about 3 months ago and we are down to 1/3 sticks. Repurchasing! There is a They smell great, but are a bit pricey. I like knowing that I am buying a quality product. The little guy goes to the bath without a fight and I want to scrub the tub a bit more thoroughly. It was worth every penny.

6. Kitchen Bake Cookie Interactive Learning Exclusive

Kitchen Bake Cookie Interactive Learning Exclusive

Imported components and made in the U.S.A. Kitchen accessories for kids. This wooden mixer toy kitchen set contains a premium wooden mixer with an exclusively designed baking set, which includes egg and butter, flour, sugar, dough, 1 rolling pin, plus 2 cookies and a bake plate. Kids are able to bake their own cookies with all of the kitchen tools and food. If you already have the set of the Tiny Land Wooden Coffee Maker and Toaster, kids can start their pretend game with a life-real toy. Real looking design. The wooden toy mixer design is a great addition to the pretend play. The kids can dial turns to choose speed, roll out the bread with the rolling pin, and add butter to the bowl. The tilt-up head design is similar to a real mixer. The mixer from Tiny Land is the only one that can fix the bowl like a real one. Promote Early Learning Confidence- bake-cookie mixer is more than just about becoming a little chef, they also inspire creativity and imagination, strengthen hand-eye coordination, help kids learn about science and foods, and more. Add this toy mixer to your child's other indoor kitchen toys, like Tiny Land Wooden Coffee Maker, a stove, refrigerator, or other cooking accessories, and let them practice being a chef serving you, siblings, or little friends. Their Tiny Land's Wooden Kitchen Toy set is the ultimate kitchen toy for children 3-6 years of age. Their toy kitchen accessories are kid-safe, have rounded edges and are non-toxic, and hold up to rough and tumble play by young toddlers. They pride ourselves in creating play sets that are fun, gender neutral, and inspire children of all ages to be more active. If you have questions, contact them.

Brand: Tiny Land

👤This is a small mixer. I searched the internet for weeks for a wooden mixer that was budget friendly. I am very pleased with the product I received. The best mixer set is this one. I chose this product because of a few reasons. It has a cute color scheme. Some of the accessories that other mixers in this price range do not include are very nice. The beater spins on this mixer, but others do not. What materials were used for the accessories? The butter square, rolling pin and mixer are all wooden. The bowl, egg, cookies and cookie tray are made of plastic. I am not sure if the cookies will hold their form if stepped on. The flour and sugar sacks are made from fabric with a filling similar to a pillow. What color is the mixer? It is more of a turquoise than a light blue or green as shown in some of the pictures. How well does the mixer work? The one I received is not as easy to spin as the one in the video, which is concerning, as my toddler won't be able to spin it on his own, the beater is attached to the spinning knob by a thick wooden dowel, which will provide sturdiness and longevity. How do you attach the mixer to the bowl? There is a lip on the bottom of the mixing bowl that fits into the base of the mixer. If it is muscled and mixed, there is a chance it will move from the base. There is a I would give the mixer 5 stars. The star level has been lowered to a 4 because of the difficulty in turning the beater and the fact that not all of the accessories are wooden. 10/10 would recommend this product to others, especially those looking for high quality at a low price. Very happy with the purchase.

👤We bought this adorable set for our little girl's second birthday, and I pulled everything out of the box today to make sure we got all the pieces. Everything was in great condition. This set is adorable. There is a The set includes a wooden stand mixer, wooden pat of butter, wooden rolling pin with finished handles and sanded middle rolling piece, felt piece of rolled out cookie dough, a small plastic tray that just fits the two cookies, and a wooden rolling pin with finished handles and sanded middle rolling piece. I think the flour and sugar are bigger than 3X3 inches. They are easy to read. There is a The mixer is cute. You can add ingredients to the bowl by tipping the top back. The back of the mixer rests on a piece of wood. You can use the knob on top of the mixer to spin the beater if you put the top down. The knob doesn't turn, but you can use it to turn the whole front circle of the mixer. It spins quickly and smoothly. There is a knob on the side of the mixer that can be turned. It takes a little more strength to turn when it clicks. It is not very difficult. My little girl could turn it. This knob is used to adjust the speed of the beater. There is a The plastic pieces in this set seem to be of good quality. I think they will hold up just fine. The cookies are the only thing I worry about. They are made from plastic. They have small holes in them that allow air in and out and allow them to return to their normal shape. The texture of the cookies is nice. It reminds me of real sugar cookies. I think that the cookies feel a little less substantial to me because we usually buy Learning Resources or play food. I think they will hold up well, even though they aren't as good. There is a The rolling pin is great. The middle of the handles is sanded and resembles a wooden spoon. The reviewer said that the kids got the dough stuck in the middle of the wood when they used it with playdoh. I could see that happening. You could finish it with oil or stain if you wanted to use it with playdoh. I like it the way it is. There is a The egg is cute. It isn't typically what you see with crackable eggs. There is usually a piece that fits back into the eggshell. The hard boiled egg in this set fits perfectly in the shell, and I can see my little girl using it in a lot of different scenarios. The packaging of this set is amazing. The flour, sugar, and rolling pin are wrapped in tissue paper and put in a zip top bag. The mixing bowl is under the beater in the normal place, but it is in a bubble wrap sleeve. There is a brown eggshell with a hard boiled egg in the bag that is inside the bowl. The piece of felt dough was loose in our box, but it didn't seem worse for wear because it wasn't inside plastic. Tiny Land included a sweet card in the box, thanking us for our purchase and telling us how to get in touch with customer service if we were unhappy with their product. The motto on the card is "Your satisfaction is our motivation." I loved that! We are very happy.

7. IPlay ILearn Accessories Cookware Vegetables

IPlay ILearn Accessories Cookware Vegetables

Gourmet games can promote cognitive development and help develop children's creativity, thinking skills. It is suitable for ages 1-8 girls and boys. They always place children's health as the primary concern and the kitchen playset was made of safe and durable materials. Colorful play fruit and vegetables can be cut and peeled to make it realistic for your kids. A realistic cooking set encourages imagination, dexterity, and creative play. Children are engaged in various playing scenarios when combined with other play kitchen sets. Give your child a gift that will make them happy.

Brand: Iplay, Ilearn

👤I have bought many different kinds of play food and accessories, but this one is my favorite. The pots are not cheap and it is a much more realistic set. I don't think you will regret buying these.

👤A great pretend play set. The cooking set completed the kitchen for the granddaughter's birthday.

👤Perfectas! The calidad was bicentenary.

👤The set is made of hard durable plastic and includes a variety of colorful foods that are separable/peelable, some choppable, and pots/pans with lids that areremovable. The chopping knife is the only thing that doesn't work well. The chopping side is fine, but it's too thick. My granddaughter can't chop up some of the play foods. The set is fun to have as an addition to a play kitchen or on it's own. It looks realistic and it is very nice. I recommend. B

👤It arrived quickly. It was packed securely. It was in perfect condition. The item is cute for my granddaughter. It's perfect for her kitchen. Sturdy, neat, and well made! I would recommend this to any young girl who loves cooking and imagination. Can't wait to see her play with it.

👤Our grandson loves being the sous chef. He loves the addition to his existing kitchen stuff. He enjoys playing with it. Grand mom is happy as well.

👤They have a nice design and are sturdy as they have been dropped several times. My daughter likes them. The fake food and fruit come with fake peel offs.

👤My toddler loves this set. It's durable for a crazy 2 year old. If color matching is important to you, the black and grey colors are nice. The food it came with is very cool because it cuts in half. Everything is made of a hard plastic. I prefer bigger holes on utensils to hang them up on a command hook, but that's not a big deal. I would recommend anyone with a little one to pretend play. Everyone has a neutral color pallet.

8. FUNERICA Cuttable Veggies Shopping Utensils

FUNERICA Cuttable Veggies Shopping Utensils

Give this play toy food set as a gift and it will be a great addition to any toy kitchen. It makes a great incentive for holidays, birthdays or any other occasion. The play set helps kids fine tune their motor skills by using pretend food items and appliances. Fun, vibrant colors were designed for kids. The pretend play kitchen food is full of colorful fruits and vegetables. Fruit can be chopped into half pieces. Kids and toddlers enjoy the smooth surface, curves, different shapes and texture. The Kids Play Food Set is 100% child-friendly, non-toxic plastic material, free of sharp edges, and tested to meet US safety standards for toys. You will get a complete mini set of Pretend Kitchen accessories with the purchase of the 20 Cutting Pieces Fruits and Vegetables. A grocery shopping basket, a small cooking top, a mini pot, a cutting board, plates, cups, and utensils are included. Pretend food sets for toddlers are fun to learn about. This allows your kids to learn more about color and shape recognition. It is possible to make a free, non-toxic plastic toy that is safe and lasts a long time. Carefully handcrafted toy set to ensure they are durable and strong enough for kids to chop for long lasting play time and no small parts can be swallowed by toddlers. Play Fruits & Veggies are made from a material that makes a sound when cut, keeping the kids more engaged in pretend play. The Pretend Food Playset is the perfect gift for girls and boys. Its sturdy construction is tested to last. Their toys are safe. It is one of the most interesting gifts for any occasion, birthdays, holidays, Hanukah, Christmas, and it is realistic. Children love pretending and playing with your baby or toddler.

Brand: Funerica

👤My 2 1/2 and 3 1/2 year old grandies are going with their new play kitchen and I bought this set for them. The shopping basket is cute, it holds all the fruits and veggies, and it also doubles as a hat. The included chopping knife is a must have for both girls, and they love using it to prepare their meals. This set was worth every penny.

👤I was looking for a shopping basket for my son as we like to play store. I found a basket set with food that kids can cut through. My son who is a bit on the older side really liked it. The basket is great for storing fruit, cups, dishes, pot and mini stove top. All you get for around $20 is great quality and value. This Christmas, I'm going to be the go to gift for the little girls in the family.

👤My boys love this set. There is enough to keep them occupied. One can use a cutting board and knife, the other can use a spatula or scoop. It doesn't take up a lot of space when not in use because it's just enough to keep them occupied and out of fights. The product was perfect. The sellar was helpful with a small issue. Good customer service is important to them.

👤If you want a decent toy hat, this is the product for you. There is a basket, fruit, utensils, pot and more. They work as expected and are good for the price. There is a sticker on the side of the basket that you cannot get off. It covers the holes in the basket, so everything inside sticks to it. Terrible. It looks awful and filthy.

👤I am very pleased with this product and my daughter just loves it, the quality is really good and the Velcro is super resistant, my daughter plays for hours with it, and it is better made than the wooden one that gets loose very fast.

👤Funerica Cutting Fruits and Veggies was purchased for our granddaughter who is 28 months old. She has been playing with fruits and vegetables and cutting them in half. Every time she leaves, we make a pretend vegetable soup on the small two burner stovetop. I don't know how long she will be interested in this toy, but she's obsessed with it. The strength of the Velcro that holds the fruits and veggies together makes cutting the veggies a challenge, which is nice. This is a great toy to play with.

👤The customer service has been great and my kids loved the product. I told the lady that I didn't know what happened to the knife because she didn't know what happened to it, but she apologized and said they would fix it. It's a good thing.

👤My 2 1/2 year old loves to cook in his kitchen and this was a gift for him. He was in love with the toy when I gave it to him. He loved that he was able to cut it himself. We had fun making fruit and vegetable combinations. His mom was happy that he brought a basket to clean up. I am glad I tried it out, and I would recommend this toy to anyone. I'm looking forward to seeing more toys from your company. Thank you so much!

9. GILOBABY Cookware Accessories Vegetable Toddlers

GILOBABY Cookware Accessories Vegetable Toddlers

The material is made of high quality material, smooth edges, and no sharp edges on every accessory, which makes itdurable to endure your kids throwing, dropping, or banging them around while playing and pretending. The kitchen accessories include colorful cookware pots and pans, egg, cabbage, carrot, chili pepper, water melon, crab, toy kitchen knives and cooking utensils. Cutting and peeling. The cutting board and toy kitchen knives are included in the pretend play kitchen. The egg and corn can be peeled which makes it a realistic experience for your kids. Skills Development: The pretend play kitchen playset will spark hours for kids of imagination in play, developing hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, color identification and creativity, which is very helpful for their intelligence and self-confidence. If you're looking for an educational and exciting gift for a birthday, Christmas or festival, then you'll love their kids cooking toys. Everyone is allowed to join in the fun with GILOBABY when playing with family and friends. The child safety and quality assured is made of child-friendly material and has a smooth edge. If you're not completely satisfied with their items, they'll give you a 12-month warranty and friendly customer service.

Brand: Gilobaby

👤Cute pots and pan set. I love the colors. Love that the play good can be cut in half and come with a spatula and spoons.

👤I bought this for my granddaughter. She chose it with me on the site. She is in love with the set. She cuts the fruit and vegetables and stirs the pot. She is able to cook like her parents. Buy it!

👤I have never come across a better kids pots/pans set. They are by far the biggest I have found and are very realistic. Not a single flaw was found. There is a variety of sizes. The material makes them a great set for any age.

👤I love these! My 2 year old is confused as to why we would cook the cute fish.

👤My niece and I had a good time at Christmas. She just wanted the pots and pans in the kitchen. It's perfect for a play kitchen. The colored pots and pans made them perfect for color identification. A great resource for learning and development.

👤This set is great. It is fun and educational because it is color matched. She likes the bright colors and plays with them. Great purchase!

👤Cute. My granddaughters kitchen was ordered. Looks great. Well packed. Would you recommend it?

👤The food is good.

👤A good variety of pots and pans. My boys love playing with them. The value is worth it.

10. JOYIN Little Kitchen House Pretend

JOYIN Little Kitchen House Pretend

The kid chef apron is suitable for kids over the age of 12. A set of interrelated things. Their Kid's Mini Kitchen Set includes a kitchen playset with musics and lights. Word learning. There is a real function. Kids can learn how to cook in the kitchen and cooking playset, which is about 11 by 9 inches. They would be able to develop their imaginative play skills, enhance their fine motor skills and showcase their creativity. It would be great for parent-child interaction. It is an endless fun. The Mini Kitchen Cooking Set provides a lot of fun for kids. Perfect for cooking chef pretend play, role play, educational toy, sensory toy, early development for toddlers, kids intelligent learning toys. Kids birthday, holiday, anniversary, Christmas or other occasions are ideal gifts. Premium quality. Child Safe is not Toxic. The US toy standard. The safety test was approved. Customer satisfaction. Their priority is to provide a great shopping experience. If products don't meet your expectations, you can message them through contact sellers. The celebrations begin at Joyin!

Brand: Joyin

👤Extreme hazard! It is very dangerous and unsafe. There is a Do not place an order. * My child had the pot lid in his mouth when the knob popped off. We were horrified. She could have swallowed it. She was seen just in time. The spatulas are starting to break after one use. The product was cheap and poorly made. There is a The accessories are too small and could be a potential choking hazard if your child pretends to eat or take a bite. Look into other products. There are many great ones. I'm in the process of returning. It is extremely dangerous.

👤I ordered this for Christmas. The description on the site didn't mention that it's unsafe for children less than 3 years old. The manufacturer said so on the box when I received it. The box it came with was the rough cardboard. I couldn't give it unless I re-boxed it. It is very cheap and smaller than it appears on Amazon. The cow will say "the cow goes mooo" if you press the buttons. What does that mean for cooking? The Chinese accent is so thick that it took me several tries to figure out what was being said. I returned it to Amazon after it arrived. When I returned, I saw that they had lowered the price by $5. A small kick in the backside. I was able to find another present. During the Christmas crunch, this adventure took up a lot of my time. It was not a good experience.

👤The product looked like a previously returned item. I couldn't gift it because it was poor condition.

👤The stove makes different noises. It comes with plates and an apron. The product can be used for travel or for storage.

👤My granddaughter received this for Christmas. It's portable, but I wish all the parts would fit inside. She loves cooking with it.

👤Good looking toy. The steam did not work.

👤My kids love playing in the kitchen and this allows them to do so in a portable way.

👤Why is there a song about the red nose reindeer? If not cooking related, there should be no noises.

👤The pilas tiene un efecto de sonidos. El color fluorescente de los alimentos tienen una sesin con efecto de cocimiento. Se le deje, encantada la persona con el regalo.

👤No me esperaba algunas funciones.

11. Munchkin 17040 Fishin Bath Toy

Munchkin 17040 Fishin Bath Toy

There are magnetic fishing rod and underwater bobbing characters in the bath toy set. The characters have magnets on top for easy fishing. The characters are air tight. Hand eye coordination is helped by magnetic bobbers. It is suitable for little boys and girls 24 months and up. It is suitable for little boys and girls 24 months and up.

Brand: Munchkin

👤My son seems to like this toy, but I'm not happy with the quality. The rod is rusty because it has screws. We only used it for a few days.

👤I debated with others that had working reels and line. Since my kids are only 1 and 2 years old, I decided on these for now, as I knew they would be better for younger children. I think I made the right decision. My 2 year old enjoyed fishing for these in and out of the tub. My 1 year old thought it was a weapon to hit his sister. The line is fast dry and not long enough to be wrapped around a child's neck. The fish are sealed so there is no risk of mold growth. The magnets are strong enough to quickly connect. My daughter has been reeling in both directions and has no issues with the reel jamming or breaking yet. If you're buying for the older crowd, I would suggest buying another set with a working rod and reel and more fish. Older kids will get bored quickly. It's perfect for the younger kids, as it's a quality toy that will endure the punishment their toys are given when thrown, stomped on and banged about!

👤I bought this to go with my daughter's water table and was slightly disappointed that it didn't reel in the toys. It makes a clicking sound when you rotation it to make it seem like you are reeling in. My daughter is confused as to why a baby is fishing. All 3 should be fishing. The magnets work other than that. They are large enough to not be a hazard.

👤I had to throw the fishing pole away after my 1.5yr old was very excited to play with it in the tub. The health hazard is the rusted screws on the rod. Very disappointing.

👤This is our second toy and it is perfect. We keep one in the tub and one in the beach bag. This toy is very durable and doesn't have any places that will get mold like in other bath toys. There is a I approve of it as far as being durable and clean. My kids love it! They love the clicking reel and throwing the toys back to catch.

👤Our toddler was afraid to sit in the tub. He loved bath time and this was very sad for us. We looked for new toys to get him back into tub time. The fishing pole was a hit. It was fun for him to play with while he was standing, and he gradually got more comfortable and is sitting in no time! Our son really enjoyed this and I am sure a lot of toys would have done the job. The pole and the fish/octopus/scuba diver have held up to toddler smashing. Would buy again.

👤My son loves fishing. He looks forward to bath time so he can use it. It was very well made. I like that the water doesn't stay inside the toys and you can rinse them so they don't mold. I wish the fishing rod extended a bit so that it could be pulled in. I can see how it would cause problems with internal cleaning.


What is the best product for cooking toys for toddlers 1-3?

Cooking toys for toddlers 1-3 products from Cute Stone. In this article about cooking toys for toddlers 1-3 you can see why people choose the product. Feroxo and Magifire are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking toys for toddlers 1-3.

What are the best brands for cooking toys for toddlers 1-3?

Cute Stone, Feroxo and Magifire are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking toys for toddlers 1-3. Find the detail in this article. Funerica, Honeysticks and Tiny Land are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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