Best Cooking Toys for Kids Ages 3-5

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1. Auggie Pretend Accessories Toddlers Children

Auggie Pretend Accessories Toddlers Children

Children can make a meal based on their imagination with this cooking toys, they can also do their works with their parents or buddies. It is intended for children up to 3 years old to share happiness and become more active. It's the perfect gift for kids' birthday, thanksgiving, Christmas and new year. The barbecue play set provides lights, sound and even smoke while kids cook. The smoke is safe for kids to smoke and not hot at all. The grilling kitchen playset has several toy food. The play kitchen is a great place for kids to play and develop motor skills. The toddler grill is easy to put together and disassemble. It holds all the contents in the kid's bbq itself. 3 AA batteries are not included. Premium Quality Kids BBQ is what it is. The pretend play food sets are made of durable plastic material, no sharp edge, no smells, and can be wiped off if dirty. The grill playset is a pretend play kitchen that will make your kids want to grill their own barbecue food.

Brand: Augtoy

👤It was a huge disappointment that I didn't get this for my niece's birthday. The smoke simulation never happened because we followed the directions. It tells you to shake the toy to get the smoke simulation to work. It stopped working after only a few minutes of the crackling sound of the grill. I contacted the company and haven't heard back. It was fine when I ordered it for my nephew last year. After they were on vacation, the company sent me a replacement set for free. They reached out after it was delivered to make sure it worked. I'm happy to report that it works. The steam started after a short time and I didn't know there was a light. The company made it right. I am very appreciative and my niece is as well.

👤The first set did not make steam, so I asked for a new one. The instructions were clearer in the second set. You need to fill the reservoir with water and wait a few minutes for the enclosed sponge to get saturated, then, and this part is important! You need to refill the tank. It worked! The first one did not work so it has to be returned. My 5 year old grandson loves it.

👤It worked great when I opened it. The "smoker" stopped working for a while when kids were using it. I returned it because I thought it would work all the time, and it was cute, but worth the money. If you don't care about the smoke factor, it's cute. I bought it because the items to the grill aren't very good.

👤I bought this for my 2 year old and she loves it even though she doesn't play with it the right way. The description says it does everything. I was impressed with the smoke. She says hot even though it's cool. She gets the idea that it's supposed to be cooking. The price for this toy is great. I would recommend it.

👤My granddaughter bought this for Christmas and has been playing with it nonstop, she loves playing restaurant and pretending to cook for us. She feels like she is cooking just like her dad does on his grill when she pretends smoke and sound.

👤This has been a great purchase for our grandson. He uses it nonstop after it was received. You don't need to replace the batteries often. We have not had any issues with it. He spends hours grilling steak, chicken, corn, and other items after we traded out the small choking hazard accessories for others.

👤I got this for my son to play with, it's a fun bbq toy. This bbq has a hotdog ball on the stick and sauce bottle. The bottle has a hole in it that you can squeeze the water into. The smoke from the machine will come up with the sounds of a barbecue, which is cool. It feels like a real bbq machine, but only for the kid to play. My son uses this to cook for me.

2. SNAEN Experiments Educational Discover Packaging

SNAEN Experiments Educational Discover Packaging

At Learn & Climb, your satisfaction is always their top priority, and all of their products have a 30-day return policy, which means your child can experience their new top selling kids science kits completely risk-free. Recommended for ages 1-8. Children can become a scientist, create rainbow rain, erupt volcanoes, rainbow fountains, bottle blowing balloons, and discover the mystery of science with the Explore 30 Scientific Experiments. Kids can easily open the bottles for experiments and close the lid to continue playing with the chemicals, which makes the chemicals not easy to oxidize and use again. The professional scientific guidance card contains 15 colorful science experiment instruction cards that show the steps and scientific principles of 30 experiments, which will help your little scientist to be more confident in their work. The Learning in Play is a great gift for Christmas or birthday events for boys and girls over 3 years old. It makes children focus on the fun of exploration and discovery and stimulates their scientific interest through fun scientific experiments. They provide safe and durable scientific tools for 30 experiments, including 1 goggles, 8 bottles of chemical materials, 4 large test tubes with scales, 5 measuring spoons, 7 measuring cups, 1 funnel, 3 droppers, 6 balloons, and 1 table tennis. Water and oil are not included.

Brand: Snaen

👤The kit looks great when you open it. Your kid chooses an experiment and you start to get frustrated. There are so many great measuring tools that the instructions say things like "add 1/3 of water" or "add a spoon of X" We tried the experiment 3 times. It says to add a few spoons of acid. Why not say the exact amount? The balloon shot off when we tried 3 spoons. The balloon shot off when we tried 2 spoons. We tried a spoon and the balloon wouldn't blow up. We tried Volcanic Eruption, even though I hate messes. My little scientist and I are very disappointed and she hasn't asked to do any more experiments since they probably won't work. There is an edit. DownGRADE from two stars to one. I was offered a $20 refund by the company to change my review. Nope. There was a revision on 11/09/2018: I was offered $20 by the company to remove my review.

👤The seller has contacted me at least 15 times this November. Purchase product at a cost. I have filed a case with Amazon because the seller has contacted me seven times by email. The seller tried to get me to change my review. My review was honest and kind. I don't recommend purchasing from this seller. There is a The box was in good condition. There were broken items in the box. It isn't good when you want science experiments with those contents. The whole kit seemed very cheap. Was a present? So it was returned.

👤The set for my granddaughter was nicely packaged and organized. The instructions for the experiments are the only negative I have seen in the kit. They are confusing. The first experiment gives you 5 different spoons. Which one? It said to fill the tube with water. The tubes are marked in millimeters. 10 drops of detergent is not included, but it does say what kind of detergent. We made it through experiment number one even with the instructions, and she lived it. We will probably repeat the 29 other ones. I give this a 8 out of 10 and would recommend it.

👤The kit was written by someone who doesn't understand science and doesn't understand English. I am a physicist and it is hard to know what to do when reading directions. You can assume that your kids aren't going to learn a lot when your kit includes rainbow candy,magic sand, andcolor changing flower. Save money and buy a kit that is written by someone who understands both science and English.

👤I bought this for an aspiring scientist. He is going to love this set. It comes with some great experiments, and unlike other science kits the whole set is re-usable so he can use it over and over again for whatever idea he has. The set alone has a huge amount of items to work with, but the photo shows a few extra beakers and graduated cylinders that I bought in addition to the set. There are two more baggies full of experiment supplies and a book of experiments inside the blue storage tub. I would suggest this to any kid or adult who is interested in science experiments.

3. Melissa Doug Wooden Make Cake

Melissa Doug Wooden Make Cake

4 AA batteries are required. The wooden make-a-cake mixer set contains a mixer, bowl, sliceable wooden egg and butter, loaf, cake pan, pretend cake mix box, cake pan, wooden knife, and recipe. Realistic SPINNING ACTION: The pretend kitchen has a mixer bowl that spins when children turn the hand-crank. Helping to develop multiple skills. The Make-a-Cake Set encourages creativity and imaginative play. The Wooden Make-a-Cake Mixer Set is a great gift for kids 3 and up. The role-play costume set from theMelissa & Doug Chef will make for an engaging option for screen-free fun. For more than 30 years, the creators of imagination- and creativity-sparking products have been called the gold standard in early childhood play.

Brand: Melissa & Doug

👤I had to buy my boys their own mixer because they love it and want to help whenever we use it. They love it! It's not "girly", boys like to help in the kitchen too.

👤I liked this at first. My daughter was not a huge fan of it, but she was happy to get it. The kids play with it. The paint chips on doug products are bad. In 6 months, it was all put together. That is not right for me. I would like to have to buy the same toy over and over. We spend a lot of money on toys, but also box them up and use them. We keep up with the toys from up to 5 years ago. I like those kinds of products. You don't have to worry about replacing the one's because they can give you a lifetime of fun. I say go for the rubbery food and play with the wood. It was made to last. The mixer is still usable, but the rest was thrown away.

👤I bought this for my child. It's a pretty impressive gift with all the things a baker would need. The flaw in the design is that you can't put anything into the bowl and mix, so the handle gets stuck. The bowl needs to be bigger or smaller. It would have been better if kids could mix the ingredients in the bowl to make a batter.

👤My boys love to cook. They help me all the time. The toy mixer we had was not able to hold up. They loved it so much that they took weeks to die. I went looking for something stronger after they realized that mom snuck it away. The wood mixer in this set is stupider than the previous ones and it has wood ingredients for a cake. There would be less fighting after I bought two. The kids love them. They make cakes and watch tv.

👤I was so excited for my niece to play with this toy. I was more excited than she was. She loves helping in the kitchen. She helps prepare the food. This is a good toy for her age. I was worried that she wouldn't like it since it isn't real food, but I think the toddler imagination is correct. She uses a lot of the play kitchen at her grandma's house. She followed the recipe and mixed it all up with this toy. The mixer is very clever. This is a toy that is kept at a grandma's house because there are so many toys there. I think she will enjoy it for a long time.

👤This set is very well made. The mixer works well with the handle. The colors are bright. The knife is made of quality wood. The cardboard box is very strong. The only reason I give 4 stars is that the butter has a manufacturing flaw. The wood on butter pat is sunken into the wood due to the low level of the velcro. I might try for a new one. My daughter has special needs and it bugs her. It is a great purchase and a lot of fun.

4. Jumbo Kitchen Utensils Play Pretend

Jumbo Kitchen Utensils Play Pretend

Product type: Toby's games The IQ toys play kitchen set includes a cooktop, 2 frying pans, 2 pots, 2 lids, flat server, spatula, ladle, mesh skimmer, oven mitt, 4 cans, 2 spices, 12 food toys and more. The IQ toys play kitchen set includes a cooktop, 2 frying pans, 2 pots, 2 lids, flat server, spatula, ladle, mesh skimmer, oven mitt, 4 cans, 2 spices, 12 food toys and more. Whip up some fun! Put the stove on, fill the pots with ingredients, and have fun. It was really good! The adorable cooking set for kids will give kids a taste of what their parents do in the kitchen. Tasty Entertainment is all geared up for it. The variety of play food and the all-in-one kids kitchen accessories set will stir up imaginations. Kids will be fascinated by pretend and play. There is fun on the menu. The set caters to young imaginations. The possibilities are endless. Every time, playtime is a new experience. Quality and fun are the only ingredients of IQ toys. The ideal kitchen set for girls and boys is made from quality materials and is safe and sturdy.

Brand: Iq Toys

👤I loved the toys. There are no small pieces to choke on for my grand daughter who is only 14 months old. The little pots and pans are realistic. She likes to play with food items and put them in pots and stir with the spoons. It is a great gift idea for a child over the age of one.

👤It was a good fit. The sound is like boiling water. We love it!

👤My 3 year old loves playing in this kitchen play set. It is her favorite. The pans that come with it are sturdy and cute. I got this play set for her and I am very happy.

👤This set is recommended for every toy kitchen. My son loved it.

👤The kids seem to be holding up well. The pots and pans and plates are small, but kids seem to like them.

5. INNOCHEER Stainless Cookware Utensils Vegetables

INNOCHEER Stainless Cookware Utensils Vegetables

baketivity kids is a gift for the chef. The Baking Set is a great gift for a young chef. Whether it's a birthday, Christmas, or holiday, you are sure to make your kids happy. Wrap this up and be prepared to get the best smiles from them. There are 26 pieces in the complete kitchen set, including 3 pots and pans with 1 lid, 4 chef apron set, 6 cooking tools, 1 cutting board, and 1 plastic knife. Let children experience cooking and making food and have fun with it. The large size kids couture set is Approximate. The 23x19 inch is larger than any other on the market. The chef apron is pink with colorful polka dots and frilly edges and has an elastic band to fit a child's head. It should fit girls over 3 years old. The pumpkin, eggplant, fried egg, fish, corn, pepper, broccoli, carrot, tamato, and strawberry are some of the items on the kitchen playsets. Children can chop it into half pieces. It is not only fun, but also helps develop role play, sharing, and social skills by helping kids build motor skills and hand-eye coordination through play cutting foods. STAINLESS STEEL TOY POTS AND PANS IN PINK are made from real steel. It's super durable. Break-resistant. It is easy to use. It's the perfect size for kids, toddlers and children. The value pack is for girls and boys. It's perfect for cooking chef pretend play, role play, educational toy, early development, holiday toy for toddlers, school classroom prize, kids intelligent learning toys, Easter Stuffer, Birthday party or Festival and more.

Brand: Innocheer

👤This product is very good for value. The chef costume came with the set, so I thought I would have to buy it separately. The cut in half feature on the foods is fun. Comes with a lot of utensils and a nicer metal pot and pan. Even though my daughter is on the older side, she was still into it. Cool for siblings of different genders to play together. My daughter and son played together for a while. When my boys and girls play together, I think the toy is a score.

👤The kids cooking set is very well made. It is very realistic. There is a pot and a lid, two pans, an apron, and a pretend knife. My child loves to cut food with the play food, which has a piece in the middle with a piece that detaches. The cooking utensils are strong. My child's favorite part is putting on the apron because she now has a mom like that. The best gift ever.

👤My granddaughter loves the color of the pots and pans and they have a lot of space so we put real food in. When my granddaughter isn't here, I encourage people to purchase one for their girls and boys, I forgot when my grand sons were here, but they can also.

👤I was very impressed with how well made this is. Very strong. Really cute. The pink was very cute.

👤Great product! My daughters love it!

👤My child loves it. She puts on an apron and a little chef hat. The toys are cute and durable. My daughter is entertained for a while. We bought her a kitchen to use.

👤My daughter is dying to open this product, it is a Christmas gift.

👤I love this kitchen. The way the pot makes a bubbling sound when you put it on the burner and fry pan sizzles was a delight for my Granddaughter. There is a place for everything, plates, utensils, food and a microwave. She feels like she is a real cook. It was perfect!

👤My daughter likes this kit. She wears an apron and pretends to be a chef.

👤I love everything about it. My daughter loves it.

👤My daughter loves this.

👤It's nice but it starts peeling off after 2 days.

6. Baketivity Cooking Essential Pre Measured Ingredients

Baketivity Cooking Essential Pre Measured Ingredients

ChefSteps Joule Sous Vide might be in the package. Breville owns Chefsteps and the product is the same. The baketivity kids baking kit has all the dry ingredients needed to make hot pretzels. These are certified Kosher. The Cooking Set includes pre-measured ingredients, a complete grocery list, and a step-by-step guide that will make it easy for kids to make their own cookies. There are additional activity books in the box, as well as the Cookie Mix Set. Take advantage of their Pastry perks to bond with your kids while you wait for the cookies to bake. The Cookie Making Kit gives your children a fun activity while teaching them basic life skills. They can build their confidence and learn how to follow instructions. A gift for the chef. WANNABE. The baketivity kids baking set is the ideal gift for junior chefs. It will put a big smile on their faces.

Brand: Baketivity

👤The kit is pricey but the fun I had with my grandson was worth it. The convenience of having everything pre-measured made the experience go smoothly. The bright box and packaging caught my grandsons attention and he was excited to bake with his mom.

👤Being my first time buying these products, I was a little disappointed in the value for the money. They make cute gifts. We followed the instructions and the brownies came out a bit too good to be true. The baking time was off because the batter was missing something.

👤My 7-year old loves to cook and received this as a gift. I helped her with boiling the pretzels. I was surprised that the pretzels tasted really, really, really good. This is a great gift for a young chef.

👤These cake pops were delicious, I bought them to bake with my kids.

👤The ingredients are pre measured. Easy to navigate. Adults are needed to help with boiling water.

👤I bought this for them as a gift and they were very happy with it.

👤Only the ingredients were used. There is no recipe or instructions. There were no instructions posted online. A kid who is excited to bake something is pretty disappointing.

👤My daughter and I enjoyed baking the pretzels. The instructions were easy to follow.

7. Generic Ice Cream Trolly

Generic Ice Cream Trolly

Ages are 24 months to 8 years. The toyvelt premium ice-cream truck for kids combines colorful toys with an educational approach in order to help your kid learn while having fun. Their ice-cream trolley has 39 different toys for endless fun, including ice-cream cones, ice-lollies, lollipops, food, utensils, coins and more. The toyvelt educational ice-cream pretend play set will help your toddler develop hand-eye coordination, social skills and fine motor skills while playing. If you're looking for an interactive ice-cream cart set that comes with the ice-cream truck music and stunning lighting for your girl's birthday, look no further. 100% satisfaction! If you don't like their quality, they know that they will satisfy you first.

Brand: Toyvelt

👤The image of a toddler pushing a toy is a joke. My 3 year old is pushing a toy. It's the same size as my foot. The kids cry when the accessories fall out when the top of the trolly doesn't stay on. What a joke. Definitely going to send this back. The seller should be ashamed. There are jerks.

👤Cute toy. Very small, made cheaply.

👤I know this item is cheap, but my mom said you have to pay for what you get. The photo of the child pushing is not accurate. The toy is not that big. It is not possible to push it while standing. It is small and easy to fall apart. Anything that is supposed to come together doesn't, and continues to come apart. I won't be returning it because my toddler doesn't know the difference. I wouldn't buy this for anyone.

👤My granddaughter loves this. We play together all the time. She tried to charge me 4 dollars for ice cream. I do not allow her to get away with it.

👤If you need something simple and cheap for a young child and don't care about quality or safety, then this is fine. I wouldn't give this to someone. I wouldn't be impressed with this as a gift to my kids, and would probably toss it after a week. There is a We needed to clean up the pay area so we got this. The toy is too small for kids approaching 3 years old and there are a few pieces that are a choking hazard for kids under 2 years old. It seems like there is a sweet spot for this toy. These are the perfect size and shape to get in your mouth and throat, but be very hard to get out if they choke, and I'm not much of a risk taker with my kids and their safety. I'm not trying to be that reviewer, but I'm very fair with reviews, but with how cheap this is and the choking hazard. I would spend your extra money on the wooden ice cream shops that cost $50 or so. We have some. I think it's the right move and I'll be expanding on it.

👤My kids loved it. It took two weeks for a wheel to break off and be put back on. The lid popped off all the time because it was not very sturdy and the little pieces flew off the top. There is a The cart is now trash, but my kids still play with it. The lighting up and the music was cute. I didn't check the dimensions before ordering but anyone older than 1yr old would have to be on their knees to push this thing around. I have a 5yr old and a 2yr old who mostly carried it around because of the challenges of pushing and tgings falling off. The colors of the items are very vivid, they are great little pieces for stimulating the imagination and have been used in many a tea party at my house.

8. MCFANCE Pretend Stethoscope Medical Imagination

MCFANCE Pretend Stethoscope Medical Imagination

We will give you a full refund if you are not completely entertained by this toy for girls and boys. The kit is suitable for developing basic motor skills and helping your child reduce their anxiety. They can learn something about the responsibilities and equipment of a doctor every day. The kit will last for a long time. The kit can be washed after being taken to a party. Helping the parent-child bond and basic motor skills, the kit is a choice for preschoolers who want something more imaginative than a simple car or baby doll. A stethoscope. Comes with a stethoscope and soft silicone earplugs for children's ears. The dress-up set will allow your child to be completely immersed in their imagination. The US Toy Standards are successful because of non-toxic toys. It assures the safety of your children. The kit has an added benefit of light effects. The top kids' doctor kits will be a great gift. This is the perfect gift for a child. The doctor play set has 48 medical tools and gadgets and is educational to young children.

Brand: Mcfance

👤Awesome gift! I have twin 3 year olds, and I usually have to buy 2 of everything because there isn't enough fun for them to share. There is a This product works. There is a There is a lot. I was impressed by the tools included that allowed me to explain further medical jargon to my children. There is a But the real kicker is real stethoscope! There is a It only came with one problem, but there were so many other cool things in the box that they were okay to share. That should say something. There is a Don't be on the fence about it. With their pre k starting virtually because of covid, I wanted more things that they could find in a normal pre k classroom available to them, and this was perfect.

👤I would have returned it if my granddaughter hadn't been here. She was fascinated by the number of pieces, but they are very cheap. The "syringe" is three times the size of the IV bottle. Easter stickers are in the band aides shape. The case is small and there is no way that all the pieces will come back in it. A piece of junk is very expensive.

👤I paid a little more for this set because I wanted it to be better than what I can get at the store. I was wrong. The pieces were broken in the pictures. I expected some pieces to be useless and junk, but almost all of them were. The clipboard was dangerous for my child because it was in pieces. I don't want to take the stethoscope away from her because she ripped through the whole box on her birthday. So disappointed.

👤The toys inside were dirty and were cheap to make. The toys have black stuff on them. The stethoscope is the only good thing in the kit. If you have a mixed age range of children and one of them will put stuff in his/her mouth, I wouldn't recommend the stethoscope. If you choose to purchase, good luck. I want a refund.

👤My 2.5 year old is obsessed with everything doctor, so I decided to get this for her because of all the reviews and the fact that it had more toys than other sets. I was determined to return it, but my LO got very excited and opened everything. The shot broke after the toothpaste button stopped working. I realized that not everything on there is useful. The stethoscope works. She likes it, but I wish the quality was better.

👤The most adorable thing ever. I bought this for my kids. I had to open it to make sure everything was okay. I loved it! I opened it in front of my boyfriend and we became little kids. We are grown adults and we play with everything. The kids loved it. I looked at the toys with the kids. Some of the items work. The stethoscope can hear heartbeats. The flashlight has a battery included. It is really cool and comes with a small carrying case.

9. Melissa Doug Stainless Pretend Kitchen

Melissa Doug Stainless Pretend Kitchen

For more than 30 years, the creators of imagination- and creativity-sparking products have been called the gold standard in early childhood play. The play set for kids is made of hand polished stainless steel and includes a colander, pot with lid, 2 pans, 2 wooden utensils, and a rack. The riveted handles are designed with the highest safety standards and hold on tight. It's especially sized for kids. Their pots and pans are of the highest quality, but have been sized specifically for kids, so they feel like real pros when cooking. For kids ages 3 and up, the Stainless Steel Pots & Pans Play Set is a great gift, as is the Melissa & Doug Kitchen accessory set. The gold standard in childhood play has been created for more than 30 years by the duo of Doug and Melissa.

Brand: Melissa & Doug

👤I bought this one because I compared it to all the other options. When our daughter was 15 months old, we bought it, and she banged them most of the time. No dents! She stands on her learning stool and cooks with these on the counter while we cook, now that she is almost two years old. They are awesome! She loves to cook and eat her creations and sometimes we put snacks in them. To her, stirring in a pot or pan. There is a They get banged around a lot. They hold up well and haven't cracked yet. When she smashes a piece of broccoli or cheese, they get really bad. We put them in the dishwasher and heated them up. Voila! Brand new! There is a They came with a rack that we love. Kidkraft's utensils were made of steel. The soft wood spatulas here were a better option for her because she sometimes bites down on them. Great but. Hopefully this will help other parents and caregivers make a decision. Bon appetit!

👤The set is sturdy and cute. I threw that one away because my baby is only 2 years old and would never use it. People who thought this was an actual set gave the bad reviews. $19 for two pans, a pot and a strainer? Don't allow them to make you double guess this one. If your child decides to play the drums with them, they are quite noisy since they are made of steel. Highly recommended!

👤The pots and pans are nice. The kids are playing drums. Is the metal rack really necessary? It is a bear trap. I'll be turning off the lights for the night, and my foot will get caught in the metal rack. I'm lucky I didn't break something. It would make more sense if it had mounting holes in the back of the rack, but it's obvious that this was designed to sit on the ground, waiting to make you fall and get a hernia in the middle of the night.

👤A baby photo shoot was done at home. It turned out to be cute. At 11 months, he loves this set. There are chews on the spoons. The pots have bangs on them. Good purchase!

👤My 8 year old had 2 sets of friends. The bamboo utensils are a nice touch and the Master Chef Jr. Carryall makes for a great display. I feel like I should be cooking on them. Great product.

👤Great set! So happy with this toy. After reading the reviews on the web, my husband and I decided to give it a try. My daughter likes them. It's perfect for baking. It's perfect for a drum set. They are fun in the tub, and I think they're really steel. We have had them exposed to water and never had any rust. She loves putting them in her mouth. I was wary of them being made in China, but they are a solid toy and true to the description of what they are made of.

10. Power Your Fun Unicorn Robot

Power Your Fun Unicorn Robot

It was made from high quality material. It's ideal for children 9 months and older. The Robot Pets toy is a fun remote control toy that is fun to play with and a great companion toy for kids ages 3 and up. You can play with your toy in Adventure Mode, where it can navigate a room on its own, or in Gesture Mode, where it can be guided with simple hand motions. You can learn basic programming skills with the included program treats, feed your robot with various program treats to create a sequence of moves, and see its LEDs light up in delight. Kid-friendly RC toy robot is made with high quality materials and comes with a remote control. They will give you a full refund if you are not completely entertained by this toy for girls and boys.

Brand: Power Your Fun

👤My 10 year old granddaughter received this as a birthday gift. She likes it. I think it's her favorite gift.

👤This one is cool. It needs to charge like a phone, but the functions are great and the design is pretty. My 5-year-old is not old enough to get all the programmability just yet. I like that it will be a toy that she can grow with. Very happy with the purchase. Thank you "SANTA" for the gift!

👤I tried it for the first time and it didn't work, but since it was a gift for my daughter, we weren't able to return it. My daughter was very upset. My daughter could not be happier that the company reached out to me and sent a replacement, and they did. This one did work, but I was concerned that it was too complicated for a 5 year old to understand, and it frustrated her. I would recommend it to an older child. My 8 year old had a lot of fun with it. It is a fun toy and for the price, it is a great buy if you have kids that are patient. I changed my stars to 5 stars because they contacted me and offered a replacement. It is worth the money. It is fun to play with a great company and their product is amazing to me.

👤The seller contacted me immediately to address my issues with the robot. The seller is passionate about customer service and appreciates every idea. They sent a brand new unicorn to me a week after my original review stated the issues I was having with the remote. The new remote was better than the old one, but they sent me the old one and the new one to use. In case anyone with two girls was wondering about purchasing two, I am unsure if there is a way to change the frequencies at which the remotes work to be controlled separately. This toy is fun and amazing. It's so affordable! Your child will love this as a gift, no matter their age. I'm glad there are sellers on Amazon who stand behind their products, no matter what happens. I've had bad luck with other purchases here, but this seller made me and my daughter completely satisfied. I bought this for my daughter's Christmas present. She wanted a robot that made noise. The reviews were mixed, but I was excited to find this. I thought it would be worthwhile. There is a I knew I was going to test it out when it arrived. The messy hair of the mane was the worst boxed presentation of a toy I've ever seen. I didn't take a picture of that, but I braided it and it was easy to do. The "treats" also plug into the mouth with a charging device. The treats have photos of commands on them, and if you click the horn on the unicorn it has three modes. There is a I wish it had a better remote. There is a The only function of the remote that works all the time is the dance button, which is pretty cool. The light on the top part doesn't glow like it should, just the one random button shown in the photos. Most of the time the buttons are stuck on the inside. I got this because of the remote. There is a I don't know if I just got a bad remote or if everyone has the same issue, but it's still a pretty cool toy. In the first mode it will follow your hand, in the second mode it will dodge things in the way, and in the third mode you make it do certain things in order. If she doesn't line it up perfectly it will break.

11. GILOBABY Cookware Accessories Vegetable Toddlers

GILOBABY Cookware Accessories Vegetable Toddlers

The material is made of high quality material, smooth edges, and no sharp edges on every accessory, which makes itdurable to endure your kids throwing, dropping, or banging them around while playing and pretending. The kitchen accessories include colorful cookware pots and pans, egg, cabbage, carrot, chili pepper, water melon, crab, toy kitchen knives and cooking utensils. Cutting and peeling. The cutting board and toy kitchen knives are included in the pretend play kitchen. The egg and corn can be peeled which makes it a realistic experience for your kids. Skills Development: The pretend play kitchen playset will spark hours for kids of imagination in play, developing hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, color identification and creativity, which is very helpful for their intelligence and self-confidence. If you're looking for an educational and exciting gift for a birthday, Christmas or festival, then you'll love their kids cooking toys. Everyone is allowed to join in the fun with GILOBABY when playing with family and friends. The child safety and quality assured is made of child-friendly material and has a smooth edge. If you're not completely satisfied with their items, they'll give you a 12-month warranty and friendly customer service.

Brand: Gilobaby

👤Cute pots and pan set. I love the colors. Love that the play good can be cut in half and come with a spatula and spoons.

👤I bought this for my granddaughter. She chose it with me on the site. She is in love with the set. She cuts the fruit and vegetables and stirs the pot. She is able to cook like her parents. Buy it!

👤I have never come across a better kids pots/pans set. They are by far the biggest I have found and are very realistic. Not a single flaw was found. There is a variety of sizes. The material makes them a great set for any age.

👤I love these! My 2 year old is confused as to why we would cook the cute fish.

👤My niece and I had a good time at Christmas. She just wanted the pots and pans in the kitchen. It's perfect for a play kitchen. The colored pots and pans made them perfect for color identification. A great resource for learning and development.

👤This set is great. It is fun and educational because it is color matched. She likes the bright colors and plays with them. Great purchase!

👤Cute. My granddaughters kitchen was ordered. Looks great. Well packed. Would you recommend it?

👤The food is good.

👤A good variety of pots and pans. My boys love playing with them. The value is worth it.


What is the best product for cooking toys for kids ages 3-5?

Cooking toys for kids ages 3-5 products from Augtoy. In this article about cooking toys for kids ages 3-5 you can see why people choose the product. Snaen and Melissa & Doug are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking toys for kids ages 3-5.

What are the best brands for cooking toys for kids ages 3-5?

Augtoy, Snaen and Melissa & Doug are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking toys for kids ages 3-5. Find the detail in this article. Iq Toys, Innocheer and Baketivity are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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