Best Cooking Toys for Girls

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1. STEAM Life Accessories Toddlers Cookware

STEAM Life Accessories Toddlers Cookware

TOY Life Guarantee: Buy with confidence. They will replace your toy at no charge if it gets damaged within the first year of ownership. Any issues or broken parts associated with the set are covered. They will replace your set if you reach out to them through the Amazon messaging system. They are so confident in their products that they stand by them. The Complete Kids Kitchen accessories set includes different cooking toys. They added some seasoning like tomato sauce, chocolate milk sauce, and ketchup to the upgraded kitchen set to make it more fun to cook pretend play. The toys come with different vegetables, fruits, fast foods, seafood and desert. The kitchen toys for girls and boys are designed with smooth edges, and are made of ABS material. They put the safety of their children first. The kitchen toy has a smooth edge and is suitable for children. The play food for toddlers are easy to cut and have great craftsmanship. The magic sticks on the food make it fun to cut it and play with it. Their kids cooking set is a great tool for role-playing to learn life skills and help improve fine motor skills while improving cognitive abilities. Keeping kids away from TV and computers helps increase flexibility and stimulation. Parents can interact with their children to teach them how to cook safe and to help them become your little kitchen assistant. There is a STEAM Life Guarantee. Buy with confidence. They will replace your toy kitchen accessories at no charge if they break within the first year of ownership. You can contact STEAM Life through the Amazon message system.

Brand: Steam Life

👤It's a great addition for a play kitchen. The fruits and veggies are cut and sliced with the help of the Velcro. Great for motor and hand eye development.

👤I like the variety of items it has. It was a good buy because my son likes it.

👤The 4 year old that received it lived it.

👤This is fun. Sturdy pieces! They are plastic, but the pieces are much stronger than other sets I've seen. The toddler is sized! The pieces are easy to grab and play with. The pieces are being cut. The food pieces are connected with a string. If you want your toddler to enjoy some water play, you should put kettle pots and hold water in your home. There is a large variety of play food. What could be better? There were no labels on the condiments I received. The toddler did not notice. The board is too small. Toddler just cuts food on the table or wherever we hid it. This arrives in a cardboard box. The plastic is wrapped in a bag. If you remove the items from the grungy box they will put them in a nice one. Customer reviews affect my purchases. If this was helpful for you, please let me know by clicking on theHelpful button.

👤There are a lot of good things about this toy cooking set. I will mention the top three reasons to get it. 1. Grows imagination. The old fashioned way to play with toys is to use your imagination. Less time spent plugged into the TV, games, tablets, and other electronic devices is always a good thing. 2. Bond more. I haven't seen a child that doesn't want to believe they're fixing food for their parents. Our little girl loves cooking. My Wife and I pretend to be at her imaginary restaurant to place orders for her stuffed animals. Parent-child time is more valuable than gold. It's a good idea to order a set of toys like this to make sure you get plenty of them while they're young. 3. Competitive prices. I'm pretty sure the fake food and ingredient toys are made in China. Most of these sets look the same. This set seems to be a bit cheaper than similar sets. If you order this one, you will get more bang for your buck. Let's get it out of the way. These are inexpensive toys. I'm talking about Dollar Tree. Family Dollar type of toys. They're okay, at best. Your child won't care about that. They don't have to be very realistic. They can look cheap. It's how they use their imagination. A blanket draped over a few chairs can become a fort or a house. Our daughter can play with this set for hours. One of the hidden joys of parenting is watching your child think out loud and talk out small scenes when they aren't really thinking about anyone watching. Go ahead and place an order. They'll provide tons of entertainment, but they're pretty basic toys. Quality family time spent bonding is something you can't put a price on.

2. KaeKid Accessories Cookware Electronic Induction

KaeKid Accessories Cookware Electronic Induction

3 AA batteries are required for the simulation kitchen toy. The batteries are not included. The buttons in the right are decorations and the buttons in the left are ON/OFF. The KaeKid Toy Kitchen accessories are made from non-toxic plastic and smooth edges, so your children will enjoy cooking in the kitchen. The kitchen playset includes pots and pans, pressure cooker, kettle, utensils, condiments, bowl and cup, cutting board, plate, food vegetable and seafood. Give your child a real cooking experience by cutting the onion, tomato, eggplant, carrot and crab. There are three modes of cooking: stir fry, boil water, and soup. You can increase or decrease the firepower with different modes. Children can have fun playing with a simulation kettle that has a spout and can be filled with water. The Pretend cooking set is a perfect learning tool. Kids will like pretending they're making a meal. Encourages children to use their imaginations, develop eye coordination and play with objects. Best gift for holidays, birthday party or Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, New Year, Party Favors, Prizes and so on. It is suitable for 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 year old children.

Brand: Kaekid

👤It was in good condition when it arrived. The sounds and lights are wonderful. There are lots of pieces for the money. My granddaughters will love it.

👤Our grandson loved to serve tea and dinner on the grill. It is a cute set. They loved cutting vegetables and crab. All afternoon, I played with it.

👤My granddaughter had fun with it. She was slicing the tomato. There is an update. A new set was sent out after the seller contacted them.

👤This is a 2 in 1 set and stay with me. I can tell you what's going on. Absolutely a 5 star set and a little kitchen simulation. The stove top with its 2 smaller size options make it easy for littles to move or carry. There is no wrong way to use the battery operated noises. Kids will get a sound response. There is a You will see 5 velcro food in the photos. These are the best items I have ever seen, with bright colors and fun details. The complete set includes the stove top, pots, and cooking utensils, and they are all of the highest quality. It's worth the $20 price point. This is all the set needs. There is a The rest of the items are food, flatware, and plates. The other pieces are not the same quality as these. These are a dollar store that is hollow and bendable. This isn't a bad thing. It is as if these are quantity filler pieces that act like an add-on bonus. These may allow for more imagination options. They are fun extras to have, but I wish they were more substantial to match the rest. Having said all that. This set is one of the best I have seen. This allows your child to learn about color match, size and shape differences, and it will help with fine motor skills. Our workday is 13mo. You will be surprised how much they can absorb given the opportunity, as they carefully put each item in a pot with a lid on top and then matches correctly back together. The pot handle is shown in the photo above. It is the only item one must assemble, and it is ready to go out of the box with x3 AA batteries. Sorry, it was so long winded... Stay safe, hope this helps in your decision.

👤PIECES fall off! I threw out half of the set on the first day. There are dangers to playing with this around younger siblings, even for older kids who may play with this around younger siblings. I threw the broken pieces out. The pans were kept without the lids. It's a bit Meh. There is a The grill takes 3 AA batteries, but should be able to take 2. After a while, my grandchild wanted the beeps turned off. There is a There are other toys in the kitchen set that don't take 3 batteries to work. Can't recommend.

👤My 2.5 year old grandson loves playing with toys. It's perfect for winding down before bed. He plays quietly or makes us dinner. It was great for the price.

3. Shimirth Pretend Accessories Utensils Toddlers

Shimirth Pretend Accessories Utensils Toddlers

Perfect gift for kids is wooden toys that are suitable for play. Toddler cooking set is the best gift for preschoolers and toddlers for birthdays, if you are not satisfied, it is made of wooden food and nylon buckles, which makes a "crunchy" sound when the children cut the food toys, which can bring the children a realistic feeling. 38 The kitchen toYS are part of the piece. There are 38 pretend kitchen toys for girls and boys that include play pots and pans sets, toy kitchen cookware, cutting board, toy knives set, canned pretend food, drink, pizza toy food set, and much more to provide endless hours of fun. Creative and engagement are included. Their kids cooking sets come with unique canned foods and condiments along with a full pot and pan set, pressure cooker, and special pizza that can be cut, and much more to make pretend play engaging and realistic to keep your little one interested for longer. The kitchen set for kids is exclusive to Shimirth. The kids cooking set helps promote hand-eye coordination, color recognition, and learn more about cooking by encouraging your children to use their imagination and creativity while teaching them about different cookware, colors, and foods. It's safe and swift. Their cookware toy kitchen sets for kids are made using sturdy plastic with rounded edges to ensure they are both safe and sturdy for everyday play. Their knife set is made to handle daily space for kids, and it's not easy to break it off. If you are looking for a fun and educational gift for girls and boys, then their kids cooking set is for you. The kids kitchen accessories are the perfect gift for any occasion you have in mind.

Brand: Shimirth

👤I bought this set for my daughter, she loves playing with food sets. I was looking for plastic food with pots and pans and without a lot of pieces, the colour of this one appealed to me and it was very well put together. My daughter opened it from the box and went crazy. The size is perfect, not too big or small. The food is realistic and well made, where she pretends to cut vegetables and fruit, the knives are very sturdy and not too cheap, this is one of my child's favourite toy sets. All in all, buy it!

👤We loved this set initially, so I will start this review by saying that! We found it wasn't very durable. My son isn't usually on things. The first day we pretended to cut the vegetables in the set. The pot lid handle came off and became a hazard. My son had it in his mouth. These are cute and have a good variety of items, but I wish they were more durable.

👤My class was very picky when they didn't like something. They used the pots and pans every day.

👤This set is fast for the price. My grandson is a big fan of it. It has everything for a kitchen and is well made. Would definitely recommend!

👤I ordered this for my nephew because he loves pretending to serve food. This order was very good. I love it! These will make more memories.

👤The plastic bottles and containers of food are sturdy and the granddaughter loves playing with them. I am happy I bought it.

👤My kids loved this set with our new kitchen set. The plastic is decent and the price is great.

👤My daughter likes this. The product is fun and durable.

4. Pretend Kitchen Cookware Utensils Toddlers

Pretend Kitchen Cookware Utensils Toddlers

A Kids Kitchen Pretend Playset is a perfect gift for Birthday Parties, Pretend and Role Play, Classroom rewards, Holiday Toy Gifts, Christmas Gifts, New Year and more. The kitchen play toys are realistic. Pretend play cookware makes a sound when cooking, kettle simulation can be filled with water, spout can be pulled out and meat can be skewered on sticks. It provides a realistic experience for your kids. Perfectly Sized For Little hands. The cooker comes with lights and sound for hours of fun. The Rich Kitchen accessories. 39 pieces are included in the kitchen toys for toddlers. Kids kitchen set accessories include pressure pot, pans, kettle, barbecue grill and skewers, utensils and cookware, cutting board, toy kitchen knives and cutlery accessories. The set encourages imagination, dexterity, and creative play, and teaches your children to be mother's little helpers. The Most Wanted Gift for Kids is made from safe, premium ABS materials. A wonderful holiday gift, picnic play, birthday party, Christmas, party favors, prize, etc. It's great for interactive play. It would be a great gift for the little chef.

Brand: Jumplanma

👤Are these cooking supply's for a mouse? Money is wasted.

👤It was a small amount. He loves it.

5. Kitchen 72PCS Pretend Toddlers Accessories Utensils

Kitchen 72PCS Pretend Toddlers Accessories Utensils

The kid's kitchen knives set makes cooking more interesting. If your preschool children are at least 4 years old, they can use them under adult supervision. The package includes a nylon plastic knife, gloves, and a cutting board. The PCS Play Kitchen toys set has 72 pieces, more than any similar set. A pan, a pot, a pressure cooker, a kettle, and various cutting toys are included. Colorful play fruit and vegetables can be cut and peeled, the cutting toys make a loud chopping noise, which is a realistic experience for your kids. The cooking playset promotes kids' hand-eye coordination. Stimulate their creativity and imagination! Just share the joy of cooking with your kids and teach them to be mother's little helpers. The pretend kitchen toy set is odor-free and non-toxic, and will not harm children. It is resistant to falling and impact and can be used for playing. Birthday Party, New Year, Halloween, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, Children's Day, Easter, Baby Shower and School Classroom activity are perfect gifts for all of them.

Brand: Admisia

👤I only had two vegetables that could be cut, and all of the others were missing. The pots and pans are toddler sized, it is much smaller than the pictures. All non-Velcro foods are small. Thin cheap plastic on the dishes and some of the food will not be very durable and feels like something you would get at a dollar store. For the price? I wouldn't recommend it. I didn't have time to buy another set, so I'm keeping it.

👤Two of the pots were dirty, but the pieces came with decent quality. There are several produce items missing from our box. You might get less than 72 pieces. My kids love the pieces that are here, so I am not returning it.

👤Some of the items were small, like the milk and chocolate desserts, but the food was large and the utensils and plates were good size. You get what you pay for.

👤Pots are good. It feels like it's from several companies. Some are thin and sturdy.

👤My granddaughter loved playing in the kitchen. The tea kettle broke when it fell on the floor.

👤Not the best for bigger 3 yer olds.

👤My 4 year old daughter was excited to play kitchen after getting this set. I get a box that doesn't have anything in it to open. It's covered in hair, the bottoms are black from previous use, and the food pieces are so small it looks like I bought her mini brand toys.

6. Kramow Role Play Development Learning Toddlers

Kramow Role Play Development Learning Toddlers

The ideal gift for kids isRole Play, Educational Toy, Early Development, Holiday Toy for Toddlers, School Classroom Prize, Kids Intelligent Learning toys, Birthday party or Christmas gifts and more. Playtime can be created for hours of fun. A cutting food playset includes various vegetables and fruits, seafood,eggs,cutting board, two kitchen knife and a vegetable basket. Children can cut fruits, veggies, and fish with a toy knife. Food toys are realistic looking and durable. The pieces can be held together with the bolts, but they can be pulled apart or sliced with a plastic knife. Wooden play foods are colorful and have lots of varieties in the veggies and fruits, all pieces are large enough that kids can't put it in completely and swallow it. It is a child-safe toy. Great learning toYS. It's a great way to learn about fruits and vegetables. A cutting toy is a great learning tool. Help children to develop their movement, coordination, and vocabulary by teaching them how to use it. They are great for imaginative play, sensory input, small motor development, and fine motor skills. Children can play independently or engage in peer play.

Brand: Kramow

👤This is a nice set. It comes with a lot of things to cut, and so far it's been one of my kids favorites to play with. The items are small and perfect for little hands. There is a This is a good set. I would recommend other parents to them.

👤My baby loves cooking in the kitchen set. I bought this set because I want to have a better variety of items to eat and stop eating the same things everyday. My baby can be just like my parents when we're in the kitchen with this set that comes with fruits, veggies and meats, a cutting board and a fruit peeler. The food in this set is in two halves, but each half is stuck together with a piece of velcro. When you use the knife to cut it, it makes my baby think she is cutting each item in half. She is cooking with us and not pretending.

👤My 2 year old loves this addition to his play kitchen. He is not able to give that resistance because the Velcro is not strong enough. The shrimp is the only one that doesn't break. He has spent hours matching pieces, taking them apart, and cooking. It comes with more than most sets offer, including a cutting board and fruit peeler. His last set only had one knife and a lot of fruits and veggies. There is a The basket helps him carry them all around the house. He loves them so much that he's going to bed with them.

👤I think the paint is non-toxic. It's a lot of bang for your buck. A full set of good quality kids food play toys for a steal of a deal is what I'm talking about. The color is vibrant and the velcro is a nice touch so that we can cut the fruits and veggies. I would like to have all wooden toys for my kids by the year 2024. There is no more cheap plastic. I will have met my goal of converting their toys to wood in no time if I can get more toys at this price point. It's a good thing that fingers crossed. This is a cute set that should be in the hands of everyone. The price for this set is very sweet.

👤This product is really good. The good! Excellent quality, great value and price! The package with love and care kept my kids occupied for about an hour. It's great for parents to play right out of the box. These are very good quality and wooden. It's easy to clean and fun. The bad Absolutely. Nothing! Over all! I highly recommend this product and will buy it again whenever I need a similar product. The product and brand are trustworthy.

👤The food play set is amazing. It is in a basket. The food is wrapped in plastic. There is a The pieces are very cute. My 3 year old twins are easy to break apart if the velcro sticks together firmly. The set comes with two sets of wooden knives and a wooden cutting board to practice cutting food. It is 10/10 recommend. The pieces don't need to be individually wrapped.

7. Sportsvoutdoors Kitchen Cooking Pretend Stuffers

Sportsvoutdoors Kitchen Cooking Pretend Stuffers

It's great for pretend play breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. Premium Material is made of high quality solid wood and is non-toxic for children to use. The painted pieces have realistic details. Kids three and older are sure to be happy. A set of wooden play eggs includes a box, yellow and white, and a carton box. The egg can be divided into 3 parts. It's perfect for introducing concepts of part and whole. Eggs kitchen toys can capture baby's attention, bring them more fun, and encourage imagination and creativity. As a stand-alone or as part of a play kitchen, it's fun and educational. A good toy food for kids to play with, as well as be a trinket in decorative rooms is a great Christmas gift. Children can write and paint on the wooden eggs at Christmas and use them to start games on a big lawn. If there is an issue with their egg toy set or service, please contact them. Customer satisfaction is what they value the most.

Brand: Sportsvoutdoors

👤The inside of yokes are very dangerous and should be considered by your child before buying them. There is a If your child doesn't put toys in their mouth, this is a solid product and the shop owners are incredible. They respond quickly and are happy to help.

👤These eggs are cute. Very small and sturdy. This says age 3 months and up. Most of the time not! My daughter is 2.5 and these were purchased for her. She started to choke after putting one in her mouth. Thank you, we were around. She and her brother are not allowed to play with these. These are for kids who are mature enough to not put them in their mouth.

👤The carton these eggs come in isn't sturdy, so first off I want to say that. It is similar to a real egg carton. My kids went crazy over this set. We got them a switch for Christmas so they could play with the eggs on Christmas Day. They walked the eggs around the house after putting a pillow in a mini shopping cart. When we asked what they were playing, my oldest said they were playing chicken fathers. .

👤My son had this for a day before the curtain ripped apart and he was not hard on toys. They are not really fitted. They don't like stick together and fall apart easily.

👤A lot smaller than real eggs could be a hazard.

👤Really small pieces. I wouldn't trust a toddler with these. Buying a set with larger eggs. The eggs are more orange. The carton is cute.

👤Eggs are very nice but carton is very flimsy for a 3yo to open and close frequently. He absolutely loved this gift. He likes to cook eggs and gather them so this works well in his kitchen.

👤Theyolk is smaller than I expected. My 16 month old kept putting them in her mouth. Otherwise cute. I wish they were whole eggs.

8. WHOHOLL Accessories Cookware Montessori Toddlers

WHOHOLL Accessories Cookware Montessori Toddlers

Natural Wood and Durable. The WHOHOLL Play Kitchen accessories are safe to use for toddlers. The wood set is likely to be the toys that kids will want to play with throughout their childhood. 14 pieces are easy to carry. The wooden play set comes with 14 pieces, including a cooker pot, frying pan, spices, spatulas, ladles, plates and forks. The kids play pots and pans set can be easily preserved with a storage bag. Round-edge design and smooth surface. The accessories in this kitchen set are designed with a round edge so there is no worry about hurting while playing. The toy kitchen set is a superior gift for birthday and any other festival because of its smooth surface. Happy Childhood and interest development are related. If you can get your child to focus on something they really like, which will allow them to taste the fruits of their labor, then you have accomplished something. Relationship enhancement and warm life are topics. The wooden play set can be played with parents, friends and classmates, so the kitchen set can help for relationship enhancement. The toys in a corner remind babies that they were loved and deserve a warm life.

Brand: Whoholl

👤The price is a bit steep, but they are very cute. My kids like playing with me. It would be a great gift.

👤These are made of wood. My 2 year old grand-daughter was very taken with them.

👤My 16 month old grandson loves them. They go well with his kitchen. His dad is the family cook, so it is adorable to see him at the stove. They are not made of plastic.

👤The toys are worth the price. The wood is durable. The kids play set kitchen is a great gift. I want to buy more wood toys. It is last way longer than cardboard or plastic toys.

👤A three year old didn't waste a second getting into a cooking class. She loved them! The wooden pieces were safe for play and durable. Great gift!

👤This is a nice set. I bought a safe for our granddaughter and it will hold up.

👤Some of the pieces need a little sanding.

👤I got this product for my niece and she absolutely loved it. The perfect size can last a long time.

9. Brzmio Cooking Baking Toddler Birthday

Brzmio Cooking Baking Toddler Birthday

We aim to provide the best product and service for their customers. If you are not satisfied with the size, functions, or anything else, just reach out to them and they will be happy to resolve any problems you may face to make you happy. Perfect Design Kids enjoy cooking toys in the kitchen because of the special designed kids cooking sets. The chef costume games will help build a relationship with your children. The kids baking set's chef apron contains cartoons like rainbown,sweet candy,white clouds and lovely red heart, which are suitable for boys and girls. Better than the pink color. The cooking set for kids is perfect for little chef role play. The kids chef hat and apron can be washed. Baking set for kids. Food grade baking tools are used. The baking set for kids has been approved. The qualified kids play dresses for their parents. There is no strange smell when girls play kitchen apron. Family time is fun. Simple cook and easy bake can be learned from the chef costume set. The kids will help mom and dad in the kitchen. You can spend time with your family. Kids could learn how to cook and explore their imaginations from the real cooking stuff. The gift-girls chef costume is wonderful. The play food sets are a great gift for a cooking starter. It's a smarter way to inspire the learning ability. The child should be under adult's supervision.

Brand: Brzmio

👤I purchased this for my niece and she's been enjoying it, even though I can't post pictures of her for privacy reasons. She has been helping her mom whenever she cooks or bakes because of the items in this bag. I highly recommend it for your kids or as a gift because it's not a back quality at all.

👤This is a great gift for a kitchen help. It's bright colors and cool tools will bring out the imagination in a child. It's perfect for a birthday or celebration because it's well made and came in a gift box. I would definitely recommend it.

👤My 4 year old granddaughter loves this. The sleeve gauntlets are a good idea to keep her sleeves clean. This looks very well made. I haven't washed it yet, but it looks like it will hold up.

👤My 3 year old granddaughter loves helping her mom cook and she loved this set! She has a cute kitchen set that she uses a lot.

👤A great present for a grandniece. She loves to cook with her father and grandmothers so she has protection from the top of her hair to the hem of her outfit.

👤My daughter loves this. It is cute and not cheap. It's perfect for the kids. Cute little mom.

10. Halloween Cooking Birthday Stocking Stuffers

Halloween Cooking Birthday Stocking Stuffers

Pretend toys are a perfect gift for kids. : Their pretend cooking playset has a realistic effect, funny sound, food pieces, and steam spray effect, and is easy to use. Role play is a great way to learn life skills. The cooking set gift will make the kids happy. A wonderful gift set for a birthday party. The set includes a apron, chef's hat, cookbook, oven glove, insulation pad, wooden spoon, whisk, Rolling pin, 5 measuring spoon, 3 scrapers and 4 cookie cutters. The kids' basic cooking and baking game needs can be met with a CPC certificate. Kids don't know how to cook. Do not worry! Kids baking set has a well-designed and bound cookbook, which introduces 10 different food preparation methods through the most simple way of easy understanding pictures and texts. Correctly teach children how to cook. Baking tools include spatulas, measuring spoons, metal molds, and the apron has front pocket to store small tools. For different. Decreased. Boys. The chef's hat is elastic and the apron is long enough to tie around the neck and waist for most body types. Kids cooking sets are suitable for children up to 2 years old. It's a great gift for aspiring baker to build confidence and bake easy in home or school. Exercising hands-on ability and getting the knowledge to respect labor. A good gift for kids on their birthday.

Brand: Little Ben Toyze

👤My twins play in their kitchen. The material and size of my 2 year old twins are perfect. We used to make play dough cookies with the accessories that came with them. The girls put on their aprons on the weekends to help me make deserts for my family. I would definitely recommend them.

👤I gave this to my 5 year old boy for Christmas. He used the apron and whisk for cooking, and really liked it. The whisk worked well. Everything in this set would work perfectly, as they are just kitchen tools. I think it's too small for 6 and up, but he will get about a year out of it, as far as the hand held tools, but then the apron and the measuring spoons and the scrapers will work for a long time.

👤I didn't take pictures because it was a birthday gift. I had mixed feelings. The mitten is so small. I don't think it's practical to bake in my opinion. The hat and apron fit her well. I thought the bag of cookies was a good gift for a decent price. Everything is there to bake, that's what the overall thought was.

👤I ordered sets for my granddaughters. I am trying to get them started cooking at a young age safely and anything I can do to get their interest is a big help! Even if they only crack the eggs. It's funny! The granddaughter chose this pattern for her lunch box and book bag. It was fun times.

👤There are many things in the children's baking set. The apron is for a child and has a cap. The set includes a hot pad and mitt. I wouldn't use them for hot items. The pin is small. There is a cookbook, measuring spoons, cookie cutters, and a mini whisk. The gift will be fun for any child.

👤I bought this for my 2.6 year old who loves helping in the kitchen and I love that it's a chef's set, not a toy. We used the measuring spoons that came with it as they are accurate and heavy, as well as the rolling pin. We washed the set a few times and it still looks great. She has used the rolling pin for her play dough. I would buy other products from this company if I knew what else they had. I loved the set.

👤My twin 3 1/2 year old boys are in love with the set that Santa gave them. When I make a meal at home they put their chef hat and apron on and run to the kitchen to help. They use most of the pieces at their play kitchen and it has been a huge hit. Will be buying gifts for our cousins.

👤It's a perfect gift for a special toddler. My niece was turning 2 and I gave this as a gift. She loves it! Pretend play is one of her favorite things to do. The set comes with an apron, hat, and mitten, but also baking/ cooking utensils. Her favorite is the whisk. Excellent value for the cost for any toddler.

11. Deejoy Light,Electronic Cooktop,Cookware Food,Color Foods,Kitchen

Deejoy Light%EF%BC%8CElectronic Cooktop%EF%BC%8CCookware Food%EF%BC%8CColor Foods%EF%BC%8CKitchen

Best gift for holidays, birthday party or Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, New Year, Party Favors, Prizes and so on. It is suitable for 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 year old children. The microwave kitchen toy set has a 1*electronic microwave with realistic light and sound, electronic game cooker, 25*food, 14*tableware, 3*cutting game food, 1*pan and soup pot and coffee pot, 1* knife and cutting board. When the microwave oven is turned on, it will have a realistic sound and light, as well as a timer function. The roast chicken will be dark after the light is turned on. The microwave kitchen toy set is made of high-quality plastic material that is safe and eco-friendly. The accessories are harmless to children. It's recommended for children 3 years old and over. The toys for learning to cook allow children to play with their friends, develop cognitive skills, and improve social and hands-on skills. A perfect birthday gift, Christmas gift, and cooking chef simulation game for girls and boys!

Brand: Deejoy

👤The product is overpriced. It's cheap. I'm not sure if the other review was sponsored. If you open and close the oven door before pressing the button, the bakery button will work. The plastic is not strong. It's cheap. I give it 2 stars because it's over priced. It's cheap. I'm not sure if the other review was sponsored. If you open and close the oven door before pressing the button, the bakery button will work. The plastic is not strong. It's cheap. I give it 2 stars because my kids enjoy playing with it. I think it will last less than a year. The oven is the only real function of this appliance. The rest is just a show. playing with it. I think it will last less than a year. The oven is the only real function of this appliance. The rest is just a show.

👤My granddaughter likes to pretend she is in the kitchen. This has everything she needs to cook. The set is sturdy and is perfect for children. It's a great gift idea for any holiday or special day. The pieces are made from plastic that is fun to play with. It is very affordable and can be played with by both boys and girls. The value is great.

👤The picture made it look bigger. The grand age 7 likes the sounds.


What is the best product for cooking toys for girls?

Cooking toys for girls products from Steam Life. In this article about cooking toys for girls you can see why people choose the product. Kaekid and Shimirth are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking toys for girls.

What are the best brands for cooking toys for girls?

Steam Life, Kaekid and Shimirth are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking toys for girls. Find the detail in this article. Jumplanma, Admisia and Kramow are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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