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1. EurKitchen Culinary Torch Cooking Refillable

EurKitchen Culinary Torch Cooking Refillable

Customer satisfaction is their top priority. If you don't love this Blow Torch, please contact them and they'll listen to you and bring you the best experience. Professional quality and larger than other torches. Professional and home chefs alike use the Culinary Torch. Its large and sturdy body gives it an edge over other torches. The kitchen torch lighter has a high-quality mechanism that ensures a consistent and reliable flame. The portable heat torch that can be used for baking and cooking and also for the outdoors as a campfire starter is possible because of the piezo press ignition. Easy to read gauge, easy flame and easy gas. The kitchen torch comes with a fuel gauge and a gas flow safety lock that can be used when the torch is turned off. You can easily adjust the temperature up to 2350. The temperature is F/1300C. You can refill the Blow Torch with any brand of butane gas. The finger guard in the butane torch protects you from burns and extreme heat. The large body of the torch keeps the hand away from the flame. The torch is made from aluminum and plastic to make it comfortable. If you need to make your favorite dishes at home, like creme brulé, smores or even sear meat, this torch will help you do it safely. The torch lighter is larger than other torches on the market, making it easier to manipulate the flame and provide an easy grip. You can use the blow torch in many other ways, from starting a campfire, to starting a BBQ grill, to charring meat, and so on. Use this torch for crafts and art. Their promise is that their products are premium and high-grade. They value your satisfaction at EurKitchen. Their kitchen torch has a lifetime warranty. Contact them for a quick replacement. You can gift this Blow Torch to celebrate a lot of occasions. It is a great gift for your family and friends. There was no need for box wrapping. Their promise is that their products are premium and high-grade. They value your satisfaction at EurKitchen. Their kitchen torch has a lifetime warranty. Contact them for a quick replacement. You can gift this Blow Torch to celebrate a lot of occasions. It is a great gift for your family and friends. There was no need for box wrapping.

Brand: Eurkitchen

👤I used this to finish the steak. A built-in starter that worked perfectly and fired up with a powerful blue flame is what this is. It's best to rip through the fuel quick, as it will get me through a lot of steak, which is cheaper than a larger propane solution. There is a It is a good looking piece of equipment and I can leave it on my counter as a cool kitchen accessory when I have company over.

👤This was my first food torch and I am happy. The torch is easy to use and has been very useful so far. I have never made creme brulee to put things into perspective.

👤I use the torch at the church I serve as the rector. It's perfect for lighting the charcoal before we put it into the censer. It's easy to use, and one butane filling lasts us for a long time. As we prepare for service, it's an excellent tool.

👤The torch works well. You need to keep adjusting the knob to get the intensity you want, but in general this is not an issue, and for the price, it just gets right to what you need. I have been using it for about 2 months now, and so far no one has complained.

👤My daughter got this as a Christmas gift. Buy from the deals on Amazon. After adding butane, it looks very nice. The fill window is nice. I ordered the one with the window. My wife used to singe the turkey with my blow torch. This looks like a cooks tool.

👤I only used my new torch once, but it worked well. We were trying it out and sister dropped it on the kitchen floor. It worked on the first click. There have been no complaints so far. If you use torch a lot, expect to go through a lot of butane. It seems easy to hold the button. I would recommend this torch to others. I chose this torch because it received a high rating. Not disappointed.

👤This torch is larger than the pictures show, which is a good thing. The torch was very well made and I was very impressed. I will be purchasing a new torch from another brand to replace the one I own. The safety latch is easy to use. The flame adjustment can be used in many different ways. It's main purpose in life will be to sear meat. It's a great addition to your kitchen.

👤This item is not for sale. The major fire hazard! I used the kitchen torch a few times after purchasing it. Even though it was completely turned off, I pulled it out of my cabinet and found it empty. I heard a hissing sound while refilling the torch. I tried turning off the gas and the torch, but it wouldn't turn off even after I depressed the lighter. I had to put the lighter in the water to stop the flame. Even though the knob was closed, the gas continued to escape and I had to leave the torch outside to release the remaining fuel. The butane must have escaped because the torch was full when I stored it. I'm very lucky that it didn't start a fire.

2. NANW Refillable Culinary Adjustable Included

NANW Refillable Culinary Adjustable Included

100% risk-free. Funet is committed to provide the best quality kitchen products in the market and customer's satisfaction is their #1 priority. They are confident in their torch. Their blow torch is covered with no questions, no return, and no hassle for 90 days. The best gifts for men are Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year. Order now and consider getting a torch for your family and friend. The butane torch is a perfect gift for any occasion, from a birthday to a New Year. Care for people you love. The switch can be operated by one hand. Please open the front switch. Press the button with your thumb. The flame should be adjusted as required. 4. It can be placed vertically or horizontally. A wide set base helps to prevent it from falling over. The long nozzle and burn-free finger guard keep your hand away from the flame. The Butane isn't included. The NANW torch flame can be adjusted according to your needs. An accurate flame intensity can be obtained with an adjusted regulator for a variety of uses. The flame temperature can reach 1300 C/2372 F. You can choose the flame according to your requirement. Gas is not included in the refillable blow torch, butane fuel can be used for up to 11g of gas. Before filling gas, please follow the instructions carefully. Allow it to rest for a few minutes before using again.

Brand: Nanw

👤The torch should be drained per instructions. I saw a number of reviews that said the torch stopped working after purchase. Please read on. When I received the torch, I filled it and gave it to my wife who used it on her dessert. I tried to refill it when I came back to the kitchen. Butane came out of the fill valve and said it was already full. There is a I picked up the instructions and read them. The drain tool is included in the instructions. A lot of gas came out when I did. 30 seconds to fully drain! It worked perfectly when I refilled it. There is a We only had this torch for 24 hours. I am very happy with my purchase.

👤I love creme brulee. I was excited to get this torch and try to make it at home, because I always look for it on the dessert menu. I've seen a few recipes that say to put it in the oven on broil at the end to melt the sugar on top, but almost all of the "professional" ones recommend using a torch to avoid mass burning of the sugar. The torch is the best way to cook sugar without burning it, as you can see from the before and after pics I took. There is a The torch was very easy to use. You're good to go if you fill it with butane. It was easy to use, had plenty of power, and I got the hang of giving each dish the proper amount of fire. The only way I could improve on this is to have an indicator or window to be able to see when the torch is full. There is a Let me know if anyone wants the site for the recipe I used for creme brulee.

👤This is an upgrade from my heat gun. I started making items that remove small air bubbles. The torch does what I wanted it to do, it does not add any small particles, it just removes the air bubbles quickly. I am very happy that this torch is light weight, I can't compare it to my heat gun, it's way lighter. I don't plan on cooking only for my crafts. I like it so far. There is a I picked up a bottle from a local gas station. It looks good and feels good. It's on point. It's nice to store this little guy, you just leave it standing, no hassle with cords, or having to make sure it's in a particle free location. It looks like a small peanut butter jar for comparison purposes. There is a lock button on the side, it's a nice feature to have that way you don't hold down the nozzle to have torch on. I think the knob on the back of the torch is just for aesthics, or I haven't figured it out yet. If you're crafting with it, get it. Don't hesitate.

👤I teach jewelry and work with torches. I was getting them from harbor freight, but they weren't holding up well. I went to the internet to see if I could find better ones. There is a The torch is great. I like the one handed operation and the color. I call it my torch. It doesn't come with fuel because of the hazardous shipping costs. It's better to find your own. I use this torch to do small metal smithing work, like balling up wire, fusion wire rings, and small rings. You could probably do more if you used two. As my other torches die out, I will happily buy more, as long as the price stays reasonable.

3. UPGRADED Cooking Refillable Processing Soldering

UPGRADED Cooking Refillable Processing Soldering

Attach blow torch cooking attachment to tip of steak torch head and hold tip 2 inches from meat surface for 5 second adjustment period. Kitchen torches can be used for many things, including lighting cigars and grills, camping trips, soldering and craft projects. Manual torches can be difficult at times. With a push of a button, automatic ignition allows for one-handed operations. Automatic models make it easy to stay at a safe distance. The torch increases the separation between hand-guard and flame. The lock and release mechanism is located close to the handle. The blue flame on the inside is better for welding than the broad blue flame on the outside. The flame is adjusted. The mini blowtorch has a gas flow safety lock that can be turned on or off, and a dial that can be used to adjust flame and temperature. The temperature is F/1300C. You can refill butane torch lighters with any brand of butane. Please make sure the butane canister has a long universal refill tip. The torch can be used in many different ways, it's great for grilling, smoking, bar cocktails, lighting a fire, and for craft and artist work. The torch can be used in many different ways, it's great for grilling, smoking, bar cocktails, lighting a fire, and for craft and artist work.

Brand: Sobalai

👤Likes include ease of use, safety features, and ergonomics. Dislikes worked just after the box was opened and charged with regular butane. Electric ignition is no longer present. I have to use a stovepipe flame to light this unit.

4. SEEKONE Heat Gun Hot Air

SEEKONE Heat Gun Hot Air

zalani provides a one-year limited maintenance or replacement. The Seekone 1800W heat gun provides strong power quickly, and it can heat up to 1202F. There are two modes: 50-450C and 190-210L/min. Variable temperature control is provided by their heat guns. The black dial has a rheostat-type heating and a high / low switch. Their heat gun has overload protectors to make sure you don't damage your heat gun and circuit. Seekone heat gun has a scientific ergonomics design handle that can prevent repetitive strain injuries and other disorders. Four Nozzles accessories. The DEFlector nozzle directs a long, narrow heat pattern to the work surface, two concentrator nozzles direct a concentrated heat flow to the work surface, and the Reflector nozzle distributes heat flow evenly around the whole work surface. The blast capacity is 500L/min. 100% satisfaction guarantee Lifetime free warranty with a full or return guarantee. They will always be here for you if you have any questions about the product. 100% satisfaction guarantee Lifetime free warranty with a full or return guarantee. They will always be here for you if you have any questions about the product.

Brand: Seekone

👤I use heat guns a lot for bending and applying heat-shrink tubing. I have a couple professional heat guns by Milwaukee that have digital controls that can be adjusted to maintain the setting, as well as accurate digitally controlled fan speed and heat control. I wanted a couple inexpensive heat guns for my home shop and garage, but they cost a few hundred dollars. I decided upon two different Seekone models, the less expensive one that is the subject of this review, and a more expensive model that adds a digital temperature readout and solid-state setting of fan speed and temperature. There is a This is a very inexpensive basic model. It is a decent looking device with a good feel. I don't know if I would trust it for any kind of production level work, or if it would last for many years of regular use. There is a The housing is made of plastic, and the hot air nozzle is approximately one inch in diameter. The housing from the base to the end of the nozzle is 9-3/4", the diameter of the body is 2-3/4", and the handle extends about 7" below the body of the gun. The strain relief on the power cord is 56" long, and I assume it's used to hang the gun on a hook. The gun is rated to be 1800W, which is the maximum on most 120VAC single phase power outlets. I don't know if the gun's fan could be damaged, or work poorly, if it were at 50Hz, because the gun is specified for 120VAC, rather than 120VAC, which should only influence fan speed. There is a The case and handle design make this mode fairly comfortable, with a good balance and other ergonomics, as the gun can be held in one hand and aimed at the object to be warmed/heated. The plastic is very hard and we have become accustomed to using gloves with power tools, so this makes it a bit uncomfortable. There is a The other mode is to balance the gun on its rear-end/base, with the nozzle pointing up, so you can use both hands to hold the object to be heated in the air stream above the nozzle. This is a test for many heat guns, because many have a tendency to tip over, and because this can easily start a fire, they need to be closely watched. This can show where the money was saved. The Milwaukee models use something like a rubber jacketed power cord with high strand count conductors inside, so it is soft and floppy, and the weight of the gun makes it more stable. The Seekone gun is light and cheap, and the power cord is stiff, but it is also good. I had to change the orientation of the gun and the position of the power cord on a floor or table until I could find a stable place to hold it. There is a The ends of my Milwaukee guns have the same level as the rear base of the gun's housing, and this helps to keep the gun stable when used in vertical mode. The handle of the Seekone gun cannot be used this way, but they did include a wire bail that snaps into two holes. If you want to make the gun more stable, you can flip the bail to another position, where it touches the same surface that the gun is balanced on, and this will help to offset the power of the gun. The power cord wouldn't allow it to be flipped into that "kickstand" position because the wire bail was installed with its foot on the wrong side. I had to spring the bail out of its holes and then put it on the handle. There is a The gun comes with four accessories that modify the air flow out of the nozzle. The heat gun's reflector is fairly flat, but you could bend it to change the direction of the air, or even make a looped shape by curling it around a piece of wood. The gun has two controls, one of which is a large temperature setting knob that actually forms the rear base of the gun. There is a The fan switch is obvious, but it is not apparent from reading the brief users manual, as many other heat guns do, limiting the gun to one heating element if the fan speed is low, and allowing both heating elements. There is a The temperature knob seems to be marked in a different way. It seems to be showing a counterclockwise rotation, but that is not the case. The temperature increases when the knob is turned clockwise. I did a series of tests to make sure the tip of the food grade thermometer was above the end of the nozzle. I tried the gun at both the low and high fan settings, with the temperature control knob fully counter-clockwise, centered, and fully clockwise. The CW is 550F. I averaged the readings over another minute to get the temperature number, after I allowed the gun to run undisturbed for one minute. In all cases, the temperature took at least 30 seconds to be stable, and once it was, the temperature would go up and down around the average temperature, about 5F above and below the average. When the temperature reached its low extreme, I could hear a slight drop in fan speed, and then the temperature would quickly rise to the high extreme, and the cycle would repeat. This is indicative of a thermostat-controlled heating element, in spite of the sales jargon that suggests something more elaborate, and in one place "rheostat control". My guess is that the temperature knob simply adjusts a thermostat set-point, and that the heating element can be switched on and off. The lowest settable temperature in the high fan mode was lower than the lowest settable temperature in the low fan mode. The air is blowing past the heating element at its lowest power, but it does not pick up the heat as much as it could if the thermostat's lowest sensitivity was used. I didn't measure anything above an average of 550F. The advertised maximum is 1200F. I assumed that I would have read up to 600F instead of just 550F because my food grade thermometer only can read up to a maximum of 600F. If the nozzle temperature was actually getting up above 1000F, then I would not have expected to see thermostatic cycling around that set-point. If the temperature probe was jammed down inside the nozzle, you could see it was very hot. If a heat gun is being used on its highest settings closer to the work object, that could be a safety issue, so I went with the 2. There is a The temperature knob and the fan setting will be warm for that task, since most heat shrink tubing is polyolefin, and the normal shrink temperature is about 200F. There is a separate review of the digitally controlled version of the heat gun.

5. Kitchen Butane Blow Torch Lighter

Kitchen Butane Blow Torch Lighter

The primary purpose of the brand service guarantee is to serve customers. The After-Sales Team is professional. If you have any issues with your purchase, please contact them and they will get back to you within 24 hours. Safety and easy, butane fuel torch head has a shape that can be adjusted to concentrate the flame as much or as little as you need. It can use any butane canister that has a metal ring around it with a slit missing. The temperature can reach to 1300C / 2500F to meet various needs, you can choose the different flame according to your requirement. Butane Gas is not included. Light up with Piezo Ignition Technology, it's easy to light up with the gas flow regulator and air flow control valve cooking torch, it can be flame intensity controlled, and the flame goes off! A small kitchen torch is perfect for roasting and charring vegetables, ham, and cheese. And of course producing the sweet dessert of creme brulee, meringues and pastries! Backed by a 2 years manufacturer free service, this is 100% risk-free and no reason to return. They take great pride in manufacturing and developing the highest quality products for their customers. It is the best gift for your family.

Brand: Tengyes

👤I love this torch! I use it for medical marijuana vessels that need a high temperature flame and it performs better than the smaller micro torches. This torch is great for heating up a dabbing vessel. There is a It's a great product for people with painful joints in their hands, as it only requires a medium-light squeeze on the igniter. It has been great for my joints. It would be easier to use for arthritis patients. There is a When the gas is low in a canister, it is liable to tip over. I keep it in a tall metal cylinder. There is a The flame will be erratic when you add a new canister of gas. When it does, just turn it down. As the gas in the can starts to decrease, it will not do this as frequently. There is a The gas cans are available at Sam's. I've seen them at supply stores. There is a I have had this for 6 months and it has performed well.

👤The picture on the package was different to describe the canister this torch is for. I bought a wrong torch from another vendor, it was for a smaller canister with a long nozzle. I need something that is cost-effective.

👤We can attach it to the butane canister. We don't have to re-fill the butane because it's not necessary. There is a I found it hard to start, the ignition is not strong enough. Sometimes I have to use a long spout candle lighter to start it rather than wasting my butane trying to start it. There is a If I turn the torch upside down, the flame will go higher than in the video. It's easy to tip over when the canister is empty, so I need to warn other. When the canister is empty, the design should add some counter balance to the spout.

👤I was concerned that this torch burner only fits on certain butane canisters which are hard to find locally. The shipping and handling of butane canisters sold online are too high to be ignored for the overall cost of the torch burner. I was able to find out that many restaurants use the same type of canisters, so I went to a business center that sells them. I placed the order immediately. I purchased Gasone butane canister and Iwatani butane canister on the Amazon. They are cheap and work well. I am happy I bought this torch. It is easy to turn on and off. Instructions are easy to understand. It's easy to control. The flame is around 22 cm when fully revved up. I use it to cook creme brulee, charring beef for Middle Eastern food, grilling skin side of fish for interesting Japanese touch, and touching up the skin of chicken. There is a Cheap fuel is a pros. A wide flame with an intensity that is big. It sits in the hand with a fuel can attached. Trigger does not control fuel flow. I thought it would be bad at first, but it would be a pain to hold the gun down for extended use. There is a Don't buy this torch for a kid. Do not use this product in a creative way.

6. TORRYZA Culinary Charcoal Grilling Included)

TORRYZA Culinary Charcoal Grilling Included%EF%BC%89

If you have any suggestions for improving their products, please leave your valuable opinions in the comment area, they will make improvements according to the actual use experience of customers. If you don't understand or are not happy with their product, please contact them, they will provide guidance or refunds, they will do their best to solve your problems. Warm tip. When lighting the butane torch, you should open the gas valve and press the igniter to light it. The scope of application for propane, butane and MAPP is to use 1 pound propane bottles or portable butane bottles, Propane Fuel Cylinders and Camping Fuel Gas Canister or can connect to a 20 pound propane tank with a hose. It's ideal for charing a steak, roasting bell peppers, sous vide, glazing a baked ham, caramelizing sugar, and melting cheese. It's also useful for lighting your charcoal grill, campfire, fireplace, glass blowing, welding, melting metal, and anything else you can think of! You can use as little or as much flame as you need to get the job done. This torch can be used to start a roaring campfire, finish off a delicate dessert, and more. You can turn the fuel valve on the torch handle. Their high power propane torch gun is designed to finish your meat faster than any other searing torch available and delivers a delicious flame-broiled flavor every time you use it at home or on the go. Once you watch your fires roar to life with this torch, it will be easy to light a wet wood igniter. If you are not happy with your torch, they will give you a full refund or exchange. They want all of their customers to know that they will be treated like family. If you are not happy with your torch, they will give you a full refund or exchange. They want all of their customers to know that they will be treated like family.

Brand: Torryza

👤I purchased this device for my friends to use. I always had difficulties getting the charcoal going with my friends sitting, waiting for their Kabob or BBQue meat, and as you all know lighting the fire and the charcoal is a little bit of challenge. Not with this torch. I received the torch and had everything by the evening. I went to the backyard to learn how to use it. Don't use the TORCH before you read the instructions, I should war everyone. There is a The lighting of the charcoal was easy. I tried to cook some meat with the torch. The meat was smoking and dripping. This is a wonderful thing to have if you enjoy grilling outdoors.

👤The torch was not lit by the peizo ignitor. Poor quality control. This is typical for a lot of products in China. The return policy is great, but the time spent on it is not appreciated.

👤The torch wouldn't ignite. It's very cheap and poor quality. Don't waste your money.

👤I enjoy cook streaks. It's perfect for me to finish steak. The job is done effectively by a very powerful person. Every chef needs a tool. The torch has a good flame. The fuel and air flow can be individually controlled. It's a good idea to be careful with it. The tray gets really hot and melted. I got Butane from the local store. It comes with an option for a different type of connection, so any size can fit.

👤All my friends would be getting one if it was cheaper. It's a great way to start a fire, bbq coals, or kill weeds. The ability to connect to a line and a propane tank makes this thing great.

👤My husband and I like this product. It is fun to use the grill to finish meats. We like grilling. That's right. It is good quality.

👤We have an outdoor party with friends. We use this torch to sear the steak and light the charcoal. It is easy to use. It's easy to adjust the flame for a variety of propane tanks and butane tanks. I like it.

👤The product quality is very high-end. The flame is locked. This feels portable and lightweight. The torch's heat is very good.

7. Sondiko Culinary Refillable Adjustable Desserts

Sondiko Culinary Refillable Adjustable Desserts

The temperature can go up to 480F. Bring your food to the table using the same set of chopsticks you used to cook it in. For safe shipping butane gas is not included. The safety lock is safe and durable. A broad base helps to hold it up. The long nozzle and burn-free finger guard keep your hand away from the flame. The torch they created was made out of professional-grade materials and is easy to use. It is easy to operate and refill. You can refill the torch with any brand of butane. Butane gas is not included. Piezo Ignition Technology will light up when the security lock is opened. It is a portable torch that you can use for many outdoor activities. The torch is great for caramelizing sugar atop creme brulee, roasting a steak, and toasting cheese. It's useful for lighting your fireplace, candles, or cigars, for hobbies, arts and crafts projects, jewelry making, welding, for multiple camping applications, and much more. The flame temperature can be reached up to 1300 C/2372 F with the Piezo Ignition Technology, which allows for use at any angle, even upside down. Press the button to light the fire, then turn the safety lock clockwise to keep the fire going. Baking and cooking are easy. All butane tanks are compatible. Are you still concerned about not knowing which tank type to choose? The Sondiko kitchen butane torch is compatible with any brand of butane gas. The torch can be modified to fit the long nozzle gas tank. If you have a short nozzle on a gas tank, you can add a red accessory to the box to shorten it. All butane tanks are compatible. Are you still concerned about not knowing which tank type to choose? The Sondiko kitchen butane torch is compatible with any brand of butane gas. The torch can be modified to fit the long nozzle gas tank. If you have a short nozzle on a gas tank, you can add a red accessory to the box to shorten it.

Brand: Sondiko

👤The torch was perfectly fine once it was filled with butane. Getting it filled with butane was frustrating. I bought a butane can from Target and thought it would be fine. The torch wouldn't fit the tip of the can. The bottom of the torch is not compatible with common butane refill cans because of its shape. I went to a hardware store and asked the attendant to put a different brand of butane in front of me to make sure I wasn't spending more money. It worked. I bought a brand that I want you to know what works. Don't get me wrong, I'm not against using butane, but I want you to have it filled with it before you use it. The torch works perfectly and I am not sure if that is the fault of the torch or the incompatible can.

👤Today's dab was possible because of it. Next day it came. It's a beast. It was bought to replace the one that broke and was heavily used before that.

👤It was difficult to figure out which bottles would work. I finally found out which ones were short nozzle and where to find the long nozzle refill and it is working. The Ronco canister was found in the tobacco section at Walmart.

👤I love my torch! I wanted to start small because I am afraid of flames. It was very easy to load with butane and the lock button makes it seem very safe. The flame is enough to burn over my artwork to pop bubbles, but not the whole thing. Highly recommended.

👤It does what it says it will do. It was a great choice for the price.

👤Customer service was great. They tracked me down and sent me a replacement for my bad review. This one worked well. Quality company that supports their products. I got a faulty 1 for the first time and they made it right. There is a Don't buy a piece of junk. I filled it with Butane and waited 10 minutes. It was hard to light and it tried to light me on fire. As soon as you point the flame down, the torch goes right to your hand. It's not a real torch flame, it's a big lighter flame. I have used torches that have a more powerful flame.

👤This is the second one I have had since July. This is a waste of money and you should look elsewhere.

👤They did the job when I used them. The high intensity is good for torching steak, but the medium intensity is better for creme brulee. Having the fire set at a low setting puts out the fire. The flame always goes out within a minute when I try to torch the sugar. The medium fire burned some of the sugar while I was trying to get the edges. The flame was locked up a bit. I think it's due to the low flame going out often. I was not sure if the flame was locked on or not. If you kept it on medium, it would be solved. If you see the flame and it won't go out, be careful because you are leaking propane into the air. I think if you know what you're doing, it's easy, but it was my first time and some of the propane leaked out of the torch when it was full. At least they were gone? I put it on a paper towel in case. If you just want to make dessert or torch a few things, I recommend this. It's a good thing.

8. Ibforcty Refillable Culinary Adjustable Included

Ibforcty Refillable Culinary Adjustable Included

The butane fuel torch is lightweight and effective enough to take anywhere. If you are looking for a gift for someone who loves cooking outdoors, it will be a great choice. Quality assurance and half-year after-sales support are also provided by them. If you use the product for more than 10 minutes, please rest for a few minutes, it will affect the work effect. Professional Cooking Torch is ideal for BBQ, it creates the finishing touch to a variety of dishes, desserts, and meats. Simple recipes can be transformed into dishes that look and taste like they came from a professional chef's kitchen with their amazing torch. Piezo press ignition allows for quick and safe lighting. The butane blow torch comes with a gas flow regulator dial, which makes it easy to adjust flame from 0 to 2370F/1300C and create a continuous flame up to 6 inches long. If you press the button to light fire, then slide the button to lock at the same time, then the flame will go out. The cooking torch comes with a security lock that prevents accidental ignition. The built in finger guard protects you from burns and extreme heat, while the torch is constructed with zinc alloy titanium gold metal to ensure ergonomics. Their flame lighter can be refilled easily and can be used for a long time. There is no need for wrapping your torch because it is in a gift box. The butane canister needs a long fill tip. It's great for cooking in the home and for camping, and it's portable, so you can use it in a lot of places. It's also great for soldering.

Brand: Ibforcty

👤There are leaks of gas. Doesn't work at all. Complete trash. Don't spend your money.

👤I got this from my mailbox. It doesn't work.

9. SEARZALL Stainless Steel Culinary Restaurants

SEARZALL Stainless Steel Culinary Restaurants

Their top priority is your safety. The new design was designed to meet the U.S.CPSC- Child resistance standard requirements. Butane is not included. The searzall spacing stick is not included but is necessary for use. The searzall is an attachment that is secured to the top of a torch to create the perfect sear. Two lightweight high temperature metal screens evenly spread the flame to give a professional quality finish. There are no suggestions for torches and tanks. 5 hours of bernzomatic per tank. 25 hours per tank. The searzall requires 16. A propane gas cylinder tank is 4 ounces. Do not use 14. Do not use map tanks. To be patient, wait a few seconds after the initial blast of heat. This will allow your meat to turn a different color.

Brand: Booker & Dax

👤The mesh began to fall apart after 5 or 6 uses, after buying this torch attachment in July. I wrote to the company for the warranty but haven't heard from them.

👤The hole was burned in the outer screen. It was slow and tedious. Wrote to the manufacturer but never heard back. A second request was sent. There was no response again. Returned to Amazon for a refund. The manufacturer does not deserve my custom because of poor service and product quality. Good idea, bad execution.

👤This is my first ever review after I purchased thousands of items on Amazon. I seasoned the Searzall just as the instructions and video instructed, after I purchased it along with the torch. The Searzall failed to sear 3 steaks. The collar melted and no longer worked. Not good. I shared my experience with Matthew at Booker and Dax. He asked for pictures and I sent them. I didn't hear anything. He said the pictures were too big and I sent them again. There is nothing left. 3 weeks in all. The recommended torch is $50. The first use failed. It's pretty annoying. A cast iron skillet can give me a great sear in less time. It's more versatile. Matthew from Booker and Dax reached out to me and said they were going to send me a new Searzall. I'm going to give it another try. There is a I never received the second Searzall. I found the box with the failed one. I thought I'd update this. This product is terrible. It was fragile and poorly made. I know the difference between breaking something due to my inability to use an item and an item's lack of quality. This is in the second category. I can't recommend it. You can save a lot of money by getting a cast iron skillet, and you will also have a useful tool which can be used for many other dishes. The Searzall is sitting in my garbage. Customer service is worse than the Searzall. I can't see them lasting long with no follow through.

👤This performs well in terms of heating up quickly and producing heat. You have to go out of your way to mess something up if you put a nice crust on anything you cook. The Searzall is a slow and methodical method of searing, and even though it takes a while to get a sear on, you are not likely to overcook anything with this method. This method of searing is very slow and tedious. If you can sear any other way, it's probably better. I'm not going to say the Searzall is overpriced, but all those cooking channels make it look more fun than it is. This is in my kit as a tool that does a job I can't easily do with any other tool, but it's definitely no joy to use, and I avoid it as much as I can.

👤This torch can be used to cook meat, chicken, or fish. The Searzall Torch was the last chef torch I went through. I would recommend anyone who purchases the torch to watch the instructional video on how to attach the Searzall to the torch. The torch head and propane gas canister that the company recommends be used with is very specific. It is important that you burn the screens for two minutes before you use the Searzall on any food. The Searzall will result in the destruction of the screens if it is not used properly. I have had my Searzall for over a month now and it does not disappoint. After using the Searzall, it becomes obvious why they recommend it. A cylinder of propane. After turning off the Searzall torch head, it remains very hot for a while and has a wide base. The torch can be safely cooled down by the propane cylinder because it is a very stable base. I have been using it for three to four times a week and the front screen looks the same as it did before. I can't see any distortion in the screen. The Searzall is the go to torch for all of the meat that comes out of my Sous Vide Cooker, even if it is small. I can't eat food prepared in a different way after eating a steak, a brisket, or a chicken breast. It is very good.

10. Sondiko Refillable Adjustable One Handed Operation

Sondiko Refillable Adjustable One Handed Operation

Customer satisfaction is their top priority. If you don't like this torch, you should. They would listen to you and bring you the best experience. The flame lock button is in the reach of your thumb, so you can easily adjust and lock the flame with only one hand, making it easier to cook BBQ. The Sondiko cooking torch has a transparent fuel gauge on the bottom which will allow you to know the remaining gas at any time. The easy-to-read fuel gauge with MAX line functions as a reminder to avoid over filling. 10g large fuel gas capacity lasts 20-50 minutes each full refill with stable performance and easy handling. Do you not know what butane gas tank to buy? Is the butane canister at home compatible with their torch? Sondiko cooking torch is compatible with any brand of butane gas. Adding a red accessory to the box will shorten the nozzle for gas and butane tanks. This versatile cooking blow torch is not just a kitchen torch for baking, sous vide, searing meat and BBQ, it also works for soldering, crafting, jewelry and camping. Piezo Ignition Technology allows for using at any angle, even upside down, with one hand operation, a temperature Regulator for complete control of flame, and a flame temperature of up to 1341 C/ 2500 F. Press the button to light fire, turn the safety lock clockwise, and it will keep firing without you pressing. Baking cooking is easier. Piezo Ignition Technology allows for using at any angle, even upside down, with one hand operation, a temperature Regulator for complete control of flame, and a flame temperature of up to 1341 C/ 2500 F. Press the button to light fire, turn the safety lock clockwise, and it will keep firing without you pressing. Baking cooking is easier.

Brand: Sondiko

👤I use it to pop bubbles in the resin.

👤The fuel flow control is not easy to use. I can place it on low. It will either ignite with a long torch flame or not at all. It is very inconsistent in how it ignites the torch. The flow control was set to extreme. If you set the flow setting in the middle, the torch will ignite most of the time, and you can adjust the flame after it ignites. I use this torch to install heat shrink tubing in automotive wiring. I keep it with my portable soldering setup in a DeWalt 10 bin storage case. I love that the torch has a fluid-level sight gauge and a safety lock that works well when I store it away, but can be removed when I use it throughout the day to keep my sanity. I only use high quality 99% pure or 14x refined butane fuel from either Colibri or Vector brands to make sure that my torch will last a long time. If you use cheaper butane from a big box store or gas station, you will be able to get x3 butane. You will likely have to buy a new torch once it gets gummed up. Most of your struggles will be eliminated if you use high quality butane and include those plastic refill that this torch included. I don't think it's necessary to use a plastic refill with this torch, if you're using poor quality butane that doesn't have a longer refill nozzle. I use butane soldering irons which are basically a butane torch with a catalyst and soldering tips. I know how important high quality butane is. It doesn't mean anything if it's either 99% pure refined or more than x3. Stay away from the butane if it doesn't state these details. There is a The smallest torch flame is about 1 inch in length and 2.5 inches at max flow. I mostly use it at the lower flow settings for my work, but it's nice to see that the flame has more than enough upper range for other purposes. The torch is light and made mostly of plastic with an aluminum cylinder grip that protects the butane tank. If you want it to be reliable, I would not drop it on a concrete floor. I have a butane soldering iron/torch from Lexivon that has a butane tank made from aluminum with a rubber overgrip that feels more durable in my hand and has a more consistent ignition and butane flow control, but has a frustrating safety lock that gets annoying real quick. If you want to do heatshrink work, use the Sondiko torch only, and if you want to do soldering work, use the battery operated pine64 pinecil. My Lexivon butane soldering iron is reserved for a backup solution.

👤The flame is uncontrollable. I gave 2 starts because it does light and works on the lowest setting. The flame will flash and pop-pop if you try to increase it using the adjuster. A blue flame comes out of the orange tip. If you get a unit that is malfunctioning, make sure it is not a torch that is flame throwing.

11. Semlos Cooking Refillable Culinary Included

Semlos Cooking Refillable Culinary Included

The butane cooking torch is constructed with TUV CE certified aluminum and plastic to ensure ergonomics. If you have a problem, please contact them. The best service will be provided by them. Also, note: For safe shipping butane gas isn't included. A gas window and safety stopper helps to control the progress rate of making delicious food and a broad base helps to prevent it falling over. A safety stopper can prevent accidental ignition. The operation of the torch can be made easier and safer with the help of Professional Piezo Ignition Technology. The use time of the torch can be extended with a long nozzle. The temperature range can be adjusted through the GAS button. The maximum temperature is 1300 C/2372 F. The Continuous Flame Mode can be opened by pressing the button to light fire and the black button at the same time. It will keep firing without you pressing. Piezo Ignition Technology can be used to cook from all angles. You can refill the torch with any brand of butane and any length nozzle cylinder. The torch can be used in many ways. Roast steak, creme brulee, roast vegetables, melting cheese, light a fire for livelihood, and more are some of the foods that were once roasted. Also used for hobbies, handicrafts, jewelry making and soldering. A mini torch is a great gift. It's ideal for many outdoor activities to share happiness and delicious foods with your friends and family. A brilliant red torch is a good sign of friendship. The primary purpose of the brand service guarantee is to serve customers. The After-Sales Team is professional. If you have any issues with your purchase, please contact them and they will get back to you within 24 hours. The primary purpose of the brand service guarantee is to serve customers. The After-Sales Team is professional. If you have any issues with your purchase, please contact them and they will get back to you within 24 hours.

Brand: Semlos

👤I use this for something. The easy-view window is a nice touch and it is sleek looking. I haven't used it enough to speak of its butane usage, but it seems normal and not excessive. Even when maxed out, the flame doesn't get that big. It works fine, so it isn't really an issue. The box was very classier than anything I have had before and it came with some red attachment.

👤Convenient kitchen torch! The torch has a gas window to see when it has to be filled out again, the gas refill is done by the bottom part of the torch and the ignition bottom is the perfect place to start the torch. There is a The best crepes are made with this torch. I like to use it when I finish my onions soup because the presentation is great. This torch is great for making grilled cheese sandwiches.

👤I've never held a small butane torch before and have nothing to compare these to, so 4 stars. I've been using both of the silver and red ones for a week. One tiny leak on the first fill was all operator technique. The igniter has failed or required more than a single pull of thetrigger, but I've used both of them many times. There is a They're light in the hand, comfortable to hold, and stable when I need to set them down, which is good because, like any torch, the tip and shielding around the tip gets hot after a few minutes. I hope they last a long time.

👤Someone helped me out by throwing out about $300 worth of sterling silver and all my tools. I don't have a lot of discretionary money so I'm trying to replace the tools bit by bit. I found a torch I was interested in on Amazon, but it sold out in a few weeks, so I looked for another and found this. I bought it because I was afraid they'd sell it out quickly. The other one that sold out had better features. There is a This has a piezoelectric igniter that works at the same time as it turns on the gas, and I like that. The Trigger works well. You don't have to hold anything to keep the gas on because there is a button. It will be easier to use. The flame can be adjusted with a control. This is perfect for jewelry-making, or any fine work in metal. There is a It's one of the few torches that will allow you to see how much butane is in it. There is a The safety piece that goes over thetrigger is something that no other torch has. There is a It has an attractive "gear" look to it while still being sleek and attractive. I won't be using this until I have a good fire extinguisher.

👤I used to use a cheap portable butane torch that was sold on eBay, but I regretted buying it because it was rather annoying to use. I decided to give it a try. The one I bought from eBay took forever to be shipped from China and this one didn't cost that much. I think this one works better. It's very easy to use. You don't need to keep holding thetrigger because there is a lock function. I used it to add a final touch to my dessert, and it worked well. It's not really a downside. I wish it could hold more butane. There is a line that says "Max" to let you know how much butane you can take. It doesn't look like it holds much because it gets full quickly. It's not a big deal. It's easy to refill.


What is the best product for cooking torch sous vide?

Cooking torch sous vide products from Eurkitchen. In this article about cooking torch sous vide you can see why people choose the product. Nanw and Sobalai are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking torch sous vide.

What are the best brands for cooking torch sous vide?

Eurkitchen, Nanw and Sobalai are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking torch sous vide. Find the detail in this article. Seekone, Tengyes and Torryza are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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