Best Cooking Tools Organizer In Drawer

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1. Made Smart Madesmart Interlocking Organizer

Made Smart Madesmart Interlocking Organizer

The Kitchen Utensils set are dishwasher safe. The Kitchen Utensils set with the holder ends the frustrating process of searching for your utensils, because the pieces are designed with a hole. You can use the interlocking feature of the bins to make your own mix and match organizational system.

Brand: Madesmart

👤It was helpful to organize two bathroom drawers. I was tired of the sliding. There is a I used to use the system where you cut the dividers and glue them together. Very custom. The sticky glue got covered with lint and hair as the dividers got loose. I bought two sets for $11 each. Also, note: They sell a one order "Two sets" for almost $30, which is more than ordering two sets individually. This doesn't make sense. There is a The locking lips holding bind together don't hold perfectly. inus is 1/2 star. I already had some small squares of double-sided foam tape at home, so I decided to cut and attach them. The bins have tiny corner "legs" on them so flat tape won't reach the bottom of the drawer. The bins were kept in place with foam tape. The second photo is attached. The set should have included two half cubes, which would be perfect for Q-Tips and give you more options than having so many larger bins. inus is 1/2 star. There is a I would recommend this price.

👤I have a junk drawer that is about 10 x 20 inches and this set fits nicely with one piece to spare. The dimensions of the bins are 2 - 9.3 x 6.3 x 1.9 inches, 2 - 9.3 x 3.1 x 1.9 inches, and 3 - 3.0 x 3.1. It is a good deal for all of them, and it worked well to organize my small junk drawer. I will include a picture so you can see it.

👤These are easy to clean. The compartments aren't bad, but they don't stay together as well as I would like. The smell is still there. Wow, it lasts. I thought the high chemical smell would go away with time, but we were hit with a blast of noxious fumes every time they opened their drawers. I left the drawers open for a few days because of the smell. The smell is still bad, but it's not as bad as before. I don't think something smelling so toxic can be good for you, so I'll be looking for replacements.

👤It does not interlock very well but a small amount of super glue snaps off if I want to rearrange the layout.

👤I tried them in a few drawers after my mom found they didn't work for her anywhere she might need them. I'm surprised that they're so highly rated, as I've found them frustrating and useless. If you have a drawer that's perfect for it, they're terrific. If you end up with a space left on one side, they'll slide around constantly, and a little wiggle will remove them from each other. I settled on larger containers filled with heavier things that keep them from sliding around as much, and with other bulky objects filling the open space beside them so they don't have room to move. The ones I have left are drying out as I glue them together in a last ditch effort to make them useful. There is a They would be great if they actually locked together. They don't. There is a lip around the top of the container and one side has a bar that hooks under it. The fit is very loose and useless. Next time I need a divider, I'll be looking for a container with a divider inside. The purchase was terrible.

2. MDesign Stackable Kitchen Storage Organizer

MDesign Stackable Kitchen Storage Organizer

The set of two is perfect for your home. The large bins are ideal for spatulas, gadgets and more, and the divided shallow trays are designed to stack on top of the large bins to create 2-level storage. Easy access. The top tray is designed to slide back and forth so items in the below can be easily accessed. Functions and quotient: The bins make it easy to organize all of your kitchen essentials, and they are great for dry goods and other kitchen items. The construction is made of shatter-resistant plastic. Do not place in dishwasher. The large bin is 12 x 8 x 3.25" high and the divided tray is 8 x 7.7 x 1.2 high.

Brand: Mdesign

👤The product is sturdy, but it doesn't fit long kitchen utensils. I would have known if I measured my utensils. A total disappointment. It is also small. Since my long utensils don't fit, there's no point in having multiple for my drawer.

👤I liked the look of the organizere units, but the measurement of them with the stacking unit was incorrect. The ad said it was 3 feet high, and my drawer clearance was 3 feet. The drawer wouldn't close because the items weren't fit and the unit was slightly high. The sliding trays were stuck up. It was impossible to close the drawers. I tried all of my drawers. I will return both units. I bought 2 other brands of organizers that fit perfectly and the drawers would close and measure exactly at 3.

👤I had a hard time finding an organizers with the right dimensions. I docked one star because the interior compartment dimensions are closer to 11” long and some of my utensils are 12” It is still very nice. I will make it work. The top compartment has a nice space saving feature.

👤The little organizers is a game change. The sliding top is great for storing the little items. I bought a drawer for my kitchen but it was too small for the gadgets I wanted. It's the ultimate makeup/hair accessory organizer, and it was found in my bathroom. The drawer has a neatly tucked away top. I have a lot of things in the bottom of my head. There is a bin in the top. It's easy to clean and you can find what you're looking for.

👤I am very happy with this tray. I have an old wooden Vanity and this tray fits in one of the drawers. I use it to keep my make-up and other items safe. The trays are clean, tidy and organized, I can see what I need with a quick glance, and all items are within easy grasp. I could not be happier with this product.

👤The deep container for toothpaste is perfect for the bathroom drawer. The upper tray has barrettes, hair ties, tooth brushes and combs. There are many mDesign organizers (DVD / CD, fridge, etc.). I am impressed by how long they have lasted without any issues. They make things look better in the drawers and cabinets.

👤I love this little guy. I moved to a smaller kitchen and need more organization. This fit perfectly in my drawer and helped me organize my smaller items. It's clear when I'm looking for those items. It is very sturdy.

👤I used to have a lot of kitchen tools, but they were not compatible with the project I was working on. It was taking up more space than it was saving. Measure your kitchen tools before you buy them.

👤It works well in the RV drawer.

3. Included Pointing Sharpener Noble Organizer

Included Pointing Sharpener Noble Organizer

The design of the Easy Knives redemption has been updated to make it easier to retrieve your steak knives. No more worrying about knives shooting out the back of your knife block or jamming your drawer if the drawer is slammed. There is a wide array of knives. There are up to 12 knives and a knife sharpener. It was thoroughly tested with many knife brands. 99% of all standard kitchen drawers are compatible with. The slots are even and there are no splinters or chips.

Brand: Noble Home & Chef

👤This was part of a larger plan to make cooking more enjoyable. I had to sort through my pots and pans every time I cooked because I was tired of stacking them in the lower cabinet. I'm going to attach pictures of the entire project in order to give someone some ideas. There is a The first thing I noticed was that it was very solid. I cut the front of my house so I could have more space in the back. There was a slot for every knife in my set. The quality and icing on the cake is great.

👤I am impressed with the design of the knife block. One steak knife blade was higher than the others when placed into the block. The dado of that grove was not cut to the bottom as the others were. There is a This made the knife sit on the bottom like the others because I had to use my Dremel to finish the cut to the bottom. The Dalstrong "Shogun" Series Steak Knife sets fit perfectly in the grooves of these steak knives, as well as all other Dalstrong "Shogun" Series, with the exception of the Nakari, Cleaver, and 10.25" Bread Knife. Very pleased with the presentation and workability. The Dalstrong "Shogun Series" contains this Knife block. There is a Noble needs to work on their Quality Inspections, they need to be Four Star instead of Five, I would be returning this block if I hadn't owned a Dremel. There is a Thanks Mike.

👤I don't need to use the upper portion for steak knives because they match my silverware set. I have paring knives and cheese knives that fit well there. I didn't know if the width of the Cutco handles would fit in the slots for the steak knives. The Cutco handles have the same width as the holder, but the length of the handle is larger. There is a I'm happy with the way my knives are organized. I don't think the Cutco handle extending a little further than the space provided is a problem. The knife holder has a knife sharpener on top of it. I searched in the drawer for it. There is a I was able to label the knives in the holder. I like that. The knife holder is very good. It is easier to find the correct knife in the drawer since the knives are labeled.

👤The Fuboo is a better product and should give good service, but it is not for those who are looking at this and the similar product made by. The Noble is the one I recommend because of the additional exposure of the edge.

👤February 2, 2020, 5-week update. I am changing this to a 1-star review as the bottom of this has started to crack and I will need to replace it. I would never recommend anyone buy this product because of the poor quality of the construction and materials. I wanted to like this knife block in the first place. It's designed to hold 8 kitchen knives and 8 steak knives in the same space as others, which only hold 6 of each. The assembly that I received was very sloppy. The slots for the knives are not the same size. Most of our knives fit in most slots, but the widest of them will only fit in one of the slots. The problem is that the right most part of the block is not attached correctly rendering the slot useless. There is a It looks like the materials will hold up. This would be a 5-star product if it had been built correctly. It's not worth returning because of its weight. The quality control was so bad that they boxed the product and sold it. There is a I paid more for this block than others because I wanted the 8 slots, but in the end I only have 7 usable slots for knives.

4. Expandable Organizer Adjustable Silverware Pipishell

Expandable Organizer Adjustable Silverware Pipishell

If you are unhappy with your purchase, contact them and they will give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The Pipishell utensil organizer has different sizes of compartments that will be fully stored in a variety of ways to maximize your space. The kitchen utensil tray can be set at the top of the desk or placed inside different size drawers. Please note. Measure your drawers before buying. ) There is a Cutlery Tray with Removeble Dividers. You can create a custom storage solution with this bamboo drawer organizer. The kitchen utensil tray is made to fit almost any decor and has extra compartments to hold your silverware or office supplies. The Pipishell expandable drawer organizer is ideal to keep your drawer neat and tidy. This wooden bamboo tray can hold a lot of things. The bamboo utensil tray is duarble. Premium natural bamboo is known for being durable, light and beautiful. Bamboo is a renewable and sustainable material. The silverware organizers can be washed with warm water and wiped down with a damp cloth. Customer service is what it is. Pipishell has professional customer service. Friendly customer service and a high-quality bamboo drawer organizer are what you can get. Customer service is what it is. Pipishell has professional customer service. Friendly customer service and a high-quality bamboo drawer organizer are what you can get.

Brand: Pipishell

👤Other reviewers found this drawer organizer to be well constructed. When I put away all the items that had been dumped into the drawer, there were too many small square compartments, smaller than I had thought, so it was difficult to find the right slot for various items. The set with 22 separate boxes might have worked better if I've got most everything in there. We'll keep it because it does the job and there's space left in the drawer to put things outside the organizers.

👤It was perfect for my drawer and utensils. It was a mess before this storage. This is a quality product that can easily expand. It was nice to find something that could expand to the width and most of the length, since my kitchen drawers are very large. If I push the drawer back, I have more space.

👤The product I was sent is completely different to the one pictured here. This product won't fit my silverware as it was supposed to. You can take out the three smaller pieces and make four large spaces, but it's still not the product pictured. I am very disappointed in the price. Don't buy this.

👤They put large spoons in there, but beware, they are edited in. When it arrived, it was only 1 inch on each side. All in all do not buy.

👤I bought this because it was cheap. The middle dividers were removed to fit larger items. I have new custom drawers that are not a traditional size and I loved the option of the expandable option. I'm happy.

👤I was looking for a way to bring order to my chaotic life. You can see that it is much better. I have two more drawers and a closet to follow this, because I moved a few things to another drawer.

👤I replaced older inserts with these after buying a few of them. Being expandable is a great feature and they look nice. I found that some parts could be a little longer to fit knives. That is the only issue that is significant.

👤I am not very organized but I am trying. The drawer was reorganized by this organizer. I bought this as well as another because my husband was very upset with our drawer after we moved and he smiled when he opened it.

5. IDesign Organizer Silverware Spatulas Cosmetics

IDesign Organizer Silverware Spatulas Cosmetics

There are parenting story tapestries. The trays are made of clear plastic. It's perfect for organizing forks, knives, spoons, other utensils, chopsticks, sauce packets, and more. It's great for office, bathroom, craft room, and junk drawer storage. Ridged. BOTTOM: Your items are not allowed to slide around in the bin. Short bin walls make the organizers perfect for in-drawer use. It is made of durable clear plastic for a long time. The set of two is perfect for your home.

Brand: Idesign

👤The tray is in good shape. You can't say much about it. It seems to be constructed well and does what I need it to. There are metal rivets in the tray. I don't understand why it was included in the design. Extra parts can rust. The negative aspect of my review is the 3 labels attached to the tray. It's pointless trying to remove them. It's a simple plastic tray, why does it need 3 different labels? It took almost 15 minutes to get them off. It's not that long. It was annoying for something that was unnecessary. I would keep looking for a different tray if it met your requirements.

👤The dimensions in the description are not "ID" dimensions. The objects I wanted to place inside are 3 1/2 squares,.65" thick, and will not fit inside the drawer organizers that are 4 x 4. The inside bottom of the drawer is less than the top because it is tapered. I would have given the iDesign Linus Plastic Kitchen Drawer a 5-star rating as it is sturdy, very clear plastic with high quality, riveted translucent feet on the underside, and it is 888-282-0465.

👤The boxes are good. To get the multiple stickers and their super cement off the outside was very annoying, along with a blob of industrial rubber cement holding a paper liner on the inside bottom. The paper came off. I had to scraper off the rubber cement as I was not going to damage the bin. Hey manufacturer team, stop hiring sadists, or let some focus group members try to remove all your glue and see if they agree with me. Start doing this differently. Minus 2 stars for taking 15 minutes of my time.

👤Have purchased many bins from this company. They help me to organize all the cabinets and closets in my home and I love them. I had to spend over an hour soaking the labels in Goof off and then take them off with various tools and my fingernails. I think they should use the same labels as other organizers for the price, so it is not so much work to remove.

👤I ordered this as an organizer for a bathroom cabinet to replace a shallow basket, and it was perfect for what I needed it for. The glue that held the labels on will not come off. I didn't try a glue removal, but holy cr. The gummy glue on the labels is hard to remove. I don't know what this is, but they want that label stuck on there, and this isn't normally something I'd complain about.

👤I needed to de-clutter that kitchen drawer. It is the place where you throw extra keys, lighters, matchbooks, twist ties, scissors, pencils, pens, post its, paper clips, thumb tacks, odds and ends. I took 2 of these and filled them with lighters. The other was filled with spare house keys, lock back box cutters, and the type of tape measure used in sewing. There is a I was able to neatly arrange pot holders, a ruler, a tape dispenser, 2 pair of scissors, the car key and house key chains, and a small mesh bag of pens and pencils with the rest of the drawer space. I have a drawer in the kitchen that looks organized. What a concept! There is a If you're going with the kitchen drawer concept, these square boxes need to be opened at a minimum of 3 and a half inches. Your drawer may not close if you have less than you need. I just ekes by. I will be eternally grateful.

6. RMR Bamboo Silverware Drawer Organizer

RMR Bamboo Silverware Drawer Organizer

It is a heavy-duty, well-made silverware tray. It is meant to last. This kitchen drawer organizers are great for storing. They are long and deep. The width is 13” when using 7 compartments and can expand up to 20” when using all 9 compartments. You can put this bamboo utensil holder in drawers of any size. The silverware tray expands from 7 slots to 9 slots to easily hold utensils and other kitchen gadgets. You can use the bamboo drawer organizers in the kitchen, office, bedroom, or any other room you want. The silverware organizers are made from water-resistant bamboo. It's in almost any décor in the kitchen. You can clean the tray in 5 minutes. This kitchen organizer is made of moso bamboo and is easy to maintain. It can be cleaned with a damp cloth. The utensil holder has extra compartments. The bamboo drawer organize helps to organize your kitchen utensils, office stuff, and jewelry. The utensil holder has extra compartments. The bamboo drawer organize helps to organize your kitchen utensils, office stuff, and jewelry.

Brand: Purawood Homermr

👤When you open and close the drawer, the sides start to slide in. As you can see in the picture, the divider has come loose and the knives are sliding under it. After only 2 weeks, I had to use a glue gun and locktite to glue the dividers back in place, and then use a glue gun to open the drawer so it doesn't keep sliding around. I cut a piece of scrap wood to fill in the gap behind the drawer so it wouldn't slide back when it opened. I like it after all that.

👤This new silverware tray is awesome! It fits my drawer. People have said that it's too big. You should check the measurements when you purchase online. This was the correct size for me. The slots for the silverware are not a deal breaker. My drawer is one inch deeper than the tray so I bought rubber feet to put on the bottom so it doesn't slide in. Problem solved! Overall, a great purchase. I like the way it looks. Would definitely recommend.

👤I like the way this organizes. It is strong, clean, and sturdy. Everything is in order. I bought 2.

👤I didn't give five stars because the sections aren't deep enough. They would make them so shallow. Otherwise a good product. Sturdy, expands well, and the individual sections are nice and wide. It's not deep enough to hold more than a few items.

👤I had a clunky plastic silverware organizer. This one is better than I had anticipated. I love it. It's thick, sturdy, and adjustments make it just right for your drawer space. There is a I didn't tell my dad that I got it, but he said, "WOW, that's a really nice silverware rack you got!" I am very grateful. Definitely recommend!

👤Not deep enough for dinner ware. If you only have half a set of dinnerware, these would be great. I bought drawer dividers that worked well for what we needed.

👤This product is amazing. It fit in our standard kitchen drawer and is large enough to fit into different sized drawers. The look is exactly what we wanted and I am very pleased with the quality. Would definitely recommend!

👤The item is incredible and the price is incredible. It's not cheap to have a nice and heavy bamboo. The company is doing something different in a world of cheapening products. The side slots are as wide as my drawer would allow. Thank you for the item and value.

7. Silverware Interlocking Slip Proof Compartment FURNINXS

Silverware Interlocking Slip Proof Compartment FURNINXS

Installation is tool-free. This silverware tray organizer will keep your drawer organized. You can put serving utensil and cutlery into the kitchen drawer in a tidy manner with this flatware tray. The package includes 6 sections. The interlocking arm design allows for more flexibility to fit into different drawers. They should be kept in different directions to help define areas. The silverware tray can be used in a variety of places. The utensil organizers is made of steel metal that is rust-proof. The drawer is made of non-slip rubber and won't move when you open and close it. The inner depth is 2 in. and the dimensions are 11.8 x 3 x 2.1 inches. The drawer has a deep flatware organizers which holds a lot and doesn't take up a lot of room. Please contact them if you have a problem with the product. The inner depth is 2 in. and the dimensions are 11.8 x 3 x 2.1 inches. The drawer has a deep flatware organizers which holds a lot and doesn't take up a lot of room. Please contact them if you have a problem with the product.

Brand: Furninxs

👤These were a great replacement for my old silverware trays. The silverware drawer has a nice look. The dark utensils make it hard to see what you're reaching for in the drawer. I like that they have a lip to link the trays, but I wish it was on more than one side. I'm not sure about that, I haven't had to clean these yet. I think that a rinse and brushing with a dish brush would clean them up nicely. They seem strong. Don't be rough with the mesh basket portion and frame because they can bend.

👤Measure when you need something. Don't guess. I have a rolling cart that holds more stuff in my kitchen. I love to cook and bake and have a lot of gadgets and utensils, so I have to be creative in the storage spaces. I measured the width, depth and height of the drawers. I only needed 4 in each drawer, but I purchased 6 packages of these. These organizers were made for my drawers. They are a study of black mesh and metal. I love them! Pictures are attached.

👤Our utensil drawer is so shallow that it's used for utensils. The rubber on the bottom was supposed to keep them from sliding. They are all over the drawer. The drawer is slightly wider than the utensil holders, so they frequently shift it every so often. It's a little annoying. Maybe something can be done to fix our complaints.

👤The neat thing about these is that they can be hooked together, but they didn't work for me due to the length. I bought to store my silverware. I had to return them because they weren't long enough to store knives.

👤These drawer organizers can be used in smaller spaces. The tabs are small so they come apart easily. I would purchase them again if needed.

👤I use my bathroom for everything, the things that get lost in the draws, like tooth cleaners, hair pins, pill bottles and brushes, if you can think of it, you can use it.

👤The bamboo organizers were falling apart and I bought these to replace them. The product is much stronger and holds more. I am very happy with this product.

👤I bought these to hold small non-dairy creamers at my coffee bar and they fit nicely in the drawers of the cabinet I bought for this purpose. I'm happy with the purchase.

8. BAMEOS Organizer Kitchen Silverware Compartments,Flatware

BAMEOS Organizer Kitchen Silverware Compartments%EF%BC%8CFlatware

Made of durable plastic, lined with gray soft grip interior to keep flatware in place, non-slip rubber feet to prevent shifting, easy to clean. Approx. 23.75” L is 16” W and 2.12” H. It is a crime for someone to steal. There are a variety of sizes of the rectangular compartments in the drawer organizers that will be fully stored in a variety of ways to maximize your space. The various compartments give optimal space for holding a variety of utensils and tools, as well as cooking utensils and tools like tongs. The size is flexible. You can make a drawer with the deep dividers. The interior of the product is attractive and you can keep it nice. You can see everything at a glance. It is easy to clean with a damp cloth. MULTI-PURPOSE CONVENIENCE Keeping art supplies neat and orderly is something the bamboo drawer organizers can do. It can be used in the bedroom or bathroom to hold personal items like hair ties, jewelry and accessories. Their kitchen drawer dividers are made from organic bamboo, a renewable resource that is sturdy, elegant, and durable to last for years. All surfaces are food safe. It's easy to maintain and care. Bamboo is easier to clean and maintain than hardwood, and it's also more gentle on knives than plastic. Do not submerge or soak in water, as wiping the bamboo drawer organizers down with a damp cloth is a good way to do it. It's easy to maintain and care. Bamboo is easier to clean and maintain than hardwood, and it's also more gentle on knives than plastic. Do not submerge or soak in water, as wiping the bamboo drawer organizers down with a damp cloth is a good way to do it.

Brand: Bameos

👤The product details are missing. Our drawer is small, so I bought this. The smallest width was 9.76in. This is a lie. I am unable to use it because it is 10in wide. The product dimensions should be updated to reflect the true dimensions.

👤This is a product that I have purchased before. The dimensions are my only issue. The width was described as 9.65 inches. Not true. I wanted to put two of these side by side in my drawer. I searched for a long time to find the right size. The trays are the same width, but they are less than advertised. I don't have the tools to plane the sides, so I am paying a finishing carpenter to do it. I love the trays. I recommend that anyone ordering these be aware that they may not fit in a tight space. The seller shipped them quickly.

👤I'm very happy with this purchase. I've been looking in stores for a flatware tray that was less than 10 inches in width, but I have a drawer that's just over 10 inches. Most small trays were less than 10 inches in width. This tray fit my drawer perfectly, it was 3/16 of an inch under 10. The quality is great and the height is deeper than most small trays.

👤This was close to being a winner for me. The dimensions were perfect, two of them fit my drawer's width. Since you have to bunch the cutlery up to make it fit, I wish they were three compartments wide. It would have been nice if they were a little longer, as my knives are exactly the length of the compartment, so there's not a lot of wiggle room when it comes to grabbing a knife out of the drawer. The look was nice, except for the smell. These were real. I thought I'd wash them because I didn't want to put my nice utensils in them. The dishwasher warped them all. I assumed they were dishwasher-safe because I didn't see anything about care instructions on the packaging. I should have researched if bamboo can go in the dishwasher first. They came out of the dishwasher warped and wrinkled, but at least the smell is still there.

👤I had a larger version of this, but it took up the whole drawer, and I needed more space. I have a small space organizers that barely took up any room. Unless you were very precise about putting the utensils in it, they wouldn't all fit and they would block the drawer from opening. This one works well, fits everything in easily, and still allows for extra room along the sides. I would buy it again.

👤I thought I could fit it in but the drawer frame was too big to open and I had to use the drawer to open it. I had to return it because it was a bit more expensive than I wanted and I didn't like the look of it.

👤The only bamboo style unit I could find that had a width under 10 was this one, which is great because the drawers in the kitchen are only 9.75" wide and this unit is just 9.65". I would like the dividers to be tighter so that more items fit vertically. This is a great looking item that fit my needs.

9. Utensil Organizer Silverware Expandable Removable

Utensil Organizer Silverware Expandable Removable

It's easy to clean. Their desk drawer storage bins are perfect for keeping everything in its place and easy to clean with a damp cloth. It's convenient for use in your daily life. The large sections of the silverware tray are easy to fit in a drawer. You can choose to size it as narrow as 13” or as wide as 22.5” since it is expandable. The drawer needs to be 13” x 17” in the inside and 2” deep. Expansive - You will love how the size adjusts to your drawer's fit by stretching or narrowing the width. It's amazing as a kitchen drawer organizer or to bring order to the bathroom or office. The utensil organizers will make your drawer look better and cleaner, especially larger ones, where disarray reigns. In addition to being a utensil holder, it can also hold supplies, cosmetics, accessories, and jewelry. There are replaceable knife blocks. It is a knife holder and a cutlery organizer to keep your knives sharp. Do you not need the knife block there? You can gain another slot in the organizers by removing and using elsewhere. The knife block can be used in other places. The benefits of bamboo are: sturdy, eco-friendly, and stylish. They are not done. Sides can be extended as much as needed. The benefits of bamboo are: sturdy, eco-friendly, and stylish. They are not done. Sides can be extended as much as needed.

Brand: Bambüsi

👤The organizing tray is beautiful. It matches the color of my drawers. It fits my large drawer perfectly. Steak knives seem to fit the best in the knife blocks, but my larger knives fit as well.

👤This is a great organizer. It is exactly what I wanted for my Grandmother's silverware. She had the original vintage organizers, but it was shot and had a knife block inside. There is a The two outer edges push in to accommodate your drawers. The left side of my drawer was pushed in to accommodate my space because it was not wide enough. There is a The bamboo makes it look like a finished drawer. The regular everyday dinner knives were held perfectly by the knife block. They won't be fighting when the drawer is open and closed. I can live with the fact that the spoon and fork spaces are a bit wide. I like my new drawer.

👤This organizer is wide enough to hold place setting flatware, 2 extra compartments for serving serving spoons, ladles and cake server, and cooking utensils. The knife blocks are not a problem. One has more knives than the other. My set is for 8 so I have 2 knives with the serving and cooking utensils. The 5 slot block is not used by me. The ad shows steak knives with wider handles than table knives. The 6 slot block could easily hold 8 table knives if the slots were closer together. This design has only one flaw. I don't think sharps should be mixed with table settings. This is the only one that meets every other need.

👤Excellent product. The drawer we are using isn't wide enough to take advantage of the extendable "wings", but the organizers are perfect for the gadgets we store in it. The bamboo should last a long time. We're ordering a few more soon.

👤The drawer organization is perfect from my larger drawer to my smaller one. The way you can modify it for your own use is perfect. I use one of the knife holder's in one of the drawers. My sister in law bought one from her house. I thought this one was the best deal. I have had it for a year now. It is1-65561-65561-65561-65561-6556 is1-65561-65561-6556 is1-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-6556

👤I have a bamboo drawer that holds my silverware. The knife blocks are useless and I bought this as a replacement. There are no regular set of knives in the pictures people have posted. The knife handles fall down to the bottom of the tray, preventing you from closing the drawer. It makes no sense. Don't believe the reviews.

👤The only other one I found that had two knife block options was the expandable cutlery organizers, and it was the only one that I could use to keep the rest of the kitchen stuff in the drawer. I have been looking for other storage options for a while, so I was happy to find this on Amazon, I hated having the knife set sitting out on the small counter, and I wanted to find another place to put it. It expands so there is no overlap with my old cutlery holder. It seems like this will hold up. If you don't need the knife blocks for storing knives, it's still a great option for a custom fit in your drawer. It's made of sustainable Bamboo too.

10. ROYAL CRAFT WOOD Kitchen Organizer

ROYAL CRAFT WOOD Kitchen Organizer

The minimum required for regular cans is 15%. No: US 10051979B2. As their organization are large in size, please make sure to purchase your drawing. You should store your items nicely. The deep bamboo drawer organizer is ideal for saving kitchen storage space. It has 20” wide and 2.5” deep slots to accommodate all your kitchen gadgets. The brown drawer organizer adjusts from 7 to 9 drawers for a clean look and you can see all your utensils at once. Measure your drawers before you buy. Keep your home secure. This brown kitchen drawer organizer is a great utensil holder and drawer tidiness enhancer. You can organize your office supplies, jewelry, makeup, craft tools, and other items with its versatile design. It's convenient for storing small items that get away from you like hair ties, safety pins, etc. Keep everything you need at hand with their drawer organizers. This silverware tray for drawer organization is a game-changer. With your cutlery visible all at once before your eyes, it's easier to cook. Take the stress out of cooking. Their cutlery organizers are great for storing flatware, but also as a kitchen drawer organize for large utensils such as spatulas, tongs, ladles, and more. Their organizers' tall compartment walls make it easy to find all your kitchen gadgets in one spot. Their bamboo organizers are expandable and have 9 main compartments. The hunt is over. Their flatware organizers make it easy to cook with drawer utensils and kitchen gadgets. You can cook more efficiently if you maximize your kitchen space, time, and effort. The non-slip grips at the bottom of the utensil keep it in place so you won't have to hunt for it again. The hunt is over. Their flatware organizers make it easy to cook with drawer utensils and kitchen gadgets. You can cook more efficiently if you maximize your kitchen space, time, and effort. The non-slip grips at the bottom of the utensil keep it in place so you won't have to hunt for it again.

Brand: Royal Craft Wood

👤This product is great and no issues with the quality. The organizers is raised a bit because of the fact that the silverware goes deeper inside than I thought. The 5 main slots have an interior depth of just shy of 1.5 and there are two larger slots on the left and right after the expansion. The silverware had to be turned to fit. It works well but not what I was planning to do.

👤The product was what I was looking for. I wanted it to fill up my entire drawer. I feel more organized now.

👤I ordered this without taking any measurement and it was the same length as the inside of our drawer. We made it fit with some shoving. It's in there forever now. Someday, when we sell our house, this will stay with it. Due to the tight fit, we could only extend one side, but I think it looks great. It matches the other wood in our kitchen. It looks nice and it's functional. The compartments are small and not too big. The plastic drawer divider we used to have was not what we wanted it to be. We lost knives under the tray because we couldn't get the sides to snap together. This works better. I'm very happy with this product.

👤Very high quality. I didn't measure my kitchen drawers before ordering but my girlfriend is very happy with her new makeup drawer organizers.

👤I loved how this product fit my cabinet drawer after I unboxed it. The feelings were short lived. I have had it for six weeks and the slot separators are coming apart at the joints. It has never gotten wet, it's in an environment that stays 70 degrees with low humidity, and has been used lightly. There is no reason for it to be falling apart. The product was not made to last.

👤There are no hidden flaws or "gotchas" in the product. How rare is that these days? It has 5 main slots for flatware, which is the number of utensils in a standard off-the-shelf set. There is a The glossy finish is expected when using wood to store metal utensils. At least it doesn't fall apart. The slots are a little narrow for me. It's fine for a service-for-8 but cramped for 12.

👤One of the positives about this divider is the fact that our kitchen silverware drawer looks so good every time I open it. We were always looking around to see what was in the drawer, it was large and had a lot of weird shapes. I now see everything at a glance, and it makes it easier to put things away since they have a home in the drawer. It is very sturdy and well made, which was a surprise because we have tried many of them in the past and the newer ones are usually less quality than the previous ones. Our daughters have seen the new organized drawer and have purchased the same item for their homes, so I will buy another for our vacation home. I don't take time to review things unless I really dislike or love an item. It fit perfectly in the drawer because it was adjusted to fit, so no more weird containers that fit my needs. Highly recommended.

11. Rubbermaid No Slip Silverware Organizer 1994536

Rubbermaid No Slip Silverware Organizer 1994536

Sturdy steel made with a coat of silver. No: USD840716S1. The silverware organizers is a great value. Storage space for your serving utensils and flatware is provided by 5 large slots and 2 trays. As the drawer opens and closes, the no slip base and feet keep the utensil tray in place. The plastic is sturdy and has a high class look. It is easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

Brand: Rubbermaid

👤The design was made for utensils. It says it is for silverware. We have all been lied to before. It warms the heart to know that the objects are true to their names. It is a cold world out there but at least my silverware will be kept warm in this utensil tray.

👤The silverware tray has a lot of storage space, but it doesn't fit as much if you have large silverware. I've been planning on replacing my cheap walmart silverware for a long time, and now I might do it. I was drawn to this tray because it has five regular spots and another up top. I had space left over in the drawer to stick my lesser used knives, because it doesn't slide around in my drawer.

👤The product is sturdy, has plenty of space for my butter knives, spoons and forks, and it fits perfectly in my kitchen drawer, I like the gray color it doesn't show dirt and dust. I am very happy with my purchase, Amazon shipped it quickly with Prime two day shipping and it was packaged with love and care.

👤The dinner forks in our everyday silverware set are longer. I have had to return many utensil trays in the last few months because the dinner forks wouldn't fit unless they were stacked crooked, with the ends or tips sticking up. Even the long dinner forks fit well in the individual compartments in this utensil tray. I took a chance on this product because of that. It has enough individual compartments to keep all of the pieces together. The larger soup spoons and larger dinner forks are separated from the smaller dinner spoons. There is no need to look through a stack of utensils for the right spoon or fork. That's a small point for me. It's a plus that this utensil tray allows us to keep utensil handling to a minimum, in these days of trying to follow healthy habits. The extra compartment in the back is large enough to hold all the larger serving pieces that we use on a daily basis. There is a It's a sturdy product, it has all the important features needed to keep our silverware neat and organized, and the price was reasonable. This was a great purchase.

👤I absolutely love this product. It doesn't slip around in the drawer and is functional. For a single family use of silverware it is perfect. There is a It's slim size makes it easy to clean the sink. Which is necessary. I would buy this product. It is fantastic!

👤Look at the reviews to determine your purchase. There is a It's a plastic silverware drawer. It's sturdy, the silverware is made of grey rubber that is easy to wipe down, and the shape/size can accommodate all silverware sizes. If utensils are stacked in opposing directions, 20 per section, but I don't have 90 utensils, I couldn't test. That's all! Hope you find what you are looking for.

👤If you're looking for a tray that doesn't slide around in your drawer, don't buy this. It's not as advertised, but if Rubbermaid had used something more than four rubber feet, it might have achieved its stated purpose. Normal kitchen knives barely fit in length, and the compartments are too narrow. I like the larger compartment for things like ladles and serving spoons, but the whole unit should have been wider. Rubbermaid has been making inferior products. My loyalty to them is waning. They need to make better products and stop relying on their past reputation.


What is the best product for cooking tools organizer in drawer?

Cooking tools organizer in drawer products from Madesmart. In this article about cooking tools organizer in drawer you can see why people choose the product. Mdesign and Noble Home & Chef are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking tools organizer in drawer.

What are the best brands for cooking tools organizer in drawer?

Madesmart, Mdesign and Noble Home & Chef are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking tools organizer in drawer. Find the detail in this article. Pipishell, Idesign and Purawood Homermr are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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