Best Cooking Tongs with Silicone Tips

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1. Rösle Stainless Steel Kitchen Silicone

R%C3%B6sle Stainless Steel Kitchen Silicone

This metal kitchen tongs set is a must-have item for your household, and is an unparalleled gift for accomplished multitaskers on their Birthdays, Anniversaries, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and other festivals. It is made of 18/10 steel. Silicone tips will not damage coated pans if ingredients and food items are lifted and turned. It is heat resistant to 260 C/ 500 F.

Brand: Rösle

👤Before she left me for good, my ex-wife said those last words to me. I bought these tongs because I didn't fully understand what she meant. I thought I'd buy some quality japanese style tongs to use in my A5 Wagyu grilling game, but boy are they a game-changer! I treasure the delicate marbled meat, and so dexterous, with refined gripping thats not too harsh on it. The tongs have a sense of warmth and belonging, unlike my ex-wife's hard grip. You get what you deserve if you pay for quality.

👤The executive chef cooks on the line a lot. The glue or weld was separated within 3 months. Not recommended for the price. Don't buy. Won't buy again.

👤I don't mind paying for quality. Quality was not checked last time I checked. Don't talk about your engineering, send me a product made in china. What a let down.

👤These would be the creme-de-la-creme of cooking tongues. They're responsive, sensitive and easy to use, they're great for serving cooked greens, and they can hold a chunk of meat while you slice it. They stir hot foods around a wok. The only things you need to cook are a knife, a spoon, a fish turner, and a wooden spoon.

👤The review of Rsle fine kitchen tweezers. I was tired of losing small veggies through the grate of my grill and discovered kitchen tweezers. They give me the ability to turn individual green beans or asperigus, and as an added bonus, allow me to pick off some of the meat left behind after grilling. The tip of the tweezer is designed to make contact at the very top, which makes it great for fine food like herbs. Pulling bones on salmon is not something they will be effective at. I would have liked a bigger area of contact between the two grip areas of the tongs. I don't think I could justify deducting a star for this issue. My wife puts it differently than other pair of kitchen tweezers I own because they have a nice style and are less "clinical" looking. I grill with tools. I have cooks who are desensitized to high heat and some who prefer longer handled tongs.

👤Excellent! There is no faulty locking mechanism like some other models. There are pre-forged gripping slots at the tip that do not damage your food. This is a high-quality product that will last a long time, even though it is a bit pricey. Would buy again and recommend it to others.

👤I looked over all the questions and answers posted to see if the silicone tips were still attached, and the answer was posted as a yes. I bought them based on this information. I wanted to be able to use them with and without the tips. The tips of the tongs are permanently fixed. They cost a lot of money. There is a The quality is good. If I can find a way to explore options on this page, I will contact the supplier.

2. KUFUNG Silicone Resistant Stainless Non Stick

KUFUNG Silicone Resistant Stainless Non Stick

The serving tongs have a smart pull-ring design and are comfortable to hold. It's easy to clean and store. The tongs were easily hung up and closed with a ring pull locking mechanism. Throw in the dishwasher or wipe under hot water. The heads are soft and won't scratch the non-stick surface. The tip of the heat resistant is made ofstainless steel and silicone. There was no melt. Food serving tools are great for multiple kitchen uses. The Silicone Kitchen Tongs can be used for turning and lifting Appetizers cheese, fish, crab, chicken, turkey, burger, asparagus, vegetable salad, ice block, escargot, pastry, cake, and taco.

Brand: Kufung

👤I would have passed if I had known that the silicone covers on the tongs would slip off easily. It's difficult to wash and dry them since water gets inside and doesn't dry out. I wanted it to be a rubber covering over the tongs so they wouldn't scratch my dishes but now they are an annoyance. I would like to have a lock feature. I didn't think of that until after the fact. All in a good price, but would pay more for a better item.

👤These are terrible. I don't like using them. The plastic ends are easy to remove. They come off while I cook. I will get burned.

👤I use a wheel chair and these tongs are great for picking thins up from the floor, even a small pill can be retrieved with the silicone tios.

👤The utensil is perfect in the kitchen. I had it for a few days and already had a salad and did not burn my fingers.

👤These things are great. They replace a set that was useless because the shafts were the same material as the gripping ends, so they bent easily. They weren't good for picking up anything heavier than a French fry. These are made of steel. The price is amazing. I would suggest keeping them closed when not in use. It's not a big deal. Pull on the ring to keep them closed when not in use. I didn't see it. Five stars plus.

👤Needed a set of tongs to use the Ninja Foodi Pressure Cooker. The non-stick silicone tips make these tongs scratch-proof. The locking mechanism used to lift items safely from the cooker is an added feature that helps to seal the deal. The tongs can tolerate a maximum temp of 480 degrees. The tongs will handle the heat from cooking more than the cooker can. Good features and a reasonable price.

👤After a long battle with my old tongs, I got a bar that went up and down the length of the tong to lock it. I said enough. These are the ones I bought. What a change! I can't hang them up because of the little hole in the end, but they grip better thanks to the Silicone on the ends. I haven't had it snap or pinch me yet. Long tongs. These are my new friends.

👤I feel like these are not enough. I use them all the time and have about 5 of them, they are always in the dishwasher when I need them, so I ordered 2 more to last between running the dishwasher. I try to always have at least 2 at the stove to turn chicken with and veggies, they work great and never scratch my pans, and you will find so many uses for them when you use them.

3. OXO 1101880 Grips 9 Inch Silicone

OXO 1101880 Grips 9 Inch Silicone

The dishwasher is safe. These tongs are dishwasher safe, making it easy to clean them up. Silicone heads are found in the steel tongs. The heads are heat resistant to 600 degrees and are safe for non-stick cookware. The handle is soft and comfortable. The lock is closed for storage. There are 9-inch and 12-inch lengths available.

Brand: Oxo

👤The Silicone tips have a finish that doesn't remove with dishsoap. They look bad.

👤I have a hard time picking up the food because of the thick silicone on the tips. It is similar to trying to fix something small with mittens on. I wouldn't buy again. You can pick up anything, the smallest food pieces, and it is an extension of your hand if you get the regular tongs, the same brand, without Silicone. I use the steel ones and Silicone tipped ones, because they are so hard to use.

👤The product is okay. I use these with my pans. The silicone grippers are too big and clunky for a 9 tong. I expected it to be the same as the nylon heads which are easier to grip and flip food. I will keep them. I don't think I would recommend them to others.

👤I am very pleased with these tongs. It is nice to not be scratching my pans when I cook with them because the grips are perfect. I don't know how they wash in a machine, but they work like a dream, easy lock feature that is smooth with a big enough ring to be comfortable. It's a feat for someone with arthritis and gout in the hand to not have a problem gripping. Overall, very pleased. I highly recommend this product.

👤I picked up this pair of tongs without looking at them closely. The design was changed. The old design is no longer offered. There is a The end of the new design has grips. The old version is straight. You have to pinch foods to grab them. The surface area can be used to compensate for the force of grip. With the angle, I'm more likely to lose my grip on the items I'm working with. There is a Is it possible to flip a small steak? It's probably not a big deal. You're roasting vegetables. It was loud. Is it possible to flip a burger? It's best to crush and fall apart. There is a I had a white powdery build up after one wash. I ordered new tongs from a different brand and they are going in the trash.

👤I didn't expect these to be different from the OXO tongs I've used for years. Silicone is heavier than nylon and it really messes with the balance of the tongs. They are heavy, hard to open/ close and lack the precision of nylon or steel head tongs. I switched back to nylon tongs in the middle of cooking because I got frustrated trying to flip food. I thought it was because I have small hands and they are meant for giant super strong hands, but my husband thought they were awkward and imprecise. I am not sure what I would recommend for that, but I would recommend a pair of nylon or steel head tongs.

👤Silicone tongs were bought because metal ones scratched plastic items. The Silicone has withstood boiling water many times. There were no issues with the silicone. The tongs are heavy and offer a lot of resistance, which is noticeable after using them for a long period of time. I can't complain about the length of the description because I wish I had bought the longer version.

4. Hotec Premium Stainless Locking Kitchen

Hotec Premium Stainless Locking Kitchen

The best control on food is offered by the non-slip Surface design. The top quality. Hotec kitchen tongs are made of high quality, sturdy, heat resistance, anti-rust, anti-corrosion, light weight, easy to handle, like new forever. There are two sizes of tongs, 9 inch and 12 inch. It's easy to store. The kitchen tongs have a locking mechanism, pull the ring for lock and push for unlocks. Space saving is achieved by hanging them with the hanging loop after use or put in the drawer. Engineering for safety. The new pattern for the handle protects your hands from being cut by the edge. It's easy to control the handle and eliminate the risk of burning your hands. The handle is easy to use and good for thumb rest. The tong tip is less prone to scratch the pan. It's easy to rinse in the dishwasher. There are multiple applications. A basic kitchen utensil is perfect for basic kitchen tasks, indoor or outdoor, and is great for grilling corn, flipping burgers, serving salad, cutting roast meat, or using as BBQ turners and much more.

Brand: Hotec

👤I use these to remove bones after I make bone soup. The ends are made of Silicone and they don't grip as well as I expected. The design of the main bars was the biggest problem I encountered. The inner side of the bar is hollow if you zoom in on the photo. It is impossible to clean that area. If you want to clean the tips in the outer sides, you have to dig out the bars, which are stuck there for a long time. I will return them. I don't want to use toothpicks to clean my tongs, and I don't want to put them back in a drawer, because they have gunk stuck inside of them that I can't get out!

👤I can't believe they ship garbage. The tips fall off after use. The OXO product is better.

👤I've had a pair of tongs for decades. I'm trying to reorganize my utensil drawer and I thought "Why am I still keeping these chintzy tongs around that don't fit neatly in a drawer, not to mention the sharp edges at the business end that, for?" I have seen locking tongs with Silicon tips for years in the kitchen gadgets stores. I didn't want to pay more than $20 for a set. I was ready for a change and found these. I haven't had them long but I love them. I think they're everything I was looking for at a reasonable price.

👤I thought the tongs were well constructed. When I used the tongs to place the chicken breasts on the gas grill, I was surprised. The tongs were useless when I applied enough pressure to hold the meat. When I looked at the product description, I thought the Silicone rubber tip was Silicone rubber, but it was not. They are useless for food items that have a lot of weight. I found a set of tongs that had Silicone rubber over metal tong tips at a local Walmart and they were 20% cheaper than the Hotec tongs. The Hotec tongs were thrown away after only a few uses.

👤You get a pair of tongs for a very good price. They have a grabbing surface and tongs on it. I keep my non-stick pans safe. I thought I'd need the 12" ones for that. The 9 are enough. The tongs do not have solid arms. The tongs are open. There could be food or water trapped there. I have not had any problems, but be aware.

👤Silicone tips were needed for the air-fryer to not scratch the lining of the basket. The two-pack price on these was half the price for a longer tongs in the grocery store, and we only needed the shorter one. I thought this was a no-brainer. There is a The quality of these utensils is great, and they can't be beat for the money.

👤These are not good. The first time I used them, they bent. It's hilarious to use these with any food, you have to manhandle it by squeezing it to make sure you can pick it up, or you have to pick it up and rub it off. It's similar to a dollar store purchase. Even if it's cheap, why have a tool that can ruin your food if you don't pick it up in time? My OXO tongs, metal and plastic have lasted me years, so skip these and just get the good kind.

5. Gorilla Grip Resistant Stainless Dishwasher

Gorilla Grip Resistant Stainless Dishwasher

It works well for turning and lifting Appetizers cheese, fish, crab, chicken, turkey, burger, asparagus, vegetable salad, ice block, escargot, pastry, cake, and taco. The tongs are incredibly durable and strong enough for a variety of ingredients, from small ingredients like cherries to large pieces of meats, veggies and more. Silicone is heat resistant up to 484 degrees Fahrenheit, making it a great option for nearly any cooking task, and the tongs are gentle on your cookware so you can worry less about scratching and wear and tear. The tongs have a slip resistant grip that helps you get the best grasp on your food, and they also have an ergonomics thumb rest to help alleviate pressure on fingers and thumbs. The tongs are dishwasher safe and constructed from durable STAINLESS STEEL, they are perfect for use on pans, stovetops, ovens, and grills, and are rust resistant and designed for long lasting use. The easy pull lock is easy to use and fit in most drawers and cabinets for easy storage.

Brand: Gorilla Grip

👤These tongs are easy to clean. It's great for using an air fryer. The 2 sizes are pink. Would buy again. Thank you for reading my review, I hope it helped.

👤I use these all the time to flip food over in my non stick pans without having to worry about scratching the surface. You can lock them shut for easy storage. These were recommended by a PBS show and they have never disappointed in their performance.

👤I was delighted to get a replacement pair of tongs and a smaller one for the same price as the competition. These are even better than the tongs they are replacing because of the improved locking mechanism.

👤Is there a difference between t-shirts and thongs? The wear and tear on air fryer non stick surface will be saved by these. Just as described. It is easy to clean and last for sure. Order as described, the easy close and lock and open clip is on the bottom of the thongs.

👤When I ordered them, I expected them to be similar. Good value for money. I would recommend them to others.

👤These tongs are great. Two sizes are used with a variety of kitchen and grill duties. Sturdy, coated tong tips and ability to lock in place. Just what we needed. Pick up a set.

👤I like the tongs a lot. They have a good feeling for the hand. I like the thumb rest. They are sturdy and hold up well.

👤I got these for an airdrie that recommended Silicone tongs to not scratch the inside surface.

👤Perfectas, los dos son ideales. Desde cocinar. Para ensaladas.

6. HiramWare Kitchen Tongs Set Stainless

HiramWare Kitchen Tongs Set Stainless

These sturdy kitchen tongs, which will last for decades, are made of high quality STAINLESS STEEL and will never rust. They are your favorite kitchen gadgets. The lock ring design is easy to store and control. Push to lock and pull to open the system. SAFE, HEALTHY: The grip is comfortable and safe. The non-stick Silicone tips are safe for you and your family to use, and won't scratch your cookware. It is heat resistant up to 480F and is perfect for grilling, barbecue turning, cooking, salad, serving, flipping, and etc. There are two packs of 12 inch and 9 inch. If you are not completely satisfied, please contact them and they will give you a hassle-free replacement or refund.

Brand: Hiramware

👤The price is reasonable and the colour is great. The steel head can pick up thick meat. My other tongs only have a piece of plastic attached and need a replacement. I hope these tongs last me a long time.

👤These tongs are great for my use in the kitchen. I like them for air fryer use. The air fryer basket and crisper tray are not damaged by the silicone. They are perfect for my non-stick cookware. The grabbing sides have the correct angle and scoop to pick up food without sliding off. The handles are made of silicone and make it a sure grip. It is easy to wash in the dishwasher and lock up so it doesn't open up. I like the red color so I can easily see them in my drawer. I recommend these tools in both sizes.

👤I like the color. The 12 inch tongs are not aligned. The tongs were sturdy and good quality. The replacement tongs have the same problem. They are not aligned. The quality control needs to be improved. The original is worse than the replacement so I am keeping it.

👤I read a lot of reviews before I tried these ones. The grip makes the tongs more comfortable to use. They have been used for 2 weeks and have not seen any rush or melted parts. Quality, ease of use, and no rusting are important to me since I bought these for a family member with physical problems. The improved handling of the rubber grips and the different sizes of tongs make them more versatile for our needs.

👤I didn't want to ruin my cookware with my metal tongs, so I bought the tongs. The tongs from HiramWare are great. Very strong. They didn't leave a scratch on the cookware but the Silicone covering didn't chip or peel. It is easy to clean. It's helpful to have different sizes to choose from. Highly recommended.

👤Update 1.31.22. After a few times of use, a piece of the red part that grips the food broke off, while I was cooking. The pan was not too hot and I was flipping a piece of chicken. I'm not sure why it cracked but I'm disappointed because I loved these up until I had this issue. I'm stuck with one good and one broken one because I'm at the end of the return period. These were bought to replace older ones that were not safe for non-stick cookware. These seem to work well with non stick pans and seem to hold up well with the heat of cooking. The locking feature saves space in the drawer. It's great to have two sizes. I've used them a few times and I'm very happy with my purchase.

👤I was a bit nervous to buy them online. They were a good purchase. They look brand new, but I use them over 10 times now. They have not rusted. I might have left them in a sink full of water overnight because I was too lazy to wash them the night before.

7. OXO 1071504 Silicone Flexible Stainless

OXO 1071504 Silicone Flexible Stainless

The dimensions and care are 8. L X 1. The dishwasher is safe for easy clean-up. It's safe for non-stick cookware and it's heat resistant to 600F. A flat head shape with thin, flexible edges glides beneath food. Straight front edge is ideal for cleaning pans. The perforated head is dishwasher safe. Rounded head is great for holding food.

Brand: Oxo

👤OXO makes pretty good kitchen gear, not glamorous, just nice looking, well built, and functional. The tongs miss the beat a bit. The side with no internal support is called the perforated side. It's difficult to grab something in a pot or pan. If you don't get the solid side under the item you are getting, it will be overweight and you will lose it. It's not good when you have to pick it with the closed side because it's not strong enough to lift the object. It's not a convenient kitchen tool. The ends are thick and hard to wear. They are well built, but not well designed.

👤A great product. I had others from other companies. Silicone was too thick, the grip wasn't good, the angle wasn't good, and the ergonomics wasn't good. There is a Well done to the people who designed the product. There is a The upper side is flexible to hold the food. There is a The food you want to grab is pushed under the silicone. It is high temperature resistant. I'm sorry for that. No other colors, only black. There is a Why are there no different lengths?

👤I love OXO products. Whenever we need to replace something, we check to see if OXO has it. We have a lot of OXO products, but we don't like these tongs. There is a The locking mechanism doesn't work very well. It's a small issue, but it's significant compared to the rest of their line, because sometimes the lock mechanism will slide into place and they will lock unexpectedly when you open and close the tongs. It's easy to reproduce by holding the tongs vertical with the flippers pointing up and then opening and closing them, after a few clicks. It happens under normal use, but you won't typically be holding the tongs vertically. There is a It does not seem to be malfunctioning. I was able to bend the lock so it stays in place for the most part, but I bought a second set because the first one had the same issue. We have other products that have the same locking mechanism but do not exhibit this issue, so it seems like a problem with just this item. Even though it has a defect, I still gave this 4 stars because it's better than other products. It's the most disappointing product I've rated against other OXO products.

👤The side with the holes is not strong and the solid half is firm. I bought these to remove chicken breasts from the instant pot or crock pot, but they aren't strong enough to hold a cooked chicken breast.

👤The design does not do the job. I have to try and grab the food that is on the grill. When you attempt to grab, scoop or maneuver the food, it's best to design the product's clasping or grabbing edges so that you only have one chance. I find myself trying to turn, flip or maneuver the food 3, 4 or more times as it slips off from my grasp! I would have returned this one if it didn't look good and feel good in my hand.

8. U Taste Heat Resistant Non Stick Silicone Stainless

U Taste Heat Resistant Non Stick Silicone Stainless

We want you to buy with confidence because they know you will love the quality and practicality of their grill tongs. Feel free to try them out. They know you will not go back to serving in another way. They upgrade it, not just make it. They are a professional kitchenware producer. Customer reviews of similar products on Amazon are collected by U-Taste in order to offer better and eco-friendly cookware. The aim is to upgrade the products based on the data of the bad evaluation. 7.89% of reviews have received items with poor material and workmanship. The material was upgraded to 18/8stainless steel and premium silicone. No need to worry about smell, color fading, or any other issues like chipping off. The smooth thick edge of the silicone part will not cause any hand injury because it is sealed on. The locking mechanism is easy to use. Many tongs are too stiff to open and close, and the grasping is weak, so food always slips out. The reviewers have a problem with their tongs. The locking system was improved because it had good tension on the spring and a sturdy spin to hold it together. Pull the tab out of the tongs and push it in to open them for grabbing food. Silicone tips are heat resistant and odor free. You don't want tongs with metal tips to scratch your pans or tongs with inferior Silicone tips that melt easily. The material is the same as baby nipple and has higher heat resistant than the basic one, which is why it was upgraded by U-Taste. No rubber part of the tongs will melt off with heat again if you don't scratch on your pans. Dishwasher safe and easy to store. Food will not stick to the tong so you can use a quick wipe and rinse it with hot soapy water or just throw them in the dishwasher. They can be locked in your kitchen drawer or hung on the wall with a ring for easy access. 28.6% of reviews love that. There are multiple colors to match your kitchen.

Brand: U-taste

👤I rarely write reviews, but I have found the purple tongs to be worthy of one and a positive one. 1. I have seen water andbacteria build in the tongs that slide off due to the inability to truly clean inside of them, and these tongs have integrated rubber ends instead of being able to slide off and on, which was amazing for me. 2. They are strong and do not bend easily. This was a big worry for me since I pick up heavy meats with it. These are for people who need strong ends that don't bend easily. I am not saying that it will lift a bucket of water, but it will carry around 5 ponds of meat. 3. Love the color purple. 4. The pull lock/unlock lever works perfectly even though there is pressure on the tong ends. 5. The price was great for me. My opinion is that they were perfectly priced, but that is not a proven fact. I would buy another set of these. I will post if something goes wrong in the future.

👤The best part of the tong design is the silicone. The coiled wire on the hinge feels like it is not going to last very long. There is a lot of movement when you try to close the jaws. Again, sloppy construction. I don't look forward to cleaning this because it's too many places to catch food. I have seen other tong products with a smooth design. Going to be back.

👤I have had these for about four months and I really liked them. They are easy to clean, love the lock mechanism, but then this happened. The silicone was cracked. I used the medium sz a lot.

👤These look great but they don't work. Don't spend your money on these. They are not good at grasping food. Food falls out. The tips only touch at the end. It becomes a balancing act of keeping the food out of the way. It's a pain to use with food because of its heat resistand and esay to clean. Ensure that you can actaully hold your food by looking for the ones with ends that are closer.

👤I've only used them with my air fryer. They seem great! There is a I like the higher heat resistance. There is a The purple is really nice. It allows me to find them quickly in my drawer. If anything goes wrong with them, I will update.

👤The higher heat rating made them purchase these. The gripping claws are too curved. It's difficult to pick up small items. The rest of the tongs curve away from what you are trying to hold. Poor design.

👤There are different sizes for different needs. The tips are more bendy with Silicone but still sturdy enough to hold things. I like them a lot. I reached out to customer service with a picture and they sent a new set that arrived in a couple days, it was excellent.

👤These are easy to do with tongs. I like them.

9. HINMAY Locking Kitchen Stainless Grilling

HINMAY Locking Kitchen Stainless Grilling

The easy pull lock is easy to use and fit in most drawers and cabinets for easy storage. Silicone food tongs are made from a thick, corrosion resistant STAINLESS steel for unbeatable strength and premium construction, and feature a ring-pull locking system which is made to last. The tongs are made from a premium 100% Food Grade Silicone. They are dishwasher safe and won't absorb odors. It is safe to heat up to 480 degrees F. It's great for daily kitchen tasks, indoors or outdoors. It works well for variety of food, such as serving, cooking, salad, pastas, fruits, pick up bread, salad, cake, etc. Can be used for grilling steak, hamburger or bacon, grilling corn, flipping burgers/fish, cutting roast meat, or BBQ turner. 9-Inch kitchen silicone tongs (Gray) # 9 Handles (10" including lock) are included in the package. When you purchase these specialty silicone tongs 9 inch tool, you're offered a 100% customer satisfaction service. They will serve you until you get your 100% satisfaction if you contact them through your order. It is risk free to try it.

Brand: Hinmay

👤I love them. They work on all types of food. The closing grip stays closed and I like that. It was great to have the tips. It doesn't hurt my pans. Everything about them is great. I bought them for our daughter and shipped them to her. She said she loves them and thanked me. It's easy to see where they are with the bright colors. I wish I had gotten them earlier but now use them for everything. I can't go wrong with these.

👤We use them for many things, including cooking, cutting, and serving. The 3 pack is perfect for use in the dishwasher and the Silicone is a great texture for grip andDurability. The color stands up against staining.

👤The quality was better than I expected. They were shipped quickly and they were perfect for a party. These were one of the most used items in my kitchen.

👤I have only used these tongs a couple of times, but I am very pleased. I have not used on hot food yet, but I think the silicone will hold up fine. There is a If they melt onto my bacon, I will review it again. Don't mess with my bacon.

👤I use tongs all the time. I bought these because I had to replace a pair that broke. I am very happy with the purchase.

👤They are coated so they don't scratch pans. They have a lock on the drawer so they can't open it. The price is very nice. The colors were striking. It was washed up nicely.

👤Silicone makes the point harder to grip than metal tips. They don't scratch when using air fryers, which makes them great! Highly recommended.

👤I love these. Adding a little color can make cooking more interesting. They are easy to clean.

👤No decir. Buen producto.

👤Good quality work as advertised.

10. Riveira Silicone Non Stick Heat Resistant Stainless

Riveira Silicone Non Stick Heat Resistant Stainless

There are 9-inch and 12-inch lengths available. Premium kitchen tongs make cooking, grilling, and handling food easier. The set of tongs for cooking with Silicone tips is designed for precise grasping and is made to protect your hands from hot cooking temperatures so you can prepare food without compromising your safety. It's easy to use this duo for meal prepping. It was specially designed for utility. Grill tongs are ideal for handling all sorts of food. The tongs feature a scalloped edge for lifting chicken, meats, veggies, fruit pieces, and more. The locking mechanism keeps bbq tongs slim and easy to store in drawers or utensil holders. You can keep them in your kitchen because of the looped ends. The engine is ENGINEERED with PREMIUM MATERIAL. These tongs are made of 304stainless steel and are resistant to rust and corrosion. The non-stick, heat-resistant silicone tips are also heat resistant and provide unparalleled safety at high grill and stove temperatures. These tongs are dishwasher safe and can be put in your washer for easy clean-up after use. The complete functioning. The 9 in and 12” long tongs are practical tools for handling all food types. The 12” kitchen has superior gripping power for picking and lifting large items. Small tongs 9” rubber tongs deliver precise handling of smaller food portions. Duo of kitchen tongs make sure you are always prepared for food preparation. There is a limited lifetime warranty. They offer a lifetime warranty on their tongs because they pride ourselves on 100% customer satisfaction. If you are not happy with your purchase, simply return it for a full refund.

Brand: Riveira

👤There are two different lengths of tongs. I used the smaller one for turning bacon on a small frying pan and the larger one for browning stew meat in a deeper pot. Both were easy to deal with. It was simple to clean up, no need for scrubbing with metal tongs. Clean with dish soap and water.

👤My other tongs are all metal, and I got these for use in an air fryer. I don't have to worry about the tongs touching hot surfaces because they feel good in the hand. They have a good grip on food. The lock/unlock mechanism is something I like. I'm very happy with the purchase. There is a revision of 11/8-21. I saw that one of the pairs had torn/deformed when I saw the photo. I don't know when. It will work, but some of the metal is exposed. I'm not quite as happy with them now.

👤I tried to like these, but no. If you try to pick up something heavy they will bend and you will drop it.

👤This product is very good. The shoes are made well. It's difficult to slide underneath a chicken cutlet because of the thickness of the ends. I have to get used to them in my non stick pans.

👤I need a long tong at work just for grabbing things from the high shelves, but I have a long tong at home. Silicone is great for gripping items. If you don't like standing on a stool, I recommend these long tongs. It was very sturdy and reliable.

👤There are a lot of things that are not advertised. The tongs are not one of those items. These are great! The silicone ends are soft and can pick up grilled vegetables. These are the kitchen tongs that are easy to use and don't cost a fortune. Excellent value!

👤I own a Ninja Foodi Grill. I use them with that. They are easy to clean. They haven't gotten burned from pulling meat off the grill and the grill function gets very hot.

👤The tongs seem to be sturdy. They can be used to apply a more delicate touch when needed, and they are able to firmly grasp food at high temperatures.

11. StarPack Basics Silicone Kitchen 12 Inch

StarPack Basics Silicone Kitchen 12 Inch

Easy care, no rust and no silicone funnel, makes it easy to keep clean. Put soap in the dishwasher or wash with warm water and add little soap. StarPack 1.0mm extra thick kitchen tongs with Silicone tips offer fantastic grip and control, with a ring-pull locking system. Premium Range means highest quality, family-safe, non-stick-safe, safety tested,BPA-Free,bacteria-resistаnt, 480F heat-resistant EULFGB-Grade silicone tongs for cooking! I was inspired to love cooking. These dishwasher-safe, stylish and colorful new silicone tipped tongs inspire you to cook heavenly dishes for friends and family. The kitchen set contains 1 x tongs with a Silicone tip and 9 handles. You've always got maximum convenience at your fingertips with the 1 x Silicone Kitchen Tongs. Silicone on the cooking tongs for non-stick cookware doesn't melt, and the kitchen tongs don't rust.

Brand: Starpack Home

👤Potentially dangerous product. After using the longer set of tongs for the first time, I received a serious cut while washing them when the unfinished interior of one of the handles sliced a chunk of my index finger tip off. The edge on the inside is razor sharp and I wasn't applying any extra pressure. I bled profusely all over my sink, and was glad we didn't ask the ten year old to wash them. I don't know if it's common for these tongs or if I got an unfinished pair. The construction was great, but I couldn't recommend it as they arrived. If a child or an older person with bleeding issues would be handling them. The cut was so deep and clean that it took hours before it stopped.

👤One reason to buy them was that they are highly recommended. They aren't really healthy. There was a build up of MOLD behind the tips. One of them comes apart after just three months of use. If you look carefully, you will see that water and other material sips through the place where the silicone meets the steel and stays there if you look carefully.

👤I have been satisfied with these. They are a nice size, sturdy, and have a good grip, Silicone is very durable, and the open/close lock mechanism works well to where they stay open when you want. I have noticed that the top joint is starting to show signs of rust after about 3 months of once a week or so use. I think it will rust completely. I'm not too disappointed at this price point, I bought these to replace a high quality all clad tongs that did the same, and they will honor as long as they're around, and I'm sure they will do the same as well. I think the spring steel used as a spring is inherently not smilng as it is Rust on this spring. I have to take a star off because it would be nice to not have them start to rust after 3 months. I think they are a great value, so I would recommend them and buy them again if needed.

👤My son found black plastic in his dinner when he was less than a year old. The tongs were from cooking. All instructions were followed.

👤I hated our old nylon tongs, which had no locking mechanism and didn't grip foods securely, and rarely used them, so I used my metal tongs with pincers, which are more resistant to scratching. When we decided to buy two sets of Copper Chef Black Diamond non-stick pans, I decided to look for some Silicone-tipped tongs to protect our new investment. I own several Good Grips kitchen gadgets and utensils, so my first thought was to buy their Silicone-coated locking tongs. When I saw that the StarPack Premium tongs had thousands of 5-star reviews, I decided to take a closer look. I liked the idea of having two pairs of tongs, so one would be available even when the other was in the dishwasher, and the price of these was significantly lower than the ones I had intended to get. I prefer buying from family-owned companies and businesses that have enough confidence in their products' performance to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, because I appreciated the thoroughness of the description and other information on the Amazon product page. There is a My husband and I like using these kitchen tongs, even when we're cooking in pans that don't have a coating. The tongs are more secure since they are coated with Silicone, which makes them more likely to bite into the food. The lack of sharp edges makes the tongs safer to use and easier to clean. I prefer the shorter pair of tongs when pan-frying a few breakfast sausages in a small skillet, they are very comfortable to use and thoughtfully designed. There is a The locking mechanism is very easy to operate, although it does require two hands. Push in the ring to open the locked tongs. Pull the ring out to lock them. Don't pull hard! Being able to lock andunlock these tongs with very little force is a benefit for people like me who don't have a lot of grip strength. The quality of both the materials and the manufacturing has been very good. Highly recommended!


What is the best product for cooking tongs with silicone tips?

Cooking tongs with silicone tips products from . In this article about cooking tongs with silicone tips you can see why people choose the product. Kufung and Oxo are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking tongs with silicone tips.

What are the best brands for cooking tongs with silicone tips?

, Kufung and Oxo are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking tongs with silicone tips. Find the detail in this article. Hotec, Gorilla Grip and Hiramware are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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