Best Cooking Tongs Set

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1. Original Inches Stainless Kitchen Silicone

Original Inches Stainless Kitchen Silicone

There are multiple applications. A basic kitchen utensil is perfect for basic kitchen tasks, indoor or outdoor, and is great for grilling corn, flipping burgers, serving salad, cutting roast meat, or using as BBQ turners and much more. STAINLESS STEEL PROFESSIONAL CHEF QUALITY TOUGH. Popco tongs are made from a thick, 1mm stainless steel for unbeatable strength and premium construction, while remaining lightweight and easy to handle. Non-stick, heat resistant and dishwasher safe: these are the things that are non-stick. Their tongs are made from food grade silicone and are heat resistant up to 480 degrees F, and are also free of the harmful effects of the BPA and PVC. Their pull ring technology will keep your tongs from opening and closing accidentally which will allow you to facilitate better control while using them. The hanging ring pull mechanism makes it easy to clean and store them. It was designed for greater fortifications. Popco tongs are made with durable silicone pads that allow safe handling of food without the risk of them bending or breaking. The set of 3 sizes is perfect for all your needs. If you are not completely satisfied with the product, just contact them and they will give you a full refund. They read and respond to every message that is sent to them, and they pride ourselves on excellent customer service.

Brand: Popco

👤I bought these on Amazon over a year ago and they were great until about 4 months ago when I found two pieces of red silicone in my child's dinner. The ends of the tongs were starting to choke and we had colorful chips in our food that weren't supposed to be eaten. The long rubbery grip on the side can be scratched off with a fingernail. I stopped using the red pair and started using the long green pair again, but then the same thing happened to those. I was so happy with these, but I will not buy them again. The pieces that came off were not smooth, so they could get stuck in the sides of the throat, posing a hazard to small children. I washed these on the top rack of the dishwasher or hand washed them when I used them. Cooking was done with a standard home stove top and cast iron cookware, but never left on a hot pan or used on a hot grill. I don't have to worry about my kids swallowing or damaging dental work with broken silicone pieces now that I use metal tongs again.

👤There is a lot of junk. flimsy will not stay locked, did I mention that? My wife opened the package and then put them back in the package and processed a return. Good reviews have to be fake.

👤It's a wonderful way to get rid of small stressors. These are very easy to fit in my kitchen drawer organizers. I'm no longer frustrated when I need tongs. The three sizes were unnecessary until I started using them regularly. I understand. I no longer have to figure out how to quickly turn over items in my kitchen. It's easier on your hands. I love these.

👤The edge of one set was the only draw back. The problem was solved by using 220 grit sandpaper. There is a They are a decent set for the price. It seems thick. The tongs were closed with a mechanism that worked well. They all opened. I used the small tongs to get the bread out of my toast. There is a My main reason for buying the medium tongs was to use them with my air fryer. I haven't used the large tongs yet. There is a If you wash them by hand, the silicone may get damaged and not be able to hold up the silverware. They are not the heavy duty tongs that I use, but they are an average thickness that won't bend easily and will last for years if used in the average kitchen. I did not test the heat resistance of my air fryer. When foods are set at 400 degrees, there is no melting. There is a I can choose the length I need from the different sizes.

👤Just as described, arrived on time. I bought these to use with my Ninja Foodi. I like that there are different sizes for them. Popco is the only company I've ordered from that also sends you a bonus recipe booklet. Nice touch!

2. Silicone Stainless Stee Multi Functional Barbecue Grilling

Silicone Stainless Stee Multi Functional Barbecue Grilling

After an event, durable construction will end. High quality products include non-rusting, non-melting, high quality silica gel products. The tong tip is non-stick. It is easy to clean and dishwasher safe. The kitchen tongs with Silicone tips are firm and angle to offer amazing grip and control. Locking mechanics and ring technology are used. The kitchen tongs have a sliding lock. The opening of the tong is easy to control. It's safe. The handles are slip-proof and have a covering to protect your hands from scald. The tongs can be heat resistant up to 480 F. Food tongs are made of premium 100% Food Grade that won't scratch non-stick surfaces, they're great for all cooking, such as deep-frying, grilling, broiling and other high-heat cooking methods. Their customers love their products. They wouldn't be here without their loyal customers. If you are not completely satisfied, they will give you a 100% money back guarantee.

Brand: Iykenmail

👤One purchase gives you three different sizes. There is a strip of Silicone on each side of your grip that prevents it from springing open. Each one has a ring at the end. Pull it out and it can be hung on a hook or used to reduce the size of the stove top. I use the medium size one for turning the stove top when using other utensils. The large size (12”) is good for grilling with protective gloves as there is some STAINLESS steel not covered by Silicone that can get hot. Silicone tips have not developed the oily film characteristic of other silicone kitchen utensils. I gave away an extra set. Add one tongs to a wrapped gift in place of a bow for the chef and top it with the smallest one for the aspiring cook. I am very satisfied with my tongs use.

👤These are bargain basement priced tongs. It's good enough until I'm ready for a professional set from Williams Sonoma.

👤I gave these a 5 star rating because of the price. Is they better than more expensive versions? Not sure. They are made from Silicone and grips well. If you try to use them on a heavy item, they will bend a bit. I'm very happy with them. It works well for all of my needs. I recommend.

👤They are easy to grasp. I sometimes have trouble squeezing my tongs. I have noticed that some food items slipped off while I tried to manipulate them with the tongs. So far, so good. Storage is easier with a locking device on them.

👤These are very nice. They click open and close. There is a great deal for different sizes. The silicone is not stained or melted. You will not be disappointed.

👤The price and quality of this product make it impossible to ask for more. The looks, works, and price are all good. Fantastic purchase and loving it.

👤I am very pleased with this purchase. It is well built and very usable. Excellent price, I would recommend them.

👤These are strong. The rubber grip is heat resistant. Nice firm grip. I think it's a good idea.

3. Kitchen Tongs Cooking 2 Pack Rust Resistant

Kitchen Tongs Cooking 2 Pack Rust Resistant

It is possible to endure. The wood for the tongs is quite sturdy. The bamboo material is stain and odor resistant, so you can use the tongs for a long time. Quality cooking tongs are beneficial kitchen tools that should not be overlooked. Whether you use them for salad tongs, grilling tongs, or need metal tongs for grabbing food from boiling water, Tribal tongs meet your need for safety and reliability. Their kitchen tongs grip, flip, move, and jostle food with great precision. Their premium steel is resistant to wear and tear. The handles are smooth and comfortable to hold. Food and hands are kept safe. The tongs are in a 2 pack. There are small tongs for many things. Long tongs are used to keep hands away from the heat. Their tongs are great for holding food secure while slicing, turning meats in the pan, or grabbing a serving of pasta. You have total control. Heavy duty spring gives tongs extra-responsive hold. The quality of steel is ensured. A dishwasher safe with locking rings for a secure close. The hook is attached. Will look great for a long time. They are dedicated to creating elevated, high-functioning kitchen tools that balance practicality and elegance, while standing the test of time. Don't hesitate to reach out if you aren't completely satisfied with your life.

Brand: Tribal Cooking

👤1. I picked up a 10 lbs kettlebell with both of these, and there was no bend in either tong. 2. It's very difficult to grab anything paper thin. 3. You are set for anything in 99% of tong related situations with the large and small included. The price is amazing for what you get. The price for tongs can be very high if you are looking for something. The set is a great value. 5. Storage of tongs can be done with a lock. You can hang them anywhere because the end of the lock is a nice circle. 6. The rubberized handle is not cheap. What else can I say? I wonder if my life was different before these tongs. I live every day with my tongs by my side.

👤This manufacturer has 2 different sizes. I have used the shorter tongs to turn over grilled veggies and the longer tongs to handle meat. Everyone loves an Efficient Kitchen because of the no slip coating that you will notice as you grip the Tongs. The Circular Ring closes and locks the tongs tight, preventing them from springing open. That is a great function and the ring is perfect. I was able to put them on my kitchen rack. Yes, This is something to buy.

👤I was going to buy one set of tongs at Target for only 14 dollars. I thought when I saw this set of two that it was crazy. This was a good purchase. They are comfortable in the hand.

👤Really good product. My girlfriend's college junk tongs are still in her possession. They pinched my skin. It would take two hands to get a good grip. I was able to throw those bad boys out after buying these. They are great. It's very sturdy and easy to use. The keep close lock is something I like. Total victory!

👤I threw out my old Oxo tongs after using these. It's easier to keep food clean. Positive spring action can be done with one hand. The price for high-quality tongs is very reasonable.

👤I thought they were great when I received them. One of them broke after a few use. The aluminum is very weak. I used a solid screw to repair it. It doesn't look like it did before. It is very sturdy now.

👤These were bought in August of 2021. I was flipping something in my oven when the smaller pair broke. The pin fell into the oven. The larger pair broke the same way as the smaller one in January 2022. The pin fell off. I couldn't get it back together for the rest of my life. Only used a few times a week. You would think they would last longer than 4-5 months. Disappointing.

👤Why did I wait so long to use the tongs? There is a You can get two sizes and they are very sturdy. You could get a lifetime of service from these. Pick up a piece of meat or spaghetti. They have a good grip that won't damage what you pick up. I would recommend them to anyone.

4. OXO Grips 9 Inch Locking Tongs

OXO Grips 9 Inch Locking Tongs

Silicone on the cooking tongs for non-stick cookware doesn't melt, and the kitchen tongs don't rust. The edges hold food. Non-stick cookware is safe with nylon heads. It's perfect for transferring food. The 12-inch length is available.

Brand: Oxo

👤I had an OXO locking tongs that worked great, so I bought one here, but it was completely different. I don't understand why the review is so good. The left one is cheap and thin, while the right one is 12 dollars. There is a big difference in weight in pic #3. pic The nylon piece is long and thin without a metal structure, so when you press it will change shape. I'm sending it back.

👤My husband and I both use the short 9" tongs in the kitchen, they work well with both stove top and Instant Pot. The longest tongs are best used on the outdoor grill and in the oven to avoid burns. The shorter tongs give us more control.

👤We have cheap metal tongs that have done the job for years, but were looking for an upgrade. The OXO Good Grips tongs were the top recommended model in Cooks Illustrated, and they put a lot of time and effort into their reviews and recipes alike. We ordered a pair and they are fantastic. Silicone grips are good for holding food and don't scratch pots and pans. The nine-inch size is perfect for most things. The locking/unlocking mechanism is much better than the tongs, and you can push the lock against your body and open it with one hand. Useful!

👤We haven't used non stick material for awhile, we need a locking tong for our new air fryer. It was hard to put the tongs on a smaller plate when only one hand was available because it stayed open. I have been using my teeth to close and lock the tongs to put on the plate. The product will be better if there was a way to close the tongs quickly.

👤I bought this in February and am very disappointed. The black coating on the ends of the tongs leaves a small strip in my food. I don't want to eat the black coating so I have to throw it away. Don't buy this one, I have lots of OXO kitchen tools that have stood the test of time.

👤What can I say about these tongs? Most of the tongs saved my life when I was through thick and thin noodles, hot and cold vegetables. I got in my car this morning, set my coffee down, and looked up to see a snake on the dash of my car. After jumping out of the car, I reached for the most important item in my house, the tongs. The whole operation would have been ruined if these tongs were not 9 inches long. I was able to grab that snake and throw it away from my car because of the pressure of being late for work. Five stars isn't enough for these tongs. I will be thanking my lucky stars every day for the tongs I bought.

👤The tongs are closer to 10, which is perfect for me. They're very sturdy, and well made, and far away from the dollar store junk I usually use. Those are gone now. It's perfect for any kind of cast iron. The nylon tips are easy to grasp and don't scratch. These aren't like the rubbery Silicone tongs I hate. The locking mechanism is easy to use. I am glad I chose these, because I was torn between these and the overpriced wooden ones at williams sonoma. Oxo is difficult to beat.

5. Kitchen Stainless Tweezers Professional Repairing

Kitchen Stainless Tweezers Professional Repairing

The aim is to make the products that deserve the price available to the customer. If you have any questions, contact them immediately to get a quick solution. The kitchen tweezers are made of high quality STAINLESS STEEL and have good rust and heat resistance. It is safe to use. They are durable and can be used again and again. The standards of professional chefs. The set includes four different designs of tweezers. They can be used for plated small and delicate foods like cranberries and corn. The long tweezers are great for flipping food. The serrations on the handle can prevent the hand from slipping, and the fine teeth in the tip can prevent the object from slipping. The tip of the tweezers is easy to hold and extend into a narrow space. Put it in the dishwasher or wipe it down with hot water. WIDELY used. A set of food tweezers is needed in the kitchen. It can help you with cooking. The set is useful for roasting and serving. Their service is available. Good cookware often gets twice the result with half the effort, even though no one is born to be a good cook. Bundlepro is committed to providing customers with the highest quality kitchen utensils. If you have any questions about their products, please contact them, they will be happy to serve you.

Brand: Bundlepro

👤I love these! I have mild carpal tunnel syndrome, so larger tongs can be difficult for me, and these tweezers are just so easy to use. They are light, precise, and great when you want to not tear delicate foods. They don't replace the full sized tongs you would normally use for high flame grilling or really large foods, but for smaller things or more slippery items, they're fantastic, especially on our cast iron grill plate/griddle. They are sturdy, easy to clean, and take up almost no space in your kitchen utensils drawer or holder, so I would recommend them.

👤It has saved me from getting burned from taking things out of my air fryer, which is like a freekin box, because I have been using this for about 2 months. You have to either wipe them off quickly or put them in a cup to get some hot soapy hot water. I love em!

👤These are great additions to my kitchen. It's perfect for turning and moving food. Sometimes the standard tongs don't work as well as they could. Asparagus. There are french fries. It goes on. These are well made and attractive. They are a great value. You need these. You don't know it yet. I have worked in restaurants for 50 years and feel qualified to comment on these. The are great!

👤The size on both pieces is very handy.

👤I love using these for smaller cuts of meat.

👤It looks like pictures. It's great to use with tortillas or food.

👤The steel isn't the thickest but it's decent quality and they aren't meant to be used to grab a turkey with. Overall, pretty solid.

👤I've never used a better tongs. It makes turning bacon easy.

👤The box was worn out and the3/4 were bent in it. I got a refund after returning it.

👤Hlt was versprochen. Die Qualitt ist gut.

👤It was easy to use. It's Sturdy enough for meat or small vegetables. Love it.

👤The tools are perfect for cooking.

👤I decided on this one because I was looking for a set for a while. Exactly what I wanted. I will order another set.

6. Premium Silicone Non Stick Stainless Grilling

Premium Silicone Non Stick Stainless Grilling

The set of three sizes is perfect for all your needs. If you don't like their product for any reason, please email them and they will fix it for you within 24 hours. It is heat resistant to 500 degrees F. Non-stick, Corrosion and odor resistant. Silicone tongs are safe to use. Premium 304 steel construction with a locking clip. The best control on food is offered by the non-slip Surface design.

Brand: Allwin-houseware W

👤We needed strong tongs to use while cooking and I was excited to purchase this item. The metal of the tong was melted by the molten Silicon while it was cooking. We returned the item very quickly.

👤I had been without tongs for over 10 years, so I was very excited to buy these tongs. The plastic on the food tongs has already started to wear off, and my wife found a piece of the plastic in her food last. Pass on these tongs and get better ones.

👤After a month, it's starting to fall apart.

👤I ordered this to make it easy to flip meat. One of the tongs broke. I don't recommend buying a broken product. The tongs were dirty, but you should clean them anyways.

👤These tongs are terrible. You can't pick up anything with the shallow claws. If you can't pick up anything, then you don't have tongs, because it's sturdy silicone that won't damage your pots and pans.

👤After moving and selling most of my stuff, I moved into a new place. I didn't want tongs that could scratch my cookware. These seemed to fit the bill. What you see is what you get. They are exactly what I wanted, but I only had them a few days. I didn't need two of them, but it comes in two. More is better. The quality is more than satisfactory. They work well and they don't seem like they're going to fall apart. I did not rate the heat resistance. I use them to grab things from my Ninja Foodi. Works well for that. I can't tell you how they'd handle it because I'm not dipping them into the deep fryer vat. When you can have a Ninja foodi, who uses oil-filled deep fryers anymore? It's a good thing.

👤These tongs are great for flipping meat, fish, chicken, or veggies in a skillet. I use them to serve food as well. They don't scratch up non-stick pans. It has a pull at the base of the handle that locks the tongs closed, which makes it easier to store them. I had a problem with one of the tongs, which had to be twisted a bit to be used properly. I didn't return because it wasn't too much of a problem. Time will tell if they are long-term.

👤It is what it is. I don't like the fact that I have to push the top of the things to open them and then pull the hinges again to lock them. It is difficult to lock and open the stove with one hand. I have to let go of the pot to lock it.

👤It arrived quickly. After a month, a chunk of the silicone fell off. It's not known if the chunk ended up in food or where it went. It was expected to hold up better.

👤I would buy again from this seller.

👤I was very pleased with the purchase.

7. Lecoku Kitchen Stainless Silicone Grilling

Lecoku Kitchen Stainless Silicone Grilling

100% money back guarantee. They want to serve you well. This is their top priority. This is a risk free purchase. The handle is easy to control and pick things. The hanging ring pull mechanism is a scientific and unique design. Mini kitchen tongs are made of food grade silicone tips and have high quality. The cooking tongs have a temperature tolerance of over 200F. You will receive 5 mini silicone tongs in five different colors. The diversity of colors can make your kitchen and dinner table more colorful. It's versatile: The tongs are made of Silicone and are suitable for taking food and other items. It's great for cooking, grilling and stir-frying. Most of their needs are met in daily life. The tongs are perfect for parties.

Brand: Lecoku

👤These were a big hit when I gave them as Christmas gifts. I was happy to keep one for myself. The tongs are made for a reasonable price. They are of a high quality metal. I didn't find that to be an issue with any of the tongs because there can be metal along the edges. There is a The hinges were in good working order. They locked well, but were able to move to the unlocked position when necessary. The added bonus is that the tips allow easy pick-up of smaller food items. The bright colors add a bit of fun. I am confident that the tongs will continue to be efficient. Would purchase again.

👤I bought cheaper ones a couple years back and they broke fairly soon after we got them, but they are sturdy and no problems with breakage. They clean nicely in the dish washer.

👤I like the different colors. The size is perfect for cooking small items. They are good for serving. I really like the product. They were also inexpensive.

👤The tongs are perfect for everyday use. I keep a pair of shoes. They work well for getting stuck toast free. It is easy to clean and durable.

👤The pull loop to open and close is ideal for storing. Keep up the good work!

👤They are easy to use and open. They are stashed in 2 different drawers. It's very handy.

👤These were what I wanted when I pulled items out of the air fryer. They wash quickly.

👤The size is perfect for all occasions.

8. Stainless Non Stick Grilling Barbeque Stainless Steel

Stainless Non Stick Grilling Barbeque Stainless Steel

There are multiple applications. A basic kitchen utensil is perfect for basic kitchen tasks, indoor or outdoor, and is great for grilling corn, flipping burgers, serving salad, cutting roast meat, or using as BBQ turners and much more. The clip is locked in a closed position. Non-stick, Corrosion and odor resistant. Premium 304 steel construction and brushed steel finished. The best control on food is offered by the non-slip Surface design. Large hanging loop for easy storage.

Brand: Allwin-houseware W

👤I purchased my set in January of last year. I threw the small pair away on 8/26/18 and the large pair away on 8/27/18. The small pin that holds the tongs together came out of the small pair. I wiggled it and pushed it back through. I threw them in the trash after I used it 1 more time. The large ones fell apart. I didn't want to put them together again. I wouldn't recommend them to anyone. Not good made.

👤You can't get better meat without these! They are used for everything in the kitchen. The larger size is great for fights. I like the safety feature so it won't accidentally discharge when concealing, and I think you'll never lose a battle again.

👤Bad product is caused by loose lock and bent tongs. The tongs arrived without a package to cover them and the debris from the box was stuck to the tongs.

👤Had high hopes for these since they looked attractive and had a metal tongs option. After two uses, the larger of the set came apart and was no longer needed for storage. Overall quality is poor due to that. :

👤I thought I was getting a better quality set of tongs. The pin came loose after 3 months of use.

👤I bought these because they were affordable, and they are not intended for heavy duty use. They work well for me. I would rate them as "medium duty". If you are not looking for chef grade and the price is an issue, these might fit the bill.

👤I wanted a set for the grill and outdoor griddle so I bought this set. The tongs are made from high quality materials. The tongs meet perfectly at the end when closed, making it easy to turn bacon, hot dogs, or any other food. The grips are black and have a nice feel.

👤Do you ever reach in for a pizza and burn your hands on the hot oven grate? There is no more. It's like you have go go tongs that are capable of touching the most extreme heat. Is there even sauce in that pasta? There is no more. You can now toss that pasta with your sauce in the middle, because you can now take it with you. Voila! Perfectly coated pasta. I hope this review helps me as much as these tongs do. If possible, I would give 100 stars.

👤It is really impressive in terms of price. My dollar store was replaced. I could lift up my meat for cooking. When I washed it, it didn't cut me. I know how bad a tong in a dollar store can be, so I was very excited about that. It is qualitative 304stainless steel, not a crappy thin piece of metal. The deal is even better with one combo and two sizes. If you are looking for a tong in the kitchen, this is the one to attend. It is easy to clean the dishwasher.

👤pleasantly surprised by the quality

9. Babish Tong Stainless Steel 2 Piece

Babish Tong Stainless Steel 2 Piece

They are dishwasher safe. Throw them in the dishwasher and it will do the rest. After every use, please dry them. They are a trusted American brand in kitchen wares. If you don't like your kitchen food tongs, you can get a full money-back guarantee. The set includes 12” and 9” tongs. It is made of durable steel. The ends of the food containers are rounded. The locks are closed with a pull-tab. The loop on the handle is convenient for hanging. Features Babish logo.

Brand: Babish

👤Great tongs. I can tell they'll last me a long time because they feel very sturdy. The reason for the 3 star review is because I think I got a set that was used and returned, as there were scratches on both tongs. This isn't enough to worry me that much and it won't affect the performance so I probably won't go through the hassle of a return/exchange. Normally I wouldn't say it's the product's fault since it's the store's fault and not the seller. I believe the seller's fault is that the tongs' packaging came in a box with a shipping label to an Amazon warehouse. I paid for a new product, not a used one, because I likebabish and it pains me to do this.

👤Really professional. These are grades A to C. I like OXO products but these all steel tongs are perfect. Hardly any wiggle and play. Don't look anywhere else. These are the ones you need.

👤Babish has released some tongs that say "Babish". They're nice. They feel sturdy, you can lock them closed, and pick up things with ease. There is a If you have some oil splatter happening, the smaller one is too small, but you can use it for all of the other standard uses. I'd rather have two tongs.

👤Wow. The material is very high quality. I could see this lasting a long time. Very pretty. And does the job. If you're like me and have small hands, and you use your tongs a lot, they're not light weight like cheap tongs, and they're more of an issue than a nit picky thing. Again, that's just me. I would choose these over cheap tongs. It was pretty cheap to buy these so that's a plus.

👤The quality of these tongs is good. It seems like they will last a long time. I would like the lock feature to be operated with one hand. I have a pair of tongs that have a gravity lock that can be activated by tipping them up or down. These tong are great. I would recommend them.

👤The tongs are great for the price. I don't feel like they're going to bend if I squeeze them too hard because they're made of steel. The tongs are firmly closed because of the tight locking mechanism. The non-Silicone ends are good for grilling. The branding is small and you can see it at the end of one of the forks. Well built and worth the value.

👤The tongs are the best I have ever owned. It's important to have a heft to them that one would expect in a professional setting.

👤These are very strong. I can't wait to use them. I was so excited that my son thought I was crazy. Thanks for a great product! Will be buying other sizes. Great price too!

10. Five14 Silicone Utensils Resistant Non Stick

Five14 Silicone Utensils Resistant Non Stick

It is safe for use on non-stick surfaces. The cookware set in this bundle includes the best non-stick cookware sets for the everyday kitchen, such as spatulas, spoons for mixing, and a food baster. These supplies can be used with dishes, crock pot, and appliances. Silicone tips are flexible, non-stick and heat resistant, making them ideal for cooking and food preparation. The white kitchen canister holder is in each set. Their Silicone cooking utensil kitchen set has premium wooden handles that are made from sustainable beechwood to give them a longer, ergonomics reach that is stylish, modern, and durable. The Cookware set is ideal for baking in the oven and cooking over the stove for every meal. These light modern country BPA-free silicone and wood kitchen utensils should be hand washed without abrasive soaps or soaking to keep them looking and working like new and to keep them stain-free. Five14 white kitchen utensils set comes with a white metal utensils holder that helps you save space in your drawers while keeping your utensils within easy reach of your countertops. The utensil holder for countertop is a great way to decorate a modern home and can be placed in a tray basket or by itself.

Brand: Five14

👤I love these! I wanted white for our new kitchen because I wanted it to be a fresh clean look. I have been using these for a few weeks now and I am satisfied with them. I oil the wooden part of the handle with food grade mineral oil after washing it. I don't leave them soaking in water or resting on hot pans and I only wash them once. The white silicone is flexible and sturdy. I was so nervous about staining my laddle that I made spaghetti. I washed them off with hot water and soap. It looked off white at first. It looks the same now. The picture is all about the usage. I wish there was a different shaped spatula that could fit in a bowl and also a Silicone wrapped whisk. I would buy again.

👤I love the flexibility of the set. I bought this for a gift and kept it. Will have to buy another one.

👤I bought the utensils to use in my kitchen. The return date had passed by the time I used these. The first time I made spaghetti sauce, the rubber tips stained. They are also very flimsy. A good set of utensils for a seasoned cook.

👤Love everything about it! It had room to hold my other cooking tools as well. When cooking with sauce, the white stays white even when using a spatula on a hot fry pan. This is the set to buy if you want white.

👤So far, so good! I haven't tried them with sauces that stain. I'll probably use a different spoon to stir those with. I like how they look in my kitchen.

👤All around, five stars. Couldn't have asked for a better set of kitchen utensils. The utensils are clean and look great. They work well in my dishwasher. The package arrived quickly. Everything I needed to cook was in the set. Highly recommended.

👤I like my utensil set. I was skeptical that it would stain, but I have been using it every day and it looks new.

👤The quality of these is not great, but I bought them for my daughter, who appreciated them. After washing, the handles are not smooth. They are not nice to hold. They leave splinters in your hands. I'm either returning or tossing the trash. Don't waste your money.

👤I like it. I chose white because it looks gorgeous in my kitchen. I know it can stain. I kept some of my old utensils to make spaghetti sauce and curry but this is exactly what I wanted and it is good quality.

👤I'm returning the item because it only received 3 utensils.

👤These are easy to clean and look great in my kitchen.

👤These look nice. One broke them and had them for a while.

👤What a joke. The holder is large. You can't fit anything in there.

11. Kaluns Stainless Non Stick Resistant Collection

Kaluns Stainless Non Stick Resistant Collection

Customer satisfaction is their top priority. You're offered a 100% customer satisfaction service when you purchase these specialty gold tongs 10-Inch tool. They will serve you until you get your 100% satisfaction if you contact them through your order. No more worries about melting or rusty tongs. Their tongs are made of 304 STAINLESS STEEL, which is heat resistant, dishwasher safe, and non-stick. There is a safe amount of the chemical BPA free. The tongs are made of Silicone and will not scratch your cookware. The Strong Pull Ring Technology is a mechanical locking function and hanging loop that makes it easy to store and dry food. The Bonus Silicone Spatula is a low cost accessory that comes with 7 inch, 9 inch and 12 inch tongs. Add that elegant touch to your kitchen by choosing your favorite color set. You can enjoy the sizes and colors. Lift heavy food with confidence because you can easily grip and lift it. Enjoy it when you serve your salad or pasta. It's great to use for your holiday cooking, barbecues, griddles, campfire, camp's and country activity's, as well as for restaurants, gourmet cooks and other commercial use. Kitchen tongs are a great gift idea. There are Mothers Day, Wedding, Anniversary and Holiday gifts.

Brand: Kaluns

👤It looks dirty when we wash it, and never comes off, no matter how many times we scrub it.

👤I washed the black spots on the small tongs but they didn't work to clean them.

👤Good quality. More sturdy than the tongs I bought.

👤Thank you for the fast delivery and the supreme quality.


What is the best product for cooking tongs set?

Cooking tongs set products from Popco. In this article about cooking tongs set you can see why people choose the product. Iykenmail and Tribal Cooking are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking tongs set.

What are the best brands for cooking tongs set?

Popco, Iykenmail and Tribal Cooking are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking tongs set. Find the detail in this article. Oxo, Bundlepro and Allwin-houseware W are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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