Best Cooking Tongs for Nonstick Cookware

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1. Silicone Non Stick Resistant Grilling Tortillas

Silicone Non Stick Resistant Grilling Tortillas

The package contains 2 pieces of kitchen tongs, each weighing 80g. These clips are designed to be harder for customers to use. The kitchen cooking tongs are made from Silicone and have good resistance to break and heat, non-toxic and safe to use. The kitchen tongs are easy to handle and are made of Silicone. It has never been easier to cook. Each non-stick silicone food tong measures approx. It has a long handle that can keep your hands clean while sandwiching meat. BBQ grilling tongs are heat resistant and can be used indoors or outdoors for a variety of purposes.

Brand: Patelai

👤Got as a gift and had to buy more for others. I love it so much. It's the best tool to use when making bacon. It's great for cooking in hot pans.

👤I obtained multiple burns after chasing biscuits, bagels and rolls around a new large oven. Good weight, long and flexible. There is a These are great! They are versatile and I highly recommend them.

👤The best toast retriever I have ever used. I feel good in my hand.

👤Sturdy and resistant to heat. It's easy to handle. It's great for non-stick skillets, but sometimes it takes a minute to grab into food in skillet or gummies in jar.

👤It looks good and is not cheap. The delivery was on time.

👤My wife's parents have these. I like to cook when I visit the house. It's perfect for bacon. Both with food and on the grip-end. Great storage is one of the best things.

👤Better pickup for salads.

👤The tongs are a great invention. It is easy to use than tongs, safe for coated pots and pans, and a cinch to wash. These are needed in every kitchen.

2. Riveira Silicone Non Stick Heat Resistant Stainless

Riveira Silicone Non Stick Heat Resistant Stainless

There are 9-inch and 12-inch lengths available. Premium kitchen tongs make cooking, grilling, and handling food easier. The set of tongs for cooking with Silicone tips is designed for precise grasping and is made to protect your hands from hot cooking temperatures so you can prepare food without compromising your safety. It's easy to use this duo for meal prepping. It was specially designed for utility. Grill tongs are ideal for handling all sorts of food. The tongs feature a scalloped edge for lifting chicken, meats, veggies, fruit pieces, and more. The locking mechanism keeps bbq tongs slim and easy to store in drawers or utensil holders. You can keep them in your kitchen because of the looped ends. The engine is ENGINEERED with PREMIUM MATERIAL. These tongs are made of 304stainless steel and are resistant to rust and corrosion. The non-stick, heat-resistant silicone tips are also heat resistant and provide unparalleled safety at high grill and stove temperatures. These tongs are dishwasher safe and can be put in your washer for easy clean-up after use. The complete functioning. The 9 in and 12” long tongs are practical tools for handling all food types. The 12” kitchen has superior gripping power for picking and lifting large items. Small tongs 9” rubber tongs deliver precise handling of smaller food portions. Duo of kitchen tongs make sure you are always prepared for food preparation. There is a limited lifetime warranty. They offer a lifetime warranty on their tongs because they pride ourselves on 100% customer satisfaction. If you are not happy with your purchase, simply return it for a full refund.

Brand: Riveira

👤There are two different lengths of tongs. I used the smaller one for turning bacon on a small frying pan and the larger one for browning stew meat in a deeper pot. Both were easy to deal with. It was simple to clean up, no need for scrubbing with metal tongs. Clean with dish soap and water.

👤My other tongs are all metal, and I got these for use in an air fryer. I don't have to worry about the tongs touching hot surfaces because they feel good in the hand. They have a good grip on food. The lock/unlock mechanism is something I like. I'm very happy with the purchase. There is a revision of 11/8-21. I saw that one of the pairs had torn/deformed when I saw the photo. I don't know when. It will work, but some of the metal is exposed. I'm not quite as happy with them now.

👤I tried to like these, but no. If you try to pick up something heavy they will bend and you will drop it.

👤This product is very good. The shoes are made well. It's difficult to slide underneath a chicken cutlet because of the thickness of the ends. I have to get used to them in my non stick pans.

👤I need a long tong at work just for grabbing things from the high shelves, but I have a long tong at home. Silicone is great for gripping items. If you don't like standing on a stool, I recommend these long tongs. It was very sturdy and reliable.

👤There are a lot of things that are not advertised. The tongs are not one of those items. These are great! The silicone ends are soft and can pick up grilled vegetables. These are the kitchen tongs that are easy to use and don't cost a fortune. Excellent value!

👤I own a Ninja Foodi Grill. I use them with that. They are easy to clean. They haven't gotten burned from pulling meat off the grill and the grill function gets very hot.

👤The tongs seem to be sturdy. They can be used to apply a more delicate touch when needed, and they are able to firmly grasp food at high temperatures.

3. Stainless Silicone Kitchen Cooking Cookware

Stainless Silicone Kitchen Cooking Cookware

Sturdy skewers are dishwasher safe. The set includes a 9” tong and 12” tong to accommodate your various cooking needs, as well as the high performance, trendy food tongs. You have complete control while cooking with the soft nonslip good grip handles. This essential set is great for cooking, grilling and stir frying, and will impress your guests while serving as well, with its stylish rose-gold color and navy effects. Food contact is designed to prevent burns and germs. A firm locking feature that is user friendly, simply pull the secure locking ring and hang from the loop for storage. The kitchen gadgets set is a great gift for a party or shower, it's stylish and practical, and it's a great gift for your friends and family. It is easy to clean with warm water and soap.

Brand: Cook With Color

👤The product is not very good. The tip of the tong broke when I first used it. I was sad about it. The other side looks like it will break soon, I have used it twice since then. I will be looking for a replacement immediately.

👤The Rose gold color is terrible now after less than 6 months. It was not made well and would not recommend it. It was lightly cleaned. The price reflects the value.

👤I was impressed with the way these looked. They are made of poor quality. The screws fell out on the third use. Don't be fooled by the look of these, they won't last.

👤I use the tongs for the deep oven. I was a little frustrated when I realized I couldn't grab the toast with these tongs because they were chewed up by mice. I've been working on my "sideways" grab, and it seems to be working out. They are better at grabbing larger items like rolls and hamburger buns. The slide tab makes them closed. I put them on the side of the cupboard so they are easy to reach.

👤I noticed that they were hand wash only. A small annoyance. okay I unpackage them and began washing them to find out that there was more silicone left than was cut. It was easy to pull off and toss in the wash. I noticed that there were tiny black specifications in the Silicone material. I realized that it was going to be hard to know if these are clean or if they are just black debris after they are used. I wouldn't recommend purchasing them. I would not purchase these again, even though I am not irritated enough to return them.

👤The color looks different from the picture. Grey is too dark and gold is cheap. Don't look like in the picture. Returning it.

👤I didn't read the product description very closely or they aren't highlighting the best feature The locking mechanism is connected to the little ring in the picture. No more having to open and close the tongs. It was worth every penny.

👤When I realized I needed to display my cooking utensils, I was challenged. There is very limited drawer storage. I replaced my cooking utensils with metal ones. When there are no reviews on an on line product, I'm hesitant about the quality, but I was excited when I found these. They are awesome! Well done! I don't have to wash these, but they look great on the counter with my other utensils. I love them! Also, note: I'm positive that you could use a bleach cleaner to get the stains off the white. Spaghetti with Sauce mixed in.

👤Great tongs for pasta. love them

👤Can't close and open at the same time. Get what you paid for.

4. OXO 1101880 Grips 9 Inch Silicone

OXO 1101880 Grips 9 Inch Silicone

The dishwasher is safe. These tongs are dishwasher safe, making it easy to clean them up. Silicone heads are found in the steel tongs. The heads are heat resistant to 600 degrees and are safe for non-stick cookware. The handle is soft and comfortable. The lock is closed for storage. There are 9-inch and 12-inch lengths available.

Brand: Oxo

👤The Silicone tips have a finish that doesn't remove with dishsoap. They look bad.

👤I have a hard time picking up the food because of the thick silicone on the tips. It is similar to trying to fix something small with mittens on. I wouldn't buy again. You can pick up anything, the smallest food pieces, and it is an extension of your hand if you get the regular tongs, the same brand, without Silicone. I use the steel ones and Silicone tipped ones, because they are so hard to use.

👤The product is okay. I use these with my pans. The silicone grippers are too big and clunky for a 9 tong. I expected it to be the same as the nylon heads which are easier to grip and flip food. I will keep them. I don't think I would recommend them to others.

👤I am very pleased with these tongs. It is nice to not be scratching my pans when I cook with them because the grips are perfect. I don't know how they wash in a machine, but they work like a dream, easy lock feature that is smooth with a big enough ring to be comfortable. It's a feat for someone with arthritis and gout in the hand to not have a problem gripping. Overall, very pleased. I highly recommend this product.

👤I picked up this pair of tongs without looking at them closely. The design was changed. The old design is no longer offered. There is a The end of the new design has grips. The old version is straight. You have to pinch foods to grab them. The surface area can be used to compensate for the force of grip. With the angle, I'm more likely to lose my grip on the items I'm working with. There is a Is it possible to flip a small steak? It's probably not a big deal. You're roasting vegetables. It was loud. Is it possible to flip a burger? It's best to crush and fall apart. There is a I had a white powdery build up after one wash. I ordered new tongs from a different brand and they are going in the trash.

👤I didn't expect these to be different from the OXO tongs I've used for years. Silicone is heavier than nylon and it really messes with the balance of the tongs. They are heavy, hard to open/ close and lack the precision of nylon or steel head tongs. I switched back to nylon tongs in the middle of cooking because I got frustrated trying to flip food. I thought it was because I have small hands and they are meant for giant super strong hands, but my husband thought they were awkward and imprecise. I am not sure what I would recommend for that, but I would recommend a pair of nylon or steel head tongs.

👤Silicone tongs were bought because metal ones scratched plastic items. The Silicone has withstood boiling water many times. There were no issues with the silicone. The tongs are heavy and offer a lot of resistance, which is noticeable after using them for a long period of time. I can't complain about the length of the description because I wish I had bought the longer version.

5. OXO Grips 12 Inch Tongs Silicone

OXO Grips 12 Inch Tongs Silicone

Silicone heads are found in the steel tongs. The heads are heat resistant to 600 degrees and are safe for non-stick cookware. The handle is soft and comfortable. The lock is closed for storage. There are 9-inch and 12-inch lengths available.

Brand: Oxo

👤These tongs are of the highest quality. I'm a big fan of the OXO kitchen gear and the tongs are no exception. I have these in all the sizes. The Silicone tipped version is my go-to when cooking. It's easy to handle all foods with it, the silicone tips won't scratch the pans, and the handles don't transfer heat. They lock up nice and tight for easy drawer storage, and can be opened with one hand by squeezing the ring to your hip, which is ideal for wielding around a kitchen with a lot going on. I bought a second model recently. I always have one to use while the other is in the dishwasher. My original one has been used 3-7 times a week for about 4 years and I can only tell which one it is if I look hard. The bottom line is great. A+.

👤Oxo is a great brand and I like the tongs. I felt a different sensation in my hand when I received the new one. I took my old one out and looked at the changes. I think the bottom is up. I could immediately feel the difference with my smaller hand. If you look at my photo, you will see that the one on the right is the old one and the one on the left is the new one. This is still a good tong, gets the job done, but it is not as comfortable as it used to be.

👤I wanted to get another pair of OXO tongs that were 12. The tongs were labeled "Amazon Prime" and took a couple of weeks to arrive. I'll show the pictures to the public that these aren't OXO products. They are not labeled OXO. The heads do not hold up well. The ends of these are labeled "Silicone", but they started to melt against a medium-hot pan, not even the high-quality nylon heads on other OXO tongs. I didn't want to cook with them and give them away. It's a waste of time and money. Do not put your money at risk with this vendor. We contacted Amazon about the product, but it is still being sold, so we wanted to warn other buyers. Hope this helps!

👤I cook everything in the kitchen with tongs. I now have a collection of 6 OXO tongs. The nylon head tongs are good for cast iron. These are the best kitchen tongs I have ever used, after about a year of regular use. The locking mechanism, heat resistance, grabbing strength, and build quality are all on point. I think it's worth the extra money for such a tool.

👤I thought the tongs were too big when I received them. They are the perfect length. I bought them to use with my air fryer, so that I can reach in and grab things without getting too close. Same when reaching into the oven. I keep my hands and arms away from the fire with these long tongs. The tongs are perfect for use with non-stick cookware, no worries about scratching, because of the silicone head. I love them!

6. Blue Silicone Cooking Feeding Tongs

Blue Silicone Cooking Feeding Tongs

Silicone on the cooking tongs for non-stick cookware doesn't melt, and the kitchen tongs don't rust. The quality of the materials used to make the kitchen tongs is of the highest quality so that you can enjoy them for a long time. Their locking tongs are made of a sturdy STAINLESS STEEL construction with top-GRADE Silicone heads that are heat resistant up to 480F and far superior to rubber/ plastic. This amazing combination of materials guarantees a long life and peace of mind when you serve hot food straight from the oven or grill. The set of kitchen tongs includes a mini/ short 7” tong, a medium size 9” tong, and a large 12” tong. This set is perfect for making serving and food easy. Their tong set will allow you to serve hot food like steaks, pasta, fish, as well as cold dishes, salads and vegetables, without the fear of accidents, or getting burned, whether you are planning on an awesome BBQ/Grill session or simply cooking indoors. They don't cut corners when it comes to their customer's health. Their cooking tongs are food-safe so that you can enjoy peace of mind. Their tongs are odor- resistant and are perfect for non-stick cookware. They can lock by pulling the end. There is an ebook included. It's a great value and makes a great first impression, especially with the holiday season coming up! You can get a Bonus Ebook with 55 delicious, finger licking good Barbecue recipes if you purchase every purchase. Once a product is delivered, it's an email attachment. They want you to buy with confidence because they know you will love the quality and practicality of their grill tongs. Feel free to try them out. They know you will not go back to serving in another way.

Brand: Culinary Couture

👤These tongs are a cheap product. Silicone is roughly cut and edges are not sanded off, leaving it to fall into your food. The clicking noise when you open and close them is indicative of a poorly fit spring which will jump out very soon. The spatulas are the same size and the length of the handle is different. The handle size is what other brands provide. This makes it easier to use precision. This set has no value, convenience or precision. The tongs are useless because they don't close strong enough to hold something on the pan.

👤The tip and handle parts hold up to a lot of temperature. The spoke is supposed to keep everything together and bring the rating of the set of tongs down to mediocre. They didn't bother to use a proper fastening at one end to hold everything together, probably some heated stamp to squeeze some material out to overlap to keep the spoke from falling out. The spokes fell out of all the tongs eventually, first one within one year and last one recently, but I kept things in place by squeezing the flimsy end of the spoke shut using aPhillips driver. I couldn't put the tongs back together after one of the spokes fell out. It's a shame; if they didn't cheap out on the spoke they would have been nice tongs.

👤Three years ago, we ordered this set and the first one died. The second died after two years, and we just threw the third away. Some of the one star reviews mentioned that the rivet pop loose was their problem. The teeth on the grabby end didn't line up perfectly, it's comical to pick an item up. They were easy to clean, and held up to heat very well. We might have gotten our money out of them. We'll pick a different brand and see how it goes.

👤These tongs are great. Everything works for perfect ease of use. I don't want to scratch my new cast iron cookware, so I needed Silicone tongs. Silicone has a rubbery texture that is helpful for grabbing food of all kinds, it's heat resistant, and it's less toxic than plastic, so I really like it. There is a The smallest one in this set is too small to cook with, so it's not ideal. It might be okay to serve salad. I would be happy paying this price for the two larger ones. If you look at it that way, you're buying two regular sized cooking tongs and then getting one tiny one for salads, etc. thrown in for free, then it's still a good deal.

👤The spoke rivet is not a good design, as other reviewers have pointed out. Its flimsy and eventually fails. The thongs fall apart. After a year, the first one failed on me, and was down to 2 of this set. The second failed a few years later. The spoke at the locking mechanism would have lasted a long time if they had just done a proper rivet or welded it, the silicone part is still great and looks like new even a few years later.

7. Stainless One Handed Convenience Soft Touch Non Stick

Stainless One Handed Convenience Soft Touch Non Stick

All of their silicone tongs are tested and inspected to make sure their customers receive quality products. If you don't like it for any reason, accept returns or exchanges. They will give you a satisfactory solution. Buy now without risk. You can't open and close the food with your hands while holding the lid in a kitchen. You could use one-handed design. Silicone design protects non-stick pan, easy to hold and turn food. Premium quality is made of food-grade silicone and thicker 430stainless steel which provides good anti-rust ability. Dishwasher safe, easy to clean. There is a 90 day guarantee. They provide a 90-day guarantee on all of their products. If there is a problem with the items within 90 days, please contact them. They are confident in the quality and function. Send it back if you don't like it.

Brand: Kitchendao

👤The product is suppose to be great. The tips of the tongs don't meet completely, so wet foods slip out of them. I would like the spring to be stronger so it would open fully when I unlocked them. They work well for most things and feel good in my hand.

👤The squared end helps me grab larger food items out of the oven. It works better than the thinner tongs. The length keeps me from burning myself. Doesn't hurt my non stick coating. It's easy to lick and open.

👤I ordered these tongs even though they are black and not my signature red because I wanted my food item securely held as I flipped or lifted it. Does the job!

👤I have several tongs for use with metal pots and pans, but needed a serious tong for use with non-stick cookware and when I wanted something other than a spatula for moving food around. These are perfect. I bought ones with an end. The squared off edge makes these more effective. If they are offered in a smaller size, I will buy them again. Highly recommended.

👤If the lock mechanism were different, I would love it. You cannot operate the lock with one hand. This locking mechanism requires both hands to use and it just doesn't work for me, when you have multiple things on the stove at the same time. It makes the tool useless.

👤I use these with my air fryer. There is a The locking mechanism helps keep them in the drawer. The locking mechanism is easy to use with one hand. There is a The grip is comfortable and they're well made. They can be used on the grill or stovetop. There was no burning of fingers or scratching non stick surfaces. I like to cook with them. There is a Throw them in the dishwasher and they're easy to wash. The price is great value for these.

👤The air fryer I bought had a non-stick surface. I needed some tongs with a silicone tip so I wouldn't scratch the air fryer. These are perfect!

👤The tong is easy to open and close with a simple press. Looking for a small size. Will purchase more.

8. Dreamfarm Clongs 12 Inch Click Lock Silicone

Dreamfarm Clongs 12 Inch Click Lock Silicone

The multi-purpose scissors tongs are good for turning and cutting all kinds of food, such as fish, crab, chicken, turkey, burger, asparagus, vegetable salad, ice block, taco and so. These tongs have curves in the right places. A bend in the handles means you can rest them on the edge of the pan, and keep the heads off the counter, so they stay sanitary. The tongs have a mechanism similar to a retractable pen. It is so easy to open or close your Clongs, you can do it with one hand. The kitchen tongs are dishwasher safe. DeLICATE PRECISION The rounded design of the Clongs feels like an extension of your hand. The arms are formed in a C- channel for strength andDurability. Click, grip, serve. The heads are made of silicone. The waffle head design makes it easy to pick up small bits. The cookware is heat resistant to 500F and won't scratch it. Dreamfarm dreamt up functional kitchenware and home accessories as creative solutions to everyday problems. Their funky collection has a great gift or item to complete your home.

Brand: Dreamfarm

👤Most of the time, the one click lock doesn't work. See the video. There is a It was returned. There is a mess. Doesn't work as described. Won't be open or closed. It doesn't know what you want. The button is not easy to use. It doesn't do anything. Don't buy.

👤The review was written after the product was received. You design beautiful and useful products. The Mini-Supoon is very useful. I like them so much that I have about two more. I ordered the 12-inch Clongs based on that experience. I was sad when I opened the package. When speed is of the essence, these Clongs will be used. The ends of the Clongs are soft and wonderful to grab. The metal between the two ends of the tool has sharp edges, which will hurt people with dry skin or sensitive hands. If the manufacturer of the Clongs can do a better job with finishing this product, please take a look at them. If you improve the edges of this product, you will sell more of them.

👤The hold up off the counter feature is ok, but the tap to lock/unlock is really cool, and they are strong enough to actually put some force on them, but I don't like the idea of the Silicon. The Silicone gets super slick as soon as it gets wet or oily, but that is what it is. I would like to see an all metal grabber option. The edges of the metal are very sharp, and it makes them a bit uncomfortable to hold and use. The sharp edges are worse since the way you lock andunlock them is to hold them and have to push the back tip against something, putting sliding pressure on the edges. I am going to break out some tools and see if I can make them a little bit better by polishing them myself. I will add this after I try that for a bit.

👤I couldn't get it back in the envelope fast enough to return it as soon as I opened it. The price is high. I was expecting a much bigger feeling tool. The metal edges are sharp. The tongs don't open and close smoothly. A terrible product.

👤I thought these would be hard to hold onto when I first grasped the tool. After I unlocked it, I had to hit it hard with my hand to release it, and it pinched my finger, so I almost dropped it. My second thought was, "These are hard to hold on to." The handles look like they're made from a cheap brushed aluminum tube, with half-round shells pinned with a rivet at one end and paddles on the other. They are slippery even when not wet or oily. The spring that keeps the handles spread open is a little stiff, but something is causing it to squeak. The lock/release button needs to be hit hard to actuate. It can pinch the palm of your hand if you close the handles with your fingers. It will be difficult to use and it does not feel good in the hand. I haven't had time to test this tool. I'll have to look for tongs that can take some heat.

9. Bnlcd Stainless Silicone Non Slip Non Stick

Bnlcd Stainless Silicone Non Slip Non Stick

There is a limited lifetime warranty. They offer a lifetime warranty on their tongs because they pride ourselves on 100% customer satisfaction. If you are not happy with your purchase, simply return it for a full refund. The highest quality steel is STAINLESS STEEL. Their kitchen tongs are formed out of 1-mm-thickstainless steel for incomparable strength and premium structure, and reinforced resistance to rust, while also keeping its lightweight and beneficial ergonomics! Pull the ring to lock it and you will be able to better control the food tongs while using them. You can hang it on the wall with the ring, or pull the ring to lock it and store it in the drawer to save space. They use the highest quality food grade silicone for the cooking tong tips, which will not scratch your cookware. It has passed the safety test and can resist up to 480F of heat. It is easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Capable hands : Their kitchen tongs are designed to give you maximum grip and comfort because of their ergonomics. The upgraded edge of the handle can prevent injuries. There are multi- applications. The kitchen tongs set is perfect for basic kitchen tasks, be it indoors or outdoors. You can use it to grill corn, flip burgers, make salads, cut roast fillets or simply as a BBQ tool. It is a great gift for family and friends.

Brand: Bnlcd

👤The tongs are made of plastic. The tongs I bought were supposed to be three. There is a The smallest one doesn't squeeze closed all the way and has issues locking open or closed. There is a The only decent quality is the large tong. After I update my review, the seller contacted me and offered a gift card for a five star review, but only after I'd finished my review. The review has been updated.

👤These are great for cooking in my pans. I had tongs that were melting in the pans. These work well in the heat. There is a I am careful to not put a lot of pressure on the tips so that the metal doesn't tear through the silicone, because it could split over time. I don't use them to get the food out of the pan, only to move things around. There is a They are a little difficult to fully clean on the inside of the tongs. The way the silicone is attached to the metal makes it easier to collect grease. To get them to come clean, I have to use a brush and sprayer. I don't like greasy build up between uses, so I have to take my time. A small price to pay for a great product.

👤I've bought tongs at the dollar store. They break. They don't work. They don't like it. I got a set of these after spending more. It's much better. I use tongs a few times a day. I'm reminded of how happy I am that I bought these. They are useful and durable. There was no rust. Sturdy. Nice sizes. They do well in the dishwasher. My other tongs were not too bulky. These are correct. I wish I had gotten them sooner.

👤I have begun to transfer my green kitchen accents to black. These were a great price and came with 3 tongs of different sizes and had a non metal tong top that I like. Each had a tab that could be used to open or release them.

👤I wanted to use tongs with tips. I wanted them to be strong enough to pick up meat. I intend to cook and these are heavy enough to carry it. They are easy to clean. There is a They are easy to lock and open. The locking mechanism makes it easy to hold a platter and engage these tongs. There are three different sizes.

👤The rubber tips on my old tongs kept coming off, so I bought scratch free tongs. The new tongs were better than expected. They are very comfortable in my hands. Would buy again.

👤The company provided replacement items. The product performs well. There is a The hard plastic tip on the 9" tong is not Silicone. The other two were described. I will probably give the 9 to my kids as a toy, since it is junk.

👤The lock on the tongs is really nice. Excellent quality for the price.

👤Damage to the rubber and scratches on the metal part of the biggest tong made for a bad delivery. The smallest tong doesn't align evenly.

10. KitchenAid KO094OHAQA Gourmet Silicone Stainless

KitchenAid KO094OHAQA Gourmet Silicone Stainless

Soft, comfortable, non-slip grips and thumb rests. STAINLESS STEEL CONSTRUCTION. The tongs have a high quality frame and silicone tips. The tongs give your kitchen tools collection a premium look. The lock tongs are used. The locking mechanism on the tongs makes it easy to store them in a drawer or a crock. The tong arms should open at a 30 range when the lock is not engaged. The heat resistance is HEAT RESISTANT. The tongs are made of Silicone and are safe for cookware. The silicone is heat resistant to 500F. The dishwasher is safe. These tongs are dishwasher safe, making it easy to clean them up.

Brand: Kitchenaid

👤The tongs are the best I have ever owned. These tongs are high quality. I can tell the kitchen aid tongs are going to last longer by comparing them to my cheaper tongs. Other tongs are useless after a while. I have had these for a few weeks. I am not seeing that. They handle it well.

👤The tong from All Clad is very light. I need it when I use my copper pots. I find myself not using it very often. There is a one inch gap between the tongs. It is hard to clean, so that doesn't bother me at all. The food gets stuck in the riveted parts. I have to clean that part with a toothbrush. It works as it should and is attractive. If you have big hands, you can lift a roast with it.

👤We have had different types of tongs and they always seem to be the go to for most of our cooking. Basic and works well. The rivet that holds them together is bad. It must not be metallic. It's worth purchasing again. We purchased these and will do so again when needed. We got a lot of years use out of them.

👤I knew there would be problems when I opened the package. You need a lot of hand strength to close them because the handles are slippery and you need a rubber grip on them. I put 6 slices of bacon in a pan and by the time the bacon was done cooking my right hand started to ache from closing the tongs.

👤Steel construction with strong spring. I had off-brand tongs, but they were much better. I like that there are no crevasses for food to get stuck in.

👤I hated spending that much money, but I hated buying cheap ones that were flimsy. You get what you pay for if you spend the extra money. I would call it a medium.

👤I've used a variety of tongs in different forms, all of which are spring only. These are very good. They are much better made than I expected. The tips are perfect for use on my outdoor grill or in my kitchen. There is an easy locking mechanism at the back. There is a We liked them so much that we bought a second pair. It may be a long time before we need to buy again, based on how they feel and wear so far.

👤Great tongs. I've been able to lift even the heaviest items with no slipping, because they have a great grip. They don't break like the big box brands. It is difficult to lift objects from boiling stockpots without getting a steam burn because they are only 10 years old. I can use a potholder, but my tongs allow me to do the same activity without it. These are definitely worth the price.

👤Solidly built but poorly designed. They lock when you close them so it's hard to drop stuff. The mechanism is too stiff, but they would pop open if it wasn't. It's bad design. The things are close to $30 and are better than the dollar store brand.

11. StarPack Basics Silicone Kitchen 12 Inch

StarPack Basics Silicone Kitchen 12 Inch

Easy care, no rust and no silicone funnel, makes it easy to keep clean. Put soap in the dishwasher or wash with warm water and add little soap. StarPack 1.0mm extra thick kitchen tongs with Silicone tips offer fantastic grip and control, with a ring-pull locking system. Premium Range means highest quality, family-safe, non-stick-safe, safety tested,BPA-Free,bacteria-resistаnt, 480F heat-resistant EULFGB-Grade silicone tongs for cooking! I was inspired to love cooking. These dishwasher-safe, stylish and colorful new silicone tipped tongs inspire you to cook heavenly dishes for friends and family. The kitchen set contains 1 x tongs with a Silicone tip and 9 handles. You've always got maximum convenience at your fingertips with the 1 x Silicone Kitchen Tongs. Silicone on the cooking tongs for non-stick cookware doesn't melt, and the kitchen tongs don't rust.

Brand: Starpack Home

👤Potentially dangerous product. After using the longer set of tongs for the first time, I received a serious cut while washing them when the unfinished interior of one of the handles sliced a chunk of my index finger tip off. The edge on the inside is razor sharp and I wasn't applying any extra pressure. I bled profusely all over my sink, and was glad we didn't ask the ten year old to wash them. I don't know if it's common for these tongs or if I got an unfinished pair. The construction was great, but I couldn't recommend it as they arrived. If a child or an older person with bleeding issues would be handling them. The cut was so deep and clean that it took hours before it stopped.

👤One reason to buy them was that they are highly recommended. They aren't really healthy. There was a build up of MOLD behind the tips. One of them comes apart after just three months of use. If you look carefully, you will see that water and other material sips through the place where the silicone meets the steel and stays there if you look carefully.

👤I have been satisfied with these. They are a nice size, sturdy, and have a good grip, Silicone is very durable, and the open/close lock mechanism works well to where they stay open when you want. I have noticed that the top joint is starting to show signs of rust after about 3 months of once a week or so use. I think it will rust completely. I'm not too disappointed at this price point, I bought these to replace a high quality all clad tongs that did the same, and they will honor as long as they're around, and I'm sure they will do the same as well. I think the spring steel used as a spring is inherently not smilng as it is Rust on this spring. I have to take a star off because it would be nice to not have them start to rust after 3 months. I think they are a great value, so I would recommend them and buy them again if needed.

👤My son found black plastic in his dinner when he was less than a year old. The tongs were from cooking. All instructions were followed.

👤I hated our old nylon tongs, which had no locking mechanism and didn't grip foods securely, and rarely used them, so I used my metal tongs with pincers, which are more resistant to scratching. When we decided to buy two sets of Copper Chef Black Diamond non-stick pans, I decided to look for some Silicone-tipped tongs to protect our new investment. I own several Good Grips kitchen gadgets and utensils, so my first thought was to buy their Silicone-coated locking tongs. When I saw that the StarPack Premium tongs had thousands of 5-star reviews, I decided to take a closer look. I liked the idea of having two pairs of tongs, so one would be available even when the other was in the dishwasher, and the price of these was significantly lower than the ones I had intended to get. I prefer buying from family-owned companies and businesses that have enough confidence in their products' performance to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, because I appreciated the thoroughness of the description and other information on the Amazon product page. There is a My husband and I like using these kitchen tongs, even when we're cooking in pans that don't have a coating. The tongs are more secure since they are coated with Silicone, which makes them more likely to bite into the food. The lack of sharp edges makes the tongs safer to use and easier to clean. I prefer the shorter pair of tongs when pan-frying a few breakfast sausages in a small skillet, they are very comfortable to use and thoughtfully designed. There is a The locking mechanism is very easy to operate, although it does require two hands. Push in the ring to open the locked tongs. Pull the ring out to lock them. Don't pull hard! Being able to lock andunlock these tongs with very little force is a benefit for people like me who don't have a lot of grip strength. The quality of both the materials and the manufacturing has been very good. Highly recommended!


What is the best product for cooking tongs for nonstick cookware?

Cooking tongs for nonstick cookware products from Patelai. In this article about cooking tongs for nonstick cookware you can see why people choose the product. Riveira and Cook With Color are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking tongs for nonstick cookware.

What are the best brands for cooking tongs for nonstick cookware?

Patelai, Riveira and Cook With Color are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking tongs for nonstick cookware. Find the detail in this article. Oxo, Oxo and Culinary Couture are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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