Best Cooking Tongs 12 Inch

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1. Hotec Stainless Steel Kitchen Tongs

Hotec Stainless Steel Kitchen Tongs

If you are not completely satisfied with the product, just contact them and they will give you a full refund. They read and respond to every message that is sent to them, and they pride ourselves on excellent customer service. The food level is STAINLESS STEEL. The heavy duty Hotec kitchen tongs are easy to handle and have good heat resistance. The tongs come with a set of standard serving tongs and large BBQ grill tongs. The ring and lock are chained together. The kitchen tongs set has a locking mechanism and a ring that can be pulled for lock or unlocked. Space saving is achieved by hanging them with the hanging loop after use or put in the drawer. There is an embryo design and heat exchanger. Good grip and control can be ensured with the handle that is made of Silicon. The metal tong head is resistant to heat. It's easy to rinse in the dishwasher. The new design pattern for the handle protects your hands from being cut by the edge. It's easy to control the handle and eliminate the risk of burning your hands. There are multiple applications. A basic kitchen utensil is perfect for indoor or outdoor use and can be used as a BBQ turner or salad server.

Brand: Hotec

👤Since they can flex or not grip well, tongs can be hit or miss, but that is not the case with these! There is a I use mine to pick up sausages, shrimp, and a salad. There is a The bone in the pork shoulder was the real test. It picked it up with ease after each side was hit. I washed the tongs again. To shred the big chunks of pork that were tender. Did I make you hungry? ha!

👤The picture shows the difference in the pincer grip between the tongs. There is a Comes in two lengths. Simple locking mechanism. It is dishwasher safe. There is a The tong was sticky when opening and would stop halfway. The pincer design leaves little to grab with. The tongs opening was slow because of the weak opening mechanism. I wanted to make it easier to store. I returned them because of the weak grasp, poor pincer design, and sticky opening.

👤The Hotec set of kitchen tongs has a non slip grip. These tongs are better than the ones I had before. There is a These tongs are an improved clone of the OXO Good Grips 12-Inch Locking Tongs. - The OXO tongs are about 1/2 inch shorter. There is a These tongs have a better spring mechanism. There is a The second pair of tongs are provided for the price of the OXO tongs. There is a The rubber grip gave out after 10 years of use. There is a The construction of the Hotec tongs looks like it will last longer than my previous tongs.

👤My previous set of tongs had a ring that slid up and down to keep them closed. The spring tension pushing the tongs open was so high that I could only turn a few pieces of food before feeling achy. The tongs from Hotec are released from the closed position by pushing in the little circular end of the slider and pulling it out. No strain, just perfect tongs.

👤So far, so good. I was able to melt my last pair of kitchen tongs, but couldn't beat the price for two. The package came a little disturbed but they have been great. I have already used them for grilling and other meals and put them through the dishwasher a few times. The locking mechanism makes it easy to store.

👤The tongs seem to work as expected. I have never found inexpensive tongs that locked securely and had a good balance of friction. I have purchased other Chinese made kitchen items on Amazon and they have not had any rust on the steel. The spring at the hinge is the biggest failure point for most of these types of inexpensive tongs, which are usually made from non-sterilant steel and are impossible to replace. I don't know if the springs on these are shir or not, but I'm not betting on it. I hope they last more than a year or two if I am proven wrong. The tongs are a good value even if they don't last long, because they grip and hold food well with decent weight and spring tension balance. The spring tension is light and they don't slip out of the hand. The metal at the food gripping end is strong enough to not bend.

2. Norpro 7646 Bamboo Tong 12

Norpro 7646 Bamboo Tong 12

Bamboo is lightweight and long lasting. All surfaces are safe for you. It's comfortable in hand, grips securely without crushing food, and keeps hands safe from heat. It is stain and heat resistant. bamboo is a sustainable, renewable resource that replenishes itself, making it an environmental sound choice.

Brand: Norpro

👤Sad. I was hoping I could find a large set of tongs and they broke out of the bag. I have a pair of sald spoons.

👤The tongs were only used a few weeks, but the darn thing cracked tonight and is completely useless.

👤Don't waste $7.50 on these. I used them for the first time on Thursday. They were useless because one side cracked. I own a set of bamboo tongs that have been with me for a long time. I wanted an extra set.

👤The pressure to make these work is insane. It's ridiculous that I have to choke up so much to get these babies to close their eyes. You will lose a lot of the noodles if you use the scalloped edges. They're useless as a kitchen tool, but a great hand grip exercise tool. I think so.

👤I like this. Because it is large, it doesn't open too wide, and it won't scratch wood bowls like those tongs. I find that gripping it in the center works best, it's very springy and the "teeth" on the edges helps grab sliced vegies easily. It works well for serving food in a frying pan or spaghetti out of the pot. I like bamboo utensils to be natural so they can be oiled, so I wish it wasn't Lacquered. The finish will eventually come off with use and washing. There is a Some reviewers said it snapped right away, but I have found no cracking or splintering at the closed end. I've been using this almost daily for a month and I'm happy I got it.

👤The issue with this item is that they are lightweight and cracked down on one side of the tongs, which is not the issue that I have with this item. I'm not sure if I want a replacement because of the length of time for shipping from China. I want another set of bamboo tongs that won't break after 4 uses. 3 stars because I liked it during the 4 times that I used them; otherwise, I would give it 2 stars overall for the workmanship quality.

👤Trying to replace kitchen utensils with bamboo items was so excited to order this pair of tongs. I took it out of the box and it snapped. I'm not happy with the design. It is not riveted. Maybe it needs to be designed with half eco material other than bamboo. Great idea. I will try another one if there is a re-design. It's a good thing. I rarely receive a bad product from Amazon, but I'm not too upset. They will make it up as they always do. There is a new design for this product. Hope this helps.

👤I had to return this item because I couldn't get a grip of the food because I was too far away from the tongs. You can't get it to grip if you hold it high. The reason I am ordering this is not to burn my hands, but if I have to hold it close to the tong, then it is not for me.

3. Stainless One Handed Convenience Soft Touch Non Stick

Stainless One Handed Convenience Soft Touch Non Stick

All of their silicone tongs are tested and inspected to make sure their customers receive quality products. If you don't like it for any reason, accept returns or exchanges. They will give you a satisfactory solution. Buy now without risk. You can't open and close the food with your hands while holding the lid in a kitchen. You could use one-handed design. Silicone design protects non-stick pan, easy to hold and turn food. Premium quality is made of food-grade silicone and thicker 430stainless steel which provides good anti-rust ability. Dishwasher safe, easy to clean. There is a 90 day guarantee. They provide a 90-day guarantee on all of their products. If there is a problem with the items within 90 days, please contact them. They are confident in the quality and function. Send it back if you don't like it.

Brand: Kitchendao

👤The product is suppose to be great. The tips of the tongs don't meet completely, so wet foods slip out of them. I would like the spring to be stronger so it would open fully when I unlocked them. They work well for most things and feel good in my hand.

👤The squared end helps me grab larger food items out of the oven. It works better than the thinner tongs. The length keeps me from burning myself. Doesn't hurt my non stick coating. It's easy to lick and open.

👤I ordered these tongs even though they are black and not my signature red because I wanted my food item securely held as I flipped or lifted it. Does the job!

👤I have several tongs for use with metal pots and pans, but needed a serious tong for use with non-stick cookware and when I wanted something other than a spatula for moving food around. These are perfect. I bought ones with an end. The squared off edge makes these more effective. If they are offered in a smaller size, I will buy them again. Highly recommended.

👤If the lock mechanism were different, I would love it. You cannot operate the lock with one hand. This locking mechanism requires both hands to use and it just doesn't work for me, when you have multiple things on the stove at the same time. It makes the tool useless.

👤I use these with my air fryer. There is a The locking mechanism helps keep them in the drawer. The locking mechanism is easy to use with one hand. There is a The grip is comfortable and they're well made. They can be used on the grill or stovetop. There was no burning of fingers or scratching non stick surfaces. I like to cook with them. There is a Throw them in the dishwasher and they're easy to wash. The price is great value for these.

👤The air fryer I bought had a non-stick surface. I needed some tongs with a silicone tip so I wouldn't scratch the air fryer. These are perfect!

👤The tong is easy to open and close with a simple press. Looking for a small size. Will purchase more.

4. OXO Grips 12 Inch Tongs Silicone

OXO Grips 12 Inch Tongs Silicone

Silicone heads are found in the steel tongs. The heads are heat resistant to 600 degrees and are safe for non-stick cookware. The handle is soft and comfortable. The lock is closed for storage. There are 9-inch and 12-inch lengths available.

Brand: Oxo

👤These tongs are of the highest quality. I'm a big fan of the OXO kitchen gear and the tongs are no exception. I have these in all the sizes. The Silicone tipped version is my go-to when cooking. It's easy to handle all foods with it, the silicone tips won't scratch the pans, and the handles don't transfer heat. They lock up nice and tight for easy drawer storage, and can be opened with one hand by squeezing the ring to your hip, which is ideal for wielding around a kitchen with a lot going on. I bought a second model recently. I always have one to use while the other is in the dishwasher. My original one has been used 3-7 times a week for about 4 years and I can only tell which one it is if I look hard. The bottom line is great. A+.

👤Oxo is a great brand and I like the tongs. I felt a different sensation in my hand when I received the new one. I took my old one out and looked at the changes. I think the bottom is up. I could immediately feel the difference with my smaller hand. If you look at my photo, you will see that the one on the right is the old one and the one on the left is the new one. This is still a good tong, gets the job done, but it is not as comfortable as it used to be.

👤I wanted to get another pair of OXO tongs that were 12. The tongs were labeled "Amazon Prime" and took a couple of weeks to arrive. I'll show the pictures to the public that these aren't OXO products. They are not labeled OXO. The heads do not hold up well. The ends of these are labeled "Silicone", but they started to melt against a medium-hot pan, not even the high-quality nylon heads on other OXO tongs. I didn't want to cook with them and give them away. It's a waste of time and money. Do not put your money at risk with this vendor. We contacted Amazon about the product, but it is still being sold, so we wanted to warn other buyers. Hope this helps!

👤I cook everything in the kitchen with tongs. I now have a collection of 6 OXO tongs. The nylon head tongs are good for cast iron. These are the best kitchen tongs I have ever used, after about a year of regular use. The locking mechanism, heat resistance, grabbing strength, and build quality are all on point. I think it's worth the extra money for such a tool.

👤I thought the tongs were too big when I received them. They are the perfect length. I bought them to use with my air fryer, so that I can reach in and grab things without getting too close. Same when reaching into the oven. I keep my hands and arms away from the fire with these long tongs. The tongs are perfect for use with non-stick cookware, no worries about scratching, because of the silicone head. I love them!

5. OXO Grips 12 Inch Stainless Steel Locking

OXO Grips 12 Inch Stainless Steel Locking

The lock on the tongs is closed for convenience. The knife is perfect for chopping, mincing, dicing and scooping vegetables. The handle design provides control. Even when wet, the handle is soft and comfortable. Hand wash with warm soapy water. The Japanese steel blade is 8 inches sharp.

Brand: Oxo

👤These tongs do not hold up well. The tongs are designed to pinch by the tips. Large items can become unstable to hold and are hard to pick up. Even though I purchased them a few days ago from Amazon, they cannot be returned. I ordered a brand of tongs called Pro tong isi. That is the brand I had before. I thought I would try Oxo because they broke. These tongs are not the best of the Oxo products.

👤The quality went down from the first pair. My first pair had a lock. The cheap metal pull out on this pair rusted after the first wash. The rest of the tongs are the same. My question is, if it's already the best, why change it? Yogi Bera said, "If it ain't broken, don't fix it."

👤These tongs are the best I have ever owned. I initially purchased the 12-inch size, but I liked it so much that I then purchased the 9-inch and 16-inch sizes to complete the set. These tongs are some of my favorite kitchen tools. I've had tongs that have warped, melted, broke, and did a poor job grasping food. I was too cheap to buy nice tongs. It took me a little while to buy the more expensive OXO Good Grips Tongs, but I am really glad I did. The design. The frame is made of brushed steel and has Silicone inserts to give you more grip. The tongs have a lever on the back that can be used to close them. The part of the tongs that make contact with food is not made of steel. If you have non-stick cookware, certain coating types can be damaged by these, so I wanted to make sure that I cook on a cookware that is safe to use. This set with heads made of shir steel will yield maximum performance if your cookware can safely support shir utensils. The tongs are easy to grasp and do a great job of preventing food from slipping. The tongs maintain a stable grip even if the food is heavy. The finish is beneficial. It increases stain resistance and hides water markings. The Silicone inserts are tough, heat resistant, can be removed for cleaning or replacement, and firmly lock into place so they don't pop out randomly. The hanging hole is convenient, the mechanism to lock these closed is large and easy to use, strong as can be, and accessible, even with gloves/mitts on. After many years of use, the spring still shows no sign of fatigue. The hinge is heavy-duty and has not developed excessive play. My tongs look and function the same as they did when I bought them. OXO spent a lot of time researching and developing a product that is very functional and durable. There is a Cleaning. These do not need special cleaning care. I clean these in the dishwasher without removing the inserts and they come out perfect. I clean them with a metal polish called Bar Keeper's Friend if there is a lot of caked-up food on them. The tongs have held up well to a lot of cleaning. How much is it? SIZES---WHICH SIZE? There is a The size I use the most is the 12-inch. I love the 16-inch because it gives me a nice distance between my hand and the hot popping grease. I use the smallest pot I can find, the 9-inch, but it is still great to have when I am making something in a smaller pot. If you are only going to purchase one size, I recommend the 12-inch. There is a This is an investment of a quality kitchen tool that will last. I understand where you are coming from, I've been there myself, and I can tell you that these cost more than many other tongs. I highly recommend spending the few extra bucks on the OXO Good Grips, as they are a good quality product, and will last a long time, even if you spend more money. When cooking more often one can save money and eat better, and it is possible to encourage cooking more often. I see quality tongs as an investment, like other premium kitchen tools. There is a caveat about this. The pictures show the different sizes of the tongs, with different angles showing the different features.

6. Kitchen Tongs Cooking 2 Pack Rust Resistant

Kitchen Tongs Cooking 2 Pack Rust Resistant

It is possible to endure. The wood for the tongs is quite sturdy. The bamboo material is stain and odor resistant, so you can use the tongs for a long time. Quality cooking tongs are beneficial kitchen tools that should not be overlooked. Whether you use them for salad tongs, grilling tongs, or need metal tongs for grabbing food from boiling water, Tribal tongs meet your need for safety and reliability. Their kitchen tongs grip, flip, move, and jostle food with great precision. Their premium steel is resistant to wear and tear. The handles are smooth and comfortable to hold. Food and hands are kept safe. The tongs are in a 2 pack. There are small tongs for many things. Long tongs are used to keep hands away from the heat. Their tongs are great for holding food secure while slicing, turning meats in the pan, or grabbing a serving of pasta. You have total control. Heavy duty spring gives tongs extra-responsive hold. The quality of steel is ensured. A dishwasher safe with locking rings for a secure close. The hook is attached. Will look great for a long time. They are dedicated to creating elevated, high-functioning kitchen tools that balance practicality and elegance, while standing the test of time. Don't hesitate to reach out if you aren't completely satisfied with your life.

Brand: Tribal Cooking

👤1. I picked up a 10 lbs kettlebell with both of these, and there was no bend in either tong. 2. It's very difficult to grab anything paper thin. 3. You are set for anything in 99% of tong related situations with the large and small included. The price is amazing for what you get. The price for tongs can be very high if you are looking for something. The set is a great value. 5. Storage of tongs can be done with a lock. You can hang them anywhere because the end of the lock is a nice circle. 6. The rubberized handle is not cheap. What else can I say? I wonder if my life was different before these tongs. I live every day with my tongs by my side.

👤This manufacturer has 2 different sizes. I have used the shorter tongs to turn over grilled veggies and the longer tongs to handle meat. Everyone loves an Efficient Kitchen because of the no slip coating that you will notice as you grip the Tongs. The Circular Ring closes and locks the tongs tight, preventing them from springing open. That is a great function and the ring is perfect. I was able to put them on my kitchen rack. Yes, This is something to buy.

👤I was going to buy one set of tongs at Target for only 14 dollars. I thought when I saw this set of two that it was crazy. This was a good purchase. They are comfortable in the hand.

👤Really good product. My girlfriend's college junk tongs are still in her possession. They pinched my skin. It would take two hands to get a good grip. I was able to throw those bad boys out after buying these. They are great. It's very sturdy and easy to use. The keep close lock is something I like. Total victory!

👤I threw out my old Oxo tongs after using these. It's easier to keep food clean. Positive spring action can be done with one hand. The price for high-quality tongs is very reasonable.

👤I thought they were great when I received them. One of them broke after a few use. The aluminum is very weak. I used a solid screw to repair it. It doesn't look like it did before. It is very sturdy now.

👤These were bought in August of 2021. I was flipping something in my oven when the smaller pair broke. The pin fell into the oven. The larger pair broke the same way as the smaller one in January 2022. The pin fell off. I couldn't get it back together for the rest of my life. Only used a few times a week. You would think they would last longer than 4-5 months. Disappointing.

👤Why did I wait so long to use the tongs? There is a You can get two sizes and they are very sturdy. You could get a lifetime of service from these. Pick up a piece of meat or spaghetti. They have a good grip that won't damage what you pick up. I would recommend them to anyone.

7. Gutsdoor Tweezers Stainless Precision Serrated

Gutsdoor Tweezers Stainless Precision Serrated

Kitchen tongs kit are formed out of premium 304stainless steel for incomparable strength and premium structure, and reinforced resistance to corrosion and rust, also lightweight. High-QUALITY STAINLESS STEEL. Gutsdoor's tong tweezers are made of 304# STAINLESS steel, which is non-toxic and resistant to rust. It's dishwasher safe. The cooking tweezers are very strong. It is being considered to be a hot commodity. The 12 inch long tweezers can grab things without slipping. It's perfect for handling subtle food. The Kitchen Tweezers are made of steel and are good for getting to fish bones and other small objects. The endocannabinoid design is ERGONOMIC. Their tongs are comfortable. Using a comfortable handle, cooking tweezer. The tip is strong enough to hold the food securely and be safe to touch or even press. It is easy to hold and reach inside tight spaces. Some people call it a key kitchen device. It is a cute kitchen utensil. There is a multi-PURPOSE. The Tweezer tongs are perfect for cooking, roasting, grabbing small objects, pharmacy purpose, pulling out hair, electrical repairing, crafting, and even the food tweezers can be used for feeding small animals, cleaning out a garden or fish tank, plant maintenance. The perfect wheelbarrow. I'm sure you will feel more complete in your kitchen with this Specialty Stainless Steel Kitchen Seafood & Surgical Tweezer Food Tongs tool. The 12 inch kitchen tongs are a great addition to the kitchen. Try to get beef and chicken with tongs outside. Enjoy your life with their kitchen tongs.

Brand: Gutsdoor

👤Excellent value. A quality product. Solid build, perfect alignment, secure weld, functional and attractive appearance. This product is not flimsy, it has secure welding and tips align. I used to plate meals, fish out capers from a jar, and pick up pills that were dropped on the floor. I am very satisfied with this product.

👤These are used to grab crickets and roaches. No one has put the tongs on my shoulder yet. Yet.

👤I use this for all sorts of food handling. It was recently made by Gen Tso. The small pieces of chicken were handled well with these. Good price and made.

👤It is nice to have a way to take small things out of the dish. A garlic clove is from a stew. A mint leaf can be put into a drinks bottle. There is a It can be used to stir a wok dish on the stove.

👤I saw these types of tongs on a cooking show. I ordered one and I am very happy. I love it. There are many uses for it. I like it for removing the gunk from egg yolk. No more trying to break the yolk with a spoon. One of the things you didn't know you needed was a kitchen tool. Highly recommended!

👤I was very happy to buy these. They can be used to move/flip around delicate foods that you are cooking on the stove or grill. I use it a lot.

👤I bought this for a specific purpose but have found that it has been useful many times to get to hard-to-reach items. I didn't know I needed it until I saw it and now have found many uses for it, but I don't know how I lived without it. It should last a long time because it is well-made.

👤The product was very good. We are happy with it.

👤Sturdy material is also a good addition to your cooking tool.

👤I bought a second pair for a friend.

👤Couldn't pick up anything with the tweezers. Don't bother buying a cheap product.

8. OXO Grips 9 Inch Locking Tongs

OXO Grips 9 Inch Locking Tongs

Silicone on the cooking tongs for non-stick cookware doesn't melt, and the kitchen tongs don't rust. The edges hold food. Non-stick cookware is safe with nylon heads. It's perfect for transferring food. The 12-inch length is available.

Brand: Oxo

👤I had an OXO locking tongs that worked great, so I bought one here, but it was completely different. I don't understand why the review is so good. The left one is cheap and thin, while the right one is 12 dollars. There is a big difference in weight in pic #3. pic The nylon piece is long and thin without a metal structure, so when you press it will change shape. I'm sending it back.

👤My husband and I both use the short 9" tongs in the kitchen, they work well with both stove top and Instant Pot. The longest tongs are best used on the outdoor grill and in the oven to avoid burns. The shorter tongs give us more control.

👤We have cheap metal tongs that have done the job for years, but were looking for an upgrade. The OXO Good Grips tongs were the top recommended model in Cooks Illustrated, and they put a lot of time and effort into their reviews and recipes alike. We ordered a pair and they are fantastic. Silicone grips are good for holding food and don't scratch pots and pans. The nine-inch size is perfect for most things. The locking/unlocking mechanism is much better than the tongs, and you can push the lock against your body and open it with one hand. Useful!

👤We haven't used non stick material for awhile, we need a locking tong for our new air fryer. It was hard to put the tongs on a smaller plate when only one hand was available because it stayed open. I have been using my teeth to close and lock the tongs to put on the plate. The product will be better if there was a way to close the tongs quickly.

👤I bought this in February and am very disappointed. The black coating on the ends of the tongs leaves a small strip in my food. I don't want to eat the black coating so I have to throw it away. Don't buy this one, I have lots of OXO kitchen tools that have stood the test of time.

👤What can I say about these tongs? Most of the tongs saved my life when I was through thick and thin noodles, hot and cold vegetables. I got in my car this morning, set my coffee down, and looked up to see a snake on the dash of my car. After jumping out of the car, I reached for the most important item in my house, the tongs. The whole operation would have been ruined if these tongs were not 9 inches long. I was able to grab that snake and throw it away from my car because of the pressure of being late for work. Five stars isn't enough for these tongs. I will be thanking my lucky stars every day for the tongs I bought.

👤The tongs are closer to 10, which is perfect for me. They're very sturdy, and well made, and far away from the dollar store junk I usually use. Those are gone now. It's perfect for any kind of cast iron. The nylon tips are easy to grasp and don't scratch. These aren't like the rubbery Silicone tongs I hate. The locking mechanism is easy to use. I am glad I chose these, because I was torn between these and the overpriced wooden ones at williams sonoma. Oxo is difficult to beat.

9. HINMAY Small Silicone 7 Inch Serving

HINMAY Small Silicone 7 Inch Serving

When you purchase these specialty silicone tongs 9 inch tool, you're offered a 100% customer satisfaction service. They will serve you until you get your 100% satisfaction if you contact them through your order. It is risk free to try it. CHEF QUALITY STAINLESS STEELHINMAY mini silicone tongs are made from a thick steel for unbeatable strength and premium construction, and feature a ring-pull locking system which is made to last. Small serving tongs are made from a premium 100% Food Grade Silicone that won't scratch your non-stick pans or grill grate, dishwasher safe and heat safe. It can reach up to 480F. Small tongs are great for personal serving at the table or buffet. It's great for home-made salad, appetizers, taco bars, and more. Pack includes 7-Inch mini tongs. When you purchase these specialty food serving tongs 7-Inch Tool, you're offered a 100% customer satisfaction service. They will serve you until you get your 100% satisfaction if you contact them through your order. It is risk free to try it.

Brand: Hinmay

👤We use the air fryer a lot. It is easier to handle the smaller 7 inch size when you are moving things around in the air fryer. You can get a general idea of the smaller size by taking a picture between the remotes. These are great! It is easy to clean. I am going to give my sister an air fryer for Christmas or a birthday gift, as well as a couple of sticks in a Christmas box, so that she can use it a lot.

👤I loved this product. Each person had their own serving tongs after I bought nine of them. The family is asking if they can have their own. I am giving them away. I use them every day to serve food because they are easy to clean. It is heat proof. Good lock. It is easy to clean. It's easy to find in the drawer. A quality product.

👤These tongs are small. They feel very strong. They are not light weight and flimsy like the ones I bought and returned. I had a problem with the lightweight flimsy ones because the silicone slipped off the end and I tugged on them, but they don't. The locking feature works well and the tips come together perfectly at the end. I got these small tongs for cooking and turning small items like sliced fried potatoes and scallops, which are easier to turn with a spatula or bigger tongs.

👤I was looking for small tongs, but they only open so narrowly that I only get a small amount of salad when I serve it. They need to have a bigger opening.

👤I bought these tongs to replace my silicone covered tongs that were no longer working because of the rusted closing spring. I thought I was buying a grey set of tongs. They are all metal. It should not rust if you think you're a sipper. They look to be good tongs. Time will tell how long they will last. I'm happy for now.

👤These tongs are great. I've used them for many things, including frying bacon. Very versatile. They are safe to use on non-stick pans. Silicone is on the sides to help with gripping the tongs. I can't use my other tongs as easily because they are long and don't have the Silicone coating. I gave my brother in law one of the three that I received because he loves cooking. Definitely would recommend.

👤I bought these Silicone cooking tongs, black non -stick Silicone lock heat resistant Silicone cooking kitchen tongs, to use in my air fryer, and at the same time keep my fingers at a safe distance from the hot food or air fryer. The end lock holds the object well. After a few uses, they fit my bill, and I use the side clamp to grab the muscle wing and let it flip down or transfer nicely. The lock function is very easy to use, just pull on the label with the ring when not in use. You can put them in a drawer or hang them.

10. Kitchen Silicone Non Stick Stainless Grilling

Kitchen Silicone Non Stick Stainless Grilling

The Variety Pack has 24 cans. It is heat resistant to 500 degrees F. Non-stick, Corrosion and odor resistant. Silicone tongs are safe to use. Premium 304 steel construction with a locking clip. The best control on food is offered by the non-slip Surface design.

Brand: Allwin-houseware W

👤We needed strong tongs to use while cooking and I was excited to purchase this item. The metal of the tong was melted by the molten Silicon while it was cooking. We returned the item very quickly.

👤I had been without tongs for over 10 years, so I was very excited to buy these tongs. The plastic on the food tongs has already started to wear off, and my wife found a piece of the plastic in her food last. Pass on these tongs and get better ones.

👤After a month, it's starting to fall apart.

👤I ordered this to make it easy to flip meat. One of the tongs broke. I don't recommend buying a broken product. The tongs were dirty, but you should clean them anyways.

👤These tongs are terrible. You can't pick up anything with the shallow claws. If you can't pick up anything, then you don't have tongs, because it's sturdy silicone that won't damage your pots and pans.

👤After moving and selling most of my stuff, I moved into a new place. I didn't want tongs that could scratch my cookware. These seemed to fit the bill. What you see is what you get. They are exactly what I wanted, but I only had them a few days. I didn't need two of them, but it comes in two. More is better. The quality is more than satisfactory. They work well and they don't seem like they're going to fall apart. I did not rate the heat resistance. I use them to grab things from my Ninja Foodi. Works well for that. I can't tell you how they'd handle it because I'm not dipping them into the deep fryer vat. When you can have a Ninja foodi, who uses oil-filled deep fryers anymore? It's a good thing.

👤These tongs are great for flipping meat, fish, chicken, or veggies in a skillet. I use them to serve food as well. They don't scratch up non-stick pans. It has a pull at the base of the handle that locks the tongs closed, which makes it easier to store them. I had a problem with one of the tongs, which had to be twisted a bit to be used properly. I didn't return because it wasn't too much of a problem. Time will tell if they are long-term.

👤It is what it is. I don't like the fact that I have to push the top of the things to open them and then pull the hinges again to lock them. It is difficult to lock and open the stove with one hand. I have to let go of the pot to lock it.

👤It arrived quickly. After a month, a chunk of the silicone fell off. It's not known if the chunk ended up in food or where it went. It was expected to hold up better.

👤I would buy again from this seller.

👤I was very pleased with the purchase.

11. Stainless Tweezers Precision Serrated Decorating

Stainless Tweezers Precision Serrated Decorating

The size is 29.2 inches. The package includes 2 tongs. The kitchen cooking stove is 30 cm in length. The kitchen tweezer tong is made of high quality STAINLESS STEEL, it is easy to clean and sturdy. Aquarium plants,chemical medical tools, and cooking are some of the things that the tweezers can be used for. The design makes it easy to lift small items out.

Brand: Meirrnyyu

👤I like the size of the cake for placement of small items.

👤Who knew how much you needed until you bought it? It's nice. When the glass fell into the garbage disposal, it was useful.

👤They were covered in a slimy substance. They are a bit flimsy and I haven't really wanted to use them.

👤The tongs are perfect for turning over small items.

👤I like this tool. It's easy to use and clean. I would buy again.

👤They are hard to clean because of the deep grooves at the bottom, but I love using them.

👤A piece of kitchen equipment. It's great for making drinks and flipping small items. You can beat it for the price and quality.


What is the best product for cooking tongs 12 inch?

Cooking tongs 12 inch products from Hotec. In this article about cooking tongs 12 inch you can see why people choose the product. Norpro and Kitchendao are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking tongs 12 inch.

What are the best brands for cooking tongs 12 inch?

Hotec, Norpro and Kitchendao are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking tongs 12 inch. Find the detail in this article. Oxo, Oxo and Tribal Cooking are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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