Best Cooking Timer with Loud Alarm

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1. Sunbeam 408441 61040 Timer Minutes

Sunbeam 408441 61040 Timer Minutes

Their digital kitchen timer restores the last timer date after the count down. Convenient operation for multiple sets of the same situation. Reliable kitchen timer. No batteries needed. The minute markings are easy to read.

Brand: Sunbeam

👤Guests who are older prefer to cook eggs each morning when they come to visit. They like to time their eggs with a timer. The time it keeps is not close to being accurate. When the timer is set to turn past 45 minutes, it's just way off. When set to 5 minutes, the bell will alarm 1 1/2 to 2 minutes prior to the end of the period. It keeps going for the rest of the time. The timer is a waste of money. I will return it without paying to ship it back. Don't waste your time on this one.

👤It lasted less than four months. I usually use it for timing cakes and cookies, steaks on the grill, and things that need timing. There is a My last use was for cookies. I set the timer for 12 minutes and went in to start laundry, but never heard it ringggggg. There is a It didn't. The cookies were burned. There is a I set it for 10 minutes before I put it in and the timer just stopped working. I get a few soft clunk noises at about 2 minutes prior to the time I've set it for but no longer works as one expects a timer to work. Since the 1970s, I had my last times. If that is true, it was Harvest Gold. I was not disappointed that it stopped working. I thought that was a good investment. The price tag was still on the ground. This is not a good thing. Junk is attractive, but still junk.

👤ADD ON. I called Sunbeam to figure out what happened and they sent me on a wild goose chase of numbers and emails. They wouldn't answer my questions. The product is poor and the customer service is also poor. The original review was not a good one. The basic job of ringing is not done by this timer. When the time was over, it just stopped ringing, but it had a small ding about 7 minutes before time was up. If I could, I would not give it a star.

👤I had one of these when I was a child. I was disappointed to see how cheap they have become. The dial has a lot to do with it, and even giving it a half turn didn't always set the alarm. I remember hearing a "ding" from the old timers, but now it's replaced with an ear piercing buzz when Spacely's Sprockets encounters a glitch.

👤This is the worst item I have ever purchased on Amazon. I thought that the product I was getting would be decent. I got a piece of junk. It's not worth what I paid for it. It does not "ding" but counts down. What is the point? I will keep searching. Don't buy this product.

👤It works, but it's a duplicate of the original.

👤The bell sound is brief, and sometimes it doesn't ring at all, but the timer works and I was able to keep it. My potato was made with cheese and bacon. I was in a room that was open. The timer went off without a sound.

2. XREXS Magnetic Countdown Classroom Batteries

XREXS Magnetic Countdown Classroom Batteries

Interval timing allows exercisers to take a break. It is a great time for kids. Loud ringing and mumble mode. You can hear the kitchen timer's alarm in another room. No worries about overcook or under cook. If you don't like the alarm, you can change it to a silent one and there will be a red light. It's easy to use and large clear pitchforks. You don't need to push the button a lot if you set it with individual numbers. A large screen for digits. The display size is 2.56 x 0.98 inches. The kitchen timer is easy to read and use to show numbers from any angle in the kitchen. The count up/down timer has a mathematical function. The maximum time for count down is 99 minutes, but also a count up timer of 59 minutes. The last time setting can be recalled with the "start/stop" button. If the timer is on but not working, you can press any button to wake it. There is a magnetic back, retractable stand and hook for hanging. The digital kitchen timer is easy to use. Hang on the wall or the table. It can stick to the front of the refrigerator. WIDELY APPLIED. A perfect timer for homework, exercise, gym workout, cooking, sports, games and classroom timer activities.

Brand: Xrexs

👤Yeah, I like it. I was looking for a timer with certain qualities. I needed numbers because I dislike those types of sound and they take a long time to get the right amount of seconds or minutes. The queen and I needed large digits. We can see this one in the kitchen. To save battery life, I would like it to shut down and sleep after I'm done. I don't need to see the digits on my other timers. The timer will not be ignored. When it's done, it will let you know. If you don't shut it off after a few seconds, it will go postal on your ears. I can hear it from the dungeon. 99 minutes and 99 seconds is the max. It's a good idea to recommend definite.

👤I fixed an issue with my unit that I think might help others with the same issue, so I don't normally write reviews about inexpensive housewares. The alarm wouldn't work and the light wouldn't illuminate when the unit arrived. The unit has two cheap, off-brand batteries already installed. Most manufacturers will keep the batteries separate, but not this company, they will place a thin piece of plastic between the battery terminals and the contacts to keep them from draining before sale. The display worked fine, even if it's not very good for off-angle viewing, but the other key features didn't work. I thought that the unit was designed to reduce battery drain when the batteries are low by disabling features, and I was correct. The alarm and light worked well after the new set of batteries was installed. There is a If the unit is brand-new, you should change the batteries even if you try to return it.

👤This is the best timer I've seen in the past 15 years. I've had to order more since my first purchase. The first one was dropped too many times and the second one was lost. They're a workhorse if that's the case. You can program it quickly, with anything from seconds to minutes. It has the longest beeper I've been able to find, which is crucial when you are easily distracted by other household chores, or get called away to the other end of the house and miss the beeper going off. It would be greatly improved if it would keep going until you turn it off. I haven't found a timer with that feature.

👤This thing lasted less than 60 days. I searched for a loud alarm. This worked until it didn't. You can choose to use the batteries for less than two months or use them for more than a year. Out of 30 years. I will not be replacing, but I will be looking for one with more reliability.

👤The timer I bought was broken when it arrived. The alert sound was so low that I could put it up to my ear. I swapped out the batteries but they didn't fix it. I contacted the seller to find out how much hassle he might be in for. There is a They were terrific, to my surprise. They sent me a replacement timer and upgraded the unit, which works perfectly. There is a I would recommend their company to everyone.

3. Magnetic Stainless Mechanical Countdown Reminder

Magnetic Stainless Mechanical Countdown Reminder

Colortrak has a line of salon products that are comfortable and effective for styling, coloring and processing applications. Colortrak products are pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the world of hair color by incorporating ergonomics, design, and real-world testing by brand ambassadors. The kitchen timer is made of 304 steel. The timer is made of steel and is water-proof. The magnetic back allows this timer to be placed on any metal surface. It's the best for everyone. The mechanical timer doesn't need any batteries and has an alarm which is 70db. The alarm can be heard within a 10m range under low noise conditions, which means that you'll never miss it even if you're in another room. This cute timer is used to stay focused on your tasks. This timer is designed to give you the most accurate, precise and error-free timing. It's ideal for cooking, baking, reading, homework, jogging, assignments, and special needs. There is no question about the validity of the warranty. They are confident that they can offer you a 1-year free replacement warranty. If you have a problem with this product, please contact them via Amazon and they will send you a replacement.

Brand: Albayrak

👤I didn't put stars for accuracy since I didn't actually test it, but it seems accurate enough. You don't need to turn it all the way to 60 minutes, just turn it past your setting. The ring is loud and long. The magnet is strong. It requires a prybar to remove from the surface, but is strong enough to be able to set the timer without having to brace it with your other hand. The thing is shiny. The clicking is loud enough to tell you that it's working, but not so loud that it distracts. As it gets closer to "time", it has a nice sound with polyrhythmic action. The cap/handle feels flimsy, but that shouldn't be a problem. Time will tell if there is an idea about longevity. I know, redundant. Did I mention that it's shiny?

👤The kitchen timer works perfectly. An old timer is way past its time and this is a replacement. It is loud enough but not too loud and easy to set. Time is accurate. The underside is a strong magnet and it takes a strong pull to remove it from the metal surface. Would recommend this to anyone who needs a reliable timer.

👤I was prepared to like it. It looks great, keeps accurate time, and has an audible bell. Then a few months went by. If you are using a kitchen timer, it means that you are doing some cooking, and your hands might not be clean or dry. That's cooking. There is a The numbers on the dial have been gone for a few weeks. The ink just wore away. It's just a piece of junk now. I take that back. If I want to time for 60 minutes, I can use the dial's full 180 degrees. It will be a challenge to figure out other times.

👤I liked how this timer can be used to keep track of food in a fridge or stove. It seems to be very accurate and does not need batteries. It would be nice if it rang a little louder for busy households. There is a A side tip. I used a magic marker and colored the pointing tip to make it more user friendly. I would buy again if there were more minor issues.

👤I bought this for my grandma because she wanted to use an old fashioned timer. The sound was perfect if you were looking for loud and the directions were easy to follow. This was perfect for my grandma because she doesn't have the best hearing. I would consider buying it for myself since it is very easy to use. I tested it out before giving it to her and I could hear the timer all the way downstairs. You can put the magnet on the stove, washer, dryer, or any other appliance that has a magnet on it.

👤It's a timer. It is mechanical. It works. I think it does what it was designed to do. There are two glaring issues. The product description is a lie. The kitchen timer is not made of 304 steel. The numbers are printed on metal. The dial you turn is not... It's cheap. The toy I have from 1979 is made from stronger stuff. I would have paid more for a metal dial if I had been told the truth. The design issue is that the magnet built into the metal part of the timer is very strong and takes a lot of force to remove the timer from a metal surface. You'll need to pull on the dial to remove the timer from the metal surface. I don't think this thing will last long. My Cylon will be around. There are two more The sound of the bell isn't very strong. It's perfect if you're in the same room or in an adjacent room. Beyond that... Meh. If you miss the alarm, you'll need to pick up and carry the timer with you. Not sure why these manufacturers can't make a mechanical timer that looks like an old fashioned alarm clock. Box metal case, easily relocated, weighted, etc. Why are the magnets? All of these mechanical timers look like they're pumped out of a foreign facility with slightly different cosmetics. The person responsible for the design specifications should be ashamed. There is a The Cylon is not happy.

4. Browne Minute Long Ring Timer

Browne Minute Long Ring Timer

It's easy to use for timing projects and assignments. The ring will last up to 18 seconds. The timing capacity is one hour. The diameter is 2-3/4-inch.

Brand: Browne Foodservice

👤My mother requested a timer, but only wanted the Lux Minute Minder. I ordered it from Amazon. There is a She told me the numbers were coming off of the timer when she used it to bake oatmeal cookies. She didn't have it warm. I found that I could take my thumb and easily remove the paint from the numbers. When I tried to return this gem via Amazon, it said it was not eligible for return.

👤I don't know what the whiners are complaining about. I bought this to replace a 25-year-old one that died. I can see the same mix of nylon and metal gears when I remove the screw. The value is still the same. It rings long and loud, just like it should, and about 15 seconds early, so I can get to the stove and turn the heat down. This is not an accurate egg timer. It doesn't have batteries, it doesn't have a high-pitched inaudible beep, and you can't screw it up. I think we'll have another 20 years.

👤Great time. I like the design. It has a long ring and is a good size. It's not loud, but if you're in the area, you'll hear it. It's great that it's well made, sturdy, and superior to the ones you get nowadays at the stores, or even on Amazon. There is a The numbers are easy to read. It is easy to set and sits on the counter. You dial it all the way around to 60 and then set it back to the time you need. And that's all. I'm looking forward to using it for the holidays and it works well every time. If you want a timer that looks good and is built to last, then this is the one for you. I highly recommend it.

👤I've been using it for three months and it works great. The ring is loud but not crazy. You can't blame it for not hearing it if you have loud music or background noise in the house, but you are close to the kitchen. There is a I once thought it stopped working. There is an instruction at the bottom that says you need to turn to at least 30 minutes first, then adjust to the time you want. It might not ring when time is up if you only turn it on for 5 minutes.

👤Some of the reviews seem to show a lot of hard of hearing Amazon customers. There are two versions of this timer. You can hear two houses away from the "version" I received. It's a loud and accurate alarm. If you drop it on the floor, it will be like most serious kitchen appliances. It breaks. I like it. Can't beat the price.

👤If you're doing other things, you should set a timer and this will keep excellent time and rings long enough to not be missed. It's better than the old timer we've kept for decades, and I've reconditioned it countless times, because we never saw anything that compared. The old timer from the 70s has been put out to pasture.

5. Lavatools KT3 Stopwatch Function Quick Set

Lavatools KT3 Stopwatch Function Quick Set

The large readout is 2.2 x 1.18 inches. It's easy to read from anywhere in the kitchen. The display is large and easy to read. The buttons are quick and easy to use. Even if you're in another room, you'll never miss the loud alarm. You can put it anywhere in your home with the integrated magnets, kickstand, and hang hole. It's possible to use it in crowded or quiet areas with out bothering others.

Brand: Lavatools

👤I've used a lot of timers. You have to stand for a minute and press the button 45 times to set 45 minutes. I spent a long time looking for options and finally found this. The score is +10. It's much more logical to have +2 buttons. Thank you, Lavatools! There is a The display is large and easy to read from far away. If you don't want to disturb anyone, the button and flashing led are a nice feature. There is a There are only two things I don't like about this: the maximum time and the number of minutes. It would be great if it could go higher for those times when you need to time bread rising or something. When the timer got warm from cooking, the magnets detached from the hood, so when I took it off, the magnets stayed behind. I was able to fix it by putting some epoxy on them, but it would have been nicer if they were attached better.

👤The timer is the best I have ordered. There are nine positive things that come to mind. The buttons are well built and robust, but they seem to be the weakest point of many other timers. 2. The numbers are large. I didn't know how helpful that is. You can see them from the other side of the room. 3. The buttons make it easy to preset the time. 4. If you start when the timer is zero, it counts. Simple. 5. The alert tone is loud. 6. You can change the tone with a switch. The light blinks when it reaches zero. 7. It is easy to find a battery. It is not a rare button battery. There are 8. Excellent value for money. There are 9. It is simple. It counts up and down. One button must be reset to zero.

👤I used my other timer less than 10% of the time, but the item had been there for less than a year. Over the last month, the item started failing intermittently. There is a When I set the alarm for 10 minutes and I was cooking pasta, the screen went blank and I couldn't turn it off. When I put the battery back in, the screen was blank and the alarm wouldn't turn off, even after taking out the battery. I went online to try to find a solution, assuming others had experienced my problem. It took almost an hour to find nothing. There is no customer service phone number anywhere. That's a big red flag to me and I bet most people do the same. I wouldn't have bought it if I'd known that. This seller should not be allowed to hide from its customers. Couldn't find warrany info. Very disappointed.

👤It does what I need it to do, which is count up and reset. The buttons are large and easy to grasp. The light alert is not annoying, that could mean it isn't bright enough for some. It's perfect for me in an open office. I don't like that it doesn't have an off button. I see it on and think I'm wasting my battery. The removal of the battery is not very difficult. To twist into lock/unlock position, you need to hit it from the other side, but you need to find something small to pry it loose.

6. XREXS Countdown Adjustable Classroom Batteries

XREXS Countdown Adjustable Classroom Batteries

Kitchen timer to measure kitchen baking, frying, cooking eggs, cookies, cakes at home. It is easy to set up and fast to use. There is a separate button for each of the times. You don't need to press the button many times to set the counting time with the XREXS kitchen timer. If you want 15 minutes, you can either press 10 Min button once or 5 Min button once. It is very easy. The volume is adjusted for loud audible and adjusted for adjusted volume. Loud Ring Magnetic Digital Kitchen Timer makes sure nothing is forgotten. Loud alarm means you can hear from anywhere. If you think it's too loud, you can choose from 3 volume levels. The large display cooking timer has a lock mode. XREXS cooking timer is easy to read with a large screen and bold numbers. You can change mode by pressing the Timer Clock Button. Count up/down timeR. Wide application. For count up and down, the maximum is 99 Min 59 Sec. It is a perfect timer for many activities, like cooking, exercise, gym workout, homework, barbecue, baking, sports, games and meetings. There is a magnetic back, retractable stand and hook for hanging. There are three ways in which the timer is convenient. Hang on the wall or the table. It can stick to the front of the refrigerator.

Brand: Xrexs

👤The sound of the alarm is piercing. Even on the lowest volume setting. I double checked because I thought it might have been the lowest setting, because it was so loud. The alarm is what I wanted for my kitchen, but it can't keep up because of the sound. My family is confused by the noise. My cat was frightened.

👤I bought this to hold onto my fridge. The magnets aren't strong enough. It slides off. I tried it on other magnetic surfaces as well. If I didn't catch it, it would fall to the floor. The buttons are hard to press and stick to. I wouldn't recommend it if you don't care about the magnetic back or the buttons.

👤It works well. I like all of the features. The loud timer sound is a complaint. It is changeable. I started it loud. When I am on the front porch, I can hear the time going off in the kitchen. The cookies will not burn on this watch.

👤I like this timer. The display is easy to read. It has a small stand and is attached to the refrigerator. You can lower or mute the sound when it finishes. I would like it to be a little bigger in overall size, that is my preference. Good purchase.

👤I only tried one feature. The timer remembers the setting when I stop it. I like to bake multiple batches of cookies. The alarm is too loud. I know when my tea is ready by the sound of it being made. Do more research if you want a pleasing sound.

👤The alarm sound levels are too loud, even the low setting is too loud.

👤I have been using my XREXS time manager for several weeks now and it's a great purchase. The timer can be set with 5- and 10-minute buttons. The alarm can be loud or silent. I can't find anything to complain about. It's a good time.

👤I put it on the stove. Use it all the time. It's great! I can hear it coming from anywhere in my house.

👤I wanted this for the timer but it is a clock. It is easy to use.

7. ThermoPro Backlight Kitchen Adjustable Display

ThermoPro Backlight Kitchen Adjustable Display

There is no question about the validity of the warranty. They are confident that they can offer you a 1-year free replacement warranty. If you have a problem with this product, please contact them via Amazon and they will send you a replacement. The cooking timer alarm clock can be programmed up to 23 hours 59 minutes, making it suitable for a variety of uses such as cooking, exercise, control video game time, kids'. The large digits timer with backlit display has a clear display with large digits that you can easily read from across the room, and the large display has a backlight to ensure you can always read the display or adjust settings even in dim light. A small, loud timer with an option to be as loud as you want to make sure nothing is forgotten or quiet as you want to not disturb others; unique mode reminds you silently without making any noise. The calendar clock mode and multiple placement options allow for ideal placement on the counter or fridge to view the calendar clock mode when the timer is not in use. Their digital kitchen timer restores the last timer date after the count down. Convenient operation for multiple sets of the same situation.

Brand: Thermopro

👤The timers are easy to use and read, and the instructions are straight forward. I wish I had done more research before ordering as I found out you can't set forIncremental seconds only hours and minutes. To get around this, I have to set for 2 minutes and hit start to count down to 1 minute 30 seconds.

👤The sticky substance that holds the magnets in place on the timer's backside does not have enough holding power. The timer crashed to the kitchen floor after a few weeks of operation because the magnets came loose from the sticky compound. There is a The timer's display is fading out after less than a month. I only see the top half of the digits. This is a piece of art.

👤I would've given this timer a high rating if I'd seen it first. One of the magnets suddenly came off after only a few months of use. The led display was rendered useless when the timer crashed to the ground. It's too late to return it, so it's a total waste of money. I was expecting better quality from the company.

👤I wanted a timer that was easy to use. The display is large and bright. The numbers are large. The buttons are small. The first thing you have to do is clear the display if you want to go over. There is no way to increase or decrease time. The second "hurmph" is that when the timer goes out, you have to address the upper or lower display by pressing the upper or lower timer button, then pressing two buttons simultaneously to clear. Sometimes while baking. I'm called NuttzZZ. There should have been separate buttons for each timer. When the timer stopped, it would light-up. The volume is adjusted and the timer is accurate. I bought another for a friend. There is room for improvement.

👤It's very hard to use and it's nice looking. There is a To program the timer, you need to remove the timer from the fridge and move the switch back to "Timer." It no longer functions as a clock. It only shows the time until the alarm. If you put it back on the fridge, the sounder is on the back of the unit, so you can't hear it. I'm not happy with it. There is a It is a very nice clock. In case you don't have enough of them in the kitchen.

👤I don't think this is a bad timer, but I had two issues. Unless you turn the alarm volume off, it is too loud. It is nice that it is loud enough to be heard from a distance, but it can be quite annoying when you are in the kitchen. One of the magnetic disks on the back of the timer came off when I attached the timer to the metal. The magnets are strong, but the glue used to stick them to the timer isn't up to the job.

👤I was disappointed with what I was attempting to do with the multi-step process of baking bread. Cheap store purchase of a too-small timer with a difficult tohear alarm sound is one example. I looked on line for something better. I stumbled onto the website. The price was cheap. The listing showed a bigger display size and a louder alarm sound than I expected, but I was not high on expectations. When the unit arrived, I was pleasantly surprised. The sound was louder and the volume was adjusted. The display was large enough to be seen in the back-lit area. There is a There is a clock/calendar mode. I was impressed by its design features. The magnets are mounted on the back of the table top stand. I have ordered a few more to give as gifts. I am very impressed.

8. VOCOO Digital Kitchen Timer Adjustable

VOCOO Digital Kitchen Timer Adjustable

QUALITY CUSTOMER SERVICE If you have any quality issues, please contact them via AMAZON MESSAGE, they will provide a free replacement within 30 days. It is easy to use and quiet. One key operation, no more trying to set a timer with small buttons, just rotate to set time. Kids and Seniors can make it work. No loud tickling, fit for cooking, housework, fitness, game, classroom, meeting and other activities. You can easily see the time remaining with a large black screen and white numbers. It's ideal as a kitchen timer to say goodbye to underdone burgers and overcooked steaks. Loud, Soft, and a Mute level are the alarm volumes that meet your needs. Count down from 99 minutes 55 seconds to zero, or as a stopwatch count up from 0 to 99:55. Magnets on the back are strong enough to be placed on any iron surface. Two pads to keep them from falling off. Also, note: Remove the parent film from the Siena pads for stronger magnets. Two brightness choices: bright and ECO, for daytime and nighttime use. Press the button on the screen to enter power saving mode after a pause, and the timer will automatically enter after 5 seconds. Premium ABS material and batteries are included, unlike those timers made from cheap plastic. A digital timer, three batteries, and a user manual are what you get.

Brand: Vocoo

👤The display is bright and legible. The text is clear and the alarm is easy to hear. The adjustment ring is contextually aware, as it changes the rate of adjustment but also the radix point, as though a mechanical device imitating an app instead of as is usually, the other way around. The magnets are hidden behind a pair of rubber pads. It's not what this clock doesn't deliver on, but how much better it could've been. The most tedious part of the clock's usage is adjusting it, but there is no way to restart it if the count is over. If the ring were turned while the timer was relocated, the tedium of adjusting the time after being pulled is unavoidable. The ring is too light. A more polished action would be provided by the four planetary gears inside the device. The contextually- aware ring doesn't always infer the radix correctly based on the initial rate of turn. If the ring were adjusted quickly from rest, it assumes the minute-hand, when it's the seconds that are desired. It would be better to Dampening the action, remembering the starting time of the clock, and perhaps implementing better switchgear instead of this clever ring.

👤Since the first day it arrived, this little guy has made my life easier and happier. Totally satisfied with it. There is a It's easy to operate, looks elegant and modern, and has a large and properly contrast screen that makes reading easy in bright and dark environments. It was just bought so that it could be proven its longevity and accidents could speak for it. The general impression is that the designers and engineers have considered user habits and circumstances. The product has avoided several design flaws and pitfalls that are present on similar products, thus bringing a very smooth and pleasant user experience. I was given a pat on the back for being brave enough to get this rare review.

👤Eh! Don't like how sensitive it is when you turn the dial, set it to a certain time. It takes me 5 tries to get it. I leave it at the closet time. It is a little cheaper than expected.

👤The old one died so I got this timer. The dial mechanism is better than buttons because it allows you to get to a lot of things. If there is a lot of time involved, it can be difficult to get to precise seconds. The display is large. It took me too long to figure out how to clear the timer, just push and hold the little white circle near the bottom, and it will clear. The only complaint is that it could be a little harder with the rotation. If you accidentally turn the dial, you can't change the time. Sound and brightness are adjusted for. I would buy again.

👤Absolutely love this kitchen timer. When this one came, I didn't like that it needed a battery since it was digital, because our red one broke and we didn't need a batter. I didn't like that I had to worry about finding a battery and changing it over time, but the first battery was included and I used it immediately and fell in love! It looks fancy in the kitchen. Will buy again if it ever breaks. I needed this because I would forget to put a timer on my phone and burn my food. I put this timer on my fridge so I don't forget to turn it on. When there is a time limit for an activity, my son can see how much time we have left.

9. KeeQii Magnetic Countdown Stainless Mechanical

KeeQii Magnetic Countdown Stainless Mechanical

This timer is backed by a 1-year warranty so you can make your purchase with confidence. When time is up, the kitchen timer will make 80 decibel sound alarming and will last 3seconds+30miliseconds. You can easily hear the alarm in another room. It is loud and clear. You won't worry about overcook. The mechanical timer doesn't need batteries which makes it energy efficient and eco-friendly. A cooking timer designed for kitchen use. The key operation. It is so simple that elderly and kids can use it. The mechanical timer has a square strong magnet on the back that can be used to attach it to a fridge, freezer, or other iron surface in the kitchen. It's ideal for special needs, children, parents, teachers, office staff, and students. The first step is to wind the timer knob clockwise until the timer pointer is aligned with a zero symbol. Step-2 You want the timer to ring, Wind the knob back counterclockwise. The timer won't ring if these procedures are not completed. QUALITY CUSTOMER SERVICE If you have any quality issues, please contact them via AMAZON MESSAGE, they will provide a free replacement within 30 days.

Brand: Keeqii

👤This is a completely revised review. I had previously rated it at 1 Star and stated that it was just more cheap Chinese junk. To buy something else. I applied for the job of Chief Village Idiot. Did I get it wrong? I was looking for a similar type of kitchen timer after I wrote the review. The reviewer of the timer said that it was probably the worst timer he had ever reviewed, because he did not crank the timer to 60 minutes, and then back it off to the desired time. I thought to myself that it was the problem I was having with the timer. I let it go after 60 minutes and then back to 5 minutes. The alarm sounded so loud that it could be heard three or four rooms away. I highly recommend this timer.

👤This is a timer. Make it work by following the directions. The ring is loud enough to hear, but not loud enough to scare the cat. You will get used to estimating the time left from the position of the dial, even though I would have preferred a white face to read it from a distance. The magnetic back was something I couldn't use because I have to pick up the timer to turn the dial, so I just leave it on the counter. The best thing about this timer is that it works.

👤I wanted a kitchen timer to use quickly and easily whenever I needed it, which looked ok and which just has a classical ring to it. There is a It's not a problem if you have to turn it back and forth all the way before you set it on. This one has a great feature that I like about it is that it sticks good enough that you don't need to press it against the fridge or anything, which is nice. The ring is at the perfect decibel, not loud or soft. You can hear the tick when it's in the countdown. I like the design as well. I have been using it for around 8 months now and I am very happy with it.

👤This item definitely has bees. We have had it for almost 3 months. It does hold up. It stopped working a few weeks ago. The alarm doesn't sound when the time is up. Even though it has stopped keeping time, it will keep on. I've only used it for 3 months. I'm out of money because my return date is past due. Choose another timer, save yourself.

👤Don't know how long it lasts, I got mine. It is easy to use and accurate. There are two negative comments. It is not very loud. If the tv is off in the adjoining room, you can barely hear it. TV on. It's hard to hear. 2. The photos in the ad make the timer look like it is 12 inches across. It is not. You can put it in your shirt pocket. The good news is that this timer is portable so it doesn't have to be loud. If you put it in your pocket, you will be able to hear it when you watch tv or work in the garden.

10. Magnetic Countdown Stopwatch Classroom Bathroom

Magnetic Countdown Stopwatch Classroom Bathroom

If it fails to function properly due to a defect in workmanship or materials, BRAPILOT will replace it for free. You can set the time by using 4 simple buttons. The SEC and MIN buttons should be pressed to reset at 00:00. The timer can be used by kids. 100% useful kitchen timer can be used as a classroom timer, cooking timer, bathroom timer, meeting timer, game timer, exercise timer, and so on. Nothing will be forgotten with the large display with loud alarm. Loud Ring Magnetic Digital Kitchen Timer is used to make sure the hearing sound is heard in another room. The digits timer comes with a large display screen and clear digits, you can easily read it from across the room. People with poor eyesight are ideal for the SPHORD cooking timer. The digital timer alarm clock can be programmed up to 99 minutes and 59 seconds. The timer can also be used as a timer. Press and hold the button for 3 seconds and the time will be set. The magnetic back and retractable stand allow the timer to stick to the fridge or ovens. It is possible to stand on a kitchen table or writing desk and read time data easily. Enjoy an excellent purchasing experience with the perfect package. They support their products so that you can be sure of your purchase. Every digital timer has its own package. If you received a faulty item, contact them and they will arrange a replacement within 24 hours. An excellent kitchen timer is worth every cent.

Brand: Sphord

👤After wasting money on cheap ones, we decided to purchase this. We'll just send it back if it doesn't work. That was not the case. This timer is different from the cheap ones we've purchased before. This timer was easy to use and you don't have to push the buttons to get it to work. To use, I just push the power button on, set minutes and then press the start or stop button. I can either use the magnets in the back of the timer to put it on my overhead fan or stand it up next to my stove. This comes with a battery for the timer and it is still going. This does get used a lot, but it doesn't drain batteries. When the timer goes off, it's loud enough to be heard in my house, which includes having the TV turned up, dogs barking and the whole family yelling. A great timer.

👤It's easy to use and it's not as loud as our previous timer. The Waneware was loud even with tape over the hole. This one is correct. If you aren't within hearing distance, the beeper won't work. It's perfect for my needs, which is usually boiling water to brew ice tea or timing a pizza in the oven.

👤I had a cheaper timer. I wanted to upgrade. I am glad I chose this one. A large display is easy to read. I like strong magnets. I keep it on the fridge and it has not slipped when I set it. It has a minute and second timer. You have to use a minute timer. There is no separate hour button. It is easy to set and use. I haven't used the stop watch feature yet.

👤There are some great features of this easy to use kitchen timer. It is easy to use a timer or stopwatch. It has a large display. The time is secured to my refrigerator by the strong magnets. It comes with aAAA battery so it is ready to use immediately. Excellent product and good value.

👤When I received the times, I checked the accuracy and it was spot on. It's easy to set, loud enough to be heard in the next room, and the display is large enough to read. The easel back is nice, but it would be better if it opened a little further, as it can tip over fairly easily, but that is being picky. There is a It is a good buy for the price after using the timers several times.

👤I bought a couple of small versions of a timer. If you are not in a good position to see the face, they can be hard to read. The larger timer is easier to see. I will buy at least one more of this larger one. --- There is a change to be made on 12/25/2020. I bought 2 of the larger version. Work hard. It's easy to read. It was easy to use.

👤I was impressed with the quality of this product. The display of the numbers is large enough to make it easy to read. The timer has a magnetic stand that you can use to display it. The alarm is loud so you can know when to stop working out. I like that it has an on and off button so it doesn't always work. I recommend this product to anyone who wants to have a timer for when they do cardio on a bike or treadmill or want to cook something, but don't feel like using the oven timer always, it would be good for when you are on the go.

11. Uigos Digital Kitchen Magnetic Backing

Uigos Digital Kitchen Magnetic Backing

The Dash Egg Bite Maker is backed by a 1-year manufacturer and includes 4 mini silicone molds, a large silicone mold, recipe book and recipe database access. You can easily read the timer display with it's big, bold digits from across the room. It's ideal for people with bad eyesight. A lot of timers don't have an on/off switch because of the low power consumption. Count down from any time up to 99 minutes and 59 seconds. Counts up for use. The time can be set by pressing and holding the button for 3 seconds. There is a magnetic back, retractable stand and hook for hanging. There are three choices for placement of the kitchen timer.

Brand: Uigos

👤I bought two more because the price is low, but I am not happy with them. If you keep your finger depressed for 20 minutes, they will make a loud noise and keep making it. Previous ones did not have that. There is a On top of that, the switch on the side to turn off/on work opposite in the two I got. I or my child will always be mixed up when it's on or off since it depends on which one we grabbed. It's really bad. The display and dimensions of this timer are smaller than wrenware. It does not have a battery. There is a Good things are ease of button use and clear display. I'd rather pay more and get a better timer and use my batteries for a good timer. There is a I didn't know I had bought them before I went to review them. The original review was original. I bought a timer from Amazon a couple years ago and loved it. I went back online to get a second one for my son so he can time himself while practicing his instrument as well as while doing homework, and another for me to use around the house and in front of the computer to keep me on track. I saw this brand and it looked similar but it was cheaper in a two-pack. I bought it. There is a I'm very pleased with it and that's why the 5 stars. I will probably buy a new one next time, as I like the option of turning on and off the timer, and having the last setting still on, instead of having to set the time each time. The features of the car are more important to me than the sound of the alarm on the Wrenwane. There is a It's a great timer. In stopwatch mode. The price is excellent.

👤Two is better than one. I like the blue and white look of the refrigerator, Magnets are strong enough to hold the timer securely, and it's easy to set. When my wife and I are cooking separate dishes at the same time, there are two timers that come in handy. The package was easy to open but protected the timers. The gray numerals are a bit different from the jet black ones. Doesn't really affect the operation. I've only had these for a couple of weeks so time will tell how well they hold up to daily use. I would recommend these timers based on the pro's outlined above. I've been using these timers for a few months and still give them five stars, although 4 stars might be more appropriate. There is a glitch that is annoying. I set a timer and let the grill warm up before I cook. If I don't use the timer within a few minutes, it turns off and resets. I have to reset it before I grill. My other timer is ready to go. This isn't a big deal, but you should be aware of it.


What is the best product for cooking timer with loud alarm?

Cooking timer with loud alarm products from Sunbeam. In this article about cooking timer with loud alarm you can see why people choose the product. Xrexs and Albayrak are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking timer with loud alarm.

What are the best brands for cooking timer with loud alarm?

Sunbeam, Xrexs and Albayrak are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking timer with loud alarm. Find the detail in this article. Browne Foodservice, Lavatools and Xrexs are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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