Best Cooking Timer with Alarm

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1. HOME MOST Large Display Kitchen

HOME MOST Large Display Kitchen

Three desirable features as a handy kitchen timer: Large display, loud alarm, and slanted design. Large screen, big digits, loud beeper alarm, and bold fonts. The Sleek Design outlooks competitors, with 3 big no show function buttons on the front bulge of the battery case, leaving more space for a screen and looking nicer than ugly buttons-on competitors. Count down or up and one-thumbed operation and vision friendly, can both count down as a timer and count up as a stopwatch in a range from 1 second to 99 minutes. Home Most timer is designed to look nicer than competitors so that you want to use it in many other occasions. 3 big no show function buttons are aligned on the front bulge for one-thumbed simple controls, outlooking those ugly buttons-wearing competitors, and the matt white exterior is well with your kitchen, bedroom, office, etc. The kitchen timer can be placed on the fridge door with its magnet, on the flat surface with its retractable stand, or on the foldable. This product comes with a 1-month full refund trial period and a life-time customer service.

Brand: Home Most

👤This timer is very easy to use. It can be used for anything. I love that it can be propped up on a hard surface. It can be used for cooking, potty training, time out, and as a stop watch. I was able to use this product without having to read directions or install batteries. It comes with batteries. The large display makes it easy to see it far away. If you can't navigate how to use the timer/stopwatch, a letter with clear instructions comes in the packaging. This is a great product that can be used for many things around the house. Adding a gift to a kitchen gift is always a great idea because the price is reasonable and the recipient could always use it.

👤It works as advertised, but you have to either pull the battery or go through 99 minutes to get back to a lower number. When the timer ends, it should return to 0 instead of the time it was set for. I like the fact that it will continue to chirp until you hit the stop button, unlike the microwave that would chirp for a few seconds then stop, the magnet is not very strong, and it will continue to chirp until you hit the stop button. The timer is falling off, like when you open the fridge to get something.

👤I love this timer. It was only $10 It has a large display that can show the numbers. The alarm is louder than I had ordered. The alarm keeps ringing until I turn it off. Other timers have a short ring, but you can't hear it. You can clip it onto your clothing with the clip. Wait for it to ring and not damage your clothing. If you want to put it over your neck and wait for it to ring, it has a hole at one end. You can either lay it flat or pull out the stand to keep it upright. If you put the clip over your neck, it is not too heavy or uncomfortable to wear. It arrived in good condition. It would be a cute gift for anyone who needs a timer. If you try it, you will love it. It was delivered quickly, but we are also members of Amazon Prime.

👤I like this timer. I had a hard time turning off the timer. It resets itself to 30 seconds, which is what I need. I need it to do physical therapy. The ringer was very loud so I covered it with painters tape. It's perfect now.

👤The alarm got too faint to hear when I replaced the older timer. This timer is easy to use. It is loud enough to hear from a fair distance. The display is a bit less than the advertised 3 inches with the height of the numbers being around 1.5 inches and the width of the display around 2.5 inches. It is still very easy to read. A very good kitchen timer. The magnet is strong enough to hold it to the fridge door or any other metal area. I didn't find that the magnet wasn't strong enough.

2. Kitchen Timer Stainless Magnetic Shut Off

Kitchen Timer Stainless Magnetic Shut Off

If you have any quality issues or concerns, please message them, they will do their best to solve it. The new updated model is 2022. They listened. The annoying little button beeps were eliminated. The lanyard attachment feature is new. The new stand is 0-90 degree. Press 2 left buttons at the same time to reset the anchor points. Press and hold Min. Or Sec. There are buttons for 2 seconds. To quickly forward your numbers. Press and hold. "Great Little Timer" is 99 minutes and 59 seconds. Next time, the previous setting is saved through Auto Memory. Want 3 minutes. Eggs every morning? Press start every morning if you want to set time once. Pause and restart to count up/down. When timer is not being used for 3 minutes, the auto shut-off feature will start. AAAA battery included. Lift the stand to get the battery. The strongest timer magnet on the market is the Neodymium earth magnet with anti-scratch appliance saver foam surround. They have anti-pivot anchor points on all 4 corners that prevent any movement when buttons are pressed on a timer that is secured with a magnet. What good is a timer attached? The timer won't work if you hit the off button. "No soup" A large easy to read display can be seen from across the room. When time is up, a loud, mellow 80db beep can be heard in other rooms, or can be shut-off manually. A favorite is a medical, dental and salon timer. It's perfect for exam rooms, bbq grilling, sports, games, classrooms and time outs. There are physical therapy sessions, hair color, and work outs. If the timer fails to function properly due to component failure, they will replace it free and pay for shipping. Their support team will respond quickly if you contact them via email or Amazon. This is the last timer you will need.

Brand: Etradewinds

👤I used to give daily bouts of self loathing with a lack of good timekeeping. You want to do it with military precision if you're going to kneel on Legos. Thanks to this no frills, no fuss kitchen timer, I know that my internal torment is put aside for half an hour between stuffing bills into the back of closets and posting my cat on insta. Four layers of folded CVS receipts are protected by the secure magnet. The seller seems more concerned with my happiness than anyone I've ever dated, so I know that in this nightmare carousel of impending environmental disasters and cartoonishly evil reality show presidents, there is one part of my life that I can almost definitely control. If I ever lose track of whether I'm stuck in a dream within a dream hellscape, it will come in handy. Definitely recommend.

👤It looks great! There is a It is easy to use and read. When it's not doing its job, it goes into "rest" mode. There is a The microwave is mounted on the wall and the magnet sticks to it. There is a The alarm is loud. There is a It comes with its own battery. There is a The timer would be a Wolf or a Viking. A Sub-Zero is a refrigerator/freezer. An All-Clad is what it would be if it were a frying pan. There is a It's a keeper. It's nice to have a little thing that gets used every day, that's nicer than it would be. I'm spoiled now.

👤I really like this timer. The switches feel good. They have a positive action when pressed. The display is large and easy to read. The display is off when not in use. The alarm works well. The programming is easy to understand. The main feature that I was looking for is more difficult to evaluate. I have magnetic timers on my fridge. All of them failed for other reasons. The displays become weak, the switches stop working, or the timers fail. I was looking for a timer that was reliable for at least 6 months. It is easy to cheapen an electronic product by sacrificing long term reliability. The buyer can't detect low life time components immediately. The display and switches look good, but the ultimate testing continues.

👤The first timer I bought worked well for a while, then the button got stuck, and I had to trash it. I liked the form and function but thought maybe I just got a lemon and ordered another. The second timer malfunctioned again after a few weeks of use, this time failing in the timer function itself. The battery was replaced, but no help was given. Will be looking for a different option.

👤The timer does everything I want it to. I have ordered different types and this one is perfect for me. The frig has a magnet on it. It's easy to set and zero out. One reviewer couldn't figure out how to zero it, so they held down the minute and second buttons. It is at zero again. I am hard of hearing and it is loud enough. It only lasts an hour, which is plenty for me. This may not be the right product for you.

3. Magnetic Countdown Stopwatch Classroom Bathroom

Magnetic Countdown Stopwatch Classroom Bathroom

If it fails to function properly due to a defect in workmanship or materials, BRAPILOT will replace it for free. You can set the time by using 4 simple buttons. The SEC and MIN buttons should be pressed to reset at 00:00. The timer can be used by kids. 100% useful kitchen timer can be used as a classroom timer, cooking timer, bathroom timer, meeting timer, game timer, exercise timer, and so on. Nothing will be forgotten with the large display with loud alarm. Loud Ring Magnetic Digital Kitchen Timer is used to make sure the hearing sound is heard in another room. The digits timer comes with a large display screen and clear digits, you can easily read it from across the room. People with poor eyesight are ideal for the SPHORD cooking timer. The digital timer alarm clock can be programmed up to 99 minutes and 59 seconds. The timer can also be used as a timer. Press and hold the button for 3 seconds and the time will be set. The magnetic back and retractable stand allow the timer to stick to the fridge or ovens. It is possible to stand on a kitchen table or writing desk and read time data easily. Enjoy an excellent purchasing experience with the perfect package. They support their products so that you can be sure of your purchase. Every digital timer has its own package. If you received a faulty item, contact them and they will arrange a replacement within 24 hours. An excellent kitchen timer is worth every cent.

Brand: Sphord

👤After wasting money on cheap ones, we decided to purchase this. We'll just send it back if it doesn't work. That was not the case. This timer is different from the cheap ones we've purchased before. This timer was easy to use and you don't have to push the buttons to get it to work. To use, I just push the power button on, set minutes and then press the start or stop button. I can either use the magnets in the back of the timer to put it on my overhead fan or stand it up next to my stove. This comes with a battery for the timer and it is still going. This does get used a lot, but it doesn't drain batteries. When the timer goes off, it's loud enough to be heard in my house, which includes having the TV turned up, dogs barking and the whole family yelling. A great timer.

👤It's easy to use and it's not as loud as our previous timer. The Waneware was loud even with tape over the hole. This one is correct. If you aren't within hearing distance, the beeper won't work. It's perfect for my needs, which is usually boiling water to brew ice tea or timing a pizza in the oven.

👤I had a cheaper timer. I wanted to upgrade. I am glad I chose this one. A large display is easy to read. I like strong magnets. I keep it on the fridge and it has not slipped when I set it. It has a minute and second timer. You have to use a minute timer. There is no separate hour button. It is easy to set and use. I haven't used the stop watch feature yet.

👤There are some great features of this easy to use kitchen timer. It is easy to use a timer or stopwatch. It has a large display. The time is secured to my refrigerator by the strong magnets. It comes with aAAA battery so it is ready to use immediately. Excellent product and good value.

👤When I received the times, I checked the accuracy and it was spot on. It's easy to set, loud enough to be heard in the next room, and the display is large enough to read. The easel back is nice, but it would be better if it opened a little further, as it can tip over fairly easily, but that is being picky. There is a It is a good buy for the price after using the timers several times.

👤I bought a couple of small versions of a timer. If you are not in a good position to see the face, they can be hard to read. The larger timer is easier to see. I will buy at least one more of this larger one. --- There is a change to be made on 12/25/2020. I bought 2 of the larger version. Work hard. It's easy to read. It was easy to use.

👤I was impressed with the quality of this product. The display of the numbers is large enough to make it easy to read. The timer has a magnetic stand that you can use to display it. The alarm is loud so you can know when to stop working out. I like that it has an on and off button so it doesn't always work. I recommend this product to anyone who wants to have a timer for when they do cardio on a bike or treadmill or want to cook something, but don't feel like using the oven timer always, it would be good for when you are on the go.

4. KTKUDY Digital Kitchen Function Teachers

KTKUDY Digital Kitchen Function Teachers

Silent mode and ring mode are available for more situations, which is why they all dread the situation where their timer rings in the middle of a meeting, class or sound sensitive environments. Ring mode with 70-90db loud beeping sound ensures you hear the alarm in another room. You can press the mode button to change the mode of the KTKUDY digital cooking timer clock. Meet your needs. Saving your battery life, memory function, and fast forward function are all part of the user-friendly design. A retractable stand hook for hanging. The upgraded 3 strong magnet of the kitchen timer is convenient to place in three ways. Don't worry about the falling problems that occur with other timers. If you have any quality issues or concerns, please message them, they will do their best to solve it.

Brand: Ktkudy

👤Not much you can say about a timer, but it does work, was good value and works as a clock when not using the timer function, which is nice. Beep is loud. It is recommended. There is a n.b. I want to write genuine reviews. I bought this item with my own money, without any connection to the seller or manufacturer. Click helpful if you find my review useful. I know, thanks.

👤It's just so you know. The instructions are clear but there is one thing that is not. The clock is supposed to come up when you install the battery. I found an on-and-off switch after trying four batteries. Everything went smoothly after Flipped in on. It was easy to use. Ringer is portable and loud, and it's nice that I can't hear the alarm. I'm going to buy another alarm clock. In the next 24 hours, it will be upgraded to AM. And PM. It was a nice surprise. You can set the count down for up to 24 hours.

👤I ordered a second one on March 5, 2020. It was received on Monday, March 9, 2020. I'm very pleased with them both. Looks great. Nice features. It's easy to read. There is a When the alarm went off, I didn't like that the timer was reset to 0:00:00. When you stop the alarm, the timers will reset to the previous set time. I had to keep reading the instructions because I had to press the Clear button once to stop the timer alarm. The timer is reset to the previous time. Pressing Clear a second time will reset the timer. I only had this timer for a day. I think this is the best little kitchen clock/timer I've had. I keep my time on the desk next to my computer. There is a The battery was not included. I had some new batteries that I wasn't using. There is a The Silent or Ring Modes are pros. Pressing buttons will set clock or timer. Large and easy to read numbers are the qualities of ring mode. The function of the memory. Sturdy. 3 strong magnets are equidistant for secure attachment. The timer can be turned off to save battery life. Inexpensive, relatively speaking. There is a Most clock/timers work differently than this. Make sure you read the instructions. resetting the time when turned back on is required to switch this clock/timer off. The battery is not included. There is a I would buy another KTKUDY timer if I decided to replace my old clock.

👤The timer has two functions, a stopwatch and a timer. The Mode button is pushed once to get to the timer function. The alarm function is accessed by pushing the Mode button twice. Press the Mode button again to return to the clock. The instructions are on the front and back of a 4 & 5/16 by 3 & 3/16-inch paper, so the characters are small but pale gray, making them hard to see. If you set the timer to off, time will be lost. The timer must be seen if you use the Mute feature as there is only a small red dot to alert you. I like the built in stand and store this timer on the refrigerator. There is a The KTKUDY Kitchen Timer only has a maximum of 99 minutes and 99 seconds.

5. XREXS Countdown Adjustable Classroom Batteries

XREXS Countdown Adjustable Classroom Batteries

Kitchen timer to measure kitchen baking, frying, cooking eggs, cookies, cakes at home. It is easy to set up and fast to use. There is a separate button for each of the times. You don't need to press the button many times to set the counting time with the XREXS kitchen timer. If you want 15 minutes, you can either press 10 Min button once or 5 Min button once. It is very easy. The volume is adjusted for loud audible and adjusted for adjusted volume. Loud Ring Magnetic Digital Kitchen Timer makes sure nothing is forgotten. Loud alarm means you can hear from anywhere. If you think it's too loud, you can choose from 3 volume levels. The large display cooking timer has a lock mode. XREXS cooking timer is easy to read with a large screen and bold numbers. You can change mode by pressing the Timer Clock Button. Count up/down timeR. Wide application. For count up and down, the maximum is 99 Min 59 Sec. It is a perfect timer for many activities, like cooking, exercise, gym workout, homework, barbecue, baking, sports, games and meetings. There is a magnetic back, retractable stand and hook for hanging. There are three ways in which the timer is convenient. Hang on the wall or the table. It can stick to the front of the refrigerator.

Brand: Xrexs

👤The sound of the alarm is piercing. Even on the lowest volume setting. I double checked because I thought it might have been the lowest setting, because it was so loud. The alarm is what I wanted for my kitchen, but it can't keep up because of the sound. My family is confused by the noise. My cat was frightened.

👤I bought this to hold onto my fridge. The magnets aren't strong enough. It slides off. I tried it on other magnetic surfaces as well. If I didn't catch it, it would fall to the floor. The buttons are hard to press and stick to. I wouldn't recommend it if you don't care about the magnetic back or the buttons.

👤It works well. I like all of the features. The loud timer sound is a complaint. It is changeable. I started it loud. When I am on the front porch, I can hear the time going off in the kitchen. The cookies will not burn on this watch.

👤I like this timer. The display is easy to read. It has a small stand and is attached to the refrigerator. You can lower or mute the sound when it finishes. I would like it to be a little bigger in overall size, that is my preference. Good purchase.

👤I only tried one feature. The timer remembers the setting when I stop it. I like to bake multiple batches of cookies. The alarm is too loud. I know when my tea is ready by the sound of it being made. Do more research if you want a pleasing sound.

👤The alarm sound levels are too loud, even the low setting is too loud.

👤I have been using my XREXS time manager for several weeks now and it's a great purchase. The timer can be set with 5- and 10-minute buttons. The alarm can be loud or silent. I can't find anything to complain about. It's a good time.

👤I put it on the stove. Use it all the time. It's great! I can hear it coming from anywhere in my house.

👤I wanted this for the timer but it is a clock. It is easy to use.

6. Time Timer Digital 4 Pack Countdown

Time Timer Digital 4 Pack Countdown

5. If you have questions about their products, please contact them in time. MUTE MODE: The time timer has a switch. The mute mode is very suitable for children and teachers, and you can reach it by pressing the button on the side. The five-pointed star will blink quietly when the clock reaches 00:00 on the desktop. You can choose the color of the timepiece. The small star pattern flashes when the time is up and when you press the button. The cute button will make you want to use it more. The gun lock is loud. When the silent mode is turned off, the magnetic timer will count down to zero, and the sound of "Bi Bi" will sound for 30 seconds. The sound will be clear but not deafening if you don't stop it. Simple operation. It can be counted down within a few minutes. The buttons for minutes and seconds are set separately, which is more convenient and can be operated by children and the elderly. Press and hold the SEC and MIN buttons at the same time to reset the kitchen timer to zero. The magnetic back panel design can be attached to the refrigerator or other metal surfaces, which makes it easy to install.

Brand: Timer For Kids

👤Very impressed by this timer. Multiple timing methods should be chosen. Light blinker, silent, medium load, etc. I've never seen one like that before. Leave it to Amazon to get this.

👤I have two kids that are big enough for these. This is a 4 pack and I am happy about it. They take a lot of batteries and work well. The buttons are large so the kids can easily hit them. It's really nice for kitchen projects or when doing playtime.

👤The timers are great for my classroom. They have a stand on the back. I love how colorful they are. The buttons are very easy to set and stop.

👤I am happy that I bought these. The timers are easy to use. I love that they have a silent mode option. The colors are helpful when you're trying to find something in your classroom. A great purchase!

👤I like the 3 timers that work. The white one doesn't work. The numbers and buttons are large. It's great for the kitchen. If all four of them worked, I would give it 5 stars.

👤These timers are perfect for students to use at centers. The kids are able to use them easily and I love that they are magnets so they can pop them back on the whiteboard when they are done. I wish the magnet was stronger but it is always fixable.

👤It is easy to be opposite. They are used to time their screen time.

7. CDN MT1 Heavy Mechanical Silver

CDN MT1 Heavy Mechanical Silver

To use the timer before each use, turn the control knob clockwise to 55 minutes and thencounterclockwise to the desired time. The size is 6. 3 x 6 3 x 1. It is large enough to see how much time is left. One can hear a gentle sound that shows the timer is working. The housing is made ofstainless steel. The range is 1 hour by minute.

Brand: Cdn

👤I was excited to have a timer. The Good cook broke last week after being in use for many years. I use a timer for a lot of things. It looks good, easy to read, but it is not heavy duty. It is not heavy weight, although the picture on Amazon depicts it as heavy duty. It is not. Its light. My old plastic one has the same weight. In my opinion, it's light and not heavy duty as written in the item title and description. Even though I think a sub standard mechanical timer is way too high, I can live with that. I can live with it now that I have it. It was taken out of the package. Read the instructions. It was tested out. The timer should be set to 5 minutes. Waited over 10 minutes. At 5 minutes it's still set. It is not possible to tick a countdown. The dial was turned to zero. For my ears, not a very loud ring. I would not recommend this timer to anyone because it had a much louder ringer and was much longer than my old mechanical timer which worked for years and cost half the price. I'm returning a faulty item. I am not saying I don't recommend it. The clock does not work at all for me, so this may be a one time problem. All is a non usable period. Quality for price. I don't think it's good quality for cost. It was too high. It has to function for the purpose it was created even if it costs $5 instead of $11. It's nice looking, but not much else. I would have taken a replacement and hoped it would work, but I don't want to take the chance and the quality is not there for the price. I am returning something that isn't right.

👤The worst timer I have ever owned. You can't hear it. It was inferior in design and the metals used to generate the sound. It was priced so high that it was insult to injury. I hope this is posted on the top of the review list.

👤I like mechanical timers for baking. This is the right timer for me. The ring is loud enough that I can hear it even if I'm sleeping in the living room. For people who are not familiar with mechanical timers, you should know that they need a spring wound to work. If you want to set the timer for 15 minutes, first crank the dial around the timer's face and then go back to the 15-minute time you want it set for.

👤I bought this item because my old one has become inconsistent about ringing when the time is over. It doesn't work at all, that's what the new one is saying. I'm going to return it to find another device that gives me the actions I bought it for. Amazon fulfilled their obligation as usual.

👤The timer is off by 10 seconds when it rings. That is not bad. I know it is a mechanical instrument. It is on my counter and has a rubber base. It can time up to 59 minutes and 5 minutes. The tickling is not loud. If the door is open, the alarm sound is loud enough to be heard from next room. The longer the alarm is, the further the knob is turned clockwise. I did not notice a difference. I wanted one that was stocky and sat on the counter. I am happy with the purchase.

8. KitchenAid KQ900 Single Digital Inches

KitchenAid KQ900 Single Digital Inches

Magnets,Clip, hooks and brackets offer more flexibility. If you want to hang it on a wall hook or around your neck, you can either stick it to the fridge door or use the pull out stand. You can put it in your bag or pocket. It works with a 1xAAA battery. There is a display. A large backlit display makes this digital kitchen timer easy to read. Extra-strong covered magnets allow you to store this timer on your stove top, refrigerator, or vent. The ideal viewing angle for the stand is on the countertops. The timer range is easy to program with minute and second buttons that can count down from 99 minutes to 59 seconds or up from zero. CR2032 batteries are included. A screwdriver is required to open a door. It is easy to clean. If you want to get the best results, wipe with a damp cloth and dry thoroughly.

Brand: Kitchenaid

👤The screen goes blank after a few seconds so I don't know if I have 2 minutes or 20 minutes left. The button stops the timer when I press it. You press another button to start the timer again. The design was very poor. The alarm is so soft that I can't hear it unless I'm in the kitchen. I don't think it's a good product.

👤I got this one because I know the quality of the brand. I got this because it's magnetic and I could put it in my fridge. It slides down my fridge. I think this will be a counter display piece. The buttons all work the way the package says they should, and it even goes to sleep to conserve battery life. The timer is the same level as the one I got from the dollar tree. I take the timer with me if I'm not in the kitchen. You can use the timer on your phone if this isn't enough. You can control the volume level with that on them.

👤Kitchen Aid is known for its quality. This kitchen timer is a work of art, but it is not a timer. There is no obvious way to use the buttons. Nothing happens when you press any button. The Radio Shack kitchen timer has buttons. It is no longer available. The Kitchen Aid timer is a poor piece of technology. The people who designed it thought that if the display was large enough, nothing else mattered. The beep is too soft when you get it to work. If you want a timer, buy something else. I tried to open the package with the Kitchen Aid timer. Any tool you use to open it must be very dangerous. A razor-sharp blade with great force will work. If you want an effective timer, you need a digital timer with 12 buttons. They are available at a very reasonable price.

👤Looks good. Works. It is easy to read for the first minute. The numbers disappear. If you press the correct button, they will reappear. The numbers will be legible for one more minute. They disappear again. The highlight of this timer is that it is easy to read if you just walk by but not if the numbers don't show up. I could not give it more than 2 or 3 stars because of this flaw. When the timer is not displaying numbers, the manufacturer should try to use it as a timer in the kitchen, so that the person can see that it is not displaying numbers.

👤I wanted the original kitchen aid timer, but it seems like it's no longer made. I took a chance on this one, and it didn't work out. I will keep it until I find something better. There is a It uses coin batteries. Yeah, it's really bad. They are not expensive, but still a hassle. There is a The light goes out when the timer is about to end, so you can't see what the timer is, except at the beginning and end. There is a It's only good for short cooking sessions, so don't use it for long cooking periods. The good old heavy timer needs to be brought back. This one hurts.

9. Magnetic Stainless Mechanical Countdown Reminder

Magnetic Stainless Mechanical Countdown Reminder

Colortrak has a line of salon products that are comfortable and effective for styling, coloring and processing applications. Colortrak products are pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the world of hair color by incorporating ergonomics, design, and real-world testing by brand ambassadors. The kitchen timer is made of 304 steel. The timer is made of steel and is water-proof. The magnetic back allows this timer to be placed on any metal surface. It's the best for everyone. The mechanical timer doesn't need any batteries and has an alarm which is 70db. The alarm can be heard within a 10m range under low noise conditions, which means that you'll never miss it even if you're in another room. This cute timer is used to stay focused on your tasks. This timer is designed to give you the most accurate, precise and error-free timing. It's ideal for cooking, baking, reading, homework, jogging, assignments, and special needs. There is no question about the validity of the warranty. They are confident that they can offer you a 1-year free replacement warranty. If you have a problem with this product, please contact them via Amazon and they will send you a replacement.

Brand: Albayrak

👤I didn't put stars for accuracy since I didn't actually test it, but it seems accurate enough. You don't need to turn it all the way to 60 minutes, just turn it past your setting. The ring is loud and long. The magnet is strong. It requires a prybar to remove from the surface, but is strong enough to be able to set the timer without having to brace it with your other hand. The thing is shiny. The clicking is loud enough to tell you that it's working, but not so loud that it distracts. As it gets closer to "time", it has a nice sound with polyrhythmic action. The cap/handle feels flimsy, but that shouldn't be a problem. Time will tell if there is an idea about longevity. I know, redundant. Did I mention that it's shiny?

👤The kitchen timer works perfectly. An old timer is way past its time and this is a replacement. It is loud enough but not too loud and easy to set. Time is accurate. The underside is a strong magnet and it takes a strong pull to remove it from the metal surface. Would recommend this to anyone who needs a reliable timer.

👤I was prepared to like it. It looks great, keeps accurate time, and has an audible bell. Then a few months went by. If you are using a kitchen timer, it means that you are doing some cooking, and your hands might not be clean or dry. That's cooking. There is a The numbers on the dial have been gone for a few weeks. The ink just wore away. It's just a piece of junk now. I take that back. If I want to time for 60 minutes, I can use the dial's full 180 degrees. It will be a challenge to figure out other times.

👤I liked how this timer can be used to keep track of food in a fridge or stove. It seems to be very accurate and does not need batteries. It would be nice if it rang a little louder for busy households. There is a A side tip. I used a magic marker and colored the pointing tip to make it more user friendly. I would buy again if there were more minor issues.

👤I bought this for my grandma because she wanted to use an old fashioned timer. The sound was perfect if you were looking for loud and the directions were easy to follow. This was perfect for my grandma because she doesn't have the best hearing. I would consider buying it for myself since it is very easy to use. I tested it out before giving it to her and I could hear the timer all the way downstairs. You can put the magnet on the stove, washer, dryer, or any other appliance that has a magnet on it.

👤It's a timer. It is mechanical. It works. I think it does what it was designed to do. There are two glaring issues. The product description is a lie. The kitchen timer is not made of 304 steel. The numbers are printed on metal. The dial you turn is not... It's cheap. The toy I have from 1979 is made from stronger stuff. I would have paid more for a metal dial if I had been told the truth. The design issue is that the magnet built into the metal part of the timer is very strong and takes a lot of force to remove the timer from a metal surface. You'll need to pull on the dial to remove the timer from the metal surface. I don't think this thing will last long. My Cylon will be around. There are two more The sound of the bell isn't very strong. It's perfect if you're in the same room or in an adjacent room. Beyond that... Meh. If you miss the alarm, you'll need to pick up and carry the timer with you. Not sure why these manufacturers can't make a mechanical timer that looks like an old fashioned alarm clock. Box metal case, easily relocated, weighted, etc. Why are the magnets? All of these mechanical timers look like they're pumped out of a foreign facility with slightly different cosmetics. The person responsible for the design specifications should be ashamed. There is a The Cylon is not happy.

10. Countdown Kitchen Magnetic Stainless Mechanical

Countdown Kitchen Magnetic Stainless Mechanical

The easiest way to store the alarm sound chain is to turn the control knob clockwise to the 55 scale site, thencounterclockwise to the expected time. 3 x 6 3 x 1. There is a gentle sound in counting that a brief user knows is working. The Searon kitchen timer has a timer that is 60 minutes. It's easy to attach a magnetic backing to a fridge. When time reaches zero, the alarm will ring for 5 seconds at a sound volume of 90 decibels. Powered by Winding is powered by winding up, so no battery is required. It is easy to use because you have to turn the Konb clockwise to 55 minutes before you can use it. The dimensions and weight are L x W x H (2.68 x 2.68 x 1 inch), Weight: 3.6 oz. Searon warrants that if it fails to function properly due to a defect in workmanship or materials, it will replace it without charge for a period of 2 years.

Brand: Searon

👤After a couple of disappointing false starts, I can say that this one performs very well. It has a good sound. This one works well and stands out in the crowd.

👤I was not happy with the timer. There is a After the second use, I set it for a cake and after 10 minutes, there was no movement. This happened again after the first time. Every time I use it, I have to put my ear to the timer.

👤At least two batches of bacon were burnt because of my microwave and oven timers. I decided to get this simple analog timer to make up for my useless built in ones. I didn't want to use a digital one or batteries just because they counted down. This is exactly what it is. Wait, and it will scream at me that the bacon is done. It was perfect.

👤Nice looking, can't see numbers without glasses. The timer is loud enough, but you need to dial it back to where you want it to be. The timer will not work if it is not used. There is a The magnet on this is strong and works well if the surface is metal or flat. There is a It doesn't have to stick to a surface as it will sit on its own.

👤Something simple was what I needed. The timer is easy to understand. It is small, simple and works. When you reach the amount of time you need, it goes off. It's bingo!

👤I am happy with this timer, I just got it. It seems sturdy and the backing on it allows for attachment to metal surfaces. It's easy to set and seems to be accurate, and the alarm is loud enough to be heard in an adjacent room.

👤Works as promised. The side of our refrigerator has a magnet on it. Sturdy and reliable.

👤You can put the timer on the fridge with a magnet. The bell is not loud when the timer goes off.

11. Multi Function Electronic Management Activities Including

Multi Function Electronic Management Activities Including

The digital timer with magnetic back, retractable stand and hanging hook provides many options to place your timer, it can be placed on the refrigerator for the reason of the strong MAGNET. HomeMall offers a 100% money-back guarantee and timely and courteous customer services, so you don't have to worry about getting a dual kitchen timer. High quality. There are four colors, including blue, pink, white, and green. The plastic shell is not easy to break and the large screen display is clear. A safe and non-toxic PC. The scope of the application. The timer is small. It is used to set lunch break time. It will remind you on time, so you don't have to worry. The design: There is a stand behind the timer, which can be placed on any flat place at will, and with the help of a adsorption magnet, it can be attached to the refrigerator at home. If the timer display is not clear or the sound is weak, replace the battery. Take the battery out, put it in, and then push the door back to its original state. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase or the product is damaged in transit, please contact them immediately. Don't wait, enjoy your product immediately.

Brand: Chemeilai

👤There is a switch to turn them on so that they don't get switched on accidentally. The little stand that props them up works because they are loud. The colors are nice and bright. I won't leave the magnets on the fridge because they don't hold up very well. I didn't plan on doing that. It's ok. I think they work well.

👤The buzzer is loud. They are very nice.

👤It was very easy to use. I bought these for my kids to do their schoolwork. It's easy for my kids to set by themselves. They have a magnet on the back as well.

👤These were bought for work. They are very cute and work in a lab. It was easy to use. Pull down the little stands on the back carefully. The pink one broke on the first day. The stands are cheap. The batteries have an off and on button so they don't die. They are very cute.

👤White one doesn't work but loved the ones that did. I didn't want to risk it because I loved the colored ones so much.

👤My kids needed to be timed on homework and reading instead of using an alarm on my phone and setting 4 different ones for each of them, these came in handy. My kids love using them. They have magnets that will stick them to the fridge the next day.

👤The alarm doesn't yell at you and it's very easy to use.

👤I like the little oven timers. I put one on the counter when I bake. I take one outside with me so I can double check.


What is the best product for cooking timer with alarm?

Cooking timer with alarm products from Home Most. In this article about cooking timer with alarm you can see why people choose the product. Etradewinds and Sphord are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking timer with alarm.

What are the best brands for cooking timer with alarm?

Home Most, Etradewinds and Sphord are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking timer with alarm. Find the detail in this article. Ktkudy, Xrexs and Timer For Kids are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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