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1. Countdown Reminder Magnetic Management Mechanical Red

Countdown Reminder Magnetic Management Mechanical Red

Measures 2.25 by 3.25 by 3-Inch. The mechanical clockwork design makes it work without a battery, it is eco-friendly and could work longer. The design of the MAGNET. Magnets on the back are used for iron removal. It's easier to identify the pointer when it's on the dial with a red indicator. It's suitable for a variety of scenarios. You should use it in the room where you are. The metal is oxidation-resistant.

Brand: Laopao

👤It's easy to set a mechanical timer. I have bought a lot of different timers. My son is on the spectrum and we use timers in our daily life. I have tried a lot of things, including the learning resource timer with the light, all kinds of kitchen timers, digital timers, timers that have lights, and timers that don't need batteries. What a waste of money. It will save you a lot of time looking for the right timer. I will tell you what is right about this one, but it is not a battery-operated ring and is not loud enough to hear from another room. It is not too obnoxious. It has a visual cue for how much time is left, similar to the time timer but at a fraction of the price This thing is made of metal. The back of it is strong enough to hold the plastic parts that snap when you turn it a tad too far. It won't fall off even if you accidentally touch it. You have to pull it off the fridge surface. It doesn't have to worry about falling and breaking or hurting your foot for a week. Believe me, I know, other less excellent timers have done that. There is a I have a bunch of these 2 for my kids. One for me in the kitchen. All in different colors.

👤I wrote a prior review of this product and now I am very disappointed. It doesn't keep the time well. When the time should be up, it hasn't been ringing. I only had this one for a few months, but I really liked it, so I have to get another one. It has not been changed. It didn't work well from the beginning.

👤I love this timer. I can't believe it matches the style and color of my kitchen clock. There is a The classic white windup timer has been improved at least 6-fold and it is so pretty. Sturdy. The accuracy is excellent. The tone and duration of the ring is very old-school, and more long and audible than the old classic Sunbeam. The display blew my mind as the aqua color on the timer's face faded in concert with the minutes. You can set it to your desired length of time by taking it past 35 minutes. You can't help but be happy. It will be 60 minutes. I love it.

👤I liked this timer at first. It was easy to use the magnet. It was loud and accurate. What more could I ask for? One day, it stopped keeping track of time accurately and no longer rang when the timer went off. I now have a strong, silent magnet that doesn't keep track of time. I can't get in touch with the seller now that I'm past the return window. I am not the only one who has received bunk timers. Don't buy this product, save your money.

👤The timer is perfect for our needs. The alarm is loud enough to be set. Some reviewers claim that the alarm is too short when it is set for a short time. They must not have read the instructions. You can set it by turning it clockwise all the way to the 55 minute mark and then turn it back to its original position to set the time. It will work as it should. There is a It's well made and has a powerful magnet on the base so you can stick it to any steel surface you want. Great value!

2. Elegant Digital Stainless Displays Magnetic

Elegant Digital Stainless Displays Magnetic

The mechanism is made of steel and plastic. The measures are 2.5 x 5.25 x 2.5 inches. The new updated model is 2022. They listened. The annoying little button beeps were eliminated. The lanyard attachment feature is new. The new stand is 0-90 degree. Press 2 left buttons at the same time to reset the anchor points. Press and hold Min. Or Sec. There are buttons for 2 seconds. To quickly forward your numbers. Press and hold. "GREAT LITTLE TIMER" can be used to count up/down 99 min 59 seconds or up/down 99 min 59 seconds. Repeated tasks. The setting is saved for the next time. Want 3 minutes. Eggs every morning? Press start every morning. If timer is not being used for 3 minutes, auto shut-off will be used. Lift the stand to get the battery. Loud 80db beep can be heard in other rooms, or switch to the medium tone for closer quarters that won't startle with a softer mellow 72db beep. The timer won't work if you hit the off button. "No soup" A large easy to read display can be seen from across the room. When time is up, the beeper will sound for 62 seconds, or can be shut-off manually. A favorite is a medical, dental and salon timer. It's perfect for exam rooms, bbq grilling, sports, games, classrooms and time outs. There are physical therapy sessions, hair color, and work outs. If the timer fails to function properly due to component failure, they will replace it free and pay for shipping. Their support team will respond quickly if you contact them via email or Amazon. This is the last timer you will need.

Brand: Etradewinds

👤I used to give daily bouts of self loathing with a lack of good timekeeping. You want to do it with military precision if you're going to kneel on Legos. Thanks to this no frills, no fuss kitchen timer, I know that my internal torment is put aside for half an hour between stuffing bills into the back of closets and posting my cat on insta. Four layers of folded CVS receipts are protected by the secure magnet. The seller seems more concerned with my happiness than anyone I've ever dated, so I know that in this nightmare carousel of impending environmental disasters and cartoonishly evil reality show presidents, there is one part of my life that I can almost definitely control. If I ever lose track of whether I'm stuck in a dream within a dream hellscape, it will come in handy. Definitely recommend.

👤It looks great! There is a It is easy to use and read. When it's not doing its job, it goes into "rest" mode. There is a The microwave is mounted on the wall and the magnet sticks to it. There is a The alarm is loud. There is a It comes with its own battery. There is a The timer would be a Wolf or a Viking. A Sub-Zero is a refrigerator/freezer. An All-Clad is what it would be if it were a frying pan. There is a It's a keeper. It's nice to have a little thing that gets used every day, that's nicer than it would be. I'm spoiled now.

👤I really like this timer. The switches feel good. They have a positive action when pressed. The display is large and easy to read. The display is off when not in use. The alarm works well. The programming is easy to understand. The main feature that I was looking for is more difficult to evaluate. I have magnetic timers on my fridge. All of them failed for other reasons. The displays become weak, the switches stop working, or the timers fail. I was looking for a timer that was reliable for at least 6 months. It is easy to cheapen an electronic product by sacrificing long term reliability. The buyer can't detect low life time components immediately. The display and switches look good, but the ultimate testing continues.

👤The first timer I bought worked well for a while, then the button got stuck, and I had to trash it. I liked the form and function but thought maybe I just got a lemon and ordered another. The second timer malfunctioned again after a few weeks of use, this time failing in the timer function itself. The battery was replaced, but no help was given. Will be looking for a different option.

👤The timer does everything I want it to. I have ordered different types and this one is perfect for me. The frig has a magnet on it. It's easy to set and zero out. One reviewer couldn't figure out how to zero it, so they held down the minute and second buttons. It is at zero again. I am hard of hearing and it is loud enough. It only lasts an hour, which is plenty for me. This may not be the right product for you.

3. 60 Minute Timer On A Rope

60 Minute Timer On A Rope

The timer is a great gift for friends who need time reminding. There is a magnet on the back. Extra loud and long ringer. Wear something around your neck. It's great for timing your meals, but also for timing your walks, reading breaks and more.

Brand: Norpro

👤I have a few of these and they all work well. I can count on them, but I can't count on others. I have decided to keep the rope on one or two so I can easily take them to the house and hang them on something. I won't wear them because the magnet isn't good close to the body. The rope/hanging feature is very helpful. The design makes it if I don't hang it. I don't have to balance it as other types of timers would. Another good feature. There is a I don't have to wind the dial all the way around to set time because these have a very sturdy feel to them. If I want 15 minutes but change my mind to 12 or 17 the timer kicks in and it can be moved forward/back as needed. This isn't often found in other timers. I tried 2 of the mechanical kitchen timer loud alarm and at first they felt great but then didn't work as well as I would have liked and their failure rate grew within a month. I'm quite pleased with the timer on the rope I found, it works better overall. I keep multiple timers for nearly constant use. The timer is the winner. They are even able to be dropped.

👤I bought this as a gift to remind me of things on the stove. My item wouldn't finish in 5 minutes. No ring, no ding. 10 minutes seemed to work. Ok, okay Not 5. Since it was a gift, I decided to keep it and try to get another around the neck reminder timer that is easy to use but also works down to a couple of minutes or less. The interface of this item is intuitive. I apologize that mine didn't work. I have to find a functional one.

👤A gift for a cook who has everything. At Thanksgiving, we have many cooks doing different dishes in one big kitchen, and we own 5 necklace timers. A cook can put a dish in the oven, put her timer around her neck, and leave the kitchen without worrying about the time left on her dish. We remind ourselves to put something on to cook. So useful. Everyone fought over it. I brought them to the vacation house kitchen last year because every cook can use one now. They were happy. I gave them stocking stuffers so they could have one in their home kitchen. super!

👤While it lasted, it was fine. I used it daily. The ringer is loud and long, and it's set by turning the timer all the way to 60, then back to the time you want. It's very plain, no retro cuteness or anything, and bigger than you'd think for something you're supposed to hang around your neck. It made me feel like I was stuck in a movie where people are stuck with explosives and must be saved or extricated before the time is up. Instead I took off the string and put a binder clip on the timer so I could clip it to my belt loop when I wanted to walk around with it. You can put it on the fridge because it has a large magnet on the back. The timer was stuck to the fridge door and fell, but it was caught by another magnet on the door, because of the metal binder clip. I saw the strange evidence after the fact. The timer stopped working two days later. The timer died after two months and the magnet came unglued.

4. MSC International 78039 60 Minute Mechanical

MSC International 78039 60 Minute Mechanical

Quality check and terms of service are included. The mini digital timer and accessories will be checked before shipment to make sure customers get good product quality. If you find any defects in their timers within 6 months, they will give you 6 months of no reason to replace or return them. Please see the detailed instructions included with the product or contact them at any time if you have any problems with Kissarex digital timer. The Joie Piggy mechanical kitchen timer is fun to use. It was made from plastic and steel. When holding the base, turn back counter-clockwise to the desired amount of time. The timer can be set up to 60 minutes. It is easy to use and clean.

Brand: Msc International

👤There would be less bad reviews if people read the directions. This is a $6 timer, not a Breitling. If you want it to work correctly, you have to twist it all the way to 60 minutes. Very. Simple.

👤Works as advertised. It is suggested that you crank it all the way around, then turn it back to the number of minutes you actually need. This is not a design flaw in this particular model of kitchen timer. I will say that it's not very loud. If it's in the other room, I can't hear it, but I can hear music. There is a It's a good idea to put it in the room you're going to be in most of the time.

👤It took a long time to get to me. I received several emails telling me I could cancel my order since it was taking so long. I didn't notice until I got the product. The cute doesn't make the timer work. No matter what time I start it, it stops at 5 minutes. I've tried adjusting it. It doesn't keep time. I thought I was getting a teal looking one that matched my kitchen, because I missed the description. I have this horrible green.

👤I can't return the item so it goes to the trash. It was $6.99. It's getting harder and harder to recognize quality products because of the garbage that Amazon allows.

👤You're going to think we're crazy, but we set the time and every hour when my grand baby goes potty.

👤The timer was cute. I use it for a lot of things, including the time out for bad behavior of the kid, and the time limit for them to eat dinner in a timely manner. The kids like to play with it and have dropped it on the floor. The timer fell from the top of the refrigerator onto the hard floor. I was happy the timer worked as it should and the housing was clean. I would order again if necessary. My only wish is that this company makes more fun timers.

👤I love my owl timer. I use it to timing my tea. I use it to limit my social media activity. 2 hours. I can carry it around with me. It's better than the microwave timer because you can hear it. There is a happy with it I bought the chicken and used it to train my dog to stop listening to me when it's dinner time. He thinks we're going to forget. Like he has let us.

👤I got this product for my three-year-old who was having some behavioral issues and was frequently being put on timeouts. I was told by her teacher that a timer that would attract her attention would be a good idea. Which is the reason I bought this one. It came to me broken, as cute as it is. The package has been damaged three ways. I'm pretty sure that it was put together wrong. When I turn it, it doesn't take down the time and once it's up in here, I'm free to do what I want. It's useless. Cute, but useless.

5. Kikkerland Vintage Streamline Kitchen Timer

Kikkerland Vintage Streamline Kitchen Timer

The size is 3.1 inches X 3.1 inches X 1.6 inches. 60 minutes or less is a good time to consider after-sale service. If you need help with their products, please consult them in time and they will give you proper solutions. The timer goes up to 55 minutes. The chrome ring should be turned clockwise to 55 minutes. It is made of steel. Measures 2.25 by 3.25 by 3-Inch.

Brand: Kikkerland

👤On Jan 18th, it stopped working. Thank you for burning the cookies.

👤It looks pretty. The metal case is strong. The ring that you turn to set the time is on a flimsy shaft and can easily be bent, which causes it to rub on the case and the timer to stop. The first one I bought had the ring pushed so close in to the case that there was no way to center the shaft. The ring was shipped with the case. It would stop suddenly. I received another one that had a bigger gap. I was able to bend the ring and get it centered. I have to go easy on the dial now that it works like any other timer. The directions say to go all the way to 55 then back to the time you need, but I've found that you only need to go past a bit and come back. There is a The dial was too close to the case. The second one was better than the first, but this one doesn't sit on the counter. The bottom piece of the base is not put on the correct way. It's hard to tell because there's foam covering it. The first one was flat. I don't want to send another one back. It works. It's pretty.

👤I'm still learning it. The timer worked poorly after an order came in. It took me a long time to hear a faint sound. I feel bad for the person who spent the money. It's upsetting to me.

👤I returned this because I thought it was faulty. When I set the timer, it wouldn't do anything for about 3 to 5 minutes before time expired. I was angry when I got the replacement and I saw the instructions that said to turn the chrome ring clockwise and counterclockwise. Whoops. I don't need to read instructions for the kitchen timer. If anyone else is having the same problems, I want to note this. The timer works well when used correctly, and it makes a loud noise when time is up. It's a lovely color, if you have a Martha Stewart blue kitchen, and it's very small, about the size of my palm. There is a I recommend it, and I recommend reading the instructions for the products. It's a good thing.

👤I almost didn't buy this because of the negative reviews. I think people forget to wind it to 55 before setting it. The mine works well. It's a cute addition to my kitchen shelf and is smaller than I expected. I like that it stops after a few seconds. When you timing something but don't want to get up right away, the stove ones will sound off forever or until you stop them, this one stops on its own.

👤One was purchased for business and the other for home. It was well made and substantial. The retro auto gauge is cool. The first one has worked for several years. You will get the full ring if you wind the whole way back to your setting. Very nice. I have a wifey that is red and green and is very retro. You can get a cheap plastic one. This one adds a nice touch to the decor.

6. Lux Minute Minder Mechanical Markings

Lux Minute Minder Mechanical Markings

Please follow the instructions when using it. The timer will be damaged if you don't use it. The timer needs to be turned clockwise above the "55" scale every time you use it. The time you need to set will be set when you turn counterclockwise. Minute Minder Timer Markings.

Brand: Lux

👤I had one for a long time. For the past few years, I've been using a fancy battery operated timer, which always ran out of batteries at the wrong time. It has been difficult to find good old fashioned simple products that just keep working and doing what you ask of them. I'm glad I found this.

👤I bought a digital timer that didn't work, so I ordered this one. I was hoping this would be reliable, but it only worked twice. When the time ran out, the alarm stopped going off. I'd like to know the brand and model of a reliable timer.

👤The time left does not line up with the top of the timer. Two minutes before it hits the zero, it makes a sound. The "ringer" is very short and you might miss it when you're cooking/baking out of the oven.

👤When using the timer for amounts like 10 minutes, remember to turn it past the 30 minute mark. I was surprised that the ring was long. My mom gave me a vintage one. It worked for about 50 years. Is this one going to last as long? Sometimes it rings and sometimes it doesn't. I think this one is not going to last as long as my original one. If you have cookies in the oven, check this timer.

👤Because of the China virus, I was laid off. I had to purchase this product to make sure that the children in my household would help lower my water bill by setting the timer for 8 minute showers. By the time I finish with them, they will be ready to go to boot camp.

👤I have had a reliable timer for a long time. I bought a new one because I like one on each floor. For those items that I only want to slightly dry, use for cooking and laundry.

👤I bought a timer to replace my original. The brand is the same. It works. That's it. The way the arrow was constructed caused it to be off by a minute. The plastic is very thin. I would rather pay more for a quality product. The company should think about offering a model that's close to the original instead of marketing it as the same item.

👤The original version has a ringing alarm, but not a loud "DING."

7. ELE DEPI Kitchen Mechanical Cooking

ELE DEPI Kitchen Mechanical Cooking

High quality and cute accessory. The kitchen timer is made of high quality STAINLESS STEEL and is hard to rust. It is easy to clean and create a shell. The material is high quality. The kitchen timers are made of high quality metal and rubber. If you don't follow the instructions, there will be no sound. The cartoon design is cute and beautiful, which greatly improves children's concept of time management, such as cooking, baking, reading, homework, jogging, assignments, special needs and much more. No batteries required. The cute kitchen timer has an alarm. When the time is over, the bell will ring. You have more control over your time. After a few seconds, it will stop. If you have a question about the animal kitchen timer, they will give you a 24 hour customer service. If you don't like the kid timer, they'll give you a refund or replace it.

Brand: Ele Depi

👤Very cute timer. I wanted to return it because the ringing time was short, but I didn't read the manual. The manual needs to be adjusted to 55 minutes before use time is adjusted so that it can be used normally. The operation is very easy. This cute animal timer is cute. It's perfect for me to do yoga and cooking. The timing is accurate. I will recommend it to my friends. If you don't read the instructions, it may not ring or the ringing time may be very short.

👤The timer is very fun to touch and softer than you would expect, so it's a good choice for beginners. I think these would be great for kids. You have a back-up if one of them breaks, because these are a pack of two. I recommend cutting the boxes apart and leaving the tape on as it will peel the box art, since they arrived taped together all the way around. I put it on the wolf and you can see the difference. There is a After ringing, the timer seems to be off for a minute or two. If you're worried, you can set it a minute ahead. There is a The top part stays on and will come off if you pull firmly, but I'm not an expert on timers so it could be possible. It still rings despite the instructions to move it to 55 minutes and back down. It was twisted to 30 minutes and back in the video. I use mine to stay on task, and the ring startsles me every time. It was very audible from the hall. It was a definite recommendation. These will add charm wherever you use them.

👤When the timer goes off, the bell doesn't ring at all. I thought my toddler would like a cute timer more than a boring one. If it actually rang, she would know when the time was up. She was hugging and petting it when I showed it to her. I wish it worked.

👤When the time is over, these timers don't work. Disappointing.

👤I got these for a friend of mine because I liked them so much. The alarm works well and the feel is soft. Loud enough to be heard on the floor of my house. You will have to go past 55 minutes to get to the smaller amounts.

👤We bought these for each of our kids to make sure they have the sunscreen on before jumping into the pool. It's easy for a 5 year old to use, accurate for those long 10 min before they can swim. Everyone is happy with the animals.

👤The texture is soft. My kids love them. Setting the time is fine. Just turn on the timer and go to the time I want to set.

👤I was confused as to why they weren't working well. The seller told me that I needed to set it to 55 minutes before I set it to the desired time. They work well now. They're cute!

8. Taylor Precision Products Mechanical Timer

Taylor Precision Products Mechanical Timer

It's great for timing your meals, but also for timing your walks, reading breaks and more. This mechanical timer will help you keep track of time in the kitchen. Count down times up to 60 minutes with a dial. Once the alarm rings, simply turn the dial to the desired time setting. The large dial face has black and white graphics. The alarm can be heard with a loud 5-second ring.

Brand: Taylor Precision Products

👤It is a fix for the singer. I set the timer a couple of times and the time didn't ring, but it clicked down fine. It was mine to break. I turned it to the right after 60 and then to the left after 58 as instructed, and did this 3 times in a row. It felt like there was a burr on the alarm mechanism when I did this. The timer was set for 5 minutes. It did when it was supposed to. I have used it many times and it rings every time. I like this alarm and would buy it again. If you like the timer, give my solution a try and you may find that you like ringing. You have nothing to lose.

👤"Made in China" is what it says. I bought it because I thought they had improved. Wrong! Wrong and wrong again. This is a complete piece of junk. The first one failed in a few weeks, but the second one worked well for the rest of the fall. I wondered if it really worked after I brought it out. I can say with certainty that the spring mechanism does not work and that it stops timing after several minutes, no matter what I do. I need to turn it all the way to 60 to set the spring and then back to the lime. I can't believe that a company like Taylor would sell such junk. There is a * Don't buy this! There is a new word for it.

👤The mechanical ring timer is simple to use and does not require batteries as you would simply wind it to your desired time. You can place it on your kitchen counter or anywhere you want, it's made of plastic. You can easily see the large numbers when winding. Make sure you wind it past 55 and then back to the time you want, it will ring when the time is up. If you're not in the same room, the ringer will make a loud noise as it counts down. You need to use it in a lit room because it doesn't light up. The timer goes up to 60 minutes.

👤The timer is cheap and works well. It doesn't require batteries or plug in. Walk away if you wind it according to the directions. I have three of them, one for back up in case of the main spring breaks, and two I use every day. Very happy.

👤The dial told me to turn the daily past zero, but I couldn't. Taylor was made to be high quality. The entire unit is cheap. China made bad things. All plastic. Everything on scam A Zon is from China. Money and time are wasted. Don't buy!

👤I would give this timer a 0 if I could. It's a cheap made in China product that looks like it will work, but it doesn't. I turned the dial and it was not ringing. The cinnamon rolls were very hard. I sent it back and was given a full refund.

9. CDN MT1 Heavy Mechanical Silver

CDN MT1 Heavy Mechanical Silver

To use the timer before each use, turn the control knob clockwise to 55 minutes and thencounterclockwise to the desired time. The size is 6. 3 x 6 3 x 1. It is large enough to see how much time is left. One can hear a gentle sound that shows the timer is working. The housing is made ofstainless steel. The range is 1 hour by minute.

Brand: Cdn

👤I was excited to have a timer. The Good cook broke last week after being in use for many years. I use a timer for a lot of things. It looks good, easy to read, but it is not heavy duty. It is not heavy weight, although the picture on Amazon depicts it as heavy duty. It is not. Its light. My old plastic one has the same weight. In my opinion, it's light and not heavy duty as written in the item title and description. Even though I think a sub standard mechanical timer is way too high, I can live with that. I can live with it now that I have it. It was taken out of the package. Read the instructions. It was tested out. The timer should be set to 5 minutes. Waited over 10 minutes. At 5 minutes it's still set. It is not possible to tick a countdown. The dial was turned to zero. For my ears, not a very loud ring. I would not recommend this timer to anyone because it had a much louder ringer and was much longer than my old mechanical timer which worked for years and cost half the price. I'm returning a faulty item. I am not saying I don't recommend it. The clock does not work at all for me, so this may be a one time problem. All is a non usable period. Quality for price. I don't think it's good quality for cost. It was too high. It has to function for the purpose it was created even if it costs $5 instead of $11. It's nice looking, but not much else. I would have taken a replacement and hoped it would work, but I don't want to take the chance and the quality is not there for the price. I am returning something that isn't right.

👤The worst timer I have ever owned. You can't hear it. It was inferior in design and the metals used to generate the sound. It was priced so high that it was insult to injury. I hope this is posted on the top of the review list.

👤I like mechanical timers for baking. This is the right timer for me. The ring is loud enough that I can hear it even if I'm sleeping in the living room. For people who are not familiar with mechanical timers, you should know that they need a spring wound to work. If you want to set the timer for 15 minutes, first crank the dial around the timer's face and then go back to the 15-minute time you want it set for.

👤I bought this item because my old one has become inconsistent about ringing when the time is over. It doesn't work at all, that's what the new one is saying. I'm going to return it to find another device that gives me the actions I bought it for. Amazon fulfilled their obligation as usual.

👤The timer is off by 10 seconds when it rings. That is not bad. I know it is a mechanical instrument. It is on my counter and has a rubber base. It can time up to 59 minutes and 5 minutes. The tickling is not loud. If the door is open, the alarm sound is loud enough to be heard from next room. The longer the alarm is, the further the knob is turned clockwise. I did not notice a difference. I wanted one that was stocky and sat on the counter. I am happy with the purchase.

10. Taylor Precision Products Stainless Mechanical

Taylor Precision Products Stainless Mechanical

It's a quarter-inch diameter. This mechanical timer will help you keep track of time in the kitchen. Count down times up to 60 minutes with a dial. Once the alarm rings, simply turn the dial to the desired time setting. Setting times are easy because of the large dial face. You can easily hear the alarm ringing around the house. It's easy to use for timing projects and assignments.

Brand: Taylor Precision Products

👤How frustrating! How do you make a timer work? My grandparents have a black dial timer. This one worked for a while. Sometimes it doesn't ring at all, but sometimes it does, and sometimes it gets stuck. There are so many good reviews.

👤Don't expect the alarm to make a sound.

👤The bell doesn't go off as the timer ticks. No matter how you turn it, past the 55. There is a I wanted a timer with a bell, not a timer that I have to watch to see when the time is over. There is a I should have known that the Chinese would make a bad product. That's why they call it cheap chinese. I have to buy a new timer and pay more to get better quality.

👤I had a timer that lasted a long time. I dropped it and it stopped working. I wanted to buy another one.

👤It's hard to find a manual kitchen timer with a tight winding mechanism, accuracy, and a loud ring that sells for a reasonable price. If there isn't a lot of noise in the room, the Taylor Mechanical Timer is loud enough to be heard in the next room. You can't hear the tick unless you press it against your ear. The ring doesn't last very long and I don't feel the same resistance when I use the dial to "5 minutes" or "30 minutes." I can recommend it because it does the job, but I wonder if this one will last as long as my last one did, because of the soft winding mechanism. I'll settle for three years since the price is low.

👤We've had this for about a year and it worked great, but now it stops working in the middle of a set time for no apparent reason. If you shake it or move it, it will start moving again but will stop after a few minutes or seconds. I remembered when I put dinner in the oven that it was almost ruined. We only have one timer on the stove, so we need a second one. Our last timer lasted 10 years, this one can't even last 2 years. That is not good quality.

👤I was hesitant, reading many reviews for both this and other timers, that I would find one that worked. I was pleasantly surprised that this one exceeded my expectations. The bell is loud enough and not too long- lasting, but it's annoying and it's not ear-splitting. My other timer is more sloppy than Dialing to the minute. It seems sturdy, built-to-last, and accurate for me, but I haven't checked that. I don't use it to time chemical reactions in a laboratory or how long I can hold my breath, but for other tasks that don't need to be within a minute's tolerance. You could choose a digital timer. I was happy to find a mechanical device that was nicely made.

👤I like the way it's built. It appears to be better construction than the ones available in the area. I'm very happy with the accuracy, I've used it several times. The time is loud enough and long enough to be effective. I've used the timer at the grill.

11. Uigos Digital Kitchen Magnetic Backing

Uigos Digital Kitchen Magnetic Backing

The Dash Egg Bite Maker is backed by a 1-year manufacturer and includes 4 mini silicone molds, a large silicone mold, recipe book and recipe database access. You can easily read the timer display with it's big, bold digits from across the room. It's ideal for people with bad eyesight. A lot of timers don't have an on/off switch because of the low power consumption. Count down from any time up to 99 minutes and 59 seconds. Counts up for use. The time can be set by pressing and holding the button for 3 seconds. There is a magnetic back, retractable stand and hook for hanging. There are three choices for placement of the kitchen timer.

Brand: Uigos

👤I bought two more because the price is low, but I am not happy with them. If you keep your finger depressed for 20 minutes, they will make a loud noise and keep making it. Previous ones did not have that. There is a On top of that, the switch on the side to turn off/on work opposite in the two I got. I or my child will always be mixed up when it's on or off since it depends on which one we grabbed. It's really bad. The display and dimensions of this timer are smaller than wrenware. It does not have a battery. There is a Good things are ease of button use and clear display. I'd rather pay more and get a better timer and use my batteries for a good timer. There is a I didn't know I had bought them before I went to review them. The original review was original. I bought a timer from Amazon a couple years ago and loved it. I went back online to get a second one for my son so he can time himself while practicing his instrument as well as while doing homework, and another for me to use around the house and in front of the computer to keep me on track. I saw this brand and it looked similar but it was cheaper in a two-pack. I bought it. There is a I'm very pleased with it and that's why the 5 stars. I will probably buy a new one next time, as I like the option of turning on and off the timer, and having the last setting still on, instead of having to set the time each time. The features of the car are more important to me than the sound of the alarm on the Wrenwane. There is a It's a great timer. In stopwatch mode. The price is excellent.

👤Two is better than one. I like the blue and white look of the refrigerator, Magnets are strong enough to hold the timer securely, and it's easy to set. When my wife and I are cooking separate dishes at the same time, there are two timers that come in handy. The package was easy to open but protected the timers. The gray numerals are a bit different from the jet black ones. Doesn't really affect the operation. I've only had these for a couple of weeks so time will tell how well they hold up to daily use. I would recommend these timers based on the pro's outlined above. I've been using these timers for a few months and still give them five stars, although 4 stars might be more appropriate. There is a glitch that is annoying. I set a timer and let the grill warm up before I cook. If I don't use the timer within a few minutes, it turns off and resets. I have to reset it before I grill. My other timer is ready to go. This isn't a big deal, but you should be aware of it.


What is the best product for cooking timer wind up?

Cooking timer wind up products from Laopao. In this article about cooking timer wind up you can see why people choose the product. Etradewinds and Norpro are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking timer wind up.

What are the best brands for cooking timer wind up?

Laopao, Etradewinds and Norpro are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking timer wind up. Find the detail in this article. Msc International, Kikkerland and Lux are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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