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1. Taylor Precision Products Stainless Mechanical

Taylor Precision Products Stainless Mechanical

It's a quarter-inch diameter. This mechanical timer will help you keep track of time in the kitchen. Count down times up to 60 minutes with a dial. Once the alarm rings, simply turn the dial to the desired time setting. Setting times are easy because of the large dial face. You can easily hear the alarm ringing around the house. It's easy to use for timing projects and assignments.

Brand: Taylor Precision Products

👤How frustrating! How do you make a timer work? My grandparents have a black dial timer. This one worked for a while. Sometimes it doesn't ring at all, but sometimes it does, and sometimes it gets stuck. There are so many good reviews.

👤Don't expect the alarm to make a sound.

👤The bell doesn't go off as the timer ticks. No matter how you turn it, past the 55. There is a I wanted a timer with a bell, not a timer that I have to watch to see when the time is over. There is a I should have known that the Chinese would make a bad product. That's why they call it cheap chinese. I have to buy a new timer and pay more to get better quality.

👤I had a timer that lasted a long time. I dropped it and it stopped working. I wanted to buy another one.

👤It's hard to find a manual kitchen timer with a tight winding mechanism, accuracy, and a loud ring that sells for a reasonable price. If there isn't a lot of noise in the room, the Taylor Mechanical Timer is loud enough to be heard in the next room. You can't hear the tick unless you press it against your ear. The ring doesn't last very long and I don't feel the same resistance when I use the dial to "5 minutes" or "30 minutes." I can recommend it because it does the job, but I wonder if this one will last as long as my last one did, because of the soft winding mechanism. I'll settle for three years since the price is low.

👤We've had this for about a year and it worked great, but now it stops working in the middle of a set time for no apparent reason. If you shake it or move it, it will start moving again but will stop after a few minutes or seconds. I remembered when I put dinner in the oven that it was almost ruined. We only have one timer on the stove, so we need a second one. Our last timer lasted 10 years, this one can't even last 2 years. That is not good quality.

👤I was hesitant, reading many reviews for both this and other timers, that I would find one that worked. I was pleasantly surprised that this one exceeded my expectations. The bell is loud enough and not too long- lasting, but it's annoying and it's not ear-splitting. My other timer is more sloppy than Dialing to the minute. It seems sturdy, built-to-last, and accurate for me, but I haven't checked that. I don't use it to time chemical reactions in a laboratory or how long I can hold my breath, but for other tasks that don't need to be within a minute's tolerance. You could choose a digital timer. I was happy to find a mechanical device that was nicely made.

👤I like the way it's built. It appears to be better construction than the ones available in the area. I'm very happy with the accuracy, I've used it several times. The time is loud enough and long enough to be effective. I've used the timer at the grill.

2. Kikkerland KT18 Penguin Kitchen Timer

Kikkerland KT18 Penguin Kitchen Timer

There is a two-year guarantee. They have a two-year warranty. If you have a question about their products, please contact them and they will try to answer it. You can view the set up and instruction video under the image section. The penguin kitchen timer is adorable. The timer goes up to 60 minutes. To set the desired time, turn clockwise for 60 minutes. The mechanism is made of steel and plastic. The measures are 2.5 x 5.25 x 2.5 inches.

Brand: Kikkerland

👤The deal is that my timer didn't go off. The directions on the box are important. You can change it to 30 minutes and then back to the time you want. This is common with this style of timer. This is a fun timer. It was dropped on the kitchen floor and still works. My daughter is crazy about penguins and we use this to help her with cleaning and cooking. This little guy is very good.

👤The timer is cute. We use it to keep our toddler. If we say we're going to clean the house for 10 minutes, the toddler knows not to interrupt us until the timer buzzes. There is a It doesn't work well for shorter times. I tried to set it for 5 minutes and it started counting and then stopped. It's happened almost every time I've tried to set it for under 10 minutes.

👤I read the reviews and bought it. The penguin is cute and when you follow the instructions, it counts down with the clicking sound and rings. The accuracy is a problem for me. I wanted to use it to time student activities when I was a teacher. I only need about 5 or 10 minutes at a time. When I tried the timer with a 5 minute interval, it didn't work out because it rang after 2 minutes and then stopped counting. After 5 it did not ring. If you plan on using this for a short time, it's not accurate enough. It was easy to return through the retail store that Amazon has.

👤I was pretty disappointed that we got this to help our daughters. The design was cute and fun. It is a pain in the butt. You have to twist it all the way back in order to set it. It ended up ringing for a minute and a half too soon. It may have been cheap, but it should do what it is supposed to do.

👤If the timer didn't work, I would keep it as part of my penguin collection. It is difficult to use as the plastic is very slick and the shape makes it hard to get your fingers in the right places to wind it up. My age may have something to do with that. I put Ringer back in the cupboard because it was loud enough. The problem was solved when I added 2 min to my setting. I would buy it again. I bought it for the loud bell as I'm not very good at hearing and the digital timer on our microwave oven is not very loud. The bell on this device is loud enough that I can set the timer and put it in the cupboard out of the way, and still hear it ring. There is a I have to time it for five minutes. I'm sure I'll get used to it once I learn where to put it. I can make a chart and tape it inside the cupboard door if I push come to shove. I'd buy it again, as I'm very likely to break it eventually, as timers like this don't seem to last long, and this one is so slick that I'm very likely to drop and break it eventually.

3. Boseen Kitchen Mechanical Countdown Teaching

Boseen Kitchen Mechanical Countdown Teaching

Corrosion-resistant and oxidation-resistant metal is a high-quality material. If you have any quality issues, please contact them via Amazon and they will send you a replacement. Instructions are given. To counter clockwise, turn clockwise for 60 minutes. The dial is big and clear. You can use it after reading the manual. Adherence and convenience: The kitchen timer is small enough to fit on the table. You can easily hold it by the carrying loop. MECHANICAL DESIGN: No battery, more convenient and durable, up to 60 minutes. While it counts down, it goes to tick sound. The ring will come when the clock is over. The style is UNIQUE. The timer looks like a child with a big nose, little hands and baby feet. Even if the timer is not used, it looks adorable sitting at your desk. The old fashioned ringer will add more fun to your life. It's the same for most OCCASIONS. It's suitable for many places. It is a great gift for friends, lovers, family and kids.

Brand: Boseen

👤This can be heard in the break room. It works well when set to greater than 5 minutes. My coworker helped pick it out because it has a butt. It made him laugh.

👤It didn't work on the first use. I tried a few more times. Sometimes the alarm doesn't go off. The timer doesn't always tick. It will be cold. I've never wound it too far. It was just poorly made.

👤The timer is hilarious. The behind surprised me. I wish the timer was louder when I have a lot going on.

👤We wanted to like this timer. After a couple of weeks, the clock stopped ringing when the time was over.

👤This was used to help potty train our son. He was more interested in going when the timer went off than when we told him to. We used it for about 2 months and never had any issues.

👤It's one of those crank ones that we use for the kids and we use it while doing our home school for a different activity that requires a time component. The timer has butt cheeks that don't really understand what the point is. It's kind of weird. I like it.

👤The design is very cute and my kid likes it. I used it for a timer. I want my child to rest. It works well at the beginning. After 4 months, it didn't click. To make it work, you have to shake it on the table. It's not an expensive one but still feels disappointed for only 4 months.

👤I like the timer. It's the right size for my apartment. Four stars because it is not loud, only goes off for a short time, and the markings are white, making it hard to see on the yellow version. The size of my apartment makes the markings a problem for me.

👤This is a fun little accessory.

4. Zassenhaus M072327 Retro Magnetic Kitchen

Zassenhaus M072327 Retro Magnetic Kitchen

WIDELY APPLIED. A perfect timer for homework, exercise, gym workout, cooking, sports, games and classroom timer activities. The classic reTRO cooking timer. Everyone will love this kitchen accessory. This unique timer will look great in a modern or retro kitchen. The dial face is painted with a colorful finish. The Zassenhaus timer has all of the style and craftsmanship you would expect from a Zassenhaus. TILE MAGNETIC KITCHEN TIMER: The classic wall timer is practical and extra stylish. The kids will love setting this timer when they help out in the kitchen. It makes the perfect meditation timer, study timer, desk timer, or productivity timer. Quality design and construction are important. The 55 minute mechanical timer is made of high quality steel. It has a sturdy magnet that is strong enough to hold it in place. The face has numbers with minute markings that are easy to read. The timer is about 2.70" dia. x 1 inch H. The classic kitchen timer is easy to use. To set the ringer, simply turn the dial all the way to 55 and then back to your desired time. It could not be harder. The minute timer is small and convenient for space saving, yet large enough to be easily readable. It is easy to clean by wiping it down. It's not suitable for the dishwasher. The ZASSENHAUS Tradition: Zassenhaus was founded in 1867 as an export store for small steel goods and tools, and has since become the epitome of high quality spices and coffee mills. They know that the kitchen and cooking are more important to the quality of life than almost anything else. Zassenhaus combines classic, timeless styles with innovative design.

Brand: Zassenhaus

👤This is a bait and switch, or at least it is if you look at it that way. I got my timer yesterday and it was not the same as the one pictured, it is round and red. The timer that was sent to me was not made by the same company, even though the packaging stated it was. The Zassenhaus timer that I held in my hand on the recent trip was heavy and well made, and has a lovely face. The timer that arrived was light and cheap, but lacked any of the graphics you see in the picture. Stay away. The real one had a crisp ring when the timer went off again, and it also had an annoying buzz to it when the timer went off again. I didn't buy the timer because of the weight. I'll be looking for the real one now. It's not worth it.

👤Magnet is strong enough to just leave on the stove and turn it with one hand. Have to take it off and hold it in one and turn it around to set time. It is not a big deal to me. When the timer goes off, the ring is very short and quick, which is a big deal to me. If you are in the middle of a conversation and the tv is on, there is a chance that I won't hear it. 1 week later, it was changed to 1 star. The timer is made of plastic. The timer was melted by the heat from cooking. There is a piece of garbage.

👤I figured I'd give it a try since it wasn't the same timer as pictured. I followed the instructions and wound past 55 before setting the time. It worked for a short time, but then stopped working again, and you have to hit it to get it going again. It seems to stop if you hold it at different angles. Maybe the product works, but this is a cheap crappy version. There is a The refund was paid back.

👤It stopped working after 2 uses. If you are not in the room when it does this, how would you know the timer went off? We just use our voice assistant for a timer and threw it away.

👤The review has been updated. I was worried that I might not get an authentic Zassenhaus timer with steel construction, given the reviews I'd read here. I was very relieved that my order is almost exactly the same as the photo. This is not a full 60-min timer, but rather a 55 min timer. That's not an issue for me. When I held it in my hand, it sounded a little quiet, but once magnetised to my frig, it was perfect in volume. I'm so happy to have a new timer in this style, in white, to replace my old one. I hope you will continue to make this classic model in all colors. Thank you!

👤To sound the bell when the time is over, you need to move the needle clockwise first, then set it to the desired time. After the bell sounds, the timer will keep going for a few seconds. The timer is tested against a stop watch. It's sturdy and has a nice weight. It doesn't tick too loudly and the sound of the alarm is pretty good if you're in earshot. The magnet is strong. The fridge has it hanging on it. You can keep it in a drawer or hang it on your fridge or stove, it's small and it doesn't take much space. She likes it.

5. Yueton Kitchen Mechanical Minutes Rotating

Yueton Kitchen Mechanical Minutes Rotating

The metal is oxidation-resistant. A clearly marked dial and alarm are included in the Kitchen Craft mechanical sixty minutes. It's easy to use and you don't need a battery. The Tomato cooking timer is small and is suitable for any size of table-board. It's widely used. It is widely used in home use. The timer is a great gift for friends who need time reminding.

Brand: Yueton

👤It only worked when it felt like it. I use the pomodoro technique and having something to count down beside me helped to keep me on track, even if I worked a little too much. There is a 40 days after purchase it stopped working. No longer can you count down, no ringing, no return. Don't buy.

👤It is a cute timer. The Pomodoro technique is what I used to buy it. Sometimes it doesn't start counting down like it's supposed to. If you don't make sure it's up to date before you start, you might not get a notification at the end. It's not horrible for a cheap timer. It only has one job and it doesn't do very well.

👤The timer is mechanical. It was like old school pocket watches. There is a A lot of the people complaining on here don't understand that you need to charge the spring in 55 minutes, then set your time. If you wind it down to 5 minutes, it won't have enough energy to actuate the bell. There is a It continues to tick a bit after alarming. That's just how mechanical clocks work.

👤It is easy to use and will keep time for you. The shape of the tomato is cute. I don't think I'll use it for work timing since it's loud and distracts me. I think that it may be mechanical because it keeps ticking a little after the bell rings.

👤I use this timer all the time, and it helps me stay on track because I am somewhat timeblind. It was very useful in my office.

👤The timer looks nice and it makes me happy to manually turn it. I like how it looks like a tomato. It doesn't stop at zero or the same number. It's not possible to predict where it will stop and how long it will last.

👤I bought it because it looks cute. dinger goes off for about 2 seconds, if you cough or sneeze you will miss it. I am sitting in the kitchen and will be giving this to my grandson, but I need to find another one in person.

👤Yes, it is a timer. It does that. I can hear the noise of the tickle. It's hard to hear myself think next to it. The clock is like a quarter of a second. It's unbearable. I was ready to kill something when I tried to use it. Don't buy it, it's cursed. Unless you would like to torture someone.

👤I took tips from other reviewers so that I used them correctly. I have to make sure I wind it completely before setting the time. It worked for two months. It stops with three minutes left.

👤The alarm cannot be triggered because it doesn't tick.

6. Mechanical Learning Exercise Beautiful Appearance

Mechanical Learning Exercise Beautiful Appearance

It's the same for most OCCASIONS. It's suitable for many places. It is a great gift for friends, lovers, family and kids. 1. The mechanical clockwork design makes it work without batteries, environmental protection, and long service life. 2. The Magnet design is easy to place and can be used on fridges and microwaves. 3. The ribbon area on the dial makes it easier to see the pointer even if it's not in sight. 4. Volume reminder: The volume is clear and can be used in many scenarios. Please follow the instructions when using it. The timer will be damaged if you don't use it. The timer needs to be turned clockwise above the "55" scale every time you use it. The time you need to set will be set when you turn counterclockwise.

Brand: N2

👤If you lay a pillow or blanket over the timer, it will make a noise which will be hard to hear and will stop the timer from timing properly. I tested the time against my phone a few times. When the time is up, the alarm sounds for 3 seconds. It's quieter than an old fashioned alarm clock, so you might not hear it if you're in a different room. There is a It's nice to have an alarm that you can use when you don't want to look at a phone.

👤I've caused the fire alarm to go off several times while I've been at home. I forget that the water is boiling when I go into my office to work. I bought this timer so I can keep it on my desk and know when to check it out. This worked for a while, but over the past few weeks it has stopped working. I can turn the dial to the time I want, but the timer doesn't ring when it reaches zero. It's a pity. I don't feel comfortable using this anymore because it's unreliable. I have 2 stars because it looks appealing to have on my desk and the numbers are easy to read.

👤The cute timer has a ring on it when it goes off. The kitchen doesn't have any metal to use the magnet on. Magnets don't stick to the stove hood and fridge. I don't care. Love the color.

👤The kitchen timer is in my favorite color and I was very excited to receive it. It worked the first time. It would ring before the time was up and then not when the time was actually up. Do not recommend. Returned.

👤The first timer stopped dinging after three uses. It's not very effective to make sure delicacies don't burn in the oven. When the timer ran out, the replacement did not work out of the box. It looks great, but it's all over.

👤The timer is more of a rattle than a bell. I don't use it for cooking because both my gas stove and microwave have timers built into them. I use this because I have a Lab and large dogs must wait for an hour after eating to run to avoid a triped stomach. If it goes off, my dog will find me if I'm not in the room.

👤The box has instructions on it. It is very simple but not intuitive.

👤This is a timer that is visible. Maybe I didn't read it. It doesn't make a sound when done. It is silent except for the tickling. The visual is clear. There is a You have to turn past 55min to set it. There is a Sturdy timer. I don't use a magnet, but it does have one.

7. Countdown Kitchen Magnetic Stainless Mechanical

Countdown Kitchen Magnetic Stainless Mechanical

The easiest way to store the alarm sound chain is to turn the control knob clockwise to the 55 scale site, thencounterclockwise to the expected time. 3 x 6 3 x 1. There is a gentle sound in counting that a brief user knows is working. The Searon kitchen timer has a timer that is 60 minutes. It's easy to attach a magnetic backing to a fridge. When time reaches zero, the alarm will ring for 5 seconds at a sound volume of 90 decibels. Powered by Winding is powered by winding up, so no battery is required. It is easy to use because you have to turn the Konb clockwise to 55 minutes before you can use it. The dimensions and weight are L x W x H (2.68 x 2.68 x 1 inch), Weight: 3.6 oz. Searon warrants that if it fails to function properly due to a defect in workmanship or materials, it will replace it without charge for a period of 2 years.

Brand: Searon

👤After a couple of disappointing false starts, I can say that this one performs very well. It has a good sound. This one works well and stands out in the crowd.

👤I was not happy with the timer. There is a After the second use, I set it for a cake and after 10 minutes, there was no movement. This happened again after the first time. Every time I use it, I have to put my ear to the timer.

👤At least two batches of bacon were burnt because of my microwave and oven timers. I decided to get this simple analog timer to make up for my useless built in ones. I didn't want to use a digital one or batteries just because they counted down. This is exactly what it is. Wait, and it will scream at me that the bacon is done. It was perfect.

👤Nice looking, can't see numbers without glasses. The timer is loud enough, but you need to dial it back to where you want it to be. The timer will not work if it is not used. There is a The magnet on this is strong and works well if the surface is metal or flat. There is a It doesn't have to stick to a surface as it will sit on its own.

👤Something simple was what I needed. The timer is easy to understand. It is small, simple and works. When you reach the amount of time you need, it goes off. It's bingo!

👤I am happy with this timer, I just got it. It seems sturdy and the backing on it allows for attachment to metal surfaces. It's easy to set and seems to be accurate, and the alarm is loud enough to be heard in an adjacent room.

👤Works as promised. The side of our refrigerator has a magnet on it. Sturdy and reliable.

👤You can put the timer on the fridge with a magnet. The bell is not loud when the timer goes off.

8. Lux Minute Minder Mechanical Markings

Lux Minute Minder Mechanical Markings

Please follow the instructions when using it. The timer will be damaged if you don't use it. The timer needs to be turned clockwise above the "55" scale every time you use it. The time you need to set will be set when you turn counterclockwise. Minute Minder Timer Markings.

Brand: Lux

👤I had one for a long time. For the past few years, I've been using a fancy battery operated timer, which always ran out of batteries at the wrong time. It has been difficult to find good old fashioned simple products that just keep working and doing what you ask of them. I'm glad I found this.

👤I bought a digital timer that didn't work, so I ordered this one. I was hoping this would be reliable, but it only worked twice. When the time ran out, the alarm stopped going off. I'd like to know the brand and model of a reliable timer.

👤The time left does not line up with the top of the timer. Two minutes before it hits the zero, it makes a sound. The "ringer" is very short and you might miss it when you're cooking/baking out of the oven.

👤When using the timer for amounts like 10 minutes, remember to turn it past the 30 minute mark. I was surprised that the ring was long. My mom gave me a vintage one. It worked for about 50 years. Is this one going to last as long? Sometimes it rings and sometimes it doesn't. I think this one is not going to last as long as my original one. If you have cookies in the oven, check this timer.

👤Because of the China virus, I was laid off. I had to purchase this product to make sure that the children in my household would help lower my water bill by setting the timer for 8 minute showers. By the time I finish with them, they will be ready to go to boot camp.

👤I have had a reliable timer for a long time. I bought a new one because I like one on each floor. For those items that I only want to slightly dry, use for cooking and laundry.

👤I bought a timer to replace my original. The brand is the same. It works. That's it. The way the arrow was constructed caused it to be off by a minute. The plastic is very thin. I would rather pay more for a quality product. The company should think about offering a model that's close to the original instead of marketing it as the same item.

👤The original version has a ringing alarm, but not a loud "DING."

9. Secura 60 Minute Mechanical Countdown Teaching

Secura 60 Minute Mechanical Countdown Teaching

5. The metal is oxidation-resistant. There is a completely mechanical countdown timer for school, office, kitchen, gym, and more. Accurate mechanical timing. No batteries needed. For a long time. Improve time management, increase productivity with daily tasks, and more! Making sure teeth are brushed long enough is one example. The timer is great to help children understand time. Special education and K-12 teachers are recommended for parents and teachers. It is not intended for children. The clock can help those with special needs. The bright colored disc disappears as the time passes. The visual design of this timer helps people of all abilities. It's ideal to place it on fridges, ovens, utility cabinets, classroom whiteboards, and more. The two foldable legs on the backing can be placed on flat surfaces. There are 3 more The hanging hole can be wall mounted. To use the timer before each use, turn the control knob clockwise to 55 minutes and thencounterclockwise to the desired time. The size is 6. 3 x 6 3 x 1. It is large enough to see how much time is left. One can hear a gentle sound that shows the timer is working.

Brand: Secura

👤This timer is a great visual aid for my kids to see how long it will take to complete a task, like playing and cleaning up, or time left before time to leave. When the timer ends, it has a loud ring. It has a kickstand, a screw hole, and a magnet so you can display it in a variety of ways. It does not require batteries. It is perfect for our needs.

👤I didn't think I'd leave a long review for a timer that seemed simple but we love it. It's changed the way we live in our family. We used to have a 2 year old who would protest every single nightime nap and then go to bed happily after the timer went off, but since we started using this timer, he knows exactly when it's coming and he maximizes the play time he has left and goes to bed happily It helps immensely when we're having trouble with transitions, such as coming in the house, leaving someone else's house, etc. It's the perfect size, works great, and is laid out like a clock for educational purposes. The fridge and stand for a counter or table are great places to keep the magnet. What a great product.

👤This thing is large. It's about the size of a soup bowl. I just missed it, it's probably in the description. It's not a big deal for me, and if you want to read it across the room, just know what you're getting into. There is a To ring the bell you have to twist it all the way past the 55 minute marker, and then twist it back to the time you want. It does make it a little more time consuming to use, but it is not a problem if you use it. I like to be able to set a timer to remind me to do something if there is a time sensitive task. It's a little more difficult to turn the knob to 55 and back. Not enough to stop using it. I might try to find something else. This would make a great classroom timer because it's easy to see across a room. I would recommend it if that's your use case.

👤The display is large and easy to read. Most people buy this timer for that reason. The timer is not very long. Only turn the dial one way. The bell may not ring at the end if you go past your time. If you have a toddler like me, the dial will be turned every which way. The bell may stop working very quickly. I found a way to fix the issue by turning the timer all the way to 59 minutes. Let it count down. I'm not sure how long that fix will last. I think it has to do with the spring inside the bell that rings at the end. Repeatedly turning the dial the wrong way messes with the spring.

👤I have two minor issues with this timer, but I really like it. I bought this timer to use for my kids, but have used it a lot more than I expected. There is a Here's what we like. My kids enjoy the visual aspect. They know how much time is left for each activity. There are two more My kids can set it on their own by turning the dial. It's great for me to not have to get involved because they have started using it themselves to play with toys. There are 3 more It has a table stand and a hole in it to hang it on a hook. It can be seen from across the room. There is a There are only two minor issues with this timer. 1) The sound of the tickling is too loud for me. It's not an issue for most people, but when I'm trying to teach a lesson to my kids it can be a distraction. There are two more It doesn't ring if you set it for less than 5 minutes. Again, not a huge issue, but worth mentioning. A great visual timer. Despite the negatives, I would purchase again.

10. Jayron Kitchen Stainless Mechanical Rotating

Jayron Kitchen Stainless Mechanical Rotating

Minute Minder Timer Markings. It is a kitchen timer with precise timing, and has a lovely and exquisite appearance. The timing range is 60 minutes. ROBUST HOUSING can work in humid environments. No battery is required, just turn and operate. The reminder bell can be heard from a distance. It can be used for multiple scenarios and given as a gift.

Brand: Jayron

👤I wanted a manual timer but it wouldn't ring. It would stop at about a minute left on the timer. It never rang if you pushed it to zero.

👤I would love to give this a 5-star rating, but it's not. It doesn't work. When I opened it up from the packaging, it didn't make a noise to let me know that the time is up. Cute. If it doesn't work, what is the point? I will be returning it.

👤Looks amazing... The ring is small. It's a shame. A longer ring makes it a champ.

👤You can hear it tick and even see it moving, but when it reaches zero, it's over. It stops. There was no alarm. It is easy to wind it up, but how accurate is it when it does not tell you the time is up?

👤It works great with my other items. I like to bring the room with me when I'm not in the kitchen. The purchase was great and the seller was great.

👤It's so cute! I needed a new timer since my old one broke.

👤I think I got a faulty timer. When it reached zero, it wouldn't ring. I returned the timer and got a refund, but I'm not going to buy another one.

👤It doesn't work all the time. The ringer works intermittently or not at all. It is very annoying because it is the time out timer for my child.

👤This is a simple product. I'm not the first to mention this, but some people are complaining that it doesn't ring loud enough, or that they got a different box from me that didn't have instructions on it. There is a It says on the box that you're supposed to crank the egg all the way to the maximum time and then dial it back to the time you want. This is a mechanical device, there is no battery, and it needs a full crank if you want a ring for smaller times. I prefer a weaker ring so I usually only crank it a bit past where I want it. Cheers.

👤The design and simplicity of it made it easy for everyone to use. If you set it for 5 minutes or less, it won't ring at all. It was kind of useless. If I set it to more than 15 minutes it rings but the sound is so short that I can barely hear it in the kitchen. The grandma can't hear it. It's very easy to use, so everyone uses it.

👤This timer is cute but not effective for short timing. It will sound off with a light ding at the end if you use it for 1 hour. You need to hear it. It didn't work when I tried it for 15 and 30 minutes. I only succeeded once on the 1 hour timing. I don't think it works because it isn't functional enough for me. I can hear from another room with a short or long time if I have a functional timer that I can use.

11. Colortrak Minute Wind Timer Black

Colortrak Minute Wind Timer Black

Your time is not wasted. The 60 Minute Wind Up Timer is a must have in any salon. This timer is easy to use and can be set in one minute intervals up to an hour. Simple and small. To set for a short amount of time, first wind timer past 30 seconds then back to the desired time. It's ideal to time all processes. The timer is easy to stand on countertops. Set and go efficient, so you can stay focused on the task at hand and not worry about the clock. No batteries are required. This accessory does not require a battery or ding to notify you when time is up. A tool that can be used at the salon or home. It's perfect for timing kids activities. Colortrak has a line of salon products that are comfortable and effective for styling, coloring and processing applications. Colortrak products are pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the world of hair color by incorporating ergonomics, design, and real-world testing by brand ambassadors.

Brand: Colortrak

👤After reading some reviews, I can tell you that you need to turn the timer up to 55 minutes then down to your desire time in order to make it ring. It will not ring if it isn't called, that's why so many reviews say it doesn't work. There is a It does. I am using to time my child's homework. It is working.

👤My son needs a time out timer. He knows when he can get out of time by the bell and this helps a lot. This stops him from being able to get up. There is a My son went to his time out chair because he thought he was in trouble after my wife used it in the kitchen.

👤I bought this timer to let my toddler know when time out is over or when screen time is over. If you set the timer for 20 minutes, but not for 2 minutes, it won't work. When time is up, it won't ding if you set for less than 10 minutes. The whole time is counting down and it ticks very loudly.

👤The thing worked when the timer was Winding all the way to 60 minutes and then to a lower time. There is a The majority of the time it would hang up, stopping the count at a random time. The timer's counting down action is loud and obnoxious so it's easy to notice the stop. If the timer makes it through to the set time, it would ring before continuing on with its loud tick for another 30 seconds or so. It is quite durable.

👤I use a nice timer when I'm in the shower. It is important to read the instructions given by the manufacturer. You have to adjust the time you want after 30 minutes. The timer ring is loud if you are close to the timer, but not loud enough if you are far away. This is a cheap timer that does the job.

👤I am guilty of fondly remembering the past because of my diminished hearing. I remember the old-time mechanical egg timers that made a racket when they went off and could be heard from anywhere in the house. Reviewers of mechanical timers like this one point out that they are not perfect, but that all mine have always worked. I bought two of these timers and they both work well. They are not as loud as I 888-276-5932s. One reviewer said they were too loud, but I don't think it's related to my hearing loss. I don't agree. The publicity for this item doesn't emphasize kitchen use, so it's not clear why that would affect the engineered alarm volume. They are louder than battery-run timers I have bought, which have only a squeak as an alarm. It is necessary for reviewers to twist the dial to 60, then set the time, to get a good, long alarm. Even though there is no battery powered button, it is not hard.


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