Best Cooking Timer Magnetic

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1. KitchenAid KQ900 Single Digital Inches

KitchenAid KQ900 Single Digital Inches

Magnets,Clip, hooks and brackets offer more flexibility. If you want to hang it on a wall hook or around your neck, you can either stick it to the fridge door or use the pull out stand. You can put it in your bag or pocket. It works with a 1xAAA battery. There is a display. A large backlit display makes this digital kitchen timer easy to read. Extra-strong covered magnets allow you to store this timer on your stove top, refrigerator, or vent. The ideal viewing angle for the stand is on the countertops. The timer range is easy to program with minute and second buttons that can count down from 99 minutes to 59 seconds or up from zero. CR2032 batteries are included. A screwdriver is required to open a door. It is easy to clean. If you want to get the best results, wipe with a damp cloth and dry thoroughly.

Brand: Kitchenaid

👤The screen goes blank after a few seconds so I don't know if I have 2 minutes or 20 minutes left. The button stops the timer when I press it. You press another button to start the timer again. The design was very poor. The alarm is so soft that I can't hear it unless I'm in the kitchen. I don't think it's a good product.

👤I got this one because I know the quality of the brand. I got this because it's magnetic and I could put it in my fridge. It slides down my fridge. I think this will be a counter display piece. The buttons all work the way the package says they should, and it even goes to sleep to conserve battery life. The timer is the same level as the one I got from the dollar tree. I take the timer with me if I'm not in the kitchen. You can use the timer on your phone if this isn't enough. You can control the volume level with that on them.

👤Kitchen Aid is known for its quality. This kitchen timer is a work of art, but it is not a timer. There is no obvious way to use the buttons. Nothing happens when you press any button. The Radio Shack kitchen timer has buttons. It is no longer available. The Kitchen Aid timer is a poor piece of technology. The people who designed it thought that if the display was large enough, nothing else mattered. The beep is too soft when you get it to work. If you want a timer, buy something else. I tried to open the package with the Kitchen Aid timer. Any tool you use to open it must be very dangerous. A razor-sharp blade with great force will work. If you want an effective timer, you need a digital timer with 12 buttons. They are available at a very reasonable price.

👤Looks good. Works. It is easy to read for the first minute. The numbers disappear. If you press the correct button, they will reappear. The numbers will be legible for one more minute. They disappear again. The highlight of this timer is that it is easy to read if you just walk by but not if the numbers don't show up. I could not give it more than 2 or 3 stars because of this flaw. When the timer is not displaying numbers, the manufacturer should try to use it as a timer in the kitchen, so that the person can see that it is not displaying numbers.

👤I wanted the original kitchen aid timer, but it seems like it's no longer made. I took a chance on this one, and it didn't work out. I will keep it until I find something better. There is a It uses coin batteries. Yeah, it's really bad. They are not expensive, but still a hassle. There is a The light goes out when the timer is about to end, so you can't see what the timer is, except at the beginning and end. There is a It's only good for short cooking sessions, so don't use it for long cooking periods. The good old heavy timer needs to be brought back. This one hurts.

2. Wrenwane Digital Kitchen Operation Magnetic

Wrenwane Digital Kitchen Operation Magnetic

Premium ABS material and batteries are included, unlike those timers made from cheap plastic. A digital timer, three batteries, and a user manual are what you get. You can easily read the timer display with it's big, bold digits if you look across the room. It's ideal for people with bad eyesight. A count up and down can be used as a stopwatch and can also be used as a count up. A perfect timer for homework, exercise, gym workout, cooking, sports, games and classroom timer activities. The maximum time is 99 minutes. You will be able to hear the alarm in another room. It is loud and clear. The alarm should not be a problem for the mildly hard of hearing. There are 3 different options for placement of the kitchen timer. If you want to hang it on a wall hook or around your neck, you can either stick it to the fridge door or use the pull out stand. A lot of timers don't have an on/off switch due to the low power consumption. Many people prefer electrical items to be powered down after use, and with a small switch on the side you can do that.

Brand: Wrenwane

👤The timer works well, however there are features that need improvement. It is difficult to see the three buttons on the face of the timer because they are all light blue in color. The button is marked for a short time. S for seconds and ST for stop/start. I had to use a black marker to outline the letters on the buttons. The timer has two magnets, but they are small and not large, and when attached to the refrigerator they had a tendency to slide down. It comes with a piece of metal that will allow it to stand. There is a An updated model is now on Amazon with stronger magnets. The newer model of the Mfr made up for the one I had. I had a chance to test it out. The issue of the letter markings is being addressed by the mfr. Customer service was outstanding and now rates 5 stars.

👤I needed a loud timer with an easy-to-read display so I bought one in October of 2016 I couldn't find a good replacement for it, so I ordered another one. The one that died in February of last year was that one. I ordered one more because of the same problem. This one has been going on for about a year and a half. I have timers that are ten years old. Quality control must have been better for other people. I can't see why this is an "Amazon's Choice". There is an update. Within a day of posting this review, I received an email from the manufacturer apologizing for the faulty timers and telling me that they would replace them and give me a full refund for the previous three. The new one looks good so far, so maybe this time I'll have the same luck as a few thousand other people have had with the timer. The stars are supposed to be for the product itself, but I'm increasing my review to two stars for the excellent and responsive customer service that Wrenwane provides. Way to go,Stephanie.

👤I bought a second one because I loved this so much. I can hear it with my hard-of-hearing ears. I bought this to replace my favorite kitchen timers. When they went off at the end of a nap, I was accidentally over- cooking stuff. I got tired of my husband saying "Didn't you hear that?" I am buying a third one today because I discovered a third use for it. I have a buzzer in my clothes dryer, but my clothes washer doesn't and I often forget and leave a load in the washer for too long. I was amazed that I could hear my new timer in 2 rooms away, because it has a handy magnet on the back. The best part is that the alarm sound does not hurt my ears. The high pitched noises of some kitchen buzzers and timers can hurt my ears, as I have gotten more hearing-impaired. Highly recommended!

👤You can put a chain through the loop hole on the back of the timer and wear it around your neck. There is a It has a stand that you can use to set it upright. There is a The magnets on the fridge door are strong and won't fall off if you open or close it. There is a It has an on/off switch on the side so you don't waste battery when you're not using it. There was only one battery needed. The battery cover plate is not flimsy, so no need to tape it shut. There is a The alarm is loud and not crazy. It lasts for 60 seconds or until you press a button. You will hear it if you have normal hearing. If it's in another room where the TV is on, it's probably not. I bought this because I want to set the timer quickly and have an alarm go off when I take my breaks. I work from home and even though I have a very comfortable environment, I have to clock in/out for lunch. It's easy to forget to clock in when you work from home. I've tried the timer on my phone, but it's too easy to close it when I'm on the phone. There is a It's a town. In Maine, pouring rain, hip pain, insane, in the brain. WRENWANE!

3. Time Timer Digital 4 Pack Countdown

Time Timer Digital 4 Pack Countdown

5. If you have questions about their products, please contact them in time. MUTE MODE: The time timer has a switch. The mute mode is very suitable for children and teachers, and you can reach it by pressing the button on the side. The five-pointed star will blink quietly when the clock reaches 00:00 on the desktop. You can choose the color of the timepiece. The small star pattern flashes when the time is up and when you press the button. The cute button will make you want to use it more. The gun lock is loud. When the silent mode is turned off, the magnetic timer will count down to zero, and the sound of "Bi Bi" will sound for 30 seconds. The sound will be clear but not deafening if you don't stop it. Simple operation. It can be counted down within a few minutes. The buttons for minutes and seconds are set separately, which is more convenient and can be operated by children and the elderly. Press and hold the SEC and MIN buttons at the same time to reset the kitchen timer to zero. The magnetic back panel design can be attached to the refrigerator or other metal surfaces, which makes it easy to install.

Brand: Timer For Kids

👤Very impressed by this timer. Multiple timing methods should be chosen. Light blinker, silent, medium load, etc. I've never seen one like that before. Leave it to Amazon to get this.

👤I have two kids that are big enough for these. This is a 4 pack and I am happy about it. They take a lot of batteries and work well. The buttons are large so the kids can easily hit them. It's really nice for kitchen projects or when doing playtime.

👤The timers are great for my classroom. They have a stand on the back. I love how colorful they are. The buttons are very easy to set and stop.

👤I am happy that I bought these. The timers are easy to use. I love that they have a silent mode option. The colors are helpful when you're trying to find something in your classroom. A great purchase!

👤I like the 3 timers that work. The white one doesn't work. The numbers and buttons are large. It's great for the kitchen. If all four of them worked, I would give it 5 stars.

👤These timers are perfect for students to use at centers. The kids are able to use them easily and I love that they are magnets so they can pop them back on the whiteboard when they are done. I wish the magnet was stronger but it is always fixable.

👤It is easy to be opposite. They are used to time their screen time.

4. XREXS Magnetic Countdown Classroom Batteries

XREXS Magnetic Countdown Classroom Batteries

Interval timing allows exercisers to take a break. It is a great time for kids. Loud ringing and mumble mode. You can hear the kitchen timer's alarm in another room. No worries about overcook or under cook. If you don't like the alarm, you can change it to a silent one and there will be a red light. It's easy to use and large clear pitchforks. You don't need to push the button a lot if you set it with individual numbers. A large screen for digits. The display size is 2.56 x 0.98 inches. The kitchen timer is easy to read and use to show numbers from any angle in the kitchen. The count up/down timer has a mathematical function. The maximum time for count down is 99 minutes, but also a count up timer of 59 minutes. The last time setting can be recalled with the "start/stop" button. If the timer is on but not working, you can press any button to wake it. There is a magnetic back, retractable stand and hook for hanging. The digital kitchen timer is easy to use. Hang on the wall or the table. It can stick to the front of the refrigerator. WIDELY APPLIED. A perfect timer for homework, exercise, gym workout, cooking, sports, games and classroom timer activities.

Brand: Xrexs

👤Yeah, I like it. I was looking for a timer with certain qualities. I needed numbers because I dislike those types of sound and they take a long time to get the right amount of seconds or minutes. The queen and I needed large digits. We can see this one in the kitchen. To save battery life, I would like it to shut down and sleep after I'm done. I don't need to see the digits on my other timers. The timer will not be ignored. When it's done, it will let you know. If you don't shut it off after a few seconds, it will go postal on your ears. I can hear it from the dungeon. 99 minutes and 99 seconds is the max. It's a good idea to recommend definite.

👤I fixed an issue with my unit that I think might help others with the same issue, so I don't normally write reviews about inexpensive housewares. The alarm wouldn't work and the light wouldn't illuminate when the unit arrived. The unit has two cheap, off-brand batteries already installed. Most manufacturers will keep the batteries separate, but not this company, they will place a thin piece of plastic between the battery terminals and the contacts to keep them from draining before sale. The display worked fine, even if it's not very good for off-angle viewing, but the other key features didn't work. I thought that the unit was designed to reduce battery drain when the batteries are low by disabling features, and I was correct. The alarm and light worked well after the new set of batteries was installed. There is a If the unit is brand-new, you should change the batteries even if you try to return it.

👤This is the best timer I've seen in the past 15 years. I've had to order more since my first purchase. The first one was dropped too many times and the second one was lost. They're a workhorse if that's the case. You can program it quickly, with anything from seconds to minutes. It has the longest beeper I've been able to find, which is crucial when you are easily distracted by other household chores, or get called away to the other end of the house and miss the beeper going off. It would be greatly improved if it would keep going until you turn it off. I haven't found a timer with that feature.

👤This thing lasted less than 60 days. I searched for a loud alarm. This worked until it didn't. You can choose to use the batteries for less than two months or use them for more than a year. Out of 30 years. I will not be replacing, but I will be looking for one with more reliability.

👤The timer I bought was broken when it arrived. The alert sound was so low that I could put it up to my ear. I swapped out the batteries but they didn't fix it. I contacted the seller to find out how much hassle he might be in for. There is a They were terrific, to my surprise. They sent me a replacement timer and upgraded the unit, which works perfectly. There is a I would recommend their company to everyone.

5. VOCOO Digital Kitchen Timer Adjustable

VOCOO Digital Kitchen Timer Adjustable

QUALITY CUSTOMER SERVICE If you have any quality issues, please contact them via AMAZON MESSAGE, they will provide a free replacement within 30 days. It is easy to use and quiet. One key operation, no more trying to set a timer with small buttons, just rotate to set time. Kids and Seniors can make it work. No loud tickling, fit for cooking, housework, fitness, game, classroom, meeting and other activities. You can easily see the time remaining with a large black screen and white numbers. It's ideal as a kitchen timer to say goodbye to underdone burgers and overcooked steaks. Loud, Soft, and a Mute level are the alarm volumes that meet your needs. Count down from 99 minutes 55 seconds to zero, or as a stopwatch count up from 0 to 99:55. Magnets on the back are strong enough to be placed on any iron surface. Two pads to keep them from falling off. Also, note: Remove the parent film from the Siena pads for stronger magnets. Two brightness choices: bright and ECO, for daytime and nighttime use. Press the button on the screen to enter power saving mode after a pause, and the timer will automatically enter after 5 seconds. Premium ABS material and batteries are included, unlike those timers made from cheap plastic. A digital timer, three batteries, and a user manual are what you get.

Brand: Vocoo

👤The display is bright and legible. The text is clear and the alarm is easy to hear. The adjustment ring is contextually aware, as it changes the rate of adjustment but also the radix point, as though a mechanical device imitating an app instead of as is usually, the other way around. The magnets are hidden behind a pair of rubber pads. It's not what this clock doesn't deliver on, but how much better it could've been. The most tedious part of the clock's usage is adjusting it, but there is no way to restart it if the count is over. If the ring were turned while the timer was relocated, the tedium of adjusting the time after being pulled is unavoidable. The ring is too light. A more polished action would be provided by the four planetary gears inside the device. The contextually- aware ring doesn't always infer the radix correctly based on the initial rate of turn. If the ring were adjusted quickly from rest, it assumes the minute-hand, when it's the seconds that are desired. It would be better to Dampening the action, remembering the starting time of the clock, and perhaps implementing better switchgear instead of this clever ring.

👤Since the first day it arrived, this little guy has made my life easier and happier. Totally satisfied with it. There is a It's easy to operate, looks elegant and modern, and has a large and properly contrast screen that makes reading easy in bright and dark environments. It was just bought so that it could be proven its longevity and accidents could speak for it. The general impression is that the designers and engineers have considered user habits and circumstances. The product has avoided several design flaws and pitfalls that are present on similar products, thus bringing a very smooth and pleasant user experience. I was given a pat on the back for being brave enough to get this rare review.

👤Eh! Don't like how sensitive it is when you turn the dial, set it to a certain time. It takes me 5 tries to get it. I leave it at the closet time. It is a little cheaper than expected.

👤The old one died so I got this timer. The dial mechanism is better than buttons because it allows you to get to a lot of things. If there is a lot of time involved, it can be difficult to get to precise seconds. The display is large. It took me too long to figure out how to clear the timer, just push and hold the little white circle near the bottom, and it will clear. The only complaint is that it could be a little harder with the rotation. If you accidentally turn the dial, you can't change the time. Sound and brightness are adjusted for. I would buy again.

👤Absolutely love this kitchen timer. When this one came, I didn't like that it needed a battery since it was digital, because our red one broke and we didn't need a batter. I didn't like that I had to worry about finding a battery and changing it over time, but the first battery was included and I used it immediately and fell in love! It looks fancy in the kitchen. Will buy again if it ever breaks. I needed this because I would forget to put a timer on my phone and burn my food. I put this timer on my fridge so I don't forget to turn it on. When there is a time limit for an activity, my son can see how much time we have left.

6. Countdown Digital Kitchen Magnetic Retractable

Countdown Digital Kitchen Magnetic Retractable

This would be a great gift for a teacher or family with young children that need a visual for how long they have left. 30-Day money back and 1-year warranty are guaranteed. You can easily read the timer display with the large clear buttons. 24 hours counting up/down digital magnetic kitchen timer with setting memomry works as a lock timer. There is a wide application. It's perfect for resting, cooking, tanking medicine, sports, doing facial mask, homework, debate, games and classroom timer. There is a loud sound. You will be able to hear the alarm in another room if you have a loud buzzer. Magnets,Clip, hooks and brackets offer more flexibility. If you want to hang it on a wall hook or around your neck, you can either stick it to the fridge door or use the pull out stand. You can put it in your bag or pocket. It works with a 1xAAA battery.

Brand: Femst

👤The product seems to do what it is supposed to do, but the manual is not up to the task. Maybe others like it. There is a One battery is required for the timer instructions. There is a There are displays in the upper right corner of the MODE the timer is in. Always confirm the mode you are in. The mode button is used. The basic Timer 2 is what it is. The 24 hour clock is 3. The time of day when the alarm will sound. The timer is basic. There is a TimeR in the top right hand corner. There is a The bell symbol will display in the top center if you push Start/Stop in the hours, minutes, and seconds you want to count. Unless you push start/stop, it will alarm for a minute. If you don't turn it off, it will start counting and you will know how long it has been since the alarm sounded. The bell symbol won't show. If you push Start/Stop without setting a time, the counter will count the elapsed time for 24 hours. 2. The 24 hour clock. There is a show in the right hand corner. There is a The clock is set by pushing the time buttons until the correct time is shown. There is no clock for 12 hours, thus: 12 midnight is 0:00, 1:30 am, noon, and 13:30, and 11 pm is 23:00. The time of day when the alarm will sound. The bell symbol will be displayed in the top center when this option is used. The basic timer can be used with this. You can set the time of day that the alarm sounds in the same way as the clock time. The bell symbol will show in the top center if you push start/stop. The bell symbol will disappear, and the alarm will not sound, but the most recent set time of the alarm will still show.

👤It is a good price for three. I agree with some of the negative comments, but still give it 5 stars. The instructions are not good, but it's not hard to figure them out. Two timers and a 24 hour clock. The alarm is loud and the magnet is not strong. Okay. There is a clip, stand, and magnet. There is a The mode button can be used to switch between the 24 hour clock and the timers. The Start/Stop/Clear buttons are what you would expect when in the timer mode. When it's at zero, hit Start. I like that there are two timers. Hit Hour to switch to the other timer when one is running. To set a Count-down timer, hit Clear and choose the Min and Sec buttons. If you want to set hours, hit the Sec or Min button first. The hour button only works between the two timers.

👤They work well, but you can find them cheaper elsewhere. There are pros and cons to them. There is a I like the fact that it can count up or down. It can be set to time up to 24 hours. It is very easy to read with the big screen. There is a The functions are not completely intuitive and they do not come with instructions. They do not come with batteries which it did not state at the time of purchase. The timers are larger than other brands and only show military time. There is nothing wrong with them, but they have some cons. I only gave them three stars.

7. Classroom Timers Teachers Magnetic Digital

Classroom Timers Teachers Magnetic Digital

A lot of timers don't have an on/off switch due to the low power consumption. Many people prefer electrical items to be powered down after use, and with a small switch on the side you can do that. The digital timers are easy to set up and read. The maximum time is 99 minutes 59 seconds and it's great for classroom and after-school activity. A classroom timer with Strong Magnetic back 2.0 retractable stand and hook can be positioned in a variety of locations. You don't need to set the time every time, it will remember your last time, and you only need to press the "ST/SP" button. The Perfect teachers and children timer for shower, homework, exercise, gym workout, games and reading can be added to your cart.

Brand: Aouce

👤This is what I needed. My brother in law is 25 and has Down Syndrome. I would forget to call him when he was in his room because he was so busy playing on his tablets. I put this on for an hour and he takes one with him and I have mine on the fridge. When the hour is up he comes down for a workout video, to play, I read to him, complete a chore, have snack or lunch, etc. It has helped us get into a healthier routine with our newest family member.

👤Junk. The two timers were ordered. One has a bad display and the other has a reset.

👤One of the timers had a faulty display, which was too faint to read. The second timer had a problem about a month later. I can't tell if the timer still tracks time or not, but without a readable display, it's not very useful. I thought we'd be able to make a basic timer that would be cost effective and reliable by 2020. I stand corrected. There is a The designer and manufacturer of this item should be ashamed.

👤I am a first year teacher and I have these to use for small group work, my calm down corner, and setting time for students to work. They are easy to use for the teacher and students. They use a single battery and are not loud where they cause a distraction. You can use the kickstand on a magnetic surface or on a flat surface. You can attach it to your lanyard there. This is a great tool to use in the classroom. I plan to buy at least one or two more sets in time for school to start again.

👤I use many of these for my household and school. The children use them to practice. I use it to do speed drills. It is used to time turns on Rummikub. The children use it to sleep. The list continues. You can't go wrong with the price. You have to either hold the minute button down or press it repeatedly to get to the time you want to set. I have a more expensive timer that is more convenient for certain uses. There isn't a volume control on this. I would like it to turn off its display after a while to save on batteries. You need to turn it off.

👤These work well and are user friendly. They are used constantly throughout our mornings to time our lessons and keep us on track. My only complaint is that the timers fell off just a few days into the new year. I kept them in a basket because they fell to the floor.

👤My daughter uses these when I tell her she can go to her friends but not home in 45 minutes. I don't have to worry that she will lose it or break it, because it is small enough to fit in her pocket. There is a She uses them to take a break from her schoolwork or to remind herself of times for tv shows. There is a She sets them herself and they are easy to use. There is a They are durable enough. I suppose they won't last forever, but she has been using the same one for a few months now, and it is still doing great.

8. LVGADR Countdown Magnetic Large Screen Hangable

LVGADR Countdown Magnetic Large Screen Hangable

There are 3 ways to place the timer, with a hole to hang, with support to stand, and with a magnet on the metal surface. Cooking, baking,laboratory, fitness, beauty, children eating, conference room, meeting, etc. 30-Day money back and 2-year warranty are guaranteed. There is a clear time display. You can see the timer in any corner of the room, and you can easily see the thick time at a glance. You can keep from forgetting important things by listening to the loud ringtones. The timer and countdown timer is suitable for people who want to become a chef. The maximum timing range is 99 minutes and 55 seconds. The cartoon animal alarm clock has bright colors that draw children's attention. It can help your children learn how to manage their time. It's suitable for study rooms. The electronic timer has a hanging hole that can be hung anywhere, and the visual timer has magnetic force, which can be firmly fixed on the oven, wall and other metal surfaces. There is a stand for the animal timer. The kitchen timer is made of plastic. The power saving switch has a function. You can use it for a lot of things.

Brand: Lvgadr

👤The timer is great. It makes me happy when I look at the pig. I can put it on my oven with ease because it has a magnet that stays on and doesn't fall off. You can put it wherever you want. I put it on my fridge so it's easy to reach when I need it. When the timer goes off, the alarm is loud so I can hear it even when the oven fan is on. There is a The only reason I gave it 4 stars was because it didn't go to 0 when you hit the reset button. It goes back to the time you set. You have to manually switch it off and turn it back on. There is a It's not a big deal. Everything else exceeded my expectations.

👤The photos are on and off. The battery is new. It was less than a month before it broke. This is not a good value for my money. I wanted to return it but the window was closed. I am hoping the seller will contact me if they see the review because there is no way for me to get in touch with them directly. Two of their timers are still working, and they work great. It looks like this one may have been malfunctioning. It worked well before it stopped working.

👤It's the prettiest thing I use daily. The alarm is loud and it is nice big numbers. I can hear it in my bathroom. They added an on/off switch so you don't waste the battery when you're not using it. I've gotten other brands where it kept draining the battery when not in use, so we were always replacing them. The material is easy to clean if you get small splatters.

👤I think this timer is cute. It helped me with potty training my child. He helps me put the timer on and when he goes to pee he turns it off and restarts the time. The timer function is easy to use. I use it for the kitchen when I cook/baking multiple things at the same time because I hear this baby go off.

👤I needed a timer that was loud enough to be heard in the house. This is it, and it is cute. It fits my decor.

👤I found this one because my son loves cooking and his stove doesn't have a timer. A 4-year old knows how to use it. We put a Command strip on the side of the stove. It's so cool!

👤My 2 year old used it for her potty training. The little stand was simple and accurate, we just put it on the back of the toilet.

👤To get back to zero, you have to go all the way up to 99. It was very upsetting! The alarm is loud and there is no way to lower it. Not a fan of this timer. The best thing about the pig!

👤How long should my phone charge? Nice alarm.

9. Digital Kitchen Magnetic Switch Countdown

Digital Kitchen Magnetic Switch Countdown

This product comes with a 1-month full refund trial period and a life-time customer service. 99 minutes 59 seconds counting up/down digital magnetic kitchen timer with setting memory The time will go forward if you push and hold the button for 3 seconds. The sound of loud arms. If you don't press it, it will continue for 60 seconds. You can put the stand on the neck or use the magnet on the back of the stand to attach a fridge door. The battery is not included in the power saving mode. The large readout is 2.2 x 1.18 inches. It's easy to read from anywhere in the kitchen.

Brand: Linkdm

👤The order arrived on time. There were no issues there. The timers are straight forward. They are the same as the ones I ordered over a year ago, but with no branding. They are mass produced and sold to various distributers who put their name on them. Or not. I ordered the 6 pak. The batteries were not included in the list, so it was easy to install my own batteries. For each, there are 1 tripleAAAs. My application for these timers is in a busy pizzeria kitchen. They will be abused with wet hands, flour, and lots of heat and drops. The batteries seemed to have a good sound, but only 2 of them seemed to have it. I need a loud sound, and 4 of them seemed to have a muffled sound. You put your finger over the hole where the sound is. It's almost a dealbreaker because when they are laying on a surface, the speaker is flat against it, and it's even more muffled. The second issue has a magnet. They don't have a powerful magnet, so they can't be placed on a smooth surface like a walk-in refrigerator or a reach in freezer door. They slide down. Hopefully that door is clean and smooth, which is more so. I put it on my fridge and it stuck, but a small tap made it slide down. They function great, they have big buttons, and an on/off switch to save battery, but in a busy pizzeria setting, I need a stronger magnet and louder sound.

👤They do what they are supposed to do. The timer seems to be accurate and the beeper is loud for busy kitchens. There is a My complaint is about build quality. They felt like toys to me when I first opened them. Magnet on the back is very weak and can fall off most surfaces over time. They just fall and break after a while when the glue gives in. It would be a 4 star product with a little stronger glue and a bit of plastic.

👤I use these for my classes, for the kids to read, and for me to have different groups working on different projects. There is a You can set the timer very easily. When the timer stops, you can set it to the original time. I use these in my meditation classes and different groups work on different types of meditations. I had to tape the speaker up because it wasn't good for meditation.

👤The timers that do work do what they are supposed to. The timers only worked out of the box after trying multiple batteries. The magnets are weak and may cause the timers to slip. I bought timers that looked similar to these a year or so ago from another seller, but these are a tad smaller, which I like. If they only worked, I would like them more.

👤I like to use the battery around the house. They last a long time. After struggling with the narrow viewing angle, all of the led segments are turned on. I wondered if the extra power of the battery could cause the led turn on to be more forcefully and cause you to have to look at the display from a very narrow angle in order to see the timer value. The viewing angle of the PCs screen is normal now that I have a regular alkaline battery. If they get a stronger magnet, it would be 5 stars. The pictures show the timer set for 1 minute. If you don't hold it at the right angle, you won't see the number 8. There is a If there is no battery in it, the magnet is not strong enough to hold it up. The engineer didn't account for the total used weight. If you have a spare neodymium magnet, you can use it. I like that it counts down, like a kitchen timer. You can use it to count up the time, like a stop watch.

10. Thermopro TM01 Countdown Classroom Supplies

Thermopro TM01 Countdown Classroom Supplies

The count up/count down timer is used. The classroom timer has a count up and count down timer that can be used to monitor different timing events such as cooking, exercise, video game time, kids' activities and meetings. Loud ring ensures nothing will be forgotten. You can choose from a range of levels to meet your specific needs. Egg timer for kids has a small display with large digits and touch backlight, which makes it easier to adjust settings or check the timer in dim light. Kids timer is a digital clock and pocket size, it allows you to carry it outside or travel, and manage your time wherever you are. A magnetic timer classroom with a sturdy stand and strong magnetic back design is one of the multiple placement options.

Brand: Thermopro

👤I received it the next day after ordering it. It is easy to set and use, and even has a clock when you are not using the timer. The alarm is L-O-U-D. I mean loud. It was stupid loud. The lowest setting sounds like a smoke alarm going off right next to your head. I put a piece of tape over the alarm port to make it quieter. It is still loud, but I can handle it. Unless you are cooking on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier or are still at work, I don't think you need the 2nd or 3rd level. Don't say I didn't tell you if you buy one.

👤It works but not convenient. The volume button is on the back so you can adjust it. 2. The lowest volume is loud enough to wake a baby up. It is loud as a fire alarm. When volume is turned on, it makes a noise for every press. It's annoying. I don't see a way to turn it off.

👤The timer is easy to use. The digits are bright and it has a magnet on the back to hold it. I put the alarm at the lowest setting because it was a little loud on the high setting. I like this product.

👤This is more than a clock, it's also a timer. You can start from 0 and use it as a timer, or you can preset a time and let it go. The volume can get up there. My wife just walked in from across the house and asked me what the bees were. Once it goes to zero on a count down, it will let you know how far away you went. The back of the display has a flip-out to make it look like a picture frame, and the front has a light bulb on it. I need to keep up with my hours and this is perfect for me. You can put it on medal objects with the magnets on the back.

👤Excellent time. I got this today and I was so happy with it that I immediately wrote a review. The clock is a bonus that I really like and it has all the features I'm looking for. The numbers are large. The quality is excellent, there are no flimsy parts, the plastic is good, there are no heat marks, and the smell of burnt plastic is not bad. The buttons are on the front. Sometimes I need a louder tone when cooking outside and the volume level will definitely be used a lot. The loudest tone is very loud. The lowest tone is not loud enough to disturb. The button press feels good. It's hard to press 2 buttons when on stand, so a dedicated reset button would be nice. The amber color of the backlight matches cooking better than blue light. I'll update my review if there are any issues. I want to buy another one. There is an update. The alarm only sounds for a short time. I'd like it to sound for a long time since I usually leave the area. I worry that I might miss the alarm. Why is it only 1 minute? The stars are being lowered on this item.

11. Zassenhaus M072327 Retro Magnetic Kitchen

Zassenhaus M072327 Retro Magnetic Kitchen

WIDELY APPLIED. A perfect timer for homework, exercise, gym workout, cooking, sports, games and classroom timer activities. The classic reTRO cooking timer. Everyone will love this kitchen accessory. This unique timer will look great in a modern or retro kitchen. The dial face is painted with a colorful finish. The Zassenhaus timer has all of the style and craftsmanship you would expect from a Zassenhaus. TILE MAGNETIC KITCHEN TIMER: The classic wall timer is practical and extra stylish. The kids will love setting this timer when they help out in the kitchen. It makes the perfect meditation timer, study timer, desk timer, or productivity timer. Quality design and construction are important. The 55 minute mechanical timer is made of high quality steel. It has a sturdy magnet that is strong enough to hold it in place. The face has numbers with minute markings that are easy to read. The timer is about 2.70" dia. x 1 inch H. The classic kitchen timer is easy to use. To set the ringer, simply turn the dial all the way to 55 and then back to your desired time. It could not be harder. The minute timer is small and convenient for space saving, yet large enough to be easily readable. It is easy to clean by wiping it down. It's not suitable for the dishwasher. The ZASSENHAUS Tradition: Zassenhaus was founded in 1867 as an export store for small steel goods and tools, and has since become the epitome of high quality spices and coffee mills. They know that the kitchen and cooking are more important to the quality of life than almost anything else. Zassenhaus combines classic, timeless styles with innovative design.

Brand: Zassenhaus

👤This is a bait and switch, or at least it is if you look at it that way. I got my timer yesterday and it was not the same as the one pictured, it is round and red. The timer that was sent to me was not made by the same company, even though the packaging stated it was. The Zassenhaus timer that I held in my hand on the recent trip was heavy and well made, and has a lovely face. The timer that arrived was light and cheap, but lacked any of the graphics you see in the picture. Stay away. The real one had a crisp ring when the timer went off again, and it also had an annoying buzz to it when the timer went off again. I didn't buy the timer because of the weight. I'll be looking for the real one now. It's not worth it.

👤Magnet is strong enough to just leave on the stove and turn it with one hand. Have to take it off and hold it in one and turn it around to set time. It is not a big deal to me. When the timer goes off, the ring is very short and quick, which is a big deal to me. If you are in the middle of a conversation and the tv is on, there is a chance that I won't hear it. 1 week later, it was changed to 1 star. The timer is made of plastic. The timer was melted by the heat from cooking. There is a piece of garbage.

👤I figured I'd give it a try since it wasn't the same timer as pictured. I followed the instructions and wound past 55 before setting the time. It worked for a short time, but then stopped working again, and you have to hit it to get it going again. It seems to stop if you hold it at different angles. Maybe the product works, but this is a cheap crappy version. There is a The refund was paid back.

👤It stopped working after 2 uses. If you are not in the room when it does this, how would you know the timer went off? We just use our voice assistant for a timer and threw it away.

👤The review has been updated. I was worried that I might not get an authentic Zassenhaus timer with steel construction, given the reviews I'd read here. I was very relieved that my order is almost exactly the same as the photo. This is not a full 60-min timer, but rather a 55 min timer. That's not an issue for me. When I held it in my hand, it sounded a little quiet, but once magnetised to my frig, it was perfect in volume. I'm so happy to have a new timer in this style, in white, to replace my old one. I hope you will continue to make this classic model in all colors. Thank you!

👤To sound the bell when the time is over, you need to move the needle clockwise first, then set it to the desired time. After the bell sounds, the timer will keep going for a few seconds. The timer is tested against a stop watch. It's sturdy and has a nice weight. It doesn't tick too loudly and the sound of the alarm is pretty good if you're in earshot. The magnet is strong. The fridge has it hanging on it. You can keep it in a drawer or hang it on your fridge or stove, it's small and it doesn't take much space. She likes it.


What is the best product for cooking timer magnetic?

Cooking timer magnetic products from Kitchenaid. In this article about cooking timer magnetic you can see why people choose the product. Wrenwane and Timer For Kids are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking timer magnetic.

What are the best brands for cooking timer magnetic?

Kitchenaid, Wrenwane and Timer For Kids are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking timer magnetic. Find the detail in this article. Xrexs, Vocoo and Femst are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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