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1. Boseen Kitchen Mechanical Countdown Teaching

Boseen Kitchen Mechanical Countdown Teaching

Corrosion-resistant and oxidation-resistant metal is a high-quality material. If you have any quality issues, please contact them via Amazon and they will send you a replacement. Instructions are given. To counter clockwise, turn clockwise for 60 minutes. The dial is big and clear. You can use it after reading the manual. Adherence and convenience: The kitchen timer is small enough to fit on the table. You can easily hold it by the carrying loop. MECHANICAL DESIGN: No battery, more convenient and durable, up to 60 minutes. While it counts down, it goes to tick sound. The ring will come when the clock is over. The style is UNIQUE. The timer looks like a child with a big nose, little hands and baby feet. Even if the timer is not used, it looks adorable sitting at your desk. The old fashioned ringer will add more fun to your life. It's the same for most OCCASIONS. It's suitable for many places. It is a great gift for friends, lovers, family and kids.

Brand: Boseen

👤This can be heard in the break room. It works well when set to greater than 5 minutes. My coworker helped pick it out because it has a butt. It made him laugh.

👤It didn't work on the first use. I tried a few more times. Sometimes the alarm doesn't go off. The timer doesn't always tick. It will be cold. I've never wound it too far. It was just poorly made.

👤The timer is hilarious. The behind surprised me. I wish the timer was louder when I have a lot going on.

👤We wanted to like this timer. After a couple of weeks, the clock stopped ringing when the time was over.

👤This was used to help potty train our son. He was more interested in going when the timer went off than when we told him to. We used it for about 2 months and never had any issues.

👤It's one of those crank ones that we use for the kids and we use it while doing our home school for a different activity that requires a time component. The timer has butt cheeks that don't really understand what the point is. It's kind of weird. I like it.

👤The design is very cute and my kid likes it. I used it for a timer. I want my child to rest. It works well at the beginning. After 4 months, it didn't click. To make it work, you have to shake it on the table. It's not an expensive one but still feels disappointed for only 4 months.

👤I like the timer. It's the right size for my apartment. Four stars because it is not loud, only goes off for a short time, and the markings are white, making it hard to see on the yellow version. The size of my apartment makes the markings a problem for me.

👤This is a fun little accessory.

2. Kikkerland KT18 Penguin Kitchen Timer

Kikkerland KT18 Penguin Kitchen Timer

There is a two-year guarantee. They have a two-year warranty. If you have a question about their products, please contact them and they will try to answer it. You can view the set up and instruction video under the image section. The penguin kitchen timer is adorable. The timer goes up to 60 minutes. To set the desired time, turn clockwise for 60 minutes. The mechanism is made of steel and plastic. The measures are 2.5 x 5.25 x 2.5 inches.

Brand: Kikkerland

👤The deal is that my timer didn't go off. The directions on the box are important. You can change it to 30 minutes and then back to the time you want. This is common with this style of timer. This is a fun timer. It was dropped on the kitchen floor and still works. My daughter is crazy about penguins and we use this to help her with cleaning and cooking. This little guy is very good.

👤The timer is cute. We use it to keep our toddler. If we say we're going to clean the house for 10 minutes, the toddler knows not to interrupt us until the timer buzzes. There is a It doesn't work well for shorter times. I tried to set it for 5 minutes and it started counting and then stopped. It's happened almost every time I've tried to set it for under 10 minutes.

👤I read the reviews and bought it. The penguin is cute and when you follow the instructions, it counts down with the clicking sound and rings. The accuracy is a problem for me. I wanted to use it to time student activities when I was a teacher. I only need about 5 or 10 minutes at a time. When I tried the timer with a 5 minute interval, it didn't work out because it rang after 2 minutes and then stopped counting. After 5 it did not ring. If you plan on using this for a short time, it's not accurate enough. It was easy to return through the retail store that Amazon has.

👤I was pretty disappointed that we got this to help our daughters. The design was cute and fun. It is a pain in the butt. You have to twist it all the way back in order to set it. It ended up ringing for a minute and a half too soon. It may have been cheap, but it should do what it is supposed to do.

👤If the timer didn't work, I would keep it as part of my penguin collection. It is difficult to use as the plastic is very slick and the shape makes it hard to get your fingers in the right places to wind it up. My age may have something to do with that. I put Ringer back in the cupboard because it was loud enough. The problem was solved when I added 2 min to my setting. I would buy it again. I bought it for the loud bell as I'm not very good at hearing and the digital timer on our microwave oven is not very loud. The bell on this device is loud enough that I can set the timer and put it in the cupboard out of the way, and still hear it ring. There is a I have to time it for five minutes. I'm sure I'll get used to it once I learn where to put it. I can make a chart and tape it inside the cupboard door if I push come to shove. I'd buy it again, as I'm very likely to break it eventually, as timers like this don't seem to last long, and this one is so slick that I'm very likely to drop and break it eventually.

3. JTX 60 Minute Mechanical Countdown Management

JTX 60 Minute Mechanical Countdown Management

It can be used for multiple scenarios and given as a gift. Making cooking fun. Please read the instructions. There is a kitchen accessory that is lovable. It's easier to wait for your food to be ready when the timer is cute. This fun and practical element can be added to your kitchen. The timer is made of plastic. The timer size is perfect for a kitchen countertop or desk. The design of the mixer adds a point of interest. It is easy to clean with a damp cloth. There are stable estates. The functional kitchen timer is great for people of all ages, especially baking and cooking with kids, and works as an activity timer for board games and fun family activities. If you are a teacher, the mixer timer can be used in the classroom or in the kitchen. Reminders for cook time, meetings, lunch hours, and helping your child stay in time are things you can set. The kids enjoy the cooking time, brushing their teeth, and tea time. A great idea as a gift is a mechanical kitchen timer. Before shipment, each piece is inspected. It is a perfect gift for Anniversary, Mother's Day, or Birthday for your girlfriend, boyfriend, family or friends. The anti-twisting device is already installed, so please do not counterclockwise from 0, otherwise you will damage the timer. It won't work. If you need to, you can rotation clockwise to 55 and then counterclockwise to any time you want. The deviation is greater than 5. The % is in line with industry standards. All mechanical time managers are not perfect.

Brand: Jtx

👤When I first got my item, I thought it worked, but after reading the instructions on the page, I realized that you have to first spin the timer clockwise just past 55 minutes and then back again. There is a It needs to be revved up to 55 minutes on the dial each time so it has enough power to function. It works fine and is very cute now that I do that every time.

👤This is a cute timer. It is easy to use and has a lot of detail in its design. A video has been included.

👤I was looking forward to a cute timer after reading the reviews. There is a Did you read the instructions? You have to wind it down to 55 minutes. I have tested this 4 times with different minutes and it worked perfectly. I would love to see this in yellow.

👤The timer is cute. I've used it four times, all four of which it worked great, but now it quits at the 4 minute mark, and just doesn't sound anymore.

👤It's cute, but it doesn't work. Until it doesn't tick anymore, it just ticks. It doesn't make sense to have a loud bell or ding to indicate when it's done, and it doesn't make sense to listen for it to stop. I want a refund for this junk item. The buyer should beware. Cute, but useless!

👤My grandson is 7 years old and I bought him a timer to help him structure his study time. It's perfect for that job. It is easy to use for a little guy.

👤It's very easy to use and it's convenient to turn off the numbers when you're not looking at the time. The noise is loud and suitable for quiet places. The clock is 10 seconds faster than a cell phone. When you don't use the master switch, the clock turns off and it's nice.

👤This is a timer that I love. It is vintage. I would love for it to be in the color of yellow to match my kitchen aid mixer.

👤I love that little timer, it saved me a lot of worry, and I watched the clock with an old-fashioned oven with no clock. I time my son when he writes his homework to make sure he doesn't get distracted. It's good for the pocket and the planet if there's no electricity and batteries involved.

👤Timer feels like rubber.

👤It makes cooking fun. My friend will love it.

👤I bought this because it was cute. The timer has a nice finish. It's also very functional. It works great as a timer, but there was an extra step that I did not expect. You have to turn it clockwise to 55 minutes before you can set it to the time you need. I was thrown off with it at first, but it doesn't bother me anymore. When I'm in a different room from the timer, it's great because it's loud. It doesn't need batteries, that's great!

4. MONLIYA Kitchen Novelty Mechanical Strawberry

MONLIYA Kitchen Novelty Mechanical Strawberry

The kitchen timer is made of plastic. The power saving switch has a function. This product does not contain batteries, so you can use it for many things. Instructions: 1. The White leaf position is on time when you open the box. The time can be started by rotating clockwise and setting the leaf position. You can set your time by rotating counterclockwise. For 15 minutes, you can set leaf position and rotation CCW. The timer will sound the Bell ring after 15 minutes. You must do step 2 to make the timer work. Timers are mechanical. No batteries needed. This Timer will remind you when you are busy in the kitchen. It's no longer necessary to worry about boiled water drying up. MULTI-USE is not only for kitchen, but also for study, family, life, home, increase study efficiency. Creative modelling. Calibration was clear. The base is stable. There are different shapes. You should fall in love with this little timer. The website video shows how to use it, just refer to it to see it. If you have a problem, you can click the "seller contact" button in your Amazon account. They will reply as soon as possible.

Brand: Monliya

👤It looks exactly like the photo, it has a nice soft feel to it, which is nice for people like me, but I wish I didn't purchase it. If you have a ceiling fan on, it could easily be not heard. I don't hear it because my house is so loud. I usually have to pick it up and walk around with it and keep an eye on it because it makes no noise. It doesn't do its main job in my opinion. There is an update. I was contacted by the company and asked if I wanted my money back or a new timer. I agree that it was awesome. They have a good team of people working over there. I said I would love a new timer, but I am sad to say it has the same problem. The new timer isn't any better than the last one, so I'll include a video so you can hear the two timers for yourself. The company cares about its customers and delivers adorable unique product, just need to find a new manufacturer or something and fix the problem with the timer not being loud enough consistently.

👤I spent a lot of money on this. It doesn't work as a wind-up toy car. The chime is too quiet and the timer is not always on. I thought the cute thing would work for me. The seller contacted me and offered a full refund. This impressed me and I accepted, but I am updating my review because of the professionalism of the seller. The strawberry timer is not a good one for cooking at home. I bought it for myself. I realized that if I turn the dial past 55min and then turn it to the time I want to set it for, it will make noise when the alarm goes off. It's not loud enough and the timing isn't perfect. The price point is so reasonable, and it's cute, that I think it's a four star rating at this point.

👤I bought this strawberry timer because it's cute, it's smaller than I thought it would be, and it had a soft plastic texture. I wish I had read more reviews before I bought it, because many people are complaining that the bell doesn't work, or that the replacement doesn't work, or that I got the wrong one. I don't know why they are making Amazon customers unhappy with a product. Don't buy it.

👤The whole point of the timer is to work as a timer and it is just as cute as pictured. When the time is over, it doesn't ring. The sound should be turned up on my video. It comes to a stop quietly. I will be looking to return it.

👤A cute timer! It was easier to hold onto because the feel is a little like silicone. If I am in the room, the ringer is fine. The purpose of these little timers is to be with you when you leave the room. If you want a timer that is loud enough to be heard throughout your house, this is not the one for you. It is loud if you have the timer with you. I was very happy with my purchase.

5. Yueton Kitchen Mechanical Minutes Rotating

Yueton Kitchen Mechanical Minutes Rotating

The metal is oxidation-resistant. A clearly marked dial and alarm are included in the Kitchen Craft mechanical sixty minutes. It's easy to use and you don't need a battery. The Tomato cooking timer is small and is suitable for any size of table-board. It's widely used. It is widely used in home use. The timer is a great gift for friends who need time reminding.

Brand: Yueton

👤It only worked when it felt like it. I use the pomodoro technique and having something to count down beside me helped to keep me on track, even if I worked a little too much. There is a 40 days after purchase it stopped working. No longer can you count down, no ringing, no return. Don't buy.

👤It is a cute timer. The Pomodoro technique is what I used to buy it. Sometimes it doesn't start counting down like it's supposed to. If you don't make sure it's up to date before you start, you might not get a notification at the end. It's not horrible for a cheap timer. It only has one job and it doesn't do very well.

👤The timer is mechanical. It was like old school pocket watches. There is a A lot of the people complaining on here don't understand that you need to charge the spring in 55 minutes, then set your time. If you wind it down to 5 minutes, it won't have enough energy to actuate the bell. There is a It continues to tick a bit after alarming. That's just how mechanical clocks work.

👤It is easy to use and will keep time for you. The shape of the tomato is cute. I don't think I'll use it for work timing since it's loud and distracts me. I think that it may be mechanical because it keeps ticking a little after the bell rings.

👤I use this timer all the time, and it helps me stay on track because I am somewhat timeblind. It was very useful in my office.

👤The timer looks nice and it makes me happy to manually turn it. I like how it looks like a tomato. It doesn't stop at zero or the same number. It's not possible to predict where it will stop and how long it will last.

👤I bought it because it looks cute. dinger goes off for about 2 seconds, if you cough or sneeze you will miss it. I am sitting in the kitchen and will be giving this to my grandson, but I need to find another one in person.

👤Yes, it is a timer. It does that. I can hear the noise of the tickle. It's hard to hear myself think next to it. The clock is like a quarter of a second. It's unbearable. I was ready to kill something when I tried to use it. Don't buy it, it's cursed. Unless you would like to torture someone.

👤I took tips from other reviewers so that I used them correctly. I have to make sure I wind it completely before setting the time. It worked for two months. It stops with three minutes left.

👤The alarm cannot be triggered because it doesn't tick.

6. Red Dollar Mechanical 60 Minute Management

Red Dollar Mechanical 60 Minute Management

If the timer fails to function properly due to component failure, they will replace it free and pay for shipping. Their support team will respond quickly if you contact them via email or Amazon. This is the last timer you will need. Don't turn counterclockwise from 0, it will damage the mechanism. The mechanical timer has no battery, every time you need to use it, just wind it all the way to 55, be sure to read and follow the instructions for setting it. The timer needs to be wound manually. Each machine is handmade. This cute cat shape is great for a dial timer and a home decor, but it has a certain deviation, if you don't buy it. The interface with no sharp spot, cute thing to put it in the room. Help you to manage your time, especially for cooking, brushing,baking teeth, reading, learning, running, yoga,mask beauty, coffee tea time and so on. A great gift to a friend. If you have a question, you can contact them. Please contact them if you have any questions about how to use it. The timer can make cooking learning fun.

Brand: Red Dollar

👤The first timer we received didn't make the ringing sound when the time was up, so I left a one star review. I returned the item and a new one was delivered the next day and it worked perfectly. I had a chance to return the first timer, but it was replaced before I did. The second timer we received was very sturdy and worked well.

👤I got this for my 8 year old daughter to help improve her awareness and develop value for time as she does homework and chores. She uses it consistently and loves it. Be sure to read the directions for setting it. It is specific but simple. There is a After I showed my daughter how to do it, she practiced for a while.

👤The old kitchen timer kept accurate time, but the bell didn't ring after many decades of use. I looked for a replacement on Amazon. The old one was exactly the same as the new one, but it had poor reviews. The cute model with the cat was more liked. It makes my stove top area look brighter. The cat is easy to hold. There are no batteries required. To follow the directions, turn CLOCKWISE to 55 and then counterlock to the number of minutes desired. The mechanism will be damaged if you turn counterclockwise. I use it for angel hair pasta for 2 minutes. There is a card inside the box that says "My darling, this greeting is from Red Dollar." We can contact you via Amazon with any questions. We are always here to help our valued customers. This product is very good.

👤The little timer is cute, but the clock is loud. I expect an egg timer to sound like a clock but this is a bit much.

👤It is ok to turn to 55 min first then set time. The ringer is fine.

👤It works great so far, but you have to make sure to wind it all the way to 60 so you don't need it again. I have wound watches, a concept that is foreign to people under 50. I use it several times a week. I've never double-checked the timer with a stopwatch but it seems to be accurate. It's very quiet to the point where you have to pick it up to make sure it's not malfunctioning. There's no annoying clicks or loud tick while it's on because the movement around the dial is smooth. When the timer goes off, the ring is loud and long enough that you don't have to be next to it. It's not loud enough to scare my cats, but I can hear it over the TV, so it's much better than a single "ding", but it's not loud enough to scare them. Hope this helps. I hope it lasts since it's a lot cuter than a boring timer. The cat is made of rubber and plastic and has a timer on it. It's small and won't take up much room in your cabinet or small counter.

7. MSC International 78039 60 Minute Mechanical

MSC International 78039 60 Minute Mechanical

Quality check and terms of service are included. The mini digital timer and accessories will be checked before shipment to make sure customers get good product quality. If you find any defects in their timers within 6 months, they will give you 6 months of no reason to replace or return them. Please see the detailed instructions included with the product or contact them at any time if you have any problems with Kissarex digital timer. The Joie Piggy mechanical kitchen timer is fun to use. It was made from plastic and steel. When holding the base, turn back counter-clockwise to the desired amount of time. The timer can be set up to 60 minutes. It is easy to use and clean.

Brand: Msc International

👤There would be less bad reviews if people read the directions. This is a $6 timer, not a Breitling. If you want it to work correctly, you have to twist it all the way to 60 minutes. Very. Simple.

👤Works as advertised. It is suggested that you crank it all the way around, then turn it back to the number of minutes you actually need. This is not a design flaw in this particular model of kitchen timer. I will say that it's not very loud. If it's in the other room, I can't hear it, but I can hear music. There is a It's a good idea to put it in the room you're going to be in most of the time.

👤It took a long time to get to me. I received several emails telling me I could cancel my order since it was taking so long. I didn't notice until I got the product. The cute doesn't make the timer work. No matter what time I start it, it stops at 5 minutes. I've tried adjusting it. It doesn't keep time. I thought I was getting a teal looking one that matched my kitchen, because I missed the description. I have this horrible green.

👤I can't return the item so it goes to the trash. It was $6.99. It's getting harder and harder to recognize quality products because of the garbage that Amazon allows.

👤You're going to think we're crazy, but we set the time and every hour when my grand baby goes potty.

👤The timer was cute. I use it for a lot of things, including the time out for bad behavior of the kid, and the time limit for them to eat dinner in a timely manner. The kids like to play with it and have dropped it on the floor. The timer fell from the top of the refrigerator onto the hard floor. I was happy the timer worked as it should and the housing was clean. I would order again if necessary. My only wish is that this company makes more fun timers.

👤I love my owl timer. I use it to timing my tea. I use it to limit my social media activity. 2 hours. I can carry it around with me. It's better than the microwave timer because you can hear it. There is a happy with it I bought the chicken and used it to train my dog to stop listening to me when it's dinner time. He thinks we're going to forget. Like he has let us.

👤I got this product for my three-year-old who was having some behavioral issues and was frequently being put on timeouts. I was told by her teacher that a timer that would attract her attention would be a good idea. Which is the reason I bought this one. It came to me broken, as cute as it is. The package has been damaged three ways. I'm pretty sure that it was put together wrong. When I turn it, it doesn't take down the time and once it's up in here, I'm free to do what I want. It's useless. Cute, but useless.

8. Jayron Kitchen Cooking Mechanical Minutes

Jayron Kitchen Cooking Mechanical Minutes

The website video shows how to use it, just refer to it to see it. If you have a problem, you can click the "seller contact" button in your Amazon account. They will reply as soon as possible. Chef appearance design. The cute chef shape can be used as a kitchen decoration. The product is made of plastic in order to prevent damage from falling. There is no battery required for the mechanical inner core. The built-in movement can reduce costs. It is easy to operate a mechanical operation. The mechanical timing will emit a loud and crisp sound when the timer is set to go off. Application scenario Baking and cooking timing, children's homework timing, nap timing, yoga timing,facial mask application timing, meeting timing, and many other things can be done with an easy mechanical timer. It's perfect for parents and children to make food. Loud alarm reminder lasts for 3-6s, easy operation, and two-year warranty. There is a 60 minutes clock.

Brand: Jayron

👤The timer is terrible. I ordered three. There were two boxes and an envelope. One item was opened and sealed. Someone else probably sent it back. I opened two more. I operated it by hand. When I set it, there was no sound. The other person made a song for a while. That was it. These timers are useless. They could make a nice decoration. I wanted to give them as a gift. I don't recommend these timers.

👤It worked well and was loud for about a week. We use timers at least 7 or 8 times a week. He was cute, but he died slowly. I'm pretty sure they won't come back after my husband fixes it. I can see that they are working well, but not for long.

👤I purchased this timer as a small gift, but when it arrived in a plastic bag, the box was so badly beaten up, I couldn't give it as a gift. I kept the timer for home use. I don't think it is as cute as the picture shows.

👤This is my second one. The earlier one had more numbers. These are difficult to see. If you have a hearing problem, this is loud and low enough to hear.

👤The little guy is the perfect addition to my kitchen decor. Loud enough to get my attention but small enough to be out of the way.

👤I got this timer because I thought it would be a cute addition to my kitchen. The ring isn't very loud and the accuracy isn't all there. The cuteness factor is all it has going for it.

👤It looks cool, but you have to turn clockwise all the way first, then all the way back to the time you want, and then it barely chimes and only for a short time.

👤The package never worked out. I paid for postage to send back, but will not.

👤I put him on top of my new air fryer oven after taking it out of the box. When the alarm goes off it is loud but not onr of those high pitch rings that startle the life out of you. There is a It's like a phone from a long time ago. It's not annoying to hear it. There is a It stops for about 10 seconds. It only rings once. I could hear it even if I was far away.

👤When time is over, the Jayron kitchen timer has no sound. Might as well watch the clock to keep time. I was unhappy with it.

👤When the time was over, this item did not ring.

👤The product didn't work out of the box. Would not purchase again.

9. Time Timer Digital 4 Pack Countdown

Time Timer Digital 4 Pack Countdown

5. If you have questions about their products, please contact them in time. MUTE MODE: The time timer has a switch. The mute mode is very suitable for children and teachers, and you can reach it by pressing the button on the side. The five-pointed star will blink quietly when the clock reaches 00:00 on the desktop. You can choose the color of the timepiece. The small star pattern flashes when the time is up and when you press the button. The cute button will make you want to use it more. The gun lock is loud. When the silent mode is turned off, the magnetic timer will count down to zero, and the sound of "Bi Bi" will sound for 30 seconds. The sound will be clear but not deafening if you don't stop it. Simple operation. It can be counted down within a few minutes. The buttons for minutes and seconds are set separately, which is more convenient and can be operated by children and the elderly. Press and hold the SEC and MIN buttons at the same time to reset the kitchen timer to zero. The magnetic back panel design can be attached to the refrigerator or other metal surfaces, which makes it easy to install.

Brand: Timer For Kids

👤Very impressed by this timer. Multiple timing methods should be chosen. Light blinker, silent, medium load, etc. I've never seen one like that before. Leave it to Amazon to get this.

👤I have two kids that are big enough for these. This is a 4 pack and I am happy about it. They take a lot of batteries and work well. The buttons are large so the kids can easily hit them. It's really nice for kitchen projects or when doing playtime.

👤The timers are great for my classroom. They have a stand on the back. I love how colorful they are. The buttons are very easy to set and stop.

👤I am happy that I bought these. The timers are easy to use. I love that they have a silent mode option. The colors are helpful when you're trying to find something in your classroom. A great purchase!

👤I like the 3 timers that work. The white one doesn't work. The numbers and buttons are large. It's great for the kitchen. If all four of them worked, I would give it 5 stars.

👤These timers are perfect for students to use at centers. The kids are able to use them easily and I love that they are magnets so they can pop them back on the whiteboard when they are done. I wish the magnet was stronger but it is always fixable.

👤It is easy to be opposite. They are used to time their screen time.

10. Kitchen Magnetic Digital Classroom Countdown

Kitchen Magnetic Digital Classroom Countdown

The kitchen timer's maximum time is 99 minutes, 59 seconds counting up and down. The time will go forward if you push and hold the button for 3 seconds. Cooking timer clock function is perfect for kids timer, teachers timer, students timer, classroom timer, bathroom timer, meeting timer, game timer, egg timer, BBQ timer, time timer, exercise timer, gym workout timer, sports timer, yogo timer, and SPA timer. No loud alarm clock. It's ideal for quiet environments for kids. Small and cute,durable and well made. The kitchen timer is loud and clear but not deafening. If you don't press it, it continues for 60 seconds. You can easily read the timer display from across the room if you look at it from across the room. It's ideal for people with bad eyesight. There are 3 different choices for placement of the kitchen timer. There is a retractable stand and hook for hanging.

Brand: Yxzzhx

👤The timer is not strong enough to hold it up to my appliances. I tried it in the fridge, oven, dishwasher, and other places. All steel. The magnetism is not strong enough to support the timer in place. Every time, slides down.

👤I just bought a two-pack of kitchen timers and I am very pleased with them so far. I was disgusted at first. The timer didn't work. I found out it doesn't come with batteries. The problem was solved because I have some spare batteries. I need the timer because I get involved in a lot of activities and lose track of time. I don't find myself over- sleeping whilst having my daily nap, or getting too involved in the yard because I am not paying attention, if I set this handy little timer. I am using my time better. It's good!

👤The oven timer broke while we were cooking. I needed a timer that was easy to use. The batteries that we received did not work. We were in business once we swapped the batteries. I like the size and the color. The color of the timer makes it stand out in the kitchen and it's nice when I have a lot of stuff on the counter. The display is easy to read, the buttons are easy to use, and there is an off switch to save the battery when not in use. The stand option works great when I want to set the timer on my desk while I'm working, but themagnet works great when I keep the timer on the fridge. I can hear the alarm from another room. I'm very happy with this purchase.

👤The "Harbor" timer was attached to the refrigerator and lasted a few years. I like the design of the timer but the magnet doesn't hold to the fridge very well if there is paper behind it and it doesn't work if the timer is not on. The built in stand works well for counter use.

👤I was surprised at the quality of the timers, I got them for a low price. The batteries were included as well. There is a If you hit the start/stop button, the timer will count down the minutes you set and show you how long you have left. There is a It has a good magnet even with 4 sheets of regular copy paper. It's important. It depends on the magnetic capacity of the item. The fridge does not hold my stove metal well. There is a It has an on/off switch that I didn't notice at first, but it is very smooth. There is a The function buttons and numbers are large enough to see at a distance. I was very happy to find them and add them to the cart. There is a Thanks for building a nice product.

👤This is a timer. It is easy to set, easy to see the numbers, and easy to hear the alarm, but not very loud. I wear hearing aids and can miss a lot, but I hear it well. There is a The calculator is included in the timer. I don't need it for that purpose, so I didn't check it out. I reviewed the instruction sheet and found out I was included.

11. KTKUDY Digital Kitchen Function Teachers

KTKUDY Digital Kitchen Function Teachers

Silent mode and ring mode are available for more situations, which is why they all dread the situation where their timer rings in the middle of a meeting, class or sound sensitive environments. Ring mode with 70-90db loud beeping sound ensures you hear the alarm in another room. You can press the mode button to change the mode of the KTKUDY digital cooking timer clock. Meet your needs. Saving your battery life, memory function, and fast forward function are all part of the user-friendly design. A retractable stand hook for hanging. The upgraded 3 strong magnet of the kitchen timer is convenient to place in three ways. Don't worry about the falling problems that occur with other timers. If you have any quality issues or concerns, please message them, they will do their best to solve it.

Brand: Ktkudy

👤Not much you can say about a timer, but it does work, was good value and works as a clock when not using the timer function, which is nice. Beep is loud. It is recommended. There is a n.b. I want to write genuine reviews. I bought this item with my own money, without any connection to the seller or manufacturer. Click helpful if you find my review useful. I know, thanks.

👤It's just so you know. The instructions are clear but there is one thing that is not. The clock is supposed to come up when you install the battery. I found an on-and-off switch after trying four batteries. Everything went smoothly after Flipped in on. It was easy to use. Ringer is portable and loud, and it's nice that I can't hear the alarm. I'm going to buy another alarm clock. In the next 24 hours, it will be upgraded to AM. And PM. It was a nice surprise. You can set the count down for up to 24 hours.

👤I ordered a second one on March 5, 2020. It was received on Monday, March 9, 2020. I'm very pleased with them both. Looks great. Nice features. It's easy to read. There is a When the alarm went off, I didn't like that the timer was reset to 0:00:00. When you stop the alarm, the timers will reset to the previous set time. I had to keep reading the instructions because I had to press the Clear button once to stop the timer alarm. The timer is reset to the previous time. Pressing Clear a second time will reset the timer. I only had this timer for a day. I think this is the best little kitchen clock/timer I've had. I keep my time on the desk next to my computer. There is a The battery was not included. I had some new batteries that I wasn't using. There is a The Silent or Ring Modes are pros. Pressing buttons will set clock or timer. Large and easy to read numbers are the qualities of ring mode. The function of the memory. Sturdy. 3 strong magnets are equidistant for secure attachment. The timer can be turned off to save battery life. Inexpensive, relatively speaking. There is a Most clock/timers work differently than this. Make sure you read the instructions. resetting the time when turned back on is required to switch this clock/timer off. The battery is not included. There is a I would buy another KTKUDY timer if I decided to replace my old clock.

👤The timer has two functions, a stopwatch and a timer. The Mode button is pushed once to get to the timer function. The alarm function is accessed by pushing the Mode button twice. Press the Mode button again to return to the clock. The instructions are on the front and back of a 4 & 5/16 by 3 & 3/16-inch paper, so the characters are small but pale gray, making them hard to see. If you set the timer to off, time will be lost. The timer must be seen if you use the Mute feature as there is only a small red dot to alert you. I like the built in stand and store this timer on the refrigerator. There is a The KTKUDY Kitchen Timer only has a maximum of 99 minutes and 99 seconds.


What is the best product for cooking timer cute?

Cooking timer cute products from Boseen. In this article about cooking timer cute you can see why people choose the product. Kikkerland and Jtx are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking timer cute.

What are the best brands for cooking timer cute?

Boseen, Kikkerland and Jtx are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking timer cute. Find the detail in this article. Monliya, Yueton and Red Dollar are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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