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1. KTKUDY Digital Kitchen Function Teachers

KTKUDY Digital Kitchen Function Teachers

Silent mode and ring mode are available for more situations, which is why they all dread the situation where their timer rings in the middle of a meeting, class or sound sensitive environments. Ring mode with 70-90db loud beeping sound ensures you hear the alarm in another room. You can press the mode button to change the mode of the KTKUDY digital cooking timer clock. Meet your needs. Saving your battery life, memory function, and fast forward function are all part of the user-friendly design. A retractable stand hook for hanging. The upgraded 3 strong magnet of the kitchen timer is convenient to place in three ways. Don't worry about the falling problems that occur with other timers. If you have any quality issues or concerns, please message them, they will do their best to solve it.

Brand: Ktkudy

👤Not much you can say about a timer, but it does work, was good value and works as a clock when not using the timer function, which is nice. Beep is loud. It is recommended. There is a n.b. I want to write genuine reviews. I bought this item with my own money, without any connection to the seller or manufacturer. Click helpful if you find my review useful. I know, thanks.

👤It's just so you know. The instructions are clear but there is one thing that is not. The clock is supposed to come up when you install the battery. I found an on-and-off switch after trying four batteries. Everything went smoothly after Flipped in on. It was easy to use. Ringer is portable and loud, and it's nice that I can't hear the alarm. I'm going to buy another alarm clock. In the next 24 hours, it will be upgraded to AM. And PM. It was a nice surprise. You can set the count down for up to 24 hours.

👤I ordered a second one on March 5, 2020. It was received on Monday, March 9, 2020. I'm very pleased with them both. Looks great. Nice features. It's easy to read. There is a When the alarm went off, I didn't like that the timer was reset to 0:00:00. When you stop the alarm, the timers will reset to the previous set time. I had to keep reading the instructions because I had to press the Clear button once to stop the timer alarm. The timer is reset to the previous time. Pressing Clear a second time will reset the timer. I only had this timer for a day. I think this is the best little kitchen clock/timer I've had. I keep my time on the desk next to my computer. There is a The battery was not included. I had some new batteries that I wasn't using. There is a The Silent or Ring Modes are pros. Pressing buttons will set clock or timer. Large and easy to read numbers are the qualities of ring mode. The function of the memory. Sturdy. 3 strong magnets are equidistant for secure attachment. The timer can be turned off to save battery life. Inexpensive, relatively speaking. There is a Most clock/timers work differently than this. Make sure you read the instructions. resetting the time when turned back on is required to switch this clock/timer off. The battery is not included. There is a I would buy another KTKUDY timer if I decided to replace my old clock.

👤The timer has two functions, a stopwatch and a timer. The Mode button is pushed once to get to the timer function. The alarm function is accessed by pushing the Mode button twice. Press the Mode button again to return to the clock. The instructions are on the front and back of a 4 & 5/16 by 3 & 3/16-inch paper, so the characters are small but pale gray, making them hard to see. If you set the timer to off, time will be lost. The timer must be seen if you use the Mute feature as there is only a small red dot to alert you. I like the built in stand and store this timer on the refrigerator. There is a The KTKUDY Kitchen Timer only has a maximum of 99 minutes and 99 seconds.

2. XREXS Channels Simultaneous Countdown Attachable

XREXS Channels Simultaneous Countdown Attachable

The Digital Kitchen Timers stopwatch with large display is ideal for Perfect timer for cooking, barbecue, baking,rcise, gym workout, sports, homework, ga exemes, kids activities and meetings. You can have all four of them doing the same thing at the same time. It can be set from 0:00:00 to 99:59:59. It's convenient for those with poor eyesight to easily read the digital Kitchen timer display with it's bold digits. The sound is loud. You will be able to hear the alarm in another room. It is loud and clear but not deafening. If you want to use the magnet on the back to attach a fridge door, you can run a piece of string through the hook and hang it on a wall hook or around your neck. The Digital Kitchen Timer is ideal for cooking food, homework, gym workout, sports, games, office and classroom timer activities.

Brand: Xrexs

👤This is a good timer if you need a timer and bonus clock. It's a good timer if you have a small kitchen and you can hear it. If you need to be more than 11 feet away from it, this is not a good timer. If I need to be away from the stove, I need to take the timer with me. If there is a sound coming from another room, I need to be very close to it. There is a I chose this one because it was the only one that had the same four timing modes. This one is not up to the same quality. There is a I received a new one from the seller and it works. I received a bad unit but thanks to excellent customer service, I have one that works just as I wanted. I am giving praise to the seller and upgrading my review rating.

👤It's almost 5-star worthy, but I give it 3 because it has one small issue that causes a big annoyance. I got this timer because of the good reviews, multiple timers, and the fact that it had magnets for sticking it to the fridge, because I like to keep my timer Magnetized to the side of my fridge so it's out of the way. If you put the timer on the fridge at 1pm, it will die if you take it off at 5pm, because the magnets on the timer's electronics will not work if you take it off at 5pm. I got around the issue by setting it on the counter permanently and it worked perfectly since, I really wish the magnets didn't cause problems since I got this timer.

👤The timer was very good while it worked. I can't hear most timers, but Loud beep is helpful for me since I can't hear them. Some buttons became unreliable after 60 days. Had to be pushed in the right direction to take effect. Adapting to kids that don't like the buttons was like living with them. A replacement has been ordered after it became useless yesterday. When pushing the button three times, it erased all the memory. To restore it to function, you have to remove the battery. The clock is reset to midnight when times are lost. The purpose of keeping track of times is totally defeats. I loved it when it worked. I need to have a functioning backup in case another one goes south.

👤The timer is great, but the beep is too loud. I decided to open it and cut the speaker off because there was no way to turn it off. The speaker is at the center of the picture, but it is very quiet. Cut the wires and remove the backplate.

👤It keeps track of several times for me, and it does exactly what it's supposed to. There is a The con for me is that a timer is not a clock. The clock function and no on/off switch means that it's using battery juice all the time, unless you pull the battery out after every use. I decided to leave the battery in but never looked at the click. Unless the kitchen light is on, you can't see it. There is a When I put the battery in and did a three-second test, it blew my eardrums out. I wish I could turn it down a bit more, but it may be a great gift for people who have trouble hearing. That's good, but too high for me! I think that's correct.

3. Colortrak Minute Wind Timer Black

Colortrak Minute Wind Timer Black

Your time is not wasted. The 60 Minute Wind Up Timer is a must have in any salon. This timer is easy to use and can be set in one minute intervals up to an hour. Simple and small. To set for a short amount of time, first wind timer past 30 seconds then back to the desired time. It's ideal to time all processes. The timer is easy to stand on countertops. Set and go efficient, so you can stay focused on the task at hand and not worry about the clock. No batteries are required. This accessory does not require a battery or ding to notify you when time is up. A tool that can be used at the salon or home. It's perfect for timing kids activities. Colortrak has a line of salon products that are comfortable and effective for styling, coloring and processing applications. Colortrak products are pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the world of hair color by incorporating ergonomics, design, and real-world testing by brand ambassadors.

Brand: Colortrak

👤After reading some reviews, I can tell you that you need to turn the timer up to 55 minutes then down to your desire time in order to make it ring. It will not ring if it isn't called, that's why so many reviews say it doesn't work. There is a It does. I am using to time my child's homework. It is working.

👤My son needs a time out timer. He knows when he can get out of time by the bell and this helps a lot. This stops him from being able to get up. There is a My son went to his time out chair because he thought he was in trouble after my wife used it in the kitchen.

👤I bought this timer to let my toddler know when time out is over or when screen time is over. If you set the timer for 20 minutes, but not for 2 minutes, it won't work. When time is up, it won't ding if you set for less than 10 minutes. The whole time is counting down and it ticks very loudly.

👤The thing worked when the timer was Winding all the way to 60 minutes and then to a lower time. There is a The majority of the time it would hang up, stopping the count at a random time. The timer's counting down action is loud and obnoxious so it's easy to notice the stop. If the timer makes it through to the set time, it would ring before continuing on with its loud tick for another 30 seconds or so. It is quite durable.

👤I use a nice timer when I'm in the shower. It is important to read the instructions given by the manufacturer. You have to adjust the time you want after 30 minutes. The timer ring is loud if you are close to the timer, but not loud enough if you are far away. This is a cheap timer that does the job.

👤I am guilty of fondly remembering the past because of my diminished hearing. I remember the old-time mechanical egg timers that made a racket when they went off and could be heard from anywhere in the house. Reviewers of mechanical timers like this one point out that they are not perfect, but that all mine have always worked. I bought two of these timers and they both work well. They are not as loud as I 888-276-5932s. One reviewer said they were too loud, but I don't think it's related to my hearing loss. I don't agree. The publicity for this item doesn't emphasize kitchen use, so it's not clear why that would affect the engineered alarm volume. They are louder than battery-run timers I have bought, which have only a squeak as an alarm. It is necessary for reviewers to twist the dial to 60, then set the time, to get a good, long alarm. Even though there is no battery powered button, it is not hard.

4. BEAMNOVA Reminder Commercial Stainless Calculagraph

BEAMNOVA Reminder Commercial Stainless Calculagraph

Perfect timer for homework, exercise, gym workout, cooking, sports, games and classroom timer activities. There is a practical timer function. Each time window of BEAMNOVA 8-Channel Timer Clock can be set independently from 0 to 99 minutes. Each set of the timer has a total time and basket shaking times. The setting of each time window does not affect the setting of other time windows. The button on the side of the time window can be pushed. A loud ring of the high-decibel buzzer can be adjusted and automatically recorded when the BEAMNOVA Commercial Kitchen Timer is used. Even in a busy kitchen, you won't burn out the food. A waterproof panel with key-press buttons is included in the BeAMNOVA Restaurant Timer Reminder. The timer can be hung up or stood on. The height and angle are adjusted with three holes. The small size of the BEAMNOVA Digital Kitchen Timer can be placed on the kitchen table. The Bem Nova cooking timer is made of thick STAINLESS STEEL and has low power consumption. It is easy to clean and maintain. Can resist kitchen fumes. It allows single or multiple people to cook and roast at the same time, which is suitable for home, business restaurant, or any cooking place.

Brand: Beamnova

👤The thing looked like a bargain and seemed to be decent, but the alarm sounded so quiet no one even noticed, so I turned it on and it was a little better. There is an update. I was happy to hear that the seller was going to stand behind their product after they thought the timer was faulty. I was asked to give them some additional information and change my review. I told them I would change my review when the working one arrived. A week passes. I received the same email again, asking for the same information, but I returned it as requested, and another email asking for the same information, but I said I would change my review when I got the new timer. An email asking for information and to change my review was sent again, but this time I was told I would change my review when I got a new timer. It's beyond the time I can return to Amazon. I have a timer that doesn't work and have been getting emails from people saying I would get a new one. There is a Good news is I'm only out 65.00, bad news is buyer beware, if it doesn't work, they won't. Buy from someone who is reliable.

👤I use timer boards in my commercial kitchens. They are strong enough for commercial use. Many products claim to be close to commercial quality, but they are not. The board is cheap and easy to install.

👤A great timer for restaurants. It was a little difficult to understand the instructions.

👤The beeps could be a little lower.

👤Thanks for the awesome item. It was very easy to set up.

👤A good product at a good price.

👤restaurant fryers are perfect for someone who works similar stations like handling fryers.

👤Utilisé pour un mélanges de products. Son puissant, minuteurs faciles.

5. Kitchen Magnetic Digital Classroom Countdown

Kitchen Magnetic Digital Classroom Countdown

The kitchen timer's maximum time is 99 minutes, 59 seconds counting up and down. The time will go forward if you push and hold the button for 3 seconds. Cooking timer clock function is perfect for kids timer, teachers timer, students timer, classroom timer, bathroom timer, meeting timer, game timer, egg timer, BBQ timer, time timer, exercise timer, gym workout timer, sports timer, yogo timer, and SPA timer. No loud alarm clock. It's ideal for quiet environments for kids. Small and cute,durable and well made. The kitchen timer is loud and clear but not deafening. If you don't press it, it continues for 60 seconds. You can easily read the timer display from across the room if you look at it from across the room. It's ideal for people with bad eyesight. There are 3 different choices for placement of the kitchen timer. There is a retractable stand and hook for hanging.

Brand: Yxzzhx

👤The timer is not strong enough to hold it up to my appliances. I tried it in the fridge, oven, dishwasher, and other places. All steel. The magnetism is not strong enough to support the timer in place. Every time, slides down.

👤I just bought a two-pack of kitchen timers and I am very pleased with them so far. I was disgusted at first. The timer didn't work. I found out it doesn't come with batteries. The problem was solved because I have some spare batteries. I need the timer because I get involved in a lot of activities and lose track of time. I don't find myself over- sleeping whilst having my daily nap, or getting too involved in the yard because I am not paying attention, if I set this handy little timer. I am using my time better. It's good!

👤The oven timer broke while we were cooking. I needed a timer that was easy to use. The batteries that we received did not work. We were in business once we swapped the batteries. I like the size and the color. The color of the timer makes it stand out in the kitchen and it's nice when I have a lot of stuff on the counter. The display is easy to read, the buttons are easy to use, and there is an off switch to save the battery when not in use. The stand option works great when I want to set the timer on my desk while I'm working, but themagnet works great when I keep the timer on the fridge. I can hear the alarm from another room. I'm very happy with this purchase.

👤The "Harbor" timer was attached to the refrigerator and lasted a few years. I like the design of the timer but the magnet doesn't hold to the fridge very well if there is paper behind it and it doesn't work if the timer is not on. The built in stand works well for counter use.

👤I was surprised at the quality of the timers, I got them for a low price. The batteries were included as well. There is a If you hit the start/stop button, the timer will count down the minutes you set and show you how long you have left. There is a It has a good magnet even with 4 sheets of regular copy paper. It's important. It depends on the magnetic capacity of the item. The fridge does not hold my stove metal well. There is a It has an on/off switch that I didn't notice at first, but it is very smooth. There is a The function buttons and numbers are large enough to see at a distance. I was very happy to find them and add them to the cart. There is a Thanks for building a nice product.

👤This is a timer. It is easy to set, easy to see the numbers, and easy to hear the alarm, but not very loud. I wear hearing aids and can miss a lot, but I hear it well. There is a The calculator is included in the timer. I don't need it for that purpose, so I didn't check it out. I reviewed the instruction sheet and found out I was included.

6. Kitchen Timer Stainless Magnetic Shut Off

Kitchen Timer Stainless Magnetic Shut Off

If you have any quality issues or concerns, please message them, they will do their best to solve it. The new updated model is 2022. They listened. The annoying little button beeps were eliminated. The lanyard attachment feature is new. The new stand is 0-90 degree. Press 2 left buttons at the same time to reset the anchor points. Press and hold Min. Or Sec. There are buttons for 2 seconds. To quickly forward your numbers. Press and hold. "Great Little Timer" is 99 minutes and 59 seconds. Next time, the previous setting is saved through Auto Memory. Want 3 minutes. Eggs every morning? Press start every morning if you want to set time once. Pause and restart to count up/down. When timer is not being used for 3 minutes, the auto shut-off feature will start. AAAA battery included. Lift the stand to get the battery. The strongest timer magnet on the market is the Neodymium earth magnet with anti-scratch appliance saver foam surround. They have anti-pivot anchor points on all 4 corners that prevent any movement when buttons are pressed on a timer that is secured with a magnet. What good is a timer attached? The timer won't work if you hit the off button. "No soup" A large easy to read display can be seen from across the room. When time is up, a loud, mellow 80db beep can be heard in other rooms, or can be shut-off manually. A favorite is a medical, dental and salon timer. It's perfect for exam rooms, bbq grilling, sports, games, classrooms and time outs. There are physical therapy sessions, hair color, and work outs. If the timer fails to function properly due to component failure, they will replace it free and pay for shipping. Their support team will respond quickly if you contact them via email or Amazon. This is the last timer you will need.

Brand: Etradewinds

👤I used to give daily bouts of self loathing with a lack of good timekeeping. You want to do it with military precision if you're going to kneel on Legos. Thanks to this no frills, no fuss kitchen timer, I know that my internal torment is put aside for half an hour between stuffing bills into the back of closets and posting my cat on insta. Four layers of folded CVS receipts are protected by the secure magnet. The seller seems more concerned with my happiness than anyone I've ever dated, so I know that in this nightmare carousel of impending environmental disasters and cartoonishly evil reality show presidents, there is one part of my life that I can almost definitely control. If I ever lose track of whether I'm stuck in a dream within a dream hellscape, it will come in handy. Definitely recommend.

👤It looks great! There is a It is easy to use and read. When it's not doing its job, it goes into "rest" mode. There is a The microwave is mounted on the wall and the magnet sticks to it. There is a The alarm is loud. There is a It comes with its own battery. There is a The timer would be a Wolf or a Viking. A Sub-Zero is a refrigerator/freezer. An All-Clad is what it would be if it were a frying pan. There is a It's a keeper. It's nice to have a little thing that gets used every day, that's nicer than it would be. I'm spoiled now.

👤I really like this timer. The switches feel good. They have a positive action when pressed. The display is large and easy to read. The display is off when not in use. The alarm works well. The programming is easy to understand. The main feature that I was looking for is more difficult to evaluate. I have magnetic timers on my fridge. All of them failed for other reasons. The displays become weak, the switches stop working, or the timers fail. I was looking for a timer that was reliable for at least 6 months. It is easy to cheapen an electronic product by sacrificing long term reliability. The buyer can't detect low life time components immediately. The display and switches look good, but the ultimate testing continues.

👤The first timer I bought worked well for a while, then the button got stuck, and I had to trash it. I liked the form and function but thought maybe I just got a lemon and ordered another. The second timer malfunctioned again after a few weeks of use, this time failing in the timer function itself. The battery was replaced, but no help was given. Will be looking for a different option.

👤The timer does everything I want it to. I have ordered different types and this one is perfect for me. The frig has a magnet on it. It's easy to set and zero out. One reviewer couldn't figure out how to zero it, so they held down the minute and second buttons. It is at zero again. I am hard of hearing and it is loud enough. It only lasts an hour, which is plenty for me. This may not be the right product for you.

7. Samshow Channels Stopwatch Adjustable Magnetic

Samshow Channels Stopwatch Adjustable Magnetic

The company with the largest market share of kitchen timer in Japan has launched a new version for the American market. The battery lasts at least a year. All three of the kitchen timer's can perform count down operations at the same time. The multi timer kitchen timer can be set in a wide range from 0:00:00 to 99 hours. A display and function for a timer. Press the ON/OFF button of the daul timers to save battery and bring up memory time. The kitchen timers for cooking are easy to use. The timer can be used in a laboratory. The double timer has a magnetic back, retractable stand and hanging hook, which makes it convenient to place in three ways. The Digital Kitchen Timers stopwatch with large display is ideal for Perfect timer for cooking, barbecue, baking,rcise, gym workout, sports, homework, ga exemes, kids activities and meetings.

Brand: Samshow

👤I can't complain about the price of this timer, it's a good value. It is very easy to use. It's possible to run all three timers in count-down mode on their own. You can start and stop each of the three timers. This is useful for timing various things around the house. There is a Here are the two biggest annoyances. The clip is on the back. I use the clip/stand on the back of my desk because I think most people will stick this to their fridge with the included magnets. It's easy to knock the timer and have the stand collapse. There is a This is the biggest complaint I have. You cannot just hold down a time increment button and have it tick up when setting up timer values. If you need a timer for 45 minutes, you will be pressing the minute button 45 times. This is very annoying. I have used older digital timers that have this feature, where you hold down the button and the time increment automatically increases until you release the button. There is a Can one really complain about the price?

👤The best feature of this Samshow timer is that all three of them are visible at the same time. My previous timer required that each button had to be pressed to view the timer's clock, which was inconvenient at best and a real pain in the ass. When I found the Samshow, I was on board with their design. I find that the Samshow's automatic reverting to the last time entered with a one-two push of the same button makes it so convenient to timing soft-boiled eggs for breakfast or brew French Press coffee for 5 minutes every morning. I keep mine on the countertop and it's stable when used with the stand on the countertop. The digits are clear and precise, and I don't find the numbers hard to read, which leads me to believe that this timer may be better suited to use with the stand as opposed to sticking it on the refrigerator. The beeper is a feature that I'm very pleased with. There's a louder setting for people with hearing challenges, and a softer one for people with good hearing. The instructions leave something to be desired, but it's not rocket science. Once you get the hang of it, it's not hard to use the functions. There is something about good quality that you can feel almost the moment you touch something, and this timer evokes the very sensation that indicates this is a well-made device. I bought this timer because I thought it was one of my better choices this year. Highly recommended.

👤The design doesn't work well. When I hit start, all three of the timers will start, with one for rice, one for vegetable, and one for the oven. This is not what I want. I would like to start the oven timer. I will want to start the rice timer later. When you have more than one timer ready, you hit Start-Stop. It's easy to overcook something. The user interface was UNUSABLE.

8. XREXS Countdown Adjustable Classroom Batteries

XREXS Countdown Adjustable Classroom Batteries

Kitchen timer to measure kitchen baking, frying, cooking eggs, cookies, cakes at home. It is easy to set up and fast to use. There is a separate button for each of the times. You don't need to press the button many times to set the counting time with the XREXS kitchen timer. If you want 15 minutes, you can either press 10 Min button once or 5 Min button once. It is very easy. The volume is adjusted for loud audible and adjusted for adjusted volume. Loud Ring Magnetic Digital Kitchen Timer makes sure nothing is forgotten. Loud alarm means you can hear from anywhere. If you think it's too loud, you can choose from 3 volume levels. The large display cooking timer has a lock mode. XREXS cooking timer is easy to read with a large screen and bold numbers. You can change mode by pressing the Timer Clock Button. Count up/down timeR. Wide application. For count up and down, the maximum is 99 Min 59 Sec. It is a perfect timer for many activities, like cooking, exercise, gym workout, homework, barbecue, baking, sports, games and meetings. There is a magnetic back, retractable stand and hook for hanging. There are three ways in which the timer is convenient. Hang on the wall or the table. It can stick to the front of the refrigerator.

Brand: Xrexs

👤The sound of the alarm is piercing. Even on the lowest volume setting. I double checked because I thought it might have been the lowest setting, because it was so loud. The alarm is what I wanted for my kitchen, but it can't keep up because of the sound. My family is confused by the noise. My cat was frightened.

👤I bought this to hold onto my fridge. The magnets aren't strong enough. It slides off. I tried it on other magnetic surfaces as well. If I didn't catch it, it would fall to the floor. The buttons are hard to press and stick to. I wouldn't recommend it if you don't care about the magnetic back or the buttons.

👤It works well. I like all of the features. The loud timer sound is a complaint. It is changeable. I started it loud. When I am on the front porch, I can hear the time going off in the kitchen. The cookies will not burn on this watch.

👤I like this timer. The display is easy to read. It has a small stand and is attached to the refrigerator. You can lower or mute the sound when it finishes. I would like it to be a little bigger in overall size, that is my preference. Good purchase.

👤I only tried one feature. The timer remembers the setting when I stop it. I like to bake multiple batches of cookies. The alarm is too loud. I know when my tea is ready by the sound of it being made. Do more research if you want a pleasing sound.

👤The alarm sound levels are too loud, even the low setting is too loud.

👤I have been using my XREXS time manager for several weeks now and it's a great purchase. The timer can be set with 5- and 10-minute buttons. The alarm can be loud or silent. I can't find anything to complain about. It's a good time.

👤I put it on the stove. Use it all the time. It's great! I can hear it coming from anywhere in my house.

👤I wanted this for the timer but it is a clock. It is easy to use.

9. Magnetic Countdown Classroom Acrylonitrile Butadiene

Magnetic Countdown Classroom Acrylonitrile Butadiene

Two batteries are installed with a hanging hole, clip, magnet, and stand. It's easy to use and save batteries. The Twist One Button is simple to use. The knob and body are black, twist it to set the time. Digital light can be turned off in 5 seconds and back on in 5 seconds. You can stick to the classroom whiteboard, cooker, task, students tablet, iron wall, fridge, sports gym or other steel place with magnetic and time management on the back. Help students focus on study, time management on shower, games, teacher organization for classroom, mothers cooking,egg boiling, also help those with a learning disability, and encourage independence and productivity for all abilities. 3 inch screen with Constant Bright Function has a largeLED display. The Constant Bright digits make it easy to read. Even in a big room. The alarm sound mode can be silence, normal or up to 90db. Does not make a sound when setting a timer. Can hear the alarm in another room. When time arrives in Silent mode, a blink led digital number will remind you. They check every timer before they send it out. If you have a question about their products, please contact them and they will try to help you.

Brand: Bosai

👤Junk. It's annoying to set the timer. The non linear behavior of turning the ring slowly to change seconds and minutes doesn't work well in practice. If you want to set a 20min timer, you should start at 0. The seconds will change before the minutes do, no matter how fast or slow you turn. A 180 degree turn of the dial could leave you with 3min25seconds or 47min50seconds. There is a It's like using a mouse with mouse acceleration. Magnet is weak and clicks around like a loose battery.

👤Setting the timer is enjoyable because the increment are variable. The time increment is greater as you increase the speed. If you slow down even more, the increment will change to five seconds. There is a If you wanted to set the timer for 40 minutes, you would give it a clockwise twist and it would end up being 32 or 57 minutes. The second twist would be less intense than the first. As you get closer, you can slow down even more to get a precise setting. Delightful!

👤The timer is easy to set. You don't need to push a button until you're good, just turn the dial and you're good. It took me a second or two to get used to the way this set is. I got the hang of it with a little practice. I wish it had a lower volume when the buzzer goes off. I work from home and use this for the pomodoro method. The volume doesn't matter. When I return to the office, I don't bother my coworkers.

👤This is a sturdy timer. I like it. I don't think it's an issue for the cooking I do because it's easy to end up with extra seconds on it because of how it sets. It burns through batteries at a fast rate, even on the ECO setting. I use rechargable batteries, so maybe that's the problem. They only last for a couple weeks with occasional timer usage. I was surprised by that.

👤I like its look and control. The time is set by rotating the ring on the Apple Watch crown. It is on my espresso machine to verify the shot time. There is a The pros are 1. It is illuminated. It has a good contrast and is more readable than a liquid crystal display. Control is intuitive. The rotating ring for timer setting is genius. No noisy clicks anymore. 3. Good looking. I think my espresso machine is cooler. There is a Cons 1. It takes some practice to get used to the ring control.

👤I want to cut down on my phone use, so I was excited to receive this. The timer function on my phone leads me into a rabbit hole of texting, social media use, whatever. There is a I needed a timer. This thing is great. It is easy to use, it is magnetic, and the alarm is a good noise and not loud. I think I have it in the middle. It is great to have a display that is dim when not being touched. I use it to remind me when my laundry is going to be done. I read other reviews and it seems that longevity is an issue for others. I am happy today.

10. Digital Kitchen Magnetic Officially Included

Digital Kitchen Magnetic Officially Included

It's easy to see the time count down visually when you turn the control knob clockwise. There is a note. The control knob should be turned clockwise to the 55 minute position, then turned counterclockwise to the desired time. It's useful for showering in the bathroom, but also for studying, exercising, cooking, and outside. It can hold water to a depth of 1 meter for more than 30 minutes. It can be used as both a timer and a watch. The timer can measure up to 99 minutes. The timer has 3 buttons that can be quickly adjusted. The alarm will turn off automatically after 15 seconds. The timer can be switched to a clock with a single button. It is easy to operate with a wide display. The material is silver color. There is a hook for hanging. This pocket size timer can be taken anywhere. Stick it on the fridge surface, pull out the retractable stand for table-top use, or run a string through the hook to hang it. The company with the largest market share of kitchen timer in Japan has launched a new version for the American market. The battery lasts at least a year.

Brand: Dretec

👤I don't know what it's about. They can take 17 minute showers. They are at least thinking about it with this little timer. There is a When time runs out, the timer allows you to set it as a count down timer or a count up timer. You can see the current time with the clock function. It works well in the shower. There is a shelf at the back of the shower stall. I don't think it's designed to get direct water all shower long, but it has gone through a few hundred showers and works fine. There is a 10 minute and a 1 minute button on the clock. You need to use these to get to the minute.

👤It works perfectly in the shower. It is easy to read. My son used to lose track of time and then would have to be rushed because we would realize he was taking way too long in the shower and would be late for what was planned. After we agreed on an acceptable length of shower, he uses this and is more able to manage his time accordingly. He doesn't waste a lot of water now because of the length of shower. There is a This makes things simpler and moods better when we have to get ready to go somewhere. It is definitely worth the price. I would buy it again.

👤I have been taking cold showers and timing them. This works well for me. There is a The shower curtain tops have a magnetic back that allows it to stick to them. There is a I didn't compare the timer function to an atomic clock so if you need absolute precision, you need to look at something more research-grade. There is a I've had it in over 20 showers and it's waterproof. It's doing great for me at the moment, but it may wear down over time. There is a I can tell it doesn't turn off. The battery has been on for over a month for me. There is a It seems to be a Japanese product, which I don't mind, it has an air of quality higher than if it were from a different country.

👤Exactly what we needed! Our son has learned to shower on his own. He was doing a great job, but he would sit in the shower for an hour. The kids timer we bought didn't work for long. The clock is easy to use. The beep is not loud enough to startles him but it does let him know it's time to go. It was perfect for what we needed.

👤It's a perfect shower timer for my kids. I used two Command strips to stick it to the shower wall. It stays dry but they do touch it with wet hands. Works well!

👤I bought this timer for cold showers. I was tired of setting my phone timer at the end of my shower and heard about the benefits of cold showers. Let me say that it is waterproof. I have had it in the shower or tub for three months now. It gets dripped on or falls into a small pool of water every day and hasn't been affected at all. There is a It is very easy to use. The time amounts are clearly labeled. The beeping at the end stops after ten seconds. If I feel like continuing with my shower, I can ignore it. There is a I appreciate how large the numbers are. I don't wear contacts in the shower since the steam dries out my eyes. The numbers are large enough that I can see them. I don't have to wait until the timer goes off to find out where I am in the shower. It sounds crazy, but I loved the timer so much that I bought another one for my boys to use. They don't have a problem working it. There is a It is a small thing, but it has made a huge difference. If you're looking for a timer that you can use near water, you can't go wrong with this one.

11. XREXS Magnetic Countdown Directly Input White

XREXS Magnetic Countdown Directly Input White

The large readout is 2.2 x 1.18 inches. It's easy to read from anywhere in the kitchen. You can hear the kitchen timer's alarm in another room with a loud sound. No worry about overcook or under cook. A large screen for a timer digits display. The display size is 2.1 x 0.75 inches. The kitchen timer is easy to read. The count up and down function is also a count up timer. If the last time setting is on but not working, the button will turn off after 10 minutes. There is a magnetic back, retractable stand and hook for hanging. The STRONG MAGNET works fine on the refrigerator and is convenient to place in three ways. Perfect timer for homework, exercise, gym workout, cooking, sports, games and classroom timer activities.

Brand: Xrexs

👤Yeah, I like it. I was looking for a timer with certain qualities. I needed numbers because I dislike those types of sound and they take a long time to get the right amount of seconds or minutes. The queen and I needed large digits. We can see this one in the kitchen. To save battery life, I would like it to shut down and sleep after I'm done. I don't need to see the digits on my other timers. The timer will not be ignored. When it's done, it will let you know. If you don't shut it off after a few seconds, it will go postal on your ears. I can hear it from the dungeon. 99 minutes and 99 seconds is the max. It's a good idea to recommend definite.

👤I fixed an issue with my unit that I think might help others with the same issue, so I don't normally write reviews about inexpensive housewares. The alarm wouldn't work and the light wouldn't illuminate when the unit arrived. The unit has two cheap, off-brand batteries already installed. Most manufacturers will keep the batteries separate, but not this company, they will place a thin piece of plastic between the battery terminals and the contacts to keep them from draining before sale. The display worked fine, even if it's not very good for off-angle viewing, but the other key features didn't work. I thought that the unit was designed to reduce battery drain when the batteries are low by disabling features, and I was correct. The alarm and light worked well after the new set of batteries was installed. There is a If the unit is brand-new, you should change the batteries even if you try to return it.

👤This is the best timer I've seen in the past 15 years. I've had to order more since my first purchase. The first one was dropped too many times and the second one was lost. They're a workhorse if that's the case. You can program it quickly, with anything from seconds to minutes. It has the longest beeper I've been able to find, which is crucial when you are easily distracted by other household chores, or get called away to the other end of the house and miss the beeper going off. It would be greatly improved if it would keep going until you turn it off. I haven't found a timer with that feature.

👤This thing lasted less than 60 days. I searched for a loud alarm. This worked until it didn't. You can choose to use the batteries for less than two months or use them for more than a year. Out of 30 years. I will not be replacing, but I will be looking for one with more reliability.

👤The timer I bought was broken when it arrived. The alert sound was so low that I could put it up to my ear. I swapped out the batteries but they didn't fix it. I contacted the seller to find out how much hassle he might be in for. There is a They were terrific, to my surprise. They sent me a replacement timer and upgraded the unit, which works perfectly. There is a I would recommend their company to everyone.


What is the best product for cooking timer clock?

Cooking timer clock products from Ktkudy. In this article about cooking timer clock you can see why people choose the product. Xrexs and Colortrak are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking timer clock.

What are the best brands for cooking timer clock?

Ktkudy, Xrexs and Colortrak are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking timer clock. Find the detail in this article. Beamnova, Yxzzhx and Etradewinds are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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