Best Cooking Spoon Set Wooden

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1. IOOLEEM Cooking Utensil Natural Utensils

IOOLEEM Cooking Utensil Natural Utensils

Their wooden cooking utensils set is a great gift for friends, family and any occasion, it comes with a nice box, which makes it an ideal gift for friends, family and any occasion. They added a bonus ebook with tips and tricks for the set. The 6-piece bamboo cooking utensil set from IOOLEEM is ideal for any kitchen lover, it has complete function from cooking to serving. The set includes a Turner Spatula, a Rounded Fork, a Single Hole Mixing spoon, a Slotted Spatula, and a Bamboo spoon. Each piece is about 12 inches in length. Few things make cooking more pleasurable than working with high quality tools. The results that a good tool can produce are unmistakable. Their selection of durable cooking utensils helps you make great food. The set introduces a rustic charm to any meal. IOOLEEM bamboo utensils are safer than other utensils. They are lightweight and durable, and won't impart or absorb flavours. Simply wash with soap and water and dry. These bamboo tools will add a beautiful look to your serving, but also offer years of use. LIFETIME WARRANTY - They give all IOOLEEM customers a lifetime warranty. If you have a change of mind about the utensil set, please feel free to contact them. You will either have 100% satisfaction or your money back.

Brand: Iooleem

👤I needed a set of wooden utensils to cook with. These were a decent price point. Reviews were good and I think they'd be good to use until I find better utensils that won't melt. I'd give these more stars, but one of the pieces already started chipping and splintering despite being washed carefully and using mineral oil after cleaning. We will see how long they last. Would I buy again? I might consider them disposable.

👤The packaging is simple and light, and I am looking forward to using it.

👤These wooden spoons were a nice addition to my collection. I think they are going to last a long time.

👤They are easy to clean. I have been using them daily as a cook. I was worried about how to wash but it seems ok to wash by hand. Wood was the go to before plastic and metal. As much as I can.

👤If you don't want your pots to get damaged, you should try Teflon pots, they work great if you use metal spoons. It's really good quality and I like the cutting board.

👤I sanded them all down because they were cheap. I had to remove splinters from my hand.

👤My husband was excited about these because we bought a bamboo cutting board which we love, but on the second use it split up the middle. It will probably be usable until it breaks in half.

👤These bamboo utensils are great for cooking. They are capable of beating, stirring, being dunked into boiling water and surviving the dishwasher without splitting. When I found these, I threw out all of my wooden utensils. They looked pretty in a pitcher on my counter, and were a bargain when I thought about how long I would use them.

2. Cooking Utensils Non Stick Kitchen Natural

Cooking Utensils Non Stick Kitchen Natural

AerWo wood cooking utensil set is a useful gift. People who love to cook want a good set of wooden kitchen utensils. These kitchen utensils are the best gift for people who like to cook. A wooden spoon set is a great gift for your friends or family at a wedding party. Their wooden spoons for cooking are hand polished many times. The purpose of wooden utensils is to serve most cooking needs. Everything you need is included in the 12 piece utensil set. It is classic and elegant. A very attractive addition will make your kitchen look better. Healthy cooking utensils. Their wooden spoons for cooking are made of high-quality heat-resistant natural teak wood, 100% Handmade, which is perfect to avoid the rust of metal kitchen utensils set and keep away from unhealthy quality of plastic cooking utensils set. The Atsani wooden utensils for cooking are completely BPA-Free, which means they won't cause any harm to your food while cooking. It is suitable for non-stick pan. Atsani. The wooden utensils for cooking have good heat insulation, can prevent hand burns, and will not melt when stirred in the boiling soup. Wood cooking utensils can be used to protect cookware in your kitchen. The gift is ideal. It's safe to use on cookware. It is easy to clean with soapy water. The wooden cooking utensils set is a great compliment to the kitchen, as go-to gadgets for easy, inspired, creative cooking for those who are interested in cooking. The appearance is simple and elegant. The wooden cookware is a perfect gift for a new homeowner. Kitchen Happiness Atsani Guarantee. They back this up with a lifetime guarantee and they love and take pride in their Wooden Cooking Utensil Set. If there are ever any issues with this product, please contact them and they will make it right. This product will live up to your expectations if you order now. If it does not, they have your back. Chances are you will not need to reach out.

Brand: Atsani

👤Will be updating this review after continuous use. The container needs to be bigger to fit them all.

👤The kitchen has beautiful wooden tools. They are displayed on the counter. I love the set. I had a damaged spoon. The seller immediately sent me a new set after I contacted them. Excellent customer service.

👤I need this set for almost every spoon. The best thing about this set is that it has a holder. The spoon is made of wood. I chose it.

👤These utilities are easy to use. They look the same as advertised.

👤I was very disappointed in the quality of the product when I opened my package.

👤Very useful. The counter is very pretty.

👤I gave this set as a Mother's Day gift to my mom, but it was incomplete, and I am really upset about it. Really disappointed.

3. Kitchen Utensils GUDAMAYE Cooking Non Stick

Kitchen Utensils GUDAMAYE Cooking Non Stick

The dimensions are 34 cm (13.39 inches) long and 4.5 cm ( 1.7 inches) wide. Wide. There is a natural way to find it. Wooden spoons are made from one piece of natural teak wood and do not contain any harmful chemicals. The heat-resiling is called HEAT-RESISTING. The wooden cooking utensils are safe up to 450 degrees so you don't need to worry about them melting or burning your hands. It is easy to clean. The spoons are easy to clean, and they recommend to wash and care with oil once. Let it dry naturally for a month. Hard and best for nonSTICK PAN. One of the hardest woods is the tge wood which is close-grained with high organic oil. The wooden spoon can prevent expensive non-stick pans from scratching and damage if it falls on the ground. The most durable wooden cooking utensils set includes: Spatula, Fried Spatula, Slotted spoon, Soup Ladle, Strainer spoon, Salad Fork, Mixing spoon, Spaghetti server, and these wooden spoons.

Brand: Gudamaye

👤They are perfect in every way. There are a couple of rough edges that could have been sanded better, so I left one star off. They are easy to clean. The fried egg comes off easily.

👤Great sized products are not too thin. The finish was smooth. The different colors of the spoons don't look like they came as a set. It's easy to wash and dry. The slots were cut into the spatula and it had some rough spots. I have some fine grit sandpaper that I was able to buff out the burrs without damaging the spatula. A pack of nine wooden utensils costs about the same as a wood spoon from a pricey place, but the look, quality and durability are completely comparable. It's definitely gift-worthy.

👤The set is nice. The wooden utensils are not as strong as they could be because of the three openings on one of them. The piece has split, not sure if it came split or not, but it was used once and wood split. If you don't want to handwash, don't purchase. Overall, okay.

👤The utensils are easy to use, beautiful, and a great addition to my kitchen.

👤The spatulas pick things up with ease when you stir things.

👤This set is beautiful. I only wash my hands and have not had any issues with discolored hands. When the oil starts to feel like it's drying up, I add a little olive oil to the spatula and rub it in with a paper towel.

👤I had to throw out two spoons because wood pieces could end up in the food I cook. I don't recommend them. I would love to return. I opened them. Money is wasted.

👤I go to the set that I have first when I use the ones I have. It is easy to clean wood utensils. There is a It is a good idea to recommend the product.

👤The counter is really nice. The handles are still functional despite being a little shorter. It will be tested with more use.

4. Wooden Kitchen Utensils Set Non Stick

Wooden Kitchen Utensils Set Non Stick

Hand washing each piece with warm water and mild soap will keep them in tip top shape. Canola oil can be used to preserve the shine. Their kitchen utensils are sturdy. Prepare and serve your favorite dishes the sustainable way with their bamboo kitchen cooking utensils. Each one has a handle that is comfortable to use. Their set of 6 utensils will help you with soup ladles or turners. Meal preparation has never been easier. Their wooden cooking utensils set is made from carefullysourced bamboo and is durable. It's a great choice for preparing pasta dishes, meat stew, stir- fried vegetables and fried rice. Their cookware tools can endure temperatures from -30F to 400F. The bamboo spoons for cooking and serving are safe and sanitary, so you can rest assured that your family is well taken care of. Kitchen utensils are free from harmful substances. They will not end up in a landfill one day. Do you need a gift for a new homeowner? Get your friends and family members a set of their wood cooking utensils. They will love how it allows them to cook great dishes while protecting the environment. They are certain you will be delighted with their wood cooking spoon set, because it is thoughtfully developed and created to help you lead a happy, healthy and sustainable lifestyle. If you're not, contact them and they'll make it right for you. Their priority is your happiness.

Brand: Verel

👤The product is good, but it has a chemical smell from the varnish. I am not comfortable using them.

👤One of the spoons cracked in less than a week. We wash and dry our dishes after we finish cooking. The wood glue is probably bad, or the wood was forced to be in a position it couldn't do. All the others work well. I'm very happy about that! Will have to find a new ladle, but it works for now. I'm happy to have them. There is an update. The spatula broke as well. I think the glue is bad, or they didn't seal the wood properly. I took 2 stars off seeing that the second piece had broken after only a few uses. I wish I would have taken a picture of the spatula to show you all, but I was so frustrated that I had to fish it out. The glue socks or the seal is not good.

👤They are not even a full two months old. The spoon broke in our food as I was cooking dinner. I hand wash my utensils to make sure they don't get damaged from the dishwasher. The wood is starting to separate itself from the spoon in different areas. I am sad that these turned out this way.

👤After 4 washes, the spoon splits in two. There is a It was sturdy and easy to stir. The set is comfortable for my hand and wrist. . The spaghetti tong broke 3 washes, the right cebter notch snapped, and the center left notch was gone, it was the most interesting piece in this set. I would like to like these very much, but they don't last very long with a few hand washes. There is a I would buy the upgraded version if these were re-made.

👤The first thing I noticed was how heavy the utensils are. They feel good in your hand. The cheap utensils you get at the discount stores are not the same as the real thing. The other utensils work well, even though I will probably never use them. Very happy.

👤I bought this set after returning an awful wood set. I am very happy with these! They are very heavy for a bamboo set and sturdy. The spoons are large enough to make sense. I am very happy with these, they exceeded my expectations. I wish they offered more pieces. I could replace my utensils.

👤Within a month or two, the ladle started splitting and chipping. I have bought cheaper sets at the big box store and they have never cracked or split. Will not buy them again. A set that can't cook after a month or so was paid almost $30.

👤I like their design but the wood is very dry and my spatulas and ladles are falling apart. Purchase a more durable product if you want to spend a bit more money. These are not good.

5. Wooden Utensils ADLORYEA Nonstick Cookware

Wooden Utensils ADLORYEA Nonstick Cookware

We back this up with a lifetime guarantee, because they love and take pride in their Wooden Cooking Utensil Set. If there are ever any issues with this product, please contact them and they will make it right. This product will live up to your expectations if you order now. If it does not, they have your back. Chances are you will not need to reach out. UNIQUE & HEALTHY. The wooden spoons for cooking are hand crafted from high quality ECO-friendly Natural teak wood, Beautiful Grains and colors without a stain, and are unique due to the natural wood construction. The Wooden Cooking Utensils Set is very healthy and safe. It's easy to clean and it's eco-friendly. It's time to upgrade your wood utensils for cooking. Their wooden spoons for cooking are made from natural wood and finished without painting. They are very smooth with a good touch and won't scratch or damage your cookware. A wooden spatula set is a wonderful gift. You need all of it. One set. The essential kitchen tools include Wok Turner, Flat Spatula, soup ladle, serving spoon and pasta server. Hanging holes for wall storage make it easy to store all your kitchen utensils. To keep your wooden spoons for cooking at their best, you need to use and care for them. For maintaining per month, wipe with oil. Don't put these wooden spoons in the dishwasher, microwave, freezer or oven because of the abrasives and soaking in water. Store in a place that is well-ventilated. They are dedicated to making you happy. They are sure that you will love to have this wooden spoon for cooking. If you are not completely satisfied with their wooden utensils set, they will try their best to help you. What are you waiting for? Add to Cart and join the ADLORYEA Family.

Brand: Adloryea

👤I was going to get a wooden spoon from the USA when I searched for it. It was made in China, not in the USA. I don't want products from China. Fix your system.

👤I only tried this product because it was advertised. When they arrived, they were surprised. These are the best wooden utensils I have ever owned, they are very high quality, easy to clean and have a beautiful coloring. I plan to buy this brand again in the future.

👤I am a fan of wooden utensils. I was excited about how they looked. I feel uneasy about going forward with the brand because my spatula already cracked. There were no issues with any other pieces except the one I use most frequently.

👤They work well, they are beautiful. I wish they had one for stirring/mixing and not all for scooping, the love of the spoons, I just wish they had one for that. You still need a scoop for mixing. Great quality. They may stain if they sit in water or high acidity foods.

👤The wooden utensil set is lovely. The wood is beautiful. I rated them as a 4 instead of a 5 because I haven't used them yet. You need more time to use the product before you are asked to do a review.

👤I have had these for 10 months and they still look great. I wash them in the dishwasher. I've ever purchased a wooden set.

👤I hand wash these and they are great to cook with because they match the rest of my kitchen accessories.

👤I am very happy I bought this set. The utensil is smooth and has a beautiful finishing color. I prefer light ones over heavy ones. It is light and does the job. Wok Turner and Flat Spatula were the first things I tried. I can turn the pancakes. The flat spatula is very thin, so it is easier to use than the plastic one. I use the wok turner all the time and I love it. I have a heavy cast iron wok that can reach very high temperatures. I have to use two hands to lift it. I can scoop the food out of the wok without lifting it, because I have this wok turner. It is what I want. The utensil didn't turn brown because of the high temperature and it didn't scratch my wok. After washing and drying them, then oil them and let them outside for a day before you use them. I believe the care instruction will last a long time.

👤Disappointed. Trying for a cleaner lifestyle and not using harsh chemicals. I washed these as soon as I got them, as I was excited to use them. Warm water with soap. There was a strong smell of varnish or something. It was necessary to return the smells.

👤The ladle could be a bit bigger than I wanted. I bought this for the ladle, but found out that 2 of the other tools could also be used as a salad server, which is a bonus!

6. Non Stick Kitchen Toolset Natural Utensils

Non Stick Kitchen Toolset Natural Utensils

Natural WoodWooden kitchen cookware set, handmade 100% natural teak, not included, is harmless and eco-friendly. Don't worry about toxic substances entering food when cooking. The 7-piece kitchen wooden spoons set consists of kitchen spatula, strainer spoons, fried spatula, serving spoon, wooden spoon, salad fork, mixing spoon and other spoons. The wooden spoon has high heat resistance, not easy to damage or deform, it has a sleek surface,superb hand hold feeling. There are no dents, small gaps or splinters from their kitchen cooking utensils. Good heat insulation performance can prevent scalds. Kitchen tools can be scratched or damaged if they are not protected from being damaged. There are hanging holes for wall storage. Every kitchen needs a spoon. It is recommended to wash the wooden cooking set with a mild detergent. The product will last. They will make it right if you contact them. This product will live up to your expectations if you order now. If it does not, they have your back. Chances are you will not need to reach out. It is recommended to wash the wooden cooking set with a mild detergent. The product will last. They will make it right if you contact them. This product will live up to your expectations if you order now. If it does not, they have your back. Chances are you will not need to reach out.

Brand: Yyltjr

👤These are both gorgeous and practical. The grain on them is beautiful. It was great to have a matching serving set. They arrived in a week. Each item was wrapped in tissue. The box held everything. I can't think of a woman who wouldn't love it in her kitchen.

👤The wooden spoons are very sturdy. I bought these because they said they were Teak wood, but I know that it is a harder wood and so they don't absorb the food as easily. The box they were shipped in said they were darker than my wooden utensils. A good wood but not a hard wood. I like them and they are quality, but I am not sending them back.

👤I bought these for my sister and she absolutely loves them. They seem to be doing a lot of work. They look nice and would make a great gift.

👤These are amazing. I am going to use this to make my kitchen look better. They are pretty to use. I might purchase another set for salads. They are very durable and are well worth using for cooking. They were wrapped up nicely and protected. No chips, cracks or breaks.

👤I bought this set for the lowest price. You get 7 carved utensils. Food doesn't stick to the spoons and flat wear, and these don't absorb grease. They just need to be placed in warm or hot water. They would be a great gift. The spoons are not long. The spoons are functional, but I need at least 2 1/2 more inches on them. I have large hands.

👤Wife likes them. They are very nice.

👤I absolutely adore these! They fit nicely in my hands and didn't fall apart.

👤The wooden utensils look great and they clean up well. I have used food wood stick to clean previous spoons. Not these! Some food particles will get on the spoon while cooking, but cleaning is an easy wipe and your good.

7. OXO Grips Wooden Corner Scraper

OXO Grips Wooden Corner Scraper

It is made of beech wood. It's safe for non-stick cookware. A piece of wood. A large handle.

Brand: Oxo

👤Look somewhere else. The wood at the end of the spoon started splitting after only a few uses, but it did not damage the wood or leave it sitting in water. I have wooden utensils that have never cracked or split. This one is a waste of money, since I've generally been happy with OXO products.

👤I used this spoon for less than a week and it split in two. I put a couple of layers of mineral oil on it. I didn't let it get wet. I have other OXO products that work well. Would not recommend it.

👤This is a Pusher, not a flipper. The spatula is so thick that when you try to scoop under it, it doesn't slide under it, instead it pushes it over. I can't believe how bad my pancakes turned out to be. I tried to flip them. It was smashed to bits. If you want to have a bad cooking experience, buy this.

👤I absolutely adore this thing. Let me gut my lemons. This is a machine that can be used for pulp. Definitely worth the money.

👤I received a wooden spoon yesterday. I haven't used it yet. I will use it for a while after washing it. There is a The spoon is made from a single piece of wood. It has an oil finish. It's safe for non-stick cookware. Only hand wash is what it is. The spoon is over 8 inches in length. The bowl of the spoon is about 1 inch deep. The spoon does not roll. There is a The spoon is very light and I like it. The finish is beautiful. The one-piece beech wood is very nice. A nice looking spoon. There is a The wooden spoon that I loved was 30 years old. I used my old spoon a lot. I hope this spoon holds up as well.

👤I ordered a small wooden spoon thinking it had a long handle, but couldn't find the length I was looking for, and the spoon size was what I was looking for. There is a When I received it, I was shocked. The wood was lightweight and ruffed, like the wood I remember as a child. I was going to return the spoon to Amazon, but the 5 yo saw it and thought it was for him. I got bored with it. I sanded it smooth and oiled it with Howards, the spoon doesn't seem as porous but I wouldn't buy OXO again. There is a I used to buy there brand, but it has gone down in workmanship. Two weeks ago I was in the Bed bath. I wouldn't put wooden utensils in my dishwasher or cookware. There is a The quality is not there because I have slim hands and long fingers. There is a I have bought other inexpensive wooden spoons that are better and have lasted me for years, but no more.

👤The wood is nice. The handle has big indents that make it hard to hold. The fibers have been exposed to the point on my skin. I feel bad to return this to have a tree sacrificed for nothing, so I leave this caution for others.

8. Spoons Cooking Utensils Nonstick Resistant

Spoons Cooking Utensils Nonstick Resistant

There is a limited manufactory. They offer a limited manufacturer's of bamboo spoons. If you don't like your kitchen spoons, you can return them for a full refund. If it was damage to the transportation, please contact them, they will give you a new one for free. There is a very convenient utensil set for your kitchen. The wooden spoons are easy to hold. The wooden kitchen gadgets are easy to hang. Only their set has this option. You can use the cooking spoons and spatula to stir. Their wooden cooking utensils include 5 spoons. Natural wood is eco-friendly. The kitchen utensils set is made from natural beech wood that is renewable and not cut down for the oil palm. Cheap bamboo spoons and spatulas are not as durable as wooden utensils. Each of the wooden cooking utensils has a unique wood grain and color. All wooden kitchen spoons are made from a single piece of beechwood. The spoon and spatula are clean. It is easy to clean. The wooden kitchen utensils set is heat resistant. Their wooden cooking spoons and spatulas have good heat insulation performance which saves you from burns in the kitchen. Don't leave scratches on your cookware. Don't put it in the dishwasher. Only wash after use. It's safe and durable. The set of kitchen spoons and spatulas is safe. It will never crack like bamboo spoons or spatulas. 100% return money. If you want to return the kitchen spoons, just send them back for a full refund.

Brand: Generic

👤Delivery was fast. Appropriate packaging is basic and appropriate. The basic wooden cooking utensils are not out of the ordinary. Useful for no stick cookware. I will use them to stir and mix things. A salad serving fork and spoon could be that.

👤Terrible. After use. This brand is not a good one to recommend.

👤The spoons are useful for a lot of different things. I have used the best wooden spoons.

9. Cooking Utensils Kitchen Cookware Spatula

Cooking Utensils Kitchen Cookware Spatula

A great gift and 100% LIFETIME SATISFACTION: This gift idea is perfect for showing your appreciation. The Woodenhouse tools will make you happy. If you are not completely satisfied, please contact them for a replacement. The cooking spoons server set of 5 includes a serving spoon, spatula or turner, a spoon with a corner sraper, and a spatula. Modern design. The wooden spoons are eco friendly and are a great way to cook your favourite delicacies. Its long handles are great for serving. HEALTHY AND SAFE COOKING. The utensils set is essential to have and won't react with food or beverages. It's free of BPA. These beautiful utensils are made of mango wood that is water resistant and long lasting making them useful for food preparation, serving and gifts. It is completely heat resistant and will save your cookware from any kind of damage while cooking. It is easy to clean and they recommend hand washing. Don't use the dishwasher.

Brand: Folkulture

👤Don't buy them! I thought I would be getting better quality if I spent more money on wooden spoons. They looked great when they arrived. They looked good. The spoons are splintering after a week of minimal use. They were hand washed and never soaked in water, but still wore down as if they had been. Don't buy spoons that are the same quality as the cheap ones. I was so excited when I bought these and they looked great.

👤These are very cute. I would probably use them as decor because the wood splinters the next day and it wouldn't make nice for cooking.

👤Very cute! The white set looks great in my kitchen. The white coating on the handle gives it a bit of traction, so there is minimal to zero chance of utensils flying out of my hand in the kitchen. The cooking section of the utensils seem to stain easily. I have only used a few of these and already there is yellow color. They don't work well as serving utensils at the table because of how straight and awkward that looks on a plate. Otherwise, recommended for the look and feel. I like the corner spoon. On 10-21-19: The yellow discoloration may have been caused by ground turmeric, which stains everything. It looks worn, but not bad. My go-to set is this one. The slim round handle is easy to hold for small hands, it is lightweight, and the white coating on the pan has not cracked, faded, or been impacted by leaning on it. It is easy to clean. Some of the wood fibers are loosened on the cooking edges. Some people might prefer the cooking edges to be sealed or coated with lacquer to prevent the bit of fraying that may bother them. I don't have a lot of knowledge of these things. I would be more cautious about peeling or dislodging the coating from my food. I would rather eat bits of wood than a chemical. I change my rating to a 5 when I use these utensils at least 3 times a week.

👤These looked so trendy online. I needed to replace my wooden spoons. It has been good, but I didn't think the wood parts were finished in a way that prevented splintering. I've used oil and stuff to finish them at home. It isn't as nice a finish as other wooden spoons. They still work and look cute, but they can be hard to clean and look ragged.

👤I don't like the feel of wooden spoons. I have refused to use wooden spoons for a long time. I noticed that my pots and pans were being scratched by metal utensils and my plastic ones were not strong enough. There is a Silicone handles make me not have to touch wood. It was a perfect solution. There is a They're not. I've used the spoon with the edge once. The hand was washed. We realized there was something in this crack while washing. When we washed it by hand, it looked splintered as the finish came off immediately. I was so hopeful that I could find a solution, but I didn't. I'm trying to return them.

10. Kitchen Utensils Cooking Utensil Utenails

Kitchen Utensils Cooking Utensil Utenails

Hand washing wooden spoons preserves the natural beauty of the wood. The ideal kitchen utensil set features all the essential cooking tools including spatula, fried spatula, slotted spatula, soup ladle, spaghetti server,tong,trainers spoon,salad fork,mixing spoon,egg whisk and holder. Hanging holes for wall storage make it easy to store all your kitchen utensils. One-piece Teak Wood is made from natural teak wood and is known for being one of the hardest, strongest, and most durable of all timbers. What great workmanship is a combination of soft to touch, lightweight, and very solid. You can use your cookware without worry. The wooden utensil set can be washed with warm water, dry thoroughly, and do not use the wooden spoons. The wooden spatula sets are easy to store in drawers or hang up and air dry. The hanging hole is large enough for thick rope. Non stick non scratch. The wooden spoons for cooking are comfortable and perfect for use with non-stick cookware. Their wooden utensils set are very smooth and won't scratch or damage your cookware. Their cooking utensils are made of wood and prevent scratching. The most durable wooden cooking utensils set are designed to not bend like plastic utensils, not melt like silicone kitchen tools, and not rust like other metallic utensils. The tools will look new in the future. Get a wooden spatula set so that you don't have to use melted or broken utensils again.

Brand: Aiuhi

👤The utensil holder is not a good fit for my taste but it works well for the wooden utensils. Would recommend. Every utensil was packed in a plastic bag, which was wasteful for no reason in my tastes. If you like the review, please vote it helpful.

👤I just got this set and it feels pretty confident about giving a review. Someone asked if it would flip a fried egg. I have worked at restaurants and high end hotels for over 20 years and can assure you that the spatula I posted a pic of shouldn't have any problem doing that. Most of the other pieces are very similar. This set is pretty and seems to be quality. The things and the wish are the only possible concers. I'm hoping the tongs don't break due to use and wood bending, and I'm hoping it's strong enough to make a difference. I am pleased with this set and recommend it. It will be useful for a long time.

👤Not all wood, whisk is metal with a rubber or Silicone cover and I received it with a rip on it and they look cheap. There was a missing spoon. Made in China.

👤These are very nice looking and I wanted to love them. When you say that only the ends and corners touch the pan, you're not referring to all of the spatulas. They are wood. I'm sur. I can sand them down, but why should I do their work? The manufacturer knew that the spoons would be chipped when they arrived because the wood is 100% oiled, so it didn't happen in shipping or distribution. The spoon and laddle have the same issue, they are thick, so you can't get anything off the bottom of the pan. There is a They are beautiful, easy to clean and have a nice handle. The utensils are in good shape. It is possible to rest without falling over if one end is not heavier. I think these will last and can be passed down from generation to generation. You need to be willing to sand them out. I had no issues with the splinters or unsmooth areas as they were sanded and oiled. There is a These are not for you if you want to use them immediately and you want easy care. If you want to give something to someone, you should be willing to do a little work to keep them beautiful, and can sand them.

👤The wood was not match. Not like pictured. There is a I thought they looked nice and would work well with our new pots and pans. They'll function fine, but the wood is so different that it looks like something I picked up at a thrift store. The looks of this product made me very unhappy. I wish I wouldn't have gotten them.

👤I'm looking for a wooden kitchen cooking utensil set, but this set made me rethink. I bought this set to not scratch my pots and pans with metal cooking utensils, but I find myself having to do more work with these utensils. I couldn't open the tongs further for fear of snapping them, so I tried to flip over the thicker steak cut with the tongs. I had to jab the steak with a fork and use the tongs to turn it over. Next time I cook a thick steak, I'll be using a pan with metal. The spoons are made of wood. The spoon doesn't get the bottom of the pot the same way as the scoops, so I have to scoop soup in more scoops and bits of soup to get it out.

11. Chef Craft Maple Wooden Spoon

Chef Craft Maple Wooden Spoon

100% money back. If you're not happy with the item, please contact them and they'll arrange a full refund or replacement within 24 hours. The spoons are in lengths of 10, 12 and 14 inches. The maple will last a long time. Three convenients sizes are great for a wide variety of uses. Solid one piece construction can last a long time. Hand washing wooden spoons preserves the natural beauty of the wood.

Brand: Chef Craft

👤I bought them as spanking spoons. Needed a longer handle and smaller head for a more aerodynamic design. The demonstration was allowed because the husband didn't think they would be effective. Everyone is behaving these days.

👤I bought these so that my husband wouldn't misplace it. What do you know? It worked. I did this several months ago and it was lost twice, instead of four times a day as before. The wooden spoons are worth their weight in gold.

👤These spoons are really nice. They are lightweight and perfect for soups. I got them for pots that could be easily scratched with a metal spoon. These are perfect. When I opened the package, there was no smell of chemicals. The sizes are great. I think they give them more character because they do weather a bit after using them and washing them several times.

👤I was a little hesitant about purchasing these. Since they were so cheap, I didn't think I had anything to lose. I enjoy cooking and am a 30 year old single male. These spoons are great additions to my kitchen. I cook with different pots and pans that are different sizes, so the three different lengths have come in handy. It's really easy to keep them clean. If you give it a nice scrub with dishsoap after use, it will remove most of the stains. If you put some kind of weight on the spoons, they will stay submerged instead of floating to the top. You won't get rid of all the stains because food and sauces will stick to the wood. Over time, your spoons begin to develop great color and character. The weight of these spoons is something I like. They're light and not heavy. It gives the perfect feel. I highly recommend them.

👤Be careful! After washing with dish soap and water, the odor of opened spoons became stronger. I informed Amazon that I will not use these spoons to cook for my family.

👤I bought it for my son. I was surprised by the amount. I thought there was only a few of them. 3 packs of 3 were delivered to me. The smell is the reason for the 2. I have a strong smell. I can't cook with it.

👤The image is a bit of an optical illusion, we had a small wooden spoon that broke and I needed a new one. I thought I'd get extra spoons for the same price. I assumed that each spoon had a smaller scoop. We used to use a small spoon to dig into cans. There is a You get the same three spoons, but with different handle lengths. There's no room to move the spoon around and get the "edges" in a small can. We'll use these spoons as they're not bad for the price, but maybe I'll get a spatula instead.

👤The handle has bent at a 30 degree angle on the longest spoon after only a few more uses. I bought the longest one and haven't used the other two yet. I had a spoon that was 25 years old. Will have to look for a better replacement.


What is the best product for cooking spoon set wooden?

Cooking spoon set wooden products from Iooleem. In this article about cooking spoon set wooden you can see why people choose the product. Atsani and Gudamaye are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking spoon set wooden.

What are the best brands for cooking spoon set wooden?

Iooleem, Atsani and Gudamaye are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking spoon set wooden. Find the detail in this article. Verel, Adloryea and Yyltjr are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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